All About Comic Sans – History, Examples and Best Practices


There are a lot of well-designed fonts around and one of them is Comic Sans. In this post, I will tell you a little bit about the history of Comic Sans. You can also view the examples of designs using Comic Sans and you can find out when to use this great font.

The History of Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a script typeface designed by Vincent Connare. It was released in 1994 by Microsoft. The purpose of Comic Sans is to imitate comic book lettering. Comic Sans has been an included in every Microsoft Windows OS since Windows 95.

Comic Sans Documentary

This is a short documentary about the font Comic Sans. Created for a video production course and inspired by the film “Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit.

The Creator of Comic Sans, Vincent Connare

Font designer Vincent Connare talks about the history of his most famous work, Comic Sans.

15 Examples of Comic Sans in Design


Chuck Norris2

I Love Comic Sans3

Wanted - Comic Sans4

Fox Comic Sans5


Comic Sans Town Map7

I Ain't That Bad8


Comic Sans10


I'm Comic Sans12


Say Hello14

Comic Sans Poster15

When To Use Comic Sans

Most people don’t know when it is appropriate to use Comic Sans. The diagram below should greatly help those who want to know when to use this font.

Use Comic Sans

Advice From ABC’s John Stossel About Comic Sans

Bonus: Comic Sans Goodness

Here are some more Comic Sans links from around the web. Feel free to share your own Comic Sans links in the comments.

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Design Informer does not suggest using Comic Sans in any design. We suggest deleting it completely from your harddrive. Don’t make the mistake that Hitler made by using Comic Sans21.


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  2. 2

    @Chris Wallace – Thanks! :)

  3. 3

    just famous for being shipped with Windows

  4. 4

    Wow, that was an amazing post! I can’t say I’d ever considered the history of Comic Sans before, but given it’s general hatred, I was curious to see. And the examples of it being used so well were fantastic, awesome post! :D

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    Excellent! I posted a link to this page on my daily design blog:


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    I loved this post! i watch all the videos, really nice to see all this
    thanks for share !!

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    @Ted – Thanks for the link.

    Also, to everyone, thanks for all the comments. I’m glad that you all enjoyed this post.

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    I thought this was a serious post at first and I almost removed you from my feed, but once I read it all the way through and had a good chuckle, I was glad to see you have a sense of humor.
    .-= mary fran´s latest Blog Entry – Friday Freebies – Business card templates =-.

  10. 10

    @Mary – I’m glad you read all the way through, or I would have lost a feed subscriber. Maybe next time, I should let the reader know right away that it’s a joke? But there would be no fun in that.

    BTW, your website looks pretty nice.

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    Really nice post :D here we can see good nice examples that comic can be use for some circumstance… OFC now we´ve to many choice´s to used instance of comic sans :D
    .-= designi1´s latest Blog Entry – Redesigning – Now need to make this title loger to try some new CSS features =-.

  12. 12

    @Designi1 – Thanks! Although, I still wouldn’t really use Comic Sans under any circumstance.

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    Great article!

    I translated it to portuguese and I’ve posted on my blog for newbies on design field:

    Just couldn’t find the videos with subtitles. Hope my readers will understand!

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    @Kris Efe – Sure thing! :)

    @Phil – Glad you liked it.

  16. 16

    Since Comic Sans is one of the default typefaces of Windows there’s is nothing to talk about. It’s there, it’s free, and it’s different from Times New Roman (as the video also rightly concludes).

    Most people absolutely don’t have any kind of taste, they just don’t care what kind of typeface is suitable to their “design” purposes. If Windows would contain Helvetica or any other perfectly designed font, people would use that – and we could live in a bit better (or at least nicer) world.

    Anyway, Comic Sans is a really ugly typeface indeed.

  17. 18

    Haha nice article. Good old comic sans…

  18. 20

    SO fun to see all those examples… Thanks for sharing.

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    I am strangely drawn to the design examples :D
    Brilliant post! Have linked you from Posterous =)

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    I happen to like Comic sans. >_>

  21. 26

    Surely in a history of this dreaded and maligned font, you can’t leave out the association of Dave Gibbons, Watchmen illustrator, in its origin.

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    This is Awesome Jad! I just wrote an article about Comic Sans on my site! LOL, at I posted a link on the comments there. Thanks for this collection :)

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    comic sans is the font I love to hate the most!
    .-= Lemon´s latest Blog Entry – The History of Beagles =-.

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    add papyrus font to the list

  25. 34

    Great article, I think that Comic Sans should be given a break. I mean, it is an awful font, but still, IE 6 is an awful piece of software and developers still program for it.

    Why not just ignore old Microsoft’s fails? ;)

  26. 35

    I like Comic Sans. The banner for this article looks fine. What’s wrong with it, one thing tell me???

  27. 36

    Comic sans is used innapropriately 99.9% of the time.

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  29. 38

    Honestly, Comic Sans is not a terrible font. Misused? Oh heck yes! But when it gets to the point that I see people whining about Comic Sans being used in Comics is when I think the hatred goes too far – honestly I think that half of the people who hate it, only say so because hating on Comic Sans seems to be the hip thing these days.

  30. 39

    Did you know the purpose of Comic Sans was actually to aid and diminish the confusion for individuals who have dyslexia. It’s among one of the few fonts that were made for such purpose. It is shown to help children with dyslexia to recognize the letters and words easier. So it’s actually a great font, however useless when it comes to everything else such as a formal presentation. On the other hand it’s great if you’re working with someone who is dyslexic.

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