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This article is the first of our new series “Global Web Design“. Over the next months we’ll be covering various continents, featuring web developers and web designs from different countries of the world and taking a close look of what is happening in the web design scene worldwide. We start today with an article about web design in Russia. We will continue with Ireland (Lee Munroe) and Brazil (Fabio Sasso) upcoming weeks. Hence, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed2311 for more similar posts.

If you’d like to prepare an article for this series, please contact us2332 and we’ll discuss the details.

Web Design in Russia

The land mass that is one-sixth of the Earth is always surprising. As the founder of one of design-related magazines in Russia (, I am happy to present the hidden force that is Russia. I won’t dwell on the classic stereotypes but will rather look at the creativity flowing through.

The era of professional and commercial online design started in Russia about a decade ago. We’re now seeing an increase in professional design and development. I won’t concentrate much on the history of Web design in Russia; that has been happening for ages. Like everywhere in the world, Web design came to Russia as a modern way to present any kind of information to an audience online. So, principles such as simplicity, accessibility and eye-catching design have been cultivated for several years.

Russian Web Design3
Russian Web Design: Mospromstroy4

Web development as a profession was relegated to the elite for years until geek heads and artists took it over. For a few years there was a boom of home pages and tiny corporate websites that were built with any regard for the end user. This trend ended thankfully, in large part due to the highly scaled websites that came out the original and still unique studio founded by Artemy Lebedev, which has produced more than 760 websites.

Today, the professional scene of web design consists of thousands of freelancers, studios, agencies and large media companies, along with offshore and outsourcing businesses. I won’t do a “Top 20″ this or that rating, but I will try to touch on the most established parts of Russian Web design, including agencies, freelancers, portals and so on.

State Of Things

Measuring a Web design market by the products of its agencies is not quite fair. Russian agencies have also proven their management technologies and quality-control processes. As someone once said, “The best way to understand a new city is to go to the central market.” And in Russia, Web design is still concentrated in the hands of freelancers and small studios. To get a better picture of freelancing in Russia and the bordering Ukraine, I have asked two freelancers to talk about their work.

I spoke with Gennady V. Osypenko, who is the rather famous Kiev-based designer working with companies from Eastern Europe (he is also known as Genn5), and Dmitry Sulliwan6, a Russian freelance Web designer.

Russian Web Design - Alexarts7

Q: Could you please describe the life of a freelancer, developer and designer?

Gennady Osypenko: You do work, get inspiration and then do more work: that is freelancing. For sure, you meet clients and collaborate a lot. Compared with an office job, you travel around the city a lot, wasting your time on that. Freelance designers become the center of the project, and even oversees developers, acting as a kind of art director. Designers in offices just do the routine, yelling at account managers and listening to art directors. Hence, I am a freelancer, and I do not remain at one job for long.

Dmitry Sulliwan: The work of freelancer is very interesting. You get new experiences from working with different companies on diverse projects, and some of those experiences may not even be related to design. Different cultural and professional events make the life of the freelancer easier and allow him to share his experience and understand the value of his job. A freelancer’s life is good because he manages himself, which allows you to get more pleasure from your work. But that does not mean you work any less. From my perspective, freelancers work one-and-a-half times more than permanent contractors. The only barrier to getting the best results is laziness. Hence, there are not a whole lot of true professionals in the freelancing space.

Russian Web Design9

Q: Are there any regular meetings or events?

Genn: We hold festivals and different advertisement exhibitions. The only exhibition I have visited abroad was the designers market in Budapest (Sziget). Web-oriented conferences were very popular last year. Not all of them were about design, but some were useful and interesting anyway. I’ve done things like short master classes at some of them, and I plan to do that in future; I’ve been invited at the end of October to say something about being a freelance designer. I like talking about what I do to people who are eager to listen.

Dmitry: There is a good set of conferences in Russia. I can name the last ones: DesignAct in Moscow, and the 404 Web Designers Conference in Samara. Many Russians also visit foreign events in Europe and around the world.

Russian Web Design11

Q: Where do you get inspiration from?

Genn: I get inspiration from everything around me. That is a typical answer, but any object could lead my imagination to the unique and perfect idea. It is like in the House M.D. series on TV, when House is stuck on a diagnosis and suddenly gets inspiration to solve it. I got inspiration for my last project from the Wipeout Pulse game on PSP. I played it for hours and eventually got an idea for a website architecture.

Dmitry: Design books, magazines and Internet resources. Nowadays, we have a nice bunch of local design blogs on which they share their experiences and thoughts.

Russian Web Design13
Solisty Moskvy14

Q: What’s the situation with the market? How much do designers earn?

Genn: I don’t know the situation in the market, but I know for sure that a lot of people want to make a website or establish an online identity. As a freelance designer or creative process supervisor, I prefer more interesting and specific projects, ones that don’t reflect the whole market situation.

Dmitry: True designers, like any other good specialists, cost a good amount of money. The question is whether there are enough positions. There are many agencies and studios, and so fewer of them would be able to provide a good experience or take on interesting projects.

Russian Web Design15

Q: Is being a Web designer considered high-level, sophisticated work?

Genn: When you see an ad on every (literally every) open surface saying, “Site for $100,” how could you regard Web designers or anyone connected with website creation to be high level or sophisticated? Luckily for us, customers who really need complex, functional websites understand that they have to work with professionals. Just because you can illustrate something does not mean you are a Web designer. If you can organize the craziest information in a usable and readable way, and then decorate it, then you are a Web designer. So, we could say that being a Web designer is both high level and not high level at the same time. Actually a lot of Web designers also create perfect identities and motions, so I’d better call them designers, even though we create beautiful websites.

Dmitry: Unfortunately, not always. Mostly because people still confuse Web designers with system administrators [Interviewer note: That’s true, because most Russian Web designers can do Shell and Apache tasks, hosting stuff and email management and develop a reputation for mixing them together. When a Russian customer orders a website, they want it 100% with domains, parking, hosting, support. This is the main issue with the profession.] But in most IT and related companies, the position of Web designer (and developer, UI designer and visual designer) is valued and respected because of the high-level skills and usually complex work involved. These days, the Web design profession has cut out its own place in the market and is recognized for it.

Russian Web Design17

Q: There are rumours that many designers in Russia still use tables, and that most designs are 100% fluid, regardless of screen resolution?

Genn: Are you referring to HTML coders and Web developers? As far as I know, the trend is to use semantic code and follow accessibility and other compliance standards. One Ukrainian HTML coder even coded his own blog in HTML 5 and met all standards requirements, even if only for a few browsers. So they’re all progressive and forward-looking. As for 100% fluid width, there was an assumption that all websites had to be 100% wide and fill the whole browser window. As I explain in my training and master classes, the width of websites should fit the requirements. As I can tell, incorrect use of fluid widths is declining and used in only specific instances.

Dmitry: Those are only rumors. Professional Web developers follow standards and adopt the latest trends in coding. Fluid width is a distinction of Russian Web development and a common standard. Good fluid layouts are usable, dynamic and look good at different resolutions. And good Web developers can avoid common issues, such as those related to floating and typography, by using fluid width.

Russian Web Design19
Imja Rossii20

Q: What about typography and Web standards?

Genn: It’s a common joke that all designers hate Cyrillic letters. The letters really look odd if you want to create something fancy, but we adapt to it. I like the story of one logo made in the US for some candy trademark. The designer decided to add a feature to the logo and name, so he made ö out of o. Years later, he found out that Scandinavian designers hate umlauts, but he used them as decoration and it worked well. We have to abstract and not see hieroglyphs in letters but rather understand their nature and use them in the best way.

Dmitry: Cyrillic type has far-reaching issues. The main illusion is that Cyrillic type is not better than Latin. That issue is outdated. We have great Russian typography designers who do amazing type that fits certain designs well and win awards. Nowadays, even Web editorials order custom typography for their titles. Typography on the Web has become user-friendly and readable.

Russian Web Design21

Q: Are there any issues unique to Russian Web design?

Genn: Yeah, there might be some difference between design in Ukraine and in Russia. As long as designers are not regarded as high-level specialists in the community, then customers will continue to believe that they are perfect designers, too. So, they will always want to move this a bit, repaint that a touch, and change the whole layout five minutes before the deadline. With any project, I try to be as specific as possible in explaining almost every pixel (or dot, if we are talking about print) so that the customer can see why the product is the way it is. It’s surprising, but it works more than half the time. The other problem is that no one wants to part with their money, so you could end up waiting some time before getting money for a project that is done, implemented and working.

Dmitry: Russian customers still do not understand that designers do not blindly follow their ideas but are rather themselves highly motivated workers who want to produce the best results for the given job. Whoever the customer, whether foreign or local, every time it is a minor war. Designer-client relations are not stable in Russia and are not even regulated. We have no professional unions and, of course, no support from the government. Newcomers to freelancing are often not aware that some customers are unfair, but they find out when they do not get paid.

Russian Web Design23

Q: Do you see any remarkable differences between Russian designs and ones in the US and Western Europe?

Genn: I am happy that distinguishing between designs in Russia and those on the worldwide scene is becoming harder and harder. The designs here are unique in their own way, but then the work of every good designer is unique.

Dmitry: As mentioned, the main difference is fluid layouts. Good Russian websites have a clear and semantic structure, and they don’t follow strict grids, which make the layouts dynamic and fresh. They use modern Web technologies, combining unobtrusive JavaScript with clean xHTML.

Russian Web Design - UK Style Website. © Losinsky Vladimir25
Russian UK Style26

Q: How does all of this work?

Genn: I don’t know. I didn’t like physics in university much. When I ask myself that question, I start reading British science fiction. It doesn’t answer the question, but it has a lot of funny jokes.

Dmitry: Briefly, the situation is good. Russian Web designers are always looking forward and no longer do clumsy, heavy Flash-based websites. We have started to concentrate on usability and accessibility and become more integrated with the rest of the professional world.

DC: Russian Web designers are even starting to organize professional unions (like WSG Russia27) and visit local conferences, such as 40428, RIT29, Drupal Camp30 and many others31.

Showcase Of Creative Agencies

Let’s turn now from the freelancing life in Russia to the FMCG32 and promotional sectors, where Russian creative agencies live. They do their best to impress consumers with their products and corporate websites. The results are meant to impress visitors and make them spread the news like a virus. Here are some agencies that have gained public attention as well as prestigious awards, such as the FWA, ADCR and even the Cyber Lions shortlist.

Design Depot33

Design Depot34


Russian Web Design - OrangeLabel36


Russian Web Design38

Deluxe Interactive6139

Russian Web Design40





Red Keds45

Red Keds46

Nile Studio47

Nile Studio48

Coalla Revolving49

Coalla Revolving50





Transformer Studio55

Transformer Studio56

Showcase Of Web Agencies

These guys create great websites and form the foundation of the Russian Web design scene. They’re not necessarily the best; they just do their work better than most.

As mentioned, ArtLebedev Studio57 is still the largest studio in the Russian market, based on portfolio size. To date, it has done more than 760 websites, 725 graphic designs, 113 product designs, 44 interfaces, 32 environmental designs and 30 presentations. This record is still unbeaten, and its brand is something of a guarantee on the Russian Web design scene. Also worthy of mention is its Bronze Cannes Cyber Lion award (the only studio in Russia to win it), and its internship program, which helps international students realize their ideas.

ArtLebedev Studio work58
ArtLebedev Studio’s work

The next largest studio in Russia is DEFA Interaktiv16159. It was founded by Dmitry Kozlov eight years ago and has made a success of its customers’ businesses with its highly professional skills.

DEFA Interaktiv work60
DEFA Interaktiv’s work

The quite new and fast-moving creative agency Deluxe Interactive6139 has already been mentioned at the Favorite Web Awards (FWA) and continues to produce great promotional Flash websites.

Deluxe Interactive work62
Deluxe Interactive’s work





Creative People67

Creative People68




Russian Web Design - Pixel72



Showcase Of Freelancers

Freelancers are the hidden force of Russian creativity. As we mentioned, anyone who can successfully freelance in Russia could handle art direction at any agency with no problem. To grow as professionals, freelancers need a decent place to showcase their work and share insight. Such places include Deforum.ru75, free-lance.ru76, illustrators.ru77, behance.net78, revision.ru79 and russiancreators.ru80. Quite a few magazines and blogs profile the best practitioners: kak.ru81, Designet.ru82, Designlenta.com83, Revision.ru84, Creativenews.ru85, Peopleofdesign.ru86, Omami.ru87, ru.designeast.eu88, designwar.net89, and Designcollector Network15091

Valery Fironov92

Valery Fironov93

Stepan Burlakov94

Stepan Burlakov95

Illya Mikhailov96

Illya Mikhailov97

Alexander Kizyachenko98

Alexander Kizyachenko99

Andrey Gorokhov100

Andrey Gorokhov101

Stas Polyakov102

Stas Polyakov103

Andrew Tron104

Andrew Tron105

Denis Drachyov106

Denis Drachyov107

Dmitry Sulliwan108

Description of the image109

Eugeny Muravyev110

Eugeny Muravyev111

Nazir Khasavov112

Nazir Khasavov113

Alexandr Martinov114

Alexandr Martinov115

Alex Kuh116

Alex Kuh117

Anton Ponomarev118

Anton Ponomarev119

Dmitry Evstropov120

Dmitry Evstropov121

Bogdan Sviridov122

Bogdan Sviridov123

Yuriy Degtyar124

Yuriy Degtyar125

Web Developers Online

The Web developer scene in Russia is well represented on blogs, too. We’ll cherry-pick the best ones here among the dozens that exist. On them, Web developers and intelligent commentators share their thoughts on various topics and host friendly communities. Vadim Makeev and Constantine Osnos chose these ones for us.

Vadim Makeev126

Description of the image127

Alexander Shabunevich128

Alexander Shabunevich129

Nikita Vakorin130

Nikita Vakorin131

Gennady Osipenko132

Gennady Osipenko133

Din Neville134

Din Neville135

The particular nature of Russian communication has produced these huge community platforms, where any topic can rise or fall according to the “vox populi.” Everything IT-related, from Web 2.0 to Web development, is discussed on Habrahabr136. The best place to talk about Russian Web standards is Webmascon magazine137. And Deforum138 is the place to share your creative work and welcome a crowd of decent, and sometimes obscene, critics.

Also worthy of mention is Injun139, a Flash and ColdFusion development blog, as well as Inforedesign140 and SEOBaby141, for their useful content. Nbsp142 and Internet Things143 are great for their professional content related to Web design, development and promotion.

Creative Formations

To round out our picture of Russian creativity, we’ll mention some online resources related to other design industries. For example, advertising: Adme144 and Advertka145. For fashion: LookAtMe146 and Fashion Communication147. And the 3-D and CG arts: Render Ru148 and CGTalk149.

Russian creativity bears fruit every day, and the best way to stay on top of it is to read our Designcollector Network15091 and stay connected to Russia’s magic networks.

Showcase of Russian Web Designs


Russian Web Design - ValdiGroup152

Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club153

Russian Web Design - Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club154

Yaltinsky Mjasozavod155

Russian Web Design156


Russian Web Design158


Russian Web Design - 73dpi160

DEFA Interaktiv16159

Russian Web Design - DEFA Interaktiv162


Russian Web Design164


Russian Web Design - JustParty166


Russian Web Design168


Russian Web Design170


Russian Web Design172


Russian Web Design - Gamer.ru174


Russian Web Design - F5.ru176


Russian Web Design178


Russian Web Design180


Russian Web Design182

Pink. 183

Russian Web Design - Pink. 184


Russian Web Design - SOFT BAG186

Rosinka International Group.187

Russian Web Design - Rosinka International Group.188


Russian Web Design190

Russian Web Design192

ElCheVive. 193

Russian Web Design - ElCheVive. 194


Russian Web Design196

Stella Artois197

Russian Web Design - Stella Artois. 198

Maminy Kolybelnye199

Russian Web Design200


Russian Web Design202


Russian Web Design - ...:::Tish:::...204

© Creative People205

Russian Web Design - © Creative People206


Russian Web Design - Stanley. 208

Panorama Parket209

Russian Web Design210


Russian Web Design - © Tomichechek212

Red Apple 18213

Russian Web Design - Red Apple 18214


Russian Web Design216

Stardust shop217

Russian Web Design - Stardust shop.218


Russian Web Design - mobilemarafon. 220


Russian Web Design - Ð’

MTV 2008223

Russian Web Design - MTV 2008.224


Russian Web Design226

Semejnoe Puteshestvie227

Russian Web Design228

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Hopefully you’ll find this new format inspirational and interesting. What do you think? Please let us know and comment on this article! Your feedback is very valuable for us and it helps us to meet your expectations. Thank you.

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This article is the first of our new series “Global Web Design“. Over the next months we’ll be covering various continents, featuring web developers and web designs from different countries of the world and taking a close look of what is happening in the web design scene worldwide. We start today with an article about web design in Russia. We will continue with Ireland (Lee Munroe) and Brazil (Fabio Sasso) upcoming weeks. Hence, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed2311 Subscribe to our RSS-feed232 for more similar posts.

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About the author

Arseny Vesnin is the founder and creative mind behind Designcollector.net234, a blog that showcases designs created by artists from Russia and other countries of the world.



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    As usual, and understandably, most of the design work featured is show-off stuff, rather than practical everyday web design. The artwork is fantastic, but little of it has any application to the needs, and budgets of the type of clients that I work for. They might be willing to pay for a fancy design at the outset, yes, but generally they hit a point in the financial cycle during which they can’t afford the ongoing cost of maintaining it, such as the cost of new design work each time they want to accommodate an unexpected requirement that has not been allowed for in the exisitng layout.

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    BTW, thumbs up for Russians and Ukrainians for amazing Opera’s popularity in their countries – over 20% of browser market share. Greetings from Poland :)

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    Very good article. Thanks!

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    Illya Mikhailov is a freelancer? Since when? Thought the Federation Tower website was created under ArtLebedev studio.
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    Love you guys ^-^

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    Hey, Smashing, what about latvian design? ;) There are some studios as True Vision and Scada that are my favourite and big in Latvia…

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    • 113

      You are wrong. Most of the shops have ugly and cheap websites based on free CMS and templates.

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    • 132

      Human brain recognizes graphical information more rapidly than textual. I think it’s logic to use graphic and illustrations when you need to show people something or tell them something quickly and efficiently. After all, not all web sites are there to tell War & Peace.

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    Great informative article! Thanks!
    As I live in Kyiv ) still have to note – most of designs based on visual presentation – a heavy nice pics. But we have to remember – that is Web, not a street gallery and sometimes transport can be random and slow, and sometimes there are people which doesn’t see well and can’t recognize what that beautiful color splash does. Also more and more people got to use a mobile gears with a tiny screens. I guess why bright pictures dominate – is a willing to impress studio clients. Western style of design – is willing to be good for site audience.

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    That said, awesome article.

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    If someone wants to see more cool webdesigns from Russia, you are welcome TheBestRussianSite

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    It is rather pleasant to see on an authoritative portal to see work of our designers and web developers. Our level for the present not such as others, but apparently during the last years we quickly grow. And it is excellent. SM respect for the review))

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    Как ошибается тот, кто думает “… и переполняет их чувство гордости за самих себя же по поводу столь стремительного развития”. Чушь! Дайте нам нормальную технику, уберите границы и будет всем вам безграничное и немыслимое под названием “Русский интернет”. Как много русских парней и девушек сотворили для англоязычных и не потому, что дешевле, а потому, что так больше никто не сможет!
    Дайте лишь время и мы обгоним всех!

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