50 Beautiful Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design


Round-ups of beautiful and useful icons are almost legendary here, on Smashing Magazine. While some readers complain about the annoying “list”-style of some of our articles, we are confident that useful round-ups of relevant resources are very valuable and useful for designers. This is why over months we collect useful links and then present them in posts in the magazine. Like it or hate it, but the feedback that we get from the design community when we publish such posts is mostly positive which is why we keep doing it.

This round-up covers 50 beautiful and useful icons that may turn out to be life-savers for your next design. We present photorealistic icons, mini icons and pictograms, symbols and signs, free templates as well as Christmas icon sets and desktop replacement icons. Please make sure to read the license agreements before using the icons – they may change from time to time. Did you find this post useful? Would you like to see more similar posts in the future? Let us know in the comments to this post!

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Free High Quality Icons

146 freely available PNG-icons in the resolutions 256×256px and 512×512px.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - iMod for Dock5

Gifts boxes (Registration required)6
9 various gift icons in the resolution 256×256px, .PNG. Free for private use; for commercial use a link to the designers’ site is required.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Gifts7

Musicons Icon Set (Registration required)8
A set of 8 music-related icons. Available in the resolutions 256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16 as png, .ico, .hqx and .icns. Free for private use; for commercial use a link to the designers’ site is required.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Musicons Icon Set9

Gamble icons10

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Gamble icons11

PixelShop Icon12
Remake of Pixelmator icon in three different variations for Photoshop (or any other application).

Free High Quality Icon Sets - PixelShop Icon13

Free Portfolio Icon Set14
A set of 5 icons with portfolio sites in mind. The set includes PNG files of 512 pixels and 256 pixels, plus the source files (Illustrator). The icons are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Free Portfolio Icon Set Designed15


Free High Quality Icon Sets - MacBook17

Pre Desktop Goodie18
They’re not amazingly detailed or even polished at their maximum size of 512 pixels, but that wasnít my intention, either. Consider that a disclaimer before you start commenting that they donít look nice enough to you at that size ;).

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Cocoia Blog19


Free High Quality Icon Sets - STACKS21

Sketchy Icons22
…I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I’ve recently bought a tablet, and it turned out that my hand isn’t listening as it used to. So I’ve been doing this for practice. I designed some of the icons, modified some and just redraw the ones that i found pleasing. These are all the Icons I use at the moment, so if you want some other icons, just let me know.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Sketchy Icons23


Free High Quality Icon Sets - Cocoia Blog25

Icons by Chris Williams26
Various icons designed by Chris Williams and available for free download. Among them is this Jack Daniels icon in .ico and .icontainer.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 27

Exclusive Free LBOI Icon Set For Designers28
A little while back Iconshock contacted me and offered to do an exclusive icon set for LBOIís readers. So I set off to browse their website and their work. They do some amazing work in the icon industry. Their website boasts of 803824 unique icons in 232 categories. That is pretty impressive in itself. What I really liked was their active design community and blog where they offered significant number of free high quality icons for downloads every week, featured interesting articles about design and icons and showcased great designer talent. Go check out IconShock ís royalty free icons and custom icon design services.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Exclusive Free LBOI Icon Set For Designers29

Stock icons30

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Stock icons31

Graphic River Webset Icons32
Designed by Turbomilk, this set contains various social media icons that are available for free personal and commercial use. However, you must link back to the release page if using these icons in a commercial project. Available as .png in the resolutions 16×16px – 48×48px.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Free Set of 25 Icons33

Kal Michael’s Icons34
Various icons in various resolutions, designed by Kal Michael, available for free download and use.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - iCon Design35

178 Amazing Web Design Icon36
The WooFunction Icon Set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available as 32?32 pixel PNG files and we can assure you that they are indeed pixel-perfect. If you have an in-depth look at the individual icons, youíll notice that Liam has spent a lot of time paying attention to the finer details, which means that this is a really classy icon set. Here; have a look for yourself:

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 178 Amazing Web Design Icon37

Gentle Romantic icons38
This set contains 5 .png-icons in the resolution 512×512px. The icons are tiara on royal pillow, rose, champagne glasses (looks good on black and white background), heart with ribbon, Tiffany key.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Gentle Romantic icons39

Hand-Drawn Social Media Icon40
The set comprising of 24 different icons, should cover most of the social networks that you frequent regularly and the default icon size has been set at 64 x 64 pixels.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Hand-Drawn Social Media Icon41

Soda Pop Caps Icons42
Together with the obvious Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Pepsi caps (including Pepsiís horrible redesign), the set features Vita Cola, a Coca Cola knockoff created in Eastern Germany in the mid-Fifties under the Communist regime.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Soda Pop Caps Icons43

Jacal’s Castle (Win)44
This castle icon is available as .ico and .icontainer. Free for personal use, free for public use with a link to the designer’s site. Mac-version45.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Castle46

Jacintosh (Win)47
This castle icon is available as .ico. Free for personal use, free for public use with a link to the designer’s site. Only Win-version is available.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Jacintosh48

Designer’s tools icon – WD249

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Designer's tools icon - WD250

Shopping bag icon – WD151
This time it’s only one png icon, but it have 3 colors of ribbon handle and 5 sizes. I decided to do new icon series but this collection is called “weekly delicious”, which means will be new icon every week, so here is №1 – shopping bag, it’s easy in photoshop to change colors of ribbons so shopping bag will fit in your design. Add logo or company style graphic elements on it and it will fit anywhere

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Shopping bag icon - WD152

Switch icon53

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Switch icon54

Hrvoje Bielen’s Icons55
Various icons, designed by Hrvoje Bielen: crankset icon, propeller engine, jet engine turbine, aircraft, Twitter egg, Gibson Les Paul Guitar and othes. Resolutions: 16×16px — 512×512px, .ico, .png, .tif, .icns.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Propeller Engine icon56

Cute Blogging Icon Set57
This set contains 10 freely available icons. You can use these icons on your blog. Cute Blogging Icon Set inclides Design, Download, Freelance, Part-time, Hire Me, Not Available, About Me, Services, My Blog, Contact.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Cute Blogging Icon Set58

Sketchy Web Icons: 30 Hand Drawn Icon Pack59
This Icon Pack includes 30 Hand-Drawn Web Design Icons. This is the perfect set for adding that handmade feel to your own creations online.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Sketchy Web Icons: 30 Hand Drawn Icon Pack60

Mini Social Networking Icon set61
This set includes 45 social networking Icons: Blogger / Blogspot, Delicious, Digg, Designmoo, Facebook, Design float, Linkedin, Mixx, Myspace, RSS, Technorati, Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo, Windows, Openid, Orkut, Skype, DeviantArt, FriendFeed and many more. Dimensions: 32×32px and 64×64px; .PNG icons.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Gorgeous Mini Social Networking Icon set62

Extreme Grunge Garments Icons63
This high quality, hand made, icon pack is full with 9 Extreme Grunge Social Media Garments. Each icon is in .png format with transparent backgrounds, sized at 256×256px.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Extreme Grunge Garments Icons64

This is the app icon for Videobox, the successor of FLVR.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Videobox66

Breakfast Icons67
Featuring a genuine Moka Express coffee maker, coffee cup, chocolate chip muffin, toast and sugar pot in three versions: open empty, open full and closedóuse it as a trash can replacement!

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Breakfast Icons68

Classic Cameras (PNG)69
A set of camera icons in the resolution 128×128px. Versions: Win version (ico)70, Mac Version71.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Classic Cameras Mac Version72

Moleskine Helvetica Icon73

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Moleskine Helvetica Icon74

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Moleskine Helvetica Icon - R75

Generic Controller 276
Another generic controller icon, based on the PlayStation controller. Also with a folder this time.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Generic Controller 277

The inspiration comes from comic book : ” DragonBall ” , capsule is an amazing stuff in this book.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Capsule79

Photoshop Icon Goodie80
A quick replacement icon for Photoshop. Free for personal use and customization only.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Photoshop Icon Goodie81

Usercenter Calendar82

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Usercenter Calendar83

Sixpack status icon pack84
Sixpack status is a small set of high quality icons which can be used for status messages. It is completely free for personal and commercial use. Icons are available in four sizes, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128 and 256x256px. They are also available in vector (SVG) format, which can be edited using applications such as Inkscape (they are actually made in Inkscape).

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Sixpack status - free icon pack85

Free E-Commerce Icons86
10 e-Commerce icons, available as the Adobe Illustrator source file (.ai). They may be used in any projects, whether commercial or private nature.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Freebie des Monats: 10 hochwertige, exklusive E-Commerce Icons87

Gaming Icon Set88
A set of 21 free gaming icons for you to use in any projects, on your application dock, desktop or whatever you like.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Gaming Icon Set89

Voodoo Folder Icon Set90
Voodoo system folder icon. Dock and Wallpaper included. Including sizes: 16×16px — 512×512px. Available in .png, .icns, .ico and iContainer.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Julien Sagot91

8 Adobe desktop replacement icons; .png in resolutions 16×16px — 256×256px.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - folios93

Pictograms, Symbols and Mini-icons

Freely available icons in vector format by French designer Mister Size. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Packs de ressources vectorielles95

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Packs de ressources vectorielles96

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Packs de ressources vectorielles97

This is a collection of 50 common used signage symbols, professional designed. The symbols signs are free of charge available as an OpenType font format, allowing you to easily add symbols & icons to your sign and wayfinding design. All the symbols have been designed & created by Sander Baumann and set to the proportions of a regular typeface, so you no longer need to copy/paste the symbols into your designs.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - DesignWorkPlan99

125 Public Information Symbols100
This Japanese website made a collectio of public information symbols available for free download. The available formats are PDF, EPS and GIF. The set contains symbols of public facilities, transport facilities, commercial facilities, tourism, culture, sport facilities, safety, prohibition, warning and mandatory.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 101

128 unique icons for apps, folders, settings, and the desktop. Each icon has two color variants, dark and light. Each color variant is available as a 128×128 PNG or a Windows ICO. The ICO combines 16×16, 32×32, and 256×256 resolutions; each icon was carefully tweaked in shape and style for the best display quality at the three resolutions listed.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - brsev103

Android Icons104
All icons are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. Feel free to use them in any form in you projects or even remix them. No need to link back to this page, but it would be nice.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Android Icons105

149 Icons of Scary Celebrity106
149 icons of horror and fantasy gridded up on large sheet and served up on a wall. Chop Shopís The Horror & Fantasy Collection screened print featuring 62 monsters, 35 vampires and 51 various icons of the undead all referenced from various sources of film, television, gaming, music, literature, legend and more. Perfect for taking to work, and killing productivity for an entire day.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 149 Icons of Scary Celebrity107

Cafeteria Vector Icons108
These are vector pictograms rather than icons but all the more useful for that. You can scale them to any size, change their colors and mess with them any way you want.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Cafeteria Vector Icons109

Map icons collection is a pack of 600 free icons for your placemarks. You can put them manually in your Google Maps with the “My maps” feature, or automaticly with the Google Maps API.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - google-maps-icons111

172 Country Flag Icons112
172 final country flag icons which rendered at 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16 pixels and formats are png, ico and icns. License: Free for non-commercial use.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 172 final flag icons113

United States Flags Icons114
American states Icon set which rendered at 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16 pixels and format are png, ico and icns. License: Free for non-commercial use.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 172 final flag icons115

A set of small 16×16px icons: Wacom tablet, Dresser, iPhone, iMac, Dresser.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Fun117

Mini Icon Set118
A set of various mini icons: included sizes are 48px, 32px and 16px.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Mini Icon Set119

Christmas Icons and Vectors

Silent Night Christmas icons120

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Silent Night Christmas icons by *LazyCrazy on deviantART121

Smashing Christmas Icon Set122

Smashing Christmas Icon Set123

Free Christmas Photoshop Pack124
Need to decorate your website or banner with Christmas elements? Vladstudio Christmas Photoshop Pack will help!

Free High Quality Icon Sets - 125

Santa Claus Icons126

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Santa Claus Icons127

The Real Christmas ë05 Reloaded128
As a christmas Gift from Enhanced Labs, We decided to Add 7 Bonus Icons to the package, and Re-Release this icon set on christmas day. This icon set now includes 20 holiday icons.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - The Real Christmas ë05 Reloaded129

Christmas Icons130

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Christmas Icons131

Christmas Icons132
Archigraphs Christmas icons Icons Set created for free use. For MacOs X, and Windows Vista. PNG files included.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Christmas Icons133

Shiny Social Balls134
Freeware. Social Christmas Icons. Available for Windows and Mac.

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Icons135

Xmas 2009 Icon Set136

Free High Quality Icon Sets - Xmas 2009 Icon Set137

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      December 15, 2009 2:45 pm

      I am sorry, but I don’t agree here. If you read the introduction carefully, you won’t notice that we are not talking about using all icons presented in the post for commercial purposes. And, of course, it’s up to designer to check the license agreement before using the icons in their projects. However, all these icons are free – at least for personal use, so I think that the title is not misleading. I also don’t think that we show disrespect to icon designers, but I am open to discussions about it with all designers featured in this post.

      Also, please notice that most icons have a description that clearly states the license under which the set was released.

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      Sam, thank you for your opinion, but I am not sure why you suggested that the Leica camera isn’t for free usage? Can you please point me to the license agreement?

      Also, please notice that most icons have a description that clearly states the license under which the set was released.

      I get your point, though. It would probably be more clear to split all icons into categories “Free for personal usage” and “Free for commercial usage”. We will keep it in mind in the future. Thank you.

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        Hi and thanks for answering. On deviantART there’s either a © (copyright) or a CC (Creative Commons) under each deviation. If there’s a © there has to be something in the Artist Comment section which allows usage outside of the usual copyright. If there isn’t it’s obviously not free apart from downloading it for free. That’s the case with the Leica icon and with a lot of other icons here.

        “Also, please notice that most icons have a description that clearly states the license under which the set was released.”
        Well, example: All icons from Sebastiaan de With (http://blog.cocoia.com/): the iWork one, the Photoshop one and the Pre Goodie one. No sight of any licensing informations there although these probably are the most restrictive in this list.

        And yes, i can just support the splitting up of the icons but icons just for use on the personal desktop can’t be really named “free icons for your next designs” cause usually a design leaves the own desktop, right? ;-)

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