50 New Beautiful Blog Designs


There are things that can’t be showcased too often. For instance, beautiful blog designs. We have presented hundreds1 of2 beautiful3 blog4 designs5 in the past and now it’s time to provide our readers with a fresh portion of tasty design inspiration.

All blogs listed below have an original, unique design. They aren’t based upon some ready-to-be-used WordPress templates, but are the result of a hard, time-consuming work – therefore they deserve respect and admiration. Yes, many of these design are quite “heavy” on graphcs, not only because they look impressive on a tiny 550px-width-screenshot.

Below we present 50 new, beautiful, creative and (hopefully) inspiring blog designs. We feature many various styles and designs – hopefully, everybody will find some inspiring elements and design solutions for his or her next design. And, of course, thanks to all designers and artists featured in this post! All screenshots are linked to the original designer’s site.

Beautiful and Original Blog Designs





Douglas Menezes10


A Crayons Life12


Blog me Tender14


Nice Web Type16




Mike Matas20


Questionable Characters22






Brown Blog Films28


Addicted to New30




The Klog34


Guns & Donuts36






Digital Mash42


Jack Cheng44


Huwshimi: A robot blog46


Cocoia Blog48




Mateus Neves52


Ryan McMaster54


Rin & Wendy56


Markup & Style Society58


Get and Give60


The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely62


Fritz Quadrata64




Steven Mullen68






Henry Hoffman74


Guillermo Esteves76




Gary Nock80




Ethan Marcotte84


Dino Latoga86




Darren Hoyt90


Elliot Jay Stocks92


From The Couch94


Mike Rundle96


Boris Forconi98





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  14. 14 http://www.blogmetender.com/
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  16. 16 http://nicewebtype.com/
  17. 17 http://nicewebtype.com/
  18. 18 http://foodtease.com/
  19. 19 http://foodtease.com/
  20. 20 http://www.mikematas.com/
  21. 21 http://www.mikematas.com/
  22. 22 http://www.questionablecharacters.com/
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  24. 24 http://www.idsgn.org/posts/
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  26. 26 http://www.sushimonstr.com/
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  28. 28 http://www.brownblogfilms.com/
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  30. 30 http://addictedtonew.com/
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  32. 32 http://www.nalden.net/
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  34. 34 http://www.koodoz.com.au/klog/
  35. 35 http://www.koodoz.com.au/klog/
  36. 36 http://www.gunsanddonuts.com/
  37. 37 http://www.gunsanddonuts.com/
  38. 38 http://moradito.com.ar/
  39. 39 http://moradito.com.ar/
  40. 40 http://daus.trala.la/
  41. 41 http://daus.trala.la/
  42. 42 http://digitalmash.com/journal/articles/dynamic-columns/
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  44. 44 http://www.jackcheng.com/
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  46. 46 http://huwshimi.com/blog/
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  48. 48 http://blog.cocoia.com/
  49. 49 http://blog.cocoia.com/
  50. 50 http://www.metalabdesign.com/blog/
  51. 51 http://www.metalabdesign.com/blog/
  52. 52 http://www.mateusneves.com/
  53. 53 http://www.mateusneves.com/
  54. 54 http://ryanmcmaster.com/web-design-blog/
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  56. 56 http://rin-wendy.com/
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  58. 58 http://markupandstyle.org/
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  60. 60 http://gag.careforkidsfarm.com/
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  62. 62 http://www.lordlikely.com/
  63. 63 http://www.lordlikely.com/
  64. 64 http://www.fritz-quadrata.de/
  65. 65 http://www.fritz-quadrata.de/
  66. 66 http://www.argee.org/
  67. 67 http://www.argee.org/
  68. 68 http://www.stevemullencreative.com/words.php
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  70. 70 http://owltastic.com/
  71. 71 http://owltastic.com/
  72. 72 http://snailbird.com/
  73. 73 http://snailbird.com/
  74. 74 http://www.henryhoffman.com/
  75. 75 http://www.henryhoffman.com/
  76. 76 http://www.gesteves.com/
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  78. 78 http://blog.kupferwerk.net/
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  80. 80 http://www.garynock.com/blog/
  81. 81 http://www.garynock.com/blog/
  82. 82 http://5pieces.com/blog/
  83. 83 http://5pieces.com/blog/
  84. 84 http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/journal/
  85. 85 http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/journal/
  86. 86 http://dinolatoga.com/blog/
  87. 87 http://dinolatoga.com/blog/
  88. 88 http://tehcpeng.net/
  89. 89 http://tehcpeng.net/
  90. 90 http://www.darrenhoyt.com/blog/
  91. 91 http://www.darrenhoyt.com/blog/
  92. 92 http://elliotjaystocks.com/blog/
  93. 93 http://elliotjaystocks.com/blog/
  94. 94 http://www.from-the-couch.com
  95. 95 http://www.from-the-couch.com
  96. 96 http://www.flyosity.com/
  97. 97 http://www.flyosity.com/
  98. 98 http://www.borisforconi.net/category/blog
  99. 99 http://www.borisforconi.net/category/blog
  100. 100 http://www.nasendackel.de/
  101. 101 http://www.nasendackel.de/

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  1. 1

    There are several beautiful designs in the roundup, I also discovered a few well-written gem of blogs.

  2. 2

    Once again: awesome collection of some really inspiring designs! Thanks SM!!

  3. 3

    great!! foodtease is really a nice design … well done!

  4. 4

    Awsome Collection. Hats Off !

  5. 5

    there are like 5 that are totally boring….. plain, ugly, no thought put into them. You may say simplistic is best but they look like the person doesn’t even care

  6. 6

    Sure, all of these blogs have beautiful designs, but some are very difficult to read and navigate through content. I’m sorry, but there needs to be a balance of design and usability.

  7. 7

    That Skylab design should be removed, it is using graphics ripped off from Jeff Sarmiento’s blog http://www.jeffsarmiento.com/ (which has been featured here in the past)

  8. 9
  9. 10

    Great !!

  10. 11

    When it comes to blogs, I’m a fan of minimalistic and lots of white space. I agree that readability is always the #1 concern.

  11. 12

    I guess this is all about look and style, not usability? I clicked on the “Markup & Style” blog and while it looks pretty, the navigation is poor. The logo/header doesn’t hyperlink to the site main page. The site name is embedded only as a background image, so someone who couldn’t see images wouldn’t even know what site they were on. Once you click on an entry title to view the full entry there’s no way to get back to the main view again without clicking the browser back button. The RSS sidebar link takes you to a 404 page. The archive link takes you to some page with a totally different design and postage stamp sized iframes. Also, the page doesn’t validate.

  12. 13

    Very uninspiring list. Perhaps there is nothing new to uncover in blog design? These do nothing for me.

  13. 14

    Hey, thanks! I’m honored to be in the same listing as these other sites, and many are new to me. Good stuff.

  14. 15

    Smashing Editorial

    July 22, 2009 8:57 am

    Please notice that this showcase is a showcase of blogs with an original, unique design. It is supposed to be inspiring; you could develop some of the (visual) design ideas here for your next project which would also be excellent from the usability point of view.

  15. 16

    OH! Thanks. I know, that my site is not very usable, but I just wanted to do stuff different.

    Thanks, that you like it :D

  16. 17

    Can’t say i’m overly impressed. As I’m in the progress of redesigning a blog I hoped to see more inspirational things, new ideas. There is probably not so much new going on. I found most of the designs way too busy, visually unappealing and getting in the way of readability. Especially the last point I find pretty important in a blog.

  17. 18

    Glad to be associated with this inspiring designs. Thanks for the link!

  18. 19

    I recently built a website (with a blog front page) that was inspired by Rin & Wendy “dueling blogs”. I added some jQuery functionality, to make each blog side expand and contract. It actually turned out pretty cool. Here it is: UndergroundProducts.com.

  19. 20

    Great list indeed – thanks for the inspiration.

  20. 21

    these design make peaple dreaming!

    Thanks a lot man!

  21. 22

    These are astounding. Countless great design ideas.

  22. 23

    Can’t say I’m impressed. Most of the sites are boring, unoriginal and uninspiring. I don’t know why you though that some of this sites might be inspirational.
    I do find interesting the site from Boris Forconi.

  23. 24

    Maximilian Georg Liebscher

    July 22, 2009 10:09 am

    I love you guys.

  24. 25

    This is an awesome round up! what do you feel about twibies.com?

  25. 26

    Douglas Menezes Rocks! Great designer!

  26. 27

    Nice designs,

  27. 28

    Thanks for the feature (Brown Blog Films). You guys rock! Never imagined that site would make it onto Smashing Mag but hey, I ain’t complaining ;)

    You’ve listed some really nice sites there. Ok, judging by some of the comments they’re not to everyones tastes. However, getting creative with blog designs under the confines of the now ubiquitous blog format, can be challenging to say the least so I commend everyone for their efforts. Also, a big-up to the unsung heroes of this post, the developers who make these sites work!

    Great post. Really got my creative juices flowing. Anyone for a blog? :)

  28. 29

    It’s amazing. Full of inspiration this post.

  29. 30

    There are some great designs in this list but I’ve got to say others look really poor …

  30. 31

    Thanks so much for featuring my site. Good company to be in too! I definitely think that there are some good inspirational blog designs in there.

    By the way Smashing Mag: do you mind changing the spelling of my name? MacMaster to McMaster? Thanks!

  31. 32

    Thanks (:

  32. 33

    Most of these works are stunning!

  33. 34

    Wow i great list of inspiration…
    great ;)

  34. 35


    and jeff sarimento has ripped off graphics from istockphoto. Doesn’t he?:)

  35. 36
  36. 37

    Ahh, very nice and inspirational!

  37. 38

    I think even color blind people would cringe at moradito. My eyes keep darting back n fourth. Bold, yes… readable, slightly… with a headache.

  38. 39


  39. 40

    I got 3 really great ideas from this fairly primo list. ty

  40. 41

    Braised Cow Lips? I’d like to try that

  41. 42

    tehCpeng not theCpeng

  42. 43


  43. 44

    Bloody solid collection of beautiful blog!!

  44. 45

    rin and wendy so cute =) i love it

  45. 46

    Love this list. Very helpful when starting a web design project.

  46. 47

    Very honored to be mentioned among these great designs! Thank you SM!

  47. 48

    Tejendra Shandilya

    July 22, 2009 8:01 pm

    great post…… Thanks

  48. 49


  49. 50

    Nice collection!!!!!

  50. 51

    nurul amin russel

    July 22, 2009 8:48 pm

    nice collection

  51. 52

    Very good collection of inspiration Blog design. Thanks SM!!

  52. 53

    @Carl: Jeff Sarmiento didn’t rip off that rocket graphic. So what if he bought the stock photo? It doesn’t mean it’s ripped off. You are stupid Carl.

  53. 54

    Fantastic works.
    were all these designs created for wordpress?

  54. 55

    @Suede: chill out, dude! Carl was being sarcastic because Rob had accused the Skylab blog of ripping Sarmiento’s design, which was not necessarily true, as that rocket can be buyed from a Stock Images source.

  55. 56

    This is a fantastic list and I’m honored to be featured along side such great names. Thank you!

  56. 57

    great selection as usual! i love owltastic, very simple but clean and funny with the bird! it actually inspired me a little bit for my own blog http://www.jenesaispaschoisir.com even if meagan’blog is way better than mine ;)

    great idea for rin & wendy too, it looks nice!

  57. 58

    Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    July 22, 2009 11:17 pm

    Wow, this is huge! In fact, big enough to keep me busy through the day. Exploring these new ideas will inspire a lot of people out there. Blogs can be used as a platform through which designers can demonstrate their original and unique ideas. I personally liked “Duiwaigh”, it’s very classy. Thanks.

  58. 59

    soooooooooooooooooooo usefullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    thanks allot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 60

    Awesome collection.. feel like improving my blog after seeing such fantastic designs..

  60. 61

    Thank you for featuring me. I’m very honored to be in the same list with the masters like Elliot Jay Stocks, Darren Hoyt, and Ethan Marcotte. :)

  61. 62

    great selection but i see all the design are US blog design. Why french blog aren’t in the list ?? :D

  62. 63

    Nice collection!
    Where is my blog? Web Design Magazine :)

  63. 64

    cool blog !! nice webdesign !

  64. 65

    I’m not really feeling a few of them, but it’s still a very nice list.

  65. 66

    Some good sites, the one that caught my eye was http://www.nalden.net. Maybe the first time I have seen a blog designed in flash but the results are spectacular. Well done on such good work!

  66. 67

    http://www.borisforconi.net/category/blog reminds me of http://www.shauninman.com/blog – but it’s just a similar style…

  67. 68

    Great article,
    Realy inspiring stuff in there!

  68. 69

    A honor and pleasant surprise to find ourselves among these great designs – Thank you!

  69. 70

    Some nice designs, but a lot are pure eye candy and not comfortable to read. Good “design” should not only attract but assist the user to get what they want out of the site, i.e. read the bloody blog! To be fair, you did say this post was about “beautiful” blogs, not necessarily well designed…

  70. 71

    woooooouuuuu….its nice design for blog..thnks alot

  71. 72

    well, i cant not believe that people are actully saying that this is a good collection!

    The designs are crap, where is the creativity….. just creating a background image for a web page does not make it a good design!

    You guys really need to do better!

  72. 73

    I have always heard of Elliot Jay Stocks, I new he was the master of css, etc. But after seeing his new design, I am inspired. Thank You Elliot. and Thank you smashing magazine.

    This is a great list as always.

    It is always good to see that people are thinking out of the box.
    great post!

  73. 74

    Great blogs!!! the first one is awesome.
    Here is another nice blog : Blup

  74. 75

    Amazing post guys, keep up the good work!

  75. 76

    Awsome collection. Thank you

  76. 77

    Awsome collection, I lliked the first one most. Thanks for sharing this information

  77. 78

    I’m so glad and honoured to be featured here! You don’t even know how much I admire SM :)
    Thank you so muuuch!

  78. 79

    Guillermo Esteves

    July 23, 2009 10:23 am

    I totally don’t deserve to be in that list. Thank you so much.

  79. 80

    Nice list

  80. 81

    Thank you so much for featuring our site (Duirwaigh Studios) here.
    It is an honor to be part of such an impressive list of great blogs.

  81. 82

    Some great ones in the list! However there are a few not displaying well for Mac Firefox 2…?

  82. 83

    Digital mash is one of may fav blog designs out there

  83. 84

    Nice collection

  84. 85

    I’m really proud of Dino Latoga!

  85. 86

    very cool, some of them are extremely simple but their use of fonts and layout and simple background with great lighting makes it so classy. love it. i want to make one like those some day.

  86. 87

    Jessette Dayate

    July 24, 2009 10:53 pm

    Wow, I’m quite surprised to see my site here, A Crayon’s Life. Thank you Smashing Mag! It’s an honor to be placed next to these beautiful blog sites, and as I am also a fan of fairy-like drawings and artworks, I personally love Duirwaigh Studios.

    To olybop, these sites are not all from the US. I am from the Philippines, and currently based in Singapore. :)

  87. 88

    I was casually looking for inspiration and low and behold, my site is featured. Many thanks Smashing!

  88. 89

    cool ones. I just love Ryan McMaster.

    but Rin & Wendy though is cool and original, is not new

  89. 90

    makes me want to design a site right now!

  90. 91

    Wow, awesome collection guys! The Blog Me Tender site looks pretty cool.

  91. 92

    @ rmlumley “I agree that readability is always the #1 concern.” Don’t mistake legibility for content – said David Carson ;) Very often text can’t transport all the content. Always keep that in mind!

  92. 93

    love SushiMonstr it’s a nice looking blog!

  93. 94

    some stunning designs there, really inspiring

  94. 95

    Some really nice examples here. I’m honored for the mention – thanks Smashing.

  95. 96

    nice collection :)

    and somebody of webzurnal.cz/webdesign/50-nadhernych-blog-designu published the same article (copy), i think thay have no permission…

  96. 97

    Nice collection!

  97. 98


  98. 99

    Daniel - Geldkrieg

    August 21, 2009 1:57 pm

    wow! there so lovely designed and innovated themes there … great to see what u can do with just a simple blog

  99. 100

    These are some sweet sites.

    Here are a few of my favorite sites that are built in WordPress.

  100. 101

    Ok so i decided to make a personal website. I go and learn HTML, learn CSS, learn some basic JAVAScript and then I happen upon this page.
    What the f. How can I match these blogs? I dont have an inkling of creativity in me and I sure as hell cant settle for anything less than awesome. wtf

  101. 102

    most of these are sick!! very nice examples.. hope we can get our designs in here ;)

  102. 104

    Webmisstress Anne

    November 4, 2009 3:22 pm

    Not loving all of them – some are the very definition of ‘minimalist’, and others are so busy and over-designed they give me a headache. Still, a great collection for inspiration!

  103. 105

    great collection..luv it…

  104. 106

    Mistyukevych Serge

    January 23, 2010 5:39 am

    Really great collection, some good examples of interesting site here.
    You may also like interesting atmosphere of these Blog Designs:
    Showcase Of 40 Website Designs Featuring Clouds And Skies

    Thanks, Smashing team for inspiration!

  105. 107

    i like this blog design:


    its straight forward and clear cut while still being visually inspiring.

  106. 108

    Might I suggest that one too: krispykrush.com/

    Thank you, m

  107. 109

    Very nice selection
    One more paper style : http://www.olybop.info

  108. 110

    Nothing to see here. Move along. If this is “beautiful,” design standards are a shadow of what they once were.

  109. 111

    wawwww !!!! very nice

  110. 112

    Beauty! I love reviewing these blog design lists! It give great ideas and is so helpful to find themes that I might not otherwise have been able to find.

    Thanks so much!


  111. 113

    I’m so glad and honoured to be featured here! You don’t even know how much I admire SM :)
    Thank you so muuuch!

  112. 114

    Some nice designs! Be sure to check out… >>> http://www.jabulanidesign.co.za/

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