Did You Accept the Daily Design Challenge?


A little over a week ago, an article that I wrote was published on Smashing Magazine entitled, Design Something Every Day!1

This post was a challenge for all designers to design something daily for the entire 2010. The post actually generated a lot of great response from the design community and there are a lot of people who have decided to make it part of their New Year’s resolution.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

"Your walk talks and your talk walks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks."

In case you don’t understand what that means, it simply is a quote saying that what we practice speaks more to people than what we preach. I knew that when I started this challenge, there were people who were going to be a little skeptical and they were going to see if I participated in my own challenge. Well, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is so on December 31st, I decided to jump in and take on the challenge as well.

Design Informer’s Daily3652

I have already started and so far, I have three designs that I have posted. I also decided that it would be a lot easier to have a theme for the blog, so for January, this is my theme: I will design a typography based design based on a quote using one of my favorite fonts. By the way, please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe3 to the Design Informer Daily365 feed.

Here are the three designs that I have done so far:

Happy New Year4

Little Things5

What is a Leader?6

A Few More Pointers

I just wanted to give everyone a few words of advice regarding the daily designs.

  1. Use the #daily3657 hashtag so people can see your design.
  2. Please don’t spam the hashtag with you designs. Please only post your design once. I guess retweeting other people’s designs is okay.
  3. It would be good if you had some type of comment system where you post your work. That way, if someone wanted to compliment your work or leave some constructive feedback, they can do so.
  4. If you have some free time, check out the other people’s designs as well and leave feedback. No bashing please! I understand that a lot of beginners are taking the challenge so their design skills might not yet be up to par with yours. As a design community, we should all support each other.

Smashing Ideas and Designs

Just two days into the challenge and I have already seen some terrific designs. Here are a few that have already caught my eye and are worth checking out.

Oddmotion – a daily video8

Face Meets Wall – Getting Up After Hitting the Creative Wall9


Design It Daily11


Briansaar – Make Something Every Day13


Subject to Change15

Vexel Love16

365 Logo Project17

Logo Hangover18

Foomandoonian Daily36519


Did You Accept the Challenge?

The above designs are just some designs that I collected in a short time. I’m sure there are a lot more awesome designs out there that I haven’t seen, so if you weren’t included, please don’t get discouraged or offended.

Have you participated in the challenge? Please leave a comment below and leave a link to your blog or where you have your daily design. Try to leave a full comment. If you just attach the link, Akismet might automatically classify you as spam and we might not be able to see your designs.

Remember, we will do a giant round-up of the top designs over at Smashing Magazine21 so don’t forget to add your link below. This will be an easy way for us to keep track of the daily designs.

Thank you for reading this post and participating in the challenge. If you enjoyed this post, please retweet it and give it a bump below. You can also subscribe22 to Design Informer and follow us on Twitter23.


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Former editor in chief of Designinformer.

  1. 1

    I too took on the challenge. Started on the first of januray. When I lay in my bed at night my creative juices get flowing so there’s a sketch block beneath my bed with a pencil to write down the ideas for the next day and design.

    Follow me here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45908209@N02/

  2. 103

    I’ll be tweeting my daily design from http://twitter.com/temptedraven and posting the to my flicker set http://www.flickr.com/photos/41720823@N06/sets/72157623000558793/

    Hope that works till I get my new blog up anyway.

  3. 154

    Thanks for the mention, Jad. (:
    .-= 365logoproject´s latest Blog Entry – day 2 – hot soup =-.

  4. 205

    Daily designs from (at least) 1/3 of the ideacus! team at http://www.dailydesign.ideacus.com
    .-= Johnny Mckenna´s latest Blog Entry – Daily Design 001 =-.

  5. 256

    GREAT article in Smashing Magazine! My creative goal is “Deity-A-Day.” My drawing skills are rusty. Please be kind. http://www.erichuber.com
    .-= Eric Huber´s latest Blog Entry – Deity-A-Day 2 | Poseidon =-.

  6. 307

    Hey thanks for posing such a great challenge to us all. I’ve been doing a daily self-portrait on and off for the last few months and aim to take on this year’s challenge. My results will be posted on amandamuses.com.
    .-= Amanda´s latest Blog Entry – Design-a-day 365 =-.

  7. 358

    Thank for great idea,
    I’m going to try it!


  8. 409

    I’ve started my challenge at http://matthaltom.tumblr.com/

    2 days down so far. :)
    .-= Matt Haltom´s latest Blog Entry – WP CoOp =-.

  9. 460

    Count me in!!
    Here is a link to my first entry: http://kevinharb.com/?p=27

  10. 511

    Here is mine, Jad…

    Hope you’ll like it…


    Thanks for inspiring!!
    .-= Richie´s latest Blog Entry – Breathtaking works of art from Li Wei =-.

  11. 562

    I’m in! Hope I can keep up — I definitely need the practice and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s work!

    I’ll be posting on my new blog for the purpose at http://design365.solaerawebdesign.com/ and will also be posting links on my twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/rosalindwills .

    Good luck to everyone giving it a shot!
    .-= Rosalind Wills´s latest Blog Entry – How to Write a Basic Dropdown Menu in JQuery =-.

  12. 613

    Great idea. I also think that this will keep the inspiration fires burning brighter as we move through the year. I have now started a Behance project where I will be uploading a new t-shirt design each day. Here is the link to my January Tees project http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Jan_-Daily-Tees/380626 . Again, thanks for the inspiring idea, can’t wait to see what all the year yields!
    .-= Rob Bowen´s latest Blog Entry – 7 Deadly Social Media Sins We Hope Die in 2010! =-.

  13. 664

    Okay, this gave me some inspiration… in the words of a certain Italian plumber:
    “HERE WE GO!”


  14. 715


    This is a really great project, isn’t it? I just love to see how many artists (not just designers) are totally into this! Who can do it? Let’s see…
    I loved your theme for this month, it’s a great one! And your designs are awesome too.

    Here’s my link: http://dailydzn.tumblr.com/

    Thanks to you I’m now following some amazing and talented people!

  15. 766

    Started Already : http://nitingarg.tumblr.com/

    Will do my best to create & upload something everyday, Only chance to miss this is in case of not having internet access, but anyway, nothing wrong in giving it a try ! Cheers : )
    .-= Nitin Garg´s latest Blog Entry – designjunction: Started with my design daily365 tumblog : http://nitingarg.tumblr.com/ #daily365 =-.

  16. 817

    I’m taking the challenge. My strategy is to really keep it simple. I would love to aim for more complex designs everyday but I think I’d be setting myself up for failure. I’ll be very interested to see how many people are able to keep up with the challenge all year.

    My designs will be posted at http://www.erellsworth.com

  17. 868

    Ok, I festered up the courage and said “woo hoo!!” I’m going for it. Even if I do it a little different, it’s still participating, and that counts.

    .-= Sü Smith´s latest Blog Entry – 365 Daily Design Challenge #1 =-.

  18. 919

    Hey guys, me and a friend are doing the design a day for a year as well, he will primarily be posting sketches to improve his freehand skills, as he is a graphic design student. I’ll be posting under insomnomaniac and i’m in my third year of multimedia design in production, my program covers the whole spectrum of graphic and web design as well as development, so I will be posting mainly graphics and mainly photoshop.

    check us out at http://www.lc-dailythoughts.blogspot.com
    Also, follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/dailydesigns

    .-= Jay C´s latest Blog Entry – Day 07: #2 – Dey-Lee Di-Zahynz =-.

  19. 970

    I’m giving it a go.. each day (hopefully!) I’m going to post a visual representation of a song. I started a bit early so I’ve already done a few. It’s difficult finding the time, but I hope I can keep it up!
    .-= Jo Caulfield´s latest Blog Entry – 8. Ojay =-.

  20. 1021

    I’m in! This is such a great idea!

    Bring on 2011 so we can all look back and see how much we have progressed ;)

    I’ll be posting a link to my daily365 on twitter (@kre8tivity) – The website I will be using to display them is: http://daily365.kre8tivity.nu

  21. 1072

    Good Idea! It is very challenging and hard. Good Luck! I subscribe your Daily 365 and i´ll be watching.

  22. 1123

    I was out of town the first few days so i’ll have to catch up. i’d like to really hone some of my skills and i think this would be a great way. i just setup a wordpress blog for the year


    that’s where i’ll post stuff. Happy designing everyone!

  23. 1174

    Count me in.


    Although I’m going to cheat a little. As I’m a newb, so to speak, it takes me a little longer in creating my sketches in Photoshop so when I have time, I’ll digitise them, the other days I’m just going to scan my sketches and post them instead (expect more sketches than not!).

    Personally I think this challenge is a great idea! Nice one.

  24. 1225

    I’m definitely going for it. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s designs!


  25. 1276
  26. 1327

    Daily Designs! I don’t know how long i’ll stick to it daily, but i’ll try to update it a few times a week.

  27. 1378

    I thought this was for Smashing Magazine. I hope this is the right place. I’ve posted on Facebook, Twitter, Smashing Magazine, and now here….


    It would be nice of you to compile a blog/link list so we don’t have to sort through all the Twitter goo to find people who are participating. So far I’ve seen lots of great designs. Very fun! Thanks.

  28. 1429

    I’m up-to-date so far, but it will be a tricky couple of first months for me. A good test of character ;)

    .-= pioSko´s latest Blog Entry – 8 – Design Makes Perfect logo – again =-.

  29. 1480

    Hey there! We accepted the challenge and started with a Flickr account uploading 1 random image daily, mostly textures, by now we’ve our first 3 images. Hope you finde them useful as design sources. Cheers!


  30. 1531

    Don’t need to rely on Twitpic anymore because I finally have my site up!


  31. 1582

    I’ve taken the challenge. I’ve set up a wordpress blog on my site for it. You can see it here: http://design365.jazzikins.com One of these days I’m gonna design a theme for it.

  32. 1633

    I did. I don’t feel like I am really talented like all the other people who are doing it but I’m trying my best.


  33. 1684

    Daily Design is such a fantastic idea and I really enjoy adding a theme to each month. I’m also using the book the Creative Entrepreneur as further motivation for my daily design/journaling.

  34. 1735

    Designing something new everyday is a great idea. I have been posting 1 photo per day for the last 200 plus days. I find it’s a great way to try out new techniques and post my work for feedback.
    I have been posting each photo here: http://www.facebook.com/kingsleyproductions

  35. 1786

    I’m 3 Days late for the challenge, but I’ll try to update as much as possible…

    .-= Chocomancer´s latest Blog Entry – January : 03 =-.

    • 1837

      Hey chocomancer, I really like your latest “Starlight Man”. I went to comment but I couldn’t seem to comment, not sure if i’m *blogger* illiterate or what, but I wanted to let you know it’s awesome!


    • 1888

      I just checked out the “Starlight Man.” Looks great man!

  36. 1939

    Well this post has certainly inspired me to take on the challenge. I just wish I had more time to be consistent and creative. This is a wonderful campaign that I’m sure will eventually lead to a more extensive portfolio for all participants. Brilliant stuff and fingers crossed I’ll get mine underway soon! :)
    .-= Josh´s latest Blog Entry – The Risk of Being Unique – The Logic of Design Styles =-.

  37. 1990

    Mine are up here, nothing amazing: http://design365.vikramverma.com

  38. 2041

    Im in also m8 :D i´ll create a section on designi1.com for the daily designs.
    .-= designi1´s latest Blog Entry – 21 Calendars & Wallpapers for 2010 =-.

  39. 2092

    After reading this thread I decided to remove my Christmas desktop wallpaper from my office pc and create a new one to welcome in the new year!

    Worked out well for half hours work..


  40. 2143

    DI : this post featured in our blog | feedback will be helpful .
    Best weekly Tweets2010
    When RT your favorite tweets just add #BWT | this will be helpfull and we can add in our next “Best weekly Tweets”
    .-= sriganesh´s latest Blog Entry – Best Weekly Tweets 2010 | Jan01-Jan03 =-.

  41. 2194

    Hey there, thanks for roundup! It’s going to be a great year! I got started early, now the challenge is to continue. I’m more of an artist than designer, but I’m giving it a shot! Now to get a scanner so I can scan in all my meeting-time dootles!

    Here are my designs:


    Go people go!

  42. 2245

    Jad, I read your article on Smashing Magazine however, I don’t have the time to design something everyday due to work and clients. I decided, for sake of time constraints, to design something every week as opposed to every day. You made a GREAT point in your article about how Musicians practice so each note sounds as it should, about athletes etc. Us designers need to keep that in mind as we work. Practice Practice, Practice.
    .-= Gabriel Reiser´s latest Blog Entry – Create Dynamic Distortion Effects =-.

  43. 2398

    nice post its benefit me and all other designers
    .-= ayman´s latest Blog Entry – 50 Awesome Resources for Design Inspiration =-.

  44. 2449

    Here’s my latest. My tweets are not happening to show up on the hash tag.

    Enjoying everyone’s posts!
    .-= Shelley McKever´s latest Blog Entry – Daily Doodle – Pen Drawing =-.

  45. 2500

    I’ve accepted the challenge and have put a time limit of 20 – 30 mins only!

    Check mine out here

    Enjoying everyone’s posts!

  46. 2551

    have just started on it! thanks for suggesting a great challenge! can’t wait till the end so we can look back and see what we’ve accomplished!

  47. 2602

    I just started, thanks for motivating the design community Jad!
    I created a blog for this challenge – http://www.philipdavis.tumblr.com

    I’m looking forward to looking through everyone’s designs!
    .-= Philip Davis´s latest Blog Entry – Phillysoul11: @buildinternet kindly explain why the changes would hurt the site, and then offer alternatives. If they persist, give in or drop the client. =-.

  48. 2653

    re : just started today mine on
    .-= anggun´s latest Blog Entry – i’m late for 5 days #daily365 day 006 =-.

  49. 2704

    I accepted the challenge and my site is here:

    Luving what everyone else is doing.
    .-= Andrea´s latest Blog Entry – Day 5 =-.

  50. 2755

    I did! It is my 365 Vector Characters in 2010 Project and can be found here


    .-= Sneh Roy´s latest Blog Entry – Project 365 Vector Characters – Krood For Day 3 =-.


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