40 Incredible Near-Infrared Photos


One of the most charming contrasting color effects you can get in photography is by using infrared. An easy way to understand near-infrared light is to think of it as the color of the rainbow next to red, a color that is invisible to the human eye. But near-infrared is not the same as thermal imaging.

Because everyday objects reflect infrared in proportions that differ sharply from that of visible light, the tonal relationships are wildly unexpected. Such near-infrared techniques used in photography give subjects an exotic, antique look. Green vegetation becomes white, whereas human skin becomes pale and ghostly. The resulting images look alien.

Digital cameras use CCD and other similar sensors to capture infrared images. Although all digital cameras available on the market are sensitive to infrared light, they are equipped with infrared-blocking filters. The main reason for this is that consumer cameras are designed to capture visible light. But sometimes these filters are used together, giving very interesting in-camera effects like false color, wood effects etc.

To start with infrared photography, all you need to have is

  1. A digital camera that is sensitive to infrared light.
  2. A visible-light blocking filter (e.g. a Wratten 89B filter)
  3. Image-editing software, such as Photoshop.

Near-infrared images straight out of the camera do not always look good and are usually not as dramatic and beautiful as normally captured images. Hence, a lot of post-processing is done to enhance these images. Some techniques used in post-processing are equalization, focus shift, small aperture, light leaks, digital false color, halo, etc.

Below, we present a selection of over 40 beautiful infrared images. Some of these images have undergone heavy post-processing, and all of these examples display the names of the photographers, along with links to their websites.

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Mark Grealish6

Infrared Photo7

Omar Junior8

Infrared Photo9

“The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared”.

Infrared Photo11

Jernej Verbovsek12

Infrared Photo13

G2-Studio Photography14

Infrared Photo15

Orange Bread16

Infrared Photo17

Naomi Frost7018

Infrared Photo19

Corrado Borean20

Infrared Photo21

Daniella T22

Infrared Photo23

Cavagna Ottavio24

Infrared Photo25

Bruna Marchioro26

Infrared Photo27

Infrared Photo28

“Huge Hi-Res Photo of ‘Infrared Andromeda’ with 1 trillion stars”

Infrared Photo30

Roie Galitz31
This photo is titled “The Fisherman”.

Infrared Photo32

the dreaming tree33

Infrared Photo34

Steve Castle35

Infrared Photo36

Musin Yohan37

Infrared Photo38


Infrared Photo40


Infrared Photo42

“An infrared image of Saturn’s northern region shows a luminous aurora with the planet’s mottled rings below.”

Infrared Photo44

Daniella T.45

Infrared Photo46

Frank Brauner47

Infrared Photo48

Infrared Photo49


Infrared Photo51


Infrared Photo53

Scott Pruett54

Infrared Photo55


Infrared Photo57

Infrared Photo58


Infrared Photo60

Romulo Lubachesky61

Infrared Photo62

Infrared Photo63

Infrared Photo64

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Licht65

Infrared Photo66

Infrared Photo67

Dave Deluria68

Infrared Photo69

Last Click

Naomi Frost7018

Infrared Photo71


Infrared Photo73


Infrared Photo75

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  1. 1

    Here’s my favorite digital infrared picture that I’ve taken:

    Field of Fire

  2. 52

    G.R.E.A.T !

  3. 103

    Wow! I want to learn this. Had read about IR on film in 1999 and thought it was for night vision like pics in near darkness and or using a infrared light source.

  4. 154
  5. 205

    Breath taking!!!!

  6. 256

    Somebody informed me my image was here.

    Thanks for appreciating my attempt at IR.

    I used a Hoya R72 on a Nikon D80 using a 17-55 DX lens. I then used the simple processing technique in lifepixel.com.

    Just remember, the hotter the scene (literally), the more vibrant your image is with more contrast and better depth.

    Thanks for appreciating.

  7. 307

    Wayfaring Wanderer

    January 22, 2009 3:44 pm

    That beach scene is so surreal. You see many infrared photos, but I have never seen anything quite like that…..Amazing!

  8. 358

    beautiful..there aren’t words which could describe these photos..

  9. 409

    How about this Janis “Absolutely stunning especially the winter scenes”

  10. 460

    These are some beautiful photos, though some of them are not IR at all, i read someones comment about black and white IR, and its true they come out alot better.
    I still consider myself amatuer for sure, but ive been told that i have some good work on here. http://bwasserphotos.blogspot.com
    Though some of them i admit are garbage.

  11. 511

    What it’s all about!

  12. 562
  13. 613
  14. 664

    Wow..!!!!!!!! Mind blowing…
    Really amazing… !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 715

    Beautiful set of IR images. Fantastic work from some very talented individuals. There is a LOT of post processing involved with these photos, but that in no way reflects negatively on the artists or their work. Quite the contrary. It is very obvious that they have all captured these scenes in the IR spectrum of light using various value IR pass filters, and yes, most have probably come from cameras that have been modified to remove the internal IR blocking filter. It is next to impossible to post process a photo taken in visible light and come up with results like these. The light captured is just very different.

    Take a look at my tutorials and Featured Photographers on my site http://www.irbuzz.blogspot.com for some ideas about what it takes to shoot IR.

    Regards, -=- Jerry -=-

  16. 766

    I like all picture have a lovely beautifull and lucky weekend

  17. 817

    ….ok, 40 nearly infrared and nearly incredible photographs showcased here at nearly “SmashingMagazine” :) :P …. a nearly great site to browse !! :)

  18. 868

    This just rocks my world!
    I’m an IR fan and photographer, so this is great inspiration.


  19. 919

    Wow, its amazing..! I love photography and IR too..you give me an inspiration for photo angel and IR Style! Great

  20. 970

    all of this sucks i am so much better at this then you are

  21. 1021

    These are amazing!

    It would be interesting to see how they looked before being Photoshopped.

  22. 1072


  23. 1123

    Fantastic! Now I have to explore doing this sort of Photography too.

  24. 1174

    Awesome article…..i like the technique and wanted to try it……

  25. 1225

    I thought you might be interested in posting a link to this Infrared Timelapse movie created using a Canon 5D Mark II.


    Thank you for your time.

    Andrew Shurtleff


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