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Photoshop users can save themselves a great deal of time and end up with better results by taking advantage of readily available freebies, such as brushes, patterns and shapes. With the wide variety and (often) high quality of resources available, whatever you need or are looking for is in most cases already available somewhere. The only problem is that the vast quantity of freebies can make it difficult to track down what you need. Hopefully this collection of excellent Photoshop patterns will help.

The resources featured here are all available as downloads in PAT format, which can be placed in Photoshop. In addition to this format, there is also a number of quality resources online for creating or using patterns in other formats that can be used by any program, not just Photoshop. As with any type of freebie, always be sure to check the license or requirements set by the creator.

Skull Patterns1
Two skull patterns from Go Media using an image from one of its vector packs.

Photoshop pattern2

Carbon Fiber3
A carbon fiber pattern.

Photoshop pattern4

Patterns from PunkSafetyPin5
This set of 15 patterns from a deviantART user6 offers more than 30 other packs of patterns.

Photoshop pattern7

Grunge Pattern Set8
Nine large and high-quality grunge patterns.

Photoshop pattern9

Dots Pattern Set10
Eight dot patterns of various colors and styles.

Photoshop pattern11

Hexagonal Patterns12
Seventy-two black-and-white horizontal and vertical patterns.

Photoshop pattern13

Skulls and Hearts14
Three different gray, white and pink patterns.

Photoshop pattern15

Charcoal Demask16
One seamless pattern.

Photoshop pattern17

Victiorian Dreams Textures18
Ten textured patterns of different variations.

Photoshop pattern19

A set of eight stylish paisley patterns.

Photoshop pattern21

Checkered Patterns22
Three different patterns featuring a checkered design.

Photoshop pattern23

Different Texture24
A swirling flourish pattern.

Photoshop pattern25

Scanline and Screentone Patterns26
A big collection of 27 different patterns.

Photoshop pattern27

Spiderman Pattern28
One tileable metal pattern.

Photoshop pattern29

Patterns from DesignSpice30
A set of 10 repeating blue patterns.

Photoshop pattern31

Zig-Zag Pattern Set32
Eight colorful zig-zag patterns.

Photoshop pattern33

A set of 21 transparent patterns of scan lines.

Photoshop pattern35

Patterns by Raimyu36
A set of 20 patterns of different kinds.

Photoshop pattern37

Squidfingers Pack38
A huge set of 108 different patterns of all kinds.

Photoshop pattern39

Textured Stripes40
Six patterns of textured diagonal stripes of various colors.

Photoshop pattern41

Floral Patterns42
A set of 17 patterns with different floral styles.

Photoshop pattern43

Tile Patterns44
A large set of 36 patterns of tiles. Brick and wood patterns are also included.

Photoshop pattern45

Animal Print Patterns46
This set includes 18 different animal-fur print and skin patterns.

Photoshop pattern47

Grungy and Dirty Patterns48
Seamless, big texture patterns. There are 27 in the set.

Photoshop pattern49

Micro Patterns50
A big collection of 54 patterns.

Photoshop pattern51

Vector Patterns52
Twelve attractive patterns in this set.

Photoshop pattern53

Wallpaper Patterns54
A total of six patterns (two different sizes of three patterns).

Photoshop pattern55

Dots and Stripes Patterns56
Ten patterns, four of stripes and six of dots.

Photoshop pattern57

Floral Patterns58
Includes 28 patterns, plus PNG files for each.

Photoshop pattern59

Cards Pattern60
Eight different variations of the pattern are included.

Photoshop pattern61

Handmade Paper Patterns62
A set of seven patterns (the same pattern in seven colors).

Photoshop pattern63

Patterns by Camilak364
A set of 17 patterns that include stars, butterflies, hearts and paw prints.

Photoshop pattern65

Web 2.0 Pattern Collection66
A huge set of 133 patterns in various Web 2.0 styles.

Photoshop pattern67

Seamless Patterns68
Six different patterns to choose from.

Photoshop pattern69

Wood Pattern Textures Set70
This set includes 19 wood patterns with different shades and styles.

Photoshop pattern71

Plaid and Checkered Patterns72
A total of 25 patterns are included in this set.

Photoshop pattern73

Lace Patterns74
This set contains 19 seamless lace patterns.

Photoshop pattern75

Noise Patterns76
Ten seamless noise patterns for adding texture.

Photoshop pattern77

Brick Texture Patterns78

This set includes eight brick patterns.

Photoshop pattern79

Composition Patterns80
Five patterns of notebook paper and a composition book.

Photoshop pattern81

PS Patterns Pack82
A set of three different patterns, including squares, dots and hearts.

Photoshop pattern83

Fire Patterns84
A set of 20 high-resolution fire patterns.

Photoshop pattern85

Chevrons Pattern Set86
A set of eight patterns of different shapes and colors.

Photoshop pattern87

Fiber Paper Pattern Set88
A set of 10 patterns of different colors with a textured look.

Photoshop pattern89

Patterns #2290
A set of 30 colorful patterns.

Photoshop pattern91

Spring Fling92
This set includes 36 pink and green patterns.

Photoshop pattern93

Stripes Patterns94
A set of 30 disturbed stripe patterns.

Photoshop pattern95

Line Patterns96
This set contains 25 colorful patterns of lines.

Photoshop pattern97

Bourbon Stripes98
A set of 12 stripe patterns, both vertical and horizontal, with different color combinations.

Photoshop pattern99

Hearts and Boxes100
Three patterns in a hand-drawn style.

Photoshop pattern101

Related Resources, Tutorials and Articles:

How to Install Photoshop Patterns102
If you’re unsure how to install and use the patterns featured here, this article explains the simple process.

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Custom Patterns103
Hongkiat has a tutorial that demonstrates the steps in creating a simple repeating pattern.

Photoshop pattern104

Creating Patterns in Photoshop CS2105
Veerle demonstrates how to use Illustrator and Photoshop to create a seamless pattern.

Photoshop pattern106

A fun and useful tool for creating your own JPG file to use as a repeating pattern.

Photoshop pattern108

Stripe Generator109
If a striped pattern is what you’re after, this tool will let you create your own any way you like it.

Photoshop pattern110

COLOURlovers has a great collection of user-submitted patterns for downloading in PNG format.

Photoshop pattern112



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    In 3 years, if I choose a pattern out of the thousands on my computer and throw it over an element in my design, I won’t be able to dig around and figure out who I am ‘required’ to link back to in order not to violate the copyright.

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    I quickly check the Terms of Use on each set, see if there is an attribution or ‘ask permission’ clause, and if there is, I have to skip it. When I post my own freebies, I un-cuff them and let the community use them, knowing others will do the same and it will benefit me. These designers should do the same. If you want credit and money, then please just sell your work.. but don’t tease us with a free download that is anything but.

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    I can see the fear you may have that somehow your designs end up being stolen and used for what you didnt want it used for, but lets face it, people who do that arent going to care a jot for any permission you may put on it.

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