Bizarre Surreal and Dark Art Pictures


Art is a thing that attracts almost every individual. Today we would like to share with you two different but very interesting mediums of art which are called as Surreal and Dark Art. These types of art are quite different from other conventional mediums of art. In these medium, artist conveys his thought and imagination in a very mysterious but somewhat fantastic or I should say in a bizarre style.

I personally like these types of arts as they express the most beautiful and positive aspects of life. Artist has much room in these types of art to motivate your life, to inspire you and to bring happiness and positivity in your life. So, here’s the collection of most momentous and conceptually imaginative surreal and dark art works.

Do have a look at these photos and do not forget to share your comments with us.

Creative Surreal and Dark Art Pieces



You grow inside me3


A new life5




Fear of Light9




C O R E13


Flying Brain15


Femme Arbre17




Lost Fairy21


Under The Last Moon23


Not the Right Way25




When the darkness fades away29


I will survive31






Watching Dreams37


We are in this together39


Me and the silence41




We are still in this together45


Hollow Hills47




The edge of faith51


i’ve lost my mind53




Beyond Reach57


Tangled angels59


Desperation 61


The Dream63



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  1. 1

    Really nice, but if you haven’t seen Alessandro Bavari you haven’t seen anything.

  2. 2

    Jonathan Webnip

    March 20, 2009 9:17 am

    Superb ! Rlly inspiring an gritty :d

    I really like “Undecided” , it’s just perfect …

  3. 4

    Disturbing, yet thought provoking.

  4. 5

    Impresionates imagenes….

  5. 6

    At first glance these pictures are pretty morbid but they are very fascinating and beautiful, overall.

  6. 7

    I love my husband’s illustration Lady ZakharovaLady Zakharova illustration. It’s about a woman who uses her husband’s corpse as a dummy for communication with the spirit world.

  7. 8

    imagens expectaculares

  8. 9

    Dark Art Pieces…. Hmmmm…. Seems refreshing :)

  9. 10

    Wow freakin’ creepy

  10. 11

    Meh, a couple of days looking around deviantart would easily yield stuff of this quality.

  11. 12

    oh!…………….. really amazing…

  12. 13

    Careful, the Turkish government might get you… :)

    The picture named Darkness is protesting the extreme Islamist attitude of Justice and Development Party, the party which is cruelly ruling our country. The turban is a symbol of Moderate Islam and the light bulb is, well, the logo of JDP. And of course, the dark color shceme is the symbolism for the darkness JDP has brought to our country.

  13. 14

    Simply Amazing.

  14. 15


  15. 16

    some of this artworks express exactly how i feel now. Thank you for joining in my pain :)

  16. 17

    very inspiring :)

  17. 18

    Wow these are great C O R E and Femme Arbre my favs

  18. 19


    Illustration department drop-outs

  19. 21

    Btw putting the caption at the same space between the image before and after is very confusing. You scroll a bit and it becomes impossible to tell whether I’m reading a title or a caption. I’m never certain to which image it belongs.

  20. 22

    I remember doing stuff like this. But, then I graduated from high school.

  21. 24

    It’s two cool!

  22. 25

    Beautiful & Disturbing!

  23. 26

    I love to have some of these things on my wall; others are ok, though I’m a big fan of this genre of stuff.

  24. 27

    Stunning work! I’m always amazed at the creativity out there. Thank you for compiling these images.

  25. 28

    Not my style, but very good nonetheless.

  26. 29

    A picture of a fairy is not interesting.

  27. 30

    Eh. All but 3 of those had some sort of human figure in them. I think people could be a bit more creative then make a photo manipulation of hands, eyes, and bodies all the time. Some of the best art I’ve seen is from this guy.

  28. 31

    if you find true love you’ll hate these pictures.

  29. 32

    Sure, most see this as art because it has a person in every pic. Why people need this in art? This is maybe eye candy for high-school students. Joel Peter Witkin did this at a fundamentally more thought-provoking way.

  30. 33

    some of those are nice, but I’ve seen far better work just browsing deviantart.

  31. 34

    Wow! Amazingly great!

  32. 35

    No it’s definitely a Miata! Have you ever even seen a Del Sol?

  33. 36

    Hollow Hills is a dead rip-off of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

  34. 37

    It’s amazing what some brilliant people can come up with.

  35. 38

    To be honest, I find the photoshop not as impressive as some of the other features you’ve had in the past. There’s a lot of potential for this drama, but this doesn’t seem like a very inspiring collection.

    Had I not known, I probably would have dated many of these photos at 5 or 6 years old (in terms of photshop technique).

  36. 39

    WOW, i don’t know what to say any more, wooow
    Great pictures!

  37. 40

    Wow these are really ‘Tool’

  38. 41
  39. 42


    March 20, 2009 4:20 pm


  40. 43

    Elliot, comment 11, is absolutely right Alessandro Bavari is the real cool found of this post!!!

  41. 44

    Awesome works!
    My vote: “You grow inside me”

  42. 45

    Simply awesome.

  43. 46

    i think the art is beautiful and touching. there should be more like these

  44. 47

    Nora AbdulRhman

    March 20, 2009 7:00 pm


  45. 48

    Awesome graphics…

  46. 49


  47. 50

    really superb :-o

  48. 51

    Lots of deviantART stuff. I like it.

  49. 52

    Lovely! Check out for more deviant darkness. ;-)

  50. 53

    twisted artistic mind .. highly creative dose for weekend

  51. 54

    its amazing thank you

  52. 55

    WTF.. What should I call them ?
    Extreme Hot, Cool, Gothic Collection !! Awesome Awesome Awesome !

    Smashedup really !

  53. 56

    Anubis From Memphis

    March 21, 2009 3:54 am

    Interesting style of artwork!

  54. 57

    always stunning

  55. 58

    Boring kitsch.

  56. 59

    Just exactly what I needed right now…, inspiration out of the box.

    Thanx for the post..

  57. 60

    None of these are photoshopped. The pixels and shadows are perfect!

  58. 61

    sometimes disturbing creative juices unravel the real you by deleting the
    abstemial hypocrysies….quite shocking,may be,but nevertheless excellent.

  59. 62

    I think I saw that “Hope” illustration somewhere. However, everything is really a work of art!

  60. 63

    Good technics, but uninteresting works.

  61. 64


  62. 65

    some of them are downright creepy

  63. 66

    Excellent! How are these images made?

  64. 67

    super calismalar…

  65. 68

    Darkness titled image diffuses hate, so its not art for most of democrat people in Turkey. This losers created image expands hate and facism.

  66. 69

    Very nice pictures. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what is in the picture, what really is important is the quality of them.

  67. 70

    These are amazing and thought provoking. I wonder if there is a way to purchase any of these?

  68. 71

    Me and the silence,Tangled angels and Desperation …these are fantastic, specially me and the silence is my favorite…thankx

  69. 72

    This showcase is unimpressive to say the least.

  70. 73

    “Hollow Hills is a dead rip-off of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.”
    if you even bother to look on the deviantart page you will see that it is a tribute to Tim Burton’s work.

  71. 74

    Wow. Some of them are pretty creepy. Yet, a very nice collection!

  72. 75

    These are proper awesome. Some are very creepy too. I wish I had those skills =[

    Completely off topic, but i feel that when you hover over a story link on the homepage the text should underline. I always have to look twice to see if I have actually hovered.

  73. 76

    Great stuff,

  74. 77

    ohhh/// Some of these are so creative, but something has no anything new… ohhh… I think so…

  75. 78

    Some really nice imagery there, can’t help but think this author has some weird arm and hand fetish.

  76. 79

    Really fantastic! Very much creative.

  77. 80
  78. 81

    To dark for me. Thanks anyway.

  79. 82

    graphically disturbing but thought provoking at the same time…
    definitely surreal!!!

  80. 83

    wow! dark, superb, excellent!

  81. 84

    I am fascinated, great pictures!
    Thank you very much!

  82. 85

    geat pics, really deep imagination, some of them are super, some are really great, none is bad, except my English :D

  83. 86

    Excellent…….You grow inside me is really fantastic

  84. 87

    Andrej Cocisz Patrick

    March 23, 2009 5:42 am

    Fantastic pictures,trully dark goth art!

  85. 88


  86. 89

    the images are a bit strong for me

  87. 90

    wow.., i really like the last one, The Dream, it’s amazing…

  88. 91

    some of these are interesting and well done, others fall into the cliche department, the hands with the butterfly, the fairy, the tim burton knock off and even the lightbulb heads get to that point.

    I agree with what’s been said, some have nice technicals, but lack the truly creative concepts.

    Oh, and whoever said that these are not photoshopped, open your eyes.

  89. 92

    Are you filtering all “not so positive” comments?

  90. 93

    Oh…rerally inspiring! I wish I can do something like that!

  91. 94

    Some of these photos touched a part of me that has not been touched in quite sometime. I am somewhat promiscuous too….

  92. 95

    Photos are realy cool but some photos are not titled Correcty….Nice Work any way

  93. 96

    deviant art would be loving this post

  94. 97

    wow its really nice..

  95. 98

    Disgusting pictures.

  96. 99

    Woah, need way more dark art on the web. nice

  97. 100

    I absolutely loved the pictures found here. They were amazingly beautiful, and stunning as well! There were some that seemed a bit cliche, but most were out of this world! I loved it! Thankyou for sharing!

  98. 101

    Nice post Aquil.

    My brother Corey (his handle is Coco) is a painter living in Downtown Toronto and does this kind of bizarre, surreal and dark art. His latest painting creeps me out:

    More of his art is at

    As far as I know, these pieces are still available for sale.

  99. 102

    The majority of these are crap. I actually became so bored I had to stop looking. Lame, derivative, talentless shite.

  100. 103

    It is really impressive…I’ve seen some concepts here that I haven’t seen before and I know my way around dark art. Still would like to see more of this but with a little more variety to it. If you need any assistance with it let me know ;)

  101. 104

    This kind of art is Incredible!

    The Feeling, Mood and the Adrenaline…

  102. 105

    Wow, absolutly beautiful. I LOVE everything, the vision is great and the feel is wonderful. All the pictures are great and are cleverly executed. It gives you (or at least me) that dream and history image, and I loved it. It just seems so aged and…classy? I dont think that’s the right word, but its familiar, old, and elegant. Again, its PURE beauty.**************

  103. 106

    This is not worth it … what the hell ist dark art, what do they want to convey with this, besides teen-like death imaginery????

  104. 107


  105. 108

    Artists do tend to experiment, one who I know had a phase where she drew hands with nails through them, even a few feet with nails through them. These were just sketches, she has a lot of dark art, mostly pencil sketches that she’s shown me. I find that her work is a little more expressive than some of this stuff, I can feel the emotion in it.

  106. 109

    wow…surreal art is beautiful…I can tell the emotions in these pictures and what the artist is trying to say..thats really amazing

  107. 110

    For some reason, your works remind me of Gustav Dore’s “Forest of Suicides” woodcut from Dante’s Inferno.They convey the same feeling of darkness and helpless despair, done in a stylized magic realism that is very effective. You are extremely good at what you do.

  108. 111

    More surreal but not dark art, textured photo manipulation

    Textured photos

  109. 112

    WHY by metrofader super creepy looking dude

  110. 113


  111. 114

    It`s all about our life,it`s realistic and we all need a good brainwash.

  112. 115

    Very cool.

  113. 116

    These are really spectacular photos even if they are photo-shopped. They would look really spectacular as canvas enlargements.

  114. 117

    “Baris Unver” do you believe that you wrote :D

  115. 118

    Interesting. I think this type of thing is more for the college crowd. Introspective confrontations with someone’s own discovery and self awareness. A bit of insecurity mixed with intellect. It’s the type of art that is the literary equivalent of the one liner. It slaps you in the face but doesn’t really have any lasting impact because the pieces almost always lack depth. It’s like the artist is in a hurry to get the thought down before they lose it. Most share the need to communicate the idea within a broader context that would give it a more lasting impression. I like souls and i will survive but again these concepts lack the layering effect that would make the pieces stronger. The subject matter is centered and in your face. Where’s the sublety in that? Leave some room for discovery for the viewer and engage them, give the viewer the intellectual benefit of the doubt and allow them to ‘peel the onion’.

  116. 119

    i relly like plz send me new wallpaper

  117. 120

    omg! those r so freaky! hey if any1 wants 2 hav some horny sex with me email me!

  118. 121

    I fucking love it. its amazing. I am a surrealist, and I thouroughly enjoy looking and discovering new artists. Simply amazing. My Favourite is Brainwash. Excellent! Superb! (: Very Impressed!

  119. 122

    these pics are cool. some of them look real gothic.

  120. 123

    wow ! what a imagination its really superb.

  121. 124

    What a beautiful trip. Really got my mind on an alternate reality. I may try to draw like this.

  122. 125


  123. 126

    I’m not sure how one could view these as “dark” or “mysterious” or even “disturbing”…
    I do, however, enjoy these pieces, but on the grounds that to me, they seem very simple, and to the point. The lack of complexity allows a simpler viewing experience for me, although I did see one piece that was a blatant rip off of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, but as for the others, I find them enjoyable, but just fail to see how anyone could think they are by any means “dark”… “though provoking” maybe, but even at that, a pretty big “maybe”… to me these are simply eye candy, because they’re not things you’d typically see on public transit, or ads in magazines… then again, that’s just my opinion, and I’m sure others see it differently, but that’s fine too, because it’s not individual opinion that matters, it’s the over all effect on the whole that will count in the end.

  124. 127

    I love it .. really good

  125. 128

    these pieces of work are absolutely supurb. :] i especially enjoyed Femme Arbre.

  126. 129

    wuoaaaaaa todas me gustan unas mas que otreas :)

  127. 130
  128. 131

    Sandra Winchester

    July 12, 2010 6:40 am

    I also do pencil art. I love the imagination of this artist. I tend to do bizzar drawings and leave the explanation to the observer. This kind of art is very deep and interesting. I love it. You have my vote.

  129. 132

    Sandra winchester

    August 22, 2010 8:48 am

    Turn all these negative remarks into positives. It’s all envy!

  130. 133

    I had to stare at the naked guy. Not cuz I’m gay. Cuz I wondered “why did this man take a naked picture of himself?”

    It forced me to look at it to see why. It took me quite a while to see it. Do you see it? Then I lol’d at how long I’d been staring at a naked guy.

  131. 134

    What an inspiring collection
    thanks for sharing.

  132. 135

    This stuff SUCKS! You call this art? PLEASSSSE!

  133. 136

    wooooooooooooooow those are wonderful pics

  134. 137


  135. 138

    i feel like im tasting a small peice of my soul. beautiful

  136. 139

    this shit sucks. i can do better with a crayon and construction paper

  137. 140

    love the dark beauty in them, these images are very passionate

  138. 141

    Sum thg s merely missing…………

  139. 143

    I’m not sure how one could view these as “dark” or “mysterious” or even “disturbing”…
    I do, however, enjoy these pieces, but on the grounds that to me, they seem very simple, and to the point. The lack of complexity allows a simpler viewing experience for me, although I did see one piece that was a blatant rip off of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, but as for the others, I find them enjoyable,

  140. 144

    Love these pictures. I recently had my favorite photos printed onto canvases at and I was so satisfied with the results. Amazing quality and great service!

  141. 145

    Good……..liked these creations.



  142. 146

    thanks for sharing.

  143. 147
  144. 148

    WOW! They are Amazing! I am doing some art galleries for my GCSE ICT course and I need tio find out about the technology that galleries use e.g. security and video conferencing etc. if you could get back to me I would be very grateful as i need this information for my exam. Thank you for your time.

  145. 149

    that was the most amazing thingg i saw

  146. 150

    i really like dark art in october. but i like more of emotion pictures

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