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On the last type-inspiration post, we showcased some incredible black and white typography1. We’ve also gathered the ultimate collection of nature-inspired typography2.

Today, we will be showcasing outer space typography. This is probably my favorite style of design. There is so much that you can do with the outer space, galaxy style. While it is not really appropriate to use in most client projects, it is a very fun effect to implement on your own personal projects.

Because I really enjoy this design style, this will be a two series post. Link

  1. Part I: Out of This World Typography
  2. Part II: Out of This World Tutorials

It’s amazing what atists are able to create using this design style. By the way, this style allows for lots of creativity. Planets, galaxies, nebulas, comets, asteroids, lighting effects, textures, shiny objects, and a lot more elements are at your disposal to use. Some of the designs are very clean and simple, while some use a lot of different effects. Also, the use of vibrant, bright, and bold colors are very common. The reason why the designs look really good is because of the contrast. Most of the designs feature a dark, space background while using very bright colors for the text and lighting effects.

Let’s go ahead and view 50 stunning, outer space typography creations that are definitely out of this world.

Part I: Out of This World Typography

Note: Please click on the images to see them in their websites and to learn more about their artists.


The Eternal Night4

Space Dementia5


Rokk Hard7

XIII Galactic8

Funk Oddysey9

Helvetica Space10

Style Power11




Happy Christmas15

Children of the Idiom16

Sound Supreme17



Lunar Colonization20

The Next Frontier21

Lost in Space22

2009 Retro23

Stand Up24

One Cut Above25


Happy 200927

Never Sleep28



Behind the Black Sky31

Shooting Star32

Pearl Future33




Don't Panic37

Chasing Daylight38


Alien Killer40

Everything is Energy41

Shine On42

Night Shift43






Bradford Johnson49

Disco Universe50



"Part II: Out of This World Tutorials" will be posted in the next few days.

So what are your thoughts about the outer space design style? Do you like it or do you hate it? Which ones are your favorite and why? Please make sure that you join in on the discussion and leave your thoughts below.

By the way, 3 of the designs above were created by me. Can you guess which ones? The first person to leave a comment with the right response will get a Google Wave invite, if you want it. :)

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  1. 1

    Awesome list, some of these are really amazing and you gotta love the retro ones too!

  2. 2

    Cool! I love color, so the more colorful, the more I love :D
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    Loving these typos. Really cool. Thanks for sharing them
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  4. 4

    @ Jordan – Yeah, I agree, retro is awesome as well!

    @Lam, @Waheed – Glad you guys liked it. Thanks for commenting!

  5. 5

    Weren’t these all 80s hair metal bands?

  6. 6

    Being a child of the 70’s, I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of this style of artwork over the last couple of years.

    I think all of these examples are all quite beautiful in their own way. But what really pulls this style of work together for me is the choice of typography and how that type is manipulated into interesting artwork in its own right. For that reason I am drawn to the “Happy Christmas 09” for the simple, yet effective, way the type was modified. The end result are these interesting linear patterns that are more striking than the nebula background.
    .-= Erik Ford´s latest Blog Entry – Greene Hill School is getting a Makeover courtesy of pixel8 =-.

  7. 7

    Great list! Good work!

  8. 8
  9. 9

    @Ryan – :)

    @Erik – I agree! The type manipulation on that piece is excellent. It really makes that design to the next level.

    @Michael, @Kawsar – Thanks guys!

  10. 10

    Those are some brilliant designs. Love the retro 2009 one!

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    Absolutely beautiful to see – thanks for this! Very inspirational :)
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    Yeah ! Great selection ! Thanks !!! ;)
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    Simply awesome…. what vibrance…. the color and the glow simply brings out a new dimension…
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    Thank you for this beautiful showcase of typos. Very colorful i like it.

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    This is a great post. I definitly re-tweeted it on my @artisamor twitter account. Much Love.

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  16. 16

    Wonderful inspiration. Especially the “Don’t panic!”.

  17. 17

    Great work, with so many diverse & inspiring examples. I particularly liked the symbolism in Collision, Fuel, Flight, & Chasing Day Light. Their design embodied their meaning, which to me made them more powerful. Very inspiring, thanks!

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    Simply amazing, quality level way up :)
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    love retro designs, these are brilliant! love the “helvetica g”

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    Cool stuff here. I’ve seen some of these before, but most of them are new to me. Always love interesting typographical designs!
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    Amazing collection! I had never seen most of these. Thanks for sharing.

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    loving this style, another great post on type.
    keep up the good work
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    Some truly galactic stuff here, thanks
    Cant wait for the tutorial part 2
    Keep it up
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    Great! Loved it! absolutely loved it!

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    the “g” Helvetica one is awesome. Great roundup for inspiration!

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    who made that “vigilant” one. looks great!

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    Stunning, absolutely amazing.
    I wish my human was this creative.

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    These are awesome, thank you!

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    Great selection!!!

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    These fonts are amazing, literally out of this world! If I could ever make fonts like this in Photoshop I would be so grateful
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    Great collection! Can’t wait to see the followup post on tutorials.
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    beautiful/popping colors/designs……:)

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    OMG.. great collection! thanks for sharing..

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    Very nice collection, gives me a lot of inspiration, I love that last one, very original!
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    Increible!, geniales muestras!

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    Very Nice collection.
    I really enjoyed the 6th one down the list. It’s very nicely done.

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    @Tom – Thanks for the comments. And no, this isn’t Joomla. It is WordPress. The plugin is called CommentLuv.

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    just awesome ! ♥
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    Very inspiring! Not your typical typography list :)

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    I really love this article, the colors are so wonderfull mixed! I have found one too, I don’t know if it fits perfectly with the others but I like it: http://www.minusplus.nl/ning/header_SFG.jpg?v=200912101700
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    These are amazing. I would love to use this styling w/ my new blog design.

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    Technically those grafiks rocks even if i prefered your article on the black and white typo

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  45. 45

    Everyone, thank you for all the compliments and kind words about the showcase. I’m glad that all of you found it inspiring. Feel free to design your own “Out of This World” type and submit it to the Flickr group. Thanks again! :)

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    Simply amazing. I like the last one best.
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    This is one cool colection of great typo! I adore the simple messages and the great use of space around them! bravo to all!!!

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    Must have taken a lot of time to collect so many great art works, thanks for great inspiration ;)
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    Awesome list! I’m a big fan of the Retro coloured ones. Thanks for sharing!


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