35 Examples Of Beautiful City Photography


More people across the world are living in cities than ever before. Cities are both places of historical significance and the engines of the world’s economy. They’re also home to some of the greatest treasures and buildings that mankind has created. Cities are wonderful subjects for photography. They offer a variety of subjects suitable for both straight and HDR photography, including architectural, street and night photography. The structure, angles and texture you get with architectural photography make it unique and very engaging.

From the energy of Cairo to the canals of Venice, Smashing Magazine celebrates the diversity of the world’s cities by presenting you 35 beautiful city photos. Be sure to check out the portfolios of the talented photographers whose work you see here. We’ve also included some useful links at the bottom of the article.

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35 Beautiful City Photos


Beautiful City Photo5
Cairo, Egypt


Beautiful City Photo7
Rapanui, Chile

Gaston Batistini8

Beautiful City Photo9
Paris, France

Joan Leong10

Beautiful City Photo11


Beautiful City Photo13
Rome, Italy


Beautiful City Photo15
Machu Picchu, Peru

Thomas Ebenhan3416
Beautiful City Photo17
Lisbon, Portugal


architectural photography19
Badalin, China

David Giral20

Beautiful City Photo21
Bastide du Village de Monpazier, Périgord, Dordogne, France


Beautiful City Photo23
Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Juanma Alvarez24

Beautiful City Photo25
Valencia, Spain

Ævar Guðmundsson26

Beautiful City Photo27
Reykjavik, Iceland

Giuseppe Finocchiaro28

Beautiful City Photo29
Oia, Greece

Alex Marlowski30

Beautiful City Photo31
Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem


architectural photography33
Paris, France

Thomas Ebenhan3416

Beautiful City Photo35
Berlin, Germany

Franco Farina5436

Beautiful City Photo37
Barcelona, Spain

Colin Allan38

Beautiful City Photo39
Carrbridge, UK

Katarina Stefanovic40

Beautiful City Photo41
London, UK

Joaquim Granell 42

Beautiful City Photo43
Pisa, Italy

Razu Ryza44

Beautiful City Photo45
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Eric Toriel46

Beautiful City Photo47
Marrakech, Morocco

Ben Visbeek48

Beautiful City Photo49
Zugspitze, Germany / Austria

Joep Roosen6850

Beautiful City Photo51
New York City, US

Andrea Kamal52

Beautiful City Photo53
Hamburg, Germany

Franco Farina5436

Beautiful City Photo55
Barcelona, Spain

Andrey Permitin56

Beautiful City Photo57

Beautiful City Photo58

Beautiful City Photo59
Moscow, Russia

Ruben Seabra60
Beautiful City Photo61
Madrid, Spain

David Rocaberti62

Beautiful City Photo63
Tokyo, Japan

Jasbir Singh64

Beautiful City Photo65
The Great Mosque, Makkah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Sean Mantey66

Beautiful City Photo67
Newcastle, UK

Joep Roosen6850

Beautiful City Photo69
Rotterdam, Netherlands


Beautiful City Photo71
Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt


architectural photography73
Pisa, Italy

Istvan Kadar74

Beautiful City Photo75
Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, Bali

André Luiz Martins76

Beautiful City Photo77
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fulvio Pellegrini78

Beautiful City Photo79
New York City, United States

Last Click

Mark Bowman80

Beautiful City Photo81
Lilla Torget (Little Square) Malmo, Sweden

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  1. 1

    An Amazing set of pics luved them all

  2. 2

    Lex van de Oudeweetering

    February 2, 2009 12:27 am

    The photo’s are Ok. A lot of them are spectacular a few are beautiful and too many are just buildings and too few are city’s. Thus I think your title is misleading and not correct. They are spectacular photo’s of buildings.

  3. 3

    A very beautiful n stunning photography. Egypt one is best,

  4. 4

    This is awesome!!!

  5. 6

    Nice Collection Andrew…… Some of them are really stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    DKumar M.

  6. 7

    breath taking pictures. I like them a lot. :D

  7. 8

    Those are certainly beautiful photos. I wish I could take photos like that! I have a nice camera, but I have the feeling it’s not the camera, its the photographer!

  8. 9

    These are amazing. Smashing magazine makes me want to quit my job because it’s so bland! I’ve been to a lot of these sites in Europe however I couldn’t capture them anywhere as beautiful as this.

  9. 10

    wau! thanks–Nice collection…

  10. 11

    Superb. My wish list this year to have a Digital SLR. And take up photographing courses.

  11. 12

    Nice pictures, but about seven of them are landscape shots, not city shots.

  12. 13

    I feel Greece & Russia are two most beautiful countries under the sun, all there city images i have seen so far looks amazing!

    Great collection!

  13. 14

    some great photographs in there, I wish some people could leave HDR pictures alone though

  14. 15

    so nice… All cities.. makes me wanna travel more.. hahhaa

  15. 16

    Great Collection Andrew…… all of them are really stunning, specially The Great Mosque, Makkah . Thanks for sharing.

  16. 17

    Great list as always. :)

  17. 18
  18. 19


  19. 20

    Fantastic photos. One small note, the country name is missing in the Jerusalem shot.

  20. 21

    Great photos,
    thank you

  21. 22

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  22. 23

    Absolutely amazing set of photos here. The one of the leaning tower of Pisa was stunning capture with amazing color and perspective.

  23. 24
  24. 25

    this is amazing photography

    i like it

  25. 26

    Whooh, great collection. I am inspired to get out in my own city some more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. 27

    Yikes!! I am the first photo :)

  27. 28

    If you’re a fan of HDR images and mega colour corrections in post-processing, then some of these shots are nice. I wouldn’t say they’re impressive shots, since its very easy to HDR and colour correct any picture to make them look good.

    But this is coming from a person who doesn’t like the whole fake looking thing. I think this set is a good example of skill being determined by the equipment, and not by the photographer, which I think photography is really about.

    However the Pisa, New York, Morocco and China entries deserve special mention. Really like those shots.

  28. 29

    @Arri Kafoor: my photo isn’t HDRed, BTW

  29. 30

    Very Nice collection
    Here is one of New Orleans I really like


  30. 31

    realy nice!

  31. 32

    I am the photographer of the ‘Tour Eiffel”
    I am proud and honored to be on your site which is for me one of the best dedicated to creativity.
    Thanks a lot
    Gaston Batistini

  32. 33

    stunning !

  33. 34

    Didn’t know that Zugspitze was a city, always thought it was a mountain…..

  34. 35

    Under every photo you wrote the city name then comma then the country name.
    For example: “New York City, United States”
    So, what reason you have to not write “Jerusalem, Israel”? but just “Jerusalem”..?
    It’s start with this little antisemitism issues and ends with 6,000,000 Jews murders by Nazis in holocaust.

    • 36

      You are a spong bob and will always remain one. Dude what happened to jews is got nothing to do with this stunning photography. Stop politicalizing everything and enjoy these pictures and be grateful to the person who has so painstakingly put these pictures up and shared it. Just stop bitching.

  35. 37

    Mosques are beautiful places. Nice collection.

  36. 38

    @Spongebob : they probably left it out as not to offend anyone, those pro-Palestine, or pro-Israel. The problem is that you are apparently offended by anything that isn’t pro-Israel.

    Extra kudos to Smashing Magazine for being politically correct.

  37. 39

    heather van de mark

    February 2, 2009 9:50 am

    Makes me want to travel. Some really beautiful photos/places–china, greece, sweden, peru and japan.

  38. 40

    @Spongebob: yup, thanks for the correction. The title should’ve been “Jerusalem, Palestine”.

  39. 41

    some of these are really stunning… but… some of them are altered to the point where the super-saturated colors and highlights are more distracting than actually adding to the image. i am all for editing photos, and i do like some hdr photography, but when it starts to look too “fakey” i feel it sometimes is more about showing off the photographer than it is about showing off the actual place.

  40. 42

    @Asrar : The country called “Israel”, not “Palestine”. I live in Argentina and don’t have any opinion in this issues of middle east, but the fact is that this place is in Israel, no doubt…
    So I can’t see how writing “Israel” can offend anyone, all pro-Palestine will agree it still Israel, nobody thinks that there is anywhere country called “Palestine”…
    So not writing “Israel” is the thing that can make peoples offend. If it’s good enough for the UN and most of the world mark Jerusalem as part of Israel, it shall be enough for this post.

  41. 43

    Fantastic photoshopping. Personally, I like more realistic photos.

  42. 44

    These are amazing. Very nice!

  43. 45

    Thanks for posting my New York and Rotterdam photo’s.

  44. 46

    beautiful pictures!

  45. 47

    @Spongebob : I see your point. But to mention Nazis and the holocaust was unnecessary.

  46. 48


  47. 49

    Morocco :)

  48. 50

    Nice shots but more city shots and not landmark shots was what I was hoping to see.

  49. 51
  50. 52

    You need some photos of dubai! Some insane architecture there… i thought i saw some here http://flickr.com/photos/pallian

  51. 53

    oops.. wrong link… here’s the right one: http://flickr.com/photos/danielcheong/2888296660/

  52. 54

    Thanks for the great collection and the Haram al-Sharif Mosque in Palestine.

  53. 55

    ridiculously awesome!

    i can’t wait until my photography gets there.

  54. 56

    Great Selection and truly fab shots!! My favs in flickr just got a big update!!!! Sad my Rome shot still didn’t make there, but who knows… …maybe in City Photography 2.0 I’ll do it!!?? ^_^

  55. 57

    excelente galeria.

  56. 58

    wonderful !!!!!
    loved the Marrakech alley pic !! but it still need some extra effects !!!!!

  57. 59

    @Spongebob : you shouldn’t have started the Antisemitisme issue here @ Smashing Mag !! there is CNN.com ; BBC.com …..soo mlany forums where you can start this discusssion ; BUT NOT @ SM !!
    as a loyal visitor i felt very offenced by your comment ! and the 6 mill “BURNED” jewish by NAZIS , is not a joy in your hands , so you can use it whenever you want ! and to take someone else’s land , and TO BURN 1305 VICITM WITH A BRAND NEW WEAPON CALLED THE WHITE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS , its a new technology of makin’ easy and fast HOLOCUSTS !!

    anyways.. the title should’ve been “Al Qu’uds – Palestine” ( because Jerusalem is an intruding word)

  58. 60

    pourquoi ne pas avoir indiqué ISRAËL a coté de JÉRUSALEM ???
    la capitale d’Israël est Jérusalem et Jérusalem est situe en Israël…. comme tout le monde le sait.
    en oubliant de mettre Israël a cote de Jérusalem et en montrant uniquement une mosquée pour représenter Jérusalem, on joue le jeu des musulmans, qui souhaitent prendre la terre des juifs pour en faire une terre musulmane. c’est le souhait des turcs, des iraniens, des pakistanais, des algériens… des peuples qui n’ont rien en commun si ce n’est une foi commune, l’islam, et le souhait de détruire les juifs et ISRAËL.

  59. 61

    les musulmans sont des voleurs, c’est bien connus. ils ont construits leur mosquée a l’emplacement du lieu le plus saint des juifs, Le Temple de Jérusalem détruit par les romains. il faudrait déplacer (détruire ?) cette mosquée et reconstruire le Temple juif dont il ne reste que le mur occidental (mur des lamentations). Bientôt avec l’aide de Dieu.
    a bon entendeur……

  60. 62

    I have been to Egypt. Its really beautiful city. Overall a masterpiece post.

  61. 63

    Amazing photos!!!

    But where is something from Prague, Czech Republic?!

  62. 64

    great and kool photo’s

  63. 65

    Its Smashing!!

  64. 66

    Great pics, but I cretainly don’t think labelling them as “City” pictures is very accurate.

    And by the way, Jerusalem is in Israel, as everyone knows.

  65. 67

    Beautyful photos!

  66. 68

    Wish Tajmahal was one of it

  67. 69

    how could we introduce beautiful IRAN?

  68. 70

    The photo of Pisa is fantastic !!!!!

  69. 71

    Jerusalem is in Israel, why didn’t you write it down? All other photos have the country near the city name….

  70. 72

    Il love this one

  71. 73

    Awsome list!!!

    A friend of mine does some amazing city photography HERE

  72. 74

    I think every photographer should spend some time shooting black and white exclusively. Then they might learn the importance of drawing the eye to the subject (assuming there is one) rather than distracting them with supersaturated colors.

    I know this is the style-de-jure but come on, CSI Miami snaps get really old really fast. A few were quite good though.

  73. 75

    what about Japan pictures!!?

  74. 76

    Moscow rules, thanks Andrey

  75. 77

    beautiful photos

  76. 78

    nice pictures

  77. 79

    Some beautiful photos here, thanks!

  78. 80

    I live in Rio. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the best!

  79. 81

    I specially like the Bali and Sweden shot….. this is a good one SM, as always !

  80. 82

    I like Istanbul shots, but can’t find it here:P

    by the way: all of them are great!

  81. 83

    I think the photos are of a great quality, however that are not very original and just send us back to the touristic pattern! I have lived in almost all of those cities, I cant send you some pictures of me and my friends where you can really appreciatte the life of each city! I am a really city citizen addict!! By the way the Lisbon pic is wonderful, it was the most passionate and intense city I have ever lived, it brought me wonderful toughts!

  82. 84

    where is istanbul?

  83. 85

    Very Beautiful!!!

  84. 86

    Uluwati, Bali is one part of beautiful Indonesia. Find more there…Thanks..

  85. 87

    its great..................pk

    February 10, 2009 7:58 pm

    its greate

  86. 88
  87. 89

    The pictures are amazing and the scenery is breathtaking. I love Cairo, Egypt, it is beautiful. Good job!

  88. 90

    Beautyful machupicchu ¡¡

  89. 91

    Simply Awesome!!!

  90. 92

    Awesome post!
    City photography is great…

    I maintain this website just with cool photos from my city, Salvador (Brazil´s first capital city)

  91. 93

    wonderful , outstanding and mind blowing collection.

  92. 94
  93. 95

    very nice and amazing photography-thanks for web

  94. 96

    Great pictures. Especially love the Egypt one the best.

    On the whole Jerusalem being in Israel fiasco, kudos to Smashing Magazine for not only being politically correct but also historically accurate. Jerusalem does not belong to either state, Palestine or Israel, but is an international city. Israel has been trying to claim it entirely for itself, also the reason that they have shifted their capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and expelled a number of Arabs from regions of Jerusalem. I don’t want to start a political debate here but what I said has been thoroughly documented. In any case the name should be left there as it is without giving into either side on terms of neutrality.

  95. 97


    February 17, 2009 5:31 am

    Yes no any dout A very beautiful n stunning photography. Egypt one is best,

  96. 98

    amazing. Specialy Barcelona, Spain and Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

  97. 99

    i am from Pakistan from the city of love Jhang

  98. 100


  99. 101

    Great efferts. and i want to visit these counteries and see these places with my own eyes

  100. 102

    Rio de Janeiro inspires me. But the other cities are also beautiful and these pictures are awesome!

  101. 103

    Abdulmalik Althari

    February 22, 2009 9:44 pm

    It’s so cool pictures specially The Great Mosque in Makkah
    thanks a lot

  102. 104

    nice pics i have ever seen.

  103. 105

    Nice shoots

  104. 106

    Noor Badshah Yusafzai

    April 6, 2009 11:49 pm

    Exilant Picture. espacialy Haram e Makkah & Haram e Aqdas. From Noor Badshah Yusafzai of Khunda, Swabi, Pakistan

  105. 107

    “Haram Al Sharif”? Why don’t you call the site by its real (and original) name – Temple Mount?

  106. 108

    Very nice pictures! What I would also like to see is pictures of standard city houses made in some sort of special way.

  107. 109

    The oldest city of the world is Damascus, but we did not find a single photo.

  108. 110

    all pics are excellent, EXCEPT a few with HDR. Those idiotic pictures with artificial colors, artificial skies and clouds look not real with a really bad bad bad taste and esthetics.
    This is not photography, but digital manipulation, has nothing to do with photography – all photoshopping.
    Enough of this crap!.. Arc of Triumph with million of stupid clouds….????…come on, be real.

  109. 111

    yes Mark, #109, agree, people are fed with lies from our own regular media. You know the saying…repeat a lie 100 times and it becomes truth.
    About the oldest city, Damascus is one. But Jericho and Hebron also.
    Also Damascus wasn’t a city until 3000bc

  110. 112

    Simply amazing pictures. Most i love is “Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia”, because I like the blue.

  111. 113

    Wow, these were awesome and inspiring!

  112. 114


    July 17, 2009 5:19 am

    execellent selection.

  113. 115


    July 17, 2009 5:23 am

    Execellent selection but all of u are missing the most beautiful place on earth, MADINA UL MUNAWARA, KSA.

  114. 116

    Oh my God. These photos are wonderful. I’m sure there are plenty of cities that have been missed but those that are there make one wonder. The world is beautiful

  115. 117

    I love Rio de Janeiro, Brazil………anyone inviting me for a visit to Rio?

  116. 118

    Unas fotos fantásticas, da gusto verlas, además los retoques les han quedado geniales….. ¡que envidia!, en fin a seguir aprendiendo.

    Felicidades por la colección.

  117. 119


  118. 121

    A great, great, great, photos

  119. 122

    I wolud like to watch the original RAW’s files

  120. 123

    good photo

  121. 124

    impresionante, me encantan vuestras fotos… espectacular.

  122. 125

    i love ur pics its so amazing …. the view is so beautiful ….. i really ur pics
    keep workin … amazing …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwww……
    i i i really like it …
    i wanna go in that place .. i wanna be like u someday ..

  123. 126

    So much beautiful collection in series.
    Really appriciate to all ….

  124. 127

    wow wow wow wow

  125. 128

    jubiratan garcia da santana

    December 24, 2009 6:45 am


  126. 129

    Its amazing and nice pictures ,,, beautiful work. . . . .. Awsome

  127. 130

    wow great work!!!! : 0 what awesome pictures…..

  128. 131

    wow…… Its amazing and nice pictures.

  129. 132

    spain madrid city very beautıful

  130. 133

    Very very beautiful as well as amazing……………..!!!

  131. 134

    thanks,very good
    i ‘m architect .there are Very very beautiful .

  132. 135

    mesmerizing shots.

  133. 136

    I have amazing photos about Rio (Brazil) in my flickr!

    this is not a duplicate comment, I just sent back to correct my email is wrong

    Thank you.

  134. 137

    Amazing pics…
    I like it…

  135. 138


  136. 139

    Stunning work- I love the London shot and the 2 New York ones. I work as a City Photographer and love the images you can capture in London. Grant

  137. 140

    wonderfull i have no any word gd vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv gd

  138. 141

    super this is fantastic wonderful wow this is the world beautiful picture

  139. 142

    these are great photos and its got just great things and you just captured the very beauty of the photo

  140. 143

    I felt that I have visited the beautiful place around the world.
    thanks from Cairo

  141. 144

    Muhammad Nadeem

    July 16, 2012 7:44 am

    All Pictures are very nice

  142. 145

    sahin H kite ahmed

    April 30, 2013 8:50 pm

    like on all place right it awesome imagination picture

  143. 146

    Breathtaking pictures. Love them ! What is your advise to beginner photographers on taking good pictures ( fairly good nothing like yours for sure)!

  144. 147

    The Temple in Bali is a beautiful shot. Its actually Heavenly :)

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