50 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings


We have showcased different media of art and the different routes that you can take to express your creativity. We covered vexel artworks1, graffiti2, light paintings3, handcraft4, Moleskine art5 and many more. Now, to provide you with some fresh perspective, we decided to showcase a list of some inspiring watercolor artworks. We believe that watercolor art is a very powerful way to express your feelings — in particular, watercolor can be effectively used to represent the artistic vision on a piece of paper.

Watercolor paintings are considered a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings using water-soluble pigments. This medium of art is still very popular nowadays, and therefore we have prepared a list of some really impressive watercolor artworks that will surely inspire you. So get ready to be fascinated by these brilliant and vibrant watercolor paintings and let us know what you think in the comments to this post!

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings



BILBOV.(Lorus Maver)8


alfred ng10






Ricardo Pelaez16















Ben Tour31



Lora (Bahanca)34




Geliografic studio38















Brownie McGhee53






1958 Corvette59


Autumn Trees61


Abstract watercolor63


Machine Mama65


Marilyn Schutzky67




Island Glow71


Amstel Canal73


Abstract Watercolor75


Bouquet in the Window77


Zebra II watercolor79


Tom Herbert81


Where Time Stands Still83


Schliengen, Germany85


The Gathering Basket87


Teresa Lenar89



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  1. 1

    wow painting love titled my paintings

  2. 52

    I love the work by Geliografic Studio!

  3. 103

    Some artworks are there really amazing, my vote for Amstel Canal and The Sea Witch, they bot are beautiful…

  4. 154

    These are absolutely lovely, though I would like to see a list of techniques used if that information is possible to get! It looks like some of these were at least digitally enhanced, if not digital to begin with, and I’d like to know what’s possible and what’s not if I’m to incorporate watercolors into my designs.
    I agree with Matt, and appreciate your work in striving to find better pieces for this post. I do NOT agree with Luke, who’s perhaps missing the point of posting inspirational work and showing different artistic techniques. If his design is purely based on the digital, I feel bad for his clients.

  5. 205

    Oh, Smashing. Why do you do this? I realise that you’re trying to provide a diverse selection of posts to inspire people, but it seems like more often than not, the posts like this that are outside of your typical design purview are poorly-researched and poorly-executed. Before I even got to the actual artwork, I knew this post was going to be a disappointment; the intro has no actual content and makes it clear that the writer knows very little about the subject matter and was just B.S.-ing to fill space. As for the art itself, even if you ignore the cliched and digital arguments, some of the pieces are god awful, further supporting the idea that the author has no idea what he’s talking about.

    That said, I also agree that this new trend of “correcting” posts that get negative feedback is both distasteful and disheartening. You should be crafting posts that are strong enough to stand on their own merit, without you having to make excuses or corrections.

  6. 256

    So nice to see images that were made with human hands “unplugged” here on Smashing. Thanks for sharing, I am a huge fan of old school art. Lighten up Anita who commented above me.

    Take a little break once in awhile and enjoy something different. Opening up to other things always improves my own creativity.

  7. 307

    Please, Smashing, have the courage of your convictions. You uploaded a post with paintings that some find cliche, others lovely, others interesting technically. (I saw examples of all of the above in the paintings shown.)

    Part of what makes blogs challenging and interesting is that the poster is “out there” in a sense, stating and dating some opinion on a given subject. They may be wrong, they may change their minds. Over time the blog can reflect an evolving maturity of thought.

    Changing posts in response to readers removes the virtue of having a time-stamped post (unless you’re dealing with a typo or some similar item). It is of course fine and even admirable to admit you changed your mind – but there are better ways to do this than direct blog edits. Suggestions:
    * Post a separate “update” section to the blog.
    * Use the strike tag through items you’re editing, and note the edit change in the text.
    * To indicate a sea change in your post’s direction, use a separate post to discuss and share the changes, linking to the original from the new post, and to the new post from the original.

    I love Smashing design, but love is diminished when it loses respect. Stand up for your opinions! And when they stir dissent and discussion, be glad you started an interesting conversation :-)

  8. 358

    Nice Paintings

  9. 409

    worst post ever! Where is creativity in those watercolor paintings? The style is stuck in the 19th century.

  10. 460

    Really bad collection here…

  11. 511

    “nice to see images that were made with human hands “unplugged””

    …but note that many of these are not really watercolors. they are simply photoshop…a watercolor means you use water and color on paper. otherwise it’s a digital painting done in a watercolor style.

  12. 562

    the talent is fantastico! Thank You!

  13. 613

    Really like the paint brush one, really taking this medium to a new level.

  14. 664

    This is the worst collection of paintings I have ever seen. Most of them are actually ugly, and painful to look at.

  15. 715

    I apologize for my earlier harsh comment. I am a student of watercolor painting and when I saw the title, “50 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings,” I looked forward to an enjoyable morning viewing some truly good works. However, the title of the article was misleading. I understand that art is subjective but there are certain criteria that must be met for a painting to be considered passable by most viewers. Composition, draftsmanship, color choice and technical ability to name just a few. Most of these pieces fail to meet those points and many truly are poorly done, as I see them. Watercolor is a tough medium to master and usually requires years of study and practice. Perhaps many of these paintings were done by amateurs or beginners and I would not want my opinion to discourage any of them. That’s just what it was, too; my opinion, and, to be fair, two or three of the paintings show promise.

  16. 766

    Thank you for sharing these, I am currently painting my first watercolor and have been posting my progress on my blog. Mindezigns.blogspot.com. These are great inspiration pieces.

  17. 817

    I think they are very good, i like them a lot. i like how they are opening up a new style of thinking, and there not the same old stuff like trees, water, people, animals, etc. there different, and they are beautiful i like every single one of them in a different way. they make me want to bring out my creative side and start painting again.. :D i truely think that they are the 50 best watercolor paintings that are different :D

  18. 868

    Sile this Millennium

    January 4, 2010 12:27 pm

    I like to much give in mine e-mail for my friend in Romania ,thank you of lot !

  19. 919

    this is really amazing!

  20. 970

    I’ve seen much worse high school art than this! I thought the majority were beautiful. But the ones that worked best tended to push and pull me between the reality they’re meant to represent, and the reality of the medium itself. (ie. is that a girl or a drop of paint?).

  21. 1021

    i think it’s unfair that people are saying that some of this work stinks clearly all the work here has had an enormous amount of effort put into it….plus they never said that it had to be beautiful to the viewer the person who posted this just thought they were beautiful so stop being so critical….c=

  22. 1072

    Wow, fickle people. They are beautiful pieces and make me ache with the recognition I could never create such wonder myself. Thanks again Smashing.

  23. 1123

    some of them are a little cliche but i think gator and clare are really beautiful

  24. 1174

    Art really IS subjective. You say 50, I say 1.

  25. 1225

    whew!!!!…great art works…wish i can do that…ha ha ha would you like to give me one of your paintings??? please??? i like it
    thank you

  26. 1276

    you put work of world famous watercolorist here without permissions?? bay st. girl painting famous for award, did you ask artist??

  27. 1327

    I think the work was beautiful, some cliche but well done, some creative, moody, that’s what art is. No one said it was the Louvre, its a collection of “50 beautiful Watercolors” not 50 of the best in the world ever or anything, so I think all the negative folks should calm their bit. People are just sharing their work, those “critics” should be constructive, what techniques could be worked on, what perspectives should be changed? Don’t just complain, show us your work, show us what your creativity can create. Also, if you don’t like it so much why do some keep coming back to the board? Go back to your art book and scanner. Great work folks regardless of your art training or lack thereof, regardless of your mediums.

  28. 1378

    I don’t think art has to be only about novelty (addressing the claims to cliche works found in this set).

    Neither does it have to be a demonstration of outstanding technical skill.

    Dare I say that art should be appreciated for its beauty?

    For a brief example: “neko-gato”. As cliche as an urban plaza painting can be, not to mention nothing spectacular in the paint application.

    However the BEAUTY and the aesthetic of it still drives my emotions crazy. A introspective downcast palette that invokes nostalgia and antiquity.

    What do you FEEL?

  29. 1429

    Includes some very nice work. I would guess that the very negative comments come from jealous artists or would-be artists who can’t do as well themselves. Luke’s critique that this is so 19th century just shows his ignorance. I suppose he would say the same about Norman Rockwell. Or how about the Beatles, using all those ancient chords? They aren’t creative at all, are they Luke? I suppose you think atonal music is better? Hey Brannan “dude”, are you “for real”? For sure? My dog could make a more intelligent comment than you have. Artbizman, don’t worry, no one cares about your critique so you won’t discourage anyone. Who cares what you say? Certainly not an artist. It would be interesting to see the work of some of the negative critics, such as artbizman, so we can all judge how their work compares to the work they so arrogantly criticize. Talk is cheap. Anyone can claim to be an expert or a critic. The proof is in the artwork. So let’s see some links to your artwork, artbizman, and be sure to provide some space for feedback so we can critique your stuff. Frankly, the only thing that matters in the real world is how the art sells. I always laugh at critics who sneer at work by successful artists like McNight or Kinkade. It’s probably just jealousy that people prefer their art over the poor critic’s art. Grow up.

    • 1480


      March 15, 2010 8:56 pm

      I’m glad you have good sense. The other posts on this thing were getting under my skin. How can artists be so critical of each other? I thought the point of art was to do whatever you felt like doing, expressing what is inside of you? I guess some people just aren’t as open as they make themselves out to be?

  30. 1531

    very artistic…only a few “beautiful” if u take the word literally

  31. 1582

    thomas hippopotamus

    March 9, 2010 11:33 am

    ahhh good ole internet comments, the cesspool of the web…

  32. 1633


    March 15, 2010 8:53 pm

    I think that to be artists (aka “free thinking minds”) you sure do let your little textbooks and preconceived notions of what is “art” cause you some serious brain damage, and its leaking out onto the internet. Everyone has their own idea of beauty. DEAL WITH IT. It’s called an opinion, it canNOT be right or wrong. You may not like it, and that’s fine. If you don’t like it, go to another website and ogle at whatever it is your narcissistic minds think is beautiful and does “qualify” as “art” in your hugely egotistic, elitist heads. It’s called tolerance. I bet you guys are the ones that get really offended about how people aren’t tolerant of your “art”/clothes/piercings/lifestyles/ideas/whatever, but for the life of me I can’t seem to understand why you waste the breath to get upset if you are just as guilty. Get over yourselves, please. Your opinion is just that; YOUR opinion.

  33. 1684

    What a pleasure these were to see. Folks with True Talent

  34. 1735

    I totally agree with youdontneedtoknowit. There are alot of haters commenting. That being said, I think I enjoyed all of these in a different way. Yes all of them. In my opinion, art is something that makes you go, “hmm”, hence making you see the world a little differently. (I know that sounds corny but im a corny person). One in particular that I made an extra “hmm” for is Tom Herbert’s painting. As an abstract oil artist, I don’t see too many abstract works made in watercolor, so this made me happy to see. Plus I just like the aesthetics of the work. It seems as though it is two abstract paintings in one. The fact that you could almost divide the work into two different paintings lends itself to be strong conceptually, drawing the viewers attention to the constricting rectangle we all seem to paint on. Ok, enough blather. I love this list. Good work to all the artists and the maker of this list!

  35. 1786

    These are fantastic and I am happy to say that I am truly inspired!

  36. 1837


  37. 1888

    It truely sickens me that some people can’t appricate good art! These paintings are amazing! I would like to see you haters produce something as well as these artists!

  38. 1939

    Hey man.. these paintings r oosum ! some r innocent nd some r mysterius ,some r simply tooo simple but every painting can’t turn out a masterpiece ,its human nature guys!!!

  39. 1990

    whenever I fell the reasons to hold on and fight close when I was so cold

    those r lovly

  40. 2041

    i m an fine artist nice work add me on facebook and see my paintings thanks

  41. 2092

    Very nice collection of watercolour paintings!


  42. 2143

    thanks for making such paintings visible for us

  43. 2194

    excellent ,upload more pictures

  44. 2245

    Wow Zebra!

  45. 2296

    waoooooooo…it was to nice………..we like it so much……….your doing nice job

  46. 2347

    wOOOOOOOOOOOOooooow ma sha2 allah..

  47. 2398

    i love it…………………

  48. 2449

    Your choices are great and varied. I enjoyed seeing them, and I do paint watercolors.

  49. 2500

    What are the elements that you have to consider in judging a water color painting? My brother did water color painting for his exhibits but I do not see his work as artistic as his previous works. I told him that it lacks zest, but he told me that when i criticize i should be constructive, and I should tell him what is wrong with it and how he can improve, but all i can tell him is his works now seems like a one by one pic, compared to an artistic photograph. I do not know how to explain it to him other than it lacks stirring emotions. Thank you in advance!

  50. 2551

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Its really very nice…….. Epdipa ipdillam mudiyadhu


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