The Unique Portfolio of Serial Cut


Serial Cut is a studio based in Madrid. It was established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto. They work on a wide variety of different projects, but they focus mainly on Art Direction. You should check out more of the studio’s work by visiting their website1.

“Image and type are a great combination that we like to use on all the projects we work on. Typography plays an important role in the end product.”

I was really impressed when I saw the portfolio of Serial Cut. It featured a very clean style, yet it was very unique. Most of the designs that they have done are made with image cut-outs that are then mixed with real-life objects. They have really mastered this unique technique. Go ahead and check out their impressive designs and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


Photocollage for the Technology Special of EP3, a weekly supplement included in the Spanish newspaper El País.


Pop-Up Trains4

Real still-life pop-up books for Renfe’s new campaign, featuring the entire range of this year’s fleet of trains against different landscapes for each pop-up. Photographer: Paloma Rincón.







Reboot Your Life11

A cut-out still-life of a summer scene for a special report of this American magazine dedicated to providing different plans for rebooting your travel life, such as diving, biking around a winery or discovering the meaning of life in Asia.





Still-life of retro music items and souvenirs from Barcelona as main image from this 55th edition of a Classical Music Contest. Commissioned by Astrid Stavro studio. Photographer: Paloma Rincón.






“Millions of tracks for the price of one CD,” is the claim visually represented here, displaying a variety of groups whose music can be bought at the online store of this MP3 player from Microsoft.


Love the Planet – Roca22

Roca, the Spanish company that produces devices for water conservation, recently took on the challenge of reducing water consumption by up to 50%, with the intent of wasting less of one of our earth’s most precious resource. Special guest designer: Mr. Oso®.



Stupendo Records25

Global image for Stupendo, a records label based in Barcelona. Photography by Paloma Rincón. Model: Roberto Sanzcarlo. T-shirt by Alex Trochut.

Stupendo Records26

Stupendo Records27

Milky Splash28

Illustration for the Thank You book, edited by Channel 4, including names of different performers from “The 11 O´Clock Show”.

Channel 429

Mind Candy30

3D illustration for a card from a board game called Perplex City, blending six samples of two existing words into new words. Special guest designer: Mr. Oso®.



Still life with sculptures of Lladró’s Re-cyclos Magical project. Made in collaboration with Ipsum Planet and published in Neo2 magazine as a promo. Photographer: Andrea Savini.


Game Paused34

Ceramic dish from a collection of 8 hand-painted dishes of game heroes for the exhibition “Game Paused: A Creative Celebration of the Videogame”. Featured here is the 1UP Bonus dish.

Game Dish35

Fresh Wad Paint36

Fresh paint version of WAD’s logo, used as a promo image for a work of art for the magazine, based on still-life with cutout elements.



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