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We love our readers. We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. And we do our best to make the web design community stronger and the Web a little bit prettier. Therefore we ask talented artists and creative professionals to showcase their skills and release something unique and beautiful as a gift to the community. And when designers agree, truly impressive works see the light of day.


Today we are glad to release Magazeen — a free advanced WordPress-theme in a magazine-llok created by the talented WeFunction Design Agency2. This bold magazine 2-col-theme was designed with the main focus being on typography, grids and magazine-look. It was created especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Download the theme for free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Wordpress Theme3

Inspiration behind the design

As usual, here are some insights from the designers themselves:

“We’ve created the Magazeen theme to try and pump as much style and functionality into a WordPress theme to give people something they might not expect from their standard WordPress theme. There really is very few limits to what WordPress handle, so we’ve built in a lot of custom features and options to give people a little taste of what is possible, and how some small functionality tweaks can make a huge difference to the overall experience of browsing a blog. On top of that we’ve wrapped all that functionality up in a really cool and modern theme, with nice big title fonts, and a stylish colour scheme.

The Magazeen theme is packed full of cool features to really encourage your readers to explore new posts and similar items. The first thing you might notice is the jQuery image showcase at the top, which is fully automated and will display the image from the latest post, and the title above it without you having to do anything other than define the image URL in the custom field we have created which will appear on in your admin post area.

Wordpress Theme9

Drop-Down Menu

The other cool and fully automated feature is the related posts drop down effect. It’s a simple idea, if you click the category of the full posts a drop down will appear with some related posts from that category. And if you don’t see a post you like you can always view the full category by clicking view more.

Wordpress Theme10


The sidebar area’s have been created to give you a lot of control over the featured posts, and recent posts. Once you’ve installed the theme, you need to go to your Widgets area, and simply activate the “Magazeen Latest Posts”, and “Magazeen Featured Posts” widgets. You can easily control how many posts each feature displays, and using this widget will ensure the area is styled correctly with the post image showing correctly.”

Wordpress Theme11


Thank you, guys. We appreciate your great work, your attention to details and the brilliance of the execution.

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  1. 1

    What are the names of the fonts used?

  2. 202

    Having the same problem with the pictures. Any solution from the dev. Team?

    Thank you

  3. 403

    great theme, thanks for the generosity!

    anyone got a clear solution to the image problem yet?

    I have full 777 access etc… but no luck

  4. 604

    Hi i’ve set this template on my site lyricspassion.com…

    it’s images are not displaying on top. also when i click on that image the url is going 404 not found.

    How to solve this issue. can anyone suggest?

    Please do needful

  5. 805

    I had the same problem of the image thumbnails not showing on the magazeen theme, and here’s what i did to fix it:

    Create a /cache directory in the root of the theme folder, and set write perms to IUSR & Network Service (i’m running on Windows 2003/IIS 6)

    View the themes homepage rendered source html, and you will see one of the image tags source parameter makes a call out to a plugin called timthumb with the following code:

    img src=”[siteurl]/wp-content/themes/magazeen/timthumb.php?src=[siteurl]/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mypicture.jpg&w=521&h=246&zc=1″

    If i call that directly in a browser i can see the error message:

    GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist

    Preferred truecolor image functions, such as imagecreatetruecolor(), require GD2.

    By default, the extension php_gd2.dll was commented out in my php.ini, so i uncommented, restarted IIS and voila! the thumbnail images are now generating!

    Hope this helps someone!

  6. 1006

    Luciano Giustini

    March 12, 2009 1:18 pm

    Great theme!!

    I’ve [found] only a bug: on comments, while in the dashboard there’s a given date, on the post it shows the same date time on all comments. Which the cause? Anyone else the same bug?



  7. 1207

    so cool theme. thanks..

  8. 1408

    The theme will not show in mein themes in wordpress?
    Any solutions?

  9. 1609

    Elizabeth K. Barone

    March 13, 2009 11:35 am

    I have to say that the CSS is so beautifully organized! I am in love. Once I knew to change the CHMOD, everything was working wonderfully. I am now using this for a client. Thanks!

  10. 1810


    I think this theme is great, I’m going to use it for a community radio station site (not for profit) Can you just clarify the GPL licence for me and supply me with a link.


  11. 2011

    Why am I getting this?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: post_class() in /home/content/j/d/a/jdavis82/html/blog/wp-content/themes/magazeen-wordpress-theme/magazeen/index.php on line 21

  12. 2212

    I cant get the images work in the main page.. what do i type in the custom fields to post images?

  13. 2413

    Luciano Giustini

    March 15, 2009 6:07 am


    I’m sorry, is there a forum where to discuss about this theme bugs and features?


  14. 2614

    For those of you having difficulty getting thumbnail images to show up, try this:
    Instead of placing the full URL (http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg) use a relative URL that begins at the /wp-content/ directory. In otherwords, your new image URL would be /wp-content/uploads/image.jpg – I made this simple change and it works great!

    Now to figure out the Featured News section!

  15. 2815

    Anyone know how to fix the comment date bug? Also, can we please have the readme file?

  16. 3016

    IE shows post image as centered with text below

    FF shows image upper right corner with text floating around it.

    How do I get the image in the upper right corner for IE?

  17. 3217

    I love this theme! I am trying to get it working on WPMU.

    Note that if you if want the dynamic images to work with WPMU, the image urls need to be something like:
    Where, 7 is the number of your blog.

    In the post form for the extra image, use : wp-content/blogs.dir/7/files/2009/02/javajs.jpg (for example)

    If you are only using this theme for a single blog, and feel comfortable hacking things:

    Add the following block of php to right below the get_document_root signature in wp-content/themes/magazeen/tinytim.php.

    if( @file_exists( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . 'wp-content/blogs.dir/7/' . $src ) ) {
    return $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . 'wp-content/blogs.dir/7/';

    Hope that helps some. I’ll post more as i attempt to get this to work with WPMU.

  18. 3418

    Problems Meet Solutions.

    Ok for everyone who is having the double picture post issue, where your thumbnails are being inserted into your posts as if you wanted them to automatically be.

    Instead of removing your inserted picture that is proportionate and perfectly placed.

    Go into:

    single.php and remove the following code:

    [sourcecode language=’meebz’]
    <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src=”/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=225&h=246&zc=1″ alt=”” />

    Go into index.php and remove the following code:

    [sourcecode language=’meebz’]
    <a href=”” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “><img src=”/timthumb.php?src=ID, “image_value”, true ); ?>&w=521&h=246&zc=1″ alt=”” />

    And that’s that.

  19. 3619

    Problems Meet Solutions 2.

    Everyone having issues with thumbnail pictures not appearing at the top, here’s a foolproof quick fix.

    In Magazeen Post Options you’ll notice your image uploads are going into wp-content/uploads/2009/03/nameoffile.jpg – but if you check that folder on your ftp it will still be empty. And the thumbnails are not showing up on your site.

    Manually upload your pictures to that folder. Make sure the file names match the nameoffile.jpg you uploaded under Magazeen Post Options.

    There you have it. Code Shmode.

  20. 3820

    Hey Guys, first.. awesome job, thanks for sharing, always cool and quality stuffs.

    I’m using your theme in a friends blog,

    and everything works perfect, well, not everything, I’m having some troubles with the Dock, because when I hover on the thumbnails, it doesn’t show the title of the posta, and I’m getting really frustrated trying to figure it out. I checked all the comments here, to see if anyone had the same issue, but I guess none.

    And the drop down script is working, but not the one in the dock. I swear I didn’t change anything there (I think), just translate it.

    Maybe anyone could help me, or let me know where I have to check, cause I’m out of ideas… thanks…!! I’ll appreciate it. :)

  21. 4021

    Thanks to the person who posted the thumbnail fix.

  22. 4222

    I have a question:
    The url I have to put on the magazeen option when creating a post, so it could be a thumbnail:
    Does it have to be an image uploaded to my server?
    I mean, can’t I just put a link to the image somewhere on the internet?
    THANK YOU!!!

  23. 4423

    Is there a way to make the thumbnails to be a link to another page, I mean, not on our upload folder.
    If I put a link to a image, the thumbnail does not show the image, so it has to be uploaded into my folder.
    Is there a way to change this?

  24. 4624

    I installed this theme to my site and love it, only dilemma is that the header thumbnails aren’t displaying the post titles on mouse-over like the demo does… Can anyone help me out with that?

    Thank you.

  25. 4825

    also curious if there is a way to add a “more” link below the posts on the main page to go to the next ones further back, or even how to change how many posts show up on the main page?


  26. 5026

    ok so i think my dilemma with the titles not showing up on mouse over on the top bar has to do with java… but not sure what i need to do to correct it…

  27. 5227

    This theme is working out great for me. However, I am new at this and have not had any luck dropping my logo in place of the header text. Can anyone help or point me to a resource.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. 5428

    I love this theme I’m going to redesign it it and use. Thanks ;)

  29. 5629

    My thumbnails on my homepage aren’t working, so I downloaded that GD2 file and I have no idea what to do with it.

    The post with the step by step instructions might as well have been in Japanese. My website partner and I are only familiar with CSS/Html and we didn’t even know about PHP until we began using WordPress.

    Any help on how to fix the thumbnails in a simpler terms or a link to website that will teach us the PHP basics would be greatly appreciated.

  30. 5830

    Hi, please help to integrate any pagination like PageNavi to it, looks like it wont work with any pagination i tried. I’ve integrated various pagination plugins but no one works, paginatios is appears, but if you press any page to move, it opens the same posts as in index, how to enable it, please help, thank you

  31. 6031

    Wow – never seen these issues:
    1) I added the magazeen widgets, and now my wp-admin screen just shows the sidebar, not the widget edit tools. meaning i see the sidebar in my wp-admin screen, and the following error at the very bottom. I can’t de-activate the widgets bc the buttons are gone.

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/.instructor/boylogik/www.betatown.com/wp-content/themes/magazeen/functions.php on line 107

    Anyone have a solution to this???

    I’m testing the theme at http://www.betatown.com if you would like to see my sidebar issue and error.

  32. 6232

    any ideas?

  33. 6433

    I’ve added the images and for some reason, it’s not taking them. Anything I’m doing wrong?

  34. 6634

    Simply Amazing!!!!!!

  35. 6835

    i have downloaded this theme but have no idea to make it work. It seems to be perfect for what i want, but i dont know how to use it. Any help to get it up and running????

  36. 7036

    This is a simple and beautiful theme. I love it. I will use it for my ezine. The soothing colors are perfect for a magazine on awakening.

  37. 7237

    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  38. 7438

    Great Theme! I guess this is the best free theme i’ve ever found!

    good luck and keep the good working

  39. 7639

    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  40. 7840

    Hi, I use this theme on my blog but I have a problem the title of the post doesnt show up when I roll over the thumbnails at the top of the page… any idea how to fix that?

  41. 8041

    Subhadeep Gayen

    April 5, 2009 3:10 am

    Nearly perfect theme, it will be perfect if pagination is added

  42. 8242

    Here’s the solution for the comment-date problem:

    Go to the functions.php of the theme, there you have to go to . There you can see a string: . You have to change this to .
    That’s it.

  43. 8443

    This is a great theme… i love it!!!!!
    But one problem…as it was mentioned earlier that this theme has problems when opened by IE…i tired it on IE 5.5, IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8… the text is all shifted to the left and the menu bar is all messed up….does anyone know how to fix this??? cuz i really love this theme and wouldn’t want to change it!
    Thanx :)

  44. 8644

    Pretty please with a cherry on top would someone with knowledge of such things create a tutorial on how to install this theme with full functionality? It’s a beautiful theme but I’m not a coder. It’s a shame not to be able to use it.

  45. 8845

    Hey folks,

    any idea why the widgets that i put into the sidebar do not line up with the existing “featured news” and “recent news” widgets? I’v tried playing with margins but no luck.

    Pleaaase help!



  46. 9046

    Simply superb theme…

    i have implemented this theme in my website.

    Thanks for sharing such a superb wordpress theme

  47. 9247

    really good theme…

    I have also implemented this theme in my website

    I have the same problem ,
    how do you get the posts to show up side by side like on their demo?

  48. 9448

    Excellent work! Can I use this?

  49. 9649

    Great theme!! I just love it. Have posted it and tweaked it a bit for my site. Thanks a lot for the engineers who made this amazing material!

  50. 9850

    hi guys,

    to show up the thumbnails, what custom field does it use?
    my precious theme uses thumbnails too, under the “Thumbnail” fields…
    the question is, how do I edit theme to match the custom fields with ones I’ve made before?

    ps: sorry for my bad english….I’m still learning :)


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