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The Smashing Book project1 is now entering its next phase. Based upon your tremendous feedback2, we have finalized the concept and the outline for the book. In fact, the topics have been selected and our writers have already started to brainstorm the ideas for their chapters in the book. The one thing that still remains to be discussed is how the book will actually look like.

The Smashing Book

And since the Smashing Book is supposed to be the community book, we would like you to decide what design would fit the book best. In this post we present 6 book cover designs that were designed by the community for the Smashing Book Project (see the Book Cover Design Forum3). We let you decide what book cover the Smashing Book will have. Please vote in the poll below – it’s your turn now!

Details about the book cover

We have picked out 6 most interesting book cover designs amond a number of drafts suggested in the forum. We think that every design presented below is appropriate for the Smashing Book. However, what cover makes the book look really smashing?

Please notice:

  1. the book will be a paperback, not hardcover as shown in some drafts below,
  2. the book will not be available in stores or any retail stores — it doesn’t have to fight for customer’s attention against numerous other books in stores.
  3. the book should make a really good impression online.

What cover design should the Smashing Book have?

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the 6 book cover designs. You will find more detailed information and preview of each design below, under the poll. You can click on the image for a larger preview. You can vote for multiple designs. Please vote now!

Book Covers4
Book Covers5



Here are more details and images of each design. Thank you to designers for participation!

  1. jokr (1)
  2. jokr (2)
  3. briannelsondesign
  4. motd
  5. Static44
  6. mjmonserrat

a) jokr 1

Cover Proposal

b) jokr 2

Cover Proposal

c) briannelsondesign

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

d) motd

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

e) Static44

Cover Proposal

f) mjmonserrat

Cover Proposal

Cover Proposal

Thank you for participation, folks! And please feel free to let us know your ideas, thoughts and suggestions in the comments to this post! Thank you for your time.


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

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  1. 1

    “D” is excellent.

    My Opinions :

    “A” – Great work but it seems a pattern like gift cover.
    “B” – looks old Book. And the Shape “S” is not correct.
    “C” – looks ok. What is the special in that book(no creativity).

    “D” – great look. why i choose this is – smashing magazine website main attachtion is the highlight colors are logo and darkgray. The logo in the black is excellent work. and the back side also so nice.

    “E” – It looks some kind of retro

    “F” – Great work. i feel some thing is missing on that cover.

  2. 252

    Love D.

  3. 503

    Everytime I see this poll I vote C.

    Vote C for great justice.

    C for president.

    C is the best.

  4. 754

    For me its C, I think it will look nice as a hardback at a4.

    Well done to all who got shortlisted.


  5. 1005

    “A” has a strong layout with the Smashing icon motif pattern. But there is way too much going on here with this design. The nice cool pattern juxtaposed on top of the competing orange reload graphic is way too overpowering. The reload mark really is not necessary for this design. The pattern does enough. Get rid of this and you have your winner! :-)

    “B” Nice concept but “A” in my opinion portrays the brand better.

    “C, D” Simple is always better but these are too simple.

    “E” This design has a nice background texture portraying the “smashing” idea. However I am a little put off by the Smashing Icon on top. Too much contrast here. And the grittiness added to the icon I think is a bad move for the brand. I understand the idea but it’s not working for me.

    “F” Nice idea with the play on code integrated with the S icon. But the design has too much contrast. This design needs more whitespace. And let’s not kid ourselves; code is hidden behind the scenes for a reason. But if you are going to use code in your design, make it more interesting without it dominating the entire design.

    “B-F “ all use the giant “S” icon in their designs. And they all share a common technique but neither of them really sticks out except for “A.” Make the changes suggested to “A” and you have your winner! Cheers!

  6. 1256

    C of course:-)

  7. 1507

    can you give me one after it finished? :D

  8. 1758

    D of course

  9. 2009

    I choose designs A and B. A has the tessellation pattern going on, which is really striking, and B has the clean contrasting colors.

  10. 2260

    I loved E!
    Perhaps you can treat the cracked glass image to make it look more ‘2009’

  11. 2511

    F, definitely F.

  12. 2762

    Me parece exelente que se este realizando un proyecto como este por parte de SmashingMagazine. Soy Diseñador gráfico, y en realidad que me han encantado las entradas de este sitio.

    Por favor, publiquen la publicacion del libro pronto!…

  13. 3013

    D looks like cool book BUT C is smashing as smashing magazine
    all other are behind

  14. 3264

    I like a) . . . maybe because it’s mine . . . but that’s not the only reason:

    lets start with the others:
    b) also my design (I chose blue as the second color because it’s the complementary color to the reddish-orange on the smashing logo) . . . I knew the second I finished the design that it contained too many elements for a book cover, it was to complicated and that’s why it not my first choice
    c) probably the best design for an inexperienced eye . . . sure it’s a clean design . . . but also its the smashing logo spread onto the whole page . . . way to simple . . . where’s the design work in that . . . it’s the first idea that popped into everyone’s head -> lets make the logo as big as the page . . . NO NO GOOD show me some real design work please.
    d) the same as c) way too simple . . . a logo thrown onto a black page . . . and please take some time to consider the typography is that the first font that come up in the list or what?
    e) it sure took a bit more to design than the others . . . it also involved an idea rather than a simple logo onto a page . . . it’s not bad . . . unfortunately it’s not ehat the smashing book is all about it doesn’t say design nor coding nor typography . . .
    f) too much code . . .not enough design . . . sure black looks nice . . .also does red . . . but give me something more than a few lines of code

    And finally . . . why a)
    because it’s simple but not boring . . . the pattern is gray, easy on the eye, and focused your attention on the orange logo . . . it shows that some design work has been done to complete the cover . . . and also it’s by far the best design here :D . The two reversed “O” ‘s in BOOK show you that the book takes you back through all the articles on the site, through all the experience accumulated in time by smashing magazine and gives an overall look on design, coding and everything smashing

  15. 3515


  16. 3766

    ‘A’ is like a gift wrapper, I think it’s not applicable as a book cover. No wonder why it’s at the bottom 3

  17. 4017

    You should publish this book with a POD provider like No cost for you and saves trees by not printing a gazillion books that may or may not sell. POD is the way to go and Lulu seems to have more size, printing, and binding options than anyone else out there.


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