HTML 5 Cheat Sheet (PDF)


XHTML 2 is dead, long live HTML 5! According to W3C News Archive, XHTML 2 working group is expected to stop work1 end of 2009 and W3C is planning to increase resources on HTML 5 instead. And even although HTML 5 won’t be completely supported until 20222, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be widely adopted within the foreseeable future.

So in the spirit of the upcoming change we decided to release a handy printable HTML 5 Cheat Sheet that lists all currently supported tags, their descriptions, their attributes and their support in HTML 4.

Please notice that the specification is an ongoing work, and is expected to remain so for many years, although parts of HTML 5 are going to be finished and implemented in browsers before the whole specification reaches final Recommendation status. We’ll do our best to update the cheat sheet when new changes will become known. The cheat sheet was created by our friends from Veign.com3 and released exclusively for the readers of Smashing Magazine.

Download the cheat sheet for free!

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet4

Thank you very much, Chris Hanscom! We appreciate your efforts.

Further Resources About HTML 5

Do you already use HTML 5 in your projects? Would you recommend using HTML 5? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. 1

    What’s with the password on the .pdf file?

  2. 304

    Great! Very useful information!


  3. 405

    Thanks. Phew ~ I finally get the cheat sheet. :)

  4. 506

    This will be useful for some time….

  5. 607

    Thanks for sharing :) Very helpful

  6. 708

    Hey guys,

    the .pdf is totally empty / blank shown in my mac Vorschau…

    Is it broken?


  7. 809

    Jacques Le Roux

    April 30, 2012 5:17 pm

    Thanks, I have been looking for these types of sheets to use for quick reference, they are perfectly presented and easy to use

    Thanks Again

  8. 910

    Thank you! This will come in handy!

  9. 1011

    Great work, value the effort. But… let’s be nice and keep HTML5 with NO SPACE.

  10. 1112

    This is awesome ,,, Thanks.

  11. 1213

    “No comments.” = I opened over 50 links for a Cheat Sheet like this ( that includes all attributes that can be given aswell ) Recommended best cheat sheet on web available at the moment.

  12. 1314

    Great ! just in time :)

    Thanx for sharing.

  13. 1415

    i very searched for something like this, was great
    thank you

  14. 1516

    Sounds like a great resource, but when I click on the ‘Download’ link, a blank document displays. Any chance of getting this fixed or reposted? Thanks!

  15. 1617

    I also get a 4 page blank document. The CSS3 sheet downloads fine and is excellent. I’d love to see the HTML5 sheet.

  16. 1718

    When downloading the file it asks for a password, the CSS sheet does not. Any chance you will post the password or remove it from the file?

  17. 1819

    Very useful. I would need cheat sheets made exactly like this for all of the major programming languages.

  18. 1920

    Best cheat sheet for HTML5 iv found on the net.
    Also the CSS3 cheat sheet is better then all iv found on the net

  19. 2021

    Nice post….


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