Incredible Black and White Typography


I love the use of different colors in design. Designs that use vibrant colors really attract my attention. I’ve definitely done my part in showcasing colorful1 designs2.

Today, we will be focusing on black and white. In the world of design, black and white definitely have their place. Using black and white can definitely add a touch of class as well as a classical element to a design. Just take for instance, black and white movies. Because of the lack of color, these movies automatically generate a classic feel.


When using white in design, it signifies purity, innocence, minimalism, as well as a very clean feeling. White definitely goes well with any other color.


On the other hand, black just always stands out. The reverse "print", as some would call it, is very popular in newspaper ads because they attract the most attention. Black is bold, elegant, mysterious, sophisticated, but it can also convey a conservative feeling as well.

“If everything isn’t black and white, I say, why not?”
- John Wayne

Let’s take a look at 50 incredible examples of black and white typography.

Note: Please click on the images to see them in their websites and to learn more about their artists.






State to State8






Fine Lines14



Future Deco17


Buy Gun19



















New York38















In the words of Stefan Kanfer,

“There’s something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery.”

So what are your thoughts about these typography pieces? Which ones are your favorite and why? Please make sure that you join in on the discussion and leave your thoughts below.

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  1. 1

    These truly are ‘incredible’, thank you :o)

  2. 2

    Nice list! I was hoping that you were going to post today. Keep up the great work!
    .-= Bluefaqs´s latest Blog Entry – 15 WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Comment Section =-.

  3. 3

    An excellent showcase of some very beautiful designs. Black and white does add a vintage feel and it adds a very sophisticated and elegant tone. Some of these designs are also reservedly modernistic Great stuff!

  4. 4

    What a great selection of type. Very nice article.
    .-= typegoodness´s latest Blog Entry – Orbitron =-.

  5. 5

    Wow, seriously awesome post. You really did a lot of work to to bring these all together. I honestly cannot decide which one I love the best. And I’m so glad you found a lot that I’ve never seen before.

    Great work Jad!

  6. 6

    Was very inspiring. Super sweet stuff. Loved it. Did I mention it was good stuff? Thanks for sharing!

  7. 7

    Woow thanks for such a beautiful collection..
    .-= vikas ghodke´s latest Blog Entry – 65 Light Graffiti For Inspiration =-.

  8. 8

    I just love it when both the form AND function of type is explored…add a twist such as black and white and you have just gone and made my grey day! well done and thanks!

  9. 9

    You made a great showcase… love typo and black & white…

  10. 10

    @Simon B You’re welcome mate!

    @Bluefaqs Your wish came true. :)

    @Josh Star Thanks Josh. I agree with you. That’s why black and white is always in style.

    @typegoodness I checked out your site and it’s awesome! I’m definitely going to be a regular visitor. By the way, your favorite should be SOLID cause I made that one. :)

    @Joppa Design Peeps You forgot to mention that it was good stuff.

    @Jordan Austin Lot’s of work to gather these but it’s worth it. Thank you for your compliments.

    @vikas ghodke You’re welcome!

    @devildesigner Happy to make your day! :)

  11. 11

    Great collection ;)
    Added this post in our weekly ‘Best of Web’.

  12. 12

    Very well done good share!!!
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  13. 13

    Wonderful post I love typography. Great inspiration.

  14. 14

    It is simply incredible! Looking on these great compositions you even are forgetting the headline Black & White. They are so rich and colorful! Our imagination plays with them… Thank you for great moments!
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  15. 16

    Awesome collection. Very nice effort :)
    .-= Site Reviver´s latest Blog Entry – Windows 7 Continued =-.

  16. 17

    I wanted to fav one over another, but I realized it’s impossible since nearly each of them was as terribly beautiful as the others.

    Thanks for the inspiring collection Jad.
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  17. 18

    Pretty awesome collection!! :)

  18. 19

    Awesome collection.
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  19. 20

    Beautiful showcase of B&W Typo. Very interesting and good for inspiration. Thank you for this work.

  20. 21

    wow! in your post, i found some are really really so so cool. truly incredible.
    .-= Sakib´s latest Blog Entry – 100 Must-Read Articles For Entrepreneurs =-.

  21. 22

    Probably one of the best collections out there! Black and white sure does bring out the important context there is in typography. Not saying color doesn’t. It’s just more striking this way.

    Thanks for posting!

  22. 24

    Nice collection and a great Inspiration! Thanks!
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  23. 25

    amazing ! .. great collection ♥
    .-= IVAN´s latest Blog Entry – Saturday inspiration #10 [Scenes] =-.

  24. 26

    beautiful displays of Black & White Typography!

  25. 27

    B&W will never go out of style. Great collection.

  26. 28

    “The reverse “print”, as some would call it, is very popular in newspaper ads because they attract the most attention” – true. However, the consideration of how the negative space is used with the black is important. Just because you have white on black doesn’t automatically make it interesting enough to grab attention – the expression of the idea needs to be good also.

    There are some amazing examples in the post. “Ink and Water Don’t mix” is very cool. Not sure you could reverse it and have the same impact though. That’s a post on it own… and one I plan to write soon ;) Might bookmark this article as something I can reference and link to. Would that be OK?
    .-= Manz´s latest Blog Entry – A Convenient Truth (Part 2) =-.

    • 29

      Great point Manz. Thank you for bringing that up.

      I agree, with reverse “print,” you definitely have want to have better letter-spacing as well as a generous amount of padding.

  27. 30

    Great collection—love it!

  28. 31

    Nice round up :) Thanks!

  29. 32

    My favorite was the one in the clouds, excellent collection mate! thanks for sharing! CHAO

  30. 33

    This is the best design article I’ve read in ages!!

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    Thanks for sharing. Retweeted, mooed, floated, and blended :)
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  32. 36

    Great list. Very inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay with God! =)

  33. 37

    very nice collection, Typography is so cool and art form by itself :)
    .-= loswl´s latest Blog Entry – The Lord’s Purpose Prevails =-.

  34. 38

    wow somw great examples, gotta love mono!

  35. 39

    Amazing typography examples

  36. 40

    I definitely remember seeing some of those in color… And i couldnt stop thinking that designs were simply inverted for B&W… yet, great collection!

  37. 42

    I’d have to say, black and white typography is absolutely gorgeous. Each and every one of these designs are very unique and really draws attention to my eyes. They all seem so classy, which is what I love about them.
    .-= Torrie Foster´s latest Blog Entry – TorrieFoster: @mgoldst I love your website and your work that you do. Awesome! =-.

  38. 44

    Great post, so inspiring!

  39. 45

    These are all very nice. I’m a big fan of Black and White design but its quite rare to see such a variations like this. For me I prefer the one with only pure black and white (no grey) with the exception of “paper cut” and “black mood” which are very nicely done.

  40. 46

    thanks for the collection..i like the 3rd one so much

  41. 47
  42. 48

    What a wonderful collection of black & whites… These do stand out more because of their simplistic but beautiful coloring contrast!

    Thank you so much for the share!
    .-= RM – InBoundMarketingPR´s latest Blog Entry – Alternative Energy and Smart Grid- and More =-.

  43. 49

    Very nice Post!
    Bonito pra kct!

  44. 50

    I love all of these typography, the Bring Me the Horizon logo looks great I have it on a t-shirt! Keep up that good work!
    .-= Stannmusic´s latest Blog Entry – Punk rock Christmas =-.

  45. 52
  46. 53

    Great inspiration. Thx!

  47. 54

    This is so inspiring work, it makes me speachless. Huge respects to the creator :D

  48. 55

    Great article. It’s very unfortunate that over the last one decade, the travel industry has already been able to to deal with terrorism, SARS, tsunamis, influenza, swine flu, and the first ever real global downturn. Through it all the industry has really proven to be powerful, resilient and also dynamic, locating new tips on how to deal with adversity. There are always fresh challenges and opportunities to which the business must all over again adapt and behave.

  49. 56

    I love the collection, and your comments about black and white, and its true, they give class and elegance because they make you think of classics, and thats whats classics are about, class and elegance.

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