Smashing Community Icon Set: Comment and Win!


Ready for this? Here’s how it works: you tell us what icons you need, and then we design them together with SoftFacade51 (which recently created the beautiful Smashing Retro Icon Set2) and release them for free. And to make it a bit more interesting, we’ll smash six commenters and forum participants with original nerdy gifts.

To participate, just suggest an idea for a great useful icon set in the comments to this post or in this forum thread43. Details are below.

How do I participate?

Participating is very easy: just let us know what icon set you would like us to design (and, if possible, what specific icons the set should contain) in the comments to this post or in this forum thread43. The set may contain at most eight icons.

On the 20th of March, we’ll select the most popular ideas and requests and publish a poll in our magazine, inviting our readers to vote on their favorite theme. Once it’s done, the creative minds behind SoftFacade51 will carefully design the set and submit drafts of its work in progress to the forum, documenting the design process. Hence, you can observe how the set is created and, if there is something you would like to change, communicate with the designers directly. You can keep track of updates on Twitter @smashingmag6 and @softfacade7.


A total of six commenters and active participants in the forum will be awarded Mac Dock Icon Throw Pillows8 (see images below). The winners will be picked randomly and announced in the forum and on Twitter after the theme of the icon set has been chosen.



Finally, we’ll release the set as a free download, which you can freely use for personal and commercial use.

Smashing Magazine Is All About Our Readers

At Smashing Magazine, our readers have always been our highest priority. We respect our readers; we listen to them; we are always open to their suggestions; and we always appreciate constructive criticism. This is why we created a number of ways to interact with our readers:

  • We created a friendly Smashing Forum11 to make it possible for our community to exchange ideas and help each other in problem solving.
  • We are using Twitter12 to share useful resources and knowledge with, and get feedback from, our readers (e.g. deciding which article should appear next), and we now have almost 20,000 followers.
  • We are preparing the Smashing Book13, in which our readers can decide what topics will be included.

And now we would like you to decide what icon set we should design and release next, especially for you. We hope to get great feedback from you, and we would like to thank SoftFacade for its cooperation in this event! Please spread the word, too; we would like the design community to decide what would be most useful and interesting for designers out there!

So, what icon set is it going to be, folks?



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  1. 1

    I’m developing a nice financial application for a credit company, I’m not a designer, so I do really appreciate, if you create a nice Financial Icon set, with a safebox, a bank icon, and stuff like that. That would be great!!!!!

  2. 102

    A medieval icon set :D Swords, Shields, etc!!!

  3. 203

    some straight to the point, normalt icons, ut with a touch of post-war/cold war thing to them. that theme would be awesome. truly an achievement..

  4. 304

    Medieval, Steampunk & Grunge have all been great ideas! I would also love to see some icons for portfolios, like many others.

    I think something a little ambiguous would be fun. Maybe the bodies 5 sense or something. Ear, eye, nose, tongue, touch. These would be useful for more than one thing.


  5. 405

    I would like a blog icon set in an art style other than the web 2.0 cute and shiny. Grunge, art deco, or something unique.

  6. 506

    I suggest an iconset for a web app for an specific business… Maybe a hardware store… For example it can includes an invoice icon, an order icon, a product icon, a category icon, and others icons like customers and suppliers,etc…
    Maybe could be a good idea join all these in one set because I didn’t found in internet.
    Well.. Is only a suggestion :)

  7. 607

    samuel Eglington

    March 18, 2009 3:28 pm

    i think a portfolio set is needed.
    home,profile,photos,artworks,design,web design, illustration,animation,music,blog, contact detail, mobile,home phone, email,mail Address.
    these icons need to be in a range of sizes, form 32×32, 46×46, 64×64
    and a range of colours so the users can mach any layout to the icons,
    also a full social icon set including.
    myspace, skype, facebook, twitter, IM, youtube, beepo, digg, and of course smashing magazine
    these also need to be in a range, form 32×32, 46×46, 64×64
    i think the icon design needs to be adaptable to any site layout,
    its no good if you have a site that uses mostly dull colours like browns and grays
    to only be able to find bright “red” icons. so the icon colour range needs to be considered to mach any page colour layout.
    also the look of the icon needs to be match be able to site so perhaps a as well as a clean neat icon with nice gradients one to be developed with a more grungy/ hand drawn look and aswell as a basic one without any gradients.
    the perfect icon set is within reach, and you could be the ones to do it.

  8. 708

    Make a icon from the followings:
    1. Graphic design
    2. Portfolio
    3. 3d creation
    4. RSS feed
    5. Website
    6. Add to Favourite
    7. Link me in

    These should be sleeky and a bit 3d look on top of that shadow on the bottom will be best.

  9. 809

    The firefox one, definetely

  10. 910

    Sean McCambridge

    March 18, 2009 3:50 pm

    Body parts icons could be fun and useful. I’ve been working on a doctor’s website, and it would be fun to keep a theme going with noses, ears and feet, etc. :)

  11. 1011

    I think we can all agree that Apple has done quite a good job overall in designing their icons for our docks, so to really test the Smash skills: I would like to see you try to re-design and better the current standard dock icons!! But still in a general theme, so no weird horror or grunge or easter or christmas theme.. good luck!!

    In short: re-designed apple dock icons.

  12. 1112

    I would love an icon set based around tufts of grass on little chunks of soil with icons poking through to use on WP theme…

  13. 1213

    Great idea! I like icons of:
    * GIMP
    * Twitter
    * Notepad++
    * Firefox
    * Inkscape
    * Ebooks
    * Pictures
    * Chrome (I like one!!)
    * OpenOffice / Office
    * uTorrent
    * IM
    * Songbird, Spotify… Music

    Thanks a lot!!

  14. 1314

    ooo wouldn’t mind some music and musical instrument icons.

  15. 1415

    or wouldnt mind some sport icons… swimming, cycling, running, etc

  16. 1516

    I would like to see shopping icons built for a mobile web environment. Large enough to touch, but not so big that you can’t get 4-6 on a screen.

    Specific icons would be:

    Find Product (That doesn’t use the standard magnifying glyph)
    Find Store (Store locator)
    My Account
    Order History (Or track order)
    Shopping Cart
    Wishlist/Shopping List

    Please provide a blank version to continue theme.

  17. 1617

    Hi, congratulations on an amazing site and your great communications!

    Would love a Tourism Icon Set…

    1 – Accommodation
    2 – Dining
    3 – Attractions
    4 – Activities
    5 – Directions
    6 – Wineries
    7 – Shopping
    8 – Tours

    Would be willing to offer any advice and suggestions

    Best Regards,

    Ray & Danielle

  18. 1718

    A blogging icon set would be smashing.

  19. 1819

    i need some cute icon about animals..!! pets especially..
    pig, cow, dog, cat, sheep, or anything..

    better if any doctor icon with them..

    thanx… ^^

  20. 1920


    and i’ve looking for the music metal icon for my blog..
    the vocalist, the guitarist, the drummer, the spirit, anything..
    but i never find ’em..

  21. 2021

    I would like to see some fancy yet simple navigation icons, for a vehicle tracking website.
    Like two or three vehicles, a placemark/house, some traffic signs and traffic lights, a warning sign… They would fit nice on my current project.

  22. 2122

    a charity iconset would be a good idea, to set a new trend. eg. take action / become a member / donate… other request is for ‘step’ based icons… eg step 1, step 2, step 3 with a house theme to it.

  23. 2223

    Icons for a trouble ticketing or issue tracking system. Example, ticket, milestone, issue, comment, etc.

  24. 2324

    hey i’d like to request an icon set for a custom xmb theme for psp, although that disagrees with the requirement that we can only request at most eight icons. too bad
    so how bout a gaming icon set for a gaming site then?
    with sections for

    gaming news
    game reviews
    game previews
    top games
    game rankings
    gaming forum
    downloads (wallpapers,gallery etc..)

  25. 2425

    Woooooo super cute pillows…

  26. 2526

    My ideal icon set of gadget geekery:

    1. Game console + controller
    2. Digital SLR
    3. QWERTY smartphone
    4. iPod Touch
    5. Netbook
    6. Gaming Mouse
    7. Portable gaming device

  27. 2627

    Jennifer Chiappisi

    March 18, 2009 7:00 pm

    As WordPress is used moreso for CMS applications by web designers, I’d love to see either an icon-set for the inward facing WordPress, ie. icons for their menus in the case that you decide to customize the inside of WP for your clients.

    Another great option I’ve seen posted here has been ECommerce icons. Most web designers will need to use that type of icons every now & again and it would really be helpful.

    I would say, since these Icons are available for commercial usage, I’d rather see them actually be able to be used in web or graphic design rather than just for replacement dock icons or things to replace your standard icons for the Adobe line.

  28. 2728

    I would vote for community based icons. For social websites, like, myspace or facebook. Those are the most difficult icons to get a grab of.

  29. 2829

    Jordan Humphreys

    March 18, 2009 7:13 pm

    A fashionista icon set.

    Example Icons include designer suit, stylish dress, cologne/perfume bottle, scarf, shoes, pants/jeans, tie, and a bathing suit.

  30. 2930

    I’m currently doing a project management system (which I’m planning to make an open source version), and since I’m more of a programmer (back-end, logic) rather than a designer… I’m having a freaking hard time with the graphics that I need, specially icons. So a project management icon set will surely be useful!

  31. 3031

    Going to go with an “anti-Internet Explorer” icon that I can link to Firefox 3 download.

  32. 3132

    Following sets would be awesome:

    1. Food items in a grocery store e.g. cabbage, corn, chicken, onion, tomato, potato, cheese and peanuts (out of the web context, but will be fun)
    2. Web Design Process e.g. CMS, Graphics, Content, Designer, Client, Tech guy, Hosting, Freelance & Designer’s invoice
    3. Designers icons e.g. icons for Typography, Digital art, Painting, Illustration, Graphic Design, Character design, Web Design & Graffiti arts.

    These are just off the hat random thinking. Nice idea Smashing.

  33. 3233

    I think I’d really like to see some nature icons… Either forest/plant or ocean/sea creature ones would be amazing.

  34. 3334

    A set based on the education. Examples could include:
    – Blackboard, chalk, duster
    – Pile of books
    – Mechanical pen & pencil
    – Graduation hat, certificate
    – Rulers, t-square & other geometry tools
    – Calculator, abacus
    – Lab equipment (test tubes, microscope, etc.)
    – Globe (of the table-top kind)

  35. 3435

    I reckon a set of icons based on graffiti and vandalism would be great, loads of different things like a fat marker could be for illustrator or a graffiti writer as the icon for msn messenger, something along those lines!

    well done guys, this is a great idea.

  36. 3536

    I would love to have a set of Alternative Energy icon set.

    1, Solar power
    2. Wind power
    3. Bio fuels
    4. Fuel cells
    5. Wave power
    6. Clean coal
    7. Geothermal
    8. Energy conservation

  37. 3637

    Since most of SM readers are designers (I guess :p), so it would be a great idea to design custom icons for designers portfolio. By custom I mean wouldn’t it be great if we can change colors, self picture (from my works icon, or about me icon), etc. If the icon will be provided in psd, ai format, that would not be a problem. And about the theme of the icon, I think sleek/smooth icons would be great.


  38. 3738

    We would love to get an custom icon set for – all twitter related.

  39. 3839

    those pillows are super cute!! where can i buy them?

  40. 3940


    I need some icon sets to be used regularly by my friends and colleagues and seeing which they should be reminded of power saving, fuel saving, ozone deplition efect, save plants and plant more trees :)


  41. 4041

    how about a set of icons for sign-in, sign-out, sign-up, and icons for the contact page like telephone, fax, email, printer…

    i dont see these too often… atleast not good ones..

  42. 4142

    Abdulsalam Alasaadi

    March 18, 2009 8:51 pm


  43. 4243

    Some mini icon sets perhaps?

    I always thought that there wasn’t so many sets of mini icons (16×16,32×32) and all just look the same, we didn’t have many choices when it comes to building a real application. (famfamfam, milk icon, etc) It starts to get boring in the process. :-D

    Those geeky pillows are so tempting.

  44. 4344

    Social icons :)

  45. 4445

    I would like to see social icons made of plant’s roots, worms, and other underground beings.

  46. 4546

    Something different, something original, like book icons!

    You could have a Book with any kind of insignia on it, ie: PS, DW, ichat icon, etc.

  47. 4647

    I think of them :-

    Green earth icon set
    Peace icons
    Confectionary icons
    Save Time icons
    Contact – telephone,fax icons
    Web 2.0 terminology icon set eg. RSS, tagging,bookmarking etc
    Stationary icon set

    Thanks Smashing magazine.

  48. 4748

    Spoil yourselves and create a social networking/smashing icon set for Mobile!

  49. 4849

    1. Car parts (sport, tuning)
    2. Dog related icons
    3. Plant, flower icons
    4. Forum icons
    5. Mobile and communications icons

  50. 4950

    Hi there!

    I think a great icon set would be Real Estate. There is not much out there.

    Real Estate Icon Pack would be great.



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