40 Beautiful Skateboard Designs


The skateboard has been a favorite medium of artists for decades. Not only does it provide a sturdy surface to paint on, but it offers a great way to have your artwork be seen in the community. Skateboarding culture, which was once looked on as a short-term fad for rebellious teens, has established itself in society.

A wide range of artists have opted to put the canvas aside and go with the unique shape of the skateboard as a way to get their artwork out. In this article, we showcase 40 amazing skateboard designs that blend various design styles. Whether you used to skateboard, currently skateboard or have never stepped on one, these skateboard designs will surely lend inspiration.

Beautiful Skateboard Designs and Resources

The Black Rock Collective is a design collective of over 40 artists. By letting each person contribute a different style, they come up with a great variety of designs.

Screenshot2 Screenshot3

Impressive skateboard designs by the freelance designer and illustrator Drez were brought to life by exporting his vector artwork for creation as plotted vinyl graphics. His other deck designs feature a collection of fantastic illustrations with heavy textures and a variety of graphics.



Andrew Graves7
Andrew Groves is an illustrator, artist, maker of small things and creator of beasts. His designs are always unique and recognizable, with original illustrated characters and motifs.




Calavera exhibits a great comic-book style in its designs. They use great illustrations, and a lot of their designs feature a vintage look and style.

Screenshot12 Screenshot13 Screenshot14

Screenshot15 Screenshot16 Screenshot17

J3 Concepts18
The skateboard designs below exhibit a brilliant, playful style. Each design uses great colors to achieve a fun style.

Screenshot19 Screenshot20 Screenshot21

Screenshot22 Screenshot23 Screenshot24

Screenshot25 Screenshot26 Screenshot27

No one said design couldn’t have a little edge to it. These designs show that even edgy designs can be turned into beautiful artwork.

Screenshot29 Screenshot30 Screenshot31

Electrik Suicide32
Electrik Suicide uses great mixed-media designs to create a unique style. His designs feature images that really let the mind penetrate the depths of the board.

Screenshot33 Screenshot34 Screenshot35

Mike uses a brilliant array of colors to make his designs really pop. His blending of colors gives his artwork a unique style.

Screenshot37 Screenshot38 Screenshot39

No Pattern40
Artist Chuck Anderson sharply mixes together everyday photographic realism and colorful, fantasy-tinged surrealism, creating a rich and vivid portrait of a world only imagined.

Screenshot41 Screenshot42 Screenshot43

Go Media44
Go Media is a design group that creates mind-numbing designs. Having a large body of experience designing in different media, they’re able to easily turn the skateboard into an amazing work of art while keeping its purpose and culture at the forefront.

Screenshot45 Screenshot46 Screenshot47

MWM Graphics48
MWM uses a vivid mix of colors, shapes and patterns to create some truly awesome and unusual boards. With mixtures of colors rarely seen together, his skateboards have an altogether distinct feel.

Screenshot49 Screenshot50 Screenshot51

Further Resources

You can find more beautiful skateboard designs in these showcases:


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  1. 1

    This is my first time visiting this site and, I found it by accident. But I must say that these are some of the best boards I’ve ever seen in my life, and we’ve all seen many-a-boards. I would love to be a free-lance board designer but I don’t have any previous experience. I would love to know how I could be set in the right direction. Again these are some of the best boards I have ever seen…Great job to all of these amazing designers. I would love to see more where these came from..

  2. 203

    Great articles and those designs are all wicked as! I do a few skate deck designs myself here http://buddhaartskates.com.au Smashing should keep doing more articles on skateboarding and skater art…it rocks!

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    July 5, 2011 9:24 am

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  4. 405

    how come some skateboard graphics have a certain micro geometric pattern that makes up the graphics? looks pixelated but not. what do you call this type of graphic printing or style.


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