The Smashing Book: Join In!


No, we’re not giving anything away in this post. Instead, we’ve got some work to do, and we need you to play an important role in it. Our most interesting (and important) project for 2009 is something we are modestly calling “The Smashing Book”: a smashingly written, beautifully designed and professionally printed book. It will be created by and for the Web design community. Four key decisions have already been made: the book’s title will be “The Smashing Book”; it will be a paperback; the price is fixed, as is the release date, which is early September 2009.

The Smashing Book

We want to create a totally unique and exciting book, full of insightful and useful articles; a book that contains only articles that a reader of Smashing Magazine would really want to read. No fluff, no cruft, just hearty meat and potatoes content.

To achieve this, we need the help of our community: your help. And what could be better than working on this important project together with our readers? If you want to participate in our project, please visit the forum1 (the registration2 is required for replies) and help in any of the following ways:

1. Suggest The Book Content

First, you can suggest a topic3 for The Smashing Book. Let us know what you want to read and what topics we should cover. What enticing, creative, useful articles should be written by us and our team? What should a Smashing Book contain? You can propose any topic you think would be great, but it must fit the small universe of Smashing Magazine and relate to design and Web development.

Once we receive your suggestions, we’ll evaluate them, filter and sort them. If necessary, we’ll open a second and third round of voting, which will (hopefully) help us select the most important and relevant topics.

Afterward, we’ll present the final list of topics to our authors team, discuss the ideas with them and assign topics. Articles for the book can also be written by members of the Web design community (of course, the authors will get paid for their work). So, if you want to propose an article for the book, please suggest your idea in the Book topics4 forum.

2. Suggest The Cover Design (Front And Back)

We want you to decide what The Smashing Book will look like. You can propose ideas for an unforgettable book cover design (any colors can be used), and you can also present your drafts in the Cover design5 forum. We’d love to see first drafts and invite forum members to discuss them, too! We haven’t decided anything about the appearance of the book yet, so free your imagination.

3. Suggest The Layout Drafts

Help us decide on the perfect prepress for The Smashing Book (not the final layout, but only layout drafts). How should it be designed? What typefaces should be used? What about font sizes, headings, columns, footnotes, image captions, page numbers, markup? What structure should the book have in general? We are open to your suggestions, so please participate in the Book layout6 forum: suggest your ideas and submit your drafts. We are looking for your ideas, wishes and expectations.

4. Help Us Out, And Spread The Word!

We want you to be part of The Smashing Book. Help us out by designing some outstanding buttons, badges, banners, pins, icons, graphics and whatever else you can think of. We are confident that together we’ll achieve truly outstanding results, even if the process will be a long one and see the inevitable hurdles along the way.

Of course, we will reward you! And as you would expect, we’ll also have small, exclusive rewards to give away to the most active helpers and participants.

Thanks for reading. And now, let’s get to work let’s move to the forum7!



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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    This is going to be awesome !

  2. 2

    yes it is.

  3. 3

    You can write about eshop design and ecommerce in total

  4. 4

    Cool! :)

  5. 5

    I must have it!

  6. 6

    Sounds very interesting!

  7. 7

    This is a very interesting project.
    I think usability is a important topic.

  8. 8

    I’m there!
    Let’s rock and roll…

  9. 9

    This should be not only a kind of international version of the Web 2.0 Praxisbuch (978-3836213424),
    but the concentrated knowledge of all SM authors – and readers as well!

  10. 10

    Nice idea, definitely going to purchase it!

  11. 11

    Awesome, finally!

    1. Suggest The Book Content
    Creative and cutting edge solutions. e.g. Use html5 and css3 to create great interactivity, only possible to date via flash.

    2. Suggest The Cover Design (Front And Back)
    Full black matte, no graphics at all!

    3. Suggest The Book Layout
    One font, different sizes, no other font-weights.

    4. Help Us Out, And Spread The Word!
    on it ;) (hmmm, first digg, peculiar …)

  12. 12

    I am definitely buying it!

  13. 13

    Oh joy – will be dead keen on this. Now if only I had some time to think about the above…

  14. 14

    So if the readers suggest the content, pick a cover design, choose the layout, and promote it too… what do you do ?

    [Comment by SM]: Well, we are writing the content and we take care of the publishing costs and of the layout costs. Please read the post one more time!

  15. 15

    good idea

  16. 16

    really good idea ! come on !

  17. 17

    I cannot wait for this book to come out. I’m will buy it for me, my friends, and my own mother.

  18. 18

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    February 24, 2009 2:21 pm

    @Sacha (#14): well, we write the book.

  19. 19

    So the purpose of this book is article based content for smashing readers.

    The question should be whether the content is a reflection/analysis of inspirational web designs from past, present or is it a tool for the future, tutorials, workflows etc?

    Making something look good is the easy and fun part.

  20. 20

    Can’t wait for it to come out!

  21. 21

    Awesome. Can’t wait.

  22. 22

    Cool! I can not wait for it to come out!

  23. 23

    ooOOOOooo can’t wait to get it!

  24. 24

    SM Rulez!

  25. 25

    Just retweeted this. I enjoy and recommend several articles from Smashing Magazine. I especially like the Joomla Toolbox, screen recording 101 and WordPress theme posts. I find the content to be well organized, easily understood by people new to the web and visually pleasing.

    Looking forward to the book release too!

  26. 26

    I can’t wait to read the book. I am only going to suggest the content part because that will be the main reason people will want it.

    1. Suggest The Book Content
    I am going to start out with aesthetics to design, an intro on what people should look for and realizing that overdoing it may kill their design. Next speak about markup languages so css2 with css3 on the horizon. Do not forget to mention multiple browser testing. Speak about social marketing and it’s impact on design.

    I will probably add more to this later but I think that’s a good start for a few chapters.


  27. 27


    I thought this was Smashing Pumpkins

    Kind of got confused

    Has that ever happened to you? Think one thing and it ends up being totally…

    Well I guess I oughta go, Your probably real busy with your book and all.

    Smashing whatever

    I don’t read books, it all goes back to when I was a kid and an encyclopedia fell on me

    I mean I was OK, but every time I go near a library or a bookstore I just freak!

    Borders those stores really freak me out

    Don’t get me started on clicking an Amazon Link…

    Yeah…I better Go now

  28. 28

    You guys should write about simplicity vs. eye-candy

    simplicity for example would be this blog, and eye-candy would be anything in Area01 group in DeviantArt (GUIs)

  29. 29

    Very cool.

  30. 30

    Could it be free … ?? :D

  31. 31

    I’m a little busy right now with work, but with the money I’m going to be making using my brain power else where… at least some of it will be going to acquiring a copy.

  32. 32

    Accessibility, Semantics, Design and Usability studies…

  33. 33

    1. Content

    How about design process? I saw a lot of great designs here. Sometimes I got inspirations. However, It would be nice to cover the topic on how to make those. Maybe interviews with some authors?

    And how about combining some of the articles in CSS, How-to and tutorials into a single chapter – “implementation” or “building” or any cool title you can think of?

    Basically, just divide the book into “What to do” and “How to do” is OK. And highlighted showcases can be in “How others do”.

    I would agree on Andy. Yes. Accessibility, Semantics, Design and Usability studies….

  34. 34


  35. 35

    With the power of jquery, flash etc….in today’s web development world, I think usability is one of the most overlooked issues. It would be great to see this featured as an extremely important topic.

  36. 36

    I’d like to see some raw numbers in the book on usability tests, present recent research findings, etc. Too many folks preach best practices (do this, not that) and never back it up with data or even state the underlying principles.

  37. 37

    Where can I pre-order? XD

  38. 38

    Considering web and print media are primarily mutually exclusive it will be interesting to follow this project. I look forward to becoming a part of — and contributing to — this project.

  39. 39

    Very exciting indeed! Hope it is easily obtainable in the Land of Oz.

  40. 40

    Lets see what I can do, but still GOOD LUCK CHUCK ! =)

  41. 41

    Sounds very interesting!

    Usability n UX would be a good topics…

  42. 42

    List out the preferred tools for different types of websites and what’s good about each one.

    CMS – what are the different ones. What’s most popular.
    Frameworks – Use what and where.
    XHTML – Do’s and Don’t
    Browsers – Hacks and known bugs. What browser supports what. (will IE8 support css3?)
    Code examples – standardized code that most sites use
    CSS examples – best practices. New popular tools
    Website Security – Doesn’t and don’t.
    Mobile/iphone world – best practices on building for this market

    sorry, guess I just typed up my dream reference book. lol. Wish you guys the best of luck. Are you going to sell a PDF or eBook version?

  43. 43

    for the community
    of the community
    by the community

    you guys are going great

  44. 44

    this will be a huge sales when it release…

  45. 45

    I’d think maybe something about icon design (not the whole book of course)? Also, I would very much like it if the cover design sources were a free download somewhere.
    On a related note, I’d probably buy it.
    On an unrelated note, the comment field is broken in FF 3.0.6

  46. 46

    Here’s a suggestion:

    You will obviously feature links in your book. MAke sure all those links point to your site. Usually, samples need to be updated, so you can always change the content of the pages the links point to, even add new comments, or allow people to discuss chapters online. Make your book kinda social.

    Just a thought.

  47. 47

    SEO and simple css tricks to optimise page load times

  48. 48

    real cool!

  49. 49

    Try to do something different. I mean, you can buy tons and tons of very good books about every given topic of webdesign, programming, usability and stuff in every bookstore out there.
    I would suggest to write about smashing magazine. How it came to be, who you are and what you did to grow to this size. It’s interesting to know where you get inspiration from and how much time and work you spend in it.
    This is an amazing site of international matter with “uncountable” visitors per day and many people want to take a look at the backstage and learn…

  50. 50

    Good idea…

    But why do we need a printed book ?, when we have this grate internet and so
    many web sites to read/learn about these…

    Whats the point?

    Oh! Btw, The right end of this commenting text area is overlapped by the shadow at the right side. So I can not see about 10 characters I type to the right side. I’m on firefox!

  51. 51

    Contents: A full fledged tutorials on jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous.

    Cover Design: A rain forest image.

    Spread out: I will put on my blog!

    Hyderabad INDIA

  52. 52

    Let’s hope this post will have 6000 comments also. :) Nothing free, but lets help out. See you on the forum

  53. 53

    So you want us to do all the hard work, to put our ideas an knowledge and you just add some of your own staff, edit the book and make a fortune….

    [Comment by SM]: You are wrong and you have probably misunderstood what we’ve written, please read the post carefully! We are asking readers what they want to have in the book. We haven’t written that our readers should write the book for us; and we are going to pay our contributors. Please read the post one more time! Please notice that all authors of SM are getting paid and please also notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

    Let’s do another cool thing, let me take all the contents of make a book and sell it! Of course i’ll reward you, don’t be a fool… i got some old t-shirts that i don’t wear anymore.

  54. 54

    cool cool cool
    lets go!

  55. 55


    Szia, jó látni h más magyar is olvassa ezt.

  56. 56

    hi SM,
    This is awesome, Some of my thoughts are:
    1. Usability
    2. Making and Success of SM
    3. Prof. How to… and
    4.Ultimate Designs

    All the best… :)

  57. 57

    How about Smashing write, research, design and publish the book and if it’s any good, we buy it.

    Answer from the SM Team
    did you read our posting? certainly not. we want suggestions about the content. we don’t want people to wirte stories for free, design a whole book or print it for free. we never said that. you got all this totally wrong. so pls stop your activism.

  58. 58

    Hmm, I’ll buy it for sure! :-)

  59. 59

    This gonna be great when it release.

    PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE sections should be there. Few for past and future
    and more on PRESENT.

    I like the WOLDA Logo book very much as they have only their official logo
    on their cover page.

    Otherwise Let’s c when it will release. I will surely buy one piece ;)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  60. 60

    You want us to suggest topic, design etc, and get the revenue?
    Come on, that’s is f****.

    [Comment by SM]: You are wrong and you have probably misunderstood what we’ve written, please read the post carefully! We are asking readers what they want to have in the book. We haven’t written that our readers should write the book for us; and we are going to pay our contributors. Please read the post one more time! Please notice that all authors of SM are getting paid and please also notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

  61. 61

    I can see a lot of people are enthusiastic about this. They are, of course, free to participate if that’s what they want. To me, this whole endeavor is a bit dodgy. You’re asking thousands of people to work for you without paying them. To add to that, you’re going to sell the book for profit! Smells like good ol’ unethical spec work.

    [Comment by SM]: You are wrong and you have probably misunderstood what we’ve written, please read the post carefully! We are asking readers what they want to have in the book. We haven’t written that our readers should write the book for us; and we are going to pay our contributors. Please read the post one more time! Please notice that all authors of SM are getting paid and please also notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

  62. 62

    I love the Smashing Magazine website. Visit it pretty much ever day, and think that all of the articles are incredibly helpful, and in general, of a very high standard.

    However, I can’t help but think that a book is slightly unnecessary. The world of web design and development moves on so quickly, that by the time a book is printed and published, its inevitably out of date. Also, a book covering all of the important aspects of design/development would be about 10,000 pages long!

    You guys have the perfect mouthpiece here on this website to reach your audience. So for me this seems to be all about the money you’re gonna make out of it.

  63. 63

    I am not a very experienced designer but this website has helped me alot …….. I will definitly be buying this book and i hope that it will include alot of tips and tricks for new designers like myself …….. I think a big topic in the book should be usablity and also typography ………… I also think that you should contain the design trends but go into abit more detail about what each trend is etc.

    I think a good idea would be to pick your chapters then do each chapter in three stages : beginner , intermediate and then professional then you are aiming the book at every audience and then no one can complain the book is too hard to understand or is to easy for professional designers ….. just a thought


  64. 64

    This is a great idea and would love to take part in the process. I will be happy to add my thoughts to the fourm and submit concepts.

    One Question i would like to ask Smashing, for those who do help submiting design work/content/layout ideas etc to this book, will they be credited in the publication?


  65. 65

    I love the idea !
    Smashing Magazine is definitely one of the best web resources!

    I posted my idea on book topics, and would so so much love to contribute content !

    cheers, Marin

  66. 66

    We have so many books available in market on any topic is concern,
    So, I suggest to come up with your own experience in the market to reach this level.
    How you start SM, who helped you in creating SM, Where and when it starts, etc.

    THE SUCCESS STORY OF SM would be a better idea for sure.

    Don;t divert your users to print media, hold them tightly on web.

    Keep rocking!!!


  67. 67

    Whilst I share the enthusiasm of the end result of the book, I feel you cannot have it both ways. You either make this book open source, driven by the community, and free for everyone. Or, you make it commercial and pay the contributors for doing the work they do. This way you benefit from free work, which I think is wrong.

    [Comment by SM]: You are wrong and you have probably misunderstood what we’ve written, please read the post carefully! We are asking readers what they want to have in the book. We haven’t written that our readers should write the book for us; and we are going to pay our contributors. Please read the post one more time! Please notice that all authors of SM are getting paid and please also notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

    I’m also surprised you publish it in dead tree format, how conservative for an online mag.

    And yes, your comment form is broken, not only in Firefox, also in IE7.

  68. 68

    Christmas present is set! Good idea. Can’t wait.
    Why not giving the book free to those who have contributed and all the others pay?

  69. 69

    So you want your readers to write the content of *your* book? And additionally make the design of the book. How nice! And then you’ll sell this book? I assume you will at least provide its content under a Free Software license, like Creative Common BY-SA?

    [Comment by SM]: You are wrong and you have probably misunderstood what we’ve written, please read the post carefully! We are asking readers what they want to have in the book. We haven’t written that our readers should write the book for us; and we are going to pay our contributors. Please read the post one more time! Please notice that all authors of SM are getting paid and please also notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

    Sceptical, to say the least

  70. 70

    I dont understand why everybody is complaining ……. I bet you that this website has helped all of yous one way or another in your careers ……. So lets repay them by giving them some good ideas ……. Maybe it is wrong that they are selling everyone else’s ideas but to be honest they are putting the money into the book we are just making idea’s for them and helping them along ………. They are making this book for people to use as a resource and for help …… So I think you’s all should get off there back and present your idea’s …….. Well done to all the one’s who dont act like children and are actually giving smashing magazine ideas :)

  71. 71


    How naive can you be? Whilst it is true that SM is a great resource, you have to realize it is mostly an assemblage of content of others, a very good one at that. This does provide a very useful service to us all, but you cannot change the essence: the work of others is used to attract visitors, which bring money to the table via ads. There is nothing wrong with this model, a lot of websites use it and need it to exist.

    So far so good. Where you go wrong is stating that we need to repay SM in some way for this service. Why? We don’t owe them anything. They make money from external content and us visitors. So it’s the other way around: SM owes their visitors, without them they would not exist.

    You may call this acting like childs, but unfortunately this is how the grownups world works. The customer is always right, not SM. You do not let customers work for you for free and then profit from it.

  72. 72

    this will be awesome, SM is already awesome… and a book from SM… this is a must haveve

  73. 73

    Ben (no. 71), I’m not sure who is talking like a child, but I can see who writes like one. Joking aside, most of the people who think negatively about this endeavor have actually explained their motives coherently. How can you state that what SM is trying to do with this project is “wrong” and then call readers that disagree with it childish?

  74. 74


    yeah actually i notice what i have said is wrong ….. am still learining am only a kid ………. am sorry for anything i may have caused

  75. 75

    @ dan

    Ok actually i realise i am writing childish ….. am only 17 …….. but i just think its good what SM are doing ……. they have been a real help to me in the past few weeks and i think in my opinion they deserve repaying ….. but also i have to realise its just my opinion and i should make it as if it should be everyones opinion …. sorry for any inconvience caused

  76. 76


    I think you just proven your own childishness, but anyway, I’ll bite:

    Where have you seen me claim that I am smart and run the show? I’m a visitor passing by the site and run nothing. All I did is share my opinion, backed by arguments. I have seen nobody coming with counter arguments yet, other than your own silly remarks: You’re “living your life to the full”??? “You are just jealous because you cant do what they do”???

    “You are one of the very little amount of people who think it is wrong wot Sm are doing”

    Correct. So what? Am I supposed to laugh and dance like everybody when I don’t agree? I do not care how many agree with me, my opinion is my opinion. If there is a large majority who has a different opinion, that is fine by me, but I do not change my opinion. It’s called integrity and character, you may learn it when you get older.

    “dont even come on and tell people because they dont wanna hear it ”

    So you are now running the show, huh? Do not speak for others. As far as I know, this is a public forum. You certainly do not determine what others want to hear. And those who do not want to hear me, SM can moderate me away or visitors can skip my posting.

    “you just go round putting good people down”

    No I don’t. I think asking from people to work for free and then profit from it is “putting good people down”. I do not criticize how useful the content here is, in fact I love it.

    Anyways, anyone who wants to contribute, will contribute. No issues with that. Just not a fan of the approach.

  77. 77

    Nice idea. How much would be?

  78. 78

    @ dan

    i meant to say shouldnt make it eveyone elses opinion ….. sorry

  79. 79

    Super awsome!!! This rocks!!!

    You wannabe book designers? – why not design the flipping book yourself. Awsome!

  80. 80

    I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with what Smashing Magazine is doing here from its desire to make money, though I personally find it unethical… for me… since the workers aren’t receiving compensation. Alas, this isn’t the downfall of society we’re talking about here.

    What I do think though is that this approach is very old-fashioned. Imagine if Ford had a press conference to talk about some new car they were going to be selling soon. So everybody who is interested gathers around. And when it gets uncovered it’s a Model T. And the crowd goes wild… uh… what? Hardly.

    This is regressive and a fantastic waste of time, human power, paper, ink, etc., and the vast majority of these will end up in landfills. SM, allow me to suggest that you rethink this endeavor and put your efforts elsewhere. So far you’ve done a great job on this site, so I imagine you would also do a good job with either new features on or another site.

  81. 81

    Sounds like a great idea! I’m sure it would be a great resource. I just worry that it may become out of date as soon as it’s published.

    But then great design is timeless!

    I’m off to the forum now!

  82. 82

    awesome – this ought to be good. :)

  83. 83

    I think Flash SEO Capabilities would be something really cool for the book. Most people still don’t know that this can be achieved. Nice full break down of that and maybe like an adSense tutorial for all the new programmers/designers looking to get their sites out there and make money from them. Yes anyone can just go to adSense and set it up, but there are definitely allot of different ways to position ads around the page, and using certain keywords can increase profit dramatically.

  84. 84

    How about a visual history of web design trends since the inception of the web? With a part at the end for up and coming designs

  85. 85

    1. Suggest The Book Content
    how to design better blog and website particularly with some “inspiration” and also how to tackle worst case scenario in designing.

    2. Suggest The Cover Design (Front And Back)
    just put smashing magazine logo is enough.

    3. Suggest The Book Layout
    graphic and graphic and more grpahic

    4. Help Us Out, And Spread The Word!

  86. 86

    this book must be free or for a very low price ( 1€ )

    [Comment by SM]: Please notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.

  87. 87

    this book must be free or for a very low price ( 1€ )

  88. 88

    Good luck with it all. I think it needs lots of beautiful imagery to substitute for the fact that it will probably date quickly as you can’t easily update a book.

    Good luck fellas.

  89. 89

    The articles I like the most from are the inspiration posts. A long list of inspiration from around the web, all in one article. I can see the copyright issues with a book like this though.

  90. 90

    Awesome ,
    i’ll try to help and will buy as soon as it’s ready

  91. 91

    It ‘ s sounds good, I like it…

  92. 92

    its going to be great stuff!!

  93. 93


  94. 94

    QUOTE – “Articles for the book can also be written by members of the Web design community. So, if you want to propose an article for the book, please suggest your idea in the Book topics forum.”

    What is so ambiguous about that? And as a professional designer I take extreme issue with your “Cover Design” Forum too. It reminds me of when you had the “community” design your new logo.

    You help us designers with your articles, (but advertise within them (fair enough!)) but this is very very close to taking food out of our mouths, and any professional who contributes is supporting spec work and should be ashamed. Everything you mention above is your job, or your job at least to tender out to a professional for a professional price, it’s a simple as that.

    [Comment by SM] We understand your concerns, but unfortunately you completely misunderstand the concept of our book, because what you are writing is simply not true. We just want to discuss with our readers what content they would like to have in the book and how they want it to be presented. Once it’s done, we’ll write the book by ourselves – our team is a team of freelancers like you, dear Tom, who are properly get paid for the great work they do. And other writers from web design community will get paid too, of course!

    And if you want us to stop the project and it will be stopped, you’ll achieve what you (hopefully) don’t want to achieve – our writers will not get the job and they won’t be able to become book authors and earn some money.

    If our book post isn’t clear enough, please let us know how we should improve
    the article. We respect our authors and they are, of course, getting paid
    – in fact, better than in any other blog or magazine.

  95. 95

    Sorry to double post, but I am quite incensed. You republish other peoples work here. Usually in handy lists. It’s useful,and I thank you for it, and I click on your ads once in a while. I’m sure a lot of other people do too.

    The last time I remember you generating any actual content of your own it was a complete failure: which should have taught you a lesson about hiring (and paying) professionals to do a professional job.

    I work hard to design covers and layouts. The next time I get a paying job, should I turn it down so I can work on this for you for nothing? Would that make you happy? This is truly shameful and I urge a general boycott of this whole disgusting concept.

    What exactly are those “small rewards” you promise? Are they around the thirty euros an hour I need to earn to pay my mortgage? If so feel free to write and set up a meeting.

  96. 96

    Sensacional, muito bom mesmo ! Só aqui mesmo.

  97. 97

    As a Publisher I can’t wait its a brilliant idea pls how can I be your distributor in Nig.
    am so much intrested in paticiating..

    pls get us more details on css4 illustratir & branding

  98. 98

    Hello friends SmashingMagazine

    i hope that have many users in Brazil and the book give translation into English.


  99. 99

    Sounds like a fantastic idea. Cynics of this project are not only being overly cautious, they are not even devoting the five minutes it takes to read the entire article. Nowhere in the article does it say, “We decided our community should write a book; get crackin’.” I’m excited about the project and will do what I can to help.

  100. 100

    I would like to see SM return to posting genuine content, instead of comment driven posts for give-aways, and nonsense about a book that will be stale news by the time it is even published. Get back to what got you here fellas, you’re pushing the envelope so hard to make extra cash, that I think you forgot what got your audience here in the first place. Good content, a descent read, and a nice viewing experience. Period.

    Your last two posts are garbage. And forced you to respond to comments all day instead of drumming up new and exciting material.

  101. 101

    I can help in translating some (may be few) chapters in French.

  102. 102

    That is amazing. Real book made of paper? I will buy it, for sure.

  103. 103

    deepak madhana raj

    February 25, 2009 2:31 pm

    First thanks smashing magazine for all the articles posted in the website. Now a Book. A big WoW!

    I think usability, graphic design for web, freelance designing.

    How Usability plays a important role in a product (web application or like google checkout, or a financial product and…)

    Psychology of human (users)

  104. 104

    I’m sat here simply laughing my head off at the vast amount of so called ‘professionals’,
    disagreeing and questioning this book!

    Do you have the IQ of a 5 year old? Because all i can gather from what you are saying is that your lacking in the ability to read! The good people at SMASHING MAGAZINE write and put together the book themselves, the reason they are asking such questions is that they want it to fill the best off its potential with regards to its readers…. US!

    How are they supposed to know what we want without asking?!

    Think about what you say before posting, it really does make you look silly.

    • 105

      Well it shows you do not have sense. Well sometime people do not read the article due to lack of time. Some write due to their interest in SM. Your IQ is too good in noticing wrong things in others.

  105. 106

    I hope you dont put all of us to work and then sell the books and keep the profits!!

  106. 107

    Here are my feelings about this issue, in more detail:

    A message to the guys at Smashing Magazine: you asked me what I would like to read about in the book: I want ot read about something that YOU care about. I wouldn’t read your blog if I didn’t think you guys know a whole lot more about web design than me. So why ask ME for suggestions ?
    You have very loyal readers who trust you to come up with something great ! Use this to your advantage, don’t try to write a book just to please everybody.

  107. 108

    I can’t wait for this book to be published!

  108. 109

    Hey guys it’s the 2nd comment here from me…

    I have no problem providing good content to the visitors, whether it’s others content or your content.
    And there is nothing wrong with your post, its crystal clear what you are going to do.
    And yes! There is nothing wrong with writing a book. And also nothing wrong with asking for others ideas.

    It’s just that why should I buy this book, when I have the access to lot of resources online for free which also be up to date.

    By the time you are getting others ideas, then plan it and write and then edit finally you print and deliver it to me, web development world will be moved forward in big steps.

    “Please notice that producing a book costs a lot of money.”
    – Not only money guys it costs a lot of time too.

    So will that cost of the time worth the money you are going to spend?

    Why not start a web site with your own content (tutorial + articles) if you really want to provide good content. I’m sure people will write for you for some money if you pay them.

    P.S. the comment form is still broken. Is this the site which talks about usability and accessibility? ;)

  109. 110

    I have to agree with Haranga – what’s the point?
    I think the fact that you are asking for ideas proves that this is a bad move – you are doing it because you want to be known as published authors (don’t we all) rather than actually having a usefull subject to impart.
    Secondly, so many tech-related books are completely out of date by the time they have reached the book store that I can’t think of a subject where a book is better than a good web-site.

    Keep up the good work HERE, and don’t waste your time and money on dead trees.

  110. 111

    I’m really excited about this. If you guys can cover WordPress Theme building like you did in your incredible WordPress Developer Toolbox post that would be GREAT! Having that handy off-line would be nice.

  111. 112

    I’m the first one who’ll buy this book! Great idea! Do you publish it in The Netherlands too?

    Suggestion for content:
    Some ‘cheatsheets’ for designing and programming!

  112. 113

    ok.. onestly, such a book can be cool only if published every 6 months with all what’s new on the design/web/etc area. in other case, i see it as a nice moneymaking machine from the still loyal members… be smart guys, i’ve seen MANY bigger companys/communitys than smashing get killed by their “smart” ideas which the visitors “didn’t get it”. just my 5c… oh, and fix the comment box yes. =) check the CSS tutorials on the right side of your site. Also, for the “smart” guys here which u can clearly see SM instructed them to post something,.. well fy all wankers. i have a bad feeling this book idea will bring u LESS visitors, and hopefully not a single dissapointed asian ddos kid which would claim he’s’ work is in the book, etc.. anyway, keep the site and drop the book idea, books are for smart people, collecting good article is what you guys are good at. do KEEP what is making u look GOOD. peace

  113. 114

    Joehoe! This is what I was waiting for! I’m definitely going to buy the book, when it’s published!

  114. 115

    callum kilpatrick

    February 27, 2009 2:42 am

    hii there guys my names callum and i absouletly LURVE this site every time i click on and see the loading sign i just get the urge to slip my massive dong inside the hard-drive and pound hard until i’ve exploded all over smashing hehe

  115. 116

    no joke i seriously just keep ejaculating everywhere, all over small animals, my mates, the carpet , wallpaper and its all because of this website just gets me so freaking hot

  116. 117

    Brilliant! Can’t wait!


  117. 118

    I’m buying this

  118. 119

    drop the idea of the book. you guys are doing well on the web.

  119. 120


    grate!!! comment form is fixed!!!

    hmmmm… so wts the idea about the book? I will tell you publish a monthly magazine if you really want to print something.
    Else if you want to earn some more cash… be smart and post some silly posts like this.
    So ppl will come and comment on this so you will gain good traffic. Increasing traffic = increasing the advertisement rates :P

    Just think twice before printing a book like this.

  120. 121

    I think this is a good idea.

    I think it should be arranged in the process of creating a website, however, with more in-depth areas, such as; background on Colour usage, typography, layout, usability, html, css, javascript (plus integrating jquery, mootools etc) and so on. Then chapters on marketing, SEO, using social media etc.
    Maybe even sections on starting a web business, becoming a freelancer etc.

  121. 122

    Have you ever done anything yourself ?

  122. 123

    Wow, I just read the comments here and all I can say is online people are getting stupider every single day. They want YOUR suggestions of what content YOU want to have in the book. They aren’t telling you to write it.

    Sacha (#108): “I wouldn’t read your blog if I didn’t think you guys know a whole lot more about web design than me. So why ask ME for suggestions ?”

    Dude, you’re acting just like most of my clients. You want them to GUESS what you’re interested in? How do you want them to address important issues we face by guessing? I read your little blog whine. How can you compare the iPhone with a book?

    @SM Guys: Implement a voting system for comments and stop reading them. Garbage will filter itself below the threshold eventually.

  123. 124

    Topic: How to build a functional creative collective group.
    Combining web and graphic designers with copywriters, account execs, etc that work freelance but could share an office and some projects capitalizing on each others experience and expertise and sharing the profit without having to become a full blown company…

  124. 125

    Hey, why not upload it to and make it easier to publish

  125. 126

    I’m buying this book. all the whiners, can go cry to mommy.

  126. 127

    i Can’t wait now!

  127. 128

    Wahou !! Very cool idea ! I can’t wait to read it !
    I live in france, don’t you think that we will have it also in sept 2009 ? Or have we to wait more ?

  128. 129

    I am gonna buy this for sure :)

  129. 130

    I hope this book will be translated in French.

  130. 131

    Joaquín Cabrera

    July 26, 2010 9:23 am

    Hi I bought the smashing book but its damaged, where could I send to you some photos?


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