35 Beautiful Photography Websites


Interest in photography has exploded over the last 10 years, largely thanks to the developments in digital photography. Cameras and computers have become cheaper and more powerful, software more sophistocated and printers can now print photos that are as good (if not better) than anything produced in a chemical darkroom. Now, once you’ve acquired a digital setup, the economic restrictions of film and development costs have been removed and the cost of photography is virtually nil.

Along with these developments in photography has been the parallel development of the Web. Ten years ago websites were largely clumsy, HTML driven constructions. Today, contemporary photographers have powerful tools such as Flash, WordPress and DreamWeaverwith which to develop their websites. Photographers can also sell their work through companies such as PhotoShelter or ImageKind, and through photo libraries such as Alamy and iStockPhoto, opening up new revenue streams.

The result is that photographers are finding new and exciting ways to showcase their best work online. We took a look at some of the beautiful photography websites that we could find, analyzing the design trends and the reasons why these websites work.

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Beautiful Photography Websites

Bottle Bell Photography5
The graphic design of this website perfectly complements the fantasy world of the photographer’s vision.

Beautiful Photography Website6

Daniel Kennedy Photography7
Top class professional photography presented in a simple to navigate, beautiful website.

Beautiful Photography Website8

East Photographic9
An unusual site because it belongs to an agency rather than a single photographer.

Beautiful Photography Website10

Jason Bell11
The website of world renown celebrity photographer Jason Bell. Yes, that’s Mickey Rourke on the front page.

Beautiful Photography Website12

Jeffery Salter13
Simple and effective design.

Beautiful Photography Website14

Jill Greenberg15
A beautiful website from a master photographer. The photos are big, bold and colourful.

Beautiful Photography Website16

Jonathan Glynn Smith17
A dramatic splash screen and beautifully minimalist design.

Beautiful Photography Website18

Kim Mendoza19
This website shows off the work of social photographer Kim Mendoza. The music is a nice touch, what visitor fail to be convinced of this photographer’s talent?

Beautiful Photography Website20

Levon Biss21
All the drama and explosive action of sports photography.

Beautiful Photography Website22

A bold and colourful design from one of the UK’s foremost fashion and editorial photographers.

Beautiful Photography Website24

Steve McCurry25
The warm colours of this website are unusual, and make the website stand out.

Beautiful Photography Website26


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Andrew Gibson is a photographer and writer. He runs Magical Places Fine Art, an online photography magazine and another great photography resource.

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    To many bad pictures. =/ i got scared..

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    the internet is full of quick snapshots, party pics, and other miscellaneous photos that do not do iphone photography justice.

  3. 103

    These are all brilliant examples!!

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    ive gone throuhg many of the sites u mentioned above some of them are extremly good in all respectives simple,basic, but really impressive ones..

  5. 205

    Nice websites and nice pictures. I truly believe in picture and images that are original and not photoshop. Photographers are spending too much time photoshopping their work and not trusting the actual picture.

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    awesome site!!!!
    in the making of becoming a photographer
    i love the bruce percy pics

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    Yours is nice too!! I like it!

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    hey, i was looking around for ideas on building my photography website. i pretty much have all my own ideas and designing, but this attice fire guys slideshows for his photography really interested me. i was wondering, i am using publisher pro 2.0 for all my designing, but i cant figure out how to do the slideshows with my pictures…any advice??? thanks michele, be blessed!

  9. 409

    All site shown are some of the awesome site ever seen……………..

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    It’s a good thing Google led me to this page. I was looking for a cool minimalist photography site to fetch some ideas for a weekly theme challenge and I got tons of awesome links to start with. Thank you for sharing all this goodness.

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    great photo

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    I think this post needs to be retired. Are the pictures nice? Sure, but all of these flash based websites makes my stomach turn. Thankfully flash is well on its way out of the door thanks to Javascript and new standards for CSS and HTML.

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    Nice and positive

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    I’ve never seen so many comments on a Photography web site. Awesome! (Now, let me pick my jaw off the floor eh?) Really super photography here, going to share with all.

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    Nice Photography

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    I am very thanksful of this website that they worked hard and put the most papuler websites to can see all of them….really all of this websites are wonderful and brillant …

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    Thanks for every other informative site. The place else may just I get that type of information written in such an ideal method? I’ve a challenge that I’m simply now running on, and I have been at the look out for such information.

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    does anyone know what kind of camera any of these sites are using

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    I love your post they are nice and educative.

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    As an individual who love talents of photographers around the world, i was soo touched by the posts in this web site as well. i would say,Brilliant!!!Good luck people!

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    Amazing websites!

    So much good inspiration.

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    simplicity in a line-up of lively and colorful

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    Awesome collection!

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    Never late to a show like this, thanks for sharing the links. I’d like you to email me to look at mine and give me your advice, I won’t post a link here..thanks Jeff

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    that’s really beautyful pictures

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    I just realized that Gavin Gough and Timothy Allen are actually using our WordPress themes: graphpaperpress.com That’s pretty cool. Gavin uses Albedo and Timothy uses Modularity.

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    Where is MarcAdamus website? one of the best, if not “The Best” landscape photographers in the world.

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    thanks so much for featuring this material – gives a terrific perspective on what’s ‘out there’ as well as ideas for design and color – heartiest recommendation for a job well done – two thumbs up, waaaaaaayy up!

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    Another one quite new – but awesome – http://photoworldnews.com/

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    A wonderful resource indeed!


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