Smashing Community WordPress Theme: Comment and Win!


While the Smashing Community icon set1 is being designed and prepared for the release, we would like to ask your opinion about the WordPress theme that you would like us to design. And here’s how it works: you tell us what WordPress-theme you need, and then we design it together with PSD to WordPress42 and release it for free.

And to make it a bit more interesting, we’ll smash three commenters with original nerdy laptop sleeves. To participate, just suggest an idea for a great useful WordPress-theme in the comments to this post. Details are below.

Smashing Magazine WordPress Theme
This image was based upon the design by our friends from SoftFacade3 who are preparing the Smashing Magazine icon set. Thanks, guys!

How do I participate?

Participating is very easy: just post the WordPress theme you would like us to design in the comments to this post (and, if possible, what specific features it should have) – it can be anything, e.g. portfolio-design, blog-design, lifestream-blog, magazine-style etc. The theme should not be basic, but it also should not be too complex.

On the 25th of April, we’ll select the most popular ideas and requests and publish a poll in our magazine, inviting our readers to vote on their favorite theme. Once it’s done, the creative minds behind PSD to WordPress42 will carefully design the theme. You can keep track of updates on Twitter @smashingmag85 and @LachyG6.


A total of three commenters will be awarded Laptop Sleeves7 (see images below). The winners will be picked randomly and announced on Twitter (@smashingmag85) after the concept of the WordPress theme has been chosen. The winners will decide by themselves, what size and what pattern of the sleeve they prefer most.




Finally, we’ll release the theme as a free download, which you can freely use for personal and commercial use.

Smashing Magazine Is All About Our Readers

At Smashing Magazine, our readers have always been our highest priority. We respect our readers; we listen to them; we are always open to their suggestions; and we always appreciate constructive criticism. This is why we created a number of ways to interact with our readers:

  • We created a friendly Smashing Forum12 to make it possible for our community to exchange ideas and help each other in problem solving.
  • We are using Twitter13 to share useful resources and knowledge with, and get feedback from, our readers (e.g. deciding which article should appear next), and we now have almost 29,000 followers.
  • We are preparing the Smashing Book14, in which our readers can decide what topics will be included.

And now we would like you to decide what theme we should design and release next, especially for you. We hope to get great feedback from you, and we would like to thank “PSD to WordPress” for its cooperation in this event. Please spread the word, too; we would like the design community to decide what would be most useful and interesting for designers out there!

So, what WordPress theme is it going to be, folks?


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  1. 1

    Make it an Admin -theme that is sexy as hell. I want to see leopard or zebra hide!

  2. 2

    I want to win, but i dont like wp :D

    Anyway, a smooth portfolio like site with huge gallery and upload features on pink color ( not that girly like style, jsut clean and fresh mb with some neon green also) would be nice :)

  3. 3

    I’d like to see another great magazine style theme.

  4. 4

    Where did the general keep his armies? In his sleevies! And those are some mighty fine sleeves!

  5. 5

    Jonathan Blundell

    April 21, 2009 5:31 am

    I’d love to see a really great WordPress as CMS site. Not necessarily magazine style but it could have some of those features.

  6. 6

    I’d like to see a better portfolio theme with a gallery option and a horizontal menu.

  7. 7

    Design a slick premium mag theme and show some of these jokers who charge for themes how to do it right!

  8. 8

    Hi there! I’d love to see a wordpress with featured photo articles separated from more traditional posts.
    I see it more as a main homepage, with at the top, one small column with the 4 or 5 latest or featured articles, and one column with one big image linking to the post. Visitors often click more on pics then text!

  9. 9

    I think it should be a portfolio site with a home page directing to different portfolios and a text blog piece as well. and yeah, i need the sleeve =)

  10. 10

    I would love to see a creative magazine style theme. Modern artsy.

  11. 11

    Ezequiel Lancelotti

    April 21, 2009 5:32 am

    Portfolio theme!!

    I want a sleeve for my new White MacBook!! Will we sent to Argentina?

  12. 12

    Make it a “personal Hub” theme – getting my Tweets, my Facebook status, my Flickr… and of course those I follow as well (RSS). Also, it could find relevant related entries across all of those and show them next to each blog post, enriching them automagically.
    Make it easy to configure and perhaps to sync with stuff like iGoogle so it changes as I do.

  13. 13

    clear, simple, 1 column, white, wide, flash gallery plugin included

  14. 14

    I would like a photography based wordpress theme with a good solid back-end customized for easy image posting and organizing capabilities.

  15. 15

    I would like to see you guys build a wordpress theme that enables the user to create a css galley like site right out of the box. This would be very beneficial for more then just a css gallery and it would allow people who could not normally display inspirational or other content easily. Thanks

  16. 16

    Maarten Bressinck

    April 21, 2009 5:34 am

    Helvetica & Switzerland

    Clean but original typography in combination with a nice red color…

  17. 17

    The scrapbook / messy desk type themes (scraps of paper, photos, the odd paperclip and coffee stain) are pretty popular at the moment but quite difficult to achieve effectively. Something along those lines would be good.

  18. 18

    A clean gaming template, white and blue colors, 3 columns with where the left one is for navigation, middle is for main content with a slideshow at top, right column is for videos, replays etc.

  19. 19

    Like a lot of people I’d like to see an innovative magazine style with a heavy implementation of Jquery and prototype to show news like never before.

  20. 20


    April 21, 2009 5:34 am

    I’d love to see a blog theme that acknowledges how many different places are “normal” any more for users: not only a blog roll, but somewhere links could be easily posted and a section set aside for ads for people who put ads or other kinds of notices on their blog– and all of it intuitive.

  21. 21

    I’d really like a 1970’s style design!

  22. 22

    A Family Magazine theme would be nice, I think many (starting) family’s want to start a blog about the day/week/weekend/vacation/… and put it in a nice clean/stylish magazine style.

  23. 23

    A nice lifestream blog with a sexy photo-gallery.
    With fresh design for the spring :D

  24. 24

    Yo tambien quiero uno de esos!!

  25. 25

    A nice clean portfolio site with a jQuery slideshow / promo area on the main page, maybe some auto-image resizing (timthumb?) to avoid having to use custom fields, a very minimal design, natural colors with some theme adjustments through the admin panel. Places to add social networking links/icons…

  26. 26

    PSD to WordPress

    April 21, 2009 5:36 am

    Hi Guys,

    Looks like some good comments coming in. Emerging themes are Portfolio, Magazine and gallery-esque… Would it be cool if we incorporated the two? Looking for more suggestions!!

    PSD to WordPress Theme

  27. 27

    I would like a great free magazine theme that supports images, headlines, and such on the front page while maintaining the clean look of SM. Something that would support a community like what you have built here. Thanks!

  28. 28

    I’d like to see a magazine style theme but in unique and different style!

  29. 29

    I wood like to see a wordpress theme with look & feel of an irish pub

  30. 30

    A gallery theme, definitely. Pure HTML/js, no flash please ;-)

  31. 31

    Well, there are a lot of different themes out there, but not a lot of them focus on Video, most are photo / content. What I would like to see in a theme :

    * Theme oriented at podcasters (both audio and video)
    * Featured content (for video maybe even a featured video in the top)
    * Areas for sponsoring
    * Easily include a link to a video / audio with each post
    * Add support for things like displaying a Blip.TV or any other player if a video link is included.
    * Make it possible to display specific content to e.g. registered users or even user groups.
    * …

    I’m probably asking a lot, but I would probably pay for a theme like that :-p



  32. 32

    Mihai Moscovici

    April 21, 2009 5:39 am

    It would be cool to see a theme similar to a static CSS web-site (using pages in WP) with the blog function incorporated along the static pages.
    Thanks for what you’re doing.

  33. 33

    I’m in :) I would like magazin style and black!

  34. 34

    A VIDEO GALLERY theme would be awesome. Something to showcase vimeo and youtube embedded videos, and maybe add in an easy way to upload a preview thumbnail.

  35. 35

    I want to see a wooden admin- design

  36. 36

    White (Dry-erase) board theme – The page itself is a white board – use anything you could typically find on a white board:

    – Math equations, design sketches, notes to self, diagrams, lists, smudges, quotes, etc
    – Separate the white board/page with marker lines
    – Have all the markers on the bottom of the page

    Mmm dang – I might use this idea myself…

  37. 37

    Johnny Krogsgaard

    April 21, 2009 5:42 am

    Make a theme where design is #2 and SEO is #1;
    I mean a theme witch has the right h1, h2, h3 structure.
    A theme witch has nofollow on the right places (to save linkjuice)
    A theme witch has good internal linking structure
    A theme witch has a dynamic sitemap (not xml)

    I hope you understand me, if not feel free to contact my on Twitter: @jkrogsgaard

  38. 38

    Hmm. To be honest, you can never find Smashing Magazine quality e-commerce shopping cart WordPress themes. Sure, there are two or three out there that are decent, but there is nothing free (or premium for that matter) that will knock your socks off. There are way too many magazine, minimal, typographic, portfolio, and pretty much every other style themes out there already. Let’s see something really unique! What’s more is that such a theme would benefit WordPress itself also, by pushing WordPress a little further into use for e-commerce.

    Features I would think beneficial to such a theme:

    1. Easy Paypal integration.
    2. Custom fields for product images.
    3. Easy product inclusion in the WP write post.
    4. Shopping cart page or have it in the sidebar. Ajaxified or jQueried.

    There are plugins that do these things so it wouldn’t be hard to incorporate.


  39. 39

    A Apple-style theme with a integrated shop system would be nice :)

  40. 40

    I want a road-trip theme (like the book in Elizabethtown)

  41. 41

    I would love to see a portfolio / resume theme with a new twist.

    There are sections on a resume, so why not have a theme that has editable sections for Professional Experience, Interests, Awards and Honors, and things like that. It could be a bit of a mash-up where it all appears to be one cohesive design, but on the backend you can edit individual sections.

    Stylistically with headings and cool CSS, it would be really awesome. It would be nice if it could work for portfolio and resume folks, which means it should support image and text rich posts.

    I see it in my head…

  42. 42

    Magazine-style blog for photo/video blogging with automatic photo resize, Youtube and Flickr feeds.

  43. 43

    Roshan Bhattarai

    April 21, 2009 5:45 am

    I would like to see a design blog theme which have sexy grunge style header with a footer having some different grunge pattern. The posts should be in the middle of the old rugged paper. that would make a terrific blog design I think

  44. 44

    I’d like to see another great magazeen style theme!

  45. 45

    I would like a portfolio theme that’s light – I think there’s too much dark portfolios. It should have a “play video”-script for people that wants to show their videos, but also an ability for image, made in only HTML and CSS. (probably Js for showing images and video, though)

  46. 46

    I would love to see a wordpress theme dedicated to families where parents can blog about their kids and life to keep their friends updated.

    The theme would need a photo gallery and a video player so parents can upload photos/videos of their kids.

  47. 47

    Great contest, how about a theme which allows you to setup a private or public communication platform between yourself & clients or your team. Somthing along the lines of prologue, but less of a microblogging style theme.

    You could post design ideas on it and have people comment, share thoughts, repost changes etc? I think this would be really useful. Along a similar vein I have been toying with the idea of creating a wordpress based basecamp clone but so far haven’t progressed too far.

  48. 48

    I would like to see a good videoblog-theme (with support for custom fields for youtube, vimeo,…) in a good grid and slick less-is-more design.

  49. 49

    I would like to see a portfolio/working artist theme with featured post (options for either most recent post or tagged posts), menues and footer with bread crumbs all based on the functionality of the new website.

    I really love the way there featured post section works and looks.

    I agree with Thomassl that is should be light. In my opinion websites with black or brightly colored backgrounds do not look very professional.

  50. 50

    photography theme or portfolio theme

  51. 51

    I would like to see something big, bold, and brassy that my blog readers are going to remember.

  52. 52

    How about a social network/life stream theme with an emphasis on being clean and clutter free with plenty of room for customization?

  53. 53

    A web designer WP theme especially; more than a portofolio web site, more than just a blog.

  54. 54

    Richard Cloutier

    April 21, 2009 5:48 am

    A one-page portfolio theme would be really nice !
    We all know these are trendy but there are not much available on the market yet.

  55. 55

    I would a newspaper theme with a simple single page style and an original homepage.

  56. 56

    Clean and minimal theme

  57. 57

    What about portfolio-blog-lifestream-magazine WP theme, ha? Give me all-in-one!

  58. 58

    Martin Sullivan

    April 21, 2009 5:51 am

    A good CMS would be nice. One that allows custom page layouts and themes on a page by page bases. To many CMS WordPress themes are just a restructured blog. Truly utilize the CMS potential of WP.

  59. 59

    I´d love an incorporation of the tumblog-feel and functionality in wordpress – to gather video, pictures, quotes, links and more in one feed – but with extended features compared to Tumblr. And in a nice, minimalistic style with white space and beautiful typography as only you guys could do it. That´d make my evening.

  60. 60

    Do a comic book lovers theme!


  61. 61

    A site designed around heavy media usage. Example: Qik and/or Vimeo integration for easy media integration.

  62. 62

    I like the idea of a social hub someone mentioned. Most people don’t just blog, they also use twitter, facebook, flickr, and whatnot. With such a theme, WP could more than just a blog – it could help bring every social platform together easily for those who want it.
    On another note, how about a theme that allows for multilanguage blogs? Ideally, I’d like to blog in English, Spanish and Basque. So I’d like to have a theme that shows, for example, in the top right corner the other languages available so the user is able to switch to the language he or she prefers.

  63. 63

    I’d like to see a porfolio theme…..clean, wide, white, simple in comination with a lifestream blog…

    1.Lifestream blog
    2. Portfolio
    3. jquery Photo Gallery
    4. Integration of Digg,, mister wong

  64. 64

    I would like to suggest a theme I didn’t have time to build myself.
    The is for reading, so it’s focused on
    * Plain text, no sidebar (there are separate pages with tag clouds, categories etc available from a small graphic sidebar menu, floating possibly)
    * Big typography, lets say 1-2 em (georgia, Times new roman).
    * Header inline with first paragraph, unless it’s code or blockquote (looks quite nice, followed by an arrow or »). Italic possibly for it to stand out.

    That’s it really… Going to make it myself soon in anyway, available for public as well… with plugin, highligthing tags in the text.

    Cheers, SM. You really smashing!
    * Author and date comes after the text, as if it’s a letter (“— Alexey, 21st of April, 1:00 PM)
    * !Important. Tags and category names are highlighted in text linking to required pages with list of posts. Tags that are not found in text are listed after the post (as usual), same for categories.

  65. 65

    I’d love to see a design that looks like liquid. With drops and dots, a watery liqiud looking style, like for a nice whiskey brand or a new kind of energy drink. Crazy colours, natural looking drops of water, a “fresh” and colourful design. :)

    And keep up the good work, Smashingmagazine is #1 :)

  66. 66

    I’d like to see a theme that can work like an intranet for a small design studio. Include people’s tweets, facebook updates, catalog links that normally get emailed around, and link up to basecamp or google docs for project management. Make it fun, maybe even add points / score.

  67. 67

    I like the “portfolio-blog-lifestream-magazine” Idea..
    This would be very nice :D

  68. 68

    Rommel Miraflores

    April 21, 2009 5:56 am

    I would love to see a multi-user, multi-media gallery theme. Build a community of groups that users create and invite others to join, and share photos and videos of similar interests (Designers can share their work, Photographers can showcase their captures, Videoheads can share their shorts (short films, that is…) and that PayPal idea sounds good, if you like what you see, buy it on the spot…

    2 columns would be nice, to keep the content area big. Hmm.. how about a background changer (either by choice of group owner or individual users)? Not too complicated, is it?

    Good luck. This sounds like it’s going to be an interesting project. I’m going to keep checking in to read everyone’s suggestions.

  69. 69

    A Video-blog theme would be nice. Apart from standard features (comments, rss etc.) it could have the option to share/embed the video to your you tube/own blog. So in general – blog that would be your private tv channel.

  70. 70

    I’d like to see a personal theme with nifty jQuery plugins, good support for pictures and the use of Simplepie to have a customizable Lifestream. As a plus there could be special focus towards typography (I just can’t seem to get sifR3 to work with WordPress) and choices of colours variants on the theme.

  71. 71
  72. 72

    The best pick would be a clean and good looking general CMS theme which can be used (tweaked according requirements of course) as theme for eCommerce websites, simple brochure websites and so on.

    Finally regarding the features … a “trendy” jQuery content slider (for latest post or news or products) and maybe a great and good-looking tooltip script.

  73. 73

    You could make the menu a bit more moveabler.
    Like allow the user the make his own menu (Drag and drop).
    i could put the googlebar on the menu or change the menuitems (to Home, How-to, etc)

  74. 74

    Joram Oudenaarde

    April 21, 2009 6:00 am

    A WP-design that houses both a blog ánd a portfolio page would be most ideal for most people I think. :)

    A lot of people who use WP have both a blog and portfolio, and adjusting the design into 2 different pages (one design, different style) complements both those things.

    As for the design:
    A simple design with eye for typography (no 300 characters per line for example), with a nice playfull background like the current trend (rainbow-coloured grungy backgrounds or something). Perhaps a nice reasonably large footer for some additional information?

    Thanks in advance for making it a public theme! :D

  75. 75

    I would like to see a never-seen, amazing designed media wp theme, where you can easily upload pictures and videos.

  76. 76

    Sarah - TweetMeme

    April 21, 2009 6:02 am

    I’m not sure whether you realise this or not but on your twitter re-tweet button at the end of each post you include @tweetmeme presumably so that your posts are included on, however all you need to do is have someone re-tweet your post including the url and it will get picked up by the site. You don’t need the @tweetmeme at all so I’ve just saved you 10 of your precious twitter characters.

    Please do update the site with the above that way we can see when people @ us to ask a question over @tweetmeme if you have any other questions then do drop me a line @talktweetmeme on twitter or send a quick e-mail

    ps I’m not sure if that counts as one for your competition but I do hope it’s helpful!

  77. 77

    I would really love to see us moving away from magazine layouts and moving back to conventional top to bottom layouts, with the focus around category seperation. There are so few themes, which manage categories more than their simple purpose of seperation between posts. Most sites make use of several categories, so why not style up a theme according to categories, so for example, when someone clicks through to the “CSS” category, it has certain design elements or colours relative to that category only?

    I think a lot of people would be interested in this sort of theme, based on the ability to run a rather large blog, without it all looking exactly the same.

    Well, those are my thoughts :)

  78. 78

    A magazine style theme that is clean and professional looking, for use within an enterprise environment. Highly intuitive for users who aren’t used to contributing/commenting/engaging online. Emphasis on sharing of content with others.

  79. 79

    Don’t worry so much about the design or theme, but instead make it a theme meant to be customized and used for a large number of uses.

  80. 80

    I would like to see a fresh, green-colored magazine template for bulding social tuts-like sites. With a nice background like, and clean typography.

  81. 81

    oh im very interested in new themes. i build themes in my dreams, then wake up and i am the champion

  82. 82

    Hi, the WP Theme I’d love to see would have:
    1. Microblogging tools integration
    2. a 960 centered fixed grid-based template
    3. big sans serif fonts for titles / Georgia/Verdana or text
    4. fully valid of course
    5. very clean / lot of white space
    6. an easy video integration
    7. a built-in Flickr integration
    8. built for a truly CMS not only a simple blog
    9. very light files (no background img stuffs like that)
    10. Emphasis on comment area design as in general those are really ugly

    That’s it. Best of luck.

  83. 83

    I’d like to see a great portfolio style theme.

  84. 84

    How about an e-commerce theme with an ajax shopping cart like
    Something minimalist that allows us to customize our own design…


  85. 85

    I need a clean and clear wp theme with an horizontal way (like this web site)
    I’m thinking of something dealing with natural elements (sky, clouds, birds, trees, leaf…)
    I think that’s a smart idea…

  86. 86

    I write a lot about movies and 80s nostaglia. I’d love to see a theme that reflected that kind of feel. Casette tapes, NES controllers, retro movie posters.

    As for functions, I’d like to have a quite strong lifestreaming focus and, a pre-defined set of CSS classes with logical names that allow for easy positioning of media within posts.

  87. 87

    Something that hasn’t been done particularly often with WordPress themes is an online game resource/blog website, a bit like WoWInsider in concept.

    As an information-heavy theme, it would likely need to have very strong compositional and typographical elements to keep from giving users the Wall-o’-Text effect. It would also need to be thematically linked to the “online game” mythos in some way… without being tied to any specific game.

    Social Media – major concept, since it’s a community site theme

    Strong Indexing – categories and tags play a major role in guiding users to content they’re interested in

    Gallery – who doesn’t love “screenshot of the moment” features?

    Game Data – though there are few games that do this, pulling information directly from an official game resource (e.g. WoWArmory) for processing and display on the site would be useful

    It’s certainly something different from Smashing’s usual fare, if nothing else.

  88. 88

    Magazine Theme

  89. 89

    A portfolio based theme would be lovely

  90. 90

    Valentin Varadi

    April 21, 2009 6:07 am

    A magazine-style theme about music would be awesome :)

    Keep it up!

  91. 91

    I’d love to see a minimalistic portfolio theme.
    Unfortunately, there are no such to find.


  92. 92

    a admin theme with a tut shud do a gud job for all of us i think…sometimes when an organization is using wp for thr site/blog…they need a diff luk on the backend too…

  93. 93

    I’ve got a couple of ideas.

    1) Webcomics
    I know that ComicPress exists, but I’d like something with an easily customizable header graphic, header page navigation, heavy footer navigation with ad space (no side navigation, except the “First” “Previous” “Next” and “Last” buttons. Something that could be used by webcomic artists.

    2) Book-lover
    There are a lot of “messy desk” themes out there – some good, some not quite so good, but there’s nothing that I’ve found which appeals to the book-lover in me. There could even be options for genres – a “fantasy” book lover, with dragon bookmarks, a mug of tea or coffee, leather-bound volumes and rich colors. A “romance” book lover, with reds and pinks (without being tacky), hearts and again, the books. A “mystery” book lover, with a smoking gun, a rose, lots of blacks and contrasting reds. This kind of theme would be used by regular bloggers, by book-review sites, by author sites, by book podcasters…

    3) Website
    Sort of an odd request, but some people just want a website, not necessarily a blog. WordPress can handle this easily with the page functionality and the widgety sidebars – but having a theme that was geared less towards the “blog” aspect of wordpress and more towards the “website” aspect might be good for small business owners who simply want an easy-to-set-up web presence.

    3) Gaming.
    World of Warcraft gaming blogs in particular are HUGE. Finding themes that look professional? Nearly impossible.

    4) Fitness
    Working out moreso than just eating right – this isn’t a skinnychick website, this is weightlifting and cardio and sweat. Towels and protein shakes and muscle – from a woman’s perspective. Too many muscle mags and themes are male-oriented, when every single one of the fitness blogs I follow are run by females. I don’t want yet another dieting theme, I want blood, sweat, and tears!

  94. 94

    I’d like to see a portfolio theme

  95. 95

    I’d love to see a nice handcrafted portfolio WordPress theme…

  96. 96

    I’d like to see a nice, simple and modern e-commerce theme.

  97. 97

    Clean and white 2 column, design showcase theme

  98. 98

    WordPress for CMS! Not everyone has the time or passion to update every day or week, so blog and magazine themes won’t fit the bill. I’d love to see a professional-looking website that can host solid (static) information (e.g. for my field: science!).

  99. 99

    Samantha Armacost

    April 21, 2009 6:13 am

    I think it is time for something completely different. I’m sure what fits that bill, but I’d like to see more innovation in the implementation of WordPress.

  100. 100

    I’d like to see a photoblog theme

  101. 101

    I would love to see a green/nature inspired design for an environmental blog. I imagine it would be a bright green theme with “vine”-like vector illustrations. It would be super cool if it could have an easy to use, crisp and clean photo gallery that blends into the site and doesn’t look like a 3rd party plugin. Also, a section that can be used to link to other resource type sites – but keeping with the colour theme.

  102. 102

    A portfolio theme with blog too!

  103. 103

    I would be interested in a blog theme that combines great style with revenue generation. Let’s see Smashing Magazine do revenue generation right! The blog design should include many different types of revenue generation techniques built in. The design will utilize best practices to optimize yield on advertisements. The goal of this will be to create a well designed blog while not simply “placing” in ads wherever they fit, but taking the goal of revenue generation into consideration in the design process. (Far too many blog designs today are simply adapted to include advertisements and do not truly take full advantage of combining good design with advertisements.)

  104. 104

    I’d like to see a porfolio theme, clean and simple with 2 colors + gray.
    1. Blog
    2. A Portfolio with the ability to have different galleries on seperate pages
    3. A Coda Slider Effect (jQuery) gallery on the homepage
    4. Integration of Digg, twitter, etc.
    5. Sidebar in the footer, (3 column)

    carbo86, you are pretty much thinking what I am thinking!

  105. 105

    Jean-Philippe Murray

    April 21, 2009 6:16 am

    What about, finally, a theme built for podcaster? There is PLENTY of theme for video casting, but none for podcasting!

    – A simple something, with possibilities for displaying blog post, and podcasts;
    – Embedded player?
    – Twitter support;
    – RSS feed for blog, RSS for podcast in mp3, rss for podcast in AAC (itunes);
    – post (podcast) rating, usual social features (share on facebook and all that jazz)
    – maybe support for existing podcasting plugin (not not hardcodded! I myself don’t use them as it’s not entirely reliable…)


  106. 106

    George Serradinho

    April 21, 2009 6:17 am

    I would like to see you develop a theme whereby the admin can log in and change the following:

    1. Layouts from 2 to 3 column
    2. Be able to add adsense code
    3. Be able to add author signatures
    4. Change site headers and footers at will
    5. Use gravatars
    6. Be able to swith to DoFollow (on or off)
    7. Change theme colors or have a few colors that the user can select from
    8. Change background by uploading images
    9. Create menu’s from admin with no coding at all
    10. Add social bookmarking sites to posts by uploading details in admin area
    11. Generate thumbnails in all sizes used by theme

    That’s all I can think of as of now.

  107. 107

    I’d love to see a theme that displays a copywriter’s portfolio. This would be a portfolio theme that isn’t so heavily designed that it takes away from the idea that the owner is a writer. There would be places to simply display work and let it speak for itself.

  108. 108

    I would like the theme to have the following characteristics:

    The style I like for a personal blog, with the colors used by Smashing Magazine would be perfect.
    Defined lines, but the font medium, not so great. A little square.
    That may include color and # F5F5F5 # E1E1E1.
    Support for Gravatar.

    In the Header:

    A spacious place to change

    One to showcase
    One to archives
    – Detailing by month, year and the last 30 items, and may show the tags as well.
    One to contact
    – Have a contact form

    In the Sidebar:
    -Submit news
    -A nice search box
    -Twitter Integration

    In the footer
    Three boxes to customizing

    It is enough, but I also like the theme.
    Thank you for taking our opinion into account

  109. 109

    There is definelty a lack of good free magazine themes for wordpress, maybe similar to The Masterplan ( What I am talking about is a clean, not overloaded 3 column magazine theme smashingmagazine could become an even bigger legend with ;-)!

  110. 110

    Those are some nice sleeves.

  111. 111

    Massimo Nastasi

    April 21, 2009 6:20 am

    a Steampunk Theme

  112. 112


  113. 113

    Hey, i would like to see a wp theme for an online video magazine, with:
    1. easy video integration
    2. big fonts
    3. css framework based

    have a nice day ;)

  114. 114

    I´d love to see the evolution of the Agregado Theme you published in September last year.

    Give it a bit cleaner structure and nicer typography. In order to have a nicer integration and have no need to tweak around with the lifestream integration just make it neatly working with friendfeed (wo all the friendfeed recognition.

    Would love this.

    By the way, I don´t care about the notebook sleave but want to get the theme. I would donate the sleave if you only pick my suggestion :).

  115. 115

    A good CMS could be nice allowing custom page layouts and themes on a page by page bases.
    Possibility to have a liquid or fixe layout for the central part.

  116. 116

    Sleeve Candy! I would love to see a Rich CMS based site – not so much Magazine – but more Newspaper based. Clean, Functional and SMASHING!

    Love the site keep it up!

  117. 117

    Alexander Friesen

    April 21, 2009 6:25 am

    I would love to see a great Theme that is perfekt for Groups not only one Blogger. Not really like the Prologue or P2 Theme which is to twitter like. It should be awesome to use for multiple users in order to discuss and interact with each other. Like a Konference Theme which helps to realize Projekts within a Group. Horizontal Navigation please ;)

  118. 118

    Its a great offer and a whole new good concept. I would love to have a Template custom designed by SM with my own needs

    I need a template for Webmaster’s website for tutorials. news etc

    Features would like to have are :
    1) 2 Column Template ( White with Brigh Colors or Dark )
    2) One of the sidebar element should have left and right as two sub sections
    3) Eye catching Post title with date on left and comments count on right and post title in middle
    4) Web 2.0 Template.
    5) Some icon set to add laterand for Social bookmarking sites to use too.

    These features completes a good template design.
    Waiting for the Results :D

  119. 119

    I would like to see a modular portofolio design. A pre-designed portofolio design is pretty lame, hence it needs to be modular – i.e. easy integration of 3rd party modules and probably not too much huge graphics (e.g. a big paint splatter all over the page) which make it hard to integrate other stuff.
    Portofolio design is really nice and especially if it is NOT wordpress style blog-format, but more a full fledged content-format. Meaning several possible sections with main content areas and not just a boring list of blog entries – people read blogs via RSS readers anyways so the site needs to invite to do more than just scan over blog entries.

  120. 120

    i’d like a better portfolio theme

  121. 121

    I think the perfect theme would be a mix between old and new. I would love to see a theme & layout as if the user could see into a vault. Such as, a Mahogany wood vault (or a shelf, that would work too) with old english letters that displays open the contents of the site. Some of the sections I would like to see are podcasts, videos, editorial, news and even a twitter & Flickr feeds(non-intrusive on the side of bottom of the page.)

  122. 122

    André Nitz Webdesigner aus Leipzig

    April 21, 2009 6:29 am

    Id like to see a price comparison or a shop theme for WordPress.

    Greetz from Germany, André

  123. 123

    Visual Concept:
    The idea of a telephone pole or the side of an old barn. The place where people tack up their posters, ads, photos, whatever.

    Flash galleries, video galleries, horizontal navigation, customizable background images, all that flow into the visual theme.

  124. 124

    Someone needs to make the ultimate designer/illustrator/photographer portfolio theme!

    I’m thinking:
    – Gallery format with multiple category streams
    – Minimal white default style with hooks to an admin page with type/colors/custom logo or header.
    – separated out “news” posts stream
    – support for video for motion
    – made with RSS in mind
    – footer widgets

    Dream add-on: matching e-commerce for T-shirts, prints, etc…

    I think everyone in the design community could use on of these!


  125. 125

    What WordPress really seems to be lacking in is a great e-commerce theme. It would be awesome to see you guys come up with one of those!

  126. 126

    If you need someone to develop a portfolio theme for you then there is something wrong. If you have a web design portfolio to show off then you should be able to develop your own theme from scratch in my opinion.

    Congratulations to SM on 100k subscribers. Good going.

  127. 127

    I would like to see a true CMS in a nice Premium Magazine style format.

  128. 128

    A nice portfolio theme would be pretty usefull!

    Cheers from bonn, Oliver

  129. 129

    Please make a quality photography theme, there are none.

  130. 130

    I’d like to see a portfolio theme

  131. 131

    I would love to see an e-commerce shopping cart theme – for more than just sidebar products. Fully styled cart pages with categories, etc. Also, I’d like to see featured sections on the landing page with dynamic abilities to change out new or featured products in those sections. Excellent e-commerce themes for WordPress are few and far between!

  132. 132

    Love to see a band/music theme! It’s very difficult to find one, or you have to code one yourself.

  133. 133

    I’d love to see something CMS-ish that could be set up for someone new to wordpress or blogging in general. A cool theme design is one thing, but fancy features (or not-so-fancy ones that do what they’re supposed to!) are what really stick out in my mind!

    Also let me take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy reading the articles here, your freebies are also extremely awesome, and.. oh, are those laptop bags? I hadn’t noticed ;)

  134. 134

    Jonas Hellström

    April 21, 2009 6:40 am

    I would like a theme that could suit for a tutorial site. There should be page templates for both text tutorials as well as video tutorials.

  135. 135

    i would love to see a wordpress theme that incorporates a portfolio type showcase at the top (above the fold) while keeping a blog listed below the fold. so it would be a hybrid portfolio / blog. this is what i am trying to achieve with my site, and would be ideal!

    an added bonus would be if it can switch from dark to light with a css tricks via a link!

  136. 136

    I heart Apple style :)

  137. 137

    my favorite kind of blog interface i hope in green variation :-) :
    The Unstandard WordPress theme

    The home and archive index pages utilize photos rather than text.

    The beloved futures:
    1) Sidebar – Main: Column displayed on any page but a single post.
    2) Sidebar – Single: Column rendered on a single post page.
    3) Footer – Shared: Always visible widgets towards the bottom of the page.
    4) Threaded / nested comments
    5) Gravatar support and site admin comment author highlighting

  138. 138

    A resume / CV / portfolio theme that works for everyone.

    One that makes it real easy to boil down to the key skills and talents.

    One that is organic / wiki.

  139. 139

    I think you should do the first ever podcast focused theme, Displaying the latest episode on the front page and also past episodes. It should work well with PodPress :)


  140. 140

    I imagine photoblog simply combined with a personal blog —> the place where i can show my photos to others or just write about my life a and about all smashing things on the world :)

    I know that the wordpress blog system is initially, but I would like a personal blog combined with a something like “photopost”, maybe via nextgen gallery or …. ?

  141. 141

    I definitely think that many folks use WordPress to combine a blog and portfolio. It’d be neat to see a theme that’s pre-built with that in mind. I’m thinking it would function more as a theme framework. I could see that being immensely useful.

  142. 142

    Portfolio would be great

  143. 143

    Francesco Rizzi

    April 21, 2009 6:45 am

    A ‘magazine-style’ template (a-la DePo Masthead, but there are others) with 3 main columns… here’s the kicker: each column should be reserved for one (or more) of the blog authors. So, if we have 5 authors posting on the blog (A, B, C, D, and E), we would get the posts from author A always in the left-most column, those from author B and E always in the middle column, and those from author C and D always in the right-most column.

  144. 144

    I’m interested in a sports league, CMS style theme. A theme that can be used as a website for an entire league, a subset of a league, or a single team. The theme should not be specific to any one sport, but allow for sport identification via a header image.

    * a home page which would show intro paragraph follwed by the latest news items
    * sub pages which, if used as a team’s “home page” would make use of a child theme to allow for individual team colors
    * widget control per page and/or category, not just site wide.
    * a site wide navigational structure which allows for drop down sub menus
    * a header image which can be rotated on the home page or general pages (jquery inner fade), and then specified via the child theme on a team page.
    * a photo gallery page
    * a video gallery page
    * comments should support avatars

  145. 145

    In my opinion we have seen lots of great magazine themes being released, some of them Premium and some of them for free, and I don’t think a new one released here would be the best idea (even if you always release great themes!)

    What would really be a benefit for people using WordPress would be a theme foccussed around photography. I know there were some already, but none of them was advanced and smooth enough to have people leaving their flickr account (for example) to start a personal blog.
    I would consequently see a new style of photoblog, created to publish albums and sets of pictures rather than daily pictures.
    – A nice homepage would display galleries with small thumbnails leading to articles displaying a set or gallery or a single picture with some text.
    – Of course this WordPress theme would take benefit of custom fields of WordPress and extract one of the pictures of a gallery to display it as cover of the gallery.
    – Javascript can allow to add some nice features to the display.
    – Including support for a rating plugin or a flickr plugin would be a big bonus, maybe even included in a nice javascript pop up box for every picture.
    – I would imagine a dark theme with a strong texture background, with maybe a drop down navigation at the top of the homepage.

    Ok, I know I am asking very precise things. As a matter of fact I have been working on such a theme for a bit of time, so I’d be happy to give you even more details later on! I really that would be an original theme, that would be successful among the readers!
    That’s all for me! :)

  146. 146

    Something different from what’s already out there. It should be highly customizable … but not the typical magazine layout. Something that doesn’t look bloggy, but more website-y. (That is a technical term.)

  147. 147

    It doesn’t matter what theme you guys put together – I know I’ll like it. But, sometimes a simple theme is better than any feature-rich, complicated, complex theme. I believe it tests a designers skills to create a truly magnificent but SIMPLE theme.

  148. 148

    i like it with magazine style and it will be nice with another fresh color composition :)
    will be waiting for new style and new fresh color :)

  149. 149

    I would like to see a clean, professional, and modern(design as well as coding, javascipt, ajax, jquery, etc) template for resume’s and portfolio’s. I believe this would be very helpful for a lot of people because people with blogs try to have some sort of portfolio combined and I haven’t found a good tool to do so.

    Twitter: @anthonygarand

  150. 150

    A CMS implementation of wordpress.
    with contact forms enabled for both a contact page and inner pages. and a full tat on that.

    thank you.

  151. 151

    I would like to see a theme that could be used by everyday blogger. Everyday bloggers are in maximum numbers and this theme could reach a greater mass and serve the community.

    * It should contain customizable things, like background color etc.
    * or you can provide a set of css sheets which could be configured via admin section.

  152. 152

    Make a really sleek and usable theme which is also very beautiful and features plugins to payment gateways. Very few good e-shop themes out there for wp :(

  153. 153

    I would like to see a 4-in-1 sport inspirated theme. With just a click in the settings you change it from soccer to hockey, to basket, to baseball. Maybe soccer can be green for exmple.

  154. 154

    my school is on a development for its website, so i think that would be a great idea to create a web template for school or education based WordPress :)

  155. 155

    A social hub theme would be awesome, with the flexibility to pull in content from a wide range of sources.

  156. 156

    A photography theme or a portfolio theme. Pure HTML/js, no flash please ;-)

  157. 157

    I’m up for anything you guys design! But I’d love to see a theme that comes with an alternate mobile stylesheet or is built to work flawlessly on both big screens and tiny ones. Something built using fluid grids perhaps? And with fluid images – even better!

    I can’t wait! Thanks so much!!

  158. 158

    A blog-portfolio combo would be useful.

  159. 159

    A simple-light portofolio theme for designers and web-developers would be nice!

  160. 160

    I would love to see a personal blog with:
    • a built in homepage feature for reviewing favorite items: software, books, music CDs, toys, whatever; the latest reviewed item has a picture, with links to more.
    • great photo CSS styling for posts
    • integration with Twitter, flickr
    • not over-stylized; easy to customize and make it look “mine”

  161. 161


    I think the best would be a cross-browser (but not for IE 5.5 or IE 6) theme without flash or silverlight (or something like this). It could be suitable for any purpose. Although it would be nice if it’s source could be validated without any warnings, some HTML5 and CSS3 features could be handy. And (of course) some jQuery or just javascript in it also can make it better.

  162. 162

    I think it should be a hybrid of a portfolio and a blog. I like themes that have the nice footer, but also allow you to have side bars.

  163. 163

    Massimo Bastianon

    April 21, 2009 7:02 am

    Nature-Photograpy blog with gallery (next-gen) and maps (google or yahoo maps) to locate the images..
    Someting like plus maps..

  164. 164

    Why not create the “first” GOOD WordPress theme but for the Admin area, that users can tweak around very ez, and Clients which uses the CMS find it very pleaseant to work in… the admin now is good but i think it can be alot better, and that would be a first :D.

    This would be mainly for people who gives clients solutions via wordpress (which turns out nowadays it’s getting bigger and bigger).


  165. 165

    please, make a nice, simple, minimalistic and clean lifestream blog design.

  166. 166

    Clean web 2.0 style that can translate well on the iphone/ipod touch
    two columns
    twitter integration on side column
    search on side column with google adsense integration
    spots for text ads on side column
    allow spots for banner ads inbetween posts
    allow facebook users and twitter users to comment
    posts should have social bookmarking links to every site imaginable

  167. 167

    Jonathan Barnhoorn

    April 21, 2009 7:11 am

    I suggested a basketball wordpress theme for my basketballclub, I’ve been looking for one for a long time now. Grasshoppers is one of the largest clubs in our countries, the site would be thankfully used!

    Very interested in what you guys would make of a yellow-and-black design, those are our clubs colors.

    Greetings and, please pick us!

  168. 168

    It would be cool to have a theme that focuses on personal portfolios but not like the lame-ish ones that are out today. Making it highly adaptable, with a cool gallery for images, area for your resume/CV that you can download in .pdf format, built in twitter feed.

    Design it for today and tomorrow. What does today’s wordpress theme need if you’re a creative person? What will tomorrows wordpress need? I personally like the magazine kind of layouts. I thought the last magazine wordpress theme released was AMAZING. If you can top that I’ll be impressed.

  169. 169

    A multiple portfolio/critique centered theme. A theme to house multiple portfolios (different people) and a space for a critique forum.
    To that end, the style could be whatever you wanted really, minimal yet bold, a background made with different layers, muted tones with splashes of vivid colors, etc. — but the ‘meat’ of the theme would be good functionality and incorporation of a forum plugin for the critique side of things. My experience so far, which is admittedly limited, is that the forum plugins do not mesh well with the theme. They look like plugins, not like part of the theme.

  170. 170

    I’d love a wordpress theme for a clothing company. Must have a blog, and a community utilizing wordpress users (with functional uploadable avatars, defaulting on a default image with company branding).

    Custom fields using images should be pulled in correctly through the RSS feeds (i have had so much trouble with this in the past, I’d love to see how experts handle it).

    On top of it all, just to have professionals build me a custom theme would take away all my worries and I’d be honored. Good luck every one and awesome contest!

  171. 171

    A personal sports blog for teams or individuals. I would envision this as a blog for the coaches and team-moms out there that want to publish practice & game updates, rosters, game summaries, player profiles, coaching tips, game MVPs, schedules, awards and photos.

    The header/footer and sidebar could hold personalized photos and/or random photos from a particular folder.

    The background would either be a green grass field with a white line or two, a hardwood court with a black line or two, a ice theme, and finally a water based picture background (I think covers all sports).

    Each post would have a small piece of equipment that the sports theme would offer: basketball, cricket ball, curling stone, baseball bat…etc. all based on the sports picked.

  172. 172

    Hi ,

    I would like to see a really great 70’s retro style portfolio , where the background colors changes following the daylight . ( one for sunrise , mid day , sunset , night … ) i believe that will be a nice effect .
    I will like a great space for the last updates on twitter too.

    cheers , and i’m waiting my sleeve !! ;)

    Rodrigo , RJ – Brazil

  173. 173

    I’ve yet to see a great theme that makes it attractive to post photos, videos, music, and/or just regular text all in the same site with the homepage focusing on all aspects—not just one or the other.

  174. 174

    I would like an old looking theme. Something that looks like a 20’s or 30’s newspaper. Great Depression with a little grunge. Black and white or sepia.

  175. 175

    A professional looking theme using WordPress as CMS, allowing mass uploads of images in a zip to compile a (flash?) picture gallery (with lightboxes?), easy to insert the content of news (with lightboxes) categories / downloads list / picture and video galleries across pages (selectable), automatic navigation and subnavigation.

    And it should be easy to change the graphics, so it would come with a nice PSD wireframe file.

    Apart from that I would include a ‘config’ theme page to be able to disable a whole lot of the redundant WordPress bagage.

  176. 176

    Something for a really cool kindergarten teacher who wants to showcase her students’ work; links to books she loves, crafts, links to enrichment sites for parents to click on. Maybe a softer version of primary colors. Very happy, upbeat.

  177. 177

    Lots of stuff for graphic designers and photographers, but what about something for a musician that’s not cheesy? A player isn’t necessary since we have wp-audio, but I’m thinking something that pulls in a Twitter Feed as well as blog posts, and keeps categories very clear so that the music posts are very prominent.

  178. 178

    I like a classic blog theme or another magazine style. 3 column style in a retro look or something. Features: A easy hack to make a gallery in WordPress and css classes for float images. Recent Comments in Sidebar, twitter feeds, post it to delicious button ( i know i can do it with a plugin ) drop down navigation is nice or something with ajax, loginform onclick with ajax or javascript

  179. 179

    I would like a fully CMS based template, with a clean layout.

  180. 180

    Well, April 25th is my birthday, would be really cool to win something then!

    And for the design:
    I would like something between a clean and crisp (like tha mac OSX design) and something grungy. Best case would be a floating design with nice typography! :D


  181. 181

    Great contest.

    “Freelancer” theme with “Client Management”

    In my dream, the theme would be a nice portfolio but with the addition of password protected “client zone” for each current customer (unique for each customer of course). We could use this area to post comps, sketches, docs, etc. all in an effort to keep good communication and transparency with the client. This area would also have a place for the customer to leave comments on the designs, formally approve the work and heck, even pay for your services with PayPal.

  182. 182

    I would love to a see a really simple, modern blog-design..

  183. 183

    Ok, Here I go. Hold on:

    My ideal features:
    1.- I love magazine style themes.
    2.- Given your great tips… I would like it to be highly customizable via an admin interface.
    3.- Strong marketing capabilities: Hight CTR positions/sizes… that avoid ad blindness. Oh! And those ad spots should not be tied to hard-coded ads… instead, it should allow the admin to use third-party plugins like MaxBanner Ads.
    3.1.- A great, unique, feature would be to include a customizable page peel ad pseudo-engine to handle it… perhaps via custom-fields.
    4.- If the admin is allowed to dinamically create content blocks inside the main index file… it would definitely a unique feature… never seen in any WP theme.

    My Nice-to-have features.
    5.- If it use jQuery, it should be compatible with popular plugins that also use it: Wp-Cumulus, Wp-Invoice, etc.
    6.- Top Category is a great plugin to implement category silos for SEO (amonth with s-categories plugin)… However, when you are paging categories, it cause many problems in many themes… If this theme can avoid these problems WOULD BE FABULOUS! However, absolutelly optional.

    Many many thanks in advance,

  184. 184

    I need a theme for student blogs. It should be fun and colorful (reds & blues if you wanted to go with our school colors), but not so busy that the kids get distracted by design. The chronological order of the posts is important (as opposed to category), since most of the projects involve students journaling from the perspective of a historical figure or book character.

    Features that would be nice to have:
    -Blogroll to connect all class blogs together
    -Author profile page
    -Nested comments

  185. 185

    I love the wordpress themes you have shown and designed so far, but in the true community spirit..

    I would love to see a WPMU (WordPress MU) theme, that has a main theme homepage, magazine style that imports all the sub blogs as content (based on recent posts, or most read etc)… and the sub blogs theme is the same as the main one, but can have individual elements, such as colors, background image, just to give it a little bit of independence.

    If there is an choice of how the design looks i would go for a classic newspapaer layout with a digital twist. i loved the layout of some of the designs in a previous post. ->

  186. 186

    I would like a simple theme, not overcrowded with a friendly layout. Something similar to

  187. 187

    James Woodrow Lane III

    April 21, 2009 7:38 am

    A great theme for the community would be a family tree theme for for members of the family can post family events, pictures, talking about uncles and cousins. So all the members of the family would have a central hub to go to for they can learn and keep up to date with the tree. And it would be great to help keep families together and informed.

  188. 188

    i would like to see another maganize theme, without the use of a slideshow; something more unique. slideshows are getting old.

    sleek, sophisticated

  189. 189

    I’d like to see a clean minimal theme, but not one that is so minimal that it looks like it was just thrown together in minutes. You know, the kind of design that looks simple, but that actually took some planning and forethought. One column with horizontal navigation at the top and a calendar on the right side. Blues and peachy colors would be nice.

    Thanks SM!

  190. 190

    How about a Comic Book style theme? Word balloons, comic book fonts (not comic sans, of course), comic character sketches, sound bubbles, voice-over-style blocks, primary colors, nice paper texture, even a comic-style gallery? Also, a static-page-based theme would be good, for those of us who don’t want WP to look like a blog.

  191. 191

    A sport themed blog-design would be great

  192. 192

    I’d like to see a wordpress theme that is simple and clean, and uses images controlled by via the interface to allow customization. Too many wordpress themes are locked into single uses because they are too dark, or too focused on one concept. For example, w simple theme in whites and silver-grays that lets you choose images to rotate behind the title in the header area… something like that could be used for a church, a business, a personal site… just about anything.

  193. 193

    I would like to see a portfolio style, maybe in a red theme or with red accents.

  194. 194

    Widget style theme, similar to Google homepage.

  195. 195

    I’d like to see a portfolio theme with an entry page with a single image that changes with each load, a news page, bio page and gallery page with flexible lightbox gallery. Ideally, all of it would be understated (clean and simple) so that the artists works are the focus. And if it could look more like a website than a blog… it’d be a popular theme.

  196. 196

    I would love to see an easy-to-implement lifestream theme, especially if it had the option for a “front page” of sorts that was maybe set up like a newspaper. With sweet typography of course (but I shouldn’t have to mention that with the Smashing folks!)

  197. 197

    Magazine themes are all over the place at the moment while there is few high quality free portfolio themes.

    You can probably Google a great free magazine theme in a few minutes but try doing the same with a portfolio one.

    I think Smashing Magazine should aim for a unique theme or at least a theme that stands out of the usual offer.

    Not another magazine or “simple” blog theme please. The market is already saturated.

  198. 198

    I’d love to see blog in retro theme in magazine layout.

  199. 199

    I would like to see a simple and modern e-commerce theme.

  200. 200

    I would really like to see a good theme for BuddyPress. I know it’s in beta and only based on WordPress (MU at that), but I think it would be really sweet. If not that, then I’ve always wanted a nice theme for a video podcast site. Obviously the videos need to be front and center. Something a little more creative than just the black background with a bunch of thumbnail themes that are out there now.

  201. 201

    A quality shopping cart would be my top priority. As far as the aesthetics, I would like to see either a 1960’s surfing theme with bleached out photos or a vintage baseball theme with black and white imagery.

  202. 202

    Osman Fatih Cinar

    April 21, 2009 8:06 am

    Very simple and modern to be a theme

  203. 203

    Would love to see an eCommerce theme!

  204. 204

    I would like to see a clean and elegant photo gallery witch make me think to a portfolio/book, a real one i mean. There were no annoying count or legend.

  205. 205

    Wiljan Slofstra

    April 21, 2009 8:16 am

    I would like to see a magazine style layout, because they always look nice. And im thinking of making a magazine blog by myself!

  206. 206

    I would love to see a portfolio or lifestream theme that is really easily customized so that even hacks like me can download it and make it look like my own.

  207. 207

    A theme for all – > Geek, Programmer, Cookers, Graphics, News etc..

  208. 208

    Subhadeep Gayen

    April 21, 2009 8:21 am

    As this theme will be for use of as much catagories of site as possible, i’d like to suggest following things for being implemented.
    I have outlines the basic layout in 2 images, one contains the main page and another the post page.
    Index Image >
    Post Page Image >

    Some more Suggestions :

    1) TRY TO AVOID large javascript libraries like jquery it is just a waste of bandwidth, instead create your own javascript or use small scripts for small effects. I hate high load times and hope others does too.
    2) The template should be W3C Transitional Passed
    3) Clean interface (notably web 2.0)
    4) Paginationof must in index is must
    5) Good post excerpt in index with filed under catagory, tags and author and should be attractive
    6) As small size as possible w/o over excessive use of javascripts
    7) Browsar compatibilty
    8) Good typography
    9) Compatible with varieties plugins

  209. 209

    A portfolio theme that is out of the ordinary. No manual scroll, smooth-scrolling by jquery, top down view of a garden (vector/vexel) as background.


  210. 210

    Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    April 21, 2009 8:25 am

    I’d like to see a very simple theme that is elegant. It would have blog posts, but also have easy access to portfolio pages which would house anything like web designs, digital photos or video/audio content.

  211. 211

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet…!

    How about…

    1) A CMS theme that doesn’t scream “modified blog”
    2) Integrated SIFR text (or something similar) for custom fonts in headlines
    3) A branded admin page so the client sees your logo (or theirs) when they login to update their website.
    4) A time tracker in the dashboard to see how much time each user has spent on the site (with notes?)
    5) Built-in option for auto updating of WP and plugins (huge time saver if you are managing multiple sites)
    6) Recommended plugin list for photo galleries, e-commerce, and video integration
    6) Some random graphic element functionality for fun and freshness!

    These to me would all be very useful features…. :)

  212. 212

    I have a completely new and innovative idea for a WordPress theme.

    The blog will look like a grid of thumnails in black background (These will be images of blog posts). Once to take your cursor to the thumbnail, the post title will appear (jQuery). And when you click on it, the post opens…

    E-mail me for a more detailed view. I can even help in basic design with pictures of the concept.

  213. 213

    portfolio-design fo sho.

  214. 214

    A health theme would be great.
    The general idea is to use mild green and blue colors.


  215. 215

    I would like to have a movie related theme. One that would allow me to choose from a db of movie posters which ones would appear in the header. With lots of reel feel. It should be 2 columns (main + sidebar)
    That would be awesome!

  216. 216

    portfolio theme:

    – Absolutely stunning typograhy
    – Moderate use of jQuery to create animated menu/category/sidebar effects
    – Highly customizable layout
    – 3 column
    – Colour scheme: blue, white, black, grey (similar to
    – unique

  217. 217

    I’d like to see a personal homepage or hub type theme which would included
    1) Standarad blogging pages
    2) Lifestream integration, social media resume
    3) Proper resume/cv options.
    4).Photo Gallery
    all with Mootools/jquery sexiness

  218. 218

    I would love to see a minimalist portfolio theme. Clean and easy tp showcase work, rather than the theme

  219. 219

    Super clean grid based setup – don’t soften those rightangles, embrace them (ow, spikey). white space, black columns, grey dividers very subtle – make it about the content, not the container.

  220. 220

    I hope i can win. I need new wordpress theme:D

  221. 221

    I’d like to see something designed for multi media, using audio, video, and the social networking widgets ie twitter, flutter etc incorperated into the design, that resembles more of a magazine style with simple tabbed nav and the simple 3 column design frame. Possible use of a typography from the early 50’s or late 40’s as the primary h1 fonts and a more traditional/contemporary font for the content.

  222. 222

    I’d like a them that gives equal space to blog posts and lifestream. I am using a theme that tries to do that but I think the wp community needs more of such themes.

  223. 223

    A three column using crisp and clear lines defining posts. Wiget ready. A header that I can add my custom header onto. Overall view, organic gardening and recipe blog.
    That would be so cool.

  224. 224

    Diego Potapczuk

    April 21, 2009 8:48 am

    I really would like a theme that i could use to do a CMS with wordpress, wich i think will be a great use of it in the near future.

  225. 225

    I’d like to see a minimal life-stream style theme.

  226. 226

    Cool contest.
    What I would like is a celebrity design.
    Depending on the category, there should be different pages.
    1 Category for the celebrities (Page with informations + links to pictures/videos with tags)
    1 Category for the pictures ( Page style the gallery)
    1 Category for the videos ( Page for a video)


  227. 227

    David (Marketing Integrity)

    April 21, 2009 8:55 am

    A portfolio CMS theme – not just your ordinary one though – one that would allow for more than one portfolio section or subsection – so you could showcase portfolios for different market/customer segments. CMS so it is a web site and also had blog capabilities.

  228. 228

    I’d love to see a portfolio theme that separates portfolio posts from news posts by category or even sub-categories within the portfolio. I’d also like to see what’s possible with creating a look that isn’t so minimal. What if the whole screen was just chock full of headlines and images? A little controlled chaos. Maybe use sIFR to break it up a bit.

  229. 229

    Smashing magazine magazine theme. :)

  230. 230

    Dylan Blanchard

    April 21, 2009 9:06 am

    Amanda’s comment’s at 210 are pretty solid – if you could use a couple of them with a portfolio / life-stream centered theme…. Prime. prime prime!

    Dylan B.

  231. 231

    either a magazine or a really slick cms theme, they’re really nice. support autogeneration of drop down menus, different sidebars on every page

  232. 232

    it would be great to see a good e-commerce theme. it should include a great shopping cart plugin as well as the ability to feature products and such. there should be a blog component, but it would be nice to have a theme that wasn’t so blogcentric.

  233. 233

    We don’t see enough blog theme. Everything is about magazine theme now.
    I would love a nice blog theme, where I can tell about my (fascinating) life, and post some photos too.

  234. 234

    Hello! a blog that can fascinate technical degree students! thanks!!

  235. 235

    Horizontal scrolling theme would be awesome. :D just kidding. I love random numbers, pick me! pick me!

  236. 236

    I would love to see a magazine style theme or nice typography theme.
    Thanks in advance if I do win~ LOL

  237. 237

    A good liftestreaming theme would be awesome. Support for Flickr, Twitter, and other small social apps would need to be built it or included as plugins. Then you have WordPress already there for the blogging part.

  238. 238

    I would like a holiday themed site that allows users to leave feedback on their trips, vote on top destinations, idea’s for holidays and Travel Guides.

    Plus a users photo gallery which allows other users to make comments, give ratings which can be used to create lists i.e. top ten photos etc. Photos could also be used to accompany feedback on hotels etc.

  239. 239

    Greatings from france !

    I don’t know if it has ever been made, but it would be nice if we (visitors) could add a (like / did not like) to the comments. E. G. : i liked the article : my comment will appear with a green border. if I disliked it, it could be red. Blogger should be able to summarize opinion over a post (a kind of diagramm, maybe, or just percentage with coloring)

  240. 240

    There is no good wordpress E-Commerce theme available over web (Not even paid one). It’s good to have a E-Commerce theme with lots of functionality like what you can see in Nick’s e-Commerce site

    Also there is no market place theme available for wordpress like iStockPhoto or ThemeForest.

    DKumar M.

  241. 241


    April 21, 2009 9:30 am

    Actually I´m working about a blog for kids; there are many things and resouces about internet the kids can enjoy in a safe way and I´m trying to show them in this blog, . I really miss a good design for kids; not ridiculous but full colored, with a small gallery or silder and a video window, with pretty cartoon icon to show the kids different sections and categories in esscence a blog well structured and clean but easy to understand for children.
    All the sites we find usually are the type…print and paint…bored and ugly, don´t you think so ?

  242. 242

    I’d love a magazine style theme that’s:

    Adsense ready
    Simple portfolio management
    Better comment management
    Easily replaceable background image for simple customization

    Thanks!! @mercutiom

  243. 243

    I would like to see a store theme.

  244. 244

    It would be nice to have theme for educational sites. It should have big drop down menu (like samsung’s :D), two and three column pages, and standard one column pages for contact info etc…

  245. 245

    I’d love to see a nice traditional African theme. Not something cheesy (no leopard print, k? :P), and not something based on vectors of teal sky, and silhouette trees and giraffes. Just clean, simple, traditional African.

    Thanks! ^^

  246. 246

    I would like to see one which implemented all your valuables advices fo design you give us. For example a simple “go top” link would be nice.

    Personally i like the actual. It make me feel confortable.

  247. 247

    hmmm.. I know what is the scope of this contest..
    you just want to gain a lot of powerful ideas from the people! Very bad man!

  248. 248

    I’d like to see a Portfolio Theme with categories. (For example: Web, Print, Illustrations) Integration of Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook Status would be cool too.

    Something simple that is easy to customise later, as this would be geared towards the artistic type.

  249. 249

    Haha, it has to be easy, it has to be simple, it has to be elegant, it has to be funny…

    Easy to say… harder to do…

    I prefer something cool with less colors and graphical items, but with great idea…


  250. 250

    I would like to see a Travel theme.

  251. 251

    … un tema al estilo de James Bond en una misión, con muchas funciones pero que no las exhiba, sino que hago uso discreto de ellas con elegancia. Un tema fino, atrevido, seductor, con acceso a recursos e innovaciones geeks para su asignación. Si un blog constituye una misión frente al mundo, nos gustaría tener de nuestra parte a un agente con el estilo, audacia y estado de alerta de James Bond.

  252. 252

    Something ripe to support the new Jason Santa Maria-inspired blog art direction revolution.

  253. 253

    I am currently a developer (coder) and recently interested in UI/UX. I would like to learn from an excellent work.

  254. 254

    An edgy magazine-ish/clean/image/designer/classy style (large smooth fading, rotating header…with on-image “icons/#s” to toggle between the rotating headers).

    Appropriate JQuery plugins are a must.

    Image support for blog (with ability for twitter input) and a decent gallery (versatile: personal gallery (flickr…etc) or portfolio) . Slightly customizable interface would be nice (color of text and comment boxes).

    Stylish “callout” comments (not just boxes).
    Tag cloud and good organization/categorization of posts.

  255. 255

    a portfolio based theme will be very useful!

  256. 256

    I like see a professional and financial clean (blue and green) template :D

  257. 257

    Hi Guys,

    Looks like some good comments coming in. Emerging themes are Portfolio, Magazine and gallery-esque… Would it be cool if we incorporated the two? Looking for more suggestions!!

    Link []


    GREAT idea to incorporate the two! I’ve been trying and trying to find a creative, great looking portfolio theme that has a separate “blog” to it, more like a CMS look I guess than a blog but implementing WP. A combo of a portfolio site, with huge image areas, ie; Graph Paper Press themes, and a mag or blog theme with optional homepages, is perfect! Would love something UNIQUE..minimalistic. Thanks!!

  258. 258

    shop template

  259. 259

    I add my voice to the Magazine/Newspaper group

  260. 260

    simple clean slate magazine wp theme

  261. 261

    What would be awesome is a theme for downtown/urban community websites. It would have a big city/ skyscraper feel, a fully adjustable width/ text size and features focusing on community tools (like Google Calendar integration, Forum skinning, etc.). Probably would also be to have built-in open id support.

  262. 262

    Theme Type: portfolio-blog-lifestream-magazine

    If this is not possible just hack my idea into pieces and incorporate different elements.

    SEO Ready
    Auto Resize Image
    Custom fields
    Life Stream integration
    Widget Ready

    Custom Category Templates:

    Video: Like The Red Carpet theme by Gabfire with better design for widescreen videos. I like this implementation because while you can change the video that is being played, each video is in its own page. So people can comment on it. Better implementation then the Video Gallery plugins out there.

    Photo: Much like all the CSS gallery themes you seen out there.

    Life stream: Like popurls

    Blog: Like the Brightness Theme by dailywp, or like the Convergence theme by Theme Forest.

    The homepage can be the blog, where the latest item in each section will be posted. Or you can choose whatever template you want has the index page, this way people can choose what kind of site they want. The footer can be widgetize to show the latest from each section as well. This way if someone choose a template other than the blog, visitors still see what’s going on elsewhere.

    The main point is different category templates that can be used as the index page.

    And oh yeah… me want Laptop Sleeve.

  263. 263

    A fan-tas-tic gallery theme…but, wait I’m already working on that!

  264. 264

    I am looking forward to see what theme is decided on. I’m not creative enough for my own theme and all the ones I come across are so great. The unfortunate thing with great ones is that they get replicated all over the ‘net.

  265. 265

    I’d like to see a magazine-style theme, but one that does not demand too much content so one person could manage it — just one or two featured posts, plus a column of regular posts. And a sideblog. Good category & tags implementation with a prominent search box. Gravatars & threaded comments. Prominent RSS feed link for content and comments — e-mail updates too.

    I’d like it to be customizable, so the admin could change from 2 to 3 columns, or reposition the columns and change the graphics used everywhere: background, divs, header, etc.

    Something creative and artistic — not too corporate or soulless.

  266. 266

    Please, not again a magazine theme.
    Make a minimalistic theme, stylish, with great typography. Back to basics, guys!

  267. 267

    I’d like a portfolio / CV type theme. =)

  268. 268

    I would really like to see a theme aimed at sports – specifically, a theme that could be used for a kids’ soccer league or baseball league.

    Every town has a bunch of kids involved in something like that — and a theme built to serve the needs of teams or organizations would be great.

    Tossing out ideas, the theme would have:
    A blog portion for the team / league managers
    Schedule of Events
    About our team/league
    Contact our managers
    Photo gallery

    The possibilities are limitless, and it would go a long way to serving the needs of a LOT of people.

  269. 269

    Here is what I want to see :)

    Colors – Good use of colors throughout the theme. Using one of the top themes from would be cool. Would be even more awesome if a color switcher is available for non-savvy users (we can easily change via CSS)

    Basic Feature & Structure – Many of the themes that have been released through SM before lacked a thing or two. Please make sure to include all the new features of 2.7 / 2.8 and support for headings, forms and additional markup.

    Styling – Remember – just spending an extra hour behind styling the headings properly can change the whole theme and give a lot of depth to the design. The comment area should also be styled with care.

    Updates – A good theme is one which remains under development for a long time :) Would be great if someone continues to upgrade the theme when WP’s code changes.

    – Ehab – Bangladesh

  270. 270

    I’d like to see a WP-Theme for video bloggers &/or Podcasters.
    Something that nicely accomodates 640 video, highlights options for rss and itunes subscription and has a sleek commenting system w/ special styling for the admins responses. Also this would work best ad something clean & grid based that can easily be modified with a custom header image.

    + I’d <3 to get my hands on a sleeve for my netbook!

    Thanks! :)

  271. 271

    Definitely something for both the amateur or professional photographer. Everyone wants to show off their amazing snapshots from the family get together or the most recent maternity photo shoot. Something with a sleek design with a modern, almost steel look to it. Maybe the design looks like a camera itself. It should have a way to easily categorize photos possibly with the ability to map where the photo was taken. And it should definitely have a popout to see the larger image when clicked possibly with thumbnails of photos with similar categories/tags. Yup….that’s all I got.

  272. 272

    I would love to see a childtheme to one of the pioneers of themedevelopers of the community. I would love to see a poll as to who it should be. I would prefer a child theme of Justin Tadlocks Hybrid. But it could also be a guy like Ian Stewart, Bryan Gardner or somebody like that.

    I don’t really care of what the theme would focus on. It could be anything that uses these developers great framework. Maybe a real-estate site with full google maps integration…

  273. 273

    Desperately needed, very underserved…

    * Huge top area for photo/branding — maybe where the branding is static, but huge photo behind has the option of rotating/fading between a few
    * Area to display upcoming concerts/appearances
    * Area to display blog tease
    * Social networking tease
    * Featured/latest release area with audio sample(s)

    * History/About
    * Blog
    * Discography
    * Photo Gallery
    * Show archive (could fold into History)
    * Merch (with e-commerce option)

  274. 274

    Would love to see a sharply designed E-commerce wordpress theme. There are some nice ones out there now, but they are limited and often too “cute” for many publishers. Just a nice option that is clean and customizable with color choice.

  275. 275

    Hey! What a great idea. As someone who works in student transition; blogs, flickr, twittering, rss, sms, social communities, portals, video etc. etc. are huge components of the modern learner. Yet, there are really not great templates that suite the education arena. Website development is not something the aveage educator is skilled to do and it’s these folks who build and maintain thousands of educational sites… some still designed in Corel Composer – can you believe it!

    Any ways, I am not expecting to win, but thought I’d raise some awarness for all those who are struggling in their schools to develop something more engaging then blue hyper links and blinking gifs.

  276. 276

    I would like to see 3-column, typography style, with color chooser theme.

  277. 277

    I would like to see a nice design :P

  278. 278

    hey guys,

    make it a developer’s theme. there are some coders out there that need your help for great wp designs!

  279. 279

    listen, one of the most popular themes in the WordPress universe is “Thesis.” The next theme Smashing Magazine releases should be a free alternative to “Thesis.” It should have good hooks (for ads or features), lots of widgetized areas, the ability to be two or three columns (and choose what side they go on), great SEO built right in, and it shouldn’t be too graphics heavy. Also, no gimmicky fonts. The typography needs to be sturdy and enduring.

    And, unlike some of the previous themes you’ve released, none of the special “configurable” features should be hard coded. Releasing a theme with the theme-author’s twitter stream hard coded into the page is unprofessional and, frankly, should be unacceptable.

    I’m looking forward to whatever you choose!

  280. 280

    there are a lot of photobloggers but no one brilliant photoblog theme, only te ugly ones. What about photoblog/portfolio theme with horizontal croling.
    clear minimal theme with great typography for writers

  281. 281

    I say a sleek magazine style theme or a clean theme with amazing typography/

  282. 282

    Nice one! I have the following idea for a WP theme:

    For my local soccer team we would like to have a website at wich we can communicate with each other and were we can update the team with news, keep up with player statistics and integration with social platform accounts from our players for example. About the colors and the styling: professional, uefa, champions leauge, nike, speed, contrast…

    Cheers and good luck!

  283. 283

    CMS with nice flickr plug-in, photo gallery, easy-to-customize contact form with validation.

  284. 284

    Christof Schirra

    April 21, 2009 11:55 am

    A theme that can be used as a photographer to present his portfolio.

  285. 285

    WordPress as a CMS. With optional eCommerce functionality. A theme easy to customize.

  286. 286

    I would like to see a book-style theme different from any other out there. Book 2.0 style!

  287. 287

    one word : KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

    Webdesign these days are full of nice vectors, images and features but don’t forget the basics :)

  288. 288

    I’d love a photoblog/magazine style theme! With colour options as a feature. Also, with the world going twitter crazy I’ve got twitter integrated into my blog which is using your Magazeen theme. The one downfall is that because the post comes from twitter, it doesn’t have a picture to top the post. It would be awesome to have a feature where I could choose a default picture for posts that haven’t had a specific picture chosen

  289. 289

    Aurelian Anghelescu

    April 21, 2009 12:25 pm

    I’m interested, as many are, i’m sure, in a perfect newspaper wordpress theme. The problem is that it has to be as more automated as possible. Most of the time there is only one person taking care of a whole daily newspaper which is really hard to do.

    I think there should be a way of picking the pictures automatically by a custom field using a phpthumb script for frontpage/category and post and than make use of a lightview script for seeing full picture.

    Also there should be widgets already in theme with latest news, most commented, latest comments and usual features like that.

    It has to have multiple colors with different CSSs, because usually a newspaper has a dominant color.

    Frontpage should be easy to admin because most webmasters don’t know programming. It should be something like a sortable jquery script.

    There has to be a newsticker horizontal or vertical.

    There has to be a featured articles space with articles rolling using a jquery/mootools/prototype script.

    SEO and semantic code is a must. Good typography as well.

    And so on….

  290. 290

    I would like to see a theme that is more like a eVid theme, for those who like to publish articles about music related stuff. And integrating video publishing feature in it will makes it much better. Also having default plugins in it to enhance the sit’s design and features. and some extra features like, having a poll, ad-support, request page, and just the basic features.


  291. 291

    I suggest a Tutorials and Podcasting theme, using Ajax and JQ, Web 2.0 look, Users Login Area !, make it easy for Visitors to make comment mean make WYSIWYG not just tags .. i guess it’s a new idea too, sidebar some like SM, the index.php put a topics photos slider but by a new effects like fade out/in by JQ i guess that’s all to now…

    Greetings, Best Wishes

  292. 292

    I haven’t come across any interesting merge of Portfolio + Life stream’fied theme. Blog is just another type of content entry in a designers social web. Tweets, Bookmarks, Photos, his day to day work(illustrations, desings, icons) …all of these comes more frequent from a designer, rather than a blog post. Though wordpress as a CMS is powerful enough to handle all of this, i haven’t seen theme which weds all of this seamlessly.

    Simply, a theme which weds the best of Sweetcron + DailyWP Portfolio theme + Viewport Theme, and of course smashed!

  293. 293

    I’d like to see a wp theme that incorporates a blog and a photo blog with defined separate areas but that still focuses on both (with the photo blog as the main interest area) on the home page.

    I’d like the style to be clean and concise with a bit of whimsy but not so much that it overpowers the content with beautifully crafted code and a sharp contact form.

  294. 294

    We’ve seen clean and crisp. We’ve seen grunge WP themes. I’d like to see a happy median between the two.

    A WP theme geared towards reviews. Perhaps technical reviews such as a CNET-like site (as far as information, not design).

    Overall, I’d just like to see a WP theme that doesn’t “look like a WP theme”. Something we couldn’t put in to a list like “65 Crisp and Clean WP Themes”.

  295. 296

    Portfolio theme please! Redesigning my own portfolio and would like to see some cool designs to inspire me.

  296. 297

    Just simple one coloum wp theme. with colorfull.

  297. 298

    I’d be keen to see a successful e-comm theme using wp. Something with a professional design, great usability, no fricking flash, intelligent IA, and a short, painless, check-out process.

  298. 299

    I’d love to see a Travel Blog site that would allow me to post events, photos and video from my laptop as I travel South Africa ( and try a do a bit of freelance design as I go !!!)

  299. 300

    Hi there,

    I would really appreciate a template for flash games where people can register and submit their score after playing.A 3 columns template with spaces for some advertising and a page where guest can buy merchandise with the site logo.

    P.s. Sorry for my bad bad bad english.

  300. 301

    I would like to see more retro stuff!

  301. 302

    I want a business theme – classic and elegance (but not minimalistic).

  302. 303

    Mhmm. I don’t quite sure which typ of Theme i wanna see more. IMO @cnmoody (#41) and
    Noirfatom (#81) are good approaches to agree with. Good luck guys! To me too ;0)

    le block

  303. 304


    This is a really good question. First i love WP but hate most of themes because they are not friendly. I really liked the temes released before by you guys but they are not easy tu customize, i mean if i get one of them (beautiful by the way) everybody will know that i got them from smashing magazine. So i want a theme easy to customize, no grunge, no to much backgrounds, images, icons, a clean theme like the SM one. Would be perfect: 2 columns, a big header, sticky post in the homepage, comments reply enabled, and completely smashing.

  304. 305

    WP as a CMS theme…like something for a small business.

  305. 306

    I would like a magazine theme like smashing magazine because i love smashing magazine in Every possible way :) A simple minimilistic magazine thing with functionality like the sm theme. The colours, the typo, the layout makes sm unique

  306. 307

    A directory website theme.

    A full fledged directory can be made with wordpress. But we rarely get to see a wordpress theme made for a directory website.

  307. 308

    i wanna u create my archive page for my site. pliz help me.
    this is my site : Cah Cepu

  308. 309

    An admin theme, that when installed, makes WP look like a CMS…

    That would be sweet.

  309. 310

    An admin theme would be amazing. :D

  310. 311

    It’s will be great to have an arty design. Someting in Illustrator for example, with a mascot. Like a very creative magazine style theme. A design that invites the reader, someting more welcoming …

    What about less spaces for Spansors (even if it’s vital, just less ? )

    I just have an idea : what about creating an area in the page for a monthly subject ?
    For example during one month, when the new posts are live, it will be a little highlight area for promoting classical or new fonts “Font of the month”, the same for “beginner designer port folio of the month”, the same for “best design book of the month” Etc…

  311. 312

    Dear manager! Could you make the WordPress theme for me that will help me to find a job as a Web Developer? I done a lots of websites (which I`m proud of), working in my country, but now, I moved to another part of world (Canada, Toronto) and can`t find any place for work. So can you make a great portfolio-design for me, so I could have a job?

  312. 313

    I would like to see a theme designed using natural elements and native american motifs to showcase Native American artisans and art.

  313. 314

    Something involving sidewalk chalk and asphalt might be nice. Through in a pot hole for twitter updates and some jump rope for links.

  314. 315

    I would like to see a very good corporate-general-layout WP Theme which would have the layout structured around the CMS idea.
    Want one now!!!

  315. 316

    Well, I would love to see, actually, a beautiful woody WP Theme, with brown and beige colors (for the background) and maybe crimson for the post-titles and the main header. Something familiar to (just an idea of what I imagine – nothing more!). Plus some space for useful plugins, like Twitter Updates, Links, “About me” (borrowed form Blogger), etc.

  316. 317

    Ajax photo blog, one with full screen background slideshow. Would love to see how that works. Cheers

  317. 318

    Nice vector art on the pencil cases.

  318. 319

    I would like to have a girly magazine style in two or three columns, with gravatar and social media included. There are not many designs for girls :(

  319. 320

    A portfolio layout would be nice :)

  320. 321

    With twitter popularity growing, along with other social sites I’d love an expertly done Lifestream-blog theme. It’s hard to find a nice theme for a personal blog, that’s good to customize and capable of integrating lifestream easily and stylishly. Brightly colored and not grungy. Maybe the theme could bring multiple styles [background image and CSS colors] for users to choose from. I’ve only seen this feature in a theme from MooTheme called, I think, Irresistible. Hopefully you pick this, I think it’d be popular.

  321. 322

    I would also say another magazine style as most of those out there are fairly poor. I would love to see some basic user personalisation though, maybe using jquery to enable elements to be able to be dragged around and some basic css colour changes combined with transparent png’s so the design becomes flexible… big wish list I know ;)

  322. 323

    I would like to see a news+magazine style theme, something like yahoo front page with narrow left bar, content in middle and wide sidebar on the right with rich and professional colors and typography.

  323. 324

    Guys, why not try something different. Make a theme related to Tourism. There’re a really few (and ugly) themes about it out there. Hope you can try it. :P

  324. 325

    What about a WordPress theme for a scientific, academic, professional, and cultural events promoter that have to communicate elegance, class, sobriety, prestige, excellence, quality, tradition, but at the same time modernity, pro-technology, etc.

    This WP could be aimed to communicate to users (agenda; services offered) and to give some support/information (forms, payments, follow ups etc) to individuals that what to make an inscription for events like Meetings, Congresses, Presentations, Seminars, etc..

    Best regards

  325. 326

    I’d like a WordPress theme that includes a Golden Snub Nosed Monkey (golden snub-nosed monkey) as it’s mascot, integrating the orange, blue, and brown tones of its coloring with the site’s theme. This theme should scream FUN, but be in a magazine style, with lots of room for image thumbnails and a few featured articles. A section for social networking (twitter, facebook, etc.) should be included prominently.

    The challenge? Make it a grid-based design (grid based design.).

  326. 327

    this is the reason why I (really) love smashing magazine. And when asked my opinion, I’d like to have a theme that has a small area (top) for the portfolio and blog (bottom). Else, the theme aslo equipped with drop down menu (suckerfish-style) and those elements on the sidebar: flickr photostream, simple comment form and login form.

    Can you make it for me (or can this comment make me a winner)? Sorry for my bad English :-D

  327. 328

    Would love to see a nice, simple “About Me” theme.
    Less a blog, and more of a static page that can import Flickr, Twitter etc streams in a nice format.
    Perhaps the ability to stream RSS previews of your other blogs and link off to them.
    Sort of a ‘launch pad’ style.
    Interested to see what you guys end up making.

  328. 329

    A forum-based magazine theme!
    There are so many forum-based communities out there, there are no real WordPress themes to compliment them. Many forum owners have terrific article writing ability, but resort of just making new forum threads instead of writing and submitting a real article to a front page of their site. A theme that allows for easy forum style integration (sharing styling elements from vbulletin, for example), along with a simple but effective photo gallery would be a great start. Then, being able to create pages to group entries into…such as specific topics like product reviews, industry news, featured articles, etc. that is more in the style of a magazine would really help out a lot of forum owners who need this sort of outlet.

    Add easy advertising ability that is effective yet unobtrusive and you have a sure winner.

  329. 330

    I would really love to see a nice WordPress theme that a designer could use for a showcase of their portfolio and, at the same time, advertise services. It would also be nice for you to include in the design a way for the client to pay.

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m excited about the book too.

  330. 331

    Wow !!! How many wishes/comments, this article is obviously Bull’s eye hit.
    Hey people, make your own themes ;)
    Don’t just wait for SM to make theme for you…
    Everyone want to publish something and they all just sitting and wait for somebody else to do hard work.

  331. 332

    A college radio website; Grungy style, color schemes- red and black,
    with a cool featured content slider at the top.

  332. 333

    I would love an awesome portfolio theme. One that could support a nifty way to display flash and video work would be amazing. A simple gray (#666) and teal (#39c) are always sexy as a combination.


  333. 334

    Jurica I agree….but here goes my suggestion…

    Portfolio Style Site –
    Horizontal Style layoutwith multiple Slideshow options where each photo can be linked to a post, category or page.

    Horizontal Multi-Level Navigation using “Multi-Nav” Plugin for easy customization.

    T.O.C. in CSS or in a separte txt file, for easy manipulation

    Don’t just do one template…do a Index Template, a default master template, and some optional interior layout templates, ….this way more people will find something they like about…

    DON’T DO THEME OPTIONS….I hate them…have to clear out most of them just to manipulate the template…do it all in the css…

    etc, etc, etc…and more stuff…and just keep going and adding other great things and then end it with a great signoff…and then look at it again and do one more thing right before you release it, but then don’t release it….sit on it…look at it again in a couple of days…then tweek it…then release it. LOL

  334. 335

    The thing I have yet to see anyone do great is a community section for user submitted content. Some will let you post links or pictures but I would like to see a theme that has some more community driven features like submitting guest posts and galleries.

  335. 336

    I like portfolio theme.

  336. 337

    There is a desperate shortage of nice clean simple LEFT NAV themes with cool extras such as: sticky footer, content focused (none of that huge sidebar advert. crap) sticky nav, no frames (just elegant confident lines to separate the tables) and what would be really cool is a theme set-up ready for excerpts with a custom image field so it gives you a nice cropped consistent image for each post on your home page.
    Great post Smashing… Readers FTW!

  337. 338

    Would like to see something tumblr-esque: sparse, geared towards minimal posts, but also expandable into full article format. Thanks!

  338. 339

    i want :

    CPA provider that based on wordpress, which has:
    – signup part for expertiser and publisher
    – expertiser must pay using paypal or google checkout to list their product
    – publisher can cashout their earning to paypal or bank account
    – have jquery slide show of newest products listed
    – have comments with commenter icons of the commenters
    – have link to promote the product/service of expertiser to socio network sites
    – glossy icons
    – side bar with video of new tutorial

    let me know if you can make it for me… :)

  339. 340

    Create a theme which can change templates according to the platforms its open on. e.g when browsed using a psp the site will change templates to allow better user experience.

    Calvyn Tng

  340. 341

    I’d love to see a theme coherent with the current Smashing Mag site. It’s so easy to use and read! :D

  341. 342

    Anthony Persaud

    April 21, 2009 7:49 pm

    I’d like to see a cool interface-like theme for when watching videos. This would be great for video blogging websites which would let users pick which episode to watch next. Maybe add some dynamic javascript magic, so that when they are done reading an article or select a video, it switches the same page to this hulu-like perspective to watch the related video. It should also detect whether it is a mobile device (iPhone) and adapt the viewing interface for it (nice to have).

  342. 343

    I’d like a fine arts porfolio theme with very neutral design elements that would showcase the work of a visual artist (3D or 2D). It would include a scrollable, zoomable portfolio of art images (with multiple views for 3D art); spaces for specifications about the art (e.g. date, dimensions, media, etc); pages for background info about the artist or the art genre, an ecommerce component so art could be sold online, an event calendar for art shows and classes, and a plugin for video or audio podcast so the artist could be seen talking about his art. The posts and galleries should be sortable by category (medium, artistic phase, date of creation). This could be used by non-artists, too. It would probably double as a website portfolio. Thanks for asking for our wish lists!

  343. 344

    i’d like to see a theme based on a personal CV, with links which pop out to show portfolio work done at each place of work. nice and colourful, interactive and fun for the employer. something which will be remembered.

  344. 345

    I’d love to see a theme that works well for a creative or design agency. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a portfolio theme, but a very clean design with a beefy home page allowing the promotion of different services offered, a featured project section, and large ad display that animates with JWgallery or something similar. Build so that the header is customizable with a lot of appearance options. thanks smashing.

  345. 346

    I would like to see a design with a cryptography theme. numbers, letters, runes, and such. somehow melding into a portfolio.

  346. 347

    A simple but elegant robotic theme with silver , grey and light navy blue applet would look amazing.

  347. 348

    i would like to see one targetted at one or both of the two least accomodated groups on the internet: elderly people and/or blind people. i think if you sat down and thought about what their requirements really are, and got creative to solve these – you would be surprised about what the theme would contain!

  348. 349

    I would love to see an e-commerce shopping cart theme. Also, It’ll be nice to have the PSD file in addition to the template files so we can change some colors around. (or you can release it is different color combination)
    Thanks for all of your hard and beautiful works.

  349. 350

    I’d like to see a presentation style wordpress site for displaying full size web comps to clients. Something that uses the power of wordpress as a CMS to easily upload new image galleries into a click through presentation.

  350. 351

    I am really interested in seeing a theme focused on video blogs or video podcasts.

  351. 352

    I would like to have a army style that indicate to smash other’s site. there will be only smashingmagazine.The top of the site should be in army color and some army pictures that indicate to smash others site (indirectly).


    home, about us, system, blog, meetings, testimonials, category, tools, chat, contacts

    Main blog section, Search section, Blogroll, Archives, Categories, Popular entries, Tags, Themes, Meta (inside meta xhtml, wordpress, login, Comments)

  352. 353

    I require a theme for a blog to illustrate the ongoing violence around the world with some bright dark colors.

    Hope, it looks violent to make the people soft.

  353. 354

    Hi, i would actually like to see two themes. First a functional (really functional) shopping theme
    that includes:

    Store front, sidebar shopping cart, well structures product lists., and of course easy paypal integration.

    2.- A one frame WP theme that handles all the links with a slider. something simple but unique (at least in a WP theme). So you could easily add sound.

  354. 355

    We have lot of stunning wp themes having galleries and portfolio.

    What I think what WP missing is corporate themes with smaller height (let say 1000px). WP usually has tall webpages which is not very appropriate for corporate.

    WP should be raised to a level where it can be easily adopted for corporate sites as it has one of the easiest management system.

  355. 356

    I would like to see a theme made for video posts, but thinking for a local tv channel that produces interviews, news, talk shows, and that the WP makes all the content flow in a beautiful cover page and each category page will be a line of shows (or subcategories) being listed. Also, a sidebar for advertising and widget stuff.

    Saludos =D

  356. 357

    A Shop theme! With control of the pieces, with a control of the stock per model and his variants like sizes, colors…

    Payment systems and alarms to advice if the product is out of stock, etc…

  357. 358

    Admin interface would be awsome!
    Thanks You guys, You make great job here.

  358. 359

    Make a portfolio-design with a lot of jQuerys! =)

  359. 360

    Simple, clean should be nice !

  360. 361

    WordPress 2.7’s admin panel is awesome. But still I think there should be a design using jquery and CSS 3.0. And theme should be cool for eyes when visitors comes to view and also give some freshness to mind. So user wants to stay and comes often to visits more…. ;)

  361. 362

    the world really NEEDS a good band theme for a music group. that’s my vote. a good band/music theme.

  362. 363

    I had been using wordpress as a hobby and for some local kindergartens & primary schools as an easy CMS that even non-computer teachers can manage.

    Something I found missing in those free wordpress themes are Themes suited for schools. So my suggestion is to have a Free WordPress theme that schools can use.

    The basic idea is simple. A simple, attractive, colorful interface. With beautiful & a bit elegant typrography (not the comic sans style). Should be css compliant and should work with buggy IE 5.5 also. jQuery Sliders for sliding school snaps would be nice.

    Ideal pages should be withing 640px width.

    It would be a great help for a lot of schools who looks for simple cms solutions for thier schools..

    BTW…Thanks for such innovative ideas..

    Way to go! Smashers

  363. 364


    i think web needs a quality music theme for a band, including an audio player.

  364. 365

    I really like those themes who’s properties can be changed in the backend easily.
    And with proprties, I don’t only mean the header image: it should be possible to have one theme which can be altered in such ways that it is possible to make it look different everyday if you want.

    Just because people want to see a lot of differentiation in one website.

  365. 366


    Smth suitable for Photo-blogs would be great! There are not many of them unfortunately…

  366. 367

    theme to manage projects for college going students …. which contains blog!
    design should be full of students stuff like books, pens, all stationary materials randomly placed all over the screen with transparent images. Also it should convey the meaning of beginning of school days till completion of college days.

    thanks a lot (SM)!!!

  367. 368

    I am teaching my students the benefits of using a utilitarian and flexible CMS such as WordPress for designing and maintaining sites and how tools such as Artisteer can help to get a better feel for the layout. They are coming up with some really great designs but a site whose layout really just has that polish would be mixing the simplicity of with the cleanly-but-polished look of Yes, very 2.0ish but still a lot of draw and appeal and good flexing of CSS while still being color oriented.

  368. 369

    Simple n minimal design by goin green and natural with all the colours of nature, green, blue and brown…

  369. 370

    A theme that has jQuery tools and a new interface design tool in admin that allow for drag and drop modification – like Blogger has but (obviously) much better. Icons would have to be layered.

  370. 371

    I like a portfolio theme, pastel color and simple usage.
    with a beautiful js photo-gallery!

    and that is all, folks

  371. 372

    A photo blog please.

    I’d like something I could post a daily or weekly photo to. The blog would show off the photo at a good size with room for details and maybe Exif info. A nice area for a link to Google maps or similar for geo-tagging.

    Obviously lost of areas for widgets/plug-ins maybe a 2 or 3 column option? Plus customisable header and background. I like the idea of the background being able to change to reflect the overall colour of the feature image.

    Lots more ideas, when I get into the final 3 (he he he) we’ll talk :)

    Smashing Mag is absolutely Smashing, keep it up!

  372. 373

    Filip Salindrija

    April 21, 2009 11:21 pm

    white and nerdy one.

  373. 374

    I think there are a lot of themes for blogs or magazines… so what I’m looking for is a theme for a small business (with product highlights, details, catalogues), hotel, something like


  374. 375

    Portfolio theme

    – With clear indication of profile, services and product.
    – Minimalist with a deep thought.
    – Colour option
    – Widget-ready
    – Admin control

    I’m sure that isn’t too much. If jQuery is to be used, this will really SMASH. Banggg!!!

  375. 376

    I would totally love to see a video game word press theme specifically for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, that is guild-based.

    This would allow guilds to go further as a unified group.
    It should have:
    a neat warhammer logo and replaceable if the group wants to
    an event type system (a calendar of sorts or perhaps a page strictly for events0
    news system strictly for administrators
    a media page for them to upload their videos/photos
    and lastly integration of the Warhammer API ( so members can look themselves, items, or missions up through a large database.

    Man, that sounds fun and challenging!

  376. 377

    Christoph Hochstrasser

    April 21, 2009 11:35 pm

    A clean magazine/newspaper inspired wp theme, with strong focus on simplicity and typography, subtle colors with a few highlights. A Portfolio would be a nice addition. The Front Page should also get on with large pictures for main articles.

    greetings from Austria

  377. 378

    i wish inbuild category based css styling in single posts.

  378. 379

    Intranet suitable theme

    While WP is a excellent platform perfectly suited to power a small to mid-sized company intranet, there are virtually no themes designed with this in mind.

    Would love to see one, finally. :)

  379. 380

    I’d love to see a nice handcrafted magazine WordPress theme.

  380. 381

    A travel blog!

    I know a few people who are going off on travels around the world (me included hopefully) and want to blog to keep people up to date with their trip but all the free ones on the internet are old and pretty pants.

    Including twitter & flickr feeds are a must! Also, following the pretty generic magazine theme structure, the category drop down menu could be countries and the sub categories can be cities & destinations in that country.

  381. 382

    I would like a new black and white magazine theme..

  382. 383

    sport club web

    there are a lot amatuer sport clubs that need to be presented on web.

    * intro page with logo, big picture, latest article, commming events, SPONZORS,
    * blog with all posts
    * calendar, picture stream, RANKINGS + results,

  383. 384

    I see all the portfolio and designer and mag requests…feels like preaching to the choir to me so…I’d prefer to use the power of SM to help designers connect better to ‘regular and non-expert’ wp users, rather than designing for themselves which I can find in a dozen spots. Set a new bar for what a more typical user would use, make them lust for something they didn’t even know they could have…by creating a model for all here to aspire to provide to their ‘regular’ people/clients.

    I’d love to see a wp theme in which wp is really used as a platform for an entire website approach that compels an ‘ahhhhh’ when seen. Static pages easy to generate. Blog space but doesn’t take over with recent/popular/roll/etc junk. audio/video easy to integrate. Text-content friendly to include and to read without strain. Clean, light, fantastic typography, rich color choices in select touches, lots of white space.

  384. 385

    Hi, I’d like a simple portfolio theme with widjet ready, sociable connection, and special graphisme.
    enjoy !

  385. 386

    HTML/CSS and no Flash. Box design which is horizontally centered and vertically centered. 960 (use of 960 grid system) or 1024 px wide.

    Horizontal css drop down menu
    Large main content window (with “Coda scrolling”)
    Two columns of smaller content windows

  386. 387

    Sport ! Sport ! Sport ! I would like to see a theme for “sport blog” (volley-ball) ! and I will move to WP ;o)

  387. 388

    Hello everybody,
    I’d like an awesome wordpress theme which regroups a kind of portfolio, magazine and corporate design. Only HTML/CSS/PHP/Jquery/Ajax but no Flash.
    980px wide
    Big Header
    Homepage different other pages
    Original Footer

    Thanks !

  388. 389

    Hello SM! I’ve recently had a client who wanted a Wordress shopping cart website for his Timber Company. I didn’t think WordPress was the right choice of platform for his website because he has a fairly large inventory and he wants to be able to update products on a daily basis. Personally I’m not sure if WordPress can cope with all that load and if it will work well as an e-commerce platform, but if it is possible then it would be magic! ;)

    I’ve been considering about using Magento Platform, but I’m not very familiar with it. Even though it looks like a very promising e-commerce solution, I’d still prefer to stick to WordPress if possible because I’m very comfortable in working with that platform. Plus my client is going to be blogging a fair bit, so WordPress would be the perfect choice.

    I’ve had a shot at using the wp e-Commerce plugin, but I’ve hit a lot of hurdles with that. If someone could design me a good WordPress e-commerce theme, then I think you would give me back a lot of my sleepless nights ;)

    Besides I don’t think there are enough WordPress e-commerce themes out there. Hopefully someone would make a really awesome one soon. Colors for the Timber Company are Black, Yellow, and Marone. I use the in a lot of my designs, so if that could be incorporated then it would be a bonus.

    Thanx, and good luck!

  389. 390

    I was thinking about the “Thesis” theme and the integration of video on the first page, as a featured item. What I didn’t see in any theme is the possibility to customize the W and H of the div in question, according to the video’s W&H. You always have to get into the CSS code for that.

  390. 391

    A clean business theme with Magazine-like features.

  391. 392

    I miss a traditional, standard corporate theme which is neither news nor image oriented – just content:

    – Horizontal menu
    – Left side menu from level 2
    – Possibilities for right side menu/content

    –> Easy to use, easy to update, easy to “sell” to many customers

    Similar to:

  392. 393

    WordPress = Blogging = Content

    The Smashing Magazine WP themes have always been eye catchy, but perhaps given that they are free themes, disruptive innovation in terms of features haven’t been as smashing as the designs though they have been good in that front too..but not smashing.

    With this community theme I’d like the following options:

    Insert subscription option within a post:
    Insert related post links as a box in between a post
    Make archives more sexier than just a list of links
    More power to the content – the design be limited to Font and Font color (links, blockquotes)
    Right aligned site like
    A scrolling twitter stream at the bottom or top of the site..running like a newsfeed..
    A comment now option somewhere in between the post – basically if it is a long article and the reader wants to comment on a para then and there.. he clicks the button and is taken straight to the comment box..

    Ok wait this is a free theme maybe I should cut down my demands :)

    I am looking at an interactive blog that doesn’t compromise on reading – the visuals should emerge from the words.. an essay type blog

    And lastly this is a wonderful idea.. makes me eager to know what you guys will conjure up..

  393. 394

    nice, colorful portfolio theme with some fancy jquery stuff and typography options (sifr, cufer..)

  394. 395

    1950s style with Polka dots theme would be nice including news, gallery, some info pages, poll and nice typography.

    I would love that!

  395. 396

    A sleek, smooth – not web 2.0 – and stylish typography-based (in the design, not a typography portfolio) portfolio design. It would not include a sidebar and instead all information that could be on the sidebar would be in the footer. It should include space for an image gallery, also with the ability to have a video/animation space to the portfolio, where video and/or animation can be viewed. The layout should include a horizontal menu, with hover drop-down menus. The footer would be large, with the ability for the footer to be widgetized. That’d be brilliant. :)

  396. 397

    Since today is the earth day, design something earthly :) Perhaps green/brown/blue colors combination, ecology and stuff :)

  397. 398

    Hey, what a great idea! :)
    The worpress theme I’m looking for? Well, I’d like a simple blog -design, with some useful features. I would like to have some different typography, maybe in the title and in the lateral columns, with a live streaming in the top. Maybe a horizontal menu, a simple footer; something elegant but absolutely new.

  398. 399

    I love WP and I am currently looking for a good quality portfolio theme for my website!
    So I think it should be a portfolio theme with clean and simple design, bold colors, and the ability to personalize and customize it.
    It can include a home page that links to the other pages if needed. it can be 2 columns, with a menu bar, simple footer, and a blog page.

  399. 400

    Green Earth – theme that demonstrate a dutiful scenes from our earth that represent a deferent zones of the nature (e.g. oceans, forests, deserts etc..)
    The theme will contains all these parts on one artistic scene.

  400. 401

    hi. I’d like a simple and clean photography theme. Please use a black color scheme.
    thank you.

  401. 402

    A portfolio theme wich can be widely used amon illustrators, graphic designs and photographers, with no knowledge of html/css whatsoever, and no time (or desire) to learn to much. They just want it to work and look pretty!

    images for archive and front which resizes itself from the first image in the blogpost.
    Design shouldn’t look blog like at all
    Large images for showcase with easy navigation
    Feature random and/or manual chosen posts on the front page

  402. 403

    I created a WordPress Constructor Theme (see ) but many people need more friendly design with more options for customize it.

    All available features describe in wiki on Code-Google homepage .

    If you need more options – I can develop it…

  403. 404

    Quite a few people have asked for a photo theme; I’m a photographer and art director who’s been looking (in vain) for a decent WordPress portfolio theme, so:

    1. Slick design which wouldn’t look out of place on a top professional photographer’s site.
    2. Use the lessons learnt from the recent SM feature ‘5 Simple Tricks To Bring Light and Shadow Into Your Designs’.
    3. Great typography – clean, attractive, eye-catching.
    4. Two theme options: Light and Dark both with restrained use of color, maybe just color accents.
    5. Single images and slideshow, with optional captions, and link to individual projects. Pics can include full credits with links.
    6. Contact form can include options for Request an estimate, Syndication enquiry, etc.
    7. (Registered) users can create ‘My Lightbox’ of selected images which can saved for future reference, and also Sent to a Friend, in addition to regular social bookmarking. Maybe password protected ‘Client Section’.
    8. Multi-portfolio option for agents. Categories: Photo, Design, etc.
    9. Blog section. Can be used as photo-diary, location reports, video.
    10. Section for tearsheets, recently published, clients, etc.
    11. Looks great with images only AND with text included.
    12. Theme designed specifically for photographers, designers, agents, location services, stylists, hair, makeup, set-builders, art direction, graphic designers…

  404. 405

    A Magazine dashboard site with articles that include photo’s and adds, where a few interesting blogs are integrated with RSS and a Twitter discussion board is included.

    Good luck ;)

  405. 406

    There are tons of portfolio-like themes, what i really want to see is a portal or personal-based theme. Maybe something in the direction of a nature-style layout.?
    ie. sea and sky, earth and sky, sea and seabottom, grass and sun..

    A theme that has alot of colors and good typhography, (Howabout using sIFR and that font SM had a few days ago, “Gotham Narrow”… That is one nice font!

    Anywhoo.. Just a bright and colorful theme with alot of energy!

  406. 407

    I would really like to see some community wordpress themes.

  407. 408

    I’d like to see a better portfolio theme with lots of effect(jquery)

  408. 409

    Comment like this?

    Well, I need a magazine wordpress theme, fully customizable please :P

  409. 410

    I’d like to se a theme based on renewable energy, expecially photovoltaics.


  410. 411

    I would like a clean and colorful business theme with drop down menus and a search box. Also a contact form will be a nice addition.

  411. 412

    A 960 wide wordpress theme for personal branding. We need a 300 sidebar and a 125 one. A header.

    I think a fully and customizable theme is the best choice. Bring the CSS into the admin panel so beginners could customize it.

  412. 413

    A webmarketing theme.
    – no extra-fantastic design parts
    – advice of the day box
    – all bookmarking options
    – unique post image
    – capable of custom fields
    – box design mainly
    – opportunity of chosing 2, 3 column setup
    – adspace admin

  413. 414

    A rock band theme, including all the power of the social networks! thanks!

  414. 415

    shiny black
    3 column
    personal blog template

  415. 416

    Wow! So many comments! I hope this message gets the chance of being read >_>”

    Well, I just started a new domain to host a couple of projects. Among them, there is a book I intend to write and release for free under the Creative Commons licence. The name is “Lust!”, and it is a story about a guy who meets a succubus (sort of demoness who feeds herself from erotic energy) and gets to live with her. He’s geeky and works with computers, while she’s incredibly hot and acts at the advertising industry.

    The story is to be written and submitted to a WordPress blog, and I really wanted the theme to match the story. It has to be sexy, but not pornographic of course :P. Since the story relates to the feminine aura of erotism, it would be nice to feature some curves. I was wondering if it would be possible to show a silhouette of some kama-sutra positions at the top as well? Or maybe that’s too much? It doesn’t bother me if the theme is widescreen or not, since the content will be mostly vertical through the page.

    That’s about it. Please pick me! (LOL) Just kidding :P Keep up the good work!

  416. 417

    Hollis Bartlett

    April 22, 2009 4:08 am

    A green-ish, earth toned personal blog theme with many environmental elements and natural health overtones would be a hit.

  417. 418

    I’d like to see a nice elastic width blog design that works in all browsers (latest of version of all the real browsers and IE6+). Obviously it should be a centered design, I think it should be a nice and clean 2 collumn design, nothing grunge, I’ve seen enough of it. It should also have a nice footer that can link to most popular posts etc.

  418. 419

    yay admin theme !!!

  419. 420

    I say grid it up with subtle and slightly grunge/blueprint styled semi-revealed column layout and vertical rhythm lines in the background giving a glimpse of the column and vertical zen I am sure you will acheive with your smashing theme!

  420. 421

    Portfolio theme would be great for those starving freelancers.

  421. 422

    3 column
    lots of integrated plugins
    customizeable via admin panel


  422. 423

    I wanna see some tattoo artist portfolio with oriental style!

  423. 424

    Surprise us with a chique CMS style WP theme!

    A really usefull one which is not to complicated and easy to adopt!

  424. 425

    I would like to see a portfolio design. One that leans towards the web design side but allows for some print work to be viewed as well. A simplistic design that has somewhat of an edge would be nice.

  425. 426

    How about a smooth Christian theme we could use for our church?

  426. 427

    Magazine style theme with an emphasis on small business marketing and promotion. Newsletter/e-mail sign up integration, testimonials, comparison table/chart, photos, print CSS and contact form.

  427. 428

    A multimedia ready theme would be great.
    Fast loading with JQuery features clean and simple.

  428. 429

    I’d like to see a nicely designed magazine-style theme that is focused on user-enriched content. All magazine themes require a large deal of content, therefore, it would be neat if the theme was tailored with features that allowed readers to submit ideas for posts and posts/articles themselves (ex: article on lighting techniques, by Joe Schmoe from New Jersey). Additionally, by filling out a few more details in a form, the theme would auto-generate the submitter as a ‘contributor’ to the site with a simple bio that the admin can approve.

    While there are magazine-style themes out there,I see that most people struggle with providing enough content and on a frequent basis. This type of theme would help alleviate that core issue.

    Thx for reading.

    Boylogik (Charlie)

  429. 430

    Francesco Giossi

    April 22, 2009 6:22 am

    Orange and black portfolio theme, cause I need one :p

  430. 431

    I would like a theme for places that have a lot of events like theaters, classrooms, etc. So there would be ways to put an event, lets say a weekly class or a one night performance, ways to market that event with video and pictures, possibly ways to have people rsvp or purchase tickets for that event, and ways to post reviews of the event.

    Facebook does something similar on its “pages” but I would love to host something on my own site where I am in full control.

  431. 432

    I want to see a futuristic design. Metal?
    Blue, silver, grey and black colours.
    Twiter and flick integration.
    Different homepage design.
    jQuery 1.3:
    – Dynamic commenting [without refreshing the page]
    – Cool effects
    sIFR on headings [available as option]

  432. 433

    Create the worst theme ever. Break every design rule. Revive the large, all caps, red and flashing text spray … Nice looking sites are a dime a dozen. Give us a truly awful site to mock, chuckle and learn from.

  433. 434

    really nice I must agree, and I see you´ve broken the 100k subscription barrier!

    I would really like to see a wp theme with the inspiration of a classic magazine but the diffrerence in that it would be pointing to the readers to contribute with their thoughts and ideas on different topics. Surely sounds like digg but more focused on the ideas and discuss/develop the idea.

    Just an example, a car forum that you can post your own little story or news right on the frontpage and then people will be able to comment the post and discuss its content. And that blogpost can evovle to a larger post. You could compare the idea with a forum but with pictures and a little more clean look than all booring fourmlayouts which you see today. (And to aviod linkdrop or advertising the owner/sitecrew has to accept the content.)

    And for the graphic, I do love vectors and green which would be an awesome combo, I can see it in my mind and it looks beautiful. Throw the old forums and make a nice look one, atleast think about it ;)

  434. 435

    a theme for a tshirt shop.

    maybe including the spreadshirt shop system!

  435. 436

    would love to see a theme with medieval blend of swords and sorcery – thanks

  436. 437

    Narendra Bhattarai

    April 22, 2009 8:43 am

    I would like to see better portfolio theme which can be used for any professional personnel like web designer, fashion designer, lawyer, actors, singer any one…
    Waiting to see another great theme….

  437. 438

    I’d like to see a theme based on the shiny futuristic look of 1980’s arcade/console games. I’m referring to art like this (all images hot-linked, sorry):

    I have no idea what the content of this blog would be, but it would be a natural fit for content about classic arcade games, or science fiction topics in general. Mostly, I just like the look that was all over the place in the late 80s/Commodore 64 era, and I’d like to see it return.

  438. 439

    A clean, minimalist portfolio theme– maybe white text on a charcoal background.

  439. 440

    Idea For Web Development

    going right along with the idea of smash, helping people improve and develop

    Making a word press theme that can lay down the ground work for people to come in and customize I think would be great.

    1. Well commented and clean CSS style sheets
    2. A Clean design, maybe with a limited color palette that people can easily go through and replace with their own colors.
    3. Design the theme with multiple uses in mind because there’s a lot magazine themes and portfolio themes out there now
    4. maybe just focus on creating a good flow for the content, and a good experience for the user often gets over looks
    5. Tailor the design to the needs of what most people have been commenting about, if it’s person site, portfolio , client work, photography, etc


  440. 441

    I’d like to see you design WordPress CMS site with a theme similar to the
    WP Magazeen theme. It’s a free theme with a premium magazine-style look and clean, contemporay feel that works well with the Smashing mag brand:

    One design element that I really like in Magazeen is its horizontal panel of thumbnail images just under the primary navigation. When you scroll over the image the title of an article appears – encouraging visitors to explore your posts. I think this type of visual navigation is a unique way to showcase articles through images rather than text-based links.

    Magazeen also includes a unique drop-down navigation style– the drop-down menus under the category headings reveal some posts from each category.

    Another magazine-style WP themes that I like are the Fresh News theme, another magazine-style theme, albeit a premium one: ( and another super clean contempory theme that’s designed more for freelancers, but I think could be adapted for your needs: The black sidebar really makes images pop, while the main column maintains readability in a very clean format with images and text set against a white background. Uber slick! Maybe you can do a little hacking and combine elements of all three.

  441. 442

    the Smashing Magazine theme you guys are using rt now.

  442. 443

    I’d like to see something artsy yet clean, with several different background images to choose from. Very dynamic, but well commented throughout the programming (php, css, html) so that any WordPress user can customize/hack it to their hearts content.

    ~ Kristi

  443. 444

    I’d love to see a cool handcrafted magazine WordPress theme.

  444. 445

    I would like to see a WordPress layout that shows the back end of web design with an elegant and cyber look and feel to it.

  445. 446
  446. 447

    A clean theme that incorporates a great deal of information or sections. Design-wise, you guys rock, so you’ve got that covered. Most of us have a lot of information we want users to be able to get to quickly, but not enough ways to “highlight” certain areas, except through categories.

    I would just like to see more block/box section (with small photo and limited text)on the home page for access to other areas or even other categories. Some will be plugins, but the home page should cleanly show the following sections (or links to them):
    1. video player (scrollable like the popular flicker widgets)
    2. access to podcasts
    3. photo stream (flickr, etc.) or access to the gallery
    4. a document section (integration with something like scribd or slideshare)
    5. multi-level category navigation
    6. easily viewable live chat (like a meebo widget)
    7. search box
    8. featured section
    9. easily accessed RSS, social bookmarking, tweet/email this post, etc.
    10. access to print-friendly pages
    11. easily accessible and viewable contact information and form
    12. “follow on twitter” box
    13. nicely laid out blog area (not too small that reading a paragraph requires scrolling) that displays a small portion of blog with a photo/title identification.
    14. Similar posts section accompanying the blog
    15. section for other networks I can be found
    16. At least one block/section left for the blog owner to customize
    17. And the BIG ONE – Community or “Members” section that either integrates with a wiki or a social network like “ning”…or maybe both :) It could even be as simple as a nicely designed forum, but this is the biggest thing I think that’s missing from most websites today…the ability to create community beyond comments.
    18. Last ones would be nice to have…(poll section and an editable calendar)
    Magazine styles are great for a ton of information like this, but even those can get a bit hard to navigate.
    The main thing I want is to have better navigation/visibility around important features other than the categories of your blog…which, of course, I want great navigation of that too :)

  447. 448

    Make a theme that has an outside feel. Make the grass vibrant but pleasant at the same time so when people see it then can just say, awww, that is nice. Think of it like this, sitting on a porch over looking a field and that will be the background.

    A two column look will work well with that.

    That is my two cents on this and Thank you.

  448. 449

    I would love to have a personal blog with a portfolio section integrated … it should be a bit grunge and hand-drawn style, paper textures in the background and such things … a bit like and

    Thank you for this great event :)

  449. 450

    I love the idea of a clean, minimalist portfolio theme!!

    My suggested contents map:
    – A homepage including: Text intro + 1 featured project + latests news (from blog).
    – A project’s section with an easy admin for administrating projects.
    This section would be the heart of the theme.
    It’s important to have a proper space to include a description of each project and good usage of image display css.
    – A blog section (for news)
    – About page
    – Contact page (with contact form included)

    – Sociable plugin. For socialnetworking options
    – Transalte plugin (Most of us non-englsh native speakers need this ;))

    VERY nice to have: Some other SEO plugins:
    – Google XML Sitemaps
    – Hyper Cache
    – Platinum SEO Pack

    Helvetica font embedded would be too much!??

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  450. 451

    A clean theme that is a bit of a mix between a portfolio and a magazine style.

    I’d got for the typical style of 3 columns. Utter left being the actual posts and being the biggest. Then a column dedicated to archives, links … and the utmost right one should contain some reference to social networking (facebook, twitter …)

    Up top I’d make the wink towards a portfolio theme by adding a sort of image viewer across the screen. Make it (flash?) scrollable as well so you can go left and right and view more photos. Perhaps link it to a post as well, so that the uploaded images of a post for example can appear there.

    And as for colours, I’m a big fan of dark themed. And if if some neat green (#9db500? :p) would be in it, I’d be in heaven ^^

  451. 452

    I would love to see a clean, easily usable portfolio theme. Where you can update your portfolio design pieces by a new post, and where you can edit the look easily.

  452. 453

    Would LOVE a new PORTFOLIO theme.

    * Has a blog integrated
    * Has multiple colour options in the theme (blue theme, red theme, etc.)
    * Homepage have a Featured Portfolio piece
    * The portfolio be easily navigable (Logo Design, Web Design, Print Design)

  453. 454

    A clean theme but stylish!(allot of light, mostly withe and you can chose the details from 3 different colors? Blue, pink and green.) I think your themes often are either too clean or to much.. I want something that really blowes my mind! I think you should make a quality e-commerce shopping cart theme for WordPress, that would be great. I think it would really benefit WordPress too. Maybe one with three columns.. one for category, one for content and one for ads and login/shopingcart?

    I think some good features would be:

    * So you can have pictures to show what you are selling. (and prizes) And a good plugin so that you easily can see different items in the store.. and their description.. (maybe you can chose between a popup or not?)
    * A really good gallery-plugin with different albums with gallerys in it.
    * the easy use of Paypal
    * Easy product insert in the WP write post.. and so you can have different product categories.
    4. Shopping cart page and have it in the sidebar.

  454. 455

    Timothy Armstrong

    April 22, 2009 2:54 pm

    I’m thinking a theme for a food blog, like with fancy edges like restaurant menus and the like.

  455. 456

    A magazine style theme with a portfolio section built-in. I’ve never seen one and I think you guys would be the first to EVER to do such out of this world concept.

  456. 457

    Smart neutral corporate WP theme pls.

  457. 458

    WordPress as a fully fledged CMS + the WordPress Multi User landing page included.

  458. 459

    I’d love to see a portfolio theme with a gallery option that makes use of a front page blog and lifestream. Like a one stop shop for a designer, artist or photographers personal website :) Oh, and I totally dig themes that have different colour options!

  459. 460

    Raquel Gonzalez

    April 22, 2009 9:12 pm

    I would LOVE (and need!) a WP theme specially designed for displaying HD video with a quick way to review photos. Clean and slick. with horizontal scroll for previous posts. Is it too much to ask?

  460. 461

    with combination soft colors together with soft surface and durable material will enhance the uasability and statisfacion in usage

  461. 462

    A not simple but not complex portfolio.

  462. 463

    I would like to see you make a Portfolio Design that does not look like the standard-templates.
    The Portfolio-Theme schould aim to Webdesigners, have a modern look, ajax-powered, full of Icons for the different categories and (if possible) the color-scheme could be changed in the Backend (eg: dark-theme, bright-theme, silver/chrom-theme, blue-theme, and so on) or even in the Frontend.. I prefer backend ;-)

    It should also cover the different needs from a simple to a complex-portfolio. But easy to manage and regarding all the usability standards.

  463. 464

    Very good idea. Really Smashing.

    I think a magazine style theme with following features will fullfill needs of people from different streams

    1. JQuery lavalamp top menu on far most top of the theme.
    2. JQuery featured posts slideer.
    3. Widget ready sidebar and footer.
    4. JQuery tabber in sidebar.
    5. News scroller
    6. Mini blog in sidebar
    7. Gallery (for portfolio)

    Themes like our magazine in themeforest provide a good reference.

    Thank you again for the theme idea.

  464. 465

    A ecom site, similar to shopit found on joomla called shopit.

  465. 466

    Phillip Hullquist

    April 23, 2009 12:04 am

    I would like a magazine-style theme which combines integrated video-blogging using a major flash video player (like JW Player or Flowplayer). Most existing blog themes only focus on one or the other giving up video features for regular blogging or ONLY work with video. I would like to see a combination of both.

  466. 467

    I’d like to see a great magazine style theme but with hot colors like orange or red, would be nice.

  467. 468

    Something with an education theme that can be used by teachers, students, schools, colleges etc. These are really hard to find! :)

  468. 469

    A great movie look a like theme, including nice integrated movie features and showreels.

    Looking forward to see that happen :-)

  469. 470

    I would like to see a magazine theme, full of features.

  470. 471

    I’d like a portfolio, with diferent galleries, pages of details…

  471. 472

    I’d like to see a wordpress way to make a social network, with diferent categories of users, some of them could post, some of them could add content to determiated pages… and all of them could comment, vote, report… It would be exactly what I need.

  472. 473

    I agree with commenter 443, about the many different features to be included, but as far as the design, I would like to see something promoting sustainable lifestyle, using nature friendly resources, etc. So the theme could be an ecology news, info and resources blog for example.

  473. 474

    I really would love a theme for my I am never happy with my theme and I change it weekly.

    Something with some shades of brown, earthy and very easy to read big fonts. (like Smashing Mag) Simple and clean, yet room to insert ads and other content if needed.

    I have tons of readers but no one leaves comments…would be great to “encourage” that part as well.

  474. 475

    I think it would be nice to have a theme that is more of a base that people can work off, rather than a particular styled theme in and of itself.

    For instance, a modularized theme that pulls from something like the 960 grid system which can run in a variety of different ways. A more static portfolio based site, an informational blog, a photo blog, or a combination of them could run on the front page, maybe even with customized posting options. A lifestream with some of the basic elements, etc.

    Nothing terribly complicated design-wise, just something that’s well-organized that people can use as a jumping off point would be a great addition. You and others have posted plenty of great designs, what is really missing is a viable, customizable base template that fits a wide variety of designs instead of just a single design that will fit a few people well.

  475. 476

    As a photographer I’m still in search of that perfect “show off” theme that allows me to post several images in one post and see them all – scrolling down the page. Most of the freebies tend to be multiple columns, not making photos center stage – which is very important. I think it should be clean and classy, allowing the colors of the photography to POP… probably using greys, black and whi

  476. 477

    Horizontal designed portfolio theme would be amazing!

  477. 478

    I’d like to see another great magazine WordPress theme !
    Or a showcase/portfolio theme !

    That roks :=

  478. 479

    Dawn Martinello

    April 23, 2009 6:42 am

    In a dream world …..

    I’d like to see a theme that has a lot of room to pack in content on the main page that people could link to each of the pages. Kind of like a “buzz” of each page. Love the caricature look and would like to see those used throughout the site. I really like the look of some themes that look lik you’re looking down at a desk – but wonder if there is a way to make them feel more real.

    Social media is my life right now – could we add a social aggregator sidebar?

    And hey, if you could make it in my website colours too … that would be cool ;)

  479. 480

    I would like to see a Videoblog Theme with a Flair of Internet-TV-Style like… with a cool and clean design…Come on…let’s make a new gorgeous Theme…

  480. 481

    Campaigning against Speciecism, I would like to have a WP theme related to that. Very clean, fresh and with a green style, to alert consciousnesses all over the world.

  481. 482

    Antonio Fernandes

    April 23, 2009 8:20 am

    A music based magazine wordpress layout with the twitter update ability like the wordpress theme prologue

  482. 483

    For me a theme should be as complete as possilbe. I would love to see one that’s made so i have my portfolio showcased upfront, below that i would like to see some 3 columns love, each one of them suitable to manage news, designs, and my flickr pics (again 3 columns of icons in there).
    To the side of it (preferably to the right side) i would like 1 or two columns more where i can put a logo, some bio stuff and maybe some nice ads (two columns of small ads on a column, 3 columns of small ads if there’s two side columns)
    I want some nice RSS, Twitter, etc picture buttons there as well.

    Above all this i would like to see a menu that has to work horizontally but displaying a vertical list of it’s secondary elements. Just between this menu and the content, i would like to have some breadcrumbs going on…

    The full page would be almost like the front page but it would feature the news columns, and a different smaller, banner like pic slider to showcase my work above them. It could be also that if we used to columns to the right, we could lose one of them, ads here would be positioned differently (even in between the content) so we should not use them to the right side. The breadcrumbs should still be up there as well as the menu for consistency

    The full portfolio area should showcase the latest work with a medium to big picture and some decription to it. Below it, in a three columnar fashion, the other recent works i’ve done. One interesting addition could be the separation of this area into two rows, one for latest and one for random or related artowrk (pictures, paintings, gigs at a concert place… whatever). Same one column to the right, menu and breadcrumbs above

    If i click into a bios link i would like to see something where i can display a CV. For this i would like complete control over the CSS (so i can work on it as i please). Same columns to the right and menu and breadcrumbs above.

    If at all possible i would like to have also a lifestream (kinda, sorta) with all my stuff i have posted on the website chronologically ordered, but placed on a vertical list (you know, pic to the side, big bold title then short description and link). The twist would be that each entry would have a common class (pictures, news, portfolio, etc) and i would have links above (maybe keywords and might be a tag cloud) where if i click on a word, it automatically filters the list (by hiding what i don’t want to see via jquery). If i click any other tag, it hides everything else and makes items tagged like this one i just clicked, visible.

    Given the fact that many of us have renounced to IE6, why not make it so that i can chose colors? Most of the design elements would be transparent PNG’s and i would have only to change element’s background colors to change the theme’s colors.

    Sifr for the titles please, and if our images are going to be sliced (in the theme i mean), the PSD should be made available to figure out how to replace them for our own work (maybe?).

  483. 484

    I’d like to have a considered functional theme that can be used on huge music portals. (music news, albums releases, tracks, etc.). Simple but very beautifull.(like lastfm). Included cool additions like a lot of “Top 10″, cool votings, discussions, functions for community. I haven’t ever seen theme like this.

  484. 485

    I’d really like see a innovation and creative wordpress magazine theme!

  485. 486

    Adam Trojanczyk

    April 23, 2009 9:00 am

    I think it should be another magazine blog, or blog about designing.
    It should have mulitlanguage options and autoresize photos.
    I have started my own company in Poland and I would like to see something that I could used :)

  486. 487

    im creating an internet radio show that will soon be available as a podcast

    what i would like is a wordpress theme that has a collage styled design, using photos & illustrations in juxtaposition to create a contrary, but somehow holistic, look.

    contrary but holistic.
    don’t you love being designers?

    think, hideaki anno directing style for kare kano
    whatever that means hahah

  487. 488

    A portfolio theme with twitter and social networks integration please!!
    Hope to win a laptop sleeve…my bag is autodestroying…

  488. 489

    A simple blog theme framework, based on a shades of a single color:
    *with plenty of widget room
    *2 columns, plus header image, title/tagline and footer
    *wherein the background gradient can be selected from a swatch of colors (user-control that swaps CSS maybe), and changed on a whim by the blogger (think moods)
    *an uploadable header
    *this same theme could be modified by the webmaster to have a patterned background (think photoshop brushes) to match the color (again controlled by swappable CSS)
    *threaded comments
    *photo gallery

    A theme like this could serve 3 markets, the everyday blogger the webmaster of multiple blog installations, and a WordPress MU admin. Easily modified to suit each customer of the webmaster. Also would be bexcellent for users of WordPress Multi-User, as it would offer countless options for customized themes (via multiple,switchable CSS files) with a single installation.

    Plus with it being basically a framework (controlled by CSS) it could easily be built-upon by others and released as child themes. Build once, benefit many!

  489. 490

    I’d love to see an artists’ portfolio theme that allows for differentiation between different types of work.

    Too many portfolio themes focus solely on images, it’d be awesome to have a theme that has a well-designed audio and/or video template for displaying stuff like voice work or demo reels. It’d also be cool if the portfolio allowed live demos of website designs, so people can check out the functionality as well.

  490. 491

    I’d like to see a WP theme that successfully integrates a WP blog and an ecommerce system. Preferably Magento :)

  491. 492

    I am looking but can’t find a theme that works like a portal to other themes in a network. The idea is that there is a main site. On the home page there is a grid 4×4 or 4×5, in each box in this grid there will be the latest post/image from the in network site. Similar to this: only each box will take you to a site that is in our network of sites.

    probably not for this contest but have been thinking about this for a while and would like some help finding or building it.. if anyone is interested.

  492. 493

    How about a very simple design theme Simplistic style But with lot’s of functionality like jquery sliders tabs, fancybox, and others. Some kind of beautiful out of the box Framework. Something we can really work with straigh away but still customize easily.

    Let’s face it no matter how great the design is everybody ends up transforming it.
    What I would like to see is finally a theme that goes really beyond what it’s suppose to do. Make options even if they are not used .


  493. 494

    A photo-blog would totally rock hard! Displaying exif tags would be a plus.

  494. 495

    A perfect wordpress template in my opinion must:
    -Have a settings page to configure the theme as much as possible without touching code.
    -Have various color schemes.
    -Have a pair of “font schemes”.
    -Be no image heavy.
    -Work out of the box.
    -Be easy to customize and highly customizable.
    -Incluide the PSD files.
    -Include big gravatars in commments.
    -Comments must be clearly separated from each other.
    -Posts separation shuld be more evident also.
    -Have a tabbed widget to show latest comments, most popular posts, and such, customizable and managed through settings panel.
    -Hability to change the fonts used in the theme by the settings panel without touching css.
    -Differentiate author comments from the rest.
    -Put comments and trackbacks apart.
    -Nicely numerated comments.
    -Include the autor of the post, tags, date, share it on the post info.
    -Have space for 125×125 ads and manage it through the settings page.
    -Feature various custom p classes.
    -Follow usability guidelines to its max.
    -“Highlight” a comment or differentiate it on mouseover.
    -Hability to choose wether to use a text or image logo from the settings panel.
    -Big and nice typo for posts titles.
    -Have a good form design, with subtle color changing of the active fields and such.
    -Well tought out and balanced, catching design.
    -Three column layout.
    -Clean, well organized and commented code and css.
    -Have a print stylesheet.

  495. 496

    A versatile and clean non-profit / charitable organization theme. Charity and non-profit orgs are serving others selflessly all over our planet. Let us serve them for a change with a world class wordpress theme so they can feel proud of their web presence.


    – Blog.
    – Featured Events/Projects Rotator.
    – Call to action or About Us page.
    – Lifestream/twitter
    – Link to associated Facebook Group or Cause
    – Donate
    – Events / Projects Section.
    —- Each Project/Event can have photo or video embeds.
    —- Each Project/Event can link to a Facebook event.
    – Colors driven by CSS styles with little to no reliance on images. Nonprofit orgs don’t have graphic designers on staff. Some don’t have staff on staff.

    They should be focused on changing the world for the better, not online fashion sense.


  496. 497

    How about a framework to develop any kind of portal website, regarding the content with the ability to:

    – Manage various types of media (swf,mov,pdf, etc)
    – CSS skinning of various sections without interfering in the functionality of the overall site
    – Modules for managing paid content
    – Sitemap generator
    – Blogging
    – Some kind of reward system for users with the best content/articles/comments, etc
    – Ads manager

    To be honest, I haven’t found any decent portal theme/framework anywhere, so I guess this could be the opportunity to create a kick ass framework for creating portal sites.

  497. 498

    I would love a theme for webcomics with twitter integration.

    Features include:
    Latest post will appear on the front page with the latest comic
    Avatar pic next to your blog post
    Option to have page peel effect when going through archives
    Easily navigate archives with calendar.

    Thanks SM!

  498. 499

    Simon Harlinghausen

    April 23, 2009 11:33 pm

    A wordpress theme that can be used
    for a normal website. Comments
    function should be functionally and
    should be set on active/inactive.

    Also flexible horizontal navigation
    including submenus.

    Stay tuned …

  499. 500

    I would love to see a creative magazine style theme… Thanks…

  500. 501

    I would really like to see a wordpress as cms theme but not yet another magazine-style theme. Perhaps a beautiful, clean theme with a static home page thats styled perfectly – with a grid showing recent posts and which is as configurable as possible without touching code and works straight out of the box.

  501. 502

    I’d like to see a better portfolio theme with a gallery option

  502. 503

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    April 24, 2009 2:55 am

    The backend of WordPress to become the theme for the frontend, but with a blue haze instead of all gray. Additionally, a twirl of SM on top of it to simplify / minify and unify everything.

  503. 504

    Don’t forget to follow KISS principle. Usability and a few clicks for needed information must be also on top. Design..pls dont’use hard colors. Keep white.

  504. 505

    I would like to see a really beautiful, but useful site theme for an NGO. A place that might have quite a few internal links, few picture (so no gallery), and maybe a blog for updates. I have yet to see one that’s both beautiful and functional, it’s usually either/or.

  505. 506

    There has been a portfolio themes overload and IMHO everybody should be able to design their own portfolio if they are competing for a design job. On the other hand, all commercial WordPress themes are really looking the same so there is a need for new creative ways of doing it.

    I’m having a real challenge in front of me called a local community portal. It should be informative, attractive, colorful but still simple, carry a lot of information sorted into numerous categories, nothing that would be too fancy but please a designer’s eye as well. The challenge for me is to make it look attractive but still provide structured navigation so the users find everything important at a glance. I really like the CreativeDepart website at and how their grid expands to the whole screen. For a community portal there is still a lot to think of in terms of scalability and navigation.

    Please help… ;)

  506. 507

    I started a wine blog with degustation notes. I searched but I haven’t found a free and nice theme that is appropriate for a wine topic. So an elegant design with typical wine-like colors (no woody design) would be nice!

  507. 508

    Totally agree with comment 38! An e-commerce shopping cart WordPress themes!

  508. 509

    What about a Tumblelog theme?
    There aren’t many tumblelog themes for wordpress, in fact there are only a few, and not very good.
    So this could be the opportunity to create a tumblelog theme framework full of features, easy to customize, that kick asses.
    Here you have a poorly explored niche.

  509. 510

    Hey, it’s a really nice idea.

    However, I would like to ask for a theme about technical and programing solutions.
    Regarding features, its good to add a topic slide show in the sidebar with random images and titles, of course with a link(on click) to that topic. (:

    I hope to get one of these awards.


  510. 511

    That’s what I was wanting! Someone like SM doing things my way, for free and for the community. Amazing.

    Now here’s the plan:

    I would want a charity weblog designed by you guys (along with psdtowp. Of course) which is customizable by a charity based on anything. Say – helping old age, girl chid, poor and orphan, etc. The theme should be neat with impulsive banners to draw attention.

    Easy options to pay/donate funds to the charity.

    Lastly, an option of people who make big money via programmes like adsense to feature their names and donate a portion of their monthly income to the cause.

    I wonder what would it come like, finally but would indeed be a step towards humanity.


  511. 512

    i’d like an elegant typographic theme :) thanks!

  512. 513

    I would love to see either a magazine theme or a portfolio theme that doesn’t suck.

  513. 514

    I’d like to see a wonderful personal theme, with magazine style.

  514. 515

    I want an theme that looks and work like an magazine theme but push some photo areas/gallerys too. Ads ready, semi navigation tabs, tons of widget areas and it should look like an artwork. huuu
    Too much for my competence :-)

  515. 516

    I’d like it to be a theme with horizontal menu, kind of portfolio with great typography. And of course, I hope I win :)

    Thank you!

  516. 517

    Considering the personal branding boom right now I’d love to see a nice clean but shiny portfolio theme!

  517. 518

    Would have to agree with Inga, a nice clean “barebone” theme would be nice to have as a start point.

  518. 519

    A simple light portofolio theme for designers and web developers would be nice!!

  519. 520

    Well, having looked around and around and around (and looked at your source) what I’d REALLY like is the Smashing Magazine WordPress theme. You have the best 3 column WP template I can find that balances content, navigation and Sponsors. Can’t you provide it as a Theme to download?


    (Great site. First time I’ve come across you. Pointed out to me by a designer I was interviewing.)

  520. 521

    Nice.. thanks a lot

  521. 522

    I constantly refer to SM not only for free stuff but mainly the easily understandable discussions and orders for non-techies like me. Thank you so much to everyone behind this wonderfully helpful site.

    I have been looking for a dynamic simple yet interesting directory theme that can list businesses, blogs and people, which can be used to link people within localities (say a county or a province), allowing them to link and network, and thus enliven their communities and economy.
    Perhaps the theme can also include a “submit” page that can allow site visitors or members to add their business, blog, service people or professionals to the directory list. Some people may not have websites, so the “site” listing may be optional. But all of them have names, addresses, phone numbers.
    Another feature I’d love to see, if it’s at all possible, is multilevel categories per country, state/province, county, city, district. My dream.
    Thank you so much in advance.

  522. 523

    LOL this is a funny place. I think You dont know what You are writing about. Better see some TRUTH on Saltydroid and stop whining like a baby.

  523. 524

    Although I am too late for this but yes I have checked all the designs and themes. I would recommend people to use these designs for psd to wordpress projects. We can do a nice CMS website from this.


  524. 525

    I would like to see a local business portal that on the front page has customizable areas for such things as news feeds, videos, site info and ad mats. It would need an easy to build member business area with the ability to to divide and sub divide business categories where local business information and links to their websites are placed and perhaps templates to put featured adds in post. Give link control as to show or not any page or post link. Also it would be nice to be able to integrate other sites such as classifieds and games with a easy linking system. To have the ability to generate business discount coupons would be superb. Easy to navigate and nice to look at with a fun but business styling.

  525. 526

    how can i make money fast

    June 19, 2011 10:55 pm

    I’m nonetheless learning from you, however I’m bettering myself. I certainly love studying all the pieces that’s written in your blog.Preserve the stories coming. I loved it!

  526. 527

    I like a theme which is very easy to manage plus the wonderful one i.e it must have ads section, featured video, page menu, recent comment tab, easy login panel, featured post section, footer widget, social shairing, full screen i.e minimum 1280*720, sidebars, category wise searching, somehow matching with, etc. Thanks in advance.

  527. 528

    I like freebies! not bad


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