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The Smashing Book project1 is now entering its next phase. Based upon your tremendous feedback2, we have finalized the concept and the outline for the book. In fact, the topics have been selected and our writers have already started to brainstorm the ideas for their chapters in the book. The one thing that still remains to be discussed is how the book will actually look like.

The Smashing Book

And since the Smashing Book is supposed to be the community book, we would like you to decide what design would fit the book best. In this post we present 6 book cover designs that were designed by the community for the Smashing Book Project (see the Book Cover Design Forum3). We let you decide what book cover the Smashing Book will have. Please vote in the poll below – it’s your turn now!

Details about the book cover

We have picked out 6 most interesting book cover designs amond a number of drafts suggested in the forum. We think that every design presented below is appropriate for the Smashing Book. However, what cover makes the book look really smashing?

Please notice:

  1. the book will be a paperback, not hardcover as shown in some drafts below,
  2. the book will not be available in stores or any retail stores — it doesn’t have to fight for customer’s attention against numerous other books in stores.
  3. the book should make a really good impression online.

What cover design should the Smashing Book have?

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the 6 book cover designs. You will find more detailed information and preview of each design below, under the poll. You can click on the image for a larger preview. You can vote for multiple designs. Please vote now!

Book Covers4
Book Covers5



Here are more details and images of each design. Thank you to designers for participation!

  1. jokr (1)
  2. jokr (2)
  3. briannelsondesign
  4. motd
  5. Static44
  6. mjmonserrat

a) jokr 1

Cover Proposal

b) jokr 2

Cover Proposal

c) briannelsondesign

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

d) motd

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

e) Static44

Cover Proposal

f) mjmonserrat

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

Thank you for participation, folks! And please feel free to let us know your ideas, thoughts and suggestions in the comments to this post! Thank you for your time.


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

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  1. 1

    I like C the best! The “S” stands out and colors fit the Smashing brand!

  2. 102

    D. The others…meh.

    Although it wont be on a bookshelf in my local store, I try and imagine what will make me pick it out from the hundreds of other similar (but not as good) books. The black coloured spine doesnt leap out at all. Its not trying to capture my attetion but it has an air of mystery that will make me want to know whats inside.

    Then again, i’ll probably see the Smashing logo and pick it up anyway, regardless of the colour !

  3. 203

    absolutely joker2

  4. 304

    This is way too hard.
    I love them all!

  5. 405

    I like B the most..

  6. 506

    I love C~~lalala~~

  7. 607

    Caroline Schnapp

    April 8, 2009 6:40 pm

    The results of this poll are disappointing. Designs a and b are superior, and by far. They’re in a different league. Amazing work, jokr, congratulation!

  8. 708
  9. 809

    “С” is like a favicon. =)

  10. 910

    I really think that, choose he cover you choose, should have the: BY THE AUTHORS OF SMASHING……

    Marketing, I think.

    And , my favourite cover is the first C, and it seems is the winner until now!

  11. 1011

    I Love A. It looks sleek. When you look at it you want to open it and see what’s inside. The other ones are OK. However, the designs are not “smashingly” unique in my opinion. they almost feels like you’ve seen them before.

  12. 1112

    Hehe, is motd an arab?

  13. 1213

    B just does it for me…

  14. 1314

    C’mon! Choice ‘a’ is very original and unusual. It would stand out and grab the attention of your wandering mind and any passing coworker. The content is already great, you don’t hide it in another generic looking cover.

  15. 1415

    “C” is attractive in its simplicity but I really like “A” a lot and “F” would also get my attention.

    Ditch the arrows on the O’s though. In more than a year browsing here I never even noticed the arrow on the G until trying to figure out why they were incorporated into this design. The red and white S is the strongest element of the Smashing brand.

  16. 1516

    A does it for me. By the way, surely the open book under “Participants”, “d) motd”, would result in the book jacket being the wrong way round???!!!

  17. 1617

    A is too cluttered

    B has potential, but copies the whole MLB logo thing a bit too closely.

    C is a very strong design. Dare I say “iconic”

    D is just another free icon image

    E is the same as D with a background image

    F is just as cluttered as A

  18. 1718


  19. 1819

    C, D are good :)

  20. 1920

    I vote for C

  21. 2021

    thumb up for E

  22. 2122

    I go for D.

  23. 2223

    I love D & F.
    1. F
    2. D

  24. 2324
  25. 2425

    I go with (A) – – I like to suggest you the curved arrow for “G”as a branding icon. and i like to see the back side design of A.

  26. 2526

    no competition for me… C all the way :)

  27. 2627

    of course the last “F”. It’s great and serious.

  28. 2728

    f) mjmonserrat

    i like it. it’s full of mystery, and the “s” is consructed by domain name.

  29. 2829

    Is there a chance, that the book will be publish in german (language) too ?

  30. 2930

    They’re all great!!

    It’s really hard to make a choice but, at the end, I’ve voted for “d”.
    Olso “e” design is really beauty.

  31. 3031

    winner: “C”

  32. 3132

    Definitely A ! Look more professionnal!

    C is good, but too simple and no use of the “arrow G”, wich is very cool!

  33. 3233

    I think that all covers are ok, but it’s nice that you let us choose.
    My favourite is A

    PS is there a possibility to include a CD/DVD in the book?

  34. 3334

    I’ve voted for C, as it’s clean, has Smashing colors, and will be readable even in little thumbs of e-stores.

    a & f : too “noisy”
    b : the shape is great but colors… Looks like french flag, sorry :P
    d : smashing logo lost in this black sea
    e : It’s a nice one, but I don’t feel the rusty look match with Smashing image.

  35. 3435

    F is my favorite

  36. 3536

    c is standart, cliché, normal
    f is different, geek, abnormal THUS great and simple
    a is also great but not so simple.

  37. 3637

    “C” design is really clean and cool

  38. 3738


    Clean, simple, informative – but yet not too descriptive and obvious.

  39. 3839

    I look at C, D, and E and just see adobe for some reason…

  40. 3940

    I like C.

  41. 4041

    i like D

  42. 4142

    C is my favorite! D looks nice as well but its too common somehow.

  43. 4243

    i like f …i feel typo’s very good

  44. 4344

    I like f and e are very nice

  45. 4445

    I wanted to ask you guys if it is possible to put my photo on the front cover ? I think any of the proposed variants above + my photo will sell millions of copies , I almost guarantee it :) lol

    Anyhow, if you re-read your own articles on clean design you’ll see C is the only option :)

  46. 4546

    C! Simple, Sublime, Smashing!

  47. 4647
  48. 4748

    C is my pick out of the bunch. Clean. Bold. Smashing.

    A is nice too, but I’m thinking replacing the grey with black would give it a lot more contrast and it would definitely pop more. I would also remove the 2 refresh icons in “Book”. It’s too much.

  49. 4849

    F. Really cool

  50. 4950

    D, it’s very stylish for a stylish way of thinking as you do


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