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This is the second edition of Wallpaper of the Week here at Design Informer. This week’s wallpaper is entitled Ideas are Powerful. The whole piece was inspired by a quote from Napoleon Hill. The design uses light pastel colors, and it is quite playful. Make sure to view the large version of the wallpaper so you can read the small caption.

Ideas are Powerful Link

Ideas are Powerful

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  1. 1

    Great resource! I use the Google calendar mostly and have always had issues with trying to design a calendar feature into some of the sites I design.

    Thanks for the great list of resources, will definately bookmark and check them out further for use!

  2. 2

    Just saw that i got a Pingback for ‘Calendar System’ at Nodstrum.
    This has since been updated with: http://nodstrum.com/2007/06/27/mysql-calendar/


  3. 3

    nice post!
    but i want a calendar to support arabic and persian calendar, which of above calendar are ?

  4. 4

    Another important js date picker which has been omitted here:


  5. 5

    easy to print calendar, unix:

    cal -y > $Deskop/calendar.txt

  6. 6

    I can recommend the easyphpcalendar(see under Online Calendars with Database-Support), it has worked flawlessly on three different sites and styling it is quite easy.

  7. 7
  8. 8

    Great list! Thanks for the Mashable Google Calendar Tools link too!

    – Adam Hirsch, Mashable.com

  9. 9

    Don’t forget the great downloadable and printable calendars over at DIY Planner – all sorts catered for…


  10. 10

    Great article! Fantastic list of calenders as well! However, I personally do not plan much thus not needing any calenders. And If there is really a need to, I would rather use a physical calender then a online one. I personally feel that it is much easier to use and access etc.

  11. 11

    wow.. i was just about to search google for a new cal. decided to check out SM first.. guess its my lucky day ^_^

  12. 12

    I’ve created an interesting prototype calender here

  13. 13

    well done… once more :)

  14. 14

    Here’s another more-or-less semantic experiment of using ordered lists:

  15. 15

    You missed out on hipcal for web based calendars, it’s most excellent.


  16. 16

    There are so many great resources, but I’m still stuck on hard copy calenders. That way the whole family is able to quickly glance at our dry erase calender and find what they need to find. As far as work goes, we seem to manage well enough through our task managers for now.

  17. 17

    Woow… nice posting! I’m still stuck at managing my time sometimes, I hope adding some calendar timeline will help… KiKo looks cute btw…

  18. 18

    Hot dang. Everything you always wanted to know about calendars. Great, thorough post.

    Except for one thing… you left out one of the most rock-solid (I’ve tried many) JavaScript calendar / datepickers from NSFTools’ (disregard the Lotus Notes talk, it works anywhere):


    May not be the sexiest, but it’s still style-able via CSS, and is among the most stable & reliable pickers around.

  19. 19

    For more reviews on calendar apps take a look at http://www.calendarreview.com

  20. 20
  21. 21

    Thank you so much for listing iZeit. I’ve had over 200 visitors from SmashingMagazine so far!

    You’ve always got great articles, keep up the good work on the site! =)

  22. 22

    I developed a new calendar application. You can check it at; http://kodfabrik.com/app/dynCal
    If you’ll add my application to your post, I’ll be very happy.
    Best wishes.

  23. 23

    Maybe a nice addition: Vista-like Ajax Calendar.
    It’s a semi copy of the Vista taskbar calendar.

  24. 24

    This is by far the best thing I have seen and currently use it for my clients who want to show a calendar but don’t want to have to login to the calendar. It syncs with ical, it’s really well designed, and open source.

  25. 25

    one calendar that i have used for date picking is: Clean Calendar. very easy to use and install.

  26. 26

    Great Post guys!!! Thanks ;-)

  27. 27

    Spent about 1/2 hour looking for a calendar, and all of a sudden I find your article…done.
    Awesome post. Thanks

  28. 28

    I think you missed this one php icalender

  29. 29

    Hi Guys,

    Great post, I love online calendars! Thanks very much for the link as well, I’m honored :)

  30. 30

    Really impressive resource!
    Great work.
    Thanks to persons who share links in their comments too! :)

  31. 31

    Very good post!
    I think Famundo also have a great web 2.0 based calendar tool with a lot of options

  32. 32

    This one is quite good too Online Organizer

  33. 33

    excellent collection of resources. i don’t know how many times i would have liked to have had this info. thanks.

  34. 34

    Memotoo.com is a another calendar online and you can sync with iCalendar software compatible and with your mobile !

  35. 35

    Did you forget the amazing ExtJS calendar ?

  36. 36

    Prolly worth mentioning; version 2 of this calendar is out, now with datepicker

  37. 37

    This is a really good list. Here’s an interesting calendar that helps with groups of people:

    http://www.qlubb.com. They are designed for groups — so it’s a common calendar for everyone to see but they allow anyone within that trusted group to be able to edit that calendar – it’s like a group calendar.

    Obviously this wouldn’t work well for your own personal calendar but it good for a group to be able to post events, descriptions of the event as well as put in a shared to-do list, photos and other things that they provide out of the box.

    I’ve tried using google calendars for this before and it is cumbersome — not to mention I haven’t figured out a way to publish in a web page format that is useful (I can publish it for import but that’s not exactly what I want).

  38. 38


    June 20, 2008 1:35 am

    ohh dear such nice list of calendars.

    I like few but I guess you miss what I’m using currently.


    anyways thank for having such a nice list

  39. 39

    Perfect, exactly what I needed! Thank you x10.

  40. 40

    Hi there,

    does anyone know a calender for a fix community. My dreams are the following:
    The community has fix dates an all members can see these dates and make there discussions if they are joining the date or not. A supervisor can add or change dates and gets information how many people will join a desired date. Until no we are using “google kalender” but there is only a free text field and no “member data base”.

    tfrauenrath ->at<- gmx.de

  41. 41

    Really helpful list, thank you!

  42. 42
  43. 43

    Thanks for the excellent listing of calendars out there, does any one over here has uses or come across extJS based calendar utility ?…I am not looking for date picker but Calendar functionality with day/week/month view and pluggable data source.

    Appreciate your help

  44. 44

    thank you
    .-= designfollow´s latest Blog Entry – 15 Tools For The Freelancer On A Budget =-.

  45. 46

    :D ROFL… :D in first instance hurt me a little that slice head :D

    nice backgrd!!!
    .-= designi1´s latest Blog Entry – Get inspired by Christmas – 33 Resources & Freebies =-.

  46. 48
  47. 49

    Interesting wallpaper :)
    .-= Decent Weblog´s latest Blog Entry – 30+ Inspirational Quotes About Design =-.

  48. 50
  49. 51

    Convenient Calendar is a good free shared online calendar for families, friends, and groups. It also has a shared address book and photo album.

  50. 52

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