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Last week we already presented our first selection of beautiful, clever and creative logo designs1. This post presents the second part of our selection, featuring even more beautiful and creative logos that will hopefully inspire you or at least give you the idea of what the current logo design trends look like.

Just as last time, we focused on logos that use creative methods to represent the brand through color, shapes, and typography. Every design presented below tells you something about the company that it is supposed to represent. Also note the brilliant color palletes and unique patterns used in many of these. Finally, pay attention to the typography, especially font selection and coloring.

Below you’ll find a collection of 40 more beautiful and creative logo designs to inspire you. Browsing through the showcase, you will notice many trends. Some of these include the usage of simple shapes to create something complex, origami shapes, coloring and transparency trends, and many more. You may want to take a look at the post Logo Design Trends 2009442 for further reference.

40 Creative Logo Designs

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Matt Cronin is an avid graphic designer, web designer/developer, Cocoa programmer, photographer, digital artist, and the like. He also enjoys writing, and does quite a bit of writing for Smashing Magazine. He is currently working on a startup called VAEOU, which will have new services coming soon.

  1. 1
  2. 102

    The “Horrorfilms” logo does everything right, except for the typography, which could have benefitted from using a bolder version of the typeface.

    A logo is not supposed to include everything including your mum, it is supposed to be simple, clean, easily reproducable, recognisable and adaptible to any size/background/setting-variations you can get. I would call many of these emblems rather than logos due to their level of detail.

  3. 203

    what a great collection! Tnx guys

  4. 304

    Very nice. But I just downloaded a package with 2000 free label logos ready to be used as they are.
    Saves me the effort! Optimize your time, prioritize your tasks.
    First priority is making money not building a logo so you can build a site so you can drive traffic so you can test affiliates so you can make money.
    It might take a while to get into the right optic, I know.

  5. 405

    nice collection.

  6. 506

    Great logos, what about making a selection of the most boring ones? My vote for facebook, twitter, skype…

  7. 607

    @verli Why would a designer want a free WordPress theme? Surely those are for people who can’t design.

  8. 708

    Very Good. Modern, i like that

  9. 809

    to #106 (pete) do you get each item of your clothing handmade? Why would you buy clothes from the store…must be for people who don’t know how to sew.

    Some of us don’t have time to design a site.

    The content of a site always, always, always dictates the traffic it receives.

  10. 910

    Most of these logos look like the $35 crap you get these days.

    A couple really stand out like the cleverness of the horror film logo and the colours of subatomic, but the others are certainly not worth mentioning. The ‘a’ logo for Alight is just painful on the eye – how that got past quality control I have no idea – terrible mix of colours and contrasts.

  11. 1011

    Mark, no I don’t make my own clothes; I’m not in the business of making and selling clothes. I wouldn’t walk into a shop, buy a T-shirt and call myself a Tailor either.

    If you ‘don’t have time to design a site’, don’t call yourself a ‘Designer’. My point was: Why would a ‘Designer’ want a free WordPress theme? That would just make them a reseller of free products, a rip-off merchant. It gives a bad name to the rest of us.

  12. 1112

    Check the MOOR logo that won Best of Nation Award in Eulda ’07.

  13. 1213

    I think my logo had to be included in the list after all I already beat the Obama logo in March month .

  14. 1314

    i agree these are nice logo designs, on the other hand there are amaizing organic logo designs conceived by a large experience
    Logo Corner

  15. 1415

    Really nice collection,thanks for sharing

  16. 1516

    Amazed at each one of them! Highly inspiring! Thanks so much!

  17. 1617

    These are a great help for my work when i need some extra inspiration! Well done, keep them coming!

  18. 1718

    Great to see some of my personal favorites in this collection.

  19. 1819

    @richtaur : “Really? You think shleep is creative? Looks really lazy to me.”

    Glad you said that. The logo is suppose to look “lazy”. After all, the name is shleep…a combination of the word sheep and sleep. :-D

  20. 1920

    Redington Rockers

    May 4, 2009 4:14 am


  21. 2021

    Nice collection and impressive too.
    Chk the logos that creatively used animals and birds in the design.


  22. 2122

    Very nice collection! It amazes me how creative some people are. Found some more good ones on Logo Gallery

  23. 2223

    I couldn’t figure out the heart one until I right clicked and looked at the image properties. What a trip.

  24. 2324

    Nice logo, nice sharing

  25. 2425

    there is an awesome logo contest located here if anyone cares to check it out – I used this page as inspiration –

  26. 2526

    NIce Logos

  27. 2627

    Peter From Alight

    November 10, 2009 9:43 am

    Hey thanks for putting our logo on here!

    I see two chaps – Allen and Joey have had a pop at it – Oh well…You can’t please everyone!

    In our defence we rarely showcase our brand without the word Alight underneath it, we (almost) always use the logotype with the typography – in fact if you click on the logo above you do see the whole thing!

    Either way we are very happy to see our brand turn up on this prestigious site


  28. 2728

    wow cool logo thanks

  29. 2829

    really nice logos…..some of them are pretty lovely.
    thnx for sharing it!

  30. 2930

    nice logos…

  31. 3031

    Ashey Smith From Web Design

    February 17, 2010 9:00 am

    Hey thanks! this really helps!

  32. 3132

    i didnt found the one i wanted….but then also nice logos

  33. 3233

    Thanks, gave me some food for thought while working on a job :-)

  34. 3334

    can you tell me how to draw a logo
    theme- is tomorrow

  35. 3435

    This bunch is really nice! Very Creative. But It will be great to put up some more of these since these logos have been here for quite sometime now.
    Lets have a fresh set of creative logos al over again here.

  36. 3536

    Nice collection. Maybe you can add in your next post.

  37. 3637

    From one to another, thank you for an inspiring post.

  38. 3738

    Mishael Simpson

    May 20, 2010 9:14 pm

    The Play logo created with the hearts is a great design. . .BRAVO! ! . . . Simple but very effective.

  39. 3839

    These are really beautiful. The Squared Eye logo is one of my current faves. Air Power Turbines is really nice as well. Elegant and well considered.

  40. 3940

    nice collections……

  41. 4041

    Nice collection. Thank you for an inspiring post.

    Logo Design –

  42. 4142

    just found this when i was looking for logo inspiration, this is a excellent collection! lots of great concepts, my fav is the dream marketing

  43. 4243

    Very Creative and Inspirational. Few of the logos, I think, will not fit well in white Backgrounds. like the Swing logo, the Background makes it amazing. All the logos have excellent color combination. Very Professional logos. Thanks for sharing. :)

  44. 4344

    Very Creative .. Thanks for sharing

  45. 4445

    These logos are wonderful! Great job. You guys are excellent graphic artists. Thanks always good to be inspired.

  46. 4546

    I can’t believe no one recognized Herb Lublin’s Families logo. It was designed in 1980. Funny, how the article said, “This post presents the second part of our selection, featuring even more beautiful and creative logos that will hopefully inspire you or at least give you the idea of what the current logo design trends look like.”

  47. 4647

    Very Creative .. Thanks for sharing

  48. 4748

    Very lovely design, very beautiful logos. Thanks for your sharing, and i really like these logos and i’m interested in logo design!

  49. 4849

    Matthew @ Perth Web Design

    July 5, 2011 8:41 pm

    Fantastic finds. These are creatively designed logos. It’s unique and truly inspiring.

  50. 4950

    Here is another design i love it and i hope u 2 :D!portfolio-item/puertas-blindadas


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