Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Artists Around The World


Photoshop is a magical tool for digital artists and photographers, and it rules the digital imaging world. It is not just a tool, though; Photoshop is a blank canvas that invites you to perform magic with your creativity. It gives you room to creatively manipulate photos and explore the artist in yourself.

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, in today’s post we decided to step away from technical design/coding-related topics and showcase some beautiful digital illustrations and their creators. Hopefully, the artwork will inspire you and stir your imagination.

As you know, so many more brilliant illustrations have been done by digital artists doing great work, but we cannot cover them all in a single post, so we will try to showcase them in our future posts (if you want to). If we forgot to mention the work of your favorite artist, please do share it with the other readers and let us know their name.

Shadow Chen

Born in China, Shadow Chen did post-graduate work in product design. Upon graduating, he worked as a graphic designer in fashion and freelanced as an illustrator and graphic designer, doing packaging, branding, poster design, website design, fashion and more. He is working on his own brand and paints quite a lot in his spare time.

His work has been featured in websites, blogs, e-magazines and galleries in Europe.







Igor Scekic

Igor Scekic is 23-year-old graphic designer and digital artist who lives in Zagreb, Croatia. He is interested in digital art, graphic design, photography and other traditional art techniques. Art is his medium of choice for expressing his thoughts and feelings.

Change the World7




Armageddon Incoming11


Digital Scenery 13


Stairway to Heaven 15


Music in my Head17


Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is a young and talented artist from Brazil. He has his own brand of Photoshop manipulation and has created s lot of great artwork so far.

Tiago Hoisel from Brazil19


Pavarotti 21






David Fuhrer

Self-taught artist David Fuhrer was born in 1985 in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Focusing on illustration and specifically on intricate detailing, David has produced some of the most inspiring and exciting work in the digital art community.

Fuhrer’s work is a treat for the eyes and mind. The depth of his work is as mesmerizing as the emotions his pieces elicit.

Drugg Free Zone27








Joshua M. Smith

“Hydro74″ is the Orlando-based designer otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. “The sole purpose of my career,” he says, “is to push the boundaries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work. But let’s be honest. I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet a sense of diversity to make any various project unique to the demands that are set forth.”

Lucas Films / Indiana Jones35


Black in Black37


Myspace Secret Shows39


Bobby Chiu

Bobby currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Bobby Chiu’s art career started at the age of two, with a box of crayons and his family’s white living room walls. He got his first professional art job at 17, designing for Disney, Warner Bros and Star Wars toys at Thinkway Toys in Toronto. Bobby has since won a number of awards for his independent work. He presently works as an illustrator for film and television, teaches digital painting online at, publishes art books and works on some top-secret projects.



Sea Life43


Twins – Totoro Forest Project45


3 Samurai On Horseback47


Sea Dragon49


Jeff Huang

Jeff Huang is a graphic artist and illustrator residing in New York City. He specializes in digital illustration and photo manipulation and has knowledge of 3-D modeling and animation as well as motion graphics and compositing. Jeff has been freelancing professionally for almost five years now and has been featured in many publications such as Adobe’s Design Center, Digital Arts Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. He is currently represented by Debut Art.

Fun in Park51




Erik Jonsson

Erik Jonsson, of Brooklyn, New York, freelances and studies digital media. He has a lot of mind-blowing artwork to his credit.



Festival Mantarraya57


Data Airline59


Maciej Hajnrich

Maciej was born in 1981 and works in Katowice, Poland. Self-taught, he is an established full-time freelance artist with five years of experience in print and Web design. In the last two years, his work has been commissioned by Back Row Productions, Platige Image, Weinsten Company, Warner Music Poland and Armada Skis, to name a few. He has designed illustrations for the musical “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert,” and he was a judge for iStockphoto’s Battle Royale, Widely published, Maciej is a member of the Keystone Design Union and Depthcore digital arts community.



Winter Espionage63




QUESTLOVE from The Roots67


James White

James White is a digital artist and graphic designer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. With 10 years of experience, James has worked on an array of personal art projects and clients, including Toyota, VH1, Armada Skis, Red Bulletin and Wired Magazine. He has been featured in Computer Arts, Computer Arts Projects and Advanced Photoshop magazines.



Boing Boing Gadgets71


Jericó Santander

Jericó Santander was born in 1985 in the Canary Islands, Spain. His passion for art began as a child. He graduated with a BA in art and moved to Madrid. During his two years in Madrid, he studied at an illustration academy, while working as a full-time graphic designer at a small creative agency.

The idea of mixing digital painting, photography and 3-D in one work excites him and helps him to develop his ideas. Jericó recently moved back to the Canary Islands, working as a freelance illustrator, but always finding time for his personal art.

Own World73




We all Fall77


Marco Escobedo

Ever since he was very small, Marco Escobedo, who hails from Lima, Peru, has been interested in anything to do with drawing and painting. More than a hobby, drawing became a passion for him, as he observed the work of other artists and realized that illustrations should be his career. His study of it in several workshops helped him penetrate the depths of the field.



Color explosión81




One hundred years of solitude85




Suliman Almawash

Based in Kuwait, Suliman Almawash is a dynamic digital artist and master of surreal and conceptual art. He has created a lot of amazingly creative digital artwork.

The weakness of silence89


Linking Meditation91




Kerem Beyit

Kerem was born in Ankara, Turkey, and started drawing from early childhood through the influence of comic books. At Gazi University, he studied graphic design for four years. He subsequently worked in various places doing graphic and illustration studies, book covers, local comics, as well as magazines and books for children. He has been working in the digital space for four years now and has honored with awards from CGSociety, CgChannel, Gfxartist, Cggallery, 3DTotal and CGArena. His work has been published in several magazines and selected for inclusion in Ballistic Publishing albums, Expose and Exotique.

Battle Dragon by Kerem Beyit95


The Dragons of Ordinary Farm Cover97




Kode Logic

Kode Logic is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. He first started drawing when he was six years old and still hasn’t let the pen out of his hand. He transferred to the digital platform and has been working on it for the past four years. He is continually learning new skills and different styles along the way. He has been striving to create his own style, and his thirst for knowledge is never quenched.

Let Her Go 101


Closed its Doors103


First Wave105


Justin Maller

Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been creating digital art for over eight years and has worked professionally in a studio and privately for the last three. He is represented by Jeremy Wortsman of the Jacky Winter Group.

Hair Culture107








Archan Nair is the creative showcase of 26-year-old self-taught artist, multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator Archan Nair. Based out of New Delhi, India, Archan is co-founder and creative head of the design and art agency Cropped Circles.

Specializing in art direction, illustration and digital art, he has produced quality illustrations and design projects for many brands, including Pepsi, Tiger Beer and GQ. He has been featured in publications such as Advanced Photoshop, Flair, Vanity Fair and Juxtapoz and has been featured by music artists such as Kanye West.



Sweet Sensations117




Jason Engle

Jason has been creating art for the publishing and entertainment markets for the past 10 years. His work has been featured on some of the most prominent websites devoted to science fiction and fantasy art, and he has been included in several notable books of collected art, including both the Spectrum and Expose series, as well as his own book, titled “Infernum: The Art of Jason Engle,” which showcases the first five years of his career. He has had hundreds of clients over the years, including Sony Online Entertainment, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade.







Maciej Mizer

Maciej Mizer is a graphic designer based in Lodz, Poland, and specializing in illustration, 3-D graphics, Web design and photography. His work has been featured in loads of major publications, including HIRO Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Web Design Index 8.

Can You Dig It127






Rado Javor

Rado Javor is a digital painter from Slovakia. He has his own style of digital art and has done a lot of great work so far.

La Rochelle133




David Waters

David is a freelance illustrator based out of Moscow, Idaho, USA. He is currently in his senior year at the University of Idaho studying graphic design. You have probably seen the work of this very creative artist a number of times without knowing it. David loves swimming and finding new movies and music to occupy his time.





Mario Wibisono

This dark-luminous guy offers some of the brightest eye candy around. He focuses on drawing girls and women, “a most wonderful subject that everyone (but mostly boys) loves to discuss (and fantasize about).” Whether it’s a hyper-realistic portrait or a fantasy-realism style, he is sure to dedicate all his expertise to producing the finest work.

Shiba Tsukimi141


Hida Eijiko143




Andreas Fernhede Dagman

The Super Awesome is the online portfolio of 25-year-old aspiring graphic designer and illustrator Andreas Fernhede Dagman. A student in his second year of digital media studies at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden, he recently completed a seven-month internship as an interactive designer at Sid Lee in Montreal, Canada.

Omega Coded147




Cynthia Sheppardt

Cynthia is 25-year-old digital illustrator with a extensive background in traditional art media and a passion for the fantastic. She hails from Fairfax, USA.

Half Her Heart’s Duet151


Cruciata Navaar153


Wonderland Deconstructed155


Queen of Thorns 2157


Alex Ruiz

The visions of Alex Ruiz range from dark and disturbing to vomit-inducing cuteness and hilarity. In his paintings, the creatures of his mind crawl off the page and transplant themselves into the unsuspecting viewer’s brain, even taking up residence there. Alex is a freelance concept artist and illustrator living in Los Angeles, California. He lends his talents to the film, television and interactive games industries.

Elephas Maximus159


Industrial Beach161




Mech-Dragon Battle165


Sakke Soini

Right now, Sakke freelances and balances his time between Web design, illustration, event management and promotion, DJ’ing and VJ’ing. He has worked with international acts such as Fred Falke, Busy P, The Toxic Avenger, Kris Menace and Anoraak (all from France); The Big Pink (UK), The Proxy (Russia), Handsome Furs (Canada) and Moulinex (Poland).

EVOLUTION, Los Angeles167




Music with Colors171


Pete Harrison

Ever since he was young, Pete was creative and wanted to pursue this creativity in life, By the age of 10, he knew he wanted to be a graphic designer and so tailored his education around this goal. At school and in his A-levels, he studied art and design. He went on to university and studied MediaLab Arts. These four years of his life can be best described as a metaphor.







Sleep is death179


Aaron Sikstrom

Aaron Sikstrom is a traditional artist whose work is quite modern. Influenced by pop art and surrealism, he has developed a style that blends fantasy and pop surrealism. Each image tells a story and shows his dedication to the craft.

Aaron’s work have been exhibited in publications such as “Ballistic Digital Painting 2″ and galleries such as Compound Gallery (USA). He is confident that his art will continue to attract new fans and bring him closer to a professional career in the arts.



The birth of venus183


The guardian185


A girl and her bunny187




Goro Fujita

Goro was born in Japan and moved with his family to Germany when he was two years old. He have been fascinated by drawing ever since he was a child.

He graduated from German Film School in 2005 and then specialized on 3-D character animation. Since then, he has worked as a freelance character animator and visual development artist on feature films and TV commercials in Germany. He currently works as a visual development artist at PDI/DreamWorks in Redwood City, California.

The Hunt191


Hidden Nature193


Juji & Ophelia195


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Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.


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  1. 1

    Enjoyed every bit of it. Makes me feel like goin back to my drawing board. Inspiration overload! Thanks.

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    amazing collection!

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    This is awesome! All these artists are very talented.

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    An AWESOME collection!

    Was going to pick a favourite but I can’t :-) Each artist has their own unique style and are brilliant in their own manner.

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    I dont see the hapiness. All drawings are dark and non positive.

    • 8

      You mean “negative?” and I guess you missed
      Sweet Sensations
      Color explosions
      Hidden Nature
      Juji & Ophelia
      or any of the other warm happy pieces too numerous to name individually. That negativity seems to be a personal problem

  8. 9

    i love it! very inspiring thank u so much!!

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    Awesome! Big COOLlection!

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    Beautiful collection. One small thing… the Architects illustration was done by Dan Mumford, not James White.

  11. 12

    This is amazing !!!

  12. 13

    Some very nice examples. Some definite Salvador Dali influence in some of them which is nice to see. Good work

  13. 14

    Some of them are really great looking with ideas from great artists. Others just playing around in PS “i use this, then this, then that…” – about nothing.

  14. 15

    I love all them, anyone has got talent. They got me inspiring! :)

  15. 16

    Really cool collection

    Someone who has an idea how to learn to make thoose kind og illustrations. Some tutorials or some pointers in the right direction?

    I cant imagine how to start if I should make one of thoose?! :)

  16. 17

    Very very cool collection. Really.

  17. 18

    i especially love the work of david fuhrer. apace is one of the most amazing illustrations i’ve ever seen.

    all in one good compilation!

  18. 19

    Check studio DrawEtc from Czech Republic!

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    Stunning collection..Thank you Aquil

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    Thanks for the great collection. Some of them I’ve seen before, still it was interesting to see more works from those authors. Jerico Santander and David Fuhrer are my favorites.

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    Saying beautiful would be an understatement. Thanks

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    This images are beautiful, but the most are very depressing…

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    So much talent out there! I don’t know whether to give up or try harder!

    I will be bookmarking this for when I’m in need of inspiration.

  24. 26

    In my opinion the showcase is too big, making for a boring ride along the post.

    It’s nice to see good works and unknow artists but it would be better to divide this into series then making a gigantic scrolling post where 90% of people will not see half of the artworks.

    • 27

      I completely agree. I was going to say the same thing. Sometimes when I read a Smashing post I get bored of scrolling down…

      • 28

        Yep, I agree as well. I find that typically Smashing Magazine is just a repository and they just do the typical “Top 50 (or more)” of everything. Be nice if they came down a few notches and stepped out of the whole large-posts-with-tons-of-pictures mode.

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    Sorry. All of them may be done very well but I don’t see a single one that I really like. None of them are stunning. They are really well done. But not great.

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  27. 31

    You’ve put together a really nice collection Aquil. Checked your blog and you have some great articles, and unseen pieces of inspiration there. Congrats and keep it up!

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    Quite stunned by the talent displayed here, thanks SM.

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    my brain has gone into an overload. simply astounding collection. keep up the good work.

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    More crap then good … Oh wait, did I happen to mistake this comment list for the beginners Art 101 column ? Smashing your really losing your touch..

    • 36

      If you’re going to be so blunt as that you have to leave a link to your own site of works to see what it is a “professional” illustrators work looks like.

  32. 37

    These are beautiful. I know I’ve been a critic in the (recent) past of “lists”, but this is quite the diverse set of professional illustrations — something for everyone I’d say.

    The only thing I’d be interested in seeing on top of this would be short artist interviews (even a paragraph) concerning what inspired their pieces, how they learned to do what they do, etc.

    I really enjoyed this piece Aquil!

  33. 38

    Thank you, Aquil Akhter, very much!

  34. 39

    nice…its great and very creative…like this post;

  35. 40

    Good PS techniques, but somehow most of them say nothing to me, they transmit nothing…

  36. 41

    Hey guys,
    Superb showcase.

    There is an illustrator friend of mine, he recently won the silver medal on NYC Illustrators Society. His name is Leo Espinosa. His illustrations are not that complex but genius in simplicity. I realized that many of the work exposed here has one trend and it would cool if other kind of developments.

    Keep in mind.

  37. 42


  38. 44


    So when are we going to see a showcase of GIMP and/or Inkscape illustrations? ^.^ Throw open-source a bone, it’s where WordPress comes from!

  39. 45

    Knowhow excellent.
    Beautifull? No way!!

  40. 46

    Great showcase. Tiago Hoisel is extremely talented. I would love to be able to create characters like his.

  41. 47

    Awesome collection, great inspirational stuff. A lot of artists I haven’t heard of.

  42. 48

    thanx u so much From Mexico for this post
    it’s really amazing

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    around the world? oh my , this article is going to be difficult to handle. Like other said showcasing people around the globe, thats too big .IMO

    . but quite cool man, this is good inspiration still great article btw….

  44. 50

    thank you for this showcase

  45. 51

    Some talented photoshop users and illustrators but no really amazing pieces and a stretch to call a lot of it art, its just random imagery thrown together in photoshop. Maybe the selection of work it just too broad.

  46. 52

    Great Artworks i have ever seen, specially like illustrations of Bobby Chiu and Tiago…

  47. 53

    The artists featured here are all amazing and inspiring, but it would have been nice if you’d featured more female artists.

    • 54

      I agree … surely there are more talented female artists than the one that you included (though Cynthia’s work is amazing).

  48. 55

    These images are just amazing, I wish I had talent like these guys and girls …

  49. 56

    Sooo good works!!!
    GREAT INSPIRATION …. if i dont get discouraged..

  50. 57

    Wow, someone has a deviant art account. A well earned 100$ or whatever sir.

    • 58

      That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Deviant art is one of the biggest collection of art on the internet, of course he’s going to find a wonderful collection of art from there.

  51. 59

    Amazing collections….

  52. 60

    I think it was said before, but some of these are excellent and others are just… eh. I think perhaps you should showcase fewer artists at a time and be a little more exclusive.

  53. 61

    superb collections

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    Nice article

  55. 63

    nice BUT It would’ve been nice to see some more female artists aswell…

  56. 64

    Amazing works but not all of them were designed purely in photoshop but retouched in Photoshop.
    Many of them where developed in 3ds max, maya and zbrush.

  57. 65
  58. 66

    you should also check out a great Digital Painter artist: Randis:

  59. 67

    Nice post. Not my style but I think it’s very hard to make suchs illustrations.

    by the way… still cant get used to the new smashing layout..

  60. 68
  61. 69

    Nice works. Scekic and Mizer are good

  62. 70

    Hi my name is Jessica Fortner and I myself am a illustrator ( It’s interesting to see different approaches and styles and even similarities among artists. Of course, not all styles are for everyone, but I’m sure amongst the huge list there is something for everyone to enjoy. I would have however, liked to see more women artists represented.
    Still, a good post and I would definitely like to see more.

  63. 71

    Hey – where are the LADIES??

  64. 72

    November 27, 2009 6:28 pm

    very creative…

  65. 73

    I’m a designer but i’m wondering how they do such things with photoshop!

  66. 74

    Nice list of artists and some beautiful artwork. Bút, like it was mencioned before I would prefer to have this divided to several posts during a period of time. With a list like this, I like to take some time to visit the artist´s website or portfolio, but with so many to look at, the time needed would be so great that I´ll never get around to do it….

  67. 75

    (kød)² = imagination

    November 28, 2009 10:35 am

    sin imaginación no seriamos nada… excellent job

  68. 76

    Only one woman, and she’s stuck way at the end?

  69. 77

    Some really nice work here. The Joshua M. Smith work is our favorite.

    Good stuff.

  70. 78
  71. 79

    these are all brilliant works of art.. i’m inspired by some of the artists and they have opened my eyes to some of the possibilities in PhotoShop.. Thank you

  72. 80

    Only one female artist? Seriously?

    Stephane Pui-Mun Law:
    Jill Johansen:
    Ursula Vernon:
    Jessica Peffer:

    For starters.

  73. 81

    Wow. One woman artist? Way to throw us a bone there, boys.

  74. 82

    I just liked Tiago Hoisel’s work. Everything else is… ok.

  75. 83

    fantastic work awesome ideas……………!!!!!!!

  76. 84

    Sometimes the line between art that’s inspiring and art that’s so good it’s defeating, gets crossed.

    The line has been crossed, damn.

  77. 85

    No doubt, almost all designs are very beautiful. I wanna mention my designs as well. Please have a look & share your feedback:

  78. 86

    One female??? You go worldwide to seek out talent and you come up with one female and the rest guys? Come on…. get with the times.

  79. 87

    No really, whomever put this piece together, did the compiling and researching should:
    a) be fired or find another job;
    b) go back to school and read your history on gender equality
    c) open your fucking mind and close your fucking pants as women are not pieces of meat for your pleasure, but incredible and talented artists that should get the recognition we deserve.

  80. 88

    amazing works…….

  81. 89

    im actually a little dissapointed looking at this, its all morbid and sad, plus a lot of these “artists” just seem to be using brushes randomly and letting the program do all the work., Looking at this reminds me that digital art will never take over, no matter how impressive the programming. its cold and oblivious to human nature.

  82. 90

    very beautiful collection

  83. 91


    March 20, 2010 11:22 am

    hi i m also a student of this field from last 4 month’s .his artwork can inspire anyone in this feild….
    great work. i can only say his work is speechless……………….

  84. 92

    hai this is intreting and beautiful collections…

  85. 93

    awesome stuff. thank you fot that

  86. 94

    hmmm…I don’t know the demographics, but I’m willing to bet its mostly men working with photoshop and illustrator these days. I could be wrong, but wow, the hostility in here…

    Anyway, I think most of these peices are wonderful…I do agree with billbong that most of these pieces are too dark for my taste. And the comment about just placing random brushes everywhere kinda makes sense…except with the surrealism stuff. I really wish I was that talented…

    Anyway, just thought I would post this here since we are supposed to be a “community” of designers and developers. I heard about this little poster gig at a ski resort pretty close to where I live…great for a starting designer looking to get some experience and something to put on their resume….

  87. 95

    amazing collection, loved it absolvutley slick !!!!

  88. 96

    That’s Awesome. Great job , man

  89. 97

    Daniel Sternlicht

    November 8, 2010 1:48 am

    No words…

  90. 98

    Really good stuffs!
    Thanks a lot!

  91. 99

    most awesome collection of digital art ive ever seen will be posting mine very soon hope youl guys like it….that is if i’ll beable to let them be published, lol…

  92. 100

    Good Work

  93. 101

    All drawings are dark…but fantastic work

  94. 102

    LALALALALALALALALALALALALA. Your pictures are so pretty, mine look like alsdhfahjfxk. Great work.

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