20 Extraordinary Blogs With Unique Post Designs


While there are a lot of beautiful and well-designed blogs out there, most of them use a single template for each of their blog posts. Today, I would like to showcase 20 extraordinary blogs with unique post designs.

“While, yes, this is a redesign of sorts, I’m considering much more a rethinking. You see, what you’re looking at isn’t the design so much as the plan for design.” – Jason Santa Maria

Looking at the designs of these sites will make us all rethink the way we design our blogs. These designers have all managed to think outside the box in their designs. Let’s take a look at these 20 extraordinary blogs with unique post designs.

Avoid Contact with Eyes1

This is the blog of Adam Walker. Each post has a unique and interesting design.



An Idea4

An Idea is a nicely designed blog created by AgencyNet. While not fully changing designs on each post, the background does change in every post. Also, this blog includes a theme switcher as well.

An Idea5

An Idea6

The Bold Italic7

The Bold Italic is a blog that equips you with unique local intel, backstories and adventures that define San Francisco. Each post is creative and well designed.

Bold Italic8

Bold Italic9

A Brief Message10

This blog features design opinions expressed in short form. While each post is not completely different, the image and sometimes the background does change.

A Brief Message11

A Brief Message12

Chris Coyier13

CSS Tricks owner Chris Coyier’s personal blog. The background of his blog posts are different from each other.

Chris Coyier14

Chris Coyier15


This blog has an awesome design, as you can see in the examples. You can tell that they really put thought and effort into the design of each post.



Danny Garcia19

Danny Garcia is a web designer from Southern California. This is his blog. While he only has three articles right now, the designs of them are great and I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.

Danny Garcia20

Danny Garcia21

David Desandro22

David’s blog is just phenomenal. You really need to visit his blog. By the way, that circle text on his blog is not made out of an image, it is in HTML. I didn’t even know that was possible.

David Desandro23

David Desandro24

Dustin Curtis25

Well designed blog by Dustin Curtis. The little header at the top stays in every page and it’s very effective. Not only does he have a great design, but the articles are very entertaining and well written as well.

Dustin Curtis26

Dustin Curtis27

ESPN Outside the Line28

ESPN did a great job with these posts. I think they have over 100 different posts that are styled different. Great job, even better because it’s about sports.



Gregory Wood31

Gregory Wood’s blog has some really nice designs. Each blog post is completely different.

Gregory Wood32

Gregory Wood33

Hazardous Ink34

Only a couple of the article are different, but still a good job.

Hazardous Ink35

Hazardous Ink36

Hip-Hop Quoted37

This site gets me depressed. When I look at the different well designed posts in this site, I’m reminded of the fact that I have a long way to go in design. Great source of inspiration!

HipHop Quoted38

HipHop Quoted39

Jason Santa Maria40

This blog is probably the most famous blog in this list. Jason has done a great job with his blog and he has really broken out of the usual blog style with his site design.

Jason Santa Maria41

Jason Santa Maria42

Kyle Fiedler43

Kyle’s blog is phenomenal. The blog posts are very unique and colorful. He did an outstanding job with his blog.

Kyle Fiedler44

Kyle Fiedler45

Pumpkin King46

Pumpkin King is the web design and writings of Jeremy Girard. Very creative in the design of his blog posts. Check out the example below to see a preview of this great site.

Pumpkin King47

Pumpkin King48

Rad Nauseam49

Very unique website. The backgrounds that he uses in his post are very creative.

Rad Nauseam50

Rad Nauseam51

Tony Dewan52

Tony has a beautiful site. He said that he was inspired by Jason Santa Maria.

Tony Dewan53

Tony Dewan54

Travis Gertz55

Travis Gertz is a master at styling his blog posts. Each post is very unique and the designs are just stunning. The articles are great as well.

Travis Gate56

Travis Gate57

Trent Walton58

Trent Walton’s site takes advantage of that header area by using large images. These images change in every blog post. The site has a very fresh and clean feel to it.

Trent Walton59

Trent Walton60

So which one of these sites is your favorite? Also, do you know of any other sites that style their blog posts uniquely? Please share your thought by leaving a comment below. Your comments are needed and much appreciated.

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  1. 1

    Just awesome….. to be honest, i am fed up with the conventional posting design… this sure kicks in some inspiration.. thanks a ton for sharing…
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    Good blog, subscribed to many of them, thnx!
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  3. 103

    @Richie – While these designs are very nice, I still think that the regular blog format still has its place.

    @Waasys – Thanks for leaving a comment. I love your Illustrator tutorials!

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    Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  7. 460

    This is a website / blog concept that is growing in popularity ever since folks like JSM and David Desandro began with it. I can see this list growing quite a bit in 2010 as the backlash towards list posts and link blogs begins to occur.

    I am definitely moving towards this format for the next iteration of my site and blog for young freelancers. Thanks for the excellent collection of sites.
    .-= Bryan Connor´s latest Blog Entry – Free for a Reason? Type Design Quality and the Web Part 2 =-.

  8. 562

    Very awesome collection Jad!! Too awesome!

  9. 613

    Thought I’d comment before spending the next 2 hours admiring each of the sites layouts above :D

    I was just recommended to DI by a friend on Twitter and I’m glad I came.

    Keep up the work,

    Lou Sparx
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  10. 715

    Some layouts are really interesting, some are weird, but definitely unique. Not the usual layout you see an most of the themes..congrats for the list!

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    Are you still going to do a post on how to do this?

  12. 868

    Looks at calendar…

    It’s almost May…

    Excitement! Cannot wait for the tutorial/guide or more information regarding this layout type.

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    The design is awesome but i think it’s not good for SEO because using too much image like them will slow down the entire website.

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    Hi Jad Limcaco,

    just want to say one thing. After reading 3 post. I just love your blog.

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    Extremely pleased to be included in this list. Thanks, and a great post by the way… but I would say that :)

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    Very neat and professional design….Thanks



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    Awesome collection of very neat and professional blog designs. Keep it up and Thanks!

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