50 Fresh Portfolio Websites for Your Inspiration


Creating personal portfolio website is probably the most challenging task for designers as it should reveal the talent and some special unique style of its author. Beautiful portfolio is like a good setting – it makes design works sparkle and grabs visitors’ attention immediately.

Look though this collection of stylish and exquisite portfolio designs to draw some inspiration for your own projects. Either through minimalist neat layout or via rich, color expressive design elements, each of these portfolios delivers an exceptional, truly inspiring visual experience to visitors. So this design showcase is worth seeing whether you are in a creative search or just looking for some entertainment.

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Creative and Exquisite Portfolio Designs

Graphic designer Alexey Abramov featured his portfolio with a tilt-shift photo background and beautiful typo. As a result, you see a neat and original design.


This portfolio belongs to Tokyo-based designer Soyuzno, so no wonder that Japanese laconism is the foreground theme of the design. Elegant solution, isn’t it?


Flexible 3D gallery and stylish typography give some unique flavor to this site. You can choose the way of showcase display.


Hello Monday8
Hello Monday’s portfolio featured with lovely chocolate color scheme and draggable navigation provides a memorable user interface.

Hello Monday9

magneticNorth’s portfolio brings an extraordinary interactive interface to the visitors. Drawing shapes on the page discovers company’s projects.


Scattered brushes, rich colors, subtle strokes of the paint brush – welcome to artist’s studio! This design is very attractive and tasty.


Iain Hamilton’s portfolio is interesting and unconventional. Maybe funny characters in the header make up the core feature that singles out this design.


Background made in imitation of ebony, old paper effect in frames and ascetic typography make the portfolio of Alexey Chernishov look elegant and impressive.


Alastaire Allday18
The main theme which runs all through Alastaire Allday’s portfolio is… Alastaire Allday. It makes sense as pure and sincere presentation arouses trust.

Alastaire Allday19

Daniel Gutierrez20
Beautiful portfolio design with captivating color scheme, simple but neat grid-based gallery and charming paper kitten in the header.

Daniel Gutierrez21

Romanian web agency Zupadupa offers visitors to take white or green pill to navigate the website. Doesn’t it remind you anything? No matter whether designers are quoting Matrix trilogy or not, this choose-a-pill-thing is something quite creative and interactive.


Charlie Gentle24
Charlie Gentle implements perfect jQuery style in his portfolio. Nice sketch elements, clean typo and illuminated centered content accentuate the original nature of the design.

Charlie Gentle25

Go On Web26
The following portfolio is created using HTML 5. Cloth imitating background that changes its color while you scroll is superb.

Go On Web27

John Likens28
Big typo, big showcase grid, big success.

John Likens29

IE Studio30
IE Studio created their portfolio with unusual stylish approach. Interesting collage in the center of the home page is a highlight of company’s identity.

IE Studio31

Inside Piet32
With this portfolio Belgian Flash developer Piet Dewinjgaert gives you an access to his own brain! it’s difficult to describe what is going on there, so you’d better visit and see it!

Inside Piet33

Another example of beautiful personal portfolio with draggable navigation and appealing interface.


M1 Design36
Incredible Flash portfolio of German design studio M1 Design provides a unique interactive project showcase.

M1 Design37

Kevin Lucius38
This original portfolio is a good example of one-page website design. It brings a really personal look and feel.

Kevin Lucius39

Rikcat Industries40
Rik Catlow’s portfolio is done in a simple minimalist manner. Neat layout and stylish black-and-white color scheme drive visitor’s attention exactly to designer’s works.

Rikcat Industries41

Loukotka Design42
Here vintage style of portfolio menu and website background is combined with trendy typography and up-to-date image transparency. Quite successful design mix.

Loukotka Design43

Dreamer Lines44
Very colorful and expressive portfolio of Janis Godins provides a really unique and rich user interface. It’s just brimming over with life, truly inspiring design.

Dreamer Lines45

Midtone Design46
Due to stylish typography, advanced carousel effect applied to project showcase and unconventional approach to “About” section, Jonatan Castro’s portfolio has an ultra-modern high-tech look.

Midtone Design47

The portfolio website of Resn Interactive Agency is like a magic box – it contains an inconceivable amount of various design techniques. Rich motion graphics, big typography, controllable 3D elements – this portfolio is very hard to forget.


Rich McNabb50
Rich McNabb’s portfolio is shown as a business card which breaks up into website menu categories when you click on it.

Rich McNabb51

Scratch 2252
Zarne Dravitzki provides a nifty carousel user interface which decreases the need to scroll and allows design layout to stay compact. Old-school grunge frame is a tasty feature.

Scratch 2253

My Favorite Thing54
Light and clean layout meets simple grid-based work showcase. However, a thumbnail gallery available on each single project page would be an advantage.

My Favorite Thing55

Illustrations and crazy typography hints at the designer’s liking for experiments and most daring ideas fulfilling. Or maybe it’s just a little trick to keep visitors’ longer stay? In any case, this portfolio is worth viewing.


Teo Skaffa58
One can’t help smiling while viewing this portfolio. This incredible piece of pixel art will allow you to make an exciting journey through time.

Teo Skaffa59

Elliott Kember60
Another pleasant memories evoking website. You can play old-time “Snake” game while browsing Elliott Kember’s portfolio. But be careful – don’t forget the initial purpose of your visit!

Elliot Kember61

Steve Mullen62
Steve Mullen uses common “grid with lightbox” design technique for his portfolio. However neat frames, attention to details, beautiful typography and eye-catching recent work showcase, make this portfolio design exquisite indeed.

Steve Mullen63

Serial Cut64
These guys don’t waste valuable website space and use each page as a ground for project presentation. Project list is available at the right side of the page. Wonderful example of design creativity.

Serial Cut65

Sebastian Nitu66
Perfection in simplicity. The portfolio of Sebastian Nitu proves this statement one more time. This website uses HTML 5 as well.

Sebastian Nitu67

Form Troopers68
Outstanding and stylish portfolio featured with flashing photo backgrounds and usable project showcasing technique.

Form Troopers69

Snopp Media70
Truly creative and lively portfolio design which introduces Snopp Media in a sincere and outgoing manner.

Snopp Media71

Soft Whiteroom72
Another beautiful minimalist portfolio. Grid-based project gallery shows colorless thumbnails, hovering over them will slightly revive images by filling them with color.

Soft Whiteroom73

Chuck U74
The portfolio of Chuck U delivers graphic design of inimitable beauty. This is what can be called a web design delicacy.

Chuck U75

Fabrik Agency76
Unique and usable interface, which shows portfolio as a stapled stack of cards, elegant typography and backgrounds provide a quite pleasant navigation experience.

Fabrik Agency77

A bit muted colors give this portfolio a soft and friendly look. While recent works are showcased using a carousel effect, the main portfolio is displayed in light box grid.


Web Talents80
Space related theme and nifty navigation technique make this portfolio worthy of being included to the collection of most beautiful and creative portfolio designs.

Web Talents81

Sandrine Abraham82
Clean and somewhat cartoon looking background together with simple and usable project showcasing make up a lovely portfolio design which brings a positive feel to visitors.

Sandrine Abraham83

Jack Herbert84
Great typography based personal portfolio. Jack Herbert simply laid his projects on the shelves (in literal sense only).

Jack Herbert85

Josh Sender86
This portfolio brings a fresh and young look and feel. Maybe that’s because Josh Sender is just 17 years old.

Josh Sender87

Sofa Surfer88
A captivating personal portfolio with excellent structure. Again, simplicity and usability rule.

Sofa Surfer89

Area 1790
Area 17 is an obvious trend-maker in the world of design. Perhaps the style of their portfolio can give you some tips and hints for creating an outstanding portfolio of your own.

Area 1791

Thought & Theory92
It’s amazing how some absolutely simple and unpretentious designs can be so much attractive. Thought & Theory Portfolio is definitely among them.

Thought & Theory93

Joe Nyaggah94
Joe Nyaggah combines unobtrusive color scheme along with easy and usable navigation. Orange owl grabs attention straight away. This portfolio is clean, simple and featured with some spicy details – great design!

Joe Nyaggah95

Portfolio of M. Jackson Wilkinson has an appealing slightly gradiented background and quite simple but original header.


This portfolio was created a while ago, but its unique creativity puts it beyond time limits. So it would be a mistake not to share such a design treasure with Smashing Magazine audience. Absolutely stunning portfolio. Bravo Also!


…and for dessert

A little bonus for everyone who enjoys laughing and likes a bit cuckoo design style which stands out of all rules. While browsing this portfolio, it becomes clear that Bio-Bak could appear nowhere but in Netherlands.


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Julia May is a freelance writer now working with FlashMint, the top-class provider of Flash templates.

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    First to Comment…. Great List !!!!!

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    Wow! Really inspirational showcase! Thank you much!

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    Truly amazing!

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    Some pretty cool designs!
    The biobak url is wrong.. It links to also-online :)

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    great and inspiring showcase!

    Loukotka makes me think of the design used in envelop

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    great collection! esp like Edelwwweiss.

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    very inspiring!

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    There are some really good portfolio sites featured over at siteInspire too:


  9. 9

    Nice list – but one thing I’m getting fed up of seeing on portfolio sites is, “Hello, my name is … and I …” in really big type. It was a nice idea the first time I saw it, but come on, time to move on!

  10. 10

    really great list, thats a million!

    I found a site on cssmania.com that i believe should be on the list: http://sean-nieuwoudt.com


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    It’s all about the cargo collective portfolio’s – simple, elegant, easy to use/edit/update..


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    Hey you missed my new portfolio ;) http://andyshaw.me

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    Its really SAMSHING!!!!!

    great work.

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    You have to be kidding me…. While some of these designs are interesting and push the envelope, many of them are closely if not completely unusuable. At the very least they leave the user thinking how do I see the site, what is this, and how much longer til this loads. Not the best list for clean elegant USUABLE design.

  16. 16

    Another list of second-rate crap from one of the worst design related sites ever made. There is also some of the worst copy I’ve seen in a while.

    Time to delete SmashingMagazine from my bookmarks.

  17. 17

    @Daphne Earley I hate to be negative but I agree many of them are quite difficult to use, though the post isn’t about usable portfolios but beautiful portfolios. My own site is very usable but it is not beautiful like many of these.

  18. 18

    Looks like John Likens was heavily inspired by Delete London (http://www.deletelondon.com) just like Jane Fonda (http://www.janefonda.com/) was!

    Shame on him, looks like he’s getting credit owed to someone else! :(

  19. 19

    Some beautifully designed sites there, but the more impressive the less intuitive. I find some of them really difficult to get around.

    Surely if you want to show off your work, then show it off simply, the work should shine for itself.

    However, if you are a web designer then I can understand some of the interactivity.


  20. 20

    Thanks for the list. It is always inspiring to see other people’s work. You may also check more portfolio sites here.

  21. 21

    Am I the only one who thinks that a portfolio website should only be the frame for the content. And that it is the content whou should be amazing. I really don’t understand why the website itself has to overpower the content? Why is everybody mixing up the message with the messenger?

    For webdesigners I know that they probably want to show what they can do. But what are they showing me what they can do? Make unusable sites full of eyecandy?

    I don’t want to say, websites should be ugly, but they shouldn’t be made “look good” for the price of beeing pain in the ass un-fucking-usable. That’s not what good design is.

  22. 22

    Great list.

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    Fantastic! Great list.

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    Resn-Interactive is amazing. i love it

  25. 25

    some really great ideas and design!

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    nice collection.

  27. 27

    Some quality work here, well done to each of the respective site owners, very nice indeed.

    Cheers for the Look See SM.

    Muchos Gracias.


  28. 28

    Does a portfolio list like this exist for corporate websites? This would be extremely useful.

  29. 29

    Would like to see less flash sites, but nice list.

  30. 31


    Thanks for including my portfolio in this list! ( Loukotka Design )

    This is my 2nd project to get featured on Smashing, it’s always great to read everyone’s comments. Really good stuff on here. I agree, some sites have bizarre navigation, but I think this list is about pushing design, and doing something different. All really cool, thanks for putting me on there, Smashing overlords.

  31. 32

    Beautiful portfolio

  32. 33

    Jônatan Fróes

    July 30, 2009 3:49 am

    mft is the best!

  33. 34

    Great list. A lot of inspiration. Thanks

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    huge list inspiration!

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    zupadupa made one of my projects (clujlife.com). good guys ;) congrats to them

  36. 37

    Hmmh, a little disappointed here.
    It looks very much like the ones you did post during last year, so nothing very new…

  37. 38

    Some of these are good but most of these look like wordpress themes that have been modified just a little bit.

    It seems web design has reached a weird phase. If you do a Flash site, your site is original and interesting but you are not taking advantage of social networking.

    If you do a WordPress site, the usability is there but the site can look very cookie cutter.

    What is a web designer supposed to do?

  38. 39


  39. 40

    I think the people above me are being drama queens, this post offers some great examples of out of the ordinary sites.

    If you are seriously that bothered by what goes on here then I’m puzzled what keeps you coming back, I think you have some pretty over exaggerated remarks, Smashing Magazine offers the design community a great deal, as proven by their top 10 Technorati rating.

  40. 41

    another great post !

  41. 42


    Some of the comments on here are from meat heads. Seriously.

    Good Web design is finally starting to become standard on the web instead of ugly and boring. Craigs list and digg are the exception.




  42. 43

    Fresh indeed!

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    Well done smashing magazine, featuring John Likens ripped website of Delete London. Muppets.

  44. 45

    Portfolio roundups are always inspiring. Thanks :)

  45. 46

    My envy is dancing with my awe.
    So freakin’ awesome!
    (And very interesting that many are non-U.S. people…)

  46. 47

    Bio-Bak is certainly one of my favorite ;)

  47. 48

    @SM: could you please purge all these irritating “First!” comments again?

  48. 49

    Thanks a lot for the feature guys.

    Cheers, Jonatan.

  49. 50

    Alastaire Allday

    July 30, 2009 8:50 am

    Thanks for featuring my site. I just got a call from a client who said he’d seen my mug up here so I thought I’d stop in to see where my grinning face was being displayed…

    My site was designed by a friend at http://youlove.us — I think you’ve featured their work before. I wanted a minimalist site that reflected my preferred writing style — clean and simple… and easy for a typewriter monkey like me to update.

    I think when you’re a one man band making people remember your name and your face (especially when it’s as hard to spell as mine is!) is vital. I’ve blogged about a similar marketing campaign from the King of Shaves on my site.

    I like the Area 17 and Rikkat Industries websites you’ve listed, too — I really think the high contrast black and white works well with high impact copy.

    Thanks again for the feature!

  50. 51

    Daniel Gutiérrez

    July 30, 2009 9:05 am

    Thanxs for featuring!

  51. 52

    Nice roundup

  52. 53

    Give me a friggen’ break. You’re giving some guy shit for creating his site layout somewhat similar to a “popular” (I don’t know, are they?) design studio. OH NOES alert the internet police! He hardly “ripped” off their site. I don’t think “Delete London” is the first company ever to adopt a B&W colour scheme and have a header in large bold type. Oh yeah, and the diagonal lines splitting up the nav buttons…OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!


  53. 54

    Great article! I really like the collection.

  54. 55

    I really appreciate this collection. I’ve been brainstorming my portfolio design this week, and it’s been giving me brain cramps. This has given me some great ideas on how to narrow my focus. Thanks!

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    some very inspiring stuff

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    Alexander Bickov

    July 30, 2009 11:05 am

    I like Web talents layout, very nice illustrations. Moinid of the day :)

  57. 58

    I really like these. Some great inspiration as I continue to learn more about web design.

  58. 59

    It might just be me, but all those portfolio sites with giant text saying “Hello, I’m (name). I’m a graphic designer” really irritate me.
    Very nice collection here though.

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    zupadupa in engilsh is souop-ass ;D

  60. 61

    Thanks for the feature you have really made my day :)

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    One more fresh website you might want to check out is http://www.e-thraki.gr
    Fluid height drop down icons menu.

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    Awesome possum! Thanks for featuring my sizzle.

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    Nice list, thank you.

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    Truely inspirational list, great for everyone

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    I can suggest another one – http://graphicdesign.bg. I think it`s inspiring!

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    cool designs!

  67. 68

    Louisa Nicholson

    July 31, 2009 7:14 am

    A commenter said, ‘Surely if you want to show off your work, then show it off simply, the work should shine for itself.’

    Nicely said.

  68. 69

    awsome! thanks very inspiring!

  69. 70

    Some nice designs in the list, I do feel a little inspired now…

  70. 71

    hey guys one of the links is broken
    when you clikc on Webrica image you get 404

  71. 72

    RE: Greydient

    Any designer that can pull off chicken feet on a home page is a genius! Love.

  72. 73

    Daniel Pipitone

    July 31, 2009 10:05 am

    Fantastic roundup! Great stuff here!

  73. 74

    Thank you for this article! “Fresh” is very appropriate– I’d gotten tired of seeing the same portfolio sites in showcase posts on blog after blog.

  74. 75

    FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com

    August 1, 2009 5:02 am

    Some of these sites featured are interesting from a graphic and design viewpoint, but for functionality???! No way.

    I don’t want to spend time looking for where to click, to have to DRAW to find their projects.. WTF, seriously…

  75. 76

    I feel exactly like essenmitsosse; I’m really lost and really don’t know what to do, as a creative director, mostly in print design area. I always thought that ONLY the work was important, not as much the “box”. I would think if you are a WEBdesigner, then you should show your hability and technics methods on your website, BY your website. But I think if you are a designer for identity, print etc, then your website should be clean, minimal design and usuable of course : it’s to show your work. I don’t know how to build a website so mine are WordPress and I’m not very happy when someone say “oh you have a beautiful website”; generally my answer would be “It’s not mine, it’s just a blog template, did you see my work INSIDE?”

    My gosh, it become so complicated. We need from SmashingMag some ADVICE!! And not only a vague list of websites that are mostly the same. ADVISE us. What should we do, if you are a webdesigner, a printdesigner, etc? What if our website is for clients, HR, or to show our portfolio or anyone else? Should it be the same look? Same function?

    Anyway, it’s not easy to make a useful website like SmashingMag for everyone! But you try your best and you must be thanked here…

    Cheers : )

  76. 77

    Nice list ;)

  77. 78

    Thanks for the mention, really made my day :)

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    really like listed portfolio websites. thanks

  79. 80

    Really really inspiring list.
    Check out also mine!

  80. 81

    What’s up with all these “Valid CSS” and “Valid XHTML” mini banners/links on many of these sites? I thought we got rid of such gimmicky turds of self-satisfaction back in ’97.. Clearly, I was wrong. Why not put up a “Written in Notepad” or an “Internet Explorer sucks” button/banner/whatever-you-wanna-call-it while you’re at it?

    PS.. “Submit Comment” button only seems to work in IE for me at the moment. Now THAT is embarrassing :P

  81. 82

    I need a tissue to wipe the drool off my keyboard. I love the selection – I feel so inspired to enter into my pahse 3 of my site ronihind.com getting close now. Thanks again SM!

  82. 83

    Thanks for featuring me, guys!

  83. 84

    What a collection!!

    Bangla Hacks

  84. 85

    Awesome creations

  85. 86

    Joshsender.com broken in Safari?

    might just be my academy’s browser.

    Really wanted to check it out :{

  86. 87

    Talk about an inspiring collection of portfolios! My favs are the Alastaire Allday, John Likens and Area 17 portfolios. Allday’s portfolio is beautifully simple, well organized and moves people to take action – an excellent example of what a personal portfolio should accomplish. Thanks for compiling this list, Julia.

  87. 88

    Neeraj Narkhede

    August 4, 2009 3:22 am

    Great portofolio … very useful .. thankx a lot

  88. 89

    nice portfolio soyuzno ;)

  89. 90

    This is one of my favorite posts here on SM. I’ve been fussing over my own portfolio for two months, it’s such a daunting task to build what must be some of your best work. Maybe one day mine will grace this page!

  90. 91

    Lol, “snopp” is an euphemism for “penis” in Norwegian/Swedish. 83~

  91. 92

    Tara you speak for me. Less flash would be great.

  92. 93

    Very nice list! see a lot of hours hard work in some of these!

  93. 94

    Nice list. I am also a big fan of this sexy one page portfolio:

  94. 95

    Cool list, I am very fond of this site.. quick and easy to access. One of those one page ones, but with a cool interface. Webcentric

  95. 96

    Thanks for featuring me, it’s a pity that my link is broken ( http://www.weberica.net/web-design-en.html )

  96. 97

    Hey Chris, I’ve tested my site in Safari on vista and it works just as it should.. I’m sorry if it didn’t work for you.. Thank you very much though! :)

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  100. 101

    Love the Alastaire Allday design, with it’s “straight to the point, no messing around, this-is-what-I’m-selling-you” style. Makes for a very clean and easy user experience. I also love that crazy magneticNorth ‘nothing there’ design – I just don’t quite know why!

  101. 102

    People are easily impressed. Some of these didn’t work or took forever to download.

    People who say that the CONTENT and USABILITY should be the focus are correct. It’s like putting rims and a new paint job on a clunker.

    a personal pet peeve is non-native english speakers with bad english on their portfolio sites. Unacceptable (coming from a non-native English speaker). Use it right or don’t use it at all.

  102. 103

    These are some cool layouts. How is the CSS and so forth? Just google “factopo” for more.

  103. 104

    nice list. good for a little visual inspiration first thing in the morning.

  104. 105

    wow. these are rad

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    Very love teoskafa one……

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    Aaron @ aaronkato.co.uk/

  107. 108

    Vera from Bucharest

    January 9, 2010 7:19 pm

    I’ve just checked the first website: Alexarts. The background’s width of the main page is too small, so the picture tiles ugly. Also the website doesn’t fit in a <=17 inches monitor window.

  108. 109

    Really u r Live ????

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    you guys always have great lists of work for inspiration. keep it up…and I thought I would throw in my portfolio for anyone interested.

  111. 112

    Great collection of portfolio websites the Rich Mcnabb one is very creative and clean. I saw this site and I liked it because it was clean, but not boring.

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    …but i have one more web site and portfolio with music on background.


    …enjoy it.

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    Great list. Very inspirational. Really liked the Greydient and thetoke. Thanks for sharing this list.

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    July 5, 2010 9:26 am

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    Enjoyed the whole collection , but Alexart stays on top in my list!

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  127. 128

    Excellent and Truely inspirational list, thanks for sharing.


  128. 129

    Great resource for web designers. Thanks for the list.

  129. 130

    Abhilash R nair

    March 2, 2012 7:31 pm

    Nice collection of websites for inspiration. I think the image for weberica is linked wrongly :(

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    March 21, 2012 11:45 am

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    Thanks for the extensive collection and impressive samples. I am actually asking (myself) how many additional words are necessary to show a portfolio page, in case design is shown. I am actually not sure, how much informational texts are necessary, as many of the portfolio sites say more or less the same (user centered, creative, open minded, … ). Just am searching for really interesting reads. I tried out a wordpress theme (Gridly) which allows to post different formats and proportions in pinterest-style ( http://www.chrisschubert.de ) – with no additional texts beside work descriptions. Before this I tried pctures only ( http://www.siegweg24.de/gallery.html ). For me the WP model works well, what do you think? Chris

  133. 134

    This is a nice list for reference, and while I’m leery of non-conventional navigation, some of these are good food for thought.

    P.S. When did “typo” become short for “typography”? It’s just bad, lazy writing.

  134. 135

    Form troopers is my favorite on this list – I love how people manage to incorporate a 3d sort of perspective into the design to try and bring it out. On this site, http://www.designweb.co.za, I kept the 1st background fixed so it sort of sucks up the bottom background when you scroll the website.
    I was just messing with the code so there can be a much better way to do what I did with a better bg design of some sort.

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  136. 137

    Sorry but the 8th from the top sucks.

  137. 138

    I have to disagree. while these samples were pretty – mostly – there were far too many flash dependent sites and way too many splash page portfolios – Once a user finds your site they have to figure out how to see what it is you do? or wait for a monster download? or maybe just have to sit through a commercial first? these types of portfolios get lost quick. They are pretty – but functionality should be considered when thinking portfolios – how many of these were mobile ready? that is important when mobile devices outsell desktop.


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