35 (Really) Stunning Photos and Pictures


We love beautiful photography. In photos, the beauty isn’t necessarily reflected in an eye-catching combination of colors; perspectives, angle, composition and, most importantly, the idea behind the shot or the situation in which the shot was taken, are particularly important when it comes for our showcases.

Over the last months we have covered a variety of different photography arts, such as shadow photography, night photography, city photography, arial photography, urban decay and many others (you can find them in our section Inspiration1). This time we present you a “mixed bag” of some truly outstanding photos and images, created by talented photographers and designers across the globe.

Below you’ll find 35 truly stunning, beautiful and unusual photos. Every image is linked and leads to the source from which it was taken. Please feel free to explore further works of the talented photographers presented above.

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35 (Really) Stunning Photos and Pictures

María A.C. (ernieland)4


Divya (Diamondee)6


Sarah Lee8


Akhilesh Sharma10


Ahmed Shiham12


Dominic Kamp14


Si Micklewright16 (via17)




Dieter Schaefer21


Janusz Leszczynski23




Carlos Pardo27


Miguel (miguelyn)29


Dan Barron31




The Beach35









Land Nick43


Jorge Sato45


Clark Little47


Frank Daske49
“The rooftop pattern reminds me on a painting by Paul Klee, I’ve loved once. So, for me, it has a meaning. And for you?”


Simon Shareef51


Hubble Space Telescope53
“In January 2002, a dull star in an obscure constellation suddenly became 600,000 times more luminous than our Sun, temporarily making it the brightest star in our galaxy. The star is called V838 Monocerotis.”


Perico Terrades55


In Cherl Kim57 (South Korea)


Aubrey (Aubirdy)59


Nejdet Düzen61


Brad Harris63


John Kirkwood65


Majed Sultan Ali67


Indah Susanti69


Joel (photo61guy)71


Jill Buschlen73


Daniel Cheong75


Claudia Domenig77


Dave Alexander79


Azzam Merchant81


Steven (merriewells)83


John Carleton85


Jaime Fernandez87


5348 Franco AWAY89


Gavin Will91


Mayela Fabbiani93


Phil Warner95


Last Click

Rosie Hardy97


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  1. 1

    Hey Thanks a lot for these wonderful images.

  2. 2

    You’re always amaze me …

  3. 3

    amazing works
    I always feel free to view these pictures
    And to express in chinese, it is:太厉害了

  4. 4

    nice collection

  5. 5

    you’re tremendous, smashing!

  6. 6

    Nice? Yes.
    Stunning? No.
    Good collection? Yes.
    Great collection? No.

  7. 7

    each and every shoot has an idea a concept and meaning plus emotion attached to it :)

    thanks for sharing they are really nice

  8. 8

    I feel an instant emotional connection with each and every of these beautiful photographic images. Thanks Smashing!

  9. 9

    Some of these are pretty outstanding, some not. Love the ones from Jamie Fernandez, Steven (merriewells), Majed Sultan Ali, Brad Harris and Sarah Lee.

  10. 10

    There are some outstanding shots but unfortunately just some. I think it would be better to make a smaller collection, let’s say 10 photos, to keep the quality high. Same goes for some of your other collections and lists. Anyway, thanks for this, it was a pleasure to view some beautiful photos!

  11. 11

    Clark Little, Brad Harris, Perico Terrades, Jaime Fernandez, Azzam Merchant, Rosie Hardywow! You really stand out! Great works all of you!

  12. 12

    Hey! great collections! really made my day! thanks

  13. 13

    some are great, some are good…

    I would prefer collections about a certain topic.

  14. 14

    Super collection, some very imaginative stuff.

  15. 15

    They’re all good, clean photos with good qualities, but they all just seem so “stock” to me. the only one I really like which might even be the most simplistic, is the one that has “I MISS HER” painted on a wall. That’s the only one that really hits me.

  16. 16

    nice stuff

  17. 17

    A great collection…thank you for the inspiration.

  18. 18

    Wow.. Thanks a lot – they’re beautiful

  19. 19
  20. 20

    There are many beautiful photos, thanx. Especially with road.

  21. 21

    Cool photos!

  22. 22

    Wow wow wow! What an art !
    Awesome Photographs really ! =)

  23. 23

    i love those bradharris.com photos

  24. 24

    Absolutely stunning!! I love these posts ye do, they do my heart good! Although the one of the surfer makes me wanna cry, I need to surf NOW!!

    I really like Gavin Will’s shot, I do the same thing, leaning on the window watching the city go by, and it captures perfectly the feelings.

  25. 25

    Some photos are REALLY bad

  26. 26

    Wow pics. loved the one with the sun peeping between the wave.

  27. 27

    Daniel Matthews

    March 16, 2009 3:33 am

    Simply stunning…. Love the inspiration.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Sorry fellas, but I’ve seen way more stunning photos than these above. Anyway, nice try (bow)

  30. 30

    These photos are just beautiful. Thank´s for the post.

  31. 31

    honestly….. not that impressed.

  32. 32

    great great great

  33. 33

    Some photos are nice, but most of them are just colorful kitsch…

  34. 34

    Even colorful kitsch can be beautiful..

    Daniel Cheong’s picture is wonderful. Overall a very nice collection.

  35. 35

    Are close-ups of flowers really stunning, though?

  36. 36

    It’s unfortunate that for photos to be considered “stunning” that excessive editing in Photoshop or 3d Max is needed. Many of these have been edited QUITE a bit – and I’m not talking about just boosting the saturation. HDR – different exposures layered over each other and cloning is visible in at least a couple of these pieces.

    I’m all for the use of Photoshop to boost my photos, but there’s a line to where it becomes computer art rather than photography.

    I’d prefer to see a post of actual photographs with minimal editing – let me see what you saw through the viewfinder, rather than a couple of hours of fiddling on the computer, editing a base image, applying a couple different exposures on top, cloning out this, removing that, adding that shadow in…

  37. 37

    Beautiful photos

  38. 38

    Lots of kitsch. I like photos that could be the beginning of a (short) story. Like the first one.

  39. 39

    Very Nice

  40. 40

    man, I am tired of HDR manipulation.

  41. 41

    They are nice. However, not stunning.

  42. 42

    47 photos != 35…

  43. 43

    Some nice work but I feel the post could be split between photoshop modified and straight up photography.

  44. 44

    Pretty much the slightly below average Smashing collection of “pretty.”

    Nice? Yes, with all the softness implied by “nice.”

    “Stunning?” Puhlease. Try harder and don’t be so lazy. You’ve done much, much better than this in the past. This selection verges on “Stock Photography.”

  45. 45

    The kitty pic was my favorite! : ) Thank you for these!

  46. 46

    I completely agree with Stephanie.

  47. 47

    Smashing!!!!! Very Inspiring . Clark Little’s was gr8!!

  48. 48

    The title of this article is “Stunning Photos and Pictures…” I will add with accent on Pictures.
    Yes some of them are really stunning.
    I noticed that editorial have tendencies for publishing HDR images, which I considered borderline with kitsch.
    About “stock looking photos”, internet audience is used to look at stock images, not just on internet there are tv commercials, magazines, etc., so with
    new generation of digital photographers, hobysts and everyone else with todays procurable
    digital cameras and software equipment, people are making stock looking photos consciously or subconsciously, we all are under influence of our enviroment.

    For those who never heard for Henri Cartier-Bresson, just type that name in google, and browse. Enjoy and learn something.

  49. 49

    Buenisimas imagenes.

  50. 50

    I have to agree with a handful of the folks here and say the overwhelming majority of the photos posted in these type collections on smashing simply are not stunning photographs.

    I mean, I get that people have their own tastes, and I’m cool with that, but for such a fine site to have such an amateur eye for photography is surprising!

    That said, there are 4 or 5 great photos in this collection. I won’t single them out so as to be rude, but I think most with a sensibility for photography can pick them out.

    I say – if you want smashing to be as good a source for stunning photgraphy as it is for web design, you should have a guest poster do your photo collections. Would be great I think…

  51. 51

    janusz leszczynski’s foto isnt amazing is dull and boring -and there is nothing stunning

  52. 52
  53. 53

    Leland Clemmons

    March 16, 2009 1:52 pm

    That helicopter light-painting is incredible! The amount of work that must have gone into preparation is astounding. That last photo looks great too, but I’m not sure if that rainbow-esque spectrum is attributed to processing.

    • 54

      “That helicopter light-painting is incredible! The amount of work that must have gone into preparation is astounding.” Thanks…it was friends helicopter and it’s amazing to see in person. It’s a one of a kind.

  54. 55

    Careful, or you’ll wear out that link-bait strategy that has served you so well till now. This post was definitely sub-par.

  55. 56

    you guys could really use a photographer on board because these photography posts of yours are getting more and more average.

  56. 57

    Rosie Hardy as your last picture? You know she steals people’s images right? google “rosie hardy plagiarism”…

    Not cool

  57. 58

    Gorgeous picture … Great

  58. 59

    Clark Little, 5348 Franco AWAY, Daniel Cheong …. really STUNNING…!!!!

    thanks a lot!

  59. 60

    I absolutely LOVE Rosie Hardy’s photos. Thanks for the post.

  60. 61

    Rosie Hardy ? Are you kidding ?

    She is a copycat.

    She copies the original photos of DeviantArt artists and sells the images.

    Ps : Please google : Rosie hardy Plagiarism.

  61. 62
  62. 63

    I suggest you to remove “(Really) Stunning” from the title…

  63. 64

    And truth to eat beautiful photos!

    Particularly gentle embraces…

  64. 65


  65. 66

    This is great!!!
    Waves photo’s photographer is too lucky with such this photo :)


  66. 67

    I love the mood in Jaime Fernandez’s and the colour feast in Mayela Fabbiani’s!

  67. 68

    Does what it says on the tin… some really stunning photos. Though I agree that some do use alot of photoshop effects, which is a shame.

  68. 69

    Most of these are fantastic! But I don’t know why some of those are there.

  69. 70

    One the images above has been placed on this site without my knowledge or permission, can anyone please tell me who I can send the bill to for the use of this image, thankyou.

  70. 71

    Santosh Puthran

    March 17, 2009 9:00 am

    Excellent photos. My eyes are wide open.

  71. 72

    Stunning…a few, but surely not all of them. Maybe I should start describing my own as amazing, extraordinary collections and they too will be Digged hundreds of times and soon enough I’ll be able to make a living doing this…hmmm…http://mackieimages.smugmug.com/

  72. 73

    @John and @Tony, I had no idea about the “Rosie hardy Plagiarism”. That’s awful. I came across her photos through Flickr and really liked her style. I didn’t know that couple of her pictures were copied from other people’s hard work. She shouldn’t have done that cuz after all she has a lot of original work and that could ruin her career.

  73. 74

    sum of this stuff is preaty cool but most of it sucks

  74. 75

    What do you think about this one?

  75. 76

    I just love to check out your site from time to time and see inspiring photos, artworks, designs, tutorials, etc. and this is right up there. Thanks for posting, especially for people like me who enjoy being inspired and love all types of media for creation, rather than act like some mightier than thou art critic who thinks they made CREATIVITY up! Keep em coming!

  76. 77
  77. 78

    Incredible GOD!

  78. 79

    Nice Photos and Images!!!

  79. 80

    These pics are really great, as always. it always amazes me how you manage to find these pics. :)

  80. 81

    Some really great pictures! Thank you for showing!

  81. 82

    Perico Terrades

    March 20, 2009 1:28 am

    Gracias por publicar mi foto, estoy realmente encantado

  82. 83

    so beautiful!!!

  83. 84

    I agree with 35, Stephanie…. most of these photos have been edited in someway.. some more than others… and I would agree that not all these are quite as earth shattering as you make out… I really don’t like too much photoshop editing. 1st photo was a good start and a few others but then a few others let down the notion that it is purely photography. Show me some photos which are purely photography and hardly any photoshop editing and I will be immensely impressed. I might as well add that my photos are awesome.. but I am biased :)

  84. 85

    Great Photo’s

  85. 86

    These are really stunning photos. They are actually smashing.

  86. 87

    Most of these are pretty boring. A few are cool I guess.
    Nothing amazing.

  87. 88

    All these pictures are phenominal!!

  88. 89

    That was outstanding and exceedingly inspirational! Excellent job. :)

  89. 90

    Prof Shah Murad Mastoi

    June 6, 2009 7:58 pm



  90. 91

    jOuao9 comment6 ,

  91. 92

    hi chachoo im khalid mastoi

  92. 93

    Amazing, all are really stunning beautiful, but I really like the first, and the last, and from these photographers Akhilesh Sharma, ~Anti-Pati-ya , Berryness, Azzam Merchant, Steven (merriewells), Mayela Fabbiani…. Thanks a lot for these stunning photos.

  93. 94

    Awesome post – thanks for these awesome shots!

  94. 95

    Awesome pics!

  95. 96

    Unusual..Amazing pics….just superb photography !! Thanks and keep going on..

  96. 97

    Theses are really stunning! You always have the best posts!!!

  97. 98

    some of the photographs featured are not stunning at all..

  98. 99

    just great…

  99. 100

    really cool…n stuning…

  100. 101


  101. 102

    GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!////

  102. 103

    Bernie Peoples

    May 23, 2013 2:22 pm

    Sensational shots, loved them all!

  103. 104

    I love all of them. Their photo is madly.

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