Lorem Ipsum is Killing Your Designs


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In Defense of the King (Content)1

By now you should have heard the meme that content is king; you’ve probably heard it frequently, in fact. This is because there is a remarkable amount of truth behind it. The copy, images, video and other miscellaneous content are the reason that your visitors are both going to and remaining on your site. Sites like Craigslist2 prove this to us time and again.

Design should be the extra layer, therefore adding to the experience that helps visitors locate wanted information, read said information, or simply accomplish a task. The very second you make the decision to place Lorem Ipsum into your mock-ups, you have done a great disservice to your design, content, website and users.

"By adding Lorem Ipsum to the design you are essentially dressing your king before you know his size."

The problems will eventually have a domino effect on your site, sometimes without your awareness.

The Obvious and Usual Suspects

Jibberish Text3

What are some of the bad things that have happened because of Lorem Ipsum?

  1. Lorem Ipsum has distracted clients from design mock-ups for decades, leading them to ask countless questions on why their site if filled with an unknown, foreign language.
  2. It has often created confusion between the designer, developer and the copywriter or content provider.
  3. It even gets pushed live sometimes without anyone noticing.

Just Another Visual Element

When you are designing with Lorem Ipsum, you diminish the importance of the copy by lowering it to the same level as any other visual element. The text simply becomes another supporting role, serving to make other aspects more aesthetic. Instead of your design enhancing the meaning of the content, your content is enhancing your design.

Here’s a sample of the dreaded Lorem Ipsum:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer eu enim et eros posuere consequat id in libero. Aliquam pellentesque pulvinar aliquet. Curabitur sollicitudin sagittis consequat. In lobortis semper lacus et aliquet. Morbi luctus, tellus et imperdiet iaculis, ante eros sodales leo, in rutrum odio nunc at mi. Donec ac risus eu lorem vehicula sodales lacinia tempor ipsum. Curabitur sit amet quam leo. Donec faucibus posuere libero, a tincidunt elit auctor vitae. Vestibulum sed dui at erat lobortis sagittis a nec purus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Etiam ultrices lacus ante.

Tailored to Fit?

No Lorem Ipsum

The person writing the content then gets lead down a dangerous path; they begin to write according to what has been laid out with Lorem Ipsum in the design. They effortlessly continue for paragraphs on matters that could easily be simplified into a single sentence. Content could be added that simply doesn’t need to be there.


Putting the Right Foot Forward

In an ideal situation, you would be working with a content specialist from the very beginning. Let’s face it, this doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should. Instead, the client is writing the copy for the website and it gets handed to you just before launch.

It’s time to reverse that thinking; you should be receiving and discussing the content even before the commencement of the design. When you are hired for the job, make it known to the client that you need the copy up-front and list the reasons why.

Still having problems? Write your own copy. Seriously, do it. This way when it comes to finalizing both the copy and the interaction, the copywriter will have an understanding of the point you were trying to make.

Kill Lorem

Now stand up. Put your left hand on your Mac or PC and the right one in the air and say:

"I, [your name here] vow to never use Lorem Ipsum in my designs ever again."

In Defense of the King (Content)

Defense of the Content

Thanks everyone for your input and arguments against. You’ve brought up some great points. It really crazy to think that fake Greek text is so controversial. That said, here is my rebuttal to some of the main points that have been brought up against my article.

The Title

Defense 1

The title is a bit extreme and was written to grab your attention. Lorem Ipsum will not kill your site design. What it does is it takes away some of the ability to provide the best possible solution for your design problem. You can of course still create great, beautiful, awesome designs with lorem ipsum but it takes away resources to solve your problem.


Defense 2

I realize that this would not be an easy change both for you and for your clients. I am essentially suggesting you fix something that doesn’t seem broken. Just because using Lorem Ipsum is easy and it fits smoothly into your current process doesn’t make it right.

Having Final Copy

Defense 3

In no way should you have nor do you need final copy. First rough drafts work. It gives the designer and idea of what needs to be communicated. Once it is in the design or in code doesn’t make it final. Your copy should be a living working document that is continually changing along with your design.

If the copy becomes distracting in the design then you are doing something wrong or they are discussing copy changes. It might be a bit annoying but you could tell them that that discussion would be best suited for another time. At worst the discussion is at least working towards the final goal of your site where questions about lorem ipsum don’t.

Lorem Ipsum as a Tool

Defense 4

Lorem ipsum is more of a work around than a tool. It allows for your clients to be lazy and for you to have to deal with fake text. It’s only a tool because we HAVE to use it unlike other graphical tools like grids that enhance the design.

Dealing with Clients

Defense 5

I clearly didn’t cover this enough, That is my fault. I’ve found that when you describe your process up-front and tell them that you need at least an early draft of the copy, most clients are okay with that. I explain to them that through this process, they will get a better overall product. If they’re not okay with that, well, I have the luxury of ditching them. I would rather spend my time looking for clients that will work with me instead of against me, wasting my time fighting for a good product.

Writing Your Own Copy

Defense 6

I almost removed this part before sending the article over because it has the potential to be very dangerous. I probably should have. It has been one of the ways that I have gotten around the client issue for headlines and sub-copy. I understand that we are trying to put food on the table and writing considerable amounts of body copy would be unreasonable. I also realize you are relying on your designer to know how to write, at least a very little bit, and that can be scary.

The point I tried to make is that you and your clients need to be thinking, understanding and gathering content before the design. Using Lorem Ipsum is a way to half-heartedly go about the most important part of your site.

Its been used in the print world for decades because they know exactly how many characters they can put on the page. Magazine or newspaper designers get early drafts of articles or at least a synopsis of the article before they start there work. I am suggesting you get the same.

The bottom line is design is an enhancement to your content. Nothing more. If you have an awesome design but junky content then no one will buy, use, read, or interact with it. This is the problem with a ton of Flash sites out there. If you have awesome content, users will find a way to work with the design (**Ehem** Craiglist4).

For those looking for extracurricular reading:

What are your thought about Lorem Ipsum? Do you think as designers, we should eliminate its use, or do you think that Lorem Ipsum still has its place in our design mock-ups? Have you had any unfortunate incidents that have happened with clients because you used Lorem Ipsum? We would love to hear what you say about it, so please do leave a comment below. Thank you for reading the article and we hope that you will share your opinion with us and to the rest of the design community.


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Kyle is a designer, front-end developer and part time astronaut. He is a good listener and loves to play in the snow. He also has red hair. Be sure to visit his blog at kylefiedler.com where he designs, writes and plays or say hi to him on Twitter.

  1. 1

    this is a great article

    I haven’t used Lorem ipsum for quite some time now because it was a total nightmare trying to explain to clients what it is. I had clients think I was using premade templates just by displaying this dummy text on it, nightmare :)
    .-= michelle´s latest Blog Entry – Tweets Of The Week 3rd – 9th Jan 2010 =-.

  2. 102

    It seems many of you are still missing the point.

    The design should be enhancing the meaning of the content. Every decision that you have made in the design should be dictated by the data, copy or other content.

    Without the content, how are you making educated meaningful choices in your design? How is the design adding to the content? What are the reasons to your choices besides making things pretty?

  3. 203

    I agree with Kyle that many are missing the point here. You cannot succeed if you simply don’t have context about the design problem which is anchored in content and the overall intent or message. As web designers (assuming that’s what we’re talking about here) we must take an active role in shaping and defining the content so that the end product is cohesive in purpose and effectively achieves the overall design objective.

    There are many steps we can take to address this problem and I’ve outlined many of them in a similar article in Boxes & Arrows several months ago.


  4. 304

    To be honest, I just hate these words (Lorem ipsum sit dolor and so on).
    Just HATE them.
    .-= z0r´s latest Blog Entry – z0r: Купил домен lolowned.ru . Уже догадались? :) =-.

  5. 405

    Disagreeing with you doesn’t mean we’re missing the point Kyle. The worst thing about this whole article is that someone new to this might actually listen to you.

    • 506

      Hear here @Robin
      A point I’d like to make is that since we’re all making content managed sites (Aren’t we? Does anyone still make static sites?) Clients generally don’t have content prepared and ready for you, and aren’t willing to hand anything over. It’s a pretty simple process to say “we’ll be filling it with dummy text”, and in 12 years, I’ve never had a client misunderstand the use of dummy text. To turn around and say “stop using lorem ipsum” is utterly foolish. Sheer folly.
      Oh, and the point about print design is completely valid too. And the comparison with a tailor is pretty silly as well.

  6. 607

    From what I read, I thought many did. (Notice I didn’t say everyone)

    How would designing with real content be harmful to someone new at designing? What is bad about starting to gather content before the design? What are the benefits to using lorem ipsum over real content?

    If you have the time, I would love to hear more of your point of view in all of this.

  7. 708

    – what if your copy is dynamically translated?
    – what if you are designing for a foreign language?
    – what if the copy doesn’t exist?
    – what if, what if, what if…

    the list is endless, you can’t wait around to answer all these unknowns while ‘waiting’ for real content its not practical. if you are talking about waiting for things to be finished you are not designing and you’re not collaborating with your client.

    You are talking about things from a purely production level orientated aspect whereby you want all the decision made for you, instead of making it yourself. The design process is about being mailable, trying things scraping things, reworking, reworking and reworking and being involved in that assets curative aspect of the work.

    How much copy do you want, how do you want the image to relate to the copy what is the relationship between all of these other elements, CTA’s etc etc. you cannot answer that with content itself it has to be designed. This is where greeking comes in. greeking is greeking is FPO text whether its lorem ipsum or not, its just that you have a consist copy element to put on the page that cannot be read that the client won’t get hung up on the terminology of.

    It’s your job to educate this to the client. There is absolutely nothing wrong with greeking or FPO elements, this is how shit gets done in the real world Kyle, it’s a collaborative two way street. You have to keep things loose until creative milestones/reviews are met and signed off on, even then don’t bank on things being final.
    .-= Robin Ogilvie-Stewart Barrow´s latest Blog Entry – Kraft Macaroni & Cheese =-.

  8. 809

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten “why is the copy in German”! I do agree that content up front can help the end product, and I have taken the pledge!
    .-= Adam Hermsdorfer´s latest Blog Entry – Optimizing a WordPress Post =-.

  9. 910

    -For dynamic content: you should have an idea of what will be created, limits to the content. Test those limits with content (both min and max) no lorem ipsum.

    -For foreign language’s: How can you plan for particular nuances with different characters and ligatures and the problems that each will bring without content? Using real content you can test and rework your design according to each cultures unique rules.

    -No copy?- Like I said write your own. Even if you replace it with lorem ipsum for the client. Knowing what you would like in the space will help you commit to the correct size space and focus that content should occupy within your design.

    -Yes there are a ton of what if’s and I’ll admit I have not worked on every piece of design in every kind of situation.

    You don’t need to wait for content to be finished. Quite opposite you should be working and adapting the copy and design to best fit the message that you are trying to get across. I understand that the real world will not wait for final copy but at some point it needs to be created. Why not try to at least work through the content while you are working through your designs?

    I totally agree with you. A designer needs to be making decisions on the fly. We need “reworking, reworking and reworking” and the process needs to be mailable. As designers we need to be continually changing and adapting to the best techniques.

    How do you know how much copy will get the message across? How do you relate the image and copy with other content when you don’t know what the copy is?

    Like Kristina said “Whether or not to use placeholder text is, in fact, not the primary issue. The issue is that we RARELY consider, plan for, or complete content content before (or even alongside) the visual design process. We don’t practice content strategy.”

    You are right that any blanket case will be wrong no matter what. Using real copy is not always the right solution but neither is using lorem ipsum for everything.

    Again, the point I tried to make is that you and your clients need to be thinking, understanding and gathering content before the design. If you are planning the content but still using dummy text then you are still working towards that goal.

  10. 1011

    Also Defense of Lorem Ipsum” by Karen McGrane

    A great response and defense of Lorem Ipsum.

  11. 1213

    Just one more argument for content strategy. On behalf of all of us web writers, thanks Kyle!

  12. 1314

    Found a copywriting error:

    The point I tried to make is that you and your clients need to be thinking, understanding and gathering content before the design. Using Lorem Ipsum is a way to half-heartedly go about the most important part of (you) site.
    .-= Chuck Spidell´s latest Blog Entry – Local and proud =-.

  13. 1516

    Good points. I’m somewhere in between. Most of the times though when i design something for a client and i have to use lorem ipsum text it means that we (me and the client) haven’t properly addressed some major issues well like.. content. Things are always better when we have even a small idea of what kind of copy will go and where.
    .-= Gerasimos´s latest Blog Entry – Free twitter icon set =-.

  14. 1617

    Wow. Such a reaction on a topic that has never crossed my mind before. I think it’s all been said so I won’t regale. Thanking you for an interesting read.
    .-= Frog´s latest Blog Entry – Grid Overlays to assist your website development =-.

  15. 1718

    The best projects that I’ve ever designed have been projects where the writer and the designer worked together to come up with concept, copy and supporting graphics and imagery.

  16. 1819

    This jas really opened my eyes. You are exactly right when you say that Lorem Ipsum puts the client in a position where they feel like they have to create text to fit the area that Lorem Ipsum has covered. I have also come across times when the client has asked why a foreign language has been used on their website. My thinking has always been before that it was a very common method and that most people knew that Lorem Ipsum was just a placeholder but that is not always the case.

  17. 1920

    Could not agree more – I NEVER use that Lorem Ipsum and never have. I think, for mock-ups etc., you’re much better off inserting some vaguely relevant text (as little as possible) instead of vast paragraphs of rubbish like that.

    It’s SUCH a battle getting clients to cut down on their text anyway, they don’t need to be encouraged to include unnecesary spiel.

    Good article!
    .-= Luke Sheppard´s latest Blog Entry – World’s Worst Website? January 2010 – BumBumRalf =-.

  18. 2021

    Great article, man! I agree in some points, but in my humble opinion the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ it’s a fake only to get the idea, the ideal it’s all images and text are ready to use in layout, but in most of time it isn’t the praticle, ’cause sometimes the design it’s the first thing the client look for. I making me understanding, sometimes I made a mess with my words…rs Mainly in english..rs

  19. 2122

    There are times I use greeking and times I do not and they are very specific and change from client to client. I work with all non-profits and campaigns and not the typical corporate world or advertising for companies. But here is another idea that is ofter helpful to me.

    I ask the client for a piece they have done in the past that might have similar content … or if they dont have one ask them what organizations they consider to be “peers” or “competitors” … and I use copy they are familar with that has (previously been approved) and explain to them why I did that. It allows them to easily see (when comparing the old piece) how much more or less they need to write or in reverse it allows them to show me how much more they will need to have room for. For Clients that are truly clueless (not that i have any) I angle a light magenta or grey (8%) NOT LIVE COPY DO NOT READ across the block in extra bold all KAPS.

    On the rare occasions I have raw copy from them or first roughs I do the same but say FIRST DRAFT NOT FOR REVIEW or such.

    Hope this helps!!!
    Creative Guide,

  20. 2223

    Well I use lorem ipsum when client does not have the content ready and he just wants to see the layout with dummy text.

    But yes I agree with the points mentioned in this article, sometime it can be a pain in the a** for the developer to code the site and fit the paragraphs correctly.

  21. 2324

    The original use of lorem ipsum or any kind of placeholder text was to give feedback to press editors and the like from the layout team as to the length of an article.

    A reporter / writer would be asked to submit a 500 word piece for example based on the information that had been acquired from the studio based on a pre-defined layout. This was merely an in-house affair

    Client proofing was not it’s sole intention but eventully it became common place for designers.

    If you think Lorem Ipsum is killing your designs – just remember it’s origins – you are after all using it out of context for using it as a proofing tool in the first place.

  22. 2425

    Hi man, I undertsand what are u talking about and yes, in someway u’re right but i don’t agree with you. I think that Peter Wesseldine said exactly what I was going to say.
    We can say that using Lorem Ipsum for web pages is not the best thing to do because on the web the copy is very important and i refer to it’s SEO function but…it’s better that using “bla bla bla” and again “bla bla bla”.

    Lorem Ipsum have an important role in graphic design or better, in press design where u have to simulate entire pages made by 500,1000 or more words…

    Lorem is not killing the design, every designer must to know how to use his weapons in the right way, that’s all. Every project needs different aproach and for this reason we can’t kill Lorem Ipsum. A good pro knows when and how to use it.

    Anyway good article with good point of views.

  23. 2526

    Great article and great points. Clients, and even creative directors / marketing directors all too often seem to forget that the content is what sells, converts, attracts or whatever the point is. Too often as designers we are just expected to take copy and put it in, then make it fit. And make it fit perfectly, and in seconds. Then, when we tell them this is A, foolish, and B, impossible, we only get frustrated huffs, like we don’t know what we’re doing.

    However, more and more, the point needs to be make by us initially, and by doing this, it helps give us more credibility and also helps the project along smoother.

    Nice job.
    .-= indie_preneur´s latest Blog Entry – How I like to keep client ideas fresh. =-.

  24. 2627

    WOW! I’m really amazed at all the comments that were made in this article. Thanks for sharing your opinions to everyone. I’m glad that you folks are so passionate about this issue. :D

  25. 2728

    The title and this post are just a little over the top.

    Content is always changing, being edited, etc. and asking for it up front from the customer is sort of like them asking you to make them some mockups on a trial before they agree to hire you.

    Obviously by some of the suggestions I’ve read through the post like writing your own copy, Kyle has never worked professionally and isn’t very productive. Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

    • 2829

      @Jason, I think you are being unprofessional by that comment of yours. If you can’t say anything nice about the writer, just keep it to yourself. We are here to share our opinions, to gain and to learn from each other. Please nothing personal, no cursing or saying of bad words. You are what you are based on your comments. Just a penny for your thought!

      • 2930

        BTW Jason, I know you did not curse or say a bad word but please be professional.
        That’s all.

  26. 3031

    Nice article, I totally agree with you. Lorem ipsum just doesn’t look “real” when your using it in a design. I usually make up some text that’s about the same subject as the design.

  27. 3132

    maybe you can put explanations and some notes about the designs and features of the site instead of Lorem ipsum

  28. 3233

    I sort of agree with Kyle on the subject but Lorem Ipsum is SO convenient, quick and efficient. I try to make abstraction of this odd, cold looking text and look at the overall design. I also beg my clients to do the same until they give me the “final copy”. Ideally, we would love to have all the elements before starting a job. But let’s not kid ourselves… that almost never happens.
    Great subject Kyle!

  29. 3334

    Come one man i have used Lorem ipsum since years, !! is standard and my designs still alive !!
    IS really effective when you dont have the real content.

    Im not agree whit the post !!


  30. 3435

    I totally disagree with this post. Creating a mockup/template design specially when the given time allotment is fairly thin, can you write contents in 5-10mins to all 5 pages or more…more..???? I Don’t think so. Even writers take a lot of time to create such good article/content to provide for their audience/reader. Except if your site is full of pictures LOL. less contents =)
    Great effort in writing this stuff tho.

  31. 3536

    Wow there’s alot of comment and I assume there’s lot of website linking to this one but how come it’s on PR 0? anyway just a thought.. Google should rate this one :)

  32. 3637

    Great article, but I don’t think Lorem Ipsum is “fake Greek text”. I think it’s “fake Latin text” :)
    .-= Codephase´s latest Blog Entry – codephase: #nowplaying Rammstein – Ich Tu Dir Weh =-.

  33. 3738

    Good article and some very good comments. My thoughts:

    (1) I especially like the comment by #KristinaHalvorson

    (2) I especially like the comment by #Robin Ogilvie-Stewart Barrow

    (3) Using filler text CAN be a benefit in many scenarios, but can also be a detriment if it allows the design to go too far too fast without thought of content – especially pages such as Staff Bios, FAQ’s, Portfolios, etc…

    (4) If the task is merely “client provide content” then this is almost always a bad idea. As professionals, it is our task to educate the client on how users read content on the web, make suggestions as regards presentation of content and amount of copy. I often speak to my clients about “three levels of content” where the first level is one paragraph and a bullet list or pull quote, the second level is 2-4 paragraphs, and the third level can be the exhaustive history of the widget for those few visitors inclined to read a 5 pages article on the web (like whitepapers, for example).

    (5) If there is a team of copywriter, designer, photographer, and developer I feel like the designer should spend most of their time speaking with the copywriter. They can work in parallel, but the two areas are highly interactive and interdependent. Although designing without serious thought of content is obviously very sloppy, it seems just as silly for a copywriter to write text without speaking with the designer. A designer might say “we could use three boxes to highlight the service plans with read more links rather than a bulleted list…”


  34. 3839

    It even gets pushed live sometimes without anyone noticing.

    This is so true :)

  35. 3940

    Lorem Ipsum is great when what you want to do is create something that people will be tweaking anyway. There is a market for people who aren’t a government funded expedition to the north pole. What makes for EPIC FAIL is themes that include images in the post summaries (nice) and then waste that refinement by making the image hog the space for the content. Summaries tell people whether they want to read the story. What were the designers thinking? And Lorem Ipsum lets them get away with it. Heck the following is much better copy than Lorem Ipsum:

    Aliens invade New York. Mafia deal with aliens causes tuna prices to sky rocket. Tuna cartel displaces shrimp, caviar, and blowfish. Prices in luxury seafood plummet along with seafood executives. Hotels make killing on empty penthouses. City estimates costly clean up of bodies. Homeless people have never been so well dressed lately, if you don’t mind a streak of red down your pant leg.

    You can easily see whether a box will contain enough space for the eye catching thumbnail and enough text to hint at who, how, and why and what, when, and where.

    Kill the fat! By the way, big token of appreciation to anyone who makes my fat substitute go viral (with link to my blog). Just sayin’.
    .-= Anti Vigilante´s Latest Entry – Mockingbird Chatter: Two Governors, An Alias, and A Spook Walk into A Bar =-.

  36. 4041

    The worst experience I have gotten is when a client (who just started on the website bandwagon) told me,

    There is something wrong with your design. All the texts look like gibberish!!! I can’t have that on my website.

    It was a major face-palm moment.

    From that experience, I made a point to make my own Lorem Ipsum tool. Hahaha.

    Here lemme share it with you guys. Perhaps it can help some of the poor soul designers out there. Just click on my website link if you are interested.

  37. 4142

    the main problem i see with this is it assumes static content. i have found lorem ipsum to be quite useful, and one of the main ways is dynamic content. on many occasions i have been making a web page and using little test content but that is usualy a sentance or two at best, when i need to test if my layout is going to handle large amounts of text, like 20+ paragraphs i dont have time to sit there and right 20+ paragraphs, even jamming the keyboard repeatedly remembering to press space randomly in between. i need to work on the layout not the content (since the content will be provided by different users of the site)

    lorem ipsum has proven itself a good tool for that, also for giving a rough idea of how my layout is going to look with some content in it in nice little paragraphs and sentances. the content is important, and tailoring a layout to the content is nice when you have that luxury, but not everyone does.

  38. 4243

    I use the Phase Express plugin to automatically fill in L-I text whenever I type the word Lipsu_. It saves time copying and pasting, but it just seems like a waste having customers ask me what is that foreign text doing on my…..

    SO, I’ve decided to write my OWN L-I text outlinging my services with clear instructions to replace. Nothing would drive a customer more batty to give me content than seeing ME advertise on their website!!!! Has anyone else written their own LI text?

  39. 4344

    Sorry but there no quantifiable proof that using LI detracts from presented concepts. If you are even a decent designer / project manager then no site you are involved in should a launch with LI as live content. That’s a bigger issue than using LI.

    I use it, NEVER had an issue or even had to explain what it is. I will forge on.

    Well written post though!

  40. 4445

    So true, people don’t understand the need for real content. For blocks of text, I think using Lorem Ipsum is fine, but when it comes to typography that’s important, i.e. in calls to action and summaries it is worth waiting for real content.

  41. 4546

    What are some of the bad things that have happened because of Lorem Ipsum?

    1. Lorem Ipsum has distracted clients from design mock-ups for decades, leading them to ask countless questions on why their site if filled with an unknown, foreign language.
    2. It has often created confusion between the designer, developer and the copywriter or content provider.
    3. It even gets pushed live sometimes without anyone noticing.

    The above caused me to facepalm.
    Here goes:

    1. Explain to your clients what Lorem Ipsum is and why you’ve used it. Problem solved.

    2. See above, swap “clients” for whoever else you need to. Problem solved.

    3. You are lazy and stupid. You are the problem, not Lorem Ipsum.

  42. 4647

    I adore the detail! My own youngster likes this particular thing! This is the triumph, get. As i wanted an item towards entertain my best 3.your five period past child , and this is just the point most people essential. He could be a normal capacity regarding your boyfriend’s period still really active and then was choosing bored with this baby bouncer salon chair plus playmat. This keeps your man engaged pertaining to long periods of time and hubby takes pleasure in any motion connected with swinging throughout. He can be nevertheless too limited great ft . almost never look the earth thus decide to put a pack below that will until the suspension coils stretch somewhat. It can be very substantial together with isn’t as simple go right from room to room seeing that her similar games. Entire, What i’m highly convinced together with should advocate this specific for you to everyone. Ohio, and it’s also a breeze construct. No more than required in relation to 10 minutes!

  43. 4748

    this post is useful for designers but more to the clients who are lazy not to provide copy of the site so it leaves designer with no choice.

  44. 4849

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the subject and found most individuals will approve with your blog.

  45. 4950

    Seems that you’ve started quite a discussion here. I’d like to share my own experience with NOT using Lorem ipsum for client websites. The first website I wrote content instead using Lorem ipsum was back in 1997 (!). The people I was working for had no idea whatsoever when it came to webpages, html, css and the likes. Therefore I used real text to help them understand which topic the actual pages were about and what should be placed where. (I did the wireframe, the design and the development.)
    Altogether I did this with three client websites.
    I will not, never ever do it again! Why? Because the people seemed unable to understand what I was doing and why.
    The used my text online, they didn’t quite get it that the content should be replaced with their own words, the text was to short, to long, to narrow and to wide, etc.. It wasn’t to the point, it was not written in the style the client preferred, …….. in short, it was a nightmare.
    Fact is, I believe that I even LOST one client just because I wrote real content (as blind text/dummy text/”placeholder”) instead of using Lorem ipsum. He did like the design but found the text way too long (dig this!) and I never heard from him again. Of course I made it crystal clear that this text was not meant to be used in the final product….

  46. 5051

    Very good out-of-the-box thinking to write this article. Everybody sees this on all the templates. But you went one-step ahead and wrote a blog post about what it is. Kudos to your thinking.

  47. 5152

    This article is really interesting….. i actually used Lorem ipsum in my early career but stopped it a long time ago.

  48. 5253

    I am not a designer. I am a consumer of web design ideas. I agree with the idea of using actual content to develop a site design. I have vetoed design concepts because te fake text does not match our actual text and I cannot visualize how what we produce would fit the design.

    • 5354

      1. Site components take up space.
      2. How the design uses space is more important than what goes in spaces that have content that will change.
      3. Developing text takes time.
      4. Putting text on the screen requires nearly no effort.
      5. Development of text does not involve the screen. It involves messages.
      6. Developing code takes much more time.
      7. Putting behaviors and objects to click on the screen requires much more work to get the screen/browser to react properly.
      8. Developing the text does involve the screen. Any non-space related changes take valuable energy from developing for the web.
      9. The web is not paper. It is a machine.
      10. How your content fits is peanuts compared to whether your customers can find items, log in, contact you, or make a purchase.

      Presentation is not king. Function is king.

  49. 5556

    Oh and the blurb at the top is wrong.

    Not using lorem ipsum is giving the king a bunch of plans and not telling him which workers must do them.

  50. 5657

    Very thought-provoking read that hit close to home for me. I’m at the VERY early stage of my career, doing pro-bono design work, and I’m currently working with a photography studio on projects that focus much more on copy/strategy than the design. Your article reinforced my understanding of how important the copy is in the design process. Kudos.

    And the “fake Greek” statement did throw me off a bit, but I think the commenters who made such a big deal out of it are missing the point by a longshot. We all make mistakes people!


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