Hardware Giveaway: 5,000 Comments Challenge!


Update (27/02): we received 9000 comments – we hit the 5,000 mark! And the winners are: 1) graphic card goes to Joshua Lawson (#5533) from Sewell, NJ; 2) the mouse goes to Gareth (#5651) from Cape Town, South Africa; 3) the headphones go to Catalin (#8598) from Bucharest, Romania. Congratulations! All winners have already been contacted.

If you didn’t win, it may make sense for you to subscribe to our RSS-feed1, more giveaways are coming! Thank you for participation!

Why should you get gifts only on Christmas and your birthday? We at Smashing Magazine love to give away things all year long. This time, you have a chance to get some really cool hardware.

Taking part in this giveaway is easy… well, maybe not that easy. We’re keen on seeing a lot of comments and want to see at least 5,000 comments in this post, so spread the word and help us get to 5,000 or more comments and then win one of the smashing prizes below.

The 5,000 comment challenge is important, folks. If we don’t reach that goal, then the prizes get torched. Okay, they don’t get torched, but the giveaway only kicks in after 5000 comments. It is not a random, unrealistic figure either; we got 3,800 comments in our recent books giveaway2.

Prizes You Can Win

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X23, with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory 2 x 256-bit memory interface, 2.4 teraFLOPS of GPU power and 1600 stream processing units.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X24

Sennheiser PXC 3505, a high-end travel headphone, with active noise compensation and a set for active attenuation of ambient noise.

Sennheiser PXC 3506

Microsoft Arc Mouse Black7, an ergonomic laser mouse with customizable buttons that folds to 60% of its fully expanded size; for both left-handers and right-handers.

Microsoft Arc Mouse Black8

How Do I Participate?

To participate, just leave a comment and tell us:

  • Where in the world are you currently located (country and city), and
  • How is the weather outside? Rainy? Sunny? Foggy?

The giveaway lasts until Friday, February 27th. The three winners will be selected randomly. Good luck, folks, and please spread the word!


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  8. 8 http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/productdetails.aspx?pid=112

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  1. 1

    From: Hampden, MA USA
    Outside: Cold and Windy

  2. 102

    Yeovil, United Kingdom. Weather: overcast though sun shines through. Warm for this time of year.

  3. 203

    I’m in Davenport, Iowa, USA, it’s nice, sunny, and cold.

  4. 304

    Kerala, India.
    Wonderful Climate – Sunny, Breezy and can hear birds tweets ;) and its 26°C now

  5. 405

    Boulder, Colorado

    Partly cloudy and 63 degrees.

  6. 506

    Saint Louis, Missouri.
    Cold, sunny, blue sky.

  7. 607

    Hello. Kalamazoo Michigan, USA

    It’s snowy and cloudy and cold.

  8. 708

    I’m actually from Delhi INDIA…. The weather is Dark and cold outside.

  9. 809

    Minneapolis MN, its cold outside…but getting warmer 29 degrees.

  10. 910

    …Bogotá, Colombia, and is warm and shinny outside this dungeon/office so so sad…

  11. 1011

    United States – California, Irvine
    It’s very cloudy outside today.

  12. 1112

    Columbia, SC USA
    It’s about 45 degrees and sunny outside.

  13. 1213

    Ottawa, ON
    Overcast, cold.

  14. 1314

    Reading, PA, USA
    It’s a little cloudy, and a lot of cold.

  15. 1415

    I’m in Harlem, New York City, NY.

    Weather right now is sunny and clear, but the temperature is just 1 C (33 F). If it were to work its way up to 10 C, I would probably be out writing this this comment from somewhere other than my apartment…

  16. 1516

    Speeton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain……..cold….darn cold!!!!! Oh and foggy! Mustn’t forget the fog!

  17. 1617

    Kassel – Germany

    -2 C° :(

  18. 1718

    Syracuse, NY, 19 degrees and snowy!

  19. 1819

    I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the weather here is sunny with about 20 celsius degrees.

  20. 1920

    Hi there! Victoria, Tamaulupas, México.
    Sunny day…

  21. 2021

    Ada, OK, USA
    Sunny 62°

  22. 2122

    Cambridge, MA, USA

    it’s clear but cold with a biting wind off the ocean

  23. 2223

    Milwaukee WI, just received 7 inches of snow on Saturday and we might break 20 degrees today! Break out your shorts, spring is almost here!

  24. 2324

    I’m from Boston, MA US, and it’s beautiful and sunny outside.

    Just wanted to say, this is a great idea! Best of luck.

  25. 2425

    Portland, Oregon
    50 degrees, raining (of course) but nice out.

    I miss kansas city, mo (50 and sunny today)

  26. 2526

    Montreal, Canada
    Snowy and -8c

  27. 2627

    Hi, i’m from Mar del Plata, Argentina..

    We are in summer and it’s 6 PM, so its pretty nice out there…
    I was told the graphics are amazing outside xD

  28. 2728

    Living in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and its a balmy -26ºC so try not to stick your tongue to any metallic objects.. You’ve been warned!

  29. 2829

    Hi, I’m in Montreal, canada, and today is very cold.

  30. 2930

    Wow! 5,000 comments you need… I’ll help spread the word!

    I live in Bozeman, Montana.
    It’s supposed to be winter but it’s almost 50 degrees outside with bright blue skies.

  31. 3031

    Bowling Green, OH.

    Partly Cloudy.

  32. 3132

    Olathe, KS
    Partly cloudy and 45 degrees outside.

  33. 3233

    Hi from Lisbon, Portugal ! it’s a great night outside :D

  34. 3334

    ‘Sup smashing. I’m in Mass, near Boston. It’s sunny! But also cold out :C

  35. 3435

    Orlando, FL

    It’s always warm in the sunshine state :)

  36. 3536

    I’m in Hamburg, Germany and the weather is rainy :(

  37. 3637

    Lisbon, Portugal – an hot, very hot Carnival Night. No cold only funk -> lets go outside get drunk!! :D

  38. 3738

    Clemson, South Carolina

    It’s a sunny and cool day.

  39. 3839

    Targu-Mures, Romania
    Outside it’s cold and snowy.

  40. 3940

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    The weather sucks! Its a snow storm!

  41. 4041

    Burg, Germany its cold and dark

  42. 4142

    I’m from Aston, PA, its a bright beautiful day outside, but rather windy!

  43. 4243

    Niels van Renselaar

    February 23, 2009 12:18 pm

    Hi, im Niels van Renselaar from the Netherlands here. Its 9PM and dark outside, about 4 degrees celcius but dry! Good luck with the contest!

  44. 4344

    Leicester, UK.
    Cloudy 8°C

  45. 4445

    Kacper Zbonikowski

    February 23, 2009 12:18 pm

    I`m in Bełchatów, Poland
    temperature – 2C
    ;] & lot of snow

  46. 4546

    Fort Collins, Colorado. Overcast, mid-fifties.

  47. 4647

    Romania, Bucharest and damn, is cold and snowing :)

  48. 4748

    I’m in Mexico City, Mexico.

    It’s sunny outside, but the air feels cold.

  49. 4849

    Currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden and it’s dark and gloomy outside spite the 30 centimetre of snow resting on the ground.

  50. 4950

    Ljubljana, Slovenija

    Dark but funky ;)


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