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It is a most beautiful experience — the sounds and colors of fireworks in the silence and darkness of night. Words alone cannot describe such an experience. The sky comes alive with so many vibrant hues, starbursts, and showers of light along with ribbons of smoke, making us happy and awestruck. Photographing fireworks, however, is not an easy task.

To celebrate the beauty of fireworks, we present a showcase of beautiful fireworks photography. Each image is linked to the original photographer’s page with their profile names — so you can view more of their work or even thank them for their contribution. And finally, remember to have a camera handy this coming New Year’s Eve!

Beautiful Pictures Of Fireworks

Citizens Bank Park Fireworks1

Fireworks Photos - Citizens Bank Park Fireworks2



fireworks on Flickr – Photo Sharing!5

Fireworks Photos - fireworks on Flickr - Photo Sharing!6

Seattle New Year7

Fireworks Photos - Seattle New Year8

4th of July fireworks9

Fireworks Photos - 4th of July fireworks10



Fireworks at festival in Hella13

Fireworks Photos - Fireworks at festival in Hella14

Blue Explosion on Flickr – Photo Sharing!15

Fireworks Photos - Blue Explosion on Flickr - Photo Sharing!16

United Kingdom fireworks at the celebration of light17

Fireworks Photos - United Kingdom fireworks at the celebration of light18

Daniel Avilés19


New Year’s Eve fireworks21

Fireworks Photos - New Year's Eve fireworks22

4th of July23

Fireworks Photos - 4th of July24

Waikiki Fireworks25

Fireworks Photos - Waikiki Fireworks26

Japanese Fireworks27

Fireworks Photos - Japanese Fireworks28


Fireworks Photos - Fireworks!!!30

New Years Eve Sydney 2008 Fireworks31

Fireworks Photos - New Years Eve Sydney 2008 Fireworks32

Its all about the view33

Fireworks Photos - Its all about the view34

Epcot 2009 2 Fireworks35

Fireworks Photos - Epcot 2009 2 Fireworks36

14 juillet en couleur37

Fireworks Photos - 14 juillet en couleur38

Bridge to Next Island39

Fireworks Photos - Bridge to Next Island40


Fireworks Photos - Fireworks42

New trial … View large!!43

Fireworks Photos - New trial ... View large!!44

South Africa Night45

Fireworks Photos - South Africa Night46

The Big Bang (?)47

Fireworks Photos - The Big Bang (?)48

Quincy Fireworks49

Fireworks Photos - Quincy Fireworks50

Milton, VT Fireworks ’0851

Fireworks Photos - Milton, VT Fireworks '0852

Eiffel Tower53

Fireworks Photos - Eiffel Tower54

Fire & Sea55

Fireworks Photos - Fire & Sea56

Starburst Frailty57

Fireworks Photos - Starburst Frailty58

Fireworks at Otsego Lake59

Fireworks Photos - Fireworks at Otsego Lake60


Fireworks Photos - Tumblr62

(via helloocsem)63

Fireworks Photos - (via helloocsem)64



U. Rain67


Jeremy Snell69


David J. Nightingale71




Nick Tan75


Piero Sierra77




Passion flower81

Fireworks Photos - Passion flower82




Fireworks Photos - Fireworks86

Things to keep in mind for your Fireworks photos this year

To make some truly stunning fireworks shots, you need keep a couple of things in mind. First, a normal camera can’t handle such high levels of light. Although you’re shooting at night, using your flash won’t make any difference. Also, the light produced by fireworks is more than enough to capture a decent shot. For more dramatic results, you may choose longer exposure. And to ensure a high-quality result, always be ready for initial explosions when there’s less smoke in the atmosphere.

Other things to keep in mind are to use low ISO, set focal length to infinity, use a tripod and of course use manual mode. Some cameras have “Fireworks Mode” which saves you the trouble of having to adjust a lot of different settings. Just set the camera to “Fireworks Mode” and you’re ready for action!

And, of course, Happy New Year’s Eve!

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    David J. Nightingale

    December 30, 2009 7:23 am

    There are some great shots here. Unfortunately though the one credited to tunatoss is one of my images. My original is linked below:

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    These are some great shots. Thank for sharing!

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    happy new year…
    toettt tet tet !!!

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    I really don’t know why, but I never loved fireworks. Despite this face, some of these photos are really impressive!

  15. 16

    The picture associated to “tunatoss” is stolen! The original is by David Nightingale, you can find it here:

  16. 18

    Not only are the piccy’s wonderful, but the skill of those who construct the fireworks too. Knowing what to put with what to create such a magnificent spectacle – got to admire that. Bear in mind also, they’re working with explosives, not exactly a job for a smoker!

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    Why now? I needed this a few weeks ago, when i was building a fireworks webshop. ;-)

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    Mesmerizing…Love the photo Bridge to Next Island.

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    Nice shots! Happy New Year.

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    Thanks for these beautiful photos… I’d love to know now some tips for getting this kind of pictures…

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    I love the 2nd pictures of Eiffel Tower and brewskizzlr’s.

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    monica from hola!design

    December 30, 2009 3:54 pm

    great pictures! the Eiffel Tower shots are amazing!
    happy new year!

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    Where do you find these images. SM’s resource Collection team is excellent. Thanks. I like them all.

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    All of them are really stunning but there is one thing which Smashing Magazine had to know.

    It is strictly forbidden to publish Eiffel Tower photos by night.
    It is a copyrigted issue.

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    Bas Meelker Photography

    December 31, 2009 1:07 am

    Great shots. Some are truly amazing. Happy New Year!

  29. 32

    All are good, but this is the best one!

  30. 33

    these are not so inspirational! you can see better ones in Canada!
    try giving freebies of stock photos, that can used in commercial projects!!!!

    That would be better!!!

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    Excelents pictures and great post, happy new year for all and best regards, health and happiness.

  32. 35

    Cool! These are some of my own fireworks shots from New Year’s Eve 2009/2010:
    New Year’s Eve Fireworks – a set on Flickr

    • 36

      Very nice! I think my favourite is the last one; I love the muted green culoor on the water, along with the sparkles framing the firework .great job, and makes me a little homesick!!

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    nice photos – why didnt mine make the final cut :(

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    Some great shots and some that shouldn’t rate a mention. Thanks for sharing.

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  42. 46

    A friend of mine took two great shots some days ago:

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    Stunning. Love these

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    Here is my best show about fireworks i really like it

  45. 49

    Woah! These are amazing. And I thought mine were good!

    But then, we don´t have big fireworks here in Lanzarote like they have in the big cities – London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo must be frakin spectacular!

    Anyway, here are mine:

    Enjoy. :)

  46. 50

    For those with compact cameras and no tripod, you can still take reasonably good looking handheld fireworks photos by changing the exposure compensation settings (EV) on your camera to -1.5 or -2.0 or somewhere thereabouts. This will darken the scene, but allow you to get a fast shutter speed at ISO200 or ISO400 so your photos won’t be blurry. Be sure to set your camera’s lens to its widest position to get the wide open aperture.

    Note that you won’t be able to capture the moving “streaks” of the fireworks using this technique, but the shots still turn out nicely, they’ll just be frozen in the air.

  47. 51

    Truly wonderful pics! Happy New Years!

    Some more great firework pics can be found at:


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    Wow awesome picx..

  49. 53

    This is more like “The first 25 fireworks photos you can find while searching Flickr”. Many of those are mediocre, some are bad, some are good and very good. The essence of a good fireworks photo is not the explosion itself, but the interaction of fireworks and the surroundings. That would eliminate lots of photos from this post.

  50. 54

    looks super ;)

  51. 55

    I love photos of fireworks.
    I love the fact that one persons art (photographer) is not only based on their own artistic skills but also of the artistic skills of another person (fireworks operator)


  52. 56

    Wow! extremely great fireworks show and also i appreciated photographers they toke really nice shots. Awesome photography

  53. 57

    I love all these Snaps

  54. 58

    Fireworks photographer

    September 8, 2010 4:23 am

    Whaou, there are very good pictures and great diversity here!
    Here are mine:

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    these pictures are really really awesome i would love to see them in person now that would be awesome

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    OMG this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!111

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    nice pictures u got there. u might want to add nicer and more desighny fireworks pictires please. NOT BEING RUDE!JUST A COMMENT.

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    These are the most stunning snaps of fireworks I have ever seen. Is it possible to use one as part of my web site ?


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    wow those are amazing!!!


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