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We love our readers. We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. And we do our best to make the web design community stronger and the Web a little bit prettier. Therefore we ask talented artists and creative professionals to showcase their skills and release something unique and beautiful as a gift to the community. And when designers agree, truly impressive works see the light of day.


Today we are glad to release Magazeen — a free advanced WordPress-theme in a magazine-llok created by the talented WeFunction Design Agency2. This bold magazine 2-col-theme was designed with the main focus being on typography, grids and magazine-look. It was created especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Download the theme for free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Wordpress Theme3

Inspiration behind the design

As usual, here are some insights from the designers themselves:

“We’ve created the Magazeen theme to try and pump as much style and functionality into a WordPress theme to give people something they might not expect from their standard WordPress theme. There really is very few limits to what WordPress handle, so we’ve built in a lot of custom features and options to give people a little taste of what is possible, and how some small functionality tweaks can make a huge difference to the overall experience of browsing a blog. On top of that we’ve wrapped all that functionality up in a really cool and modern theme, with nice big title fonts, and a stylish colour scheme.

The Magazeen theme is packed full of cool features to really encourage your readers to explore new posts and similar items. The first thing you might notice is the jQuery image showcase at the top, which is fully automated and will display the image from the latest post, and the title above it without you having to do anything other than define the image URL in the custom field we have created which will appear on in your admin post area.

Wordpress Theme9

Drop-Down Menu

The other cool and fully automated feature is the related posts drop down effect. It’s a simple idea, if you click the category of the full posts a drop down will appear with some related posts from that category. And if you don’t see a post you like you can always view the full category by clicking view more.

Wordpress Theme10


The sidebar area’s have been created to give you a lot of control over the featured posts, and recent posts. Once you’ve installed the theme, you need to go to your Widgets area, and simply activate the “Magazeen Latest Posts”, and “Magazeen Featured Posts” widgets. You can easily control how many posts each feature displays, and using this widget will ensure the area is styled correctly with the post image showing correctly.”

Wordpress Theme11


Thank you, guys. We appreciate your great work, your attention to details and the brilliance of the execution.

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  2. 2 http://www.wefunction.com
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  5. 5 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/images/magazeen-wordpress-theme/large-preview.jpg
  6. 6 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/images/magazeen-wordpress-theme/magazeen-wordpress-theme.zip
  7. 7 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/images/magazeen-wordpress-theme/magazeen-psd-sources.zip
  8. 8 http://wefunction.com/2009/02/free-theme-magazeen/
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  17. 17 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/09/07/smashing-freefont-and-wordpress-theme/

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  1. 1

    Thank you for a great theme.
    Despite there are so many WP themes around, you manage to come up with an extraordinary concept – simple, clean, neat, friendly, yet packed with lots of great features. Indeed, Magazeen is an excellent WP theme.
    Keep up the great Smashing work!!!

  2. 2

    Very nice theme. This is excellent.

  3. 3

    Nice theme, gj!

  4. 4

    and download to learn

  5. 5

    Nice one! Accept for a few minor JavaScript errors and the fact that it doesn’t seem to work perfectly in IE7. But I like it! Those errors should be fixed to get a 5 star rating.

    I’m gonna use this one so I will fix those my self :)


  6. 6

    Very nice, I like this one a lot. I think the future will see a lot more Javascript integration within WordPress themes, it really can add great new functionality.

  7. 7

    Simply great…

  8. 8

    Beautiful theme almost perfect, i download right now, :D thanks! guys

  9. 9

    Wow, that’s an awesome theme!

  10. 10

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    February 23, 2009 6:29 am

    Oh wow, this IS a beauty, your tweet Sunday wasn’t lying :)

  11. 11

    Congratulations, good theme.

  12. 12

    its awesome, but the reply comment feature is not available! :(

  13. 13

    Looks very cool.. Wonderful freebie !

  14. 14

    frickin sweet!

  15. 15

    Looking good guys, keep up the good work you sexy things!?

  16. 16

    A ha, smashing mag again comes up with something new and refreshing….

  17. 17

    This is truly a remarkable theme. I’m quite surprised after review of the demo that it is a “free” theme, a gift if you will. Only thing I couldn’t see was the “related” posts feature as described in the review above.

    Given from what i can see of the CSS, looks as though this theme would be highly customizable as well.

    I want to see more from this author, which is a great indication as to why provisioning readers with “free” items is such a great marketing idea.

    Thanks SM, and thanks WeFunction. Bravo!

  18. 18

    A very good template. Nice work!

  19. 19

    Quality theme, thanks for this

  20. 20

    Very cool theme. I would like to see on the official list of WordPress

  21. 21

    This is a great design but minor tweaks are necessary.
    What kind of design firm builds HTML pages with the H2 element in front of the H1?

  22. 22

    WOW! Thanks you guys! You are the best! Please, publish more WP themes!

  23. 23

    Very very nice looking. The most authentic “magazine” style Smashing Magazine theme so far I think.

  24. 24

    Amazing stuff, thanks!

  25. 25

    Great looking theme. Even if i don’t use WP this is a great inspiration thingy ;)

  26. 26

    amazing minimalistic design, great!

  27. 27

    Thanks for offering nice themes

  28. 28

    really nice, thanks ^^

  29. 29

    Wow! A Premium WP Theme Free for download.. Great Work !

  30. 30

    Wonderful creations!! Thank you for sharing this.

  31. 31

    Great work! this is awesome!

  32. 32

    Thank you.
    Grazie :)

  33. 33

    …drop down will appear with some lag… it is loading to slow for something with over state.
    Very nice theme btw. Thank you.

  34. 34

    Wauw, very nice clean design with awesome colours.

  35. 35

    This is amazing – I love it!! Thank you so much. Will definitely be using this for my blog!

  36. 36

    thank you !!

  37. 37

    Very cool!

  38. 38

    Adrian | Rubiqube

    February 23, 2009 8:02 am

    This is an awesome theme! Liam and the crew have done it again. We all have to thank them for allowing us to “pick their brain” once again, for FREE! :)

  39. 39

    Great theme! I don’t think it’s a magazine-look (or layout), but it’s certainly a nice theme.

  40. 40

    Wooo! amazing theme…

  41. 41

    Excellent functionality. Is the theme conversational reply enabled on comments?

  42. 42

    one of the best theme release…. great, thanks a lot….

  43. 43

    you are the best, guys! good work!

  44. 44

    Amazing theme, thanks. Don’t you have a joomla template too??

  45. 45

    Looks great but I get an error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_class() in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/themes/magazeen/index.php on line 21

    Any idea guys?

  46. 46


    Make sure you are on the latest version of WordPress and that you’ve fully installed WordPress without any corrupt files.

  47. 47

    WOW and without restrictions.
    Thanks a million :-)

  48. 48

    awesome dude nice work

  49. 49

    Very, very nice . Good job

  50. 50

    Looks GREAT!!! Congratulations, its very beauty… thanks!!!

  51. 51

    I had a couple problems with this theme:

    Mac created file naming conventions made opening the file on a PC a bit of a chore, not sure why but unknown files named the same as a folder (IE: the Zero KB file “cache” and the cache folder) would not copy over.

    When I did get it transferred, the jQwerty gallery didn’t work and I’m getting a smaller permanent post link just under the Comments box. Not sure if this is because of some file transfer I missed…?

  52. 52

    magazine-“llok” misspelled? just fyi :-)

    love the article! thanks once again.

  53. 53

    Stunning! Love everything about it. (especially the sidebar + post)

  54. 54

    Are there threaden comments?

  55. 55

    Wow, I am really astonished! I am so impressed of that you sharing this great theme with the community! Thank you, I really appreciate this! <3

  56. 56

    Congratulation again for another terrific theme. This greatly contribute to help the cause of the blogosphere; to give a voice to passionate artists, despite of the medium they chose.

    From all of us, Thank you!

  57. 57

    Woah this is one awesome theme!! :D

  58. 58

    This is beautiful, thanks so much!

  59. 59

    Simply beautiful.

  60. 60

    Nice!!! This theme is the nicest free WP Theme I’ve seen yet!

  61. 61

    Glad everybody loves our theme, and although not activated on the demo it does support threaded comments.

    @Martinique, read above. Thanks :)

  62. 62

    GREAT theme. Im getting this error when clicking to make a comment … anyone else?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_previous_comments_link() in /home/content/s/e/a/seanbaugh/html/wp-content/themes/Magazeene/comments.php on line 53

    UPDATE: Fixed. Needed to upgrade.

  63. 63

    Awesome theme, very beautiful.

  64. 64

    Fixed the issue – – needed to upgrade :)

  65. 65

    @Sean – I too am getting the same problem you were getting

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_previous_comments_link() in /home/content/s/e/a/seanbaugh/html/wp-content/themes/Magazeene/comments.php on line 53

    You said that you have fixed the issue — needed to upgrade. I could not understand what you mean to say. Did you upgrade WordPress version or you downloaded the theme again.

    Please help.

  66. 66

    Fixed the issue. I had to update the WordPress Version from 2.7 to 2.7.1

  67. 67

    nice theme

  68. 68

    No, I guess i’m at 2.7 as well. I will update and hopefully it will be fixed! Thanks guys!

  69. 69

    I love these free wordpress themes – keep them coming – I can’t get enough of them.

  70. 70

    This is really nice, I cant wait to see the code! Great work!

  71. 71

    thanks (:

  72. 72

    coments are not working

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_previous_comments_link() in wp-contentthemesmagazeencomments.php on line 53

  73. 73


    Upgrade WordPress to 2.7.1

  74. 74

    It looks really nice… but good god the comments link is massive.

  75. 75

    I upload images, add URL but I can’t get them to display on my blog.

  76. 76

    great theme!!!

  77. 77

    Hi, I can’t get the “Featured Articles” widget to work correctly: Regardless of what I select in the widgets admin panel, it always defaults to the first category in my category list. Any ideas?

  78. 78

    @DamirK: You need to enter the uploaded URL into the text field below your post where it says “Enter article image here”. Note that the URL must begin with your domain.

  79. 79

    very very beautiful~~~

  80. 80

    On a mac, the jquery gallery images will not load, and neither will the sidebar images…
    Hmm.. any ideas? Everything was installed properly and the links are live and correct.

    Ps – for anyone will to respond, I’ve tried uploading the images to the wp gallery as well as directly linking to my images folder via my site. Neither work. :(

  81. 81

    @winsmith that is what I am doing, but there is tomething missing or maybe some plugin/setting is stopping it from working. Can’t work it out.

    This is what my URL looks like:
    http://mydomain.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/photoname.jpg (ofcourse mydomain is replaced with the real domain)

    I have checked, the URL is ok, image on its own loads with no problems.

  82. 82


    Make sure in the theme’s directory, the folder named “cache” is CHMOD to 777.

  83. 83

    I’m going to sound retarded, but how do i activate that?

  84. 84

    wow! It’s very stylish theme~
    Thank you sooooooo much!

  85. 85

    @Spencer, that didn’t work.. I changed those permissions and still nothing.

  86. 86

    Seems like I have to change my them again!
    Great as always!

  87. 87

    Can someone go to
    and right click one of the broken images and decrpyt all of that nonsense? There’s something not loading correctly at all. It should have been a painless installation like everyone elses, but this is proving to be a major task.

  88. 88

    i l o v e i t ! ! ! ! Thx Smashing!

  89. 89

    Where is the readme.html ?

  90. 90


    In the “cache” folder, are there any images?

  91. 91

    The readme.html might come in handy here =) For the people that dont know.

  92. 92

    Is there a drop down menu of any sort on this theme?

    • 93

      Hey James, did you figure out the drop down menus issue?
      I’ve been searching for a solution for that also, but nothing so far…

  93. 94

    @Spencer.. yes there are images in my “cache” folder.

  94. 95

    For those having problems getting the pics to show:

    I took off the “http://” in the picture URL and it finally worked.

  95. 96

    This is very nice! Thank you, I plan on using it for a new tutorial website I have been planning.

  96. 97


    This is most likely an issue with your server. Please make sure you are running the latest version of PHP, GD, etc.

  97. 98

    Do I need to install the PSD-sources to get the Theme to run? and if so where do I put the PSD sources?

    Thank you

  98. 99

    Really nice theme! However i’m running the latest version of WordPress and getting

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /mounted-storage/home51b/xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.com/wp-content/themes/magazeen/functions.php on line 107

    Any ideas?

  99. 100

    Wow, this theme could also be cool for Joomla. I think i will try to convert it, if i may…

  100. 101

    Yeap… cache folder was a problem!
    Thank you

  101. 102

    Richard Spencer Davies

    February 24, 2009 1:32 am

    Very very nice, best WP theme I have seen! Thanks.

  102. 103

    Nice! Amazing theme.

  103. 104

    great theme!!

  104. 105

    cool theme

  105. 106

    Great theme design guys! I’m having a problem though. When I activate the theme, and browse to a post page, the sidebar and footer do not show.
    ???? what gives?

  106. 107

    Amazing Freebie, Thanks!

  107. 108

    very cool and modern-looking theme, I’ll study through and thanks for sharing! :)

  108. 109

    Great theme!!! Absolutely love it!!!

  109. 110

    Thx guys for this amazing Theme I love it and I’ve already use it, thx for sharing.

  110. 111

    @120 iDale: If you have no sidebar, or comments, or image previews please follow the following steps:

    1. Make sure you Have defined the image URL for the thumbnail. When you create a new post you will see the box to paste the image URL, or when you go to edit post you will see it too.

    2. Ensure you have enabled the Magazeen widgets in the Widgets section of WordPress. This will ensure the correct sidebar items are shown, and gives you more control over them.

    3. If you have done all of the above and still have problems you need to upgrade your WordPress to 2.7.1 as there are issues with some versions.

    Thanks, these should fix the problem. Cheers.

  111. 112

    Totally awesome! Amazing!

  112. 113

    Oh cool, this theme is very nice ! Great Work man

  113. 114

    OMG. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. But it won’t even show in the admin section! What is the problem – I’ve never experienced this before.

  114. 115

    @Stellan – That sounds very strange, did you upload the theme to wp-content/themes/magazeen/ ?

  115. 116

    Beautiful theme!
    With your permission the reviews on my blog.
    Thank you.

  116. 117

    Great theme…congrat for the amazing work!

    One question…i have two issues…
    1. somehow jscript is not working (i have 2.71. WP installed)
    2. comments are not showing at all on the end of the post


  117. 118

    I love this theme .. thanks smashingmagazine and wefunction …

  118. 119

    Factoriatalio Design

    February 24, 2009 11:31 am

    Great WordPress theme, thanks!!

  119. 120


    For all those having problems with the thumbails (or any pictures at all displaying), you need to CHMOD the ‘cache’ directory in the Magazeen theme dirctory to make it writable, otherwise timthumb can’t create thumbnails.


  120. 121

    Excellent theme and a real help for me as I was looking for something unique, fresh and modern. This fits that description! Well done to the designers and this site!

  121. 122

    Very nice WP theme. Thank you.

  122. 123

    Very nice theme~

  123. 124

    thanks guys brilliant!!

  124. 125

    psd download does not work?

  125. 126

    Would love to see this for Drupal!

  126. 127

    Awesome theme! Thank you for your generosity,
    GPL rocks! You rock!… Smashing!!.. :)

  127. 128

    I love you guys! Great theme.

  128. 129

    How did you guys know I would need this theme lol?

    This is the exact theme I was looking for to revamp my blog. Thanks for the great design.

  129. 130

    Absolutely outstanding.

  130. 131

    nice templates!

    many sleepless nights

  131. 132

    readme.html is missing :'(

  132. 133

    wooooow i like it

    great work guys

  133. 134

    Cheers, that’s really gorgeous; I’ll happily give it a trial!

  134. 135

    Great work, guys. Very nice indeed.

  135. 136

    Love this magazine-look wordpress theme! Is really well designed, good taste. I´ll try it for my magazine…lets see how it looks!

  136. 137

    Very nice… :)

  137. 138

    Thx for sharing..
    nice theme

  138. 139


    The PSD is a nice touch! Very well constructed design, useful inspiration.

  139. 140

    Im sure that the “submit comment” buttons could be fixed for IE by this trick http://trevordavis.net/blog/tutorial/input-vs-button/

  140. 141

    Thank you, guys.
    I’m no coder/designer or anything close and I still made it in implementing the theme on my website. I love the clean feel and looks. And colours, too. Everything is great!!

  141. 142

    Very nice wordpress theme. very professional indeed.

  142. 143

    Great release! Thanks smashing.

    Wish the theme had a bit more originality, but still a good clean UI.

  143. 144

    I have installed 5 times this theme. 5 times my footer disappears ? What is a probleme plz.

  144. 145

    Page Navi plug-in don’t work :(((( How i can go to oldest posts???

  145. 146

    Well, Im having the same problem as DamirK.

    I put the URL of the pic below the post in wordpress panel, but image doesnt appears on the top thumbnails menu…

    Other problem is that the comments box doesnt appears over the pic like in the demo…and the pic is not being resized neither… :(

    if can help:


  146. 147

    Out of curiosity how long did the PSD take to make? Is there anyway of finding out?

  147. 148

    These free WordPress Themes that you feature on Smashing are one of the (many) reasons
    I keep coming back to the Smashing site. Thank you. Even when I don’t utilize them directly, they are
    inspiring and fun to check out. Awesome!

  148. 149

    Lovely design!
    Thank you for the theme.
    This is one of the best wordpress themes I came across.
    I wish to get a similar theme fully customized for b2evolution.

  149. 150

    wow, amazing theme
    those thumbnails in sidebar are a great innovation

    Thanks for free releasing it

  150. 151


  151. 152

    great theme!! I’ve already use it, thx

  152. 153

    Classy. Needs a bit of tweaking but the result is well worth the trouble.
    Of course, your magazeen-enabled blog will also need content to match the theme, which is the hard part…
    Thank you, Wefunction and Smashing.

  153. 154

    This theme is AWESOME, however I am having the same problem as RolsRice and others with images not showing

    (See http://www.zirazira.com for example of what is happening…)

    My cache folder is CHMODed 777. There are no images in there. I have enabled all the Magazeen widgets and pasted the image URL in the field when posting. Still no luck.

    It would help at least if the readme.html file existed, but it was not included in the download, as others have mentioned… Not sure what else to do, but this theme is so good I really, really would like to use it for my blog…

  154. 155

    wow this is so cool, new here.

    Is there a way to integrate this magazine into ning.com? free online social network?
    I would like to know how to merge the two?

  155. 156

    I love it, and thank you guys for putting this theme under the GPL.

  156. 157

    Nice theme. Would probably migrate to WP after the next page rank update.

  157. 158

    I never have any other premium magazine theme like this for free. It’s really awesome! How was it build? Do you built it from the sandbox theme? Or mimbo maybe?

  158. 159

    good job !
    thank you smashing magazine

  159. 160

    THIS IS FANTASTIC! Quick question though, my image showcase at the top of the page is working fine BUT it isn’t showing the titles…any ideas?
    Also having the same problem with the Featured News widget – always defaults to the first category.
    Otherwise – LOVE IT!

  160. 161

    Okay – an update: now it’s actually loading up the title’s, but isn’t making the ‘old’ title disappear (so they’re all mashed up on top of eachother…) Any ideas?

  161. 162

    Is there a way to completely ditch the thumbnails/pictures and place an AD instead there? If so, pls. show me how pls. Thanks in advance.

  162. 163

    An excellent WordPress Theme indeed. Looks great, easy on the eyes — just wish I had a blog that I could use it on, though I’m sure our customers will find it useful!

  163. 164

    I’m getting two of the same image in every post now that I’m copying image URL to the Magazeen Post Option in writing a new post.
    How can I stop this from happening?

  164. 165

    good and useful theme..
    i am still finding a place where i can use its usability….
    have to bang my head on it…

    123 Network

  165. 166

    It is really beautiful, but the code quality is not perfect. As it was mentioned, there are bugs in IE7 and also on 800×600 px screen. It is a pitty…

  166. 167

    Finally I found the perfect theme for my website!

  167. 168

    How do I get the text that says ‘submit’ from being overlayed on the ‘submit’ graphic on comments?

  168. 169

    Thanks for sharing friends

  169. 170

    Anyone get CForms to work with this theme?

    The theme is awesome, but with CForms, the post titles don’t display over the post images….

  170. 171

    Beautiful theme.

    However, I am not able to unzip the files properly with my built in Vista unzipping. It just constantly says that it already has a file by that name.

  171. 172

    Fantastic theme! I’m impressed!

  172. 173

    Awesome theme! I am trying to get “Featured Articles” working but no luck.. I cant even see it in widgets panel, so i cant activate it. Any ideas? To be honest I dont see how it would work, because in the zip there is only a theme and no widgets.. Where can I download the mentioned widgets?

  173. 174

    Nice Theme, I will try this in my upcoming new site..


  174. 175

    Raj Kumar Maharjan [Razer]

    March 1, 2009 9:44 am

    It’s really loving wordpress themes. Thanks guys for such fabulous work

  175. 176

    a premium theme:) free for download! thansk smashing magazine!

  176. 177


    this is brilliant – but unless I’m hugely mistaken, there isn’t a readme file, you do link to one, but it isn’t found. Am I missing something?

  177. 178

    Hello. This theme is awesome however I am also having the same problems as others. Any help would be more than appreciated.

    – The graphics aren’t loading into the thumbnails or main image areas. I changed the permissions on the folder and I tried removing the “http://” from the posting form.

    – It looks like this same thing is happening to only a few of us. I am using a Mac and using a server from aplus.net. I am really a novice when it comes to the technical stuff but I can maneuver my way around with a little help.

    Thanks in advance for any help at all. I am feeling a touch desperate here. Thanks everyone.

  178. 179

    Adding this fixes the IE6 “submit Comment” Problem:

    input {
    font-size: 0;
    line-height: 25px;

    Good luck!

  179. 180

    A wonderful theme. Love the ajax showcase at the top. But then using jquery for such a small effect is probably an overkill.

  180. 181

    This is my first time using a wordpress theme… can anyone tell me how to upload an image from my hard drive to add to the background of the main header? I would like to fix the image to fill in the entire “black” area.

  181. 182


  182. 183

    Fantastic theme! Found a mispelling in the comments template:

    “It’s quite in here. Why not leave a response?”

    Quite should be quiet.

    Just thought I’d let you know. ;)

  183. 184

    Magazeen image posting fix.

    I decided to switch the server platform to see if the Linux server was causing the problem. Once I switched to a Windows server the problem was fixed. I don’t know enough about the technical reasoning behind this but it worked.

    Thanks again for such a dynamic theme. I am thrilled to have the ability to work with it finally.

  184. 185

    nice themess

  185. 186

    Great stuff! Is there a readme file? Having some trouble with the images etc. A tutorial page would be great!

  186. 187

    Thanks so far, what a nice looking and working Theme. But, the text mouse over of “Check out Latest Articles” doesn’t work any more, so permalinks are still active, but the titles doesn’t change.

  187. 188

    AWESOME work. I love this theme. But after the firsts issues with the images (solved) only have one problem…
    …i miss the capacity for create links in my post!
    Only in post. In fact all links works properly, but when i try to put one in the post wordpress delete it…

    The window that create the links in the dashborad apear in white and i can’t create links via HTML because wordpress delete it again…

    Any idea?

    PD: i’m spanish, sorry about mi english, it’s really bad… that’s all can i do, i learn english by the videogames. LOL :P

  188. 189

    I can’t get images to load in the dock, even though I can get them in the post. Shouldn’t the post feed the dock with this image? Any help?

  189. 190

    Anyone fixed the images not loading problem yet?

  190. 191

    It’s certainly a great looking theme, thanks. That readme or a tutorial would be very helpful to me.

  191. 192

    I can’t open or upload the “inc” folder.. Anyone else having this problem?

  192. 193

    awesome theme! curious if there is a way to add previous/next navigation links even though multiple loops are being used? is that just a limitation we have to live with? in any case, really nice!

  193. 194


    “can’t open or upload Inc folder”. The problem is that there is both a folder and a file with the same name. See my explanation and solution here here. If you don’t like scrolling, search for the text “strange error messages”.

  194. 195

    Can someone explain how I can replace the small RSS image with my own? I tried simply replacing the template rss image but my new image just gets squashed down to the same size. I can’t seem to find where I need to change the image width/length in the template files…..thanks very much!

    Great theme by the way, I love it.

  195. 196


    March 7, 2009 6:26 pm

    YES, A nice collection again :) keep it coming guys

  196. 197

    Anyone else has the problem where when you hover over the different stories in the dock, the titles get messed up? And no pagination!

  197. 198

    great theme!!!!!!!!!!

    a readme file would be appreciated though.. where is it?

  198. 199

    I have the ‘cache’ directory in the Magazeen theme dirctory writable but it doesn’t display the images anyway. I also don’t have readme.html file in the folder so I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

  199. 200

    Again, great theme.

    I have also not been able to get images to display in posts. I’m using 2.7.1, cleared my cache and have full permission (777) on all files and directories in my wp-content directory. Any hints?

  200. 201

    Awesome theme, I’m gonna customize this one right away!

  201. 202

    What are the names of the fonts used?

  202. 203

    Having the same problem with the pictures. Any solution from the dev. Team?

    Thank you

  203. 204

    great theme, thanks for the generosity!

    anyone got a clear solution to the image problem yet?

    I have full 777 access etc… but no luck

  204. 205

    Hi i’ve set this template on my site lyricspassion.com…

    it’s images are not displaying on top. also when i click on that image the url is going 404 not found.

    How to solve this issue. can anyone suggest?

    Please do needful

  205. 206

    I had the same problem of the image thumbnails not showing on the magazeen theme, and here’s what i did to fix it:

    Create a /cache directory in the root of the theme folder, and set write perms to IUSR & Network Service (i’m running on Windows 2003/IIS 6)

    View the themes homepage rendered source html, and you will see one of the image tags source parameter makes a call out to a plugin called timthumb with the following code:

    img src=”[siteurl]/wp-content/themes/magazeen/timthumb.php?src=[siteurl]/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mypicture.jpg&w=521&h=246&zc=1″

    If i call that directly in a browser i can see the error message:

    GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist

    Preferred truecolor image functions, such as imagecreatetruecolor(), require GD2.

    By default, the extension php_gd2.dll was commented out in my php.ini, so i uncommented, restarted IIS and voila! the thumbnail images are now generating!

    Hope this helps someone!

  206. 207

    Luciano Giustini

    March 12, 2009 1:18 pm

    Great theme!!

    I’ve [found] only a bug: on comments, while in the dashboard there’s a given date, on the post it shows the same date time on all comments. Which the cause? Anyone else the same bug?



  207. 208

    so cool theme. thanks..

  208. 209

    The theme will not show in mein themes in wordpress?
    Any solutions?

  209. 210

    Elizabeth K. Barone

    March 13, 2009 11:35 am

    I have to say that the CSS is so beautifully organized! I am in love. Once I knew to change the CHMOD, everything was working wonderfully. I am now using this for a client. Thanks!

  210. 211


    I think this theme is great, I’m going to use it for a community radio station site (not for profit) Can you just clarify the GPL licence for me and supply me with a link.


  211. 212

    Why am I getting this?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: post_class() in /home/content/j/d/a/jdavis82/html/blog/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/magazeen/index.php on line 21

  212. 213

    I cant get the images work in the main page.. what do i type in the custom fields to post images?

  213. 214

    Luciano Giustini

    March 15, 2009 6:07 am


    I’m sorry, is there a forum where to discuss about this theme bugs and features?


  214. 215

    For those of you having difficulty getting thumbnail images to show up, try this:
    Instead of placing the full URL (http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg) use a relative URL that begins at the /wp-content/ directory. In otherwords, your new image URL would be /wp-content/uploads/image.jpg – I made this simple change and it works great!

    Now to figure out the Featured News section!

  215. 216

    Anyone know how to fix the comment date bug? Also, can we please have the readme file?

  216. 217

    IE shows post image as centered with text below

    FF shows image upper right corner with text floating around it.

    How do I get the image in the upper right corner for IE?

  217. 218

    I love this theme! I am trying to get it working on WPMU.

    Note that if you if want the dynamic images to work with WPMU, the image urls need to be something like:
    Where, 7 is the number of your blog.

    In the post form for the extra image, use : wp-content/blogs.dir/7/files/2009/02/javajs.jpg (for example)

    If you are only using this theme for a single blog, and feel comfortable hacking things:

    Add the following block of php to right below the get_document_root signature in wp-content/themes/magazeen/tinytim.php.

    if( @file_exists( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . 'wp-content/blogs.dir/7/' . $src ) ) {
    return $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . 'wp-content/blogs.dir/7/';

    Hope that helps some. I’ll post more as i attempt to get this to work with WPMU.

  218. 219

    Problems Meet Solutions.

    Ok for everyone who is having the double picture post issue, where your thumbnails are being inserted into your posts as if you wanted them to automatically be.

    Instead of removing your inserted picture that is proportionate and perfectly placed.

    Go into:

    single.php and remove the following code:

    [sourcecode language=’meebz’]
    <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src=”/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=225&h=246&zc=1″ alt=”” />

    Go into index.php and remove the following code:

    [sourcecode language=’meebz’]
    <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src=”/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=521&h=246&zc=1″ alt=”” />

    And that’s that.

  219. 220

    Problems Meet Solutions 2.

    Everyone having issues with thumbnail pictures not appearing at the top, here’s a foolproof quick fix.

    In Magazeen Post Options you’ll notice your image uploads are going into wp-content/uploads/2009/03/nameoffile.jpg – but if you check that folder on your ftp it will still be empty. And the thumbnails are not showing up on your site.

    Manually upload your pictures to that folder. Make sure the file names match the nameoffile.jpg you uploaded under Magazeen Post Options.

    There you have it. Code Shmode.

  220. 221

    Hey Guys, first.. awesome job, thanks for sharing, always cool and quality stuffs.

    I’m using your theme in a friends blog,

    and everything works perfect, well, not everything, I’m having some troubles with the Dock, because when I hover on the thumbnails, it doesn’t show the title of the posta, and I’m getting really frustrated trying to figure it out. I checked all the comments here, to see if anyone had the same issue, but I guess none.

    And the drop down script is working, but not the one in the dock. I swear I didn’t change anything there (I think), just translate it.

    Maybe anyone could help me, or let me know where I have to check, cause I’m out of ideas… thanks…!! I’ll appreciate it. :)

  221. 222

    Thanks to the person who posted the thumbnail fix.

  222. 223

    I have a question:
    The url I have to put on the magazeen option when creating a post, so it could be a thumbnail:
    Does it have to be an image uploaded to my server?
    I mean, can’t I just put a link to the image somewhere on the internet?
    THANK YOU!!!

  223. 224

    Is there a way to make the thumbnails to be a link to another page, I mean, not on our upload folder.
    If I put a link to a image, the thumbnail does not show the image, so it has to be uploaded into my folder.
    Is there a way to change this?

  224. 225

    I installed this theme to my site and love it, only dilemma is that the header thumbnails aren’t displaying the post titles on mouse-over like the demo does… Can anyone help me out with that?

    Thank you.

  225. 226

    also curious if there is a way to add a “more” link below the posts on the main page to go to the next ones further back, or even how to change how many posts show up on the main page?


  226. 227

    ok so i think my dilemma with the titles not showing up on mouse over on the top bar has to do with java… but not sure what i need to do to correct it…

  227. 228

    This theme is working out great for me. However, I am new at this and have not had any luck dropping my logo in place of the header text. Can anyone help or point me to a resource.

    Thanks in advance!

  228. 229

    I love this theme I’m going to redesign it it and use. Thanks ;)

  229. 230

    My thumbnails on my homepage aren’t working, so I downloaded that GD2 file and I have no idea what to do with it.

    The post with the step by step instructions might as well have been in Japanese. My website partner and I are only familiar with CSS/Html and we didn’t even know about PHP until we began using WordPress.

    Any help on how to fix the thumbnails in a simpler terms or a link to website that will teach us the PHP basics would be greatly appreciated.

  230. 231

    Hi, please help to integrate any pagination like PageNavi to it, looks like it wont work with any pagination i tried. I’ve integrated various pagination plugins but no one works, paginatios is appears, but if you press any page to move, it opens the same posts as in index, how to enable it, please help, thank you

  231. 232

    Wow – never seen these issues:
    1) I added the magazeen widgets, and now my wp-admin screen just shows the sidebar, not the widget edit tools. meaning i see the sidebar in my wp-admin screen, and the following error at the very bottom. I can’t de-activate the widgets bc the buttons are gone.

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/.instructor/boylogik/www.betatown.com/wp-content/themes/magazeen/functions.php on line 107

    Anyone have a solution to this???

    I’m testing the theme at http://www.betatown.com if you would like to see my sidebar issue and error.

  232. 233

    any ideas?

  233. 234

    I’ve added the images and for some reason, it’s not taking them. Anything I’m doing wrong?

  234. 235

    Simply Amazing!!!!!!

  235. 236

    i have downloaded this theme but have no idea to make it work. It seems to be perfect for what i want, but i dont know how to use it. Any help to get it up and running????

  236. 237

    This is a simple and beautiful theme. I love it. I will use it for my ezine. The soothing colors are perfect for a magazine on awakening.

  237. 238

    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  238. 239

    Great Theme! I guess this is the best free theme i’ve ever found!

    good luck and keep the good working

  239. 240

    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  240. 241

    Hi, I use this theme on my blog but I have a problem the title of the post doesnt show up when I roll over the thumbnails at the top of the page… any idea how to fix that?

  241. 242

    Subhadeep Gayen

    April 5, 2009 3:10 am

    Nearly perfect theme, it will be perfect if pagination is added

  242. 243

    Here’s the solution for the comment-date problem:

    Go to the functions.php of the theme, there you have to go to . There you can see a string: . You have to change this to .
    That’s it.

  243. 244

    This is a great theme… i love it!!!!!
    But one problem…as it was mentioned earlier that this theme has problems when opened by IE…i tired it on IE 5.5, IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8… the text is all shifted to the left and the menu bar is all messed up….does anyone know how to fix this??? cuz i really love this theme and wouldn’t want to change it!
    Thanx :)

  244. 245

    Pretty please with a cherry on top would someone with knowledge of such things create a tutorial on how to install this theme with full functionality? It’s a beautiful theme but I’m not a coder. It’s a shame not to be able to use it.

  245. 246

    Hey folks,

    any idea why the widgets that i put into the sidebar do not line up with the existing “featured news” and “recent news” widgets? I’v tried playing with margins but no luck.

    Pleaaase help!



  246. 247

    Simply superb theme…

    i have implemented this theme in my website.

    Thanks for sharing such a superb wordpress theme

  247. 248

    really good theme…

    I have also implemented this theme in my website

    I have the same problem ,
    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  248. 249

    Excellent work! Can I use this?

  249. 250

    Great theme!! I just love it. Have posted it and tweaked it a bit for my site. Thanks a lot for the engineers who made this amazing material!

  250. 251

    hi guys,

    to show up the thumbnails, what custom field does it use?
    my precious theme uses thumbnails too, under the “Thumbnail” fields…
    the question is, how do I edit theme to match the custom fields with ones I’ve made before?

    ps: sorry for my bad english….I’m still learning :)

  251. 252

    Hey Guys, all I can say is wow! I’m using this theme and it’s incredible, I have four quick questions…

    1. Is there a way to keep the 4 square post snippets on the homepage (underneath the 2 main latest posts) consistent in size rather than fitting to content as it looks a bit messy?

    2. Where is the Code to change the colour of the comments counter in the top left of each post snippet.

    3. How do I change my horrendous avatar its on every site I post on?

    4. where can we donate some money for your hard work



  252. 253

    Ignore the gravatar question, i’ve found out where to change it

    • 254

      How did you solve the avatar problem please?

      • 255

        Ok i knew, Do it by Changing file Single post “post.php”
        Remove this code

        <a href="” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src="/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=225&h=246&zc=1″ alt=”” />

  253. 256

    Hello, i download the theme which is great, but i dont know how to put the thumbnails in the new post in the header. Can sombody help me ? Thanks

  254. 257

    Sorry, now i know how to make the thumnails, Great theme…Im going to use it for my blog, Thanks

  255. 259

    Looks good, and great,
    i’ll download it and use it on my local first yup…

  256. 260

    I love this theme. I played with it for beyond karma, but the content calls for zen-like simplicity. I did however use some of the ideas from this theme!

  257. 261

    God, I got soo frustrated with this theme at the start, but I hung in there and have finally worked all the bits and pieces out and have to say it’s one of the most awesome themes I’ve played with. Thanks to everyone in the comments stream for solving everything for me :) If releasing updates, maybe a few simple instructions with it would be great? Or did I miss those.

    AWESOME! Keep it up guys!!

  258. 262

    Great theme, i use it in my photography blog

  259. 263

    i checked one of the posted blogs and saw you *can* post video so i’ll figure out how to do that. GREAT theme. so functional. love it.

  260. 264

    Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m totally lost. I figured I would be downloading code that I could apply in Word Press. However, although I have downloaded and unzipped all the files, I’m not seeing anything I recognize, or any instructions.

    I have looked around your website for guidance, but I don’t see any. Am I missing something majorly important, like certain programs that will open these files?

  261. 265

    Need help. Article date and comments are always the same. If article is published on April 19, all comments show April 19 regardless of when they were added. (www.uknox.com).


  262. 266

    i need help with this! i want to use it for our radio blog, and i chose this style because the demo was perfect. if i click a link on the demo (about or another page, search) the sidebar isn’t reloading, what means a radioplayer would continue to play. on my site it won’t work as the demo and will reload with every other page i click :(

    sorry for my bad english
    any help is appreciated!

  263. 267

    for those experiencing problems with the jquery rollover images and titles not working …. deactivate the Contact forms 7 plugin. This should fix the problem. For some reason, cforms 7 and this theme don’t mesh well.

  264. 268

    Thats my version of this smashing theme.

  265. 269

    Hi, I am trying to use this theme along with a lightbox. I already have tried the following plugs and neither work with the theme:


    Any ideas? How can I combine a lightbox plugin with the magazeen theme? Thanks guys.

  266. 271

    If you are having problems with some of the features try deactivating plugins fixed most things for me.

  267. 272

    Does anyone know whether you can publish an article without the big image displaying, but for the thumbnail to still generate for the top and side navs? I’d like to do this for selected articles only, for example… if I embed a video, I don’t want a big image and a big video player displaying. But I do want the thumbnail for the article to appear in the Featured News panel. Thanks.

    • 273

      Does anyone know whether you can publish an article without the big image displaying, but for the thumbnail to still generate for the top and side navs? I’d like to do this for selected articles only, for example… if I embed a video, I don’t want a big image and a big video player displaying. But I do want the thumbnail for the article to appear in the Featured News panel


  268. 274

    Thanks… anyway… and Great Job.

  269. 275

    Would like to start off with saying this wordpress theme is beautiful. I would like to put it on my own blog, but i have no idea how to use wordpress. I bought a domain name but i dont know all the css and wordpress coding. Please any help or advice is greatly appreciated. adam1test@yahoo.com i would love to learn as much as i can im on this site constantly. Thanks again.

  270. 276

    I have to say that this is the best WordPress theme yet. Well to me at least. The one problem I kept on having was the thumbnail image issue that a lot of people seem to be having. I think that the majority of the people that continue to have this issue might be doing what I kept on doing. I now feel dumb for doing it, but being new to WordPress, I didn’t know better. Here is the wrong way I added the image. I would add the image to the body of the blog. As that turns out, that is not what you do. What you need to do instead is upload the photo to your site, using wordpress. Then get the URL for and then put that URL in the Magzeen Post Options. That took me hours to figure out. Sometimes we just try to make things more difficult than they have to be.

  271. 278

    Great theme!

    Just one question though:

    How can I change the height of the images in the “post-image” class?
    Because once I add an image then it cuts off parts of the image.

    Any help appreciated :)


  272. 279

    hello !

    i did rtl to this theme and i get this problem (cheket with firebeg):

    createVmlStyleSheet()()pngfix.js (line 45)
    pngfix.js()()pngfix.js (line 303)
    [Break on this error] styleSheet.addRule(this.ns + ‘:shape’, ‘{behavior:url(#default#VML)}’);
    pngfix.js (line 45)
    $(“.category”) is null
    (?)()()functions.js (line 2)
    (?)()()jquery-latest.js (line 2912)
    each()([function(), function()], function(), undefined)jquery-latest.js (line 686)
    ready()()jquery-latest.js (line 2911)
    (?)()()jquery-latest.js (line 2936)
    [Break on this error] $( ‘.category’ ).click( function() {
    functions.js (line 2)

    whats rong ?

    thank u

  273. 280

    Thanks for a great WP theme!

    I have put it to use with some slight modifications here: http://www.blitzedmag.com

  274. 281

    I noticed that there were several people who had issues with the dock thumbnail rollovers not working properly. I had the exact same issue but only after I installed the WP-Slimbox2 plugin for viewing images within a post.

    I think it had something to do with both plugins using jquery and defining their own versions of the same js function. Check your rendered blog page source to see what other js code is referenced just prior to the code used for the Magazeen template. Either way, I was able to get the dock rollovers working again with a slight mod to the header.php file.

    Basically, I just put the Magazeen js references *after* the wp_head and it fixed the problem for me. I tried to paste the before and after code snippets in this comment, but that didn’t seem to work, so if you’re interested in the fix, just email me at dale[at]blitzedmag[dot]com and I’ll give it to you via email.

    I’ve tested the functionality of the WP-Slimbox2 and it still works fine after my slight mod. If you’re using other plugins or js code that are competing with the Magazeen js code, then your results may vary.

    Good luck. And thanks again to Smashing and Function for the great theme!


    • 282

      That fix worked perfectly, makes sense to – the theme .js should be loaded after the WordPress head code.

      Awesome, and thanks for posting your fix here – sure beats the “disable plugins until it works” mentality :)

  275. 283

    Hi All,

    Having a super frustrating problem with my mod of this theme. I fixed it once but was silly and didn’t make a note of WHERE. D’oh!

    What I want to do is move the post content (the entire post) over to the left a little bit and maybe move the sidebar to the right. Problem is, I can’t find WHERE in the CSS allows me to do this. I’ve tried just about everything.

    If anyone can help, that would be GREAT.


  276. 284

    it’s one of the most perfect templates I’ve seen! thanks a lot for sharing!

  277. 285

    The theme is gorgeous! I finally got it to work on my blog. One thing: I can’t seem to use my Link/Blogroll widget.

  278. 286

    Hello, I need help and maybe someone can help me.
    First of all thank you for this theme.

    I need to change the adresse feed ont he RSS button.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you

  279. 287

    Hi there,

    How do you add pages? The navigation through the blog is a big difficult without pages i.e 1,2,3,4 etc

    Thanks! Great work!

  280. 288

    Great theme, thank you for making this available.

    To those who have noticed the issue where hovering over the Latest Articles thumbnails sometimes causes the text to overlap with the article names, there is an easy fix: Open the functions.js within the js directory and change the fadeIn value on line 19 from “1000” to “100”. All this does is speed up the fadeIn animation of the text and solves the overlapping text issue.

  281. 289


    I had the same pagination problem as others who mentioned it here. I found a solution to the problem and the modified index.php file can be downloaded at my site through this blog post.

    Magazine Pagination Fix

    Thanks for the great theme.

  282. 290

    Hello all

    I´m having a little problem with my little pics on the top. This is the picture right here http://img10.imageshack.us/my.php?image=isoca.jpg

    Can anyone help me?

    I have MSN ( msn@vetora.com.br) and Gtalk (publicidadeba@gmail.com)


  283. 291

    very nice theme, although it has dozens of XHTML and css bugs plus
    the sidebar is kinda above the footer in the IE. does anybody have the same problem and got a workaround?

    let me know

  284. 292

    Dawn @ flyingkiwis

    June 4, 2009 2:55 pm

    Can anyone tell me how to fix the bug that has the comment submitted dates showing the same dates as the date the post was created?

    Great theme otherwise.

  285. 293

    Thanks so much for the theme.

    Also, I’m having a problem with a bunch of the default widgets not showing up. I can’t activate the following widgets: Archives, Links, Recent Posts (which I don’t care about because of Magazeen’s custom widget), and Recent Comments (which I certainly care about). These things are super important, and I hate to have to install some crazy other non-wp standard plugin to manage our simple blogroll. Any thoughts?

  286. 294

    I am also having an issue with the comment dates – all comments use the date of the post regardless of the actual dates of the comments. I noticed that @Hahn did post a solution but the code he inserted in his comment does not appear. Does anyone have a fix for the comment-date issue?

    Thanks, and great theme!

  287. 295


    any chance anyone has figured out a way to have a “default” thumbnail image so as to avoid having to place an image url in the special field with every post? thanks.

  288. 296

    great theme! thank you! what can i do with the psd file? im aware its the template source but…if i want to change the theme color images how do i export it?

  289. 297

    can u please do an rtl css file … and there is a lot of problem on exsplorer 7 … can u fix theme please … thank u for an amazing theme…

  290. 298

    Martin Eichhorn

    June 11, 2009 6:56 am

    Great theme! Thanks for this.

    Maybe someone can help me with a little problem? Would be great. It seems that the jQuery Latest Image Showcase won’t work correct with Firefox 2.x.x.xx (checked with different versions) and IE 6.0. The text (post topic) will be showed over the thumbnail and not above.

    You can see this on the screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/magazeen-jquery

    Sorry, I’m a newbie on this stuff.

  291. 299

    This is a really nice theme. Thank you very much!

  292. 300

    Can’t download theme- Failed to Connect

  293. 301

    i love the theme! Is there a setting you need to change to get the thumbnail pictures to show up in the sidebar? Mine just has text…

  294. 302

    Hey guys, this theme is AMAZING! but 1 problem that I really need help with.
    It doesent allow people to post comments! and under the comment box it gives me this error at the bottom

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_previous_comments_link() in /home2/imbedgfx/public_html/allengfx.com/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/magazeen/comments.php on line 54″

    does anyone know a fix for this?

  295. 303

    Yikes! It says that the theme’s broken, although I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my server:

    Warning: file(/home/starlakarr/theluckinitiative.com/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/user/domain.com/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/myuser/mydomain.com/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

  296. 304

    Федор Малкин

    June 19, 2009 10:42 am

    Вот это да! Благодарю! Теперь на неделю есть работа! :)

  297. 305

    I need help getting the thumbnails to appear —

    I read the posts above, but need help understanding what to do to solve this in plain english – not programmer speak! Please! Thank you!

  298. 306

    salaudeen sherifdeen

    June 23, 2009 7:18 am

    pleas send me best seller picture

  299. 307

    wow Great theme, i cant believe this is free, you guys ROCK!

  300. 308

    This is a GREAT theme, but for some reason today it screwed up on me ( or — more likely — I screwed something up)! When I look for it in WordPress I can’t find it. Is the theme still available?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question, I’m a n00b.

  301. 309

    gilson Archondo

    July 1, 2009 8:41 pm

    about the custom field, here is a hack to have it default to an image. although i still haven’t been able to implement it. anyone who has better luck i hope you can repost!


    see “bonus”: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/05/13/10-custom-fields-hacks-for-wordpress/

  302. 310

    How can I change the color of the header? When I change in CSS it seems to be a image in the middle and I cant find how to change all like a one blokc

  303. 311


    July 4, 2009 4:43 am

    i can´t find “featured Posts”? the site is getting bigger and bigger, do i need to get a widget for it?

    Thanks for ideas

  304. 312

    can I add a “next page” “previus page” to this theme?

    if yes… how?!


  305. 313

    i am getting errors in iexplorer 6

  306. 314

    you really believe that by writing “do not spam” above the comment text box Nobody will spam you? lol, you looks very smart guys lol stupid

    spam spam spam

  307. 315

    I am having issues in regards to the home page. The permanent link to each post at the top of the page should display images but instead i am getting squares with little blue question marks in boxes. how do i fix this issue? it’s frustrating as it looks like the blog is incomplete

  308. 316

    Can someone please assist with a workaround on getting pagination – previous page, next page, older posts, newer posts – working? This is quite frustrating..

    Why hasn’t such a feature been implemented into such an incredible theme? This is something nearly every blog writer would want, of course.

    Other than that, awesome theme. Thanks for releasing it free of charge.

  309. 317

    I would like to know if it was possible to change the color theme of the template. I tried with photoshop but it doesn’t work. So i just wondered if I could do it with wordpress.
    PS : i don’t know nothing about html

  310. 318

    Nice theme.

    Which font is used for “magazeen”?

  311. 319

    Advice to all: download Firefox. Download Firebug (Tools – Add-ons – Get add-ons). Use the ‘Inspect Element’ feature to find the code you’re looking at, edit it, and then find those same lines in the css in wordpress. Simple, easy, great fix to anyone looking to change the colour theme, size of comment boxes, etc…

    Hope that helps someone!

  312. 321

    Installing Theme from uploaded file: magazeen-wordpress-theme.zip
    Unpacking the package.

    Installing the theme.

    Theme Installed successfully.

    Warning: file(/home2/xxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/xxxl/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

  313. 322

    still having issues with pictures not showing on my site, or showing for a few days, then disappearing, can someone PLEASE HELP!!!

  314. 323

    i am having same problem with errrors (same message as @errors above) when i try to install. thanks.

  315. 324

    For anyone experiencing problems with getting the images to show up as thumbnails in the jquery showcase, featured posts etc…

    For some reason, jpeg is not a supported format (not open sourced?), bmp are too large, so gif and png images only. Give that a whirl.

    Also: has anyone found a solution to getting the titles to appear in the jquery showcase instead of ‘Check out the Latest Articles’ when you rollover them? It was working fine until I updated to WP 2.8. Thanks for any help!

  316. 325

    For me work correctly!! I have only a problem with Firefox 3.5 visualization in the post Hedaer miniature image.

  317. 326


    I would love, and really need some good pagination with this theme. Any ideas?

  318. 328

    I have the same issue with the thumbnails, doesn’t appear. I had solved deleting all the files in /cache folder and when reload again the page all was automatically in order, even the files in /cache folder.

    Did the same thing today but there’s nothing, I think that is de WordPress version or I dont know, anyone??

  319. 329

    The post title over hover does not work in wordpress 2.8. Any fix would be highly helpful!! Please. Also has someone been able to find page navigation options.

  320. 330

    Freaking awesome, its free and so professional, i will add it to my blog.

  321. 331

    Thank you for this really nice theme. There were many bugs with jquery rollover images and titles not working… but I have fixed on my site ” Pixiome”.

    Enjoy !

  322. 332

    ok, i still cannot fix the images, where it says “check out latest articles” it’s just white boxes with red crosses in them. How can I make them display an actual image?

    What are the steps to do so?????

  323. 333

    You need to download an image, not to insert in the article, but in the “image” when you write your article.
    If you do not have a picture, the thumbnail will have a problem !

  324. 334

    Great theme, but I wonder if there will be a fix for IE7 bugs in the near future.
    Thank you so much.

  325. 335

    HI…love the theme trying to figure if out to customize it.

    i am brand new to this stuff…
    how do i drop a picture in the header?


  326. 336

    Thanks for a great theme.
    Have one question though, i would like to be able to link directly from the “front page” to a external website by clicking on the image (such as http://www.notcot.org does) does. But when it makes a thumbnail it automatically create a link to the blog post on my own website (as most people of course would like it)
    I have looked in the coding of the app but can´t find a good solution to this, does anybody have an idea on how to solve it?
    Thanks in advance /Johan

  327. 337

    great theme but i need help how to display thumbnail at upper? plz..

  328. 338

    can someone email (bong8558@gmail.com) me or post comment here how exactly to make thumbnail at sidebar and below header working please? Really appreciate your kind..thnx..i follow the instruction in older comment still cannot figure out

  329. 339

    can someone give me readme file please…dammit..

  330. 340

    I’ve also installed this amasing theme, but it wont seem to work.

    I get this error messeage:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_class() in /var/www/mayroi.dk/blog/wp-content/themes/magazeen/index.php on line 21

    Does anyone know what I’m to do?


  331. 341

    Is there possible to make image in post with original size?

  332. 342

    Yes its possible..

    To make an image in post its original size you need to open up the file ‘single.php’ and find the following code:

    “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=225&h=246&zc=1″

    replace that with:

    “image_value”, true ); ?>&w= imagesx($image);&h= imagesy($image);&zc=1″

    I was all happy with myself for sussing that until I realised that there is still no fix for comment dates error which makes this theme almost useless. All comments added to a post show the wrong date (the date that the post was created)! Check out the themes demo and you’ll see this.

    Without a fix for that basic function, who would seriously want to use this theme??

  333. 343

    Nice theme! Please fix it for 2.8

  334. 344

    Wow! This wordpress theme is sooooo awesome!!! I’m a new blogger, figuring out how to use wordpress and such. I just add your theme on: http://www.halfemptywallet.com.

    What are the best steps you could recommend for someone that wants to play around and change the colors on this theme? Thank you again!!


  335. 345

    For people who still having problems with Dock Thumbnails i found a solution…

    Instead of using “TimThumb.php” I use “imgsize.php” Mike Lopez script (http://tech.mikelopez.info/2006/03/02/php-image-resize-script/)

    Upload imgsize.php in the template directory (where “TimThumb.php” was)

    Then, modify the line codes in the index.php, header.php to match with the new script syntax.

    FOR EXAMPLE… in “header.php” where you have:

    “<img src=”/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=69&h=54&zc=1″ alt=”” />”

    you have to replace that with:

    “<img src=”/imgsize.php?w=69&h=54&img=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>” alt=”” />”

    You don’t have create a folder with CHMOD 777, it’s not necessary (i didn’t do it and it work fine, by the way i don’t know where image are saved on the fly jejeee)

  336. 346


    I have installed the theme and have almost got it to work perfectly while it’s FILLED with plugins! It took me a few days but now everything seems to be working except from 1 thing!

    The comments!!! Everytime I try to post a comment, I get to a blank page ++++ 2 comments that have been submitted and approved are not showing! Do you have ANY ideas as to how I can fix that? It’s such a small thing, but as you very well know, commenting on a blog post is a VERY important function so it has to be fixed or I won’t be able to use this theme! Please help.

    Thanks in advance!

  337. 347

    Great theme! i love it, check out what I have done with it at http://www.citygeisha.com

    I have a few questions though:

    1) how can I add an image in the header bit (in the black blank bit)?

    2) the comment date is always the same. the publish date will be august 1st for example, yet comment dates will always be the publishing date even if comment was made two weeks after. How can I fix this?

    Thanks very much in advance.

  338. 348

    Any chance of having this as a website non-Wordpress template?

  339. 349

    The WP125 widgets don’t work properly with this :( Is there any way to fix this? Category/Archive counts also aren’t aligned properly

  340. 350

    Hello guys,

    I am new to wordpress..My thumbnails are not showing in the top of the page.
    I follwed older post but still it showing error….

    please fix it..it would be great for me..

  341. 351


    Still having major issues with thumbnail linking at the top of the page and and the recent articles. I’m new to computers and a crap with programming. I’m had to google CHMOD and cache – to give you an example of the simple terms I need.

    tried removing “www.” to no avail.


  342. 352

    Actually the most amazing thing is that the developers never stopped for a second to read the comments, particularly the date comment bug. I’m no developer, but I’ll do my best to try to fix it :P

    Sorta sad because it’s a great, great theme! :D Congrats

  343. 353

    Philip Downer #216 – you solved the image loading problem….

    Sort of bush league of Smashing Magazine to give away a template that has such obvious bugs…. let alone the lack of a readme file which they clearly link to in the post edit area….

  344. 354

    Can you tell me if this theme is ok for WordPress 2.8.4?
    Thanks a lot

  345. 355


    1) open “functions.php”

    2) Search “the_time” and change it to “comment_date”… so now you have “comment_date(‘M j, Y’)”

    3) That’s it… comment bug fixed :D

  346. 361

    @luxladee: Regarding thumbnails on top: I had to delete the cache folder, manually create a new one and then set appropriate permissions (777). When created by the plugin/script, the cache folder won’t work on all servers, even with permissions set to 777. Some server security issue, mayhaps…?

    To get the dynamic titles to work, move the javascripts in header.php below the wp_head entry. I know this has been stated before, but thought I’d mention it again. Not sure if it has any side effects, though…

    @misterclem: I’m using this with WP 2.8.4, all working nicely.

    @dlv: Thanks for the comment fix! :)

    How about porting this theme to Thematic, will that be a difficult task?

  347. 362

    @eiv: Many Thanks for your answer.

  348. 363

    @luxladee: if @eiv answer doesn’t work, try doing what i’ve explained in comment number #339

  349. 364

    hi, sorry for my english because im french.
    installing the theme was very well spent,
    you can check it here : cyclonesmag.fr
    but i got a big problem, i don’t find how to use sIFR on it, because when i use it on “”, the title disappear, and i don’t know why…
    someone can explain me how to do that?

    • 365

      Hi @alone92

      Can you explain me how you changed the “comments counter” for categories? Tnx! Site looks great!

  350. 366

    “when i use it on h3 title”, sorry :-)

  351. 367

    @alone92 If sIFR don’t work… try using font-face css property. It doesn’t work in Ie, but yes in FF and Safari. You can see an example here, look at the titles : http://www.demianvillanueva.com/blog/

  352. 368

    I see alot of questions about the title of the post doesnt show up when rolling over the thumbnails at the top of the page (or the dock or the jquery section). i have the latest WP, and deactivated all other jquery plugins with no resolution. someone please help. this is a very important part of the theme I believe. please advise.

  353. 369


    Thank you!

  354. 370

    @div – your fix works for old comments but now the the theme won’t publish any new ones. =(

  355. 371

    @dlv Thank you!!
    i fixed it : http://www.cyclonesmag.fr

    but it doesn’t work on IE :-/

  356. 372

    Adrian Castro http://KangenLeaders.Com

    September 8, 2009 10:33 pm

    I am getting this error –

    Warning: file(/home/kangenva/public_html/forumasian/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/kangenva/public_html/forumasian/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/kangenva/public_html/forumasian/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Looks like somebody else is having the same issue? Any fixes to the latest download zip file?

  357. 373

    this is an excellent theme, but i need to get it working in wp 2.8.4
    the images at the top do not show title, and some other things do not work either.
    thank you

  358. 374


    thumbnail problem.

    lates articles..

  359. 375

    @cory and @ruyjol: When you install the theme and without modifications, titles are not showed ? That’s strange…

    @RandomJan: I check it. First I wrote and doesn’t show any new comment. But, I check in admin panel and I saw that Askimet catched my testing messages like spam. I accept them and new message are alive now (my blog is under constructions, so you can see this test message in some posts). Do you have Askimet enable? It catched your messages like spam?

    @alone92: yes jejee, IE don’t support font-face (here i have WinXP + IE7 and it render my custom font.. it’s rare jejeee), i told you.

    @Adrian Castro: I don’t know… taht is huge for me jejee

    @tarik: read my message… number #339 here in the list comments

  360. 376

    thanks for your reply regarding the comment date problem. all fixed now, thanks!

  361. 377

    EIV, or anyone else that can help!

    “To get the dynamic titles to work, move the javascripts in header.php below the wp_head entry. I know this has been stated before, but thought I’d mention it again. Not sure if it has any side effects, though…”

    this is computer progamming talk to me…please could someone explain how i can get the post titles to show whenever i have the mouse over the thumbnail images??? not sure what happened but it was working fine a week ago and all of a sudden, it’s disappeared. only the permalink information is showing..

    thanks in advance.

  362. 378

    @julie:follow me on twitter ( @dlv_ )to view your website and try to understand which is the problem…
    Just for start, try to remember which changes you have made in theme.. perhaps something you touched is the beggining of the problem

  363. 379

    @ Julie that was perfect and yet so simple. thank you kindly for the tip. fixed!!!

  364. 380

    anyone willing to help me now with the tag cloud? the tags hang over the widget dimensions. thanks.

  365. 381

    sorry, should have added the link

  366. 382

    Sorry, call me stupid (or newbie) but how do I change the copyright notice to the current year at the bottom of the page?


  367. 383

    Hi DLV
    you wrote the following:

    @julie:follow me on twitter ( @dlv_ )to view your website and try to understand which is the problem…
    Just for start, try to remember which changes you have made in theme.. perhaps something you touched is the beggining of the problem

    there was no link, so how can I follow you on twitter pls? and how would this answer my question re the post title not showing when mouse is over the thumbnail image??

    to Cory:
    did you solve the problem in the end?? and if so, how did you do it please???


  368. 384

    @ Dan, I had to do this ’cause by default it says “2008.” Its in the footer.php under

  369. 385

    Thank you Cory, excellent theme. … I knew as soon as I’d posted that I should have looked harder to find it. Thanks for doing the digging for me!

  370. 386


    This is my dock-javascript code that you can see working on my website (not finished 100% yet.. the link is on comment #355), this is inside “functions.js” file.
    This isn’t my entire javascriptn file of course, just the dock:

    $( function() {
    $( '.category' ).click( function() {
    $( this ).toggleClass( 'active' )
    $( this ).siblings( '.dropdown' ).toggle();
    $( this ).find( '.indicator' ).toggleClass( 'indicator-active' );
    return false;
    } );
    $( '#dock > li' ).stop().css('opacity', 0.5);
    $( '#dock > li' ).hover( function() {
    $( '.latest' ).stop().fadeOut( 'fast' );
    $( this ).stop().children( 'span' ).fadeIn( 200 );
    $( this ).stop().css('opacity', 1);
    }).bind( "mouseleave", function() {
    $( this ).stop().css('opacity', 0.5);
    $( this ).stop().children( 'span' ).fadeOut( 200 );
    } );
    $( '#dock' ).bind( "mouseleave", function() {
    $( '.latest' ).stop().fadeIn( 500 );
    } );

    I’ve change the position of the tittles (under the post-images), I did it with CSS.
    I hope you fix it. Also, it’s rare, the first time I installed, all animations (included titles) work nice.

    @julie To see me on twitter, my user is “dlv_” .. you have to got a twitter account of course :)…then, you can follow me typing twitter.com/dlv_

  371. 387

    @dlv Askimet didn’t catch the comments either… but anyway, I don’t know why but I changed webhost and all of a sudden, the comments work now! Thanks so much for the fix!!

    Just need to add pagination and this theme will be perfect. I found a fix for that here if anyone is interested:

  372. 388

    @RandomJan: nice to hear that..

  373. 389

    PLEASE can someone please help me, I have not received a reply regarding the following problem:

    post titles are not showing when mouse is over the thumbnail images….arrrrrghhH!!!

    dlv, sorry but I don’t know how to use Twitter!!!!!

    So if anyone can help me out on here, that would be great.


  374. 390

    if someone read this… julie’s contacted me and i saw this problem: she has a conflict between Instant Slide Up javascript and jQuery…

  375. 391


    It’s no longer bundled with the zip.

  376. 392

    We have the same problem – the images are not shown and the tags hang over the widget dimensions. Can anyone help us?

  377. 393

    @Deja: I know about this theme like 4 months ago, i’ve never seen a readme file…
    That is the reason of many message and comment making questions about theme functionalities and bugs…

    There is no readme file, be free to read the comments to know how to fix some theme issues…

  378. 394

    Hi thanks for this amazing wp theme!

    I downloaded the .psd sources thinking slices would be shown so that I can change colors easily and save the image files perfectly but it’s not the case.
    Could someone tell me how to save new theme image files from the psd source? which image file goes with which layer for instance? that would be neat! thanks!

  379. 395

    @Sophie I’m not a profesional webdesigner but, what i do is modify some of the images of the folder “image” in the main folder theme “magazeen” and save with the same name, and then upload to the folder

    Hope i help you ;D

  380. 396

    Great theme, but How can I remove the search form in the header and insert 728*90 adsense unit instead.??

  381. 397

    Just published my webpage using this theme.
    I’d love to add Facebook and Twitter Icons that link to my FB/Twit pages in the header under the Search tab.

    Anyone know how to do this?
    I’d be happy to pay for your service as I am not an experienced coder.

    kyle (at) cckirkland (dot) org

  382. 398

    Great theme only the pics don’t show up in the sidebar. I’m not sure what the problem is.
    Can anyone help?

  383. 399

    @Kyle: Ask to the guy on this page, he do that what you want


    @Rina: Read the comment n° 339 from DLV (in the list)

    I give the folder “cache” the CHMOD 777 and then fix that

  384. 400

    @Sophie: yes, there isn’t slices in .psd source file. Make your own images or edit the .psd and try to create slices that match with the original sliced images.
    If you look at my theme modification, i make my own images, i’ve just open the .psd just one time for fun, i’ve never edited it.

    @Kyle: what I’ve done in my website (in dock area, right side…the “fading” icon) is something like you want ? My website is http://www.demianvillanueva.com/blog/

    @PalSoftwares: to remove the search from, open HEADER.php and remove the line 42:

    @Rina: like Mauro said, try doing what i’ve explained in comment number #339

  385. 401

    I seem to be having the same problem many are experiencing with the thumbnail images not displaying.

    I’ve gone through all of the comments and attempted all the fixes, but somehow it’s not working. (I swear I’ve aged 10 years trying to get this theme to work. LOL.)

    I tried using the imgsize.php, per #339, but this is what the code in my header says:

    <img src="/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=69&h=54&zc=1″ alt=”” />

    ps: there are no images in my cache folder. this is not supposed to be, right?


  386. 402

    whoops, that code should be:

    <blockquote cite="<img src="/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=69&h=54&zc=1″ alt=”” />”>

  387. 403

    @Paul: yes, imgsize.php script doesn’t create or need a specific folder to resize images on the fly (that is what I see, i’ve asked to the author but i did’t recive an answer about that)

    If it help, my link/image code in dock are is:

    <a href="” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src="/imgsize.php?w=70&h=70&img=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>” alt=”” />

    Anyway, change “&” to “&”… “&” doesn’t validate…

  388. 404

    I’ve been using Magazeen successfully for several months but I’m suddenly getting the same error message as boylogik above (Feb 29)

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in ……./wp-content/themes/magazeen/functions.php on line 107

    I’ve disabled all plugins and still get the error so it’s not a plugin conflict. Anyone have any ideas? I’m using WP 2.8.4, but I’ve been using it for awhile and the problem only emerged today, so i doubt that’s the issue either.

  389. 405

    Well I found a solution, although I can’t guess why it worked. I disabled the “Featured News” widget, then reinserted it. Voila – all’s well with the world.

    Go figure.

  390. 406

    Hmmm….still a little flaky – all seemingly related to the Featured Posts widget. No clear solution – I finally just disabled it :-(

  391. 407

    I tried a lot of things desperate to make the thumbnails start working(including the cache permissions), and then I tried the “workaround” that Philip Downer wrote and it worked perfect!

    For those of you having difficulty getting thumbnail images to show up, try this:
    Instead of placing the full URL (http://www.your.site/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg) use a relative URL that begins at the /wp-content/ directory. In otherwords, your new image URL would be /wp-content/uploads/image.jpg – I made this simple change and it works great!
    — /cut–

    Thanks! And thanks to Smashing and Function for a great theme!


  392. 408

    thanks Harvey and 2ny for share your experiences

  393. 409


    October 7, 2009 6:23 am

    Thanks for this wonderfull theme :D

  394. 410

    Can anyone help with this little tweak?

    I need a little help modding the Comments Tab, please.

    Here’s an image indicating what I mean:

    Could someone point me in the right direction for the CSS on this?

    My email is kiki77 (at) comcast (dot) net — but I’ll be checking back on this page, also for any posted answers.

    I’m just not sure if it would it be a style.php + comments.php combo mod, or style.php only. I have this theme perfectly tweaked, other than this and I just don’t want to mess anything up.

    I’m familiar with CSS mods, but if you have the answer, the more specific the better and VERY appreciated.

    Thanks so much.

  395. 411

    @Christina: to remove completely, just open style.css, find “.comment-count” and add “display:none;” to that class. The comment count will be not visible.

    Another way is to remove totally from the “.php” files, for example open index.php and find and delete “”

    You’ve to use a conditional PHP snippe to remove the tab when there are 0 comments; take a look at this, you could addapt it to your situation: http://is.gd/4b6TU

    • 412

      @ dlv Can you tell me how you can change the comment counter to a category.. (Just like the way it is on your site)… TNX!

  396. 413

    Love the theme – wondering if there is a way to change the “Featured News” widget to something like “Featured Articles.”

  397. 414

    Wow, seems like a lot of people are having problems with this theme. I have had my theme up for over a week now and it’s working fine. I did have some thumbnail issues but found the solutions in the comments on the developer’s site: wefunction.com

    But it is a fickle theme, and does not work with some plug-ins and widgets. You can see the theme in action here: Life Without Limits. Not sure if I will keep this theme though. It looks unique, but again I’m not too sure about the look and color.

  398. 415


    I am trying to find the title for “Featured News” and “Recent News” as I am going to translate the themse into Swedish.

    Any idea as to where I can find that?

  399. 416

    @Jack (post 400) – I was looking for that too, but I found it in the functions.php.

  400. 417

    Everybody talks about chmod, and thats good :-)

    But I cant figure it out. Im inside , I can see the cache folder, I rightclick it.. but then it only shows : ” Open the links in this window ” etc.

    Furthermore there are no files in my cache.

    Can someone spell it out for all us , that doesnt know how to CHMOD 777 ?

    I have spent hours on it now :-)

    Thank you for your time

    The site is is here. I ONLY need the damn pictures : http:www.aktiv3.org

  401. 418

    @Jimi: if you use CuteFTP Pro like your FTP software you can view this tutorial : http://www.stadtaus.com/en/tutorials/chmod-ftp-file-permissions.php

    Also works with other FTP applications…

    If with thats chances about CHMOD, try doing what i’ve explained in comment number #339

    adeux, have luck!

  402. 419

    I did it ! :)

    Its working now. Thank you for the help

  403. 420

    super theme Thank you

  404. 421

    What a fantastic theme! Do you have tutorial a readme file? Thanks so much,,,

  405. 422

    @Ana: there isn’t README file… A lot of people asked about it, that’s why there are more than 400 comments in this post :D, many of them are related theme bugs and options…

  406. 423

    Magazeen is an awesome theme !
    Had some issues with the category drop down but I finally figured out how to fix it.
    Here is what I did with the theme (lot of customization) : http://www.workstationsetups.com/

  407. 424

    I wonder if anyone has come across this and can help me.

    I have implemented this theme on a linux server, and have even reinstalled it completely, trying to make the images work. If I upload an image using WordPress, it will add the image to the cache folder.

    But when I try to view the blog, timthumb.php (and imgsize.php as per other posts) always look to the uploads/year/month folder for the images for the post, and for the header.

    For some reason, the images are not dynamically added to that folder, but they used to be…I believe that was on a Windows server… Is there something I need to do, or something I’ve missed that might make this not work?

    The document root path is home/SharedServerUsername/public_html from the server, whereas in the past it would have been just under the domain name folder. But I can’t find anywhere in any of the code that places the images into the uploads… folder that I can change…

    Can anyone help?

  408. 425

    Hi all,

    What is the custom field you have to use in order to generate the image thumbnails in the post page. For the Lastest articles dock at the top.


  409. 426

    I’ll answer my own question,

    You use the custom tag,

    I ripped out the timthumb.php script. not needed if you can resize your own thumbnails. seemed to create too many problems.

  410. 427

    Thank you for making such a wonderful theme!

  411. 428

    Can you help me…

    How do you limit the number of posts displayed on the blog page. Tried limiting it in the Admin panel…BUT it doesn’t work.

    Need your urgent help as I am facing a deadline…
    Is there a workaround in the coding?

  412. 429

    @Wergittep: I have no idea… sorry

    @lee: yes, the custom field where you have to paste image url is “image_value”. Anyway, you have a field called “Magazeen Post Option / Image” between Custom Fields area and Post Text area, there is supose to paste the main image url…

    @Dexter: Open Index.php, then find “query_posts( ‘showposts=2′ );” in line 16. The number “2” is the number of post displayed full on front page.

    Then, find “query_posts( ‘showposts=4&offset=2′ );” in line 102. The number “4” is the number of post displayed as thumbnails below full post. The number “2” is the offset ( this number is gonna be the same as in line 16 that I’ve mencioned before).

  413. 431

    Nice Theme. :-)

    I figured out the problem with the thumbnails on the first page. I think it depends on the uploaded image size. Images greater than (example) 3000×2000 doesn’t work. But pictures with the resolution of 1000×600 (example) work fine. Maybe there is a limit of maximun seizure. (perhaps 1024×768) ….

    And now i have an other problem. If you want to click and read an article, the picture on the single page won’t fit into the layout, its too big. (Check: resenski. de)

  414. 432

    ok,why did i read all this?

  415. 433

    I really don´t get it.
    Tried everything I read in the comments to solve the thumbnail problem.
    Nothing worked.
    Anyone who made a complete fix on that theme and wants to share???


    Maybe I´m just trying to find another theme to work with…

  416. 435

    ok,so i was reading this and out of no-where i see my name on here was potato,so if my brain is messt-up someone pleas tell me!(”you shold not have read all this people,your cRaZY if you got all the way down to me.”)oh,strep throght is going arond.12%of you are spicopath’s i can tell.And tell me if im a spicopath too!Ho…I was ”potato”,”ok why did i read all of this?”

  417. 436

    Does anyone know whether you can publish an article without the big image displaying, but for the thumbnail to still generate for the top and side navs? I’d like to do this for selected articles only, for example… if I embed a video, I don’t want a big image and a big video player displaying. But I do want the thumbnail for the article to appear in the Featured News panel. Thanks.

  418. 437


    For reasons best known to myself needed to reinstall this theme and now get others above keep getting the error message:

    “Warning: file(/home/griffinm/public_html/antidote/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/griffinm/public_html/antidote/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/griffinm/public_html/antidote/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180″

    I realise that I’m possibly putting the PSD documents as an image somewhere but after much toying about don’t seem to be able to correct the error.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this newbie(?) error …

  419. 438

    Great theme.
    But why can’t I use the custom field/ thumbnail maker on Pages? I’ve got content that needs to be on pages and I would like to reuse the same mechanism and styles to get my thumbs to show up right on the pages. (default adding images in the text in this theme does not give me any margins or styles – the images even push out of the white content box if the page text isn’t long enough)

    I can grab the php from single.php and put it in the same place on page.php, but beyond that I don’t know enough PHP to customize the bit in functions.php where the custom write panel is defined so that it will apply to pages as well. Can someone walk me thru this? It seems like a little bit of effort that would make the theme that much more useful.

  420. 439

    Solution to thumbnail problem is easy. Here are the steps:

    Upload image – do this by going to dashboard – media – add new
    Then – find the file url (at the bottom of screen) – and copy it. Click save.
    Now go into your post and find the box MAGAZEEN POST OPTIONS. Paste the file url here.
    Publish file and JOB DONE.
    Easy peasy :)

  421. 440

    I work the image option in the post, leaving nothing but the title of the image, sorry for my English

  422. 441

    Very nice template. Congratulations.
    But, the search form and tag cloud styles are poor.

  423. 444

    Great theme;-) — can’t believe it’s free!
    I just started another blog — finally design one.
    But I have a question : if I am adding my photos through media and they will appear as my thumbs as well, what should I do with the additional video image ?

    Please, take a look at : http://martaspendowska.com/blog/
    and the post : Drawing as a miraculous occurrence — Milton Glaser.

    One can see an image of uploaded video and an image for thumbs as well.

    Thank you for such a great theme — love it totally!


  424. 445

    To anyone here who successfully installs this theme, and publishes an online magazine or blog; Let us know at Magatopia.com and we’ll link to you there. We are always on the lookout for new online magazines. Link: http://www.magatopia.com

  425. 446

    I cannot figure out how to get the thumbnails to work at all, please someone help ! ive tried everything that i can think of. please help thanks

  426. 447

    i mean this
    < img src=" /imgsize.php?w=69&h=54&img= ID, “image_value”, true ); ? >” alt=” ” / >

  427. 448

    Does anyone know how to display only 1 post on the home page. ‘Blog pages show at most 1 posts’ is selected in the settings.

  428. 449

    Love this theme, but this is ridiculous. I cannot for the life of me get the stupid thumbnails to work. Ideas?? And is there a readme file that works??

  429. 450

    Anybody did fix the problem about the titles ‘ articles on the top slideshow ?

    For me it’s still static and it does not work, I tried to fix it but I still not found how to do it.

    Someone could help me please

  430. 451

    To anyone here who successfully installs this theme, and publishes an online magazine or blog; Let us know at Magatopia.com and we’ll link to you there. We are always on the lookout for new online magazines.

  431. 452

    This theme is excellent, but I can not add divs in this template.

    I want to insert a div with a bakcground, but after writting in in the CSS and putting the in the sidebar or somewhere else, the image doesn’t appear. It seems that it is something about the cache. What must I do with the cache folder?

  432. 453


    You have emailed me and I am trying to respond, but something is wrong with your email…
    Please, email me again , maybe check the email or send from a different one.


  433. 454

    I need help with the thumbnails…

    i tried to do what @dlv said in #340 but i don’t get it. Please help me in an easier way or explain this a bit more easily. I would extremely appreciate your help.

    You may email me – adnan140@ymail.com

  434. 455

    Does this theme work with template hierarchy? I want to adjust the single.php file for different categories, but it does not work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  435. 456

    You can view my personal Blogger adaptation of the “Magazeen” Template at:

    Blogger Template: “Social Magazeen”

    Among other differences there is a row with Social Media Buttons on top, substituting the original jQuery image showcase, which displayed the image from the latest post, and the title above it.

  436. 457

    Great Job!

  437. 458

    Where is the README file that explains theme instructions for use ????

  438. 459

    VictoriaAnn Design

    February 2, 2010 1:45 am

    Hi I have a small problem with this theme. I’ve changed the permalinks having set a static homepage – they now read victoriaanndesign.net/postname. Since I have done this the images in the latest articles section don’t link. Where can I change this in the code? I thought it would be simple but each time I think I’ve got the correct area to change it doesn’t work.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  439. 460

    Hey guys, love the theme, I am constantly trying to tweak it,

    I am trying to work out a post rating plugin that wont effect the top preview flashplayer bar. Usually when you waver the mouse over these pictures in the bar it will show the name of the article, but when I install a post rating plugin, it seems to stop. Anyone recommend a compatible rating plugin?


  440. 461

    Just set online a blog about iPhone programming using this great theme at touch-code-magazine.com/

    No problems whatsoever with installing and customizing it, thanks a lot

  441. 462

    Darc Vanilla Design

    February 8, 2010 3:05 pm

    First of all, thanks for such a great wordpress theme.
    However, I have a problem with main page customisation on my website http://www.darcva.com.
    Somehow, it doesn’t shorten the first 2 articles on the main page and displays them all (how to change it???).
    Secondly, why the dock function of displaying article’s name doesn’t work?


    • 463

      Darc Vanillar;
      to create a break in the post so it shows only a sample on your homepage, you need to click where you want the break and then click the icon above and add [Insert more tag]. Its located next to the quote icons.


  442. 464

    Darc Vanilla Design

    February 10, 2010 6:57 am

    Done & works great :)
    Thanks a lot William :)

  443. 465

    Hello, just want to say thank you very much for a great theme! i love how my portfolio looks now

  444. 466

    Can anyone give me a few pointers?

    I’d like to make my header to an click-able image and to push the h1 text off screen. I’ve looked at sites doing the same with Magazeen using the Mozilla firebug plugin but I’m a complete beginner and cant work out where to begin – in the style.css or the header php? Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you so much for this theme. Installed easily and I’m sure it will work a treat when I know what I’m doing!


  445. 467

    Auto site – what do you mean by limit? It currently limits it to two?

    It be great if there was a Smashing magazine forum for all these questions.

  446. 468

    If people still have problems with the thumbnail photos, there is a easy fix for it.

    Download the new version of TimThumb PHP on this url:

    And put it into your Magazeen folder.

  447. 470

    Great job there!

  448. 471

    It finally work on my website.
    What i did : replace all the code in timthumb.php with the following code :
    sorry it is long but it s working

    TimThumb script created by Tim McDaniels and Darren Hoyt with tweaks by Ben Gillbanks

    MIT License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

    w: width
    h: height
    zc: zoom crop (0 or 1)
    q: quality (default is 75 and max is 100)

    HTML example:

    $sizeLimits = array(

    ini_set(“display_errors”, 1);

    // check to see if GD function exist
    if(!function_exists(‘imagecreatetruecolor’)) {
    displayError(‘GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist – please contact your webhost and ask them to install the GD library’);

    define (‘CACHE_SIZE’, 250); // number of files to store before clearing cache
    define (‘CACHE_CLEAR’, 5); // maximum number of files to delete on each cache clear
    define (‘VERSION’, ‘1.12’); // version number (to force a cache refresh

    if (function_exists(‘imagefilter’) && defined(‘IMG_FILTER_NEGATE’)) {
    $imageFilters = array(
    “1” => array(IMG_FILTER_NEGATE, 0),
    “2” => array(IMG_FILTER_GRAYSCALE, 0),
    “3” => array(IMG_FILTER_BRIGHTNESS, 1),
    “4” => array(IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST, 1),
    “5” => array(IMG_FILTER_COLORIZE, 4),
    “6” => array(IMG_FILTER_EDGEDETECT, 0),
    “7” => array(IMG_FILTER_EMBOSS, 0),
    “8” => array(IMG_FILTER_GAUSSIAN_BLUR, 0),
    “9” => array(IMG_FILTER_SELECTIVE_BLUR, 0),
    “10” => array(IMG_FILTER_MEAN_REMOVAL, 0),
    “11” => array(IMG_FILTER_SMOOTH, 0),

    // sort out image source
    $src = get_request(“src”, “”);
    if($src == ” || strlen($src) $cmp_y ) {

    $src_w = round( ( $width / $cmp_x * $cmp_y ) );
    $src_x = round( ( $width – ( $width / $cmp_x * $cmp_y ) ) / 2 );

    } elseif ( $cmp_y > $cmp_x ) {

    $src_h = round( ( $height / $cmp_y * $cmp_x ) );
    $src_y = round( ( $height – ( $height / $cmp_y * $cmp_x ) ) / 2 );


    imagecopyresampled( $canvas, $image, 0, 0, $src_x, $src_y, $new_width, $new_height, $src_w, $src_h );

    } else {

    // copy and resize part of an image with resampling
    imagecopyresampled( $canvas, $image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $new_width, $new_height, $width, $height );


    if ($filters != ” && function_exists(‘imagefilter’) && defined(‘IMG_FILTER_NEGATE’)) {
    // apply filters to image
    $filterList = explode(“|”, $filters);
    foreach($filterList as $fl) {
    $filterSettings = explode(“,”, $fl);
    if(isset($imageFilters[$filterSettings[0]])) {

    for($i = 0; $i 0) {

    $yesterday = time() – (24 * 60 * 60);

    usort($files, ‘filemtime_compare’);
    $i = 0;

    if (count($files) > CACHE_SIZE) {

    foreach ($files as $file) {

    $i ++;

    if ($i >= CACHE_CLEAR) {

    if (@filemtime($file) > $yesterday) {

    if (file_exists($file)) {





    * compare the file time of two files
    function filemtime_compare($a, $b) {

    return filemtime($a) – filemtime($b);


    * determine the file mime type
    function mime_type($file) {

    if (stristr(PHP_OS, ‘WIN’)) {
    $os = ‘WIN';
    } else {
    $os = PHP_OS;

    $mime_type = ”;

    if (function_exists(‘mime_content_type’)) {
    $mime_type = mime_content_type($file);

    // use PECL fileinfo to determine mime type
    if (!valid_src_mime_type($mime_type)) {
    if (function_exists(‘finfo_open’)) {
    $finfo = @finfo_open(FILEINFO_MIME);
    if ($finfo != ”) {
    $mime_type = finfo_file($finfo, $file);

    // try to determine mime type by using unix file command
    // this should not be executed on windows
    if (!valid_src_mime_type($mime_type) && $os != “WIN”) {
    if (preg_match(“/FREEBSD|LINUX/”, $os)) {
    $mime_type = trim(@shell_exec(‘file -bi ‘ . escapeshellarg($file)));

    // use file’s extension to determine mime type
    if (!valid_src_mime_type($mime_type)) {

    // set defaults
    $mime_type = ‘image/png';
    // file details
    $fileDetails = pathinfo($file);
    $ext = strtolower($fileDetails[“extension”]);
    // mime types
    $types = array(
    ‘jpg’ => ‘image/jpeg’,
    ‘jpeg’ => ‘image/jpeg’,
    ‘png’ => ‘image/png’,
    ‘gif’ => ‘image/gif’

    if (strlen($ext) && strlen($types[$ext])) {
    $mime_type = $types[$ext];


    return $mime_type;


    function valid_src_mime_type($mime_type) {

    if (preg_match(“/jpg|jpeg|gif|png/i”, $mime_type)) {
    return true;

    return false;


    function check_cache ($cache_dir, $mime_type) {

    // make sure cache dir exists
    if (!file_exists($cache_dir)) {
    // give 777 permissions so that developer can overwrite
    // files created by web server user
    chmod($cache_dir, 0777);

    show_cache_file ($cache_dir, $mime_type);


    function show_cache_file ($cache_dir, $mime_type) {

    $cache_file = $cache_dir . ‘/’ . get_cache_file();

    if (file_exists($cache_file)) {

    $gmdate_mod = gmdate(“D, d M Y H:i:s”, filemtime($cache_file));

    if(! strstr($gmdate_mod, “GMT”)) {
    $gmdate_mod .= ” GMT”;

    if (isset($_SERVER[“HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE”])) {

    // check for updates
    $if_modified_since = preg_replace (“/;.*$/”, “”, $_SERVER[“HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE”]);

    if ($if_modified_since == $gmdate_mod) {
    header(“HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified”);


    $fileSize = filesize ($cache_file);

    // send headers then display image
    header (‘Content-Type: ‘ . $mime_type);
    header (‘Accept-Ranges: bytes’);
    header (‘Last-Modified: ‘ . $gmdate_mod);
    header (‘Content-Length: ‘ . $fileSize);
    header (‘Cache-Control: max-age=9999, must-revalidate’);
    header (‘Expires: ‘ . $gmdate_mod);

    readfile ($cache_file);




    function get_cache_file() {

    global $lastModified;
    static $cache_file;

    if (!$cache_file) {
    $cachename = $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’] . VERSION . $lastModified;
    $cache_file = md5($cachename) . ‘.png';

    return $cache_file;


    * check to if the url is valid or not
    function valid_extension ($ext) {

    if (preg_match(“/jpg|jpeg|png|gif/i”, $ext)) {
    return TRUE;
    } else {
    return FALSE;


    function checkExternal ($src) {

    $allowedSites = array(

    if (ereg(‘http://’, $src) == true) {

    $url_info = parse_url ($src);

    $isAllowedSite = false;
    foreach ($allowedSites as $site) {
    if (ereg($site, $url_info[‘host’]) == true) {
    $isAllowedSite = true;

    if ($isAllowedSite) {

    $fileDetails = pathinfo($src);
    $ext = strtolower($fileDetails[‘extension’]);

    $filename = md5($src);
    $local_filepath = ‘temp/’ . $filename . ‘.’ . $ext;

    if (!file_exists($local_filepath)) {

    if (function_exists(‘curl_init’)) {

    $fh = fopen($local_filepath, ‘w’);
    $ch = curl_init($src);

    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $src);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERAGENT, ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0′);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FILE, $fh);

    if (curl_exec($ch) === FALSE) {
    if (file_exists($local_filepath)) {
    displayError(‘error reading file ‘ . $src . ‘ from remote host: ‘ . curl_error($ch));


    } else {

    if (!$img = file_get_contents($src)) {
    displayError(‘remote file for ‘ . $src . ‘ can not be accessed. It is likely that the file permissions are restricted’);

    if (file_put_contents($local_filepath, $img) == FALSE) {
    displayError(‘error writing temporary file’);


    if (!file_exists($local_filepath)) {
    displayError(‘local file for ‘ . $src . ‘ can not be created’);


    $src = $local_filepath;

    } else {

    displayError(‘remote host “‘ . $url_info[‘host’] . ‘” not allowed’);



    return $src;


    * tidy up the image source url
    function cleanSource($src) {

    $host = str_replace(‘www.’, ”, $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]);
    $regex = “/^((ht|f)tp(s|)://)(www.|)” . $host . “/i”;

    $src = preg_replace ($regex, ”, $src);
    $src = htmlentities ($src);
    $src = checkExternal ($src);

    // remove slash from start of string
    if (strpos($src, ‘/’) === 0) {
    $src = substr ($src, -(strlen($src) – 1));

    // don’t allow users the ability to use ‘../’
    // in order to gain access to files below document root
    $src = preg_replace(“/..+//”, “”, $src);

    // get path to image on file system
    $src = get_document_root($src) . ‘/’ . $src;

    return $src;


    function get_document_root ($src) {

    // check for unix servers
    if(file_exists($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . ‘/’ . $src)) {
    return $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];

    // check from script filename (to get all directories to timthumb location)
    $parts = array_diff(explode(‘/’, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]), explode(‘/’, $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]));
    $path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];
    foreach ($parts as $part) {
    $path .= ‘/’ . $part;
    if (file_exists($path . ‘/’ . $src)) {
    return $path;

    // the relative paths below are useful if timthumb is moved outside of document root
    // specifically if installed in wordpress themes like mimbo pro:
    // /wp-content/themes/mimbopro/scripts/timthumb.php
    $paths = array(

    foreach ($paths as $path) {
    if(file_exists($path . ‘/’ . $src)) {
    return $path;

    // special check for microsoft servers
    if (!isset($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’])) {
    $path = str_replace(“/”, “\”, $_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’]);
    $path = str_replace($path, “”, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]);

    if (file_exists($path . ‘/’ . $src)) {
    return $path;

    displayError(‘file not found ‘ . $src);


    * generic error message
    function displayError($errorString = ”) {

    header(‘HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request’);


  449. 472

    I want to replace the header with my own. I have a jpeg file ready to go on, how do I do this?

    • 473

      Hi Sanj
      Just wondered if anyone has gotten back to Sanj regarding his question about creating your own header image? I’d like to do the same and put in an image and my own logo..Thanks!

      February 23rd, 2010 2:22 pm

      I want to replace the header with my own. I have a jpeg file ready to go on, how do I do this?

      • 474

        Do two things:

        In header.php, delete everything between
        the division tags for the logo.

        That clears out the auto text with your blog name and tagline. You MUST leave the division tags there though.

        Now upload your new header to the “images” folder in the magazeen theme, via FTP.

        In style.css, scroll down to section 3, “Header.”

        In the section called #logo, you’ll see a line that says background:url(images/header-shade.gif) and just replace the header-shade.gif with the name of your header.

        TIP: If you are working on a black background like the original header, the JPEG is probably fine. A transparent background is best, especially if you are changing your background color on the header, and for that I recommend a PNG.


  450. 475

    For me the thumbnail problem has been solved. Took me a while, but in the end all i needed to do was delete the cache directory, recreate it and chmod it to 777. Works like a charm now.


  451. 476

    hay que tener algun plugin para usarlo, porque lo instale pero no se ven las imagen :s
    muy buen theme

  452. 477

    safak saracoglu

    March 4, 2010 11:28 am

    teşekkür ederim

  453. 478

    where are the images right below the main navigation bar located? i cannot find them… and how do i link them to new pages? (i need to create pages with content that these would be linked to, not posts)

  454. 479

    When i’m trying to install, it won’t work

    WordPress says it failed because the stylesheet is missing?

    Someone knows how to fix this?


  455. 481

    WordPress says it failed because the stylesheet is missing?

    Someone knows how to fix this?


  456. 482

    I want to use an Aside posts plugin with this theme. I am using Asideshop plugin for that. But the aside posts are getting displayed twice. There seems to be no problem with the plugin template.

    Any way to properly go about using Asides???????

    Which Aside posts plugin would work flawlessly with Magazeen???

    Thanks in advance!

  457. 483

    Thanks a lot!
    I have download it for my next wordpress!

  458. 484

    Great theme, check out what I’ve done with it (www.citygeisha.com). However I have a question that I think most have asked themselves but have not posted on here (I have searched!!). When one clicks on a certain category, all the titles are then listed on the next page. I was wondering if there was a way whereby ALL of the posts, images etc, relating to the category are listed in one go, in scroll format? As opposed to just titles that users have to click on individually.
    Any ideas?? Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

  459. 485

    Might there be any updates (i.e extra features for this theme)? This was definitely one of the best and I am still using it.

  460. 486

    For all the people with the ‘thumbnail’ errors: try this.

    Change the “cache”-directory to 777 (with CHMOD). It worked for me! (www.dutchbritneyfans.nl)

    • 487

      Hey Mbase,

      How do you Change the “cache”-directory to 777 with CHMOD?

      And also, Can we use this theme with the latest wordpress?

  461. 488

    Just wondered if my query has been looked into and whether there is a solution to it? Surely I am not the only one that has wondered about the following??

    When one clicks on a certain category, all the titles are then listed on the next page. I was wondering if there was a way whereby ALL of the posts, images etc, relating to the category are listed in one go, in scroll format? As opposed to just titles that users have to click on individually.

    Any ideas?? Thanks in advance, much appreciated.


  462. 489

    I love this theme but would like to display more than just two results on the category/archive/search pages. Only the two most recent entries are displayed then you have to click ‘older entries’ to view more.

  463. 490

    a very professional theme. i like it very much. good work man. carry on

    thanks for theme

  464. 491

    Hi guys!! Look, me and my boyfriend have the solution for the *thumbs* :D
    You just have to put the CHMOD permissions to 755 to:
    And TA-DA!!!
    Thank you for this awesome theme, it really works!

    • 492

      What version on WordPress did you get this theme working on ?? The latest version ??

  465. 493

    merci bcp

  466. 494

    not working some files are missing……
    Theme Install Failed.

    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
    Name Description
    magazeen-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing.

  467. 495

    Ohh! autumn, thank u very much. U helped me with thumbnail problem. It’s really works.

    Delete the cache directory, recreate it and chmod it to 777. Now it works excellent.

  468. 496

    Hi, i’m trying to customize the homepage by adding a specific page (page_id=2) before the posts. I’m using a new loop to do this. The problem is that the page and the posts are not breaking… i mean… it shows me the full content instead of the text that is before the break line. Any ideas how to fix this?

  469. 497

    Ugh! I’m getting an error when I try to install it (Clean WordPress install, latest version which is 2.9.2) .. which really is too bad because this looks pretty and easy enough to adjust to my needs.

    Is there a fix? Or can I just activate it and use it ‘broken’?

    Warning: fopen(C:xampphtdocswebsite/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:xampphtdocswebsitewp-includesfunctions.php on line 3598

    Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:xampphtdocswebsitewp-includesfunctions.php on line 3601

    Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:xampphtdocswebsitewp-includesfunctions.php on line 3604

  470. 498

    How i do change the language of ‘Check out the latest articles’? I try editing header.php code but this doesnt change. please help…

    • 499

      What exactly did you edit in the header? I just scrolled through to find the “check out the latest articles” and changed the text (before ultimately deleting it) and it worked fine for me.

  471. 500

    Part of the jquery function in my blog has just stopped working. It did work before. I’d made a few edits to the APPEARANCE of the dock (just background colors), so to check if I’d screwed something up, I scrapped the Dock section from both stylesheet.css and header.php and just replaced them with the original downloaded files.

    Still doesn’t fix it.

    When I mouse over the images, the link name comes up in the pop-up but it does NOT come up at the top of the dock like it used to. It just always says “Latest Posts.”

    I tested it previously in Firefox, IE8 and Safari and it DID work. The funny thing is that it STILL works on my subdomain of the same blog.

    Working: http://therealrebekah.com/reviews
    NOT Working: http://therealrebekah.com


    • 501

      Hey Rebekah!

      How did you get it working again?!

      I haven’t managed to get it working at all…

  472. 502

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the last posts dock.
    It works fine, but if browse posts by tag, the dock shows also my pages and i don’t want this to happen.
    Any sugg.?

  473. 503

    This theme looks nice and all but I hate when they make the font size in em.

  474. 504

    merci for this great stuff. i’m still working on it but seems to be great. a lot of fun.

  475. 505

    This was a Fantastic post, I will be sure to save this in my Newsvine account. Have a great day.

  476. 506

    Anyone know how to make photo captions show up? I have text in the “caption” field in wordpress, but I can’t see it anywhere and I’m not sure where to edit the code. I only need it for the post itself (and not the thumbnails in the sidebar).

  477. 507

    hi i am using this fascinating template for my blog.. however,, i cannot fix the thumb and i do not really understand what to change in the timthumb.php as described by many..

    I would very delighted to have some helpe with this.. have a look at the site: http://www.visionarytraveller.com and you wil spot the problem..

    I have understood according to the other comments that something in this code structure should be modifed:

    // make sure cache dir exists
    if (!file_exists($cache_dir)) {
    // give 777 permissions so that developer can overwrite
    // files created by web server user
    chmod($cache_dir, 0777);

    show_cache_file ($cache_dir, $mime_type);

    but what is the question i am asking myself..

  478. 508

    i did succeed to overcome the problem.. i used this file..


    and copied the codes from the below link to my timtthumb.php ..

    finally working smootly

  479. 509

    thumbnail on dock problem again, I followed everything but cannot get it fixed
    –> downloaded timthumb.php
    –> re-edit the code
    –> change cache folder permission to 777

    but nothing change on my website…>.<

    Is there anyone could help me on this? I'll be very appreciate and thanks x 1000000 times!

    Here's my site: http://cecichan.com

    If no, anyone could tell me how to add image on the dock manually?

    • 510

      I read again the TimThumb post, which says it requires the GD library, my PHP is 5.0 which means it’s already available, right? Sigh… I really have no idea is there any steps I missed.

  480. 511

    Contributed in great offer my thanks to

  481. 512

    fırcasiz oto yikama

    June 27, 2010 4:54 am

    Thanks for a great theme. Fircasiz oto yikama

  482. 513

    Great theme! I’m having trouble with the comments going to wp-comments-post.php when I click “Submit comment” and there is no such page, but I’m sure it’s something I’ve screwed up while tinkering.

  483. 514

    man farsi migam vase kesaei ke mifahman
    chejori bayad download konam kasi hast bem bege?

  484. 515

    hello, i’m trying lose the dock function with lastest post on the header.See my website
    ( http://www.aldofiliberto.com)
    I found the dock in the style sheet but i stil have the text over the header …how do i delete the dock function ?

  485. 516

    Dear Friend!
    I want to use this theme, but i don’t have any domain, how can i install this theme to my site.

  486. 517

    Blog Development

    August 2, 2010 7:44 pm

    Very nice theme. Thanks to the author and creator of this theme. and thanks a lot for making it free :)
    Best of luck…

  487. 518

    Marc von Brockdorff

    August 6, 2010 10:06 am

    Hey guys,

    I have finally figured out how to add page navigation to the Magazeen theme. Unfortunately pagination plug-ins don’t seem to work immediately so there’s a bit of code editing to do!

    You can find the instructions here: http://www.marcvonbrockdorff.com/general/page-navigation-in-the-magazeen-wp-theme/

    Thanks :)

  488. 519

    Hi guys I have a problem with that theme… my site is greek-iphone.com and I have changed some things in style.css plus I removed or installed some plugins and now my theme have some problems… I can see the hover on the featured news bar at the top nothing happens when the mouse is on them.
    The Categories drop down menu doesnt work on posts and a last one I need to enable somehow dropdown menus on navigation.!

    Any idea what should I do!

  489. 520

    Hi all,

    Thanks for this great theme, I’m using it on gepsegszalon.hu (a Hungarian language magazine on gadgets, mobiles and geek stuff).

    I have changed the logo text to an image (thanks to Rebekah for the solution) but I’d like to make the logo clickable (so it could redirect to the main page).
    Where and how should I include the a href code?

    Also, there is another question. There are 6 post categories, and I’d like to put them into the header (just like they were pages). Is there any method to do this? (All that came into my mind is to link category search queries, like http://gepsegszalon.hu/?cat=369 – but they do look ugly)

    Thanks in advance!


  490. 521


    September 6, 2010 10:47 pm

    You guys always deliver useful content. Awesome post. Keep posting more articles. Thanks for sharing useful info.

  491. 522

    Hi the templates are not working. I’ve uploaded the whole file to the server after extracting but when ever I am trying to open my site, it shows nothing except a blank page with white background.
    Guys plz help.
    U can reply me at (subhomoyswebsite@gmail.com)

  492. 523

    Can you please clarify which version of the GPL the Magazeen theme is licensed under? The style.css file merely says that it licensed under the GPL, but does not say which version.

    WordPress itself uses GPL v2, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to the Magazeen theme. Can I modify and distribute this under the terms of GPL version 2 ?

  493. 524

    Thanks for great theme. Anyway, I have some problem while installing the theme but I can fix it now in index.php.

  494. 525

    Hey guys, the demo site is being reported as suspected malware in Safari 4.1.1. Someone should check it out. Peace!

  495. 526

    This is really a great templates for WordPress. Many many thanks for share this !

  496. 527

    Vicki - VictoriaAnn Design

    November 1, 2010 2:27 pm


    Open header.php in editor from your wp Appearance menu
    Remove whole section from (and including)

    Save and that should see the end of the dock!

    Hope that helps.


  497. 528

    Thank you for this theme – I am especially touched that you have given us the PSD files to download as well – really cool. Keep up the great work. :)

  498. 529

    Thx for the theme! I only need to solve two problems to get an amazing blog.

    1) How can I change the search box to the sidebar?
    2) Hoy can I make my logo.gif clickable to go to the home?

  499. 530

    Hello! Love the theme and as a novice as guy, i’m finding it pretty easy to figure out.

    Here’s my challenge;

    I tried to copy the entire theme to another website I’m creating, and then modify it there (for the most part it will remain the same, just with a bit more detailed info). So I copied everything over via filezilla, then exported/imported pages, etc…

    But… I my home.php won’t change. And… I can’t find anything still directing it to the old site? It’s must be hidden somewhere… just can’t find it.

    Also, when I copied it I had a small results of blogs in the side bar;

    This file created an error and I can’t figure it out.

    Thanks for any help!!

  500. 531

    Hi all.

    We (drupalizing) have port this theme to Drupal.

    Theme is available under GPL license at drupal.org:

    demo is also available:

    Your comments are welcome

  501. 532

    Ethan said, almost 1 year ago:


    For all those having problems with the thumbails (or any pictures at all displaying), you need to CHMOD the ‘cache’ directory in the Magazeen theme dirctory to make it writable, otherwise timthumb can’t create thumbnails.


    It works for me!

    • 533

      thanks this is good i am i can only work on wordpress but i can ses full Magazeen Options and body help me


  502. 534

    It would be awesome if this theme had full-width template.

  503. 535

    Hi, I love the theme but I want to change the background colour. I’ve managed to do it for the bottom half of the theme but I can’t find the code area for the space under the header or the scrolling dock. Could you please let me know? It looks like there is an over riding top coat of colour & any changes I make are underneath.


  504. 536


    I’ve just installed your theme and I find it’s awesome. My only “complaint”, so to speak, is that I’ve set the Widget “Magazeen Sponsored Ad” first in the sidebar, I’ve added the adsense code in it and when displayed, there’s an extra space after this widget and before the following one.

    Does anyone know how can I get rid of that extra space?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 537

      Sorry. you can see it in action here: http://www.ricoypositivo.com

      And another question: How can I change the black header area and make it slimmer? (less height).

      • 538

        Hola Luis, me gustaría saber como cambiaste el header para que no ocupara tanto espacio. Veo que traduciste todo el theme también. Quedó muy bien.

      • 539

        Somehow you were able to make this theme work. Can you share
        1.how you got the thumbnails to work
        2. how did you reduced the size of the header

    • 540

      I’ve managed to solve both problems. Just in case someone is interested:

      – To reduce the vertical size of the black header I’ve changed in the Section 03 of the CSS the following:
      * In #header : I’ve change height:auto to height:98px (being 98 my desired new height).
      * In #searchform-header: I’ve changed the first value of margin to 38px (to keep the search box vertically centered)

      – To solve the problem with the extra space after the advert widget, I’ve removed the widget and put the adsense code directly in the sidebar.php file (I know, I know… but I’m in a hurry!!). :)

      That’s all, hope it helps. :)

      • 541

        thanks for posting.
        did you mean the magazeen-style.css?
        i cannot find this option nor can i see sections in DW.
        how did you write it in?

  505. 542

    Guys, I’ve tried everything. This same issue with Thumbs happen on Arthemia magazine theme, so I figured out it would be a problem with timthumb (the system that runs this thumb thing).

    If you have done everything:

    1) Set the cache directory on FTP to “777” to allow writing inside it.
    2) Set an URL on custom fields.

    Try this one… Worked FINE for me:

    Use .PNG or .GIF format for your file instead of .JPG or .JPEG. Dunno why, but it worked beautifully!

  506. 543

    How can I delete that pink comment above left?

  507. 544

    I love this template, so easy to customise,i just have two questions that it’d be great if anyone can help me with.

    1. How do i dictate the width of the image at the top of a new post?I want it to fill my left hand column.

    2. How do I make the padding less ABOVE the post content on a SINGLE POST page (not main page)? I’ve managed to make the padding 5px on the left/right of the post, but there’s a bigger gap at the top.

    Thanks everyone!

  508. 545

    One of the best themes I’ve seen – but after viewing comments notice others like me having problems getting thumbs to display in the right hand bar and top of the site.
    Can someone offer a non techy answer. I have read the briefest of answers about CHMOD the ‘cache’ directory in the comments – but to those versed only in modest wordpressing – this isnt explained clearly and the comments assume other users have this knowledge – obviously they dont, as like me, they wouldnt be searching these comments if they knew. Google searching is very tech in the replies I’ve read too and WordPress’ site as confusing in the answer. Anyone feeling up for offering a clear, simple solution to solve the problem of thumbnails not showing?

    I thought 777 permissions had risks for hacking etc and were to be done with caution – perhaps I may be wrong?

    I’m sure, like a good few others on here, that someone out there could walk us through a simple solution to the missing thumbnails…

    Thanks in advance to all readers and those at Smashing Magazine for your help

    • 546

      Once you have selected an image on your machine and uploaded this to the media library, you then insert this in your new post. THEN you need tohit the File URL button (still working within the new post window) and copy the file URL that has popped up and populated this field.

      Once copied, paste this URL in the “Magazeen post options image” field which is situated on the same page but slightly below the current new post window you are working on .

      If you copy this file URL and paste the address in the Magazeen post options image field you will get thumbs each and every time – nothing any more technical than this needs doing.

      Hope this helps

  509. 547

    Hi everybody,

    I am the happy owner of a blog with the Magazeen-theme, and I love the widgets to “recommended” and “newest” articles. Does anybody know the code for a widget which shows “most popular” articles?

    Best regards,

  510. 548

    I’ve used this theme for my college magazine, but I’m a complete noob and would like to know how to make changes to the header

  511. 549

    Hey, I have just started using the Magazeen theme and I love it. I am pretty new to this stuff and I am also wondering how I can shorten the header so it doesn’t take up so much space. I have played around in the styles.css but no luck yet.

  512. 550

    OK, Ive tried uploading the magazeen theme but there are a couple of major problems and I’d really, really appreciate some help here,
    1> it says that this theme does not natively support menus, but all the demos i’ve seen have running menus, is there a problem here??
    2> i have just one widget area available, sidebar1, I thought there were more

    Please i need help, Have a major deadline

  513. 551

    How do I add my Twitter , Newsletter and Facebook images and links? Is there an easy way to do this? I understand the RSS is a class, but dont know where it is defined. Thanks, and sorry if dumb question, newbie here.

  514. 552

    Great theme! I love how clean and pro it looks! Just a few questions for a complete noob (please put it in “Idiot’s Guide” terms, as I am very new to all this):

    – How can I change the color of the comment box in the corners of my posts? The neon magenta just isn’t my thing.

    – Why do some of my widgets spill over the edges of the sidebar? Can I change the sidebar width to compensate for them?

    – Why do the large pictures I add to my post show up just fine in the header slideshow gallery, but look incorrect in my actual post. It seems to center the photo at it’s maximum size. Can I make it smaller or change the image box in the post to a square instead of a long rectangle?

    You can see my problem here: http://www.sidneyreed.com


  515. 553

    im trying to add other social network icons beside the RSS feed icon in the header – i can’t seem to get it to work properly.

    if anyone can help, that would be amazing!!!


  516. 554

    also, im trying to get rid of the SMALL ”archived” posts at the bottom of the index page. i just want to have my full posts showing. i can figure how to change how many full posts to show but i can get rid of the ”archived” / smaller postings at the bottom.


  517. 555

    Has anyone noticed that when leaving comments, you can’t enter the ‘ or ” characters?? Anyone have a fix for this? Please reply!! Thank you

  518. 556

    Images seem to break when I upgraded to PHP 5.3 which was required for WordPress 3.1.1. Getting errors in timthumb.php

  519. 557

    thanks for theme
    very beautiful theme for me

  520. 558


    Great theme :)

    Could anyone tell me how I can customise the archive pages to show a similar layout the homepage, that is to make the archive and search results pages show the images and custom field data.

    Any help will be gratefully received.

    Kind Regards,

  521. 559

    All those still having problems with thumbs not showing up…you need to download the latest version of timthumb.php. Download from Google code here..
    Once replaced it should work just fine.

    • 560

      I downloaded the latest timthumb.php and updated the file on my server. Same issue no thubnails.

  522. 561

    Great looking theme guys.

    Thanks heaps!

  523. 562

    Tank’s for your template wp
    like for all your website

  524. 563

    This theme is sooo cute and I’ve gotten it to work for the most part. I have 3 issues though and any help would be appreciated!
    1. How do I change the order of the headings/menu? This theme does not allow for the WordPress menu but the custom menu only shows up on sidebar. How do I edit the menu that goes across the top of the site
    2. How do I get the posts to show up when you click on the headings?
    3. Is there a way to make the menu drop down?
    4. How do I make the sidebar wider? The contents on my text widget is cut off.
    5. How do i adjust the spacing between images and text in the body of my posts.

    The issues are all obvious on http://www.letmethink4u.com.

  525. 564

    Thanks so much Smashing for providing a mirror to download this theme – now that the original theme site is down this was the only place I could find to download it and it’s perfect for a new blog I am building!


  526. 565

    love the theme but the live demo link is not working: http://demo.wefunction.com/?wptheme=Magazeen
    please let me know how I can see a demo of the theme. thanks a lot :)

  527. 566

    How to apply pagination to this theme….please someone help me!!!

  528. 567


    Hi, I really like this theme, but also have the problem that the latest post images don’t show in the dock. I tried the fixes that area mentioned here, but none of them worked for me. I have it installed local on the latest xampp. Everything works fine, except the dock images. in Chrome I also get a white background for each image with a grey frame inside and in FF it shows me the alt-text…..
    Appreciate every help or suggestion.
    Thanks in advance! :-)

  529. 568

    goods template

  530. 569

    NSE tips, BSE tips and MCX tips covering whole Indian stock market research is available at Sharetipsinfo

  531. 570

    Has this theme been updated since version 2.9.6?

    Thanks and love the theme!

  532. 571

    does anybody fixed the pagination issue?
    i’d really appreciate your help
    tnx !

  533. 572

    I’ve been working with this theme for our news site, but can’t get the Tag Cloud to indent along with the rest of the sidebar. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix?


  534. 573

    Does anyone know if I can add a custom header in this theme?

  535. 574

    I notice that the pagenation still doesn’t work.

    I’ve tried a few fixes from around the web here and there but I can’t seem to get page 2, 3, 4, 5 to display anything different than what’s on page 1. If anyone’s figured out how to get that working, please let me know.

  536. 575

    Greeat templates, thanks for sharing :)

  537. 576

    Still having problems with the thumbnails at the header. Can someone help me out?

  538. 577

    yeahh, this is very good , thanks

  539. 578

    Tank’s for your template wp
    like for all your website

  540. 579

    I have installed the theme several years ago. Now the thumbnails stopped working.
    Can you help?


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