50 Beautiful and Creative Blog Designs


The most recent collection of creative blog designs1 was featured here on Smashing Magazine back in July. Only three months have passed and we’ve got a new dose of inspiration for you. Beautiful and sophisticated designs are constantly appearing on the Web; creative activity is in non-stop mode, despite global economic shocks and unfortunate events; and this is surely a positive sign.

Today, we showcase 50 fresh, beautiful, inventive and, hopefully, inspiring blog designs. The variety of styles represented in this collection is considerable, so everyone will be able to find a tasty piece of inspiration for their own creative aspirations. Notice that every screenshot is clickable and leads to the website itself.

Beautiful and Creative Blog Designs Link

Jason Gray Music2
Jason Gray’s blog was initially WordPress-based, but it now has a beautiful and original Flash appearance that we just couldn’t pass up.


The Pixel Blog4
This exquisite blog belongs to a Web design and marketing company called The Pixel. Amazing graphics in the header and footer, along with a giant tree (the branches of which separate the posts), make this design pure eye-candy.


Sushi & Robots6
Sushi & Robots is the journal and portfolio of Jina Bolton, a San Francisco-based designer, developer and author. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, this website is definitely a master class.


The neat desktop-themed design of WorkAwesome’s blog is definitely worth your attention.


One by Four10


Jason Santa Maria12


Dustin Curtis14


Jack Cheng16


New to York18




Abduzeedo, which is bookmarked by every Web design fan, was recently redesigned. The highlights are considerably enhanced usability and unique post teasers.




Darren Hoyt26


Point & Anchor28
It’s all about the lines here. Point & Anchor’s blog design is quite engaging.


Trent Walton30
Neatly combining a few uncomplicated code hooks, the founder of Paravel Web design agency, Trent Walton, has created an original, attractive blog. The presentation of each individual post and the overall layout of the blog are remarkable indeed.




The website of digital studio Fudge is currently under construction. Still, the way it has designed its latest news log is worth mentioning here. Photoshop interface imitating design is a neat idea. Plus, the navigation is a treat for the eye.


UX Booth36




Design Intellection40
This simple yet admirable blog design is achieved using HTML 5 markup. The dotted typography for post numbers is a nice touch.


Biggest Apple42
The pure style of Biggest Apple’s website features a gorgeous sketch in the header and some pretty icons all around.


árbol textual44


Helium Workx46






Mark Boulton52


This is a working library54


LaMalla.cl (Chile)56
This amazing blog belongs to a small community of creative people, a space to share links to inspirational info from all over the globe. A grayscale geometrical background and cool jQuery effects make our exploration of this website a really enjoyable experience.


A clean style, nifty typography and hover effects make for a great blog design. Excellent work by Contrast, a Web apps development crew from Ireland.


Demain J’arrête (France)60
This classy comic strip is available in French only, but the blog’s design won’t leave you cold.


Fran Fernández62
The blog of Spanish singer Fran Fernández features an expressive and slightly careless-looking graphic design, which reflects the passion of the musician best.


Stéréosuper (France)64
Stéréosuper is a successful duo of creative folks working in the field of multimedia. Boris and Jean-Francois are keen on karate: perhaps this explains the imaginative fighting characters in their design. The dark color scheme and hatched elements are quite appealing, too.


Music City Unsigned66
This cute blog belongs to the Nashville community of emerging artists. Although it is Flash-based, you won’t have any problems with accessibility or navigation here.


Tal & Acacia68
Unpretentious beauty: this is how we would describe this design. Pastel-themed graphics give it a special flavor.


Denis Chandler’s Blog (Another Blog About Stuff)70
The style of this blog is fairly conventional, but look at the header! This bit of spice elevates the otherwise formal design, bringing in some splash.


This blog of Cape Town Web designer Brendon Grobler features an offbeat layout and great use of typography. This is what Brendon says about his blog redesign: “I tried to create something less “bloggy” and more graphic, focusing strongly on typography (which is one of my great design loves) and imagery.” The result is impressive, wouldn’t you agree?


M1K3 74
This blog (belonging to UI designer and developer Michael Dick) is an example of an excellent dark design.


Mark Forrester76
This awesome blog-styled website is a creative outlet for Mark Forrester, a “half-baked” (his words) English/South African freelance designer and entrepreneur. The journal is easy and pleasant to navigate, and the cartoon illustrations in the header and footer are incredible. (They were designed by Cape Town-based illustrator and cartoonist Alex Latimer77).


Jord & Chan79
This nice duo-themed layout presents two strips of content on the same page, a very original idea. The smooth background texture adds more charm to the design.


This blog has a lovely surprise: you can change the design’s theme, choosing from two amusing cartoon-style backgrounds.


Jonah Levine’s blog follows simplicity and a pure style. An attractive dark design, and a good use of lines.


Marcel Müller blog85
Marcel Müller’s blog has a stylish, corporate look. Another good example of precise, minimalist design.


This really is something striking. Everything here, from the header to the footer, is extraordinary and hyper-creative.


The Swish Life Magazine89






Manuel Romero95



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  1. 1

    Whoa. Some real great inspiration there! Hoping to come up with a great design for my blog as well :)

  2. 2

    Amazing where we are today in web-design! I just had one of my first web site design books in my hands today – David Siegel’s “Creating Killer Websites” from 1998. It’s really impressive what happened in the meantime if you compare the killer sites from then to what we se here and every day online. Great collection.

  3. 3

    One day I’ll make it on to one of these lists… :)

    Some very nice designs on that list. Its good to see how some of these have matured from your post on blog designs from ages ago. And just bookmarked a few I’ve never seen before.

  4. 4

    wow. creative indeed!

  5. 5

    Sweet, thanks for the collection :)

  6. 6

    Woah! Some really awesome blog designs here. I just started my blog recently as well, but these designs are stunning!

    Tumble and the Pixel Blog are my favorites.

  7. 7

    I am personally tired of desktop themed design. There was a blog posting recently about some of the worst trends of web design and that was one of them. I have to agree with them.

  8. 8

    nice selection. a few tremendous designs and like Dan said before “One day I’ll make it on to one of these lists… :)”


  9. 9

    Thanks for this great inspiration piece. Quite a wide variety of designs and choices the designers used. Personally, I prefer some of the cleaner, “white” designs like those of “The Swish Life” and “Design Intellection.” However, the others are still great designs.

  10. 10

    Maybe one day I will be there too… :D great collection! Thanks!

  11. 11

    Great collection, a good way to start a creative day!

  12. 12

    Thanks for featuring us, and for the kind words.

  13. 13

    Awesome inspirations. I love the windmill. The variety of blog concept was inspiring!

  14. 14

    Amazing blogs. Jason Santa Maria’s blog is really one of a kind.

  15. 15

    Some fantastic looking blogs there. I hope to see mine there one day :-) – when it’s finished maybe!!!

  16. 16

    I love the cartoon strip-like Demain J’arrête (France) blog design. I think it’s a brilliant idea :)
    Nice round up btw!

  17. 17

    Great list ;-)

    My favourite was Mark Boulton’s super simple design.

  18. 18

    Inspirational. Really nice collection … now i know just how good MY blog has to be to make it on the list .. i better get to work :)

  19. 19


    Firstly I would like to say a big thanks for being listed on your top 50 Blog Designs.

    We spent a long time developing the look for our new site and was really interesting as the artwork we used was intended for a 3D Flash site which we will be launching in the coming months. We were so impressed by what our artist did that we wanted to use it and thus the blog was born to show traditional sketch artwork.

    Thanks once again!!!

  20. 20

    Superb collection, thanks!

  21. 21

    i wonder when is the day that i’ll make it in this list.. hahaha
    anyway, ctrl-d > enter. better to bookmark than never. XD

  22. 22

    Thanks for featuring UX Booth! My favorites are easily: http://demainjarrete.stpo.fr/ and http://www.newtoyork.com/


  23. 23

    Great post, some of these are truly inspiring. Thx

  24. 24

    I liked the design of `The Pixel Blog`, I wonder how do these designer get such a beautiful and creative designs ? Any ideas ?

  25. 25

    Awesome blog designs.Great collection.

  26. 26

    grt post…i love smashing magazine…i gettin updated by U guys…

  27. 27

    A few of them are very bad. Can’t understand what they are searching in a “beautiful blog design” Post…

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    all creative designs for better inspirations, i really like and getting ideas as well. thanks

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    Really great collection of designs…very much inspirative….

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    Why I am not so creative? ** Thanks for that!

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    Really beautiful blogs, and so many I haven’t seen before… where do you find them all?

    Maybe one day I’ll be in such a list, too…

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    So Great, your blog is place that I found many things about graphics. Thank you so much.

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    Love the 30 Minutes a Day design! Great collection!

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    It’s always funny to see the coffee at the blogs :) I think it apperas in just one design but it’s great. Like standard.

  35. 35

    These are awesome…

  36. 36

    These are all fantastic looking, as always. But content is often over-looked by designers – meaning you log onto their site, admire the graphics and leave.
    However some of these go beyond that, an example being Jack Cheng’s 30min post. Now that sounds and looks good.

  37. 37

    What I like most is that when you think you have seen all there is something that changes your mind. Awesome designs!

  38. 38

    50 or 60? I didn’t count

  39. 39

    Great list. thx.

    I like to see gaming / game sites design list too :)

  40. 40

    I wonder, when SM will consider http://10words.richpurple.com/ as a creative blog. OR at least proivde the feedback on the same.

    BTW, nice post.

  41. 41

    Thanks a lot for including us! We really can’t believe it! :-DD

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    Wow, thanks a lot for the feature – its an honor for me that you liked my humble blog, and also to be among those amazing blogs! :-)

  43. 43

    To be honest im really bored to watch the same sites over and over again …

    • 44

      How you can look at these and be bored is beyond me.

      I see pure talent and dedication.

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        I dont say they are not nice , but i see them in almost every article… its boring already

    • 46

      I understand, I feel the same with you. I am bored these site too. many sites have seen many times. and I really think there are more delicious site there.

  44. 47

    Enormously huge headers seems to be commonplace nowadays. I personally dislike this trend as they take up too much screen real estate.

    Netbooks have very low resolutions in height (600 pixels) and many of these designs will become cropped on a netbook, and that does not look very good.

    Make another minimalist blog list sometime! :3

  45. 48


    Thank you very much for this post. I am from india and here web design is far behind than the current design trend. But this will surely push me to discover some unique style in web disign.

  46. 49

    Sushi and Robots looks a lot like Jim Mahfood, the comic book artist’s style. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t some kind of coincidence. He lives in LA though.

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    Awesome works. Some of them really inspiring, but other are not some much to take a look.

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    wow nice collection of new creative blog websites ill bookmark it

  49. 52

    Fudge is my favorite.

  50. 53

    Great post! I love to see new blog designs. Jason Gray’s blog is awesome.


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