99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications


If you haven’t heard of Twitter1 by now, you must be living under a rock! It is everywhere, and everyone is using it. To say that the rise of Twitter has been explosive would be an understatement. As a result of this growth, the number of Twitter apps and tools available has become extensive. So, in this post we have filtered them down to a respectable 99.

Below, we present 99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications, split into the following categories: Tools and Productivity Apps, Statistics and Analytics, Find New Twitter Friends Apps, Search Twitter Apps, Web-Based Mobile Apps, WordPress Twitter Plug-Ins, Adobe Air Twitter Apps and Firefox Twitter Extensions.

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Tools and Productivity Apps

Twittercal is a service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar and lets you add events easily, directly from your Twitter account.

Twitter Web App7

TwitPay is a simple way to send payments via Twitter.

Twitter Web App9

Find, follow and interact with businesses, apps and services on Twitter.

Twitter Web App11

Users can post to their Twitter account by sending a message to their own unique email address.

Twitter Web App13

Promote your business, special offers, promotions and events with Twitzu.

Twitter Web App15

Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release.

Twitter Web App17

This app allows you to post Tweets at a later time and date.

Twitter Web App19

Send private Twitter messages to specific groups of friends.

Twitter Web App21

Twitter Alerts22
Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company and anything else, via hourly email updates.

Twitter Web App23

TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, the TwitPic home page or your Twitter account.

Twitter Web App25

Your Twitter Karma26
Twitter needs a decent page for your followers, with the functionality to sort them by type. This Web app does that.

Twitter Web App27

Mr. Tweet28
A personal networking assistant for Twitter, helping you identify relevant followers, recommending you to other users and regularly computing your Twitter usage statistics.

Twitter Web App29

Remember The Milk30
Remember The Milk keeps track of your tasks. Simply add Remember The Milk as your friend, and you can add and interact with your tasks through direct messages and get reminders, too.

Twitter Web App31

StrawPoll is the coolest way to follow the opinions of people on Twitter. With this app, you can create your own poll.

Twitter Web App33

If Twitter goes down and you start to feel withdrawal symptoms, use this service to continue using it. Twiddict makes sure all your tweets end up going to the proper place.

Twitter Web App35

Twitter Friends Network Browser36
Browse through your Twitter friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends…

Twitter Web App37

Post your RSS feed to Twitter automatically.

Twitter Web App39

Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about, as they talk about them, on Twitter.

Twitter Web App41

The Twitter Dictionary, aka Twittonary, provides explanations of various Twitter-related words.

Twitter Web App43

Enhance your social media marketing by offering discount coupons to the Twitter-sphere!

Twitter Web App45

twenglish 46
Twitter translator: Simply type in your tweet, and twenglish will twanslate your tweet for you.

Twitter Web App47

Send a greeting card, a surprise message or an invitation on Twitter.

Twitter Web App49

Tweet What You Spend50
Cash-tracking made simple with Twitter.

Twitter Web App51

Twittertise allows you to advertise on Twitter and track the success of your branded communications with customers.

Twitter Web App53

With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets and upload your photos, MP3 music, podcasts, you name it.

Twitter Web App55

Unfollow Tweeps who have not posted tweets recently.

Select a random Twitter follower, friend or retweeter.

If you become overwhelmed by a Twitter user’s constant tweets, you can keep them quiet with a single click of a button.

Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, displaying the info in a variety of useful views.

With Twonvert, you can easily convert your tweets into SMS shorthand language and say more with less characters.

Create a sticky note for your tweets.

Translate from English to text message shorthand and vice versa.

Twitter Statistics and Analytics

This website is constantly being updated to allow you to find the most popular Twitter users. Want to be on the list? Twitter constantly.

Twitter Web App64

An app that tracks your number of tweets per hour and per month. It basically creates a graph based on your tweets.

Twitter Web App66

Twitter Grader67
Twitter Grader measures the power of your Twitter profile. How high do you rank?

Twitter Web App68

Similar to Twitter Grader, twInfluence lets you calculate the indirect influence of you and your followers on Twitter.

Twitter Web App70

A thorough analytical Web app.

Twitter Web App72

Enter keywords or a phrase and see how often it appears on Twitter.

Twitter Web App74

See trends on Twitter; find out what’s hot and what people are saying about it.

Twitter Web App76

TweetRush provides estimated statistics on Twitter usage over a period of time.

Twitter Web App78

Just how much time do you spend on Twitter? Are you wasting time?

Twitter Web App80

Find New Twitter Friends Apps

TwitterTroll.com is a real-time Twitter search engine to find new friends.

Twitter Web App82

Just Tweet It83
Just Tweet It makes it easier for tweeters to find other tweeters with similar interests.

Twitter Web App84

Friend or Follow85
Who are you following who is not following you back?

Twitter Web App86

Qwitter: Catching Twitter quitters87
Qwitter emails you when someone stops following you on Twitter.

Twitter Web App88

Twubble is a Twitter extension that helps you find more friends.

Twitter Web App90

Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio91
Your Twitter ratio is the ratio of your followers to friends (i.e. people you follow). It is measured with the TFF ratio (Twitter follower to friend ratio). The higher the ratio, the more Twitter heat you pack.

Nearby Tweets92
Who is tweeting close to you? This app helps you connect with them.

Search Twitter Apps

WhosTalkin is a tool that allows users to search for conversations on the topics they care about most.

Twitter Web App94

Twitter Search95
Search Twitter is an excellent search engine that allows you to find out what’s happening in the world beyond your personal timeline.

Twitter Web App96

Flaptor Twitter Search97
Comprehensive Twitter search.

Twitter Web App98

Input a Twitter username or keywords in the Twitscoop search box to track a conversation, topic or conference.

Twitter Web App100

With Twellow, you can search for someone on Twitter or browse through various tweet categories.

Twitter Web App102

twitSeeker is an alternate search engine for finding Twitter users and browsing the results in one interface.

Twitter Web App104

Twitter Web-Based Mobile Apps

Hahlo is an excellent and fully featured Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Twitter Web App106

Send messages to Twitter using your voice.

Twitter Web App108

PocketTweets is a Web-based Twitter client for the Apple iPhone.

Twitter Web App110

TinyTwitter works on any Java-enabled device and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or smartphone.

Twitter Web App112

TwitterBerry is a mobile client for posting updates to Twitter from your BlackBerry.

Twitter Web App114

Share pictures and status updates from your mobile.

Twitter Web App116

Slandr delivers an enhanced mobile website for Twitter.

Twitter2Go provides a quick and simple way to update your Twitter status.

Discover, connect with and send messages to people nearby. Upload photos and update your Twitter account.

Twittelator is an all-around great new application for your iPhone.

TwitterFon is a simple, clean, easy to use and super-fast Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

iTweet 2122
iTweet 2 has built-in auto-refresh, search and hash tags. You can view user bios and locations and also view conversations with the “in reply to” links.

GPS Twit123
Run GPS Twit on your phone to make it easy for your friends to find you.

An open-source Twitter client for your iPhone.

WordPress Twitter Plug-Ins

Twitter for WordPress125
Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.

Twitter Tools126
This plug-in integrates your WordPress blog and Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog, and create new tweets from blog posts from within WordPress.

Twitpress is a WordPress plug-in that submits a user-definable tweet to your Twitter account, notifying Twitter followers or friends that you have posted a new blog entry.

SimpleTwitter allows you to add Twitter messages to WordPress templates (and not just in the sidebar).

Tweet This129
A plug-in that adds a Twitter link to every post and page on your WordPress website, so that visitors can share your blog entries through their Twitter accounts. It also shortens URLs automatically.

This plug-in imports any tweets that discuss your blog or post. The tweets appear as comments.

Install TwitterCounter on your blog to display the number of followers you have on Twitter.

MyTwitter allows you to display your Tweets on your WordPress website and update your status on the MyTwitter settings page.

With the TweetRoll widget, you can display the number of your followers and friends.

Twitt-Twoo is a simple little plug-in that allows you to update your Twitter status right from your blog’s sidebar.

Adobe Air Twitter Apps

Toro for Twitter 135
Designed to be simple, Toro uses an experimental Twitter client library to remove the Twitter API limit.

Twitter Web App136

Most of the features available on the Twitter website are accessible through twhirl, with usability enhancements.

Twitter Web App138

Tweetr is a Twitter client that allows you to send and receive Twitter messages, but with some added cool features: support for taking photos with your webcam and sending files (up to 10 MB).

Twitter Web App140

TweetDeck aims to improve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking the abundance of Twitter feeds and breaking it down into more manageable bite-sized pieces.

Twitter Web App142

DestroyTwitter is a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets current and up to date using notifications that appear as soon as a new tweet is posted.

Twitter Web App144

TwitterLocal is an Adobe AIR-based app that allows you to filter tweets by location.

Twitter Web App146

Spaz is a well-designed and well-developed Twitter client.

Twitter Web App148

Short for “Snooks’ Twitter,” Snitter is a cross-platform desktop Twitter client.

Twitter Web App150

Some features of Twitch are TwitPic integration, URL shortening, the ability to combine friends and replies, reply-highlighting hash-tag support and more.

Firefox Twitter Extensions

TwitBin is a Firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations directly from your browser’s sidebar. Send and receive messages, share links and more.

Power Twitter153
Power Twitter adds a multitude of features to the Twitter website interface.

This extension adds a tiny icon to the status bar that notifies you when your friends have updated their Twitter status. It also has a small text input field to allow you to update your own status.

This Firefox extension lets you post tweets longer than 140 characters on Twitter.

TwitterBar allows you to post to Twitter from the Firefox address bar.

Twitter Search157
This plug-in gives you quick access to the real-time Twitter search engine.

An essential Twitter plug-in for the Firefox quick search feature.

TwitterEyes keeps track of your character count as you compose tweets and replaces characters if you need extra room.

Finally, Worth A Look

Is Twitter Down?160
Is Twitter down just for me or for everyone? This great app gives you a simple answer: yes or no.

Twitter Web App161

An interesting Twitter experiment: click on a keyword on the left, and see what tweets are currently being published that contain that word.

Twitter Web App163

A real-time geographic visualization of tweets. Amazing.

Twitter Web App165

Similar to Twittervision (above) but with a sleeker interface.

Twitter Web App167

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Paul Andrew is a freelance Web designer. He is chief admin for Speckyboy - Design Magazine, a Web design, Web development and graphic design resource blog.

  1. 1

    I can’t believe Tweetie was missed. It totally made me doubt the entire list. Tweetie for iPhone and now for Mac is by far the best Twitter app…

  2. 102

    Wow, this is an amazing list! I’ve seen and used a bunch of these but it’s going to take time to get through all of them… a bit overwhelming. Thanks!

    Here’s another Twitter tool not mentioned: Peekr.

    If you’re like me and you like to see interesting background images when someone has a custom Twitter profile, you can easily see the full Twitter background image using the peekr “twidget” to take a quick peek at their full background image.

    It’s a free bookmarklet (a.k.a. favelet) available at http://www.peekr.net.

  3. 203

    Great list. I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the ongoing poll going on in the Twitterverse to vote on the current Best Twitter client. Check it out here:


    and vote for your favorite. If you pass it on to others, please use the #topclient hashtag.

    John Moore

  4. 304

    Here’s our twitter relationship management tool (with bulk follow and unfollow):

  5. 405

    Extremely informative..

  6. 506

    I just released my new twitter train site. It is a twitter essential if you would like to grow your twitter network quickly and easily. Check it out: MyTweetFollowers.com

  7. 607

    TwitWishList.Com- Just made a web application that combines twitter with your amazon wishlist. TwitWishList connects your twitter account with your amazon wish list. You announce the event you want to celebrate and when and TwitWishList announces/tweets your special occassion and provides a link to your wish list so your followers can buy you a gift and celebrate with you.

  8. 708

    TwitWishList.Com Just made a web application that combines twitter with your amazon wishlist. TwitWishList connects your twitter account with your amazon wish list. You announce the event you want to celebrate and when and TwitWishList announces/tweets your special occassion and provides a link to your wish list so your followers can buy you a gift and celebrate with you. TwitWishList.Com

  9. 809

    TweetLister is a free service that allows real estate brokers and owners to take full advantage of the vast, wide-reaching social network on Twitter. With TweetLister, you can easily create, post, manage and schedule all of your Twitter listings. A must have for anyone renting or selling a property.

    It’s also a great search tool for those looking to buy or rent a home or office. The TweetLister search engine can be found here.

  10. 910

    If you dont want to hand over your twitter usernames and passwords to a third party website but want to implement a “keyword” autofollow
    if you are running multiple accounts and need more than 100 api hits an hour (if you get your ip address whitelisted you can get 20,000 api calls an hour).

    Then check out http://www.MyTwitterButler.com for $10 it’s a windows .net application that run directly on your pc instead of in the cloud.

    It does two things;

    1/ Auto Follows Users with up to 4 search terms per twitter account (allows multiple accoutns – I run mine with 11 accounts simultaneously but it slows it down).

    2/ Direct Message Broadcast – you can send a direct message to all you users with just one click.


  11. 1011

    Craig Kerstiens

    May 24, 2009 4:36 pm

    I noticed a few friend management tools in the list, my most frequently used one is probably tweeptracker.com simple and straightforward but saves me a lot of time. Allows me to see who i follow but doesnt follow back, then unfriend or block as I like. As well as adding those that follow me but I don’t follow.


  12. 1112

    All I can say is THANK YOU! I have been on a hunt looking for all these applications and I am glad you have them all listed here. You left out one more that I thought was really really great because its showing people how they can get paid on Twitter.

    Stephen Pierce just posted his Definitive Twitter Resource Guide on his blog. It has 201 Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps. It’s a free pdf download on his blog. I think its a very good tool. http://www.dtalpha.com/talkback/?p=355

  13. 1213

    Matthew Tommasi

    May 30, 2009 3:14 am

    Very nice list!

    I have also done up a list as well. The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools @ The Social Media Guide http://bit.ly/zhXUv

  14. 1314


    June 2, 2009 4:43 pm

    Muito Bom! Very Good!

  15. 1415


    June 6, 2009 8:30 pm

    I’m starting a new Twitter app that will work like Tweetdeck but also allow you to do a whole lot more. Lots more columns will be allowed and up to five accounts on at the same time. I haven’t gotten it completely done yet and need some testers to try it out and tell me whether they like it. Just email me and I’ll give you an invitation to check it out.

  16. 1516

    it is very informative. it will definitely help in my twitter..

  17. 1617

    Translate your tweet into your choice of over 40 languages and post automatically and intermediately.

    You can also view previous translated tweets to help you learn new words and keep track of your conversations.

    Tweet Translate

  18. 1718

    We just released a reverse phone search application for Twitter. It leverages the power of Twitter and WhitePages.com to allow users to look up an unknown phone number inside of Twitter! In addition, it cross-references 2Gator.com to see if a phone number has had a complaint filed against it previously.


  19. 1819


    Just launched a very original and funny application called TwitterLoo, hope its good enough to make your list :)


  20. 1920

    Great post! You should add Ref.ly to your list. It’s an amazing new tool for turning Bible verses into short URLs.

  21. 2021

    Martin Buckland

    June 24, 2009 4:01 am

    Very comprehensive. Thanks

  22. 2122

    Richard Harper

    July 5, 2009 1:29 am


    We would like to notify you about Twittospheric, a website we just opened.

    Twittospheric let you see in real-time all tweets about any topic like if you were in the twittosphere!
    It’s a fun & cool way also to explain to your friends what is Twitter ;) with an original visualisation of the new tweets, there, up in the higher skies!


  23. 2223

    A great new twitter friend adder (and cheap) at http://twitterontherun.com
    Great for adding friends on twitter. Runs in the background slowly finding people and getting rid of people that don’t follow you back. You can target who you want to follow. Great twitter tool.

  24. 2324

    Just found which allows you to track and interact with celebrities on twitter, its seems pretty cool and kinda addicting

  25. 2425

    A great list. I’m not sure our app is “essential”, but it’s a lot of fun – it’s free Twitter printer that makes printer friendly output from your Twitter tweets. You can include Twitpic.com images and user avatars. Try it and see, it’s http://twitprint.com

  26. 2526

    I think it is also worth mentioning Twitroduce which has been described as a formalizing #FollowFriday.

    Also, for branded URL shortening, 9MP.

  27. 2627

    Steven Thompson

    July 23, 2009 1:02 pm

    Just played with a new twitter tool at a conference I was at and HAVE to pass it on as it was magical. http://www.tweettoolbox.com It hasn’t been “officially” released yet but you can get in on it for free if you sign up now.

  28. 2728

    I didn’t see AUTOPILOT TWEET ( http://www.autopilottweet.com ) listed which is a great program. It is helpful for getting followers on Twitter and has a cool feature which can follow by keywords. Very useful Twitter app!

  29. 2829

    I think that link was bad in the previous comment. Here is the correct website for Autopilot Tweet:

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