25+ Magento Templates For Your E-Commerce Business


Magento1 is a popular open source e-commerce software platform that has a modular architecture and is extremely flexible. It comes with a number of online shop maintenance capabilities. It is also simple to configure and easy to customize. And despite the fact that it was launched just last year, it has been gaining more and more popularity among Web designers and e-business owners.


Magento has a ton of credentials in its pocket from some very big e-solution players. Magento Enterprise Edition, a commercial version aimed at larger companies, was launched just a month ago. The CMS includes such advanced features as marketing, promotional and SEO tools; analytics and reporting; mobile commerce; catalog-management tools. And Magento users have the freedom to customize their store with new themes, templates and plug-ins.

Below you’ll find a showcase of excellent Magento templates for your e-commerce business. Hopefully, these templates and resources will serve you either as an inspiration for your themes, or as the foundation for your customized themes.

Free Magento Templates

Modern Theme3 | Live Demo4 | Download5
This is an alternative to the default theme created by the Magento core team. It brings a more corporate look and feel, with a clean and simple design.


Magento Classic Theme7 | Live Demo8 | Download9
Templates-Master’s first free professional Magento theme, the Classic Theme is available in 10 colors, all available for free download. This is CSS3-powered theme, easy to customize and coming with free updates.


Telescope Theme11 | Live Demo12 | Download13
Created by MagThemes, this theme is very popular in the Magento community. It is freely available for download and has already been downloaded over 6,000 times.


Pet Store Theme15 | Full Preview16 | Download17
This is the first free Magento theme from Template Monster. Very simple and light design, and easy to customize according to your needs.


Computer Store Theme19 | Live Demo20 | Download21
When you download this ready-made Web page design, you can practice editing it to gain experience working with this type of theme.


Blue Skin23 | Live Demo24 | Download25
Another alternative to the Magento default interface, this one with a very minimal design that focuses on the shopping cart.


Electronics Store Theme27 | Full Preview28 | Download29
This theme has a rugged, mechanical appearance. The strong color and font would show off electronic devices well. To download this theme, just go to the store checkout and pay nothing; you’ll receive the theme by email within 24 hours.


Linen Theme31 | Live Demo32 | Download33
Another free theme from MagThemes. Linen Theme is very flexible. It has a stretch design (can stretch to fit 90% of your browser window) and a clean and simple layout that draws your customer’s attention to the products.


Eco Fashion35 | Full Preview36 | Download37
The Eco Fashion e-commerce template is very easy to customize. With minor changes to the CSS and images, you can transform this into your own personal theme. It comes loaded with some key SEO tools, such as lightweight CSS menus and main page content that appears before the column, footer and header blocks.


Girly Store Theme39 | Live Demo40 | Download41
A free pink theme for stores targeted at girls. Includes theme files, the PSD source file for the logo and fonts. It has the same power as the default Magento template; only some minor changes were made to the CSS, images and theme code, but not the core files. So, you can update to new releases of Magento with no problem.


Refresh43 | Full Preview44 | Download45
Refresh is a free W3C-compliant, CSS-based template based on the original HTML/CSS template by StyleShout.com. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, which means you are free to use and modify it for any purpose.


iPhone Optimized Theme47 | Full Preview48 | Download49
One more alternative skin to the default Magento interface. The very clean layout was created mainly with the iPhone in mind. It includes automatic detection and delivery of packages and themes (templates, skins, CSS, layout) based on the user-agent (client) that can be configured to global, website and store views. This video50 shows a preview of how Magento looks on the iPhone.


Commercial Magento Templates

HelloPerfect52 | Live Demo53 | $99.00
A professional Magento template with a rocking background style. It has a clean and easy-to-navigate Web 2.0-style interface, made with a variety of different types of stores in mind.


JM Purity55 | Live Demo56 | Membership starts at $59.00
This template is simple but very clean and professional; users can customize the color a lot in just a few simple steps. JoomlArt has integrated its standard user tool into JM Purity, which enables buyers to control font size and color (default, red and blue) for optimal viewing.


Women’s Store58 | Live Demo59 | $185.00
This theme is intended mainly for a women’s accessories store. It’s a Template Monster template, so it obviously comes in multiple sources like PSD, XML, CSS and PHTML. Anyone who appreciates elegant, modern and unusual e-commerce websites will understand that this is more than just another HTML-based template.


HelloUniversal61 | Live Demo62 | $99.00
This template is perfect for any type of business and is available in your choice of three fabulous eye-catching colors (red, green, blue). A great start for your new online shop! Comes with the source PSD file.


Lingerie Store64 | Live Demo65 | $195.00
Another Template Monster template, this one targeted at female customers. The front page includes a big Flash slideshow gallery to introduce the store and products.


HelloPod67 | Live Demo68 | $99.00
This wonderful new theme comes in three colors (orange, blue and green), suitable for any type of online store. With a wonderfully sophisticated design, the theme looks stunning, and the exclusive widget helps it stand out too! It can be edited easily using the PSD files included in the package, and it is very SEO-friendly. Compatible with all major browsers.


Fitness Store70 | Live Demo71 | $180.00
This theme is a fantastic addition to the Template Monster Club. It is another very neat and clean old-school design with some compelling features. It has the same flexibility and powerful features that other Template Monster templates are known for, including an adaptable design and layout, a black-and-white color scheme and SEO optimization.


HelloTimes73 | Live Demo74 | $99.00
This classy theme from HelloTheme comes in two color schemes (blue and orange or blue and green). It is CSS3-powered and suitable for any type of store. The front page design is very clean and simple and includes a JavaScript content/image slider widget.


JM Mesolite76 | Live Demo77 | Membership starts at $59.00
This theme is an exact port of JoomlArt’s famous Joomla-based “Mesolite” template, with the same great features. But you’ll see in this new theme JoomlArt’s first extensions for Magento, namely a category list, product list, product slider and slideshow, all of which optimize the presentation of products to potential customers. The product slider and product list allow you to localize your store by displaying a specific groupings of products (such as ones based on best buys, top-rated, most reviewed, etc.).


Flower Store79 | Live Demo80 | $188.00
This incredible Magento template features a clean and beautiful new look and feel, designed to allow for quick and easy customization. Suitable for any kind of store, and comes with a dark background and eye-catching header design.


HelloModern82 | Live Demo83 | $99.00
This professional template has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface and is made with a variety of different types of stores in mind. It includes a clean and professional Web 2.0-style design, with very fast-loading HTML code. Compatible with all major browsers, and comes with fonts, PSD files and instructions.


Art & Photo Store85 | Live Demo86 | $195.00
This template features a clean and simple design and plenty of Template Monster’s horsepower under the hood, with a front-page Flash gallery, perfect for displaying products. It’s optimized with the latest Web technologies to increase your website’s efficiency.


Megastore88 | Live Demo89 | $149.00
A very professional-looking Magento theme for all kinds of stores, but mainly larger stores with many categories and products. Many optional widgets and product-image magnifiers are available. Supports four-column category pages.


Grunge Theme91 | Live Demo92 | $149.00
Grunge Theme is perfect for skateboarding, BMX biking, snowboarding and other extreme sports stores. It comes with a new “high-slide” gallery for product images, transparent pages, cross-browser compatibility and a new color scheme.


HelloMinty94 | Live Demo95 | $99.00
Another HelloThemes template, featuring a clean and lightweight design based on modern standards and using the full power of Magento, including a JavaScript content/image slider widget, which is simply great for displaying featured products. This theme comes in three colors (pink, blue and green). Suitable for any type of store.


Times Universal Theme97 | Live Demo98 | $154.00
The home page layout of the Times Universal Theme has three columns and JavaScript product and image sliders that are easy to use and SEO-friendly. It can be used for any kind of store that needs a classic look. Product tabs and a lightbox image module come already installed.


Further Resources

Check these out for more templates and Magento-related content:



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  1. 1

    wow! it’s really nice list. Other highly recommended list of magento themes here mage-world.com/magento-themes/

  2. 102

    Ashish @ Magento Themes

    September 13, 2010 9:52 pm

    We typically create Magento themes for the community to download and use for free. It’s an honor for the theme developers to see their themes showcased in great sites like this. I hope this is a small encouragement from your part.

  3. 203

    I m also moving to open-cart just transffered it stylomart com

  4. 304

    Thanks Dkumar for creating this list of premium and free Magento templates. Some of these comments don’t do Magento justice, just a little negative imo, with sprinkling of Magento scaremongering, especially about the speed.

    I think many of those comments on speed expired a while back, Magento is really fast loading imo as lots of work has gone in optimising it, even on a shared hosting environment like Hostgator you can get page loads under a few seconds, which is good enough to test and even launch a low traffic store.

    Installing Magento is simple to do over SSH!, I reckon you can have it installed and configured in under 10mins with core upgrades being installed in a snap with ‘Magento Connect’

    Look I’ve been developing ecommerce sites for over 10 years, testing the majority of open source carts, the thing that really bugged me more than my girlfriend, was upgrading of the cart to the latest version, the templates were so woven with the cart upgrades it was a line by line nightmare to upgrade, my only saviour was my trusty diff app.
    Now this is one area Magento has a perfect balance between the separation of the theme template and the core code, core system upgrades are installed through Magento Connect, leaving my template alone.

    By using Magento’s…
    – Improved caching system
    – Installing a clean optimised template
    – Configuring your .htaccess correctly a
    – Using a CDN
    – Installing Fooman Speedster extension

    Your Magento store will have a rocket under its behind!
    Here’s a good article which covers these speed hacks http://www.gxjansen.com/101-ways-to-speed-up-your-magento-e-commerce-website/

    Before I get lost in my rant, I’ve another Free Magento Template ElectronikStore to add to your list, we’ve only just launched it. You can download it for free here http://www.magentothemedtemplates.com

    For all the Magento skeptics out there you should check out our demo store, http://store.magentothemedtemplates.com for some solid evidence on how quick an Optimised Magento store will run on the cheapest shared box in could find! then make your mind up.

    P.S. Magento development is getting speedier as the community are finding new tactics to develop, you’ve just got to read http://inchoo.net for superb Magento development articles.

    Good stuff doesn’t come easy, you’ve got to work at it.

  5. 405

    hello friends very nice magento templates

    i want to use one of these on my website samwebservices.com there i want to integrate it to sell web hosting, reseller hosting and seo services through my agents does anyone knows the best suitable template to sell these products/services.

    Thank You

  6. 506

    As the developer of OpenCart, your opinion on a rival product could hardly be described as unbiased. As things stand, a quick web search will pull up plenty of instances where legitimate security and/or design issues were raised with you and received a puerile, expletive-ridden and ego-laden response. I wonder can the same be said of the Magento team?

  7. 607

    Ashish @ Magento Themes

    October 13, 2010 4:53 am

    These are really cool themes but i don’t know whether these are compatible with Magento 1.4. Check out Magento 1.4 compatible themes here magentomagik.com/themes.html

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    Maybe you should make changes to the blog subject 25 Magento Templates For Your E-Commerce Business – Smashing Magazine to more suited for your content you write. I liked the blog post yet.

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    These templates are really wonderful and will sorely play a major role in one’s website success.
    Thanks for sharing these information with us. I have sent this link to my designers for inspiration and to get some ideas.

  11. 1011

    Sam @ RocketTheme

    January 31, 2011 10:36 am

    Not really feeling any of these designs. Aside from the “Art & Photo Store”, everything still looks too much like Magento. Would like to see some more variation in the themes currently available. Magento’s definitely not the easiest system to work with, especially for designers, but once you get to grips with it you start to really see how well put together it is. We decided to make our own extensions for our templates in the end, as a sort of framework for helping cut down development time by having most of the options for the design configurable in the admin section. Definitely seems like the way to go.

  12. 1112
  13. 1213

    Great round up, but I personally don’t believe in free templates. Their sloppy, all look the same (different color, but look like the demo) and in most cases are practically useless.

    Clients have a vision, are excited and believe in their concept or product. You don’t want to sell them a poorly designed, half baked product, right?

    Premium templates however, can be pretty useful. We’ve tried a few in the past, but they still require a lot of work and Magento knowledge. One of the best I’ve worked with is Simplestore from H&O. If you really want an original look and still want the advantages of using a template you should take a look at it.

  14. 1314

    these templates are really awesome. good work done! What do you think of pudu.com.au/

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    Red theme of Magestore is also free and definitely not sloppy at all.

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    Nice post. Anyone has free templates for Abantecart?


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    Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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