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Just recently we asked1 you to let us know what theme you would like us to release next. Among numerous comments we found many request for a gallery-theme that could be particularly useful for portfolios and showcases. At the very same time Christopher Wallace32 has been designing an advanced gallery-WordPress-theme for the design community and Smashing Magazine’s audience. And today finally we are proud to release it – for free, of course.

Gallery WordPress Theme

Gallery is a beautiful, free, gallery-style Thematic child theme for WordPress, designed by Christopher Wallace32 especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. It is extremely flexible and can be used as a starting point for design galleries and portfolios.


This theme can be seen in action on MixCSS.com5, which is being launched as a high-end design gallery that showcases the true power of the Gallery theme. You can subscribe to the RSS feed6 or check out the live site7, which acts as a demo for the Gallery theme.

As always, the template is completely free and may be used for any private or commercial project without any restrictions whatsoever.


Gallery is packed with loads of cool features like a jQuery slide hover effect on thumbnails, lazyloading for thumbnails (great if using a lot of thumbnails on one page), built-in social media links for each gallery item and seamless integration with the following plugins: WP-PostRatings9, BuySellAds plugin10, and Contact Form 711.


If you'd like an endless wall of thumbnails, LazyLoad allows you to show as many posts on the homepage as you'd like, allowing your users to scroll endlessly down the page without having to load hundreds of images right away. This effect mimics "endless scroll."


Gallery also supports WordPress 2.7 threaded comments for an elegant commenting experience.


Social media links allow you to save each gallery item to Delicious.com15 or post a link to the gallery page in your twitter feed. Social media icons provided by Rogie King16.



  • WordPress 2.7 compatible
  • Built on the Thematic framework
  • jQuery hover effects
  • 'Save to Delicious' link
  • 'Tweet This' link
  • Flexible footer widget area
  • WP-PostRatings integration
  • Contact Form 7 integration
  • BuySellAds plugin integration


To use the Gallery Theme, you will need to follow these installation instructions:

  1. Download the latest version18 of Thematic.
  2. Download the latest version19 of the Gallery WordPress theme.
  3. Unzip and upload both themes to your "wp-content/themes/" directory.
  4. In WordPress, go to "Appearance > Themes" and activate the "Gallery" theme.
  5. To change the number of items displayed on the home page, go to
    "Settings > Reading" and change "Blog pages show at most" to 28 (4
    rows) or 35 (5 rows) or more for the LazyLoad plugin to work its magic. LazyLoader will automatically delay loading of thumbnails that are out of the user's view.

Adding Gallery Items

To use the default options for the Gallery Theme, here are instructions for creating gallery entries:

  1. Create a thumbnail for each entry sized 125×125
  2. Create a full-sized image for each entry sized 500×375
  3. Upload both images to /wp-content/uploads or use the image uploader in WordPress to upload the images to the same folder
  4. Next, create a custom field called "thumbnail" and enter the
    location of the thumbnail file, for example
  5. You will need to create another custom field called "full-image" and enter the location of the full-size image in that field.
  6. You may also enter custom fields for "web-url" and "designer" if you want to add additional information to each entry.

Setting Up Star Ratings

  1. Install the WP-Post Ratings plugin20 from Activate both the plugin and the widgets.
  2. To switch the type of images to transparent .PNGs, open wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php in a text editor and change the following lines (should be near the top of the document):

    ### Define Image Extension
    define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'gif');
    //define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'png');

    to match this:

    ### Define Image Extension
    //define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'gif');
    define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'png');

  3. Then upload that file back into the plugins folder.
  4. In your WordPress admin panel, click the Ratings > Options link on the left sidebar.
  5. The transparent .PNG stars should be selected by default.
  6. Under 'Ratings AJAX Style' change 'Show Loading Image With Text' to 'No' and 'Show Fading In And Fading Out Of Ratings' to 'No.'
  7. Click 'Save Changes.'
  8. Now click the 'Ratings Templates' on the left sidebar.
  9. Replace the text in the 'Ratings Vote Text' box with the following code:


  10. Replace the text in the 'Ratings Voted Text' with the following code:


  11. Click the 'Save' button.
  12. You should now see your star ratings show on the gallery single pages next to the title of the gallery item.

Adding Widgets to the Footer

  1. Make sure you activated the WP-Post Ratings widgets when you activated the plugin.
  2. In your WordPress Admin, click Widgets on the sidebar.
  3. From the drop-down box under 'Current Widgets' select '1st Subsidiary Aside' and click 'Show.'
  4. Drag the widgets you'd like to see shown in this area from left to right (Highest Rated, Most Rated, Recent Comments, etc.)
  5. Click 'Save.'
  6. You should now see your widgets in the footer.

Download the theme for free!


We express sincere gratitude to Christoper Wallace for his truly impressive work. Please let us know in the comments if this release meets your expectations. And if not, please let us know what we could improve in the upcoming releases!


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  1. 1

    Custom field for “designer” isn’t working ???

  2. 102

    Awesome Theme Wallace.. thanks for sharing it.

  3. 203

    Hi guys

    Uploaded new version, working perfect other than 2 things.

    Parent category needs to be able to have more than 1 child category


    for some reason all my thumbnails have the red new image above them instead of just the first 3, anyone know how i fix this?


  4. 304

    Cool theme

  5. 405

    Excellent theme. Thank you so much. Downloaded, copied it to my webspace, activated it. Running. No idea why some have problems here.

    Anyway… is there a way to randomize the order of the thumbnails on the main page? So when I reload the page it’s in a different order?

    PS: The custom field name needs to be named designed-by and not designer. Well it can be designer, if one changes the source :D

    Thank you for this great theme!

  6. 506

    How to remove – Search, Pages, Categories Archives in my About pages ?

  7. 607

    How to take away from the left side Search, Pages, Categories, Archives in the new pages in the site, which are maded by me? Like Submit, About etc. Those menus are in every of them.

  8. 708

    The people that are getting the stylesheet errors arent uploading the correct folder heirachy

    Download “Gallery”
    Unzip it and then you have a folder called “Gallery 1.1.1″
    Inside that folder is a folder called “Gallery” this the folder you need to upload to wp-content/themes

    Same goes for thematic

    I had this issue and realised what i had done.

    For people having problems with full-image

    make sure your value in custom field has the first / at the beginning, i also had this issue

    so it should be:


    rather than


    Hope this helps!

  9. 809

    I am very new to wordpress and I am no programmer so …

    When you klick on a thumbnail you go a the detailed page with the big picture. Is it possible to insert more than one picture? In that way you can show like several pages of a website or whatever you like to show …

  10. 910

    My thumbnail is not appearing.
    Appears as broken image.
    Somebody help me?


    Thank you!

  11. 1011

    I’m an instant fan! I’ve set the theme up on a fractal art website and it rocks. Just one BIG problem: the “full-image” custom field doesn’t give me anything to display. Instead of the empty frame, I get a tiny black square in the top LH corner. HELLLLLPPPP!!!

    And the installation instructions are great – can’t think why anyone’s moaning!

  12. 1112

    Lucky 11 Studios

    May 6, 2009 1:49 pm

    I’m getting this crazy message at the top of each post after you click on a thumbnail.

    “Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/52869/domains/ on line 7

    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/52869/domains/ on line 7″

    What does that mean? What do I need to do to fix it?

    • 1213

      because of your hosting server….something in theyr settings…

      default allow_url_fopen is OFF…must be set to ON

      hope that helps

  13. 1314

    I’m sorry but it is completely effing ridiculous for SMASHING MAG AND CHRIS WALLACE to put out a theme with virtually no instructions. Sure, i got mine working, but i shouldn’t have to look at the coding to figure simple things out like how to get the “Designed by” function to work (why do the instructions say to put in “designer”? it doesn’t work… are yall on drugs or was it just a late night when posting this???)!!!!!

    THIS EFFORT IS SUB PAR! It’s a great looking theme THAT DOESN’T WORK OUT OF THE BOX! Common, it’s like having a hot girlfriend with NO VAG! SAME DIFFERENCE!! NO ONE WANTS THAT!!!


  14. 1415

    Excellent!!!! Love it!!!! It would have been a little bit more easier if the instruction were more explicit. But anyways thank you very much for the contribution. I am already using it and it works perfectly, but i was wondering if i can have a regular blog inside mi page.??

  15. 1516


    Your thumbnail points to×125.jpg. Seems the image is not existing or doesn’t have enough rights? (chmod)

  16. 1617


    I got detailed instructions via RSS feed (well I think it was detailed enough). The thing about the custom field “designer”… well.. was probably (what else???) just a mistake.

    I mean why freakin out… it’s a free theme and no one urges you to use it. If you (or someone else) don’t like it… don’t use it. If it’s too difficult, the person should read some WP books and check the theme source files. Takes 2 minutes to check them… :-)

  17. 1718

    I placed gallery file in themes folder.. but im getting below error

    “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    Gallery, a Thematic child theme Template is missing. “

  18. 1819


    Did you upload both theme files before activating the gallery theme?

  19. 1920


    The path of the image was wrong.

    PS. My name is Rafael.


  20. 2021

    Thanks for your hard work on this and making free for all, this is very well made.

  21. 2122

    Is there an FAQ for the theme? I am just getting annoyed that the jQuery hover effects are not working and I have a feeling it’s due to the last theme I had that was super annoying. Everything else is fine but that…… *shrug

  22. 2223

    Thank you so much for this theme. I have a bunch of ideas what to do with this gallery template.

  23. 2324

    Thank you so much for this amazing wordpress theme. It inspired me to build a gallery of Twitter Applications named TweeterApps. I agree it was a bit hard to get everything working correct (plugins, theme, lack of information about Thematic. But if you use WordPress you should be able to figure it out. I have been using WordPress since 2006 and it just keepts getting easier and easier.

    Thanks again! Really like this theme and integration (once it works)!

  24. 2425

    Totally not freaking out. Im just saying that from a business perspective, I know Smashing Mag and Chris are both better than putting out halfway finished products. Maybe everyone else is all like, oh so what the new buttons are chopped off… its free.. well guess what? thats not my style. I love smashing mag and i come back because they consistently put out great material, great content, and they listen to their visitors. Im a business owner. I would have never put this theme out until it was fully tested and ready to go. If i was running smashing mag, i would be pissed off that this theme was released with instructions for functions that are WRONG. Of course mistakes do happen, but the theme is just not ready to be distributed, imho. So why put it out earlier than necessary??? Since when is that ok on a Top level design mag? Smashing Mag is better than that, and that is what makes them a great resource. I have a right to my opinion. some will agree and some wont. either way, this is my $.02 and im sure smashing mag and chris are both professional enough to take realistic constructive criticism.

  25. 2526

    Chris Wallace

    May 7, 2009 8:34 pm


    1. The theme is free of charge. Your complaints are like being given a free $100 bill with a rip in the corner. It’s still free, right? It still pays for stuff, right? Sure it does, so sit down and shut up.

    2. I have already released updates for the bugs that were reported. I’d say a two-day turnaround on bugfixes and premium-level enhancements is pretty good, even for a paid app or theme.

    3. It is extremely rude and unprofessional of such a big-time business owner such as yourself to rip on something that was offered free to the SM community. It reflects extremely poorly upon you as a person and a professional. You should learn to respect others and the effort they put into the things they love. Doing so will enable you to truly understand the core values every business should operate under.

    • 2627

      Chris Wallace May 7th, 2009 8:34 pm

      2. I have already released updates for the bugs that were reported. I’d say a two-day turnaround on bugfixes and premium-level enhancements is pretty good, even for a paid app or theme.


      I purchased the wordpress gallery PRO from Themeforest, but it doesn’t show more than 7 categories. Chris hasn’t responded in months, and this theme has now been removed from Themeforest.

      Don’t buy anything from Themeforest, you get no support whatsoever.

  26. 2728

    Hey Chris – this is ace! Just uploaded it last night and it’s dead simple to use.

    There’s just one thing I’m confused about and I wonder if you can help. When I click on one of the categories I don’t get any of the thumbnails. Instead, the individual posts just seem to be all over the page.


    Is there a setting or widget somewhere that I haven’t activated?

    Thanks for your time.

  27. 2829

    Very useful theme! Thank you, Chris and SM! Excellent work!

  28. 2930

    Jon you are ridiculous!
    Great Theme guys, thank you for your efforts!!

  29. 3031

    Love it. Great work Chris :) Will definitely keep an eye on the updates and will use it as soon as the opportunity arises!


  30. 3132

    @Chris Wallace
    You are completely right. A two day turnaround is great. And honestly, rereading my first post, i think it sounded rude, and I apologize to you, smashing mag, and the SM community for that.

    Look man, I’m not ripping you, your product, or what you love. Don’t take offense. I am not bashing this product nor am i bashing you. I was only making one point: as a developer/designer/business person, you should always strive to put out the best material possible and not rush things. The main point i wanted to make was “why put the theme out highly unfinished or without a final “proofread”, especially when a site like Smashing Mag is presenting it? I don’t see why that would be a problem or taken as rude. its not about being a “big time” business owner. 1) i’m not “big time” by any means. 2) its about my right to give constructive criticism. 3) Without constructive criticism like mine, you wouldn’t rethink giving your next free theme a heavier “proofread” the way you will now that i have rattled things up. And thats really a good thing. So if smashing mag isnt going to push you to proof your themes, I’m going to do it. It will only help the design community in the long run. And besides, how can any of us improve our work if we don’t hear from real customers with real opinions? Please note that the last portions of both of my posts made valid points reflecting my opinion that you are a great designer and that smashing mag is a great resource. Cheesy as it sounds, i have an “accountability partner” who is a business colleague, and yes, we call each other out when we slack, even a little bit. And yes, at first it always sounds rude. But you know what, its constructive, it never ends on a bad note, and it always pushes us both to make better decisions moving forward. Of course, i could have worded my posts better, and your reply post made me realize that. So in that respect, i will definitely rethink the way i word future posts. But my basic message was that you are a great designer and are better than putting out an unfinished, and what seemed to be an untested product. Why? Because its true. You have incredible talent. No way around that. I cant make themes like that. So i definitely am not bashing you or ripping on your product, or passion in any way. I know it may have sounded rude, but in the long run, its the feedback like mine that pushes people like you to improve the products you offer. So if i came across flat-out rude in my posts, MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES. What i’m taking away from this experience, and from your reply post, is that i can get my point across in a more professional and respectful manner in the future. So thanks for bringing that to light.
    Take care Chris.

  31. 3233

    Great theme!
    I have a tiny issue but it doesn’t affect the overall running of the theme. On the bottom left hand corner, there is “Error on page” which is alittle annoying.

    I need some advice, when you click on a gallery image and it goes to that post, I want to insert another gallery of 4 images.. Any possible tips please?

    Overall, I dont have any other problems with this, saved me thousands of £££! :D
    Thank youuu!

  32. 3334

    i test in XAMPP with the last update version of this themes,but i just have some problums:the 125*125 and the big image doesn’t show ,the small one just shows the title of post,and the big image shows the links,neither show images

  33. 3435

    hello i love the theme im using it but i have a problem , i want to change the {
    margin-top:-25; to make it more -35 but i cant find it anywhere .

  34. 3536

    very nice skin!I like it very much!

  35. 3637

    Cheers Smashing,

    Just installed it on my domain, onmediadesign dot co dot uk in about five minutes just to test it out and I have had no problems. I’m just a designer and have managed to set this up perfectly fine on what is provided above.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  36. 3738

    Nice, thank you.

  37. 3839

    WOW! This is the best wordpress theme. I have been waiting for this type of theme for one years. Thank you very much.

  38. 3940

    Great looking theme! I noticed there is no love for portrait pictures. It scales portrait pictures to be 500×375 (vs 375×500). Is there a way to add a custom field or something to allow for both landscape & portrait pictures?



  39. 4041

    after one year I found that perfect theme for my photoblog. thx!

  40. 4142

    Thanks for this great theme
    but i have one problem,

    I am unable to add widgets to “1st Subsidiary Aside”
    every time i try to do that, it is installing the widget in “Primary Aside”

    also in my requirement there are different users who will be uploading the gallery, so is there a way that i can enable search / categorization according to person

  41. 4243

    Yo, great theme for a portfolio but i have a little problem…

    What i have to change in the Style sheet to make the footer the same size as the header and on center??

  42. 4344

    How do I show the sidebar on the right side?

  43. 4445

    @ 108 Michael

    Cheers for this dude, I was having the same trouble and your comment helped.

  44. 4546

    Lucky 11 Studios

    May 12, 2009 8:23 am

    I second Brian’s comment. Wish there was a way to add portrait pictures instead of landscape. :-( Let me know if there’s a fix!

  45. 4647


  46. 4748

    Thank You! Great Template

  47. 4849

    Y doesnt the search work with your template??
    do i have to tweak anything??

  48. 4950

    Amazing. Simply beautiful. Truly “Ninja-Tastic!”

    For those with issues trying to figure out the theme…seriously. These guys obviously put in a shit load of time developing this…it won’t kill you to take some time to work it out.

    Thanks again!!!!

  49. 5051

    I’m having the same problem as Lucky 11 Studios (post 112), could it have something to do with my custom permalinks? Any ideas?

  50. 5152

    love this design! i’ve been looking for something like this for my site for awhile. thank you! instructions were good and i got everything up right. the only question i have is how did mix css put up their advertisement above their posts? i would like to be able to do the same as well.

    thanks again!!!!


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