Free Smashing Christmas Icon Set


Christmas is coming and, of course, it’s just the right time to provide you with some nice freebies to fresh up your designs. To celebrate the holidays, our friends from IconEden1 designed “Smashing Christmas”, a free icon set, dedicated to the design community and released especially for Smashing Magazine’s readers. The set contains 39 beautiful, well-crafted icons with warm and welcoming color scheme.

All icons are designed in 3 different style: realistic 3D style, simple shape style and button style – hence the icons are extremely versatile. This set is available in both vector and pixel format and available for free download and use.

Smashing Christmas Icon Set2

Download the icon set for free!

You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word.

Smashing Christmas Icon Set3

Thank you very much, guys! We appreciate your efforts.

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    The Russian design studio SoftFacade8 has chosen a quite unusual approach in design of the Christmas icons set. They put a lot of efforts to come up with some really unusual approach. While the icons exhibit designers’ close attention to the smallest details, they are also very colorful and can be used to decorate your weblog according to the Christmas theme.

    Preview1 in Smashing Christmas Icon Sets9

    The set includes 10 icons — RSS, Shopping cart, Portfolio, Comment, Links, User, Calendar, Contacts, Social networks and Print. The icons are available in resolutions 64×64px, 128×128px and as illustrations in formats .png and .ico.

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  1. 1

    very cool Icons, i like them very much!!

  2. 2

    Seems to be really nice icon pack :D going to try it on my web page!!! thanks

  3. 3

    Oh, so Cute! Thank you! Ho Ho Ho for a little holiday cheer! ;)

  4. 4

    Tudor Cucu Ionel (Crimz)

    December 8, 2009 12:30 pm

    Nice one ! ;) I have one too

  5. 5

    I like them :) merry xmas smashing team!

  6. 6

    Very nice! Just downloaded it. Thanks Smashing Magazine!

  7. 7

    Nice :) Thanks guys. Downloaded and about to retweet :)

  8. 8

    What a wonderful iconset!

    The details on the ribbon and the star are amazing! Thanks for that!

    Cheers from Bonn, Oliver

    P.S.: You know what you forgot? ;)

  9. 9

    What a nice Christmas gift! And what a great thing – the vector source is included, too! Many thanks IconEden, they are really beautiful!

  10. 10

    Haha, that reindeer reminds me strongly on “one piece”…

  11. 12

    Great set for the holidays. I can definitely incorporate these into some of my designs this month. Thanks SmashMag and IconEden!!

  12. 13

    Great set of festive icons. Thanks guys!

  13. 14

    Thanks! I appreciate the various styles provided, too. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  14. 15

    nice collections!!!!!

  15. 16

    The icon sets are wonderful! Being a blog designer, I strongly feel that it’s really important to spruce up ones designs with such icons for a homely feel to visitors :)

  16. 17

    Wow great work guys. Love the icons.

  17. 18

    Nice icons, lets downloaded it

  18. 19

    Great work, thanks Iconeden and Smashingmagazine

  19. 20

    Great as always

  20. 21

    Nand Kishor Singh

    December 8, 2009 8:45 pm

    Good icons… helpful for designers. Thanks!

  21. 22

    beautiful! thanks!

  22. 23

    i would like to use some of these on my blog websites, hope you allow us for that on this special event.

    • 24

      “You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions.” ;)

      And yes, nice icon set! Thanks for sharing.

  23. 25

    very nice… thank you very much :)

    and a big thank you to SM … I got my copy of the Smashing Book yesterday… I love it!

  24. 26

    Sorry to spam these comments, but it appears that the CSS styling of the front page of SM is broken (at least in IE 7.0). I can only find the CSS back when reading a past article.
    Clearing the cache didn’t change anything.

  25. 28

    Muy guapos. Gracias

  26. 29

    sleek stuff thanks a mil

  27. 30

    Thanks for the icon pack. So cute! I`m changing my site header to some Christmas mood!

  28. 31

    good stuff!! thanks…

  29. 32

    great and clean icons and in our huisstyle :)

  30. 33

    lovely icons indeed. and as always, the best quality from Smashing Magazine

  31. 34

    Thx for those very nice Icons! If you need some inspiration, how to vreate your own Chrismas-Icons, don’t miss “Photoshop – Winter-Tutorials”!

  32. 35

    thanks for your kindness

  33. 36

    limit nervous breakdown when i see thoses !!!

    (though it’s nicely done !)

  34. 37
  35. 38


  36. 39

    WO WO WO!!! I found a HOTTEST interracial club__M i x e d C o n e c t *.* _c_0_M___for black Women and white Men, or black Men and white Women, to interact with each other. Interracial is not a problem here, but a great merit to cherish!

  37. 40

    Very nice, I’ll have to use them on my site.

  38. 41

    Wow great

  39. 42

    Excellent thanks for share!!!

  40. 43

    Thank , great icon free :D

  41. 44
  42. 45

    Am I the only one to have no style in this page ? The textbox is so narrow that I can barely see what I’m writing. And when I look at the source code, what I see in the tag where the CSS is normallly linked is a freakin’ weird URL with a bunch of stylesheet links in a single attribute, while they must normally be in separate link tags. Because of that, the style doesn’t load whatever the browser used to navigate here. And most of all, because of this style problem, it took me more than 5 minutes to figure out where’s the submit button !

    Hoping that the admin or webmaster will see my comment and fix this very annoy8ing problem.


  43. 46

    Now that I sent the comment, the style loaded…

    Here’s the URL that I used to come here :

  44. 47

    Great Stuff, Thanks a lot. :)

  45. 48

    Nice! The reindeer is my favorite…

  46. 49

    Oh man … very cool!!

  47. 50

    Thanks! Just what I need to decorate my blog a little :)

  48. 51

    Great work! Thanks for sharing


  49. 52

    Thank you – I was hoping you would publish a set of Christmas Icons again this year and had been looking out for them.

  50. 53

    lovely set of icons and just in pre-Christmas time…

  51. 54

    esto esta bien

  52. 55

    Oh yeah! These are cool

  53. 56

    Thanks! Great Icons! I go used in my Blog!

  54. 57

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  55. 58

    Nice Collection

  56. 59

    They put a lot of efforts to come up with some really unusual approach. While the icons exhibit designers’ close attention to the smallest details, they are also very colorful and can be used to decorate your weblog according to the Christmas theme.

    ipad bag

  57. 60

    thank you so much! you guys help out so much with stuff like this!

  58. 61

    Thanks! Very nice.

  59. 62

    very nice, thx!!

  60. 63

    thank you

  61. 64

    amazing set of icons! thank you so much for sharing it :)

  62. 65

    Thanks a lot!!!!! And Merry Christmas!!! :)

  63. 66

    This is amazing! Thank you! Merry Christmas! :)

  64. 67

    Thank you!

  65. 68

    I think the icons I saw were good, but the real icons of Christmas seem to not be there. Is it all the political correctness? The real reason for Christmas seems to have been forgotten. It’s nice to have all these other icons, but can we have some REAL Christmas icons as well. The old Irish saying: Jesus, Mary & Joseph …. aha! they are the reason for the season. Thanks for reading.

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