Drawing Inspiration From Creative Logos


As designers, we are always in constant need of inpiration. Whether it be Web or graphic design, other work to fuel our creativity is essential. Logo design requires the most amount of inspiration, however.

Below we present a showcase of 50 beautiful, clever and creative logo designs that will hopefully inspire you. If you take a closer look at the showcase below, you will notice many trends. Some of these include the usage of simple shapes to create something complex, origami shapes, coloring and transparency trends, and many more.

Why are these logos so excellent? All of these logos use very creative methods to represent the brand through color, shapes, and shape typography. Look at how each of these logos can tell you something about the company that it is supposed to represent. Also note the brilliant color palletes and unique patterns used in many of these. Finally, pay attention to the typography, especially font selection and coloring.

Showcase Of Creative Logo Designs

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Creative logo design29 30

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Matt Cronin is an avid graphic designer, web designer/developer, Cocoa programmer, photographer, digital artist, and the like. He also enjoys writing, and does quite a bit of writing for Smashing Magazine. He is currently working on a startup called VAEOU, which will have new services coming soon.

  1. 1

    You guys are starting to scare me, 4 hours after I start on something an article appears here, keep it up ;p

  2. 52

    The best logo showcase I have never seen!

  3. 103

    Fernando de Sá

    April 2, 2009 3:41 am

    Excelente selección.
    De los logos más creativos que he visto en el último tiempo.

  4. 154

    Agreed on Fold It. Great work!!

  5. 205

    Good work!

  6. 256

    Abdulsalam Alasaadi

    April 2, 2009 3:59 am

    great collections

  7. 307

    Mark @ Alchemy United

    April 2, 2009 4:10 am

    Scanned the images… Some looked good, some just ok. Scanned the comments but didn’t read them all so please excuse me if this point was already made…

    Without knowing the nature of the brands “behind” the logos, the true quality of these logos is meaningless. As some of the above comments pointed out, anyone can pick a cool type face, add a gradient, etc. but that doesn’t make it right. True good design isn’t just visual.

    That said, I understand that this post was to “inspire”. I’m just not so sure I want to be inspired by what might actually be poor design.

  8. 358

    A great, inspiring selection as always! I always try to do something simple that represents the brand in some way, easier said than done sometimes.

  9. 409

    I hate ones like the ‘Shocked’ logo – it totally marks the company down as being a parochial US organisation – every other country uses a different electrical standard, and different plugs to the US

  10. 460

    our logo is missing there ;]

  11. 511

    It seems that such collection of logos already exists…
    Go and see …..>

    This collection is far so good!

  12. 562

    Oops, sent a comment with a bad link this morning, sorry for unconvenience.

    Would like to see our logo on the list as (swell) :D

    Our logo
    Our blog

  13. 613

    this is a great collection! thanks for sharing!

  14. 664

    Really cool and inspiring .

  15. 715

    Sorry, but for me, there´s only a couple of logos in this collection. My favorites: Twins, Hawaii and Banana Films. The other ones are cute icons and most of all seems to be grabbed form a template web store.

  16. 766

    thanks for the feature.. i would bet half the people who knocked down these designs have never attempted a logo design.

  17. 817

    I’d like to see these logo’s in black and white, in multiple sizes and on several different media. Most of these logos will fail when they get off the LCD screen.

  18. 868

    Dalibor Vasiljevic

    April 2, 2009 6:35 am

    Guys, thank you for putting my Rainfall logo on list. It means a lot to us and will make us work event harder :) Thank you once again ;)

  19. 919

    Very nice collection you gathered here some very clean and well thought out designs. Very inspiring ideas to keep in mind when redoing or creating a new logo or trademark.

  20. 970

    Myron / ArtNinja.com

    April 2, 2009 6:42 am

    Most of these “logos” fail as logos. There seems to be any base thinking in monochromatic terms, only trendy color effects. As someone said above they also are not memorable. The type seems to be an after thought compared to the image.

    Smashing should do a revised version of this post that shows maybe 10 good logos with monochromatic, reversed and color versions of logos and an explanation as to why they work instead, of leaving this gallery of personal taste and trend to be it’s own merit.

  21. 1021

    There are a lot of really nice logos here. There are also a number that, while attractive, fail as logos.

    The true test for for a company logo is this: Fax it to yourself and see how it looks. Yes folks, people do still use fax machines on a regular basis. While I think Fold It is a very clever and beautiful graphic, it fails as a logo. Others, like Coevia and The Swan would work quite well.

    I think my favorite is Shocked. It’s simple yet very creative, and it could work in a one-color print job.

  22. 1072

    I agree with many of the other comments here that seem educated in logo design. Most of these are NOT good examples of what a logo needs to be. Does it work in 1 color? how about reproducing it at 1″ in an online environment? The few that make the cut (IMHO) are Twins and Poseidon Jobs (which are clever but fairly one dimensional). All that being said… thanks for posting and have a great day!

  23. 1123


    Very creative, the umbrellar is the best.

  24. 1174

    @Simon Erich and others:

    With all due respect, you’re wrong. I cannot make a great logo, but I will tell you something very important that you may have not known; The interwebs are becoming very popular, therefore eliminating a lot of old conventions. One in particular (the need for single-color logos) is only because of printing limitations and high costs in the past. Well just so you know, printing companies in a last ditch effort to survive, have revolutionized the printing industry with things such as: laser presses that have no plates but maintain the quality of press printing, and as many colors as you want, and many other things.

  25. 1225

    Nice, graphically appealing work. However, most venture pretty far from staple philosophies of logo design. As many have noted, there is a heavy reliance on color or gradients in order for the mark to work. That’s generally a bad idea. A good logo should still be a good logo as a solid, 1-color mark. It’s should also maintain legibility when reproduced small. Many of these would not.

    I mean all of that constructively. It is very nice work and I’m not trying to “throw stones.”

  26. 1276

    Two words: Paul Rand

  27. 1327

    These are beautiful logos and great inspiration. Most importantly, however, is that they aren’t boring. It seems the “experts” making comments don’t quite understand that times are a changin’ – companies don’t need to be represented in simplicity anymore and, quite frankly, assuming such is just restricting the market. The internet is so widespread now that fax machines are, and rightly should be, obsolete. That’s what full-color scanners and email are for (and it’s faster and cheaper, too). If someone is printing in black-and-white, it would seem that quality is obviously not an issue (especially if done via a laser printer). Advertising is not done in monochrome and if you’re communicating with someone through prints in black-and-white there is a good chance they are already familiar with your company. Regardless, if any of these that you say “fail as logos” are going to be printed at poor quality the designer could simply just use the text.

  28. 1378

    Al Capone is great. Really creative !

  29. 1429

    A logo working in one colour isn’t just about printing: if you can reduce a logo to its most basic form and it remains unique and memorable, then it’s a winner – sort of like taking off someone’s makeup and realising they’re still gorgeous.

    As for the comment, “Advertising is not done in monochrome”… check out a newspaper.

  30. 1480

    Seriously, the haters need to realize that it’s 2009. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for logos that look just as good monochrome as they do full color, but it’s a totally different world than the one your design school teachers were living in when they learned logo design principles. Attention spans are getting shorter by the day, and if I have to choose between a logo that catches a prospective client’s eye while he’s browsing a website and a logo that looks good embroidered on a company t-shirt, I’m choosing the one that makes me money every time.

  31. 1531

    Very cool list…

  32. 1582

    nice looking, but fail, since you dont know what the marketing is for at all, disconnected.

  33. 1633

    Have any of you pros ever thought that some of these logos can ALSO work as solid in one color or maybe you can not see the actually design itself because your so worried about the gradient or color issues.

  34. 1684

    Gregory Grigoriou

    April 2, 2009 9:19 am

    I too keep hearing “looks cool, but does it work in black and white?”

    when are we printing in black and white, that is the real question. When is the last time the average startup even has to fax something. And even if they do, whats to say that a black and white version of some or most of these cant be created? I know I for one dont pay much attention to a photocopied logo, because the medium is so quick and dirty, I really dont care how a photocopy or fax looks most of the time. The web is king. Digital print is king. and king by a mile. Almost all of these logos will shine on those two mediums, so thats that. Most of these make a big impact in just a few seconds. I do agree that some of the concepts here are overused trends, but for the most part this is a great example of successful design as it exists in the fast paced cost sensitive marketplace today. More specifically the web and digital print marketplace that dominates a large percentage of viewing material nowadays.

    and for the record, Media Factory is one of the most widely respected logo designs of the last year. It has appeared in almost every important logo chronicle I’ve seen.

  35. 1735

    Personally I’d rather have a logo that was robust enough to work in any medium, even if my business was primarily on the web.

  36. 1786
  37. 1837

    I agree, many logos here rely too much on gradients, bright color combinations and transparency effects. Most of these will not translate nicely on non-web media, for example decals or store-front signage. Some of these logos are very creative and cool though, I specially like the ones with minimal shapes, using one or two colors. -Henry

  38. 1888

    Some very novel designs here, but what makes them novel also makes them poor logos. You’d never see a fortune 500 company with a logo like one of these.

    Examples of good logos

  39. 1939

    Some good logos! Thanks!

  40. 1990

    Awesome. Only thing is, the Dynamic Labs logo looks so much like Google Chrome… I thought it was at first

  41. 2041

    I love fatmoose and bananasfilms!

  42. 2092

    Logos can be so simple and at the same time such a challenge to design. Cheers to some of the quality work above.

  43. 2143

    Terrance Charles

    April 2, 2009 10:56 am

    Don’t you guys ever sleep…lol I like the contents you share, one of the best blogs out there…

    Terrance Charles

  44. 2194

    Hawaii, Banana Films, and Shocked are the best ones – cafe melody and twins are runners up – some of these are WAY too complex to be a logo – if you took media factory and shrunk it down, it would be a blob of colors, but other than a few bad ones, this is a great post! keep it coming!

  45. 2245

    Sean nails it… has to work as a 1 color mark (which more on this page would work if youd think about it). Who ever thought 3 Leaves was brilliant when sitting right next to it is Twi2ns – and I don’t mean to be rude – but wow. I’m about sick though of birds, wings, leaves, showing up as screened images in logos. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery until everybody is doing it.

    Studio Eight, Bananas Films, Fat Moose, Swan, Twi2ns nail it.

    Rainfall – close – to in love with their own logo. One less raindrop and you’d be there. Same with Coeva.

    But this brings up a good point – Say you have 100% control over your mark and arent interested in a 1-color logo. Do you not have the right to do whatever the hack you want? You know – not everyone wants to advertise in Newspaper – heck – newspapers are going by the wayside.

    That being said – Dynamics Labis a beautiful logo and 100% fairplay under that assumption.

    Sorry I’m rough around the edges. They are all good work.

  46. 2296

    The logo “Studio 8″ is equal “Somlivre.com” Logo. See: http://www.somlivre.com. ;D

  47. 2347

    With respect – I don’t know if Studio 8 didn’t do a much better job with it.

  48. 2398

    Yea, like someone mentioned above. A lot of these are on http://www.logopond.com, which is an extremely great source for identity inspiration.

  49. 2449

    Ok, I don’t understand all the fail comments here. Designers often maintain this false belief that a companies exposure and psychological reach begins and ends with visual branding – it simply doesn’t. Visual branding is just 1 in 1000 little points of contact that influence customer loyalty. You’re most likely seeing these logos on an LCD – that e partially xplains the color choices, background color, contrast etc. Any of these logos, with appropriate modifications, will work fine in B/W print.

    And the ultimate test of a logo design is to fax it to myself? Are you serious? Who in the world has ever received a fax and said, “Wow! Just look at that awesome logo these guys have. I’m gonna buy 2 of everything they have just ’cause their branding ROCKS!!!” Come on. Visual branding doesn’t need to look stellar on the copy of a print of jpeg of a fax. I think we as designers could get over ourselves just a little bit and remember that, ultimately, what we bring to the table is limited at best. Customer service, product quality, word of mouth advertising, intellectual capital, product selection, market penetration…this is the stuff that builds and sustains a business, not a flashy logo with just the right typeface.

  50. 2500

    We love the Share Effect logo, it’d be great to see a collection of tutorials on good logo design.


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