50 Beautiful Flash Websites


Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Good Flash-sites do not require too much bandwidth, load fast and allow for a smooth interaction; besides, beautiful Flash-based sites are Photoshop masterpieces, transporting some kind of reality and fantasy to the Flash movie.

In the showcase below we present 50 colorful, creative, interactive and beautiful Flash-based web-sites. Hopefully they will serve you as an inspiration for your future works or just entertain you on a lousy, boring Sunday.

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Drinks Sites

Martini Asti3
This Martini site is a nice example of giving a fresh image of a drink. The navigation is made simple, the graphics have superior quality, it loads fast and runs smoothly. What else does a Flash site need? Note due to the law on alcoholic drinks, you need to enter an e-mail address, a password of your choice and accept their terms.

Martini Asti4

Glacéau – Vitaminwater5
The vitamin water site is full of motion and small details like the top menu, with a colored wave effect, the mouse movement, the masks effects and swirls which make it great.

Glacéau - Vitaminwater6

Bacardi – Original Mojito7 (currently offline)
The motion graphics and the water effects in slow motion give a unique style to this site. A fresh site, with a colored menu with a drag option, makes it functional and simple. Note: due to the law on alcoholic drinks, you need to enter an e-mail address, a password of your choice and accept their terms.

Bacardi - Original Mojito8


v5 Design9
Beautiful landscape with some nice details such us the sun and butterflies. The old paper effect when opening from the menu, and the mask effect over the green plants give it a special touch.

v5 Design10

The Sensisoft site offers a nice interaction for users. The vortex effect while changing from path, the motion graphics in the background, the high quality and details of the graphics make it a great design agency site.


Mauricio Guimarães Portfolio13
Mauricio portfolio is a good example of creativity. Instead of the ordinary menu, he uses a kind of parallax movieclip, where the user must interact with the stage to explore the site.

Mauricio Guimarães Portfolio14

Colorchakra – Portfolio of Srinath Rangamani15
A colored background with high quality graphics.

Colorchakra - Portfolio of Srinath Rangamani16

Magnivate Interactive Boutique Agency17
A nice animated site. One particular feature on this site is that you need to set a character to explore the site.

Magnivate Interactive Boutique Agency18

e-Content Solutions19
This studio portfolio starts with a nice and unusual preloader, a kind of puzzle which interacts on mouse rollover. Another kind of interaction is user’s ability to explode the balloons.

e-Content Solutions20

Ari´s Labs. The Digital Home of Graphic Designer Ari Hirvonen21
The high quality of motion graphics, conception and the functional layout makes this site a good example of what a Flash portfolio should look like.

Ari´s Labs. The Digital Home of Graphic Designer Ari Hirvonen22

Edwin Murat Ganter Portfolio23
A simple and creative layout. Not common, but still practical and easy to use.

Edwin Murat Ganter Portfolio24

Color effects and 3D layout on this site are remarkable. However, it could be improved with some motion graphics and page transition effects.


Infinit Colours27
This site gives the user the option to change the background between beautiful high quality designs. The menu is also a creative alternative to deliver some interactivity.

Infographiste indépendant28

Infographiste Indépendant29
Another creative portfolio, full of interactivity and motion graphics. The background image is great.

Infographiste indépendant30

A great Generative Art example which requires the user to interact with the stage.

Sonacom, agence de création avec 5 studios d'enregistrement et 1 plateau de tournage TV intégrés. 32

On this site you can use the character to move along. The graphic element is great and the concept it unusual.


A great creative portfolio, using an unusual layout.


Agence Secondlife37
At a first glance this site needs the user to interact with it in order to move forward. Rather than the graphics quality, this site creates a 3D globe, full of color which is a creative option to move around the site.

Agence Secondlife38

Digaworks Corporation39

Digaworks Corporation40

Zign Marketing Digital41

Zign Marketing Digital42



Elipse Agency45

Elipse Agency46

Matt Wiggins Portfolio47

Matt Wiggins48

Lilia Planet49

Lilia Planet50




Privado Seguros53 (currently offline)
The Privado Seguros site has wonderful graphics, with many rich details. A good example to get inspired from.

Privado Seguros54

Let Your Worries Go55
Another parallax site, with beautiful graphics, with funny interactions like dragging the characters – each of them represents one specific topic.

Let Your Worries Go 56


Sometimes designers and developers create awesome works, but these works never go online, because the client hasn’t chosen them. The following projects are great examples which will inspire you for sure on your future projects.

Imagine Air – Flash Site School project57

Imagine Air - Flash Site School project58

Project: Coca-Cola Light – Tastes of the World59

roject: Coca-Cola Light - Tastes of the World60

Saizenmedia – Keepersgame61

Saizenmedia - Keepersgame62

On Toyota’s mind63

On Toyota’s mind64

Games or Games Related

Get the Glass65
This site is a 3D board game, with animated characters, full of action. The graphics, animations, concept are all awesome.

Get the Glass66

A Playstation game related, this site offers a nice navigation through the site, and has cool details like the tv and cinema camera. The graphics are another great aspect of this site.


Leven Thumps69

Leven Thumps70


A nice colored design, with motion graphics and integrated video content.


Nokia Trends Lab73
This site is full of color which changes depending on the path the user has chosen. You can see some great details like the video images in the bubbles. Motion, multimedia content and color define this site.

Nokia Trends Lab74

Hewlett-Packard – Wake up your feelings with the power of touch75
Another site with great graphics and an extraordinary concept. The navigation is just remarkable. A good place to get inspired.

Hewlett-Packard - Wake up your feelings with the power of touch76

Theologos House of Jewellery77
The simplicity of the site navigation and the beauty of flowers are hard to overlook.

Theologos House of Jewellery78

Real Casual79
Another site with great graphics and a nice concept.

Real Casual80



A simple site, with great details, like the light at the left, the sea and the castle at the right.


White Gold85
Do you like music? And interact with a movie-clip? Well, here you are able to have both. Great graphics, and the video integration is impressive.

White Gold86

Another nice and interactive interface example.

Pantagonia 88

Infinite OZ | Tin Man | SCIFI.COM89
The graphics are exceptional, and the continuous movement between scenes is great.

Infinite OZ | Tin Man | SCIFI.COM90

A simple layout with quality graphics and great transitions.


Häagen-Dazs – Help the Honey Bees93
Another example of a great user interactivity, with great graphics.

Häagen-Dazs - Help the Honey Bees 94

Got Milk?95

Got Milk? 96


GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid97
Maybe the majority of you have heard about this site, and even visited it due to the Augment Reality feature. But I still wanted to feature it, due to the high quality of the graphics, concept and design.

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid 98

DirectGov – Act On CO2 Calculator99
Another environment-related site, with an educational and informational purpose. You will find nice graphics, continuous motion and an easy navigation. A good example of delivering global topics.

DirectGov - Act On CO2 Calculator100

WWF Brasil101

WWF Brasil102


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Carlos is a geek, flash addicted and is the founder of The Tech Labs, a site that regularly publishes Flash Tutorials, Flex Tutorials and AIR Tutorials. You can also follow him on Twitter.

  1. 1

    Great selection of flash sites. Loaaaading……. :D lol

  2. 52

    @Paul… “Flash is for artists, html and css are for developers.” ….
    I don’t think this is true at ALL… compare html/css to actionscript 3.0 and you might change your opinion…

    @Joey… “I HATE most of flash websites. So many of that that are poorly designed, or take ages to load or whatever.
    The few of the list i visited are bad too. I mean… come on designers, are you just dumb or what ? Do you think anybody will watch a counter going from 0 to 100 ?”
    Flash can be misused just as often has html/css sites. One of the most popular places flash is used are geared towards the entertainment and gaming industry, well coded and designed flash sites should not take long to load comparable to an html site. But if it does take a little longer, its because of the fact that it adds a level of interactivity and animation that css/html couldnt do. It’s pointless to argue html/css vs. flash, that’s like comparing php to javascript… they have their own reasons for implementation

  3. 103

    Flash is beautiful But too slow

  4. 154

    Flash is great and it is the most complete development environment to work in still. Do anything in one place is great. But it is surprising to me how many dev and company spend so much creating nicelooking and innovative sites and still dont know how to optimise for fast load. It is easy to get blind on your own fast line and supercomputer. I will always test Flash and other sites on slowband (mobile) and a netbook or old computers. Even being a Flahs-geek I move on if loading keeps on and on and the menus are too “exeperimental”. On the other hand, its a big internet with room for many experiments and tastes. Everything does not have to look like corporate HTML /CSS verified, most looking the boring same. Theres room for play too. Its those who dare to break new grounds that brings dev and innovation forward and some things will be good some will be bad. Some seem to think that internet should be only one big boring sales folder, it is also an exeperience and much more than that. Flamewars are only silly. Use any technique and learn, but test in different environments is what I think. You dont like it – move on!

  5. 205

    Very nice selection. Has anybody a hint / tutorial, how to reach an effect like v5 Design or Sensisoft? http://www.nespresso.com/citiz/ style is similar.

  6. 256

    Really nice examples and I like Flash if it is beneficial for the visitor! But as already mentioned from others, sometimes it takes too long to load. Specially the environmental sites should be more concerned about load times :-)

  7. 307

    actually I hate to design flash website,but I enjoy these inspirational websites very much~:)~~

  8. 358

    Actually I hate to design flash website, but I enjoy these inspriation websites very much! :)~~

  9. 409

    Michel webdesign

    June 8, 2009 2:28 am

    I think flash website give you a new way of experience a website. But from a SEO point of view i would say no.

  10. 460

    The majority of these website literally suck ass, wtf is wrong with you people?

  11. 511

    Hi All,

    You are giving me a good idea for a future article to showcase good and bad things on Flash Websites. The fact of taking too long on loading a site or a scene doesn’t means that is bad, maybe it’s because you are about to experience a high level of interactivity. However, sometimes, the site creator doesn’t have good Actionscript knowledge which contributes to a bigger file size, and will reflect on a long time to load (which is a bad procedure). I have seen awesome animations within a flash site, using only 30kb. Not to speak in the animation, but any html/css site are bigger.

    Anyway, good to read those comments, as will definitely write about it.

  12. 562

    @Carlos, I think the main reason that people are comparing HTML/CSS to Flash is because SM does tends to focus on HTML/CSS/JS/PHP so your audience here are mostly based in that camp. It’s also a debate that has raged for a few years now, so whenever Flash is brought up, everyone has an opinion.

    Flash is excellent for immersive, high-impact experiences, and advanced interactivity. This is a niche area, and development time excludes it from being appropriate for day to day projects, but doesn’t mean it doesn’t warrant a post on SM.

    I am interested in the rumours, that you allude to, that Flash is becoming indexable by search engines and that there are some solutions for content managing Flash. Although not sure this will cause a resurgence in Flash sites, would still like to hear more about this – another post perhaps?

  13. 613

    These are a great selection of sites. I really like flash sites, however the problem with them is they aren’t really SEO friendly, can be slow and just not appropriate for many businesses – but apart from that they’re great!

  14. 664

    I think that what you are doing here is great and I say keep up the good work. After all the negative stuff about flash in this thread, you seem to be staying positive – thats how I believe things should be. I’d be very interested to read your next article.

    @Everyone in the Flash verses XHTML/CSS war
    Good luck in trying to win that battle – I for one will not bother wasting my time choosing a side. Instead, I’ll act just like a professional web designer/developer and use the technologies how i see fit to fit my individual projects and clients. After all, we are all creative in our own rights are we not? You are all wise enough to know the differences between the two technologies – why not use that for your own strengths?

  15. 715

    I used to be a flash sites fanatics… not so much anymore after I see how well CSS/AJAX/DHTML sites can be designed.. and poorly designed flash sites are driving my CPU temp like crazy!

    one thing I feel ironic is with the advancement of broadband penetration, flash websites do not seem to benefit.. maybe I am short-sighted, but I think with the emergence of Web 2.0, people’s expectations grew extraordinary.. youtube is streaming here, facebook app is loading there, tweets are added every few minutes.. tabs capabilities in browsers feed to the greed and I feel this is a significant contribution to flash-killing… so what I am saying is until flash breaks away from the notion of it being a waiting site, people’s patience towards navigating a flash site perhaps might not be as willing as most used to be…

    anyway, these showcases bring some justices to the proprietary capabilities of flash sites… some are simply awesome! thanks!

  16. 766

    These are great sites for inspiration. Thanks as usual Smashing.

  17. 817

    v5 Design, hp and Pirogov are all in the same concept.
    that’s the problem i see in flash sites nowadays.

  18. 868

    The gallery is nice but you really can’t have this post without mentioning 2advanced – those guys have done amazing flash since it existed and have the work to prove it.

  19. 919

    @5ink and others Well, i haven’t showcased 2Advanced because everyone knew them. I tried to choose sites that haven’t been showcased at FWA and other similar award sites.

  20. 970

    5 star post, Thank you.

  21. 1021

    I don’t usually like Flash sites, excepts for games or things like that, but this are quite inspirational :D

  22. 1072

    I found Saizenmedia’s Keepersgame in your list, so I recalled their Nightwish project site beeing very well designed: http://www.saizenmedia.com/nightwish/

  23. 1123

    Amazing designs!..

  24. 1174

    I love how the first site showcased doesn’t let you past the entry screen without you entering your email and creating a password. Great marketing strategy… if your goal is to divert 80% of traffic away from your site.

  25. 1225

    Very inspiring collection !!

  26. 1276

    Come on people! You can´t just execrate all the flash web sites ´cause their are too slow or I don´t know what else.
    I agree, usability is everything for me, so, that´s why I´m a big fan of simple designed sites, css and ajax, but, flash websites has an appeal that you will never find in somewhere else (at least, for a while).

    (I agree there´re some websites in this article with serious problems of navigability and design)

    My point is:

    When you´re surfing through a website that will show you the schedule of the cinema, for sure you´ll want it faster as possible, otherwise you just close your tab and go away to another link.

    But, when you´re expecting to watch a teaser of your favorite movie, or travelling around the world of your favorite chocolate brand, you can easily wait a few minutes (no more than 3! =D )

    Each kind of website has an target to reach, and a specific kind of people to captivate… don´t be radical. Understand the needs first, ok?

  27. 1327

    wow those are amazing. I also created a new flash website for Aitken Spence Travels

  28. 1378

    Very inspiring

  29. 1429

    If used properly I think flash based websites don’t really have to be SEO friendly. ‘Cause the “only” use of flash is for advertising websites. With more than just information on them. And pretty often you will not search for these sites using a search engine like google. You will see these sites after clicking on adds or over viral advertising. So this is a pretty nice collection for flash websites. I think any technique has its own use and if used properly has its own claim.

  30. 1480

    Michael Minor @ pixelbacon.com

    June 8, 2009 11:22 pm

    For anyone who is arrogant enough to use the comments here as Flash V.S. Ajax, Flash V.S. loading times, or anything else that out of place you might want to remember that strong experiences are what drives a strong brand. A lot of these sites were done in a way to be as engaging as possible, to let the user tie as much emotion to them as possible.

    If you think you should tell Martini the best way to invoke brand experience is with an Ajax form then you’re an idiot and might just want to stay in the IT department.

    I know server side, client side, and multiple languages, and they all have their place. Ajax even being mentioned in the comments here prove many of you don’t have a clue.

    Anyhow, thanks Smashing Magazine for a great list of high end and highly engaging web sites

  31. 1531

    nice post.. thanks again.. guys for me flash is great but it depends on how you use it. Flash is use for advertising website like Coca cola.. but using flash on informative webiste?? hahaha. makes me laugh.. its better to use ajax on that kind of site, but both flash and ajax are great it only depend on how you use it..

  32. 1582

    Some of you reply that Ajax is better… but for some kind of stuff, you just can’t do the same in Ajax (especially if you have to deal with IE).

    Some other reply that “if … you can wait 3 minutes”. Are you crazy or what ? Do the test, look at a clock and wait 3 minutes : it’s waaaaaay too much. If i wanna see a trailer, i don’t go to a poor flash website, i go on youtube or a specialized website.
    Stupid “artistic” websites are one of the reason that lead to the success of MySpace when looking for a band.
    Going from a site to another, wait, try to find how that tricky designer has hidden the tracks to listen to was just horrible.

    #78 > “strong experiences are what drives a strong brand”
    Yeah… but that doesn’t imply Flash at all. Excellent design, layout, photos, and user interface are better : http://www.apple.com/aperture/whatisaperture/

    The point is : to make a site pleasant to use with flash, it takes a lot, lot, lot of extra work compared to HTML/Ajax websites. It’s not standard by essence, and many of the reflexes can’t be used to flash websites so users are frustrated most of the time.
    Plus, the internet is about scrolling fast across content to find what you’re looking for, manipulate content… Flash is bad at that. Sooooo bad.

    So flash is mostly used for portfolios, interactive commercials nobody cares about (we have enough ads on the TV, thanks, we don’t want an “ad experience”) and games.
    It’s rare that people use it for really good, informative, content-oriented, presentations where animations help to understand… purposes.

    Instead, the web is full of “look what i can do with flash and my talent”, “there’s no content but you’ll have to spend 5 minutes to understand how to reach it and 10 to load it” websites.

  33. 1633

    Patagonia is misspelled.

  34. 1684

    Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    June 10, 2009 3:10 am

    The amount of creativity involved here is undoubtedly massive. The designs are top-notch and the Flash programming is superb. The only problem is that these sites can only be enjoyed on rather high-end computers which, sadly enough, are rather few in number. That way, such weighty Flash designs actually limit your audience.

    For example, I was trying to view the HP site. Even with a Dual Core processor and 1 GB of RAM, I found the experience erratic and annoying. Makes me wonder, is there really a point in designing such heavy sites if they remain inaccessible to most of us.

  35. 1735

    almost EVERY site has a really large photo which covers the screen with little to no actual content. this list has beautiful websites indeed (as per the title) but i would have liked to see FUNCTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL since that actually takes something a lot more than a big pretty picture.

  36. 1786

    Some of the sites are cool, but I would really love to see a feature on Flash websites that don’t break the browser, do well in search engines, and are usable for every day use, all while offering functionality that can’t be achieved with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  37. 1837

    Awesome collection. As for flash vs css. I get way more jobs to do flash and paid twice as much. As long as I’m getting the green, I could care less about a silly debate. The fact that when I make something in flash I know what the user is going to see it, more than makes up for any drawbacks for flash. Besides multi touch and flash are the future not markup.

  38. 1888


    check fwa to find functional and beautiful flash websites
    that’s actually the most important flash link now:


    css vs flash?

    flash is becoming more and more SEO friendly
    that was for years the biggest downfall of using flash

    techniques like deep linking allow us to achieve in flash
    everything what can be done using markup
    and we still have much more creative freedom…

  39. 1939

    Well, Saizen Media always scores in Flash based wesbites.

  40. 1990

    Some real good flash work here.
    But most of it is ordinary.

  41. 2041

    It’s so refreshing to see I’m not the only designer who absolutely hates flash. I instantly leave a site if I come to a loading screen. Stats show I’m not alone.

    I agree with @74 Scott. You want my email address to see the site? FUCK YOU! bounce

    Flash is pointless for anything other than a brochure/ad style site like coke’s site. Sometimes i think the only traffic sites like these get is from designers. Why would anyone want to go to Coke’s site anyway?

    I always tell clients who want flash they’ll have a horrible page rank and a sky high bounce rate. works every time.

  42. 2143

    @Karl – #3 “I don’t like Flash sites.”
    @huge schlon

    I think you are probably quite boring men (in a visual meaning)



    Robert from EU

    ps: do you leave the cinema instantly when a movie is begining with a prelude full of the list of the producers, actors and actresses, camera mens, and so on? I do not think… so please keep be patient when a flash site is loading or go away for a cup of coffee… :-)
    So think + and do not be so philistine!

    cheerio from Hungary!

    • 2194

      @Robert – “please keep be patient when a flash site is loading or go away for a cup of coffee… :-)”

      Ummm, no. That’s not what the purpose of a website is. Get me to the point of your website..now. And not after a cup of coffee waiting for it to load. I’m curious as to how many visitors leave your sites after a few seconds.

  43. 2245

    Hello, and thanks for add my company website in this article. I’m jim from sldimension, the company of the “full color planet” described on the top is not “agence second life” but “Sldimension”. Contragulations for the others websites. See U

  44. 2296

    Brant Schroeder

    June 15, 2009 10:32 am

    Nice post, lots of great sites.

  45. 2347

    Brant Schroeder

    June 15, 2009 10:33 am

    Nice post, lots of great designs.

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    Mike boogaard | Purple Daydream

    June 15, 2009 11:20 am

    Simply inspirational! Great sites, designs and usage of Flash…Nice one!

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    Hi,, Its reaaly really cooollll

  48. 2500

    Had trouble interacting with the sites. Hard to read fonts. Requires great dexterity for some links, for example I had to click a 8 pixels square to scroll down to read tiny font in a small window. Why couldn’t they make the window bigger or resize-able or at least make the scroll bar larger? Lots of prettiness without a lot of practicality or functionality. Lots of thought into the art and design and none for the user’s end.

    I’m sure some of these sites are exceptions.

  49. 2551

    Anand Deep Singh

    June 29, 2009 3:47 am

    gud links keep sending me on my id

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    Todos os trabalhos estão ótimos e bacana ver trabalhos de brasileiros nesta seleção.


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