Beautiful Pictures For Spring Inspiration


Inspiration is all around us: you can derive new ideas from people you meet, places you visit and observations you make. Sometimes it is enough just to take a look around and observe the beauty of nature surrounding us everywhere. For instance, spring is often considered the most beautiful and inspirational period of the year, with its refreshing, colorful, vivid imagery and structures. And this post hopes to prove just that.

In Web design, you can explore various facets of spring: the flourishing beauty of the environment; the time of passion, emotions and love; the time of warmth and the refreshing evening breeze; but also rainy storms and muddy ground.

Below, we present a showcase of 35 outstanding pictures related to spring. Hopefully, these will give you a new perspective and maybe provide some ideas for your next design. Please notice: every image is linked to the source from where it was taken. Feel free to explore further works of the talented photographers and artists presented here.

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35 Exceptional Spring Pictures



Kevin Pieper5


Digital Midge7


Clara Hinton (Sicilian Italiano)9


Ellen Kooi11






Ursula I Abresch17


code poet19



Brian Valentine22




Oliver Wu26


Amanda Antilla4828


Sabina Dimitriu7030










Vladimir Konovalov40








Amanda Antilla4828









Zara J57






Ozan Kulaksiz63




Victor Eredel67



Sabina Dimitriu7030




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Karishma K. is a passionate photographer who features various artists and creative photographers on her own photoblog.


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  1. 1

    I can’t make it through Monday without my smashing monday photo fix. I was troubled when it wasn’t posted earlier this morning. Whew! Thanks Smashing.

  2. 2

    I like these pictures they r pretty

  3. 3

    Some really nice photos here

    Very good indeed


  4. 4

    Wow, these are fantastic!

    • 5

      Wow! I think all the images of spring are lovely and beautiful. I always access to see these photos. I like it so much even though my country, Cambodia doesn’t have this season,too. Bye!!

  5. 6

    Gorgeous collection of pictures.

  6. 7

    Simon Harlinghausen

    March 23, 2009 6:19 am

    Where do you get all this amazing pictures?
    Everytime it is a fantastic break for my tired eyes :D

    Stay tuned for more happy days …

  7. 8

    These are great images and so tastefully put together :)

  8. 9

    fantastic pics, truly amazing.

  9. 10


  10. 11

    good pics… amazing where digital photography has gone… several of those had some extensive photoshop work done to them to get the look or scene they were after, nothing wrong with that but I wouldn’t want up and coming photography students to think they can just go outside and take something that looks like that… some get photoshopped to the point of merging photography with painting

  11. 12

    So beautiful and uplifting!

  12. 13

    I love looking at these types of posts late in the afternoon when the day starts feeling long…

  13. 15

    The one from “indredi” is not really spring. ;)

  14. 16

    Beautiful assortment of varied subject matter. Very uplifting. I enjoyed the photographs as well as transitioning from one selection to the other, and the way the following picture carries forward the flavor of one particular element of the previous selection. Sensational selection.

  15. 17

    This was actually quite beautiful. Makes me want to get out of the office and go play in the rain…

  16. 18

    Very nice. Some beautiful work there.

  17. 19

    accha hai……..

  18. 20

    Really great collection… clean and very colorful. Thanks a lot.

  19. 21

    Not very ‘springly’.

  20. 22

    like it!

  21. 23

    Nice~!!! I like the sunset picture~!

  22. 24

    A co-worker recommended me to take a look at this site and I have to say that I am very impressed by the collection of these photos. I have actually seen a couple of these phtos before and must say that the essence of spring is captured right on this page. The liberation, excitement, hopefulness and life that comes with spring is well-captured!

  23. 25

    Wow.. These are amazing pictures.

  24. 26

    superb !!!

  25. 27

    great selection!

  26. 28

    Nancy Green (McKenna)

    March 23, 2009 9:01 am

    Wow those pics are amazing!!! Very beautiful and moving!!

  27. 29

    A.B.C. Photography

    March 23, 2009 9:16 am

    Lots of Photoshop, but a nice collection.

  28. 30

    The 23rd image, labeled “Unknown” (girl in a striped shirt) is by 15-year-old, Eleanor Hardwick (of England). Her flickr can be seen here:

    She’s rather incredible.

  29. 31

    These are fantastic

  30. 32

    Maybe you could do a post called, ’50 unretouched or slightly retouched photos’ While these photos are charasmatic most of them are no longer photographs; they are photo illustrations. After awhile, the ‘bolt-on’ effects and processing are quickly becoming trite and hackneyed. And for the love of everything holy and unholy, please no more HDR franken-photos. Would you like some wine with all that cheese?

  31. 33

    heather van de mark

    March 23, 2009 9:44 am

    while some are very beautiful and evoke a real emotion of springtime, some are so far from being photographs that depict a rawness and realness.i long to see original photos without the fantastical, over the top touches of photoshop. am i the only one who wants to see the real world and not manifestations?

  32. 34

    some nice photos

  33. 35

    very nice. you should def. check out

  34. 36

    it only takes to photoshop something to the extreme to be considered beautiful

  35. 37

    Wow, the photographys are very very nice! Great liste! Thanks for that!

    Best Regards

  36. 39

    @peter: So what?! It still looks beautiful. Even photoshopping takes time. That doesn’t make the picture “less” inspiring.

  37. 40

    : )
    Amazing selection, especially love the sunflowers !

  38. 41

    beautiful selection of images. with the weather warming, they inspire me to get my camera out. thanks!

  39. 42

    Wow these are incredible! I loved the umbrella with the rain & the water droplets with reflections of flowers in them. Very nice.

  40. 43

    Cleverly the topic is now named a bundle of pictures and not a bundle photographs :)
    Because many aren’t photographs at all. Not on film and not in a raw-file.

  41. 44

    Catalina Quiroz

    March 23, 2009 1:57 pm

    This is simply wonderful. Very inspiring indeed.

  42. 45


  43. 46

    The photo posted here:
    belongs to this Flickr user:
    Please credit if possible!! Thank you. :)

  44. 47
  45. 48

    i love spring and the photos

  46. 49

    I agree with several others…a post dedicated to traditional/real photographs would be nice. It gets pretty tiring to see photographers grab the eye with psycho-color, blurring techniques and HDR. Half of these photos don’t even make sense when it comes to the direction of real light. How about educating some folks on the foundations of photography, the Masters who worked countless hours to produce even a few good negatives…not to mention printing time.

  47. 50


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Enough of the “Hey, let’s put a small flower in your palms and you can have dirty hands like it’s your baby” manufactured BS.


  48. 51

    Beautiful pictures Karishma! Keep up with good work.


  49. 52

    These photographs are brilliant! Karishma has a great eye for sharp dynamic images. As futile as it is to choose a favorite, the 7th, with the flower growing in the child’s hands would have to be it. The fragility of promise is truly the essence of Spring.

  50. 53

    Really refreshing collection.

  51. 54

    Serhat Sine -

    March 24, 2009 12:09 am

    Awasome !

  52. 55

    Nice pictures, but at least half of them is representing “Summer” not “Spring”…

  53. 56

    These are simply stunning. I feel more inspired now. :)

  54. 57

    excellent photos

  55. 58

    Whenever I am in lack of inspiration, I often search for beauty in nature. I will either go outside or look for photos. I shall definitely add this to my list. Thanks!

  56. 59

    It’s so nice and colorfull gallery! Thank’s a lot.

  57. 60

    Great collection, very inspirational.

    And regarding the “real/traditional/raw” photography argument – doesn’t exist, never has, never will. As soon as you capture that image with your camera it’s fake. The only real view any of us will ever have is the one we see with our own eyes. We see in 3D, not 2D, and we see movement, not a static ‘capture’ of a moment.

    A lot of people (usually the burn-HDR-at-the-stake crowd) seem to have this rose-tinted nostalgia of some wonderful photography that only ever existed before the evils of Photoshop etc came along.

    I welcome some other views!

  58. 61

    Nice collection of photos. quite exceptional!

  59. 62

    The revolt against Photoshop is growing as seen in some of the posts above. Photoshop has its place. Instead of using photoshop to enhance a photo they are using it to salvage an otherwise average shot. Is that wrong? Is it still art? When is it no longer a photograph? How do we decide? Just a thought…

    There are a couple of interesting photos, thanks Smashing…cheers.

  60. 63

    The way I look at it .. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder .. one person’s garbage might be another person’s art and vice versa.

    Photoshop or not .. these pictures are inspiring.

  61. 64

    The author of the photo with a girl and a toy ship is Eleanor Hardwick. Please, correct this.

  62. 65

    Fantastic. Is one upside down?

    — Lee

  63. 66

    “Incredi” with the tree with yellow leaves is rather about autumn than spring, but in general all are nice :) What I like in this pictures is that thay are not full of green grass etc. but still brings the feel of spring :D

  64. 67

    I love Lord V!

  65. 68

    Very refreshing. Awesome.

  66. 69

    Wonderful pictures! it’s for that i love spring!

  67. 70

    Kaustubh Nirmal

    May 7, 2009 3:09 am

    Even I started few months back.. took some pics of nature..

  68. 71

    Nice photos, very interesting to watch

  69. 72

    aiiii valla mos ma pini shurren me kto footo te mutit se qai qe i ka qit kto foto ose qajo jan xhenaxe a kuptup o people your my best friend michal jakcon is for me heart a love my mamin alove eearth alove my life

  70. 73


  71. 74

    the best pictures ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much i love spring

  72. 75

    It’s amazing…..Great pictures, Showing a wonderful nature…..
    It’s great….I love it….life could not live without nature.

  73. 76

    Nice Pics Collection………amaging………Intresting………and………wah..!

  74. 77

    how do people take these pictures? (not the intensely photoshopped ones)

    or rather. how do you get that effect?
    i’m craving that vibe but i cant create it myself…

  75. 78

    oh! gosh …..breath stopping pics…
    such hidden emtns in thm

  76. 79

    nice pictures

  77. 80

    Wonder full…..!

  78. 82

    there really cool luv em!!!

  79. 83

    Nice picture…

  80. 84

    these are cuite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  81. 85

    These are amazing dude!!!!!!!!!:)

  82. 86
  83. 87

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee picsssssssssss

  84. 88

    Me, Myself and I

    April 1, 2010 1:49 pm

    Wow ……………………….some really great pictures!……………….they are so amazing and Beautiful……………………..Spring is AwEsOmE!!!!

  85. 89

    usa of beautiful picture

  86. 90

    wow! beautiful! i like them so much…

  87. 91


  88. 92

    realy i injoyed looking to these pictures and shots, very sentimantel shooter

  89. 93

    i really like this pictures and want to send my days with my sweetheart….

  90. 94

    you’re so great….

  91. 95

    very nice pics collection.

  92. 96

    wow thank you so much i relly like these photos
    they amazing

  93. 97

    lovely pictures; really ♥ them all

  94. 98

    wow……….! mind blowin pics.

  95. 99

    Wow there really pretty. I especially liked the first picture with the rocks and the flower.

  96. 100

    Excellent and really highly interesting and beautiful pictures……..

  97. 101

    hamid reza raoufi

    February 23, 2011 5:08 am

    thank you for these fantastic images.
    they are very pretty.
    i like to see more nature pictures later.

  98. 102

    it so cute :)

  99. 103

    very very nice pics :)

  100. 104

    These are truly inspirational pictures. Enjoyed these great shots. Thank you

  101. 105

    it is the best way to understand and appreciate the life with all it’s beauty. As far as such wonders exist in the world, this means that the world is full of miricles. Thank you with all my heart. It is great.

  102. 106
  103. 107

    100 por sento lindo

  104. 108

    it hace so wonderfull

  105. 109

    These imagess gave me good relaxation to my Mind.
    Very Nice and Inspirational Imagess..Thanks…

  106. 110

    all picture are very……………. beautiful n wonderful i like these all.

  107. 111

    realy these pictures are very nice fantastic i like all of these pictures.

  108. 112

    these pix are realy so beautyfull .i love& like all pix….

  109. 113

    I think these photos are amazing!

  110. 114


  111. 115

    please dont misinterpret this comment, and please take your time to read this. I am not trying to promote my band on here, but theres is this picture you have on here that we absolutely love! its of a girl sitting at the beach next to a little wooden boat. we would love to work something out with you, to see if you can please let us use the picture with our logo above it, we will give all credit for the picture to you. we would appreciate it if you emailed us at edwherna @ live . com we’d like to discuss this more with you personaly. please and thank you.

  112. 116

    i love all pic . please send some thmes of thhs pictere. i leave in country iran . see you later

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