40 Incredible Near-Infrared Photos


One of the most charming contrasting color effects you can get in photography is by using infrared. An easy way to understand near-infrared light is to think of it as the color of the rainbow next to red, a color that is invisible to the human eye. But near-infrared is not the same as thermal imaging.

Because everyday objects reflect infrared in proportions that differ sharply from that of visible light, the tonal relationships are wildly unexpected. Such near-infrared techniques used in photography give subjects an exotic, antique look. Green vegetation becomes white, whereas human skin becomes pale and ghostly. The resulting images look alien.

Digital cameras use CCD and other similar sensors to capture infrared images. Although all digital cameras available on the market are sensitive to infrared light, they are equipped with infrared-blocking filters. The main reason for this is that consumer cameras are designed to capture visible light. But sometimes these filters are used together, giving very interesting in-camera effects like false color, wood effects etc.

To start with infrared photography, all you need to have is

  1. A digital camera that is sensitive to infrared light.
  2. A visible-light blocking filter (e.g. a Wratten 89B filter)
  3. Image-editing software, such as Photoshop.

Near-infrared images straight out of the camera do not always look good and are usually not as dramatic and beautiful as normally captured images. Hence, a lot of post-processing is done to enhance these images. Some techniques used in post-processing are equalization, focus shift, small aperture, light leaks, digital false color, halo, etc.

Below, we present a selection of over 40 beautiful infrared images. Some of these images have undergone heavy post-processing, and all of these examples display the names of the photographers, along with links to their websites.

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Mark Grealish6

Infrared Photo7

Omar Junior8

Infrared Photo9

“The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared”.

Infrared Photo11

Jernej Verbovsek12

Infrared Photo13

G2-Studio Photography14

Infrared Photo15

Orange Bread16

Infrared Photo17

Naomi Frost7018

Infrared Photo19

Corrado Borean20

Infrared Photo21

Daniella T22

Infrared Photo23

Cavagna Ottavio24

Infrared Photo25

Bruna Marchioro26

Infrared Photo27

Infrared Photo28

“Huge Hi-Res Photo of ‘Infrared Andromeda’ with 1 trillion stars”

Infrared Photo30

Roie Galitz31
This photo is titled “The Fisherman”.

Infrared Photo32

the dreaming tree33

Infrared Photo34

Steve Castle35

Infrared Photo36

Musin Yohan37

Infrared Photo38


Infrared Photo40


Infrared Photo42

“An infrared image of Saturn’s northern region shows a luminous aurora with the planet’s mottled rings below.”

Infrared Photo44

Daniella T.45

Infrared Photo46

Frank Brauner47

Infrared Photo48

Infrared Photo49


Infrared Photo51


Infrared Photo53

Scott Pruett54

Infrared Photo55


Infrared Photo57

Infrared Photo58


Infrared Photo60

Romulo Lubachesky61

Infrared Photo62

Infrared Photo63

Infrared Photo64

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Licht65

Infrared Photo66

Infrared Photo67

Dave Deluria68

Infrared Photo69

Last Click Link

Naomi Frost7018

Infrared Photo71


Infrared Photo73


Infrared Photo75

Sources and Resources Link


Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Just beautiful! Its a cool technique and tons of fun to look at. Good stuff!


  2. 2

    These look great! Love the shots. Thanks for the collection!

  3. 3

    cant believe this is all done without ps. i love the pic from danielle with the wolf on the right. sm you inspired me today, thank you

  4. 4

    Nice collection.

    @Tom – Not all is done without Photoshop, though, some are, and photos can turn out very nice without it.

  5. 5

    (((~_~))) | Rishee

    January 11, 2009 10:16 pm

    WOw!……..gr8 Collections……..Loved all :-)

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    Some of those are pretty nice shots. Thanx for the collection.

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    good sharing

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    Wow, that´s a good day start!!!!

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    Amazing Collection Vailancio… Thanks for sharing :)

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    As a web desiger with a passion for photography I love SM’s occasional dip into the imaging world – great stuff, and thank you!

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    Really nice shots….

    Might have to haev a play and see if I can get anything as interesting and individual as these. Great article SM.

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    Just beautiful! Those people sure put some work in it.


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    I love the last photo. (trazy)

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    So great post , Really Sweeties Pictures Smashing Magazine , Thanks , love it

  18. 18

    It’s a pity you only include one B&W pictures. Many times the results are far better than color infrared.

  19. 19

    Thats a great collection, I love the image by Corrado Borean, it’s looks like an amazing place too! Thanks SM!

  20. 20

    Good selection of pictures. Thanks!

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    Awesome – awesome – awesome!


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    Excellent, try this similar one on LONG EXPOSURES:

    20 Long Exposure photographs that won’t fail to inspire

    Thanks all, love the site

  23. 23
  24. 24

    I’ve seen ‘Gilad’s work before, though I never fully understood how this technique worked.

  25. 25

    Some very nice pictures in here, I’d love to try that technique out myself… It’s a shame these filters are so expensive.

    Anyway, I still have to mention that I think some of these pictures are ONLY done with post-processing and don’t have anything to do with actually using IR filters. For example: the works of Jernej Verbovsek, G2-Studio Photography or Corrado Borean dont really seem like IR-fotography. Cause first of all, using a IR-filter you need a way longer time of exposure than for a normal photo to allow enough infrared light to get through. Thus it might be difficult to take a picture that captures any moving subjects (like a duck, a waving surface of water, people…) Secondly, leaves and grass reflect infrared light almost to 100%, which is how this great effect of white trees in front of dark skies is created. So anything with dark leaves or forcibly short exposure time might just be a photoshop fake. Not that I’d think of that as bad… I’ve tried that myself, and you get pretty good results for less money. I’m just mentioning this for general enlightenment.;)
    (Of course there are filters that don’t strictly filter out every light wave frequency except IR, and you could get “in between” results with them, but i guess what’s been done here is really just photoshopping of normal pictures.)

    BTW: For anyone who wants to try out IR-photography: Before running to your local photoequipment dealer, make sure that your camera is actually IR sensitive (because this varies considerably among normal digital cameras). This can easily be done by taking a long-time-exposure photo of a IR remote device (like most standard tv remote devices) in a dark room while constantly pressing a button on the device. If you see the little IR bulb glow on the photo, you’re free to run off to the photo shop…;)

  26. 26

    Hi there,

    I created this site Digital Infrared Photos a few ago, if you want to get more info about infrared photography.
    Actually I was happy to see that I have completely different photos on my site except maybe 1.

    Thank you SM for another great compilation !

  27. 27

    @Bryce Driesenga so, i need a tutorial for those effects or something to read – for understanding techniques and maybe used plugins. but great pics

  28. 28

    @shasta The IR filters aren’t that expensive if you get them from ebay. I was lucky enough to get mine for about $35 (Hoya R72)

  29. 29

    Those are beautiful. All I can say is WOW!

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    magnifique !

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    wow perfect photos :O

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    wow … nice photos !!! O_O

  34. 34

    Plenty of nice images but i doubt half of them were actually shot like they are shown here. I.e. with IR light and using blocking filters for other wavelengths. The rest is Photoshop and other tools at work. So please don’t call it photography when it isn’t. Also I suppose a number of the photos are from stock image libraries and or combinations with these.

    • 35

      Just because a photo has been photo-shopped does not mean that it isn’t photography. If they took the pic with a camera- that makes it clear enough for me what it is. Are you going to say that a cropped photo isn’t photography? It sounds clear that you are just hatin’ on some of the most beautiful pics I have ever seen. Some people are just more creative with the resources available. You should try it.

  35. 36

    Wow arent we full of new year cheer. Relax man and enjoy some lovely “imagery” regardless of how it came to be.

  36. 37

    @shasta – you can have normal exposure time if you modify your DSLR camera. All you have to do is to remove an IR filter from the sensor. This filter filters out the infrared light spectrum and this is the reason of very long exposure time.

  37. 38



    Daniella T, Cavagna Ottavio, Bruna Marchioro, Frank Brauner, Giladm, Romulo Lubachesky

  38. 39

    I’m totally stunned. Haven’t thought it could be soooo beautiful!!!

  39. 40

    I think Stuart is right!!! Enjoy PICS

  40. 41


    Where is that triangle, UFO spaceship thing located?

    It reminds me of the logo of this company http://www.spafu.nl/

    Does it have any symbolic meaning?

  41. 42

    Great! *__________*


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    so beautiful!

  43. 44

    This sucks.

    just kidding. its great.

  44. 45

    Awesome pictures!!

  45. 46

    Can it still be called photography? Most of them not. I dont like them at all. Sorry

  46. 47

    Desolate Metropolis Photography has some great infrared examples

  47. 48

    Jonathan Steele aka UlteriorArt.com

    January 15, 2009 5:09 am


    Especially liked the ones that were frosty white.

  48. 49

    You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a good IR filter:

    You can also have your camera converted to focus on the IR portion of the spectrum and avoid using the opaque filters. Check out the list to see if it is possible to convert your camera model.

  49. 50


    January 17, 2009 12:45 am

    Wow, Omar Junior is my favorite!! Great post!

  50. 51

    Here’s the thing. If those pictures were not made with the technique described, then they don’t belong here. It doesn’t matter if they’re beautiful or not. It just means that the description is inaccurate if you chose to include those.

    And a true IR photo is still PHOTOgraphy, since IR is light (photo) and you’re making an image (graph). In fact, you can get IR film and use it like any other film. Photoshop is another thing still.


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