35 Free High-Quality E-Commerce Templates


For website owners who are evaluating e-commerce solutions, there are several good options for powering websites and shopping carts. Regardless of which option you chose, deciding on a design brings with it even more decisions to make. Of course, a custom design is always an option, but for those who want to keep costs down, templates are a popular choice. Premium e-commerce themes are easy to find, but they can be expensive. Free e-commerce templates are difficult to find, and quality free templates are even harder to find.

We’ve done the research for you, and in this post we present 35 of the highest-quality free e-commerce templates available. There are templates specifically for WordPress, Prestashop1, osCommerce2, Magento3, Zen Cart4, CubeCart5, and CRE Loaded6, as well as a number of general e-commerce templates. Please notice that these templates aren’t intended to be used 1:1, but should rather be used as a skeleton for your own shop and hence saves a lot of work, because otherwise you would have to start from scratch.

1. WordPress Templates

Crafty WordPress Theme7 | Demo8 | Download9


WordPress e-Commerce Plugin11 | Download12


2. Prestashop





A collection of free high-quality templates for PrestaShop.

3. osCommerce Templates

Footwear19 | Download20


Appliance22 | Download23


Cosmetics Store25 | Download26


Computer Store28 | Download29


4. Magento Templates

Modern Theme31 | Download from Magento32


Blue Skin34 | Download from Magento35


Telescope Theme37 | Download from Magento38


Pet Store Theme40 | Download from Magento41


Free Magento Theme from Template Monster43 | Download44


Electronics Store 346 | Download from eCommerce-Themes47


5. Zen Cart Templates

Free Zen Cart Template49 | Download50


Acadame52 | Download from ichoze.net53


Clothes Online55 | Download56


6. CubeCart Templates



Clean Blue60
A collection of free CubeCart 3 Skins. More free Cubecart skins61.


7. CRE Loaded Templates

Electronics Store63 | Download64


Clothes Store66 | Download67


8. General E-Commerce Templates

The following templates were created for the purpose e-commerce but not built for a specific system. If you plan to use one of them, it would need to be adapted to and integrated in the e-commerce solution of your choice. Templates with valid HTML code are marked.

Pet Shop69 | Download70 (valid HTML)


Auto Parts72 | Download73 (valid HTML)


Clothes Collection75 | Download76


Gadgets Template78 | Download79 (valid HTML)


Online Movie Store81 | Download82 (valid HTML)


Books Online84 | Download85 (valid HTML)


Beauty Company87 | Download88 (valid HTML)


Clothes Store90 | Download91


Hardware Store93 | Download94


Online Store96 | Download97


Computer Store99 | Download100


Mobile Phone Shop102 | Download103


Hi-Fi Technics Store105 | Download106


Electronics Store108 | Download109


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Steven Snell is a Web designer and blogger. In addition to maintaining his own blog and writing for a number of other top design blogs, he also manages an online shop that offers premium graphic design resources.

  1. 1

    As a professional designer, I use to hate seeing this free stuff because it made me less needed.

    But I love it now because the “nice” side of me likes to see the average person have access to good design rather than going with a bunch of hokey ugly stuff.

    Free stuff opens up the Internet to everyone.

  2. 2

    Big Disappointment! where is CubeCart….Also you missed some good templates of osCommerce, Magento & Cre Loaded…I started with oSCommerce which was really easy any most popular but then i shifted to CubeCart…. Now finally I’m working with new generation E-commerce solution Magento which is Simply Excellent. The only flaw with Magento is that it’s only built for Unix operating systems. Although there is some tweaks for windows installation which is not recommended by the developers. Still Magento is the Best E-commerce solution seen so far.

    Good post Steven !! Thanks for sharing Free Stuff !!

    DKumar M.

  3. 3

    I’ve looked for free Magento cart templates but didn’t see some of the ones posted. Thanks!

  4. 4

    I have a long background in e-commerce and have watched as EVERY e-commerce store that uses one of these templates FAIL every single time.

  5. 5

    Chris, care to share insight as to why they fail? Is the failure solely the templates, the business model, both?

  6. 6

    This is beautiful THANK YOU !

  7. 7

    Thank you for the great list..

    there is any wordpress for e-commerce themes for free?

  8. 8

    No Zen Cart templates?? Well they are about to release version 2.0, which will revamp the templating system… but still I think it is an oversight to leave them out.

  9. 9

    @Mike… i guess you missed the Zen Cart templates which is right under 4th heading. scroll again !!

    @spydeeyk… You might want to search “Crafty Cart” on google for free wordpress theme. Also there is “WordPress e-Commerce plugin” coupled with Crafty Cart makes for one heck of an e-Commerce solution.

  10. 10

    high quality?


  11. 11

    Smashing Magazine is known for it’s best quality, each and every post is full of resources and high quality. But posts like this really hits bad on the quality part.

    I am not saying, this post isn’t helpful but the title “High Quality” is really misleading. You can’t rate any of these templates as “High Quality” ones, the quality surely lacks in most of them.

    Just my 2 cents though.


  12. 12
  13. 13

    Beautiful designs!
    Thanks, That’s really great!

  14. 14

    Oh wow… these are Template Monster-quality.

    In other words: worthless.

  15. 15

    Good post..!!!

    Thanks for sharing free stuff…!!!
    I got a e-commerce project recently..
    these are my inspirations…

  16. 16

    Usually I don’t reply here, because there’s normally little to ad. The posts are good so I digg them on digg and that’s it.

    Today I saw in my rss reader that you were doing a post on ecommerce templates. Since I’ve designed 3 stores on Zen Cart I thought I’d check it out.

    I was quite shocked to see you promoting Template Monster Templates. Template Monster tweaks the code. Not in a normal way, but in a non compliant with zen cart way. So if you install a template from template monster, most of your overides and additional modules don’t work any more. There are however very nice free templates available trough various sources on the internet. There’s even a site where you can testdrive them.

    So I hope the author will digg a little deeper to look into the ecommerce systems a bit better.

    Other than that, Smashing Magazine rocks!

    Juliet van Ree

  17. 17

    I usually admire your great work, but this time I must admit that I’m quite disappointed by the quality of this list. Those sites are awfull (“sexy pink” must be a joke…)

    Keep up the good work anyway.

  18. 18

    Prestashop is da best opensource ecommerce solution so far…

  19. 19

    Are these templates free to be used in a commercial ecommerce service whe are building?

  20. 20

    Personally I think most of these “Free High-Quality E-Commerce Templates” looks like crap! If youre ambitions is to boost sales I think spending $150-200 on a nice looking commercial template is a good investment! Just my opinion!:-)

  21. 21

    what a sh… all look templatemonster-like and isn’t beautiful at all. Dissapointed.

  22. 22

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    January 26, 2009 12:43 am

    @Mike (#21): they don’t have to look beautiful, they must be functional and be easy to customize. That’s the point of this article, not their beauty. They are not intended to be used as is.

  23. 23

    Jakob Løkke Madsen

    January 26, 2009 12:46 am

    I would never use a free template like these for an actual project. I can’t see why anyone would be satisfied with investing so little time in the public face of their business.

    Still it’s always interesting to see lists like this for inspiration. Even the ugly ones make you think about why they’re ugly, right!

    One thing that strikes me, though, is this:
    Why do none of the themes place the main product categories in the top navigation bar? Are there any documented usability benefits from listing the categories down the left side? Would it be too many tabs?
    Or has it just become the norm for e-commerce design to lay it out this way?

  24. 24

    this list is average. kinda dissapointed. Its just a big list of templates from templatemonster. erghhh.

    would have been better to actually see a list of creative examples of real examples. Generic themeing really does suck.

  25. 25

    Warning: WP-Commerce has a lot of bugs with the new WP 2.7.. Hope they fix them soon.

  26. 26

    What a perfect timing, as I intended to start from scratch my e-project… Many thanks, keep smashin’!

  27. 27

    nice. but when will free forum skin goes out ?

  28. 28

    good job… nice site! thank you!

  29. 29

    I just love those who like to complain about things given to them for free :p Presumably they mostly can’t or won’t read … “Please notice that these templates aren’t intended to be used 1:1, but should rather be used as a skeleton for your own shop and hence saves a lot of work, because otherwise you would have to start from scratch.”

    Thanks to Smashing as always.

  30. 30

    Thank U very much……. it’s really useful …. XD

  31. 31

    This will be a useful post for me – a friend wants to set up a small store of her own, and these examples will give me a great starting point. Thanks!

  32. 32


    “So I hope the author will digg a little deeper to look into the ecommerce systems a bit better.”

    There were a few days of digging for this post. There aren’t very many decent free e-commerce templates out there and there aren’t very many good resources for finding them. I don’t claim to be an expert on all of these systems, but I do feel that this post is at least a helpful resource for people looking for theses templates, because they’re quite difficult to track down.

  33. 33

    Does anyone else receive old rss feed news? Like yesterday I got ~5-10 “font” related news which were posted last year.

  34. 34


    Yeah, the same thing happend to me yesterday…

  35. 35

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    January 26, 2009 5:58 am

    @Vygantas (#32) and @Trond (#33): it seems that Google Reader has some problems with our feed. We checked the feed and it’s OK. It’s not the first time already. We’ll contact Google folks to look into this problem.

  36. 36

    @#8 Jeff: I used to work for MonsterCommerce, an e-commerce shopping cart company that was purchased by Network Solutions and dismantled/rebranded. I did custom storefront designs for clients who purchased the shopping cart. I can count on two hands the number of stores I designed that are still in business. Those were the custom design clients. We also integrated templates for people. None of the template sites I did still exists.

    If you own an e-commerce business and are serious about being around a long time, you need to believe in your business enough to do it right, get a custom design, get a custom storefront if you require it. Your storefront can be very basic but still be very successful if you have a unique product or service. Don’t think people can’t spot a TemplateMonster site from a mile away and be put off immediately.

  37. 37

    Great to see so many templates, however I have never used an ecommerce templates as they are usually too restrictive. Over the years I have found my clients are all looking for bespoke or custom ecommerce design.

    The main reason for this, I believe every ecommerce company operates different. For example free delivery on all orders over £50, Automated emails, delivery note processing, product page layouts etc. The list is endless.

    It is good to see clean ecommerce designs and templates, they just need to be further enhanced to ensure they meet the clients requirements if they are used.

  38. 38

    Wow, awesome stuff! I’m bookmarking this for future projects.

  39. 39

    I’ve used several of these throughout the last few years. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING WP Ecommerce .. It is a complete nightmare if you have any intentions of doing customizations aside from simple color / font changes.

    Honestly if you have any hopes of taking any of these templates and customizing above a 5% range .. or integrating your own theme into their functionality .. I hope you have a budget in the thousands .. and even then I hope you can find a few people who’ve dove head first into the shallow end prior to you.

    Smashing should do more research into these things before claiming anything.

  40. 40

    Are there any good templates or solutions for mobile phone ecommerce?

  41. 41

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for such a list for 2009. It’s taken me far too long to find something I can use with wordpress and that doesn’t cost a fortune. I will be checking some of these out. Thanks guys!

    PS: Does anyone recommend Market Theme? I am seriously going bonkers trying to find a simple solution

  42. 42

    Where are Drupal Themes!

  43. 43

    Wow, nice themes here. And for free, dang. I am a designer, and it doesn’t bother me at all!

  44. 44

    Great collection of templates, Steven. I’m bookmarking these for future projects.

  45. 45

    Nice that people are so excited to lower their value by receiving the same stuff they can charge for free, but in a templatized format of PHP garbage. I’m glad I’ve moved on from this over-hyped “design” career to something much better.

  46. 46

    I have been using the wordpress e-commerce plugin for a few of my stores recently, and I have to say that I love it. In the past I have used Zen Cart, CubeCart, OsCommerce and Magento, and I feel like wp e-commerce is FAR easier to use and customize than the other carts. There is no complicated template system. You control everything (store and non-store) through one admin. And as long as you are familiar with CSS, you can pretty much get it to look anyway you want. While there have been a few bugs, the guys at Instinct have been incredibly responsive and helpful.

  47. 47

    There were many reasons why I choose wordpress e-commerce over all the others… the main reason was that it was the first cart to embrace digital downloads in very real way… not just an after thought… or a module thrown in at the end to appease a few users… not only was the digital downloads well thought out… but many aspects of the functionality of the cart where exactly what I had envisioned (after months of research)… and it actually did these things out of the box…!!!… Once I started using the cart I was amazed that you could just start turning off things like shipping and reducing the checkout form to say ‘name’ & ‘email’ without even touching the code… This Is Truly A Versatile Cart… and whoever first decided on this level of flexibility and functionality deserves an award…!!!… :)

  48. 48

    The only thing nice about them, is that they are free.

  49. 49

    seriously I think this is the worst thread you’ve ever posted…

    those designs are HORRIBLE like early ’00s templates, the whole web is full of those sh.

    I work for a company making a lot of e-commerce websites and it was really hard to find inspiration for such a specific kind of website, but I had to and clients are satisfied I hope…

    so my advance… as far as you can go, MAKE YOUR OWN DESIGN!

  50. 50

    I wouldn’t go that far with the ones for osCommerce. I just worked on two of them and the coding isn’t that good. They’re way nicer than other templates indeed and free on top of it :) but, coding wise … not so much :)

    thanks a lot anyway …

  51. 51

    I agree these are just horrible, if you’re just getting into ecom then I would suggest to never start with these templates. You’re only going to get frustrated and have a crap site. The comments here give better info than the post so its not all a loss.

  52. 52

    Interesting comments this post will save me some time on up and coming projects, there are so many carts out there I waste ages comparing them all based on this post and my investigations I think the best two in my opinion are wordpress and magneto.
    Excellent place for resources and sure if you want to code an ecommerce website from scratch stay off templates but if you are like me and pushed for time with customers who don’t want to pay the full wack then there is nothing wrong with modifying a good template.

  53. 53

    I hate to complain, but no Joomla./Virtumart templates?

    Still, nice collection of freebies.

  54. 54

    Woah there. Am I sensing some design snobery ;)

    E-Commerce “design” is about making online sales and many of these themes are all about helping people (retailers etc…) make online sales – if you don’t believe me check out the SEOMoz site and read up on many of the 17 or so proven design techniques to help you make online sales. Heck if “google product search” follows these rules “and” if it works for them then it will work for you too… trust me :)

    The themes in this article suit that particular need.

    The next generation of e-Commerce design though could be a totally seperate article in its own right that I’d love to help write. I have been researching “product swarms” and 3D malls just to name a few…

    In that sense this article is very helpful and will help many people sell online (people that are not necesarily designers) get a shop up and running in no time.

    Heck judging by some of the comments here you would think that they reckon smashingmagazine was made purely for them… as opposed to any other readers that potentially don’t care whether their shop has latest grunge background ;)

  55. 55
  56. 56

    Except for a couple of templates this is a disappointment. No great user experiences.

  57. 57

    It´s good… May be you make a post of web side agriculture

  58. 58

    great post – thanks for sharing.

  59. 59

    A great set, thank you. X-Cart templates would be nice to have as well.

  60. 60


  61. 61

    I like the “Free Zen Cart Template” from Template-Monster and decided to use it for my upcoming e-commerce project. But I´m wondering about the detail information about the free templates on Template-Monster: “[…] please note there are conditions and limitations associated with using these free website templates […] All free samples are presented here with a trial purpose solely and are for your personal use only.”

    In my opinion this makes no sense here because nobody is building a e-commerce site only for his personal use. It has always a commercial background.

    So please be careful by using supposed “free” templates.

  62. 62

    I can’t believe it’s free. You force me to bookmark this nice blog. Thanks a lot..

  63. 63

    Benedikt Roßgardt

    February 12, 2009 7:40 am

    I think, only a few themes look pretty good, but considered, that they are for free, they are all pretty good ;) cheers

  64. 64

    thas is so good, thank you

    Merci c’est vraiment proféssionnel ces disign

  65. 65

    Nice Post

  66. 66

    This xtcommerce template is just as free

  67. 67

    It’s a very fantastic.
    i am very happy to this whole site.

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    Are you at any point in time going to publish a list of “SM lists”?

    Never dissappointing and as the author says, offers inspiration – I always come away thinking “hmmm, I could use that for….”

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    Hi all,

    I have been looking through these great templates in order to start my own on line shop. This would be my first trip into this area – I am good on computers but feel im lacking in the knowladge to choose what is right for me.

    Can someone please help? I notice some of the templates are “loaded” with a back ground branded system. Is this free also?
    Do I download the templates and then upload my whole site onto my own web space?

    Excuse my lack of experiance! Its pritty confusing !



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    idk ya’ll. there’s an awful lot of bashing going on here.

    for those of you who are designers…of COURSE the canned stuff looks lame.

    for those of us who simply want to get to work…they’re fine.

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    These Free Templates can be a good ‘starting point’ but should not be the final product. Thinking like that generally leads you to poor results because it is a symptom of something deeper. It’s called Cheapskate Syndrome. Clients who are looking for “free” templates don’t understand the value of a professionally designed template and are generally not willing to get serious about their brand/presence/site which infects every area of their business – HR, marketing, etc.

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    I need a website to work with, not to live my life around desiging. Web design is as useful as being a professional skateboarder. Teaching others and furthering the sport is it’s entire raison d’etre.

    Web Designers right now seem akin the ‘artistic egos’ of the last millenia, with a million aspiring Van Goughs all splashing voluminous outpourings of never-before conceived notions across the canvas of the http://www... a million ‘Madonna wannabe’s” – or, like a vocal artist denegrating all other forms of life that don’t hear the subtle 38-note intonations contained in their single millisecond syllabic utterances…

    many of your posts miss the point that templates are great THOUGHT starters. It encourages people who see a picture they like, try to copy it, make something of their own. Monkey see, monkey do. It furthers use of the web, therefore advertising, therefore, the need for people to design templates (and, websites… )

    Those of you who would like to claim to never have had your learning influenced by others, those of you whose intelligence soars to the point that you are indeed a creator of the First Thought Ever, and thereby unaffected by other’s thinking, ( or templates…) need to get a grip. You are obviously insecure as far as the limits of your ability to keep up with the number of templates out there that may – gasp – actually – be useful. Get off your high horse and stop trying to impress others by slamming the people who actually are flattering you by trying to copy you. Good grief.

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    I picked up two TROJANS from downloading and clicking around on the “Tool Shop” General Ecommerce Template…NOT COOL! I have always trusted Smashing Magazine to refer me to trusted sites, links, and downloads. Not feeling that trust anymore. Good luck to anyone who downloads these templates.

  146. 146

    Smashing Media Customer Support

    March 24, 2011 2:20 pm

    Unfortunately, we can not check every link featured on our website. Some links date and become outdated or wrong after some time, and we always appreciate pointers to wrong URLs. Please have understanding that we can not check every link on the site every single day.

  147. 147

    Ive now downloaded 3 of these themes and none will load up onto wordpress – I am given a message that the stylesheet is missing from each one.
    Any help here, or are they all useless?

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    Most of the link above are now expired. Please update them.

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    I have free template for AbateCart. Any Idea how it can be added to the list?


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    hi everyone,
    i have one e-commerce website but i want to give it a new and modern look. i used one of the old version of candypress shopping cart. is there any way that i can convert the database to prestashop cart? need help


  170. 170

    I agree with you Brent. I run several e-commerce businesses. I am always looking for quality design when I launch new website. I am very sad to see such poor quality templates are circulated and made it top on google. But at same time I believe there are people who doesn’t care about design & quality and some how this kinda cheap templates survive.

    I don’t see any point of arguing with people who doesn’t understand value of Quality Design Templates.

    By the way free templates are free because they know that no one will pay for it.

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