Hardware Giveaway: 5,000 Comments Challenge!


Update (27/02): we received 9000 comments – we hit the 5,000 mark! And the winners are: 1) graphic card goes to Joshua Lawson (#5533) from Sewell, NJ; 2) the mouse goes to Gareth (#5651) from Cape Town, South Africa; 3) the headphones go to Catalin (#8598) from Bucharest, Romania. Congratulations! All winners have already been contacted.

If you didn’t win, it may make sense for you to subscribe to our RSS-feed1, more giveaways are coming! Thank you for participation!

Why should you get gifts only on Christmas and your birthday? We at Smashing Magazine love to give away things all year long. This time, you have a chance to get some really cool hardware.

Taking part in this giveaway is easy… well, maybe not that easy. We’re keen on seeing a lot of comments and want to see at least 5,000 comments in this post, so spread the word and help us get to 5,000 or more comments and then win one of the smashing prizes below.

The 5,000 comment challenge is important, folks. If we don’t reach that goal, then the prizes get torched. Okay, they don’t get torched, but the giveaway only kicks in after 5000 comments. It is not a random, unrealistic figure either; we got 3,800 comments in our recent books giveaway2.

Prizes You Can Win

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X23, with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory 2 x 256-bit memory interface, 2.4 teraFLOPS of GPU power and 1600 stream processing units.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X24

Sennheiser PXC 3505, a high-end travel headphone, with active noise compensation and a set for active attenuation of ambient noise.

Sennheiser PXC 3506

Microsoft Arc Mouse Black7, an ergonomic laser mouse with customizable buttons that folds to 60% of its fully expanded size; for both left-handers and right-handers.

Microsoft Arc Mouse Black8

How Do I Participate?

To participate, just leave a comment and tell us:

  • Where in the world are you currently located (country and city), and
  • How is the weather outside? Rainy? Sunny? Foggy?

The giveaway lasts until Friday, February 27th. The three winners will be selected randomly. Good luck, folks, and please spread the word!


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  1. 1

    Hi from [Germany] Minden at the moment it’s sunny to cloudy.
    But right now the Sun is shining, whups sun’s gone…
    Overall 3-4 C° cold

    measured on 24.02.2009 at 11:31 Uhr

  2. 4302

    I am located in Munich, Germany.
    It’s around +1 decree Celsius and snowing.

  3. 8603

    Braila, Romania – The weather is fine – cloudy, around 5 C.

    Near Danube river.

  4. 12904

    Massy, France. Today is a cloudy day, and it’s around 7°C, which is quite good. Hope the rain won’t come.

  5. 17205

    Germany, Cloudy

  6. 21506

    Surrey, UK
    It is raining here, how typical!

  7. 25807

    Nancy, FRANCE
    Mostly Cloudy 4°C

  8. 30108

    im from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. rainy evening here.. soo cold..

  9. 34409

    Israel/Telaviv . It’s sunny today but cold

  10. 38710

    I live in Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States and right now, it is cold but clear.

  11. 43011

    Hello from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The weather is the same as usual, cloudy, rainy and cold!

  12. 47312

    Hi all,

    here in Toulouse, France, it’s a sunny day, 10°C

  13. 51613

    Miltenberg in Germany. Cloudy.

  14. 55914

    Belgrade, Serbia
    Current weather: Rainy

  15. 60215

    Cold and Cloudy in the north of France.
    Waiting for the summer.

  16. 64516

    United Kingdom / Eastleigh / Southampton

    It is England therefore it is Grey!! Yay!

  17. 68817

    Greetings from Murnau/Germany.
    It’s snowing and we’ve got ~1 meter fresh snow this night

  18. 73118

    I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The weather is a cloudy but cool.

  19. 77419

    In Losser, near Enschede Netherlands. It’s grey and about 5 degrees celsuis :(

  20. 81720

    I’m in Battle, UK.

    It’s dull and pretty miserable, but at least it’s dry!

  21. 86021

    Hi, I am from Perlis, Malaysia and it is raining at the moment. The sun is hidden by the clouds. And the temperature now is around 19°c.

    I do love smashing magazine :D

  22. 90322

    Vaxjo, Sweden. Cold morning, -10C, but now rising. Sun’s shining. Spring’s just one month away

  23. 94623

    London / UK – Its overcast and grey …. just for a change

  24. 98924

    Yeahhh Paris FRANCE !
    It’s sunny today but cold… :/

  25. 103225

    Dortmund, Germany.

    Lousy weather, at least no rain right now!

  26. 107526

    From Paris,
    Clouds all over La Défense (the economic center), we can still see the sun from
    time to time.

  27. 111827

    I’m in Mumbai, India
    it’s hot and humid outside

  28. 116128

    i am in malacca, malaysia
    it’s about to rain. cloudy

  29. 120429

    I’m in Taunton, England, UK

    It’s really overcast and cloudy but mild in temperature.

  30. 124730

    There’s a lot of snow coming from the sky right now in Põlva, Estonia.

  31. 129031

    Warsaw, Poland. The weather: it’s cloudy and windy. Temperature about 0 degree.

  32. 133332

    Lithuania, Klaipėda. There are lots of snow – about 10 cm height, quite warm in winter – about +3.

  33. 137633

    Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia! It’s a bit cloudy here, but i bet sunshine will come out:)

  34. 141934

    Elbląg, Poland
    It`s rainy and a little foggy :(

  35. 146235

    Vienna / Austria

    rainy, as the last days

  36. 150536

    I’m in Lichfield, UK

    It’s a bit cloudy!

  37. 154837

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Foggy… as always :-(

  38. 159138

    I’m in Chesterfield UK and the weather is just a bit dull really. It’s not rainy, windy, stormy, sunny or foggy. It is just dull!

  39. 163439

    Rotherham, UK, cloudy and overcast :( Not as cold as it has been though!

  40. 167740

    I´m in Regensburg, Germany and we have snow here. The sun is hidden by clouds and it quite cold.

  41. 172041

    In Bangalore, India

    Nice & Pleasant!

  42. 176342

    @ Prague, Czech Republic.

    It’s quite cold, snowing and cloudy.

  43. 180643

    Warsaw, Poland.
    Cloudy and ugly and I’m getting married really soon and really hope the weather will change.

  44. 184944

    Geneva, switzerland, BEAUTIFULL sun, +6 no snow at all…

  45. 189245

    Cheers from Bremen, Germany –today it’s cloudy with a bit of sun… oh and (as usual) cold!

  46. 193546

    I’m in Paris, France. It’s grey and sad !

  47. 197847

    Everett, WA, USA
    Cool and rainy.

  48. 202148

    Amsterdam is cloudy as usual but thank god it’s not raining or not yet :P
    around 5 degrees celsius right now

  49. 206449

    Good morning from Barcelona, España!!
    It’s a happy sunny day today but a little cold.

  50. 210750

    Hello from Wrocław, Poland. It’s cold and cloudy day. :)


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