The Smashing Book: Already Got Yours?


Have you gotten your copy of The Smashing Book yet? If not, it may still be worth spending $29.90 $22,90 for this printed book (+ free eBook). The book shares technical tips and best practices on typography, usability, UI design, marketing and color usage. It contains interviews with high profile designers and developers. And you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. You can buy the book now1, it is available and can be shipped right away!

Smashing Book Around The World

Many things have been happening with and around The Smashing Book in recent weeks. You must have read or heard that it would fall apart immediately upon being opened (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). In fact, the pages loosened quickly, and the reading experience was anything but ideal (the adhesive binding was the culprit). The verdict from many users was thus: brilliant content, very poor binding. And yes, let’s face facts: we indeed did a poor job in our first attempt at offline publishing, but we are willing to learn from our experience and do it better the next time. In fact, the next time has already come.

We have thoroughly monitored the feedback and heard your complaints, which is why we have produced a Corrected Edition of the book, with stable, high-quality stitched binding. Nothing will fall apart here… guaranteed. And the price remains the same.

The release of the Smashing Book has been very exciting. We’ve seen many photos2, videos3 and even unboxing galleries4. We have even seen the books being explored by cats, pancakes, cactuses and babies!

Photo by Remworks6

Photo by Eddie Ebeling8.

Photo by Julien Bob10 (the cat’s name is Monsieurbleu).

Photo by Danielle Wu12.

A Word On The Shipping

We are of course not a postal service, and because we are located in Germany, we had to rely on the German postal service (Deutsche Post) to deliver the books to you. This usually works fairly well, but the first weeks in December certainly weren’t our preferred shipping time. Logistics companies were already busy with the Christmas season, and so delivery of our books went very slowly. And because we have been shipping the books worldwide, delivery times have varied significantly. No wonder it took as long as a couple of weeks for the books to be delivered, slowed down as they were by the holidays.

It’s truly astonishing what can happen to books when you ship a large number of them. There are hundreds of stories: the labels got messed up, damaged, loosened or stuck together; the book was delivered but is sitting in the apartment of a neighbor who has gone on vacation; the mail carrier delivered the book to the wrong house or misread the label; the label has a printing error; my address has changed; the book was left sitting in a delivery container; the postal service sent the book to the wrong state and is in the process of rerouting it; the book is being held up in customs. The list goes on and on. Every day we learn of a number of such cases. If you purchased your book a long while ago but still haven’t received it, please send your order details to our support team at We’ll be in touch right away and will investigate.

Was It Worth The Wait?

Well, we can’t answer that question because we are obviously biased. But our readers and book reviewers can answer that question for us. Many book reviews are out there, sharing both positive and negative impressions.  What do other readers say? Here are a few snippets:

“The advice is pitched at what I would call intermediate-to-advanced level. It’s aimed at web designers, doesn’t include any coding details, and focuses on notions of good practice. Elegant solutions for common problems are offered on almost every page. The book has also been written by a group of professional designers – so they know what they’re talking about.” — Roy Johnson13

“The Smashing Book is a great, really great book for everybody who is interested in design and web-development. Especially the typography and learning from the experts chapters where inspirational resources to me. The content is great but I believe the layout of the pages should be as a book. Support the Smashing Magazine Book by ordering your copy and I hope SM will continue the concept of bringing the content by book.” — Sander Baumann, Designworkplan14

“The book is basically all of SM’s best articles condensed into a book. This is what you’d expect, as it would be hard to top what they have on the website already. The content is very detailed, perhaps even too much in some cases, but it is like a ‘bible of web design’ covering all the things you should know.” — Lee Munroe 15

“I think the Smashing Book is a perfect book for web designers and developers of all levels, and I am excited that it lives up to the hype. It provides very comprehensive information that is both useful and essential for designers and developers who want to make the quailty of their websites improve.” — admixweb16

“I think the book is a great buy for the price. For all you people still waiting for it to be delivered, it’s worth it!” — ThatDeadPixel17

“Overall, this is a great effort from the Smashing Team and all the authors. The book features good web design theory and many practical techniques backed up by real world examples in the form of colourful screenshots. This book will not become obsolete in the short term, and should be placed in everyone’s library. Overall score:  8.5/10 – A Smashing Book!” — Hixdesign18

Please note that all errors and inaccuracies are being collected in the Errata, which can be found through our Smashing List of Links19 (only a few errors have been found so far).

Buy The Book Now!

The Smashing Book is a printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and best practices on coding, usability and optimization and explores how to create successful user interfaces and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, color and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine.

It’s a paperback: 313 pages, full-color images on coated paper, available worldwide. Shipping is $5,-. 100-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can find more details about the book in our shop. Smashing Book: It’s Out Now!20

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  1. 1

    I need the poster to hang it on the inner side of my room/office door (on the outer is already an alien with a smoke saying “Take me to your dealer”).
    That way I can glance at it while working to keep me going, or while I am leaving to room to remind me that I should do some creative stuff as well (in case I was simply playing games or browsing the web that day).

    P.S. Got my book, with slight delay in posting, but so far it was worth the wait :)

  2. 152

    I already own the Smashing Book and would love the poster, as well. It will serve as inspiration for me to be a better designer and to never stop learning!

  3. 303

    Want one to hang in my room.

  4. 454

    The Smashing Magazine books was definetly worth buying for! Thanks for it’s pocket size, it was a great idea!

    Poster would be just amazing and in perfect timing. I’ve just painted my officeroom and bought new desk and chair. Walls are plain so I was about to make a framed poster of .Net magazines and I think Smashing Magazine poster would be more than perfect to go next to it.. maybe even replace it!

  5. 605

    I see two books on Amazon by Smashing Magazine, “Smashing WordPress” and “Smashing Javascript”, published by Wiley. I havent seen these books mentioned on Smashing? Did I miss something? Are these unauthorized?

  6. 756

    I am still waiting for my book but Helen did a great *excellent* job to inform me about the status. Oh! yes, I will hang the poster in my office (to show off).

  7. 907

    You should give the people who waited 6 months a free poster!!!!!!!!

  8. 1058

    I want one! I am new to web design so I hope this book can be a solid starting point.

  9. 1209

    Hide those error with the poster
    Soooo sorry… Error 403 Forbidden

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 1567233157

    • 1360

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 28, 2010 6:38 am

      Thanks for telling us. I just tried the URL and it seems to be working again. Maybe a temporary problem. Is it working for you as well?

  10. 1511

    I would buy the book if I lived in Europe or US.
    I don’t trust southamerican mail.
    btw, I would hang the poster in my bedroom/office.

  11. 1662

    I got my book, and must admit I was a bit disappointed with the size, I thought of it to be a bit bigger than that. Poster would be nice depends if it is big enough

  12. 1813

    Poster sounds great. I would hang it up in the office lunchroom!

  13. 1964

    Mine has just arrived. It took a while because I am in Brazil. I’m looking forward to reading it!
    Thanks a lot guys.

  14. 2115

    I got mine too :) It’s AMAZING! Very dense…

  15. 2266

    Got my book a couple of weeks back. I used it as reference information during a ‘lunch-and-learn’ presentation about ‘Usability’ for our development team. The poster would look great in our meeting area to remind us about key ‘Usability’ points.

  16. 2417

    Hi, first of all great book, I pre-ordered, suffered through all the delays, but it was worth the wait, great book! :)

    About the poster, I would definitely hang it on my office wall.

    Keep up the good work SM.

  17. 2568

    If i got this book i would use it to help me quit WoW

  18. 2719

    I really need this book to inspire me for designing again. Haven’t designed anymore after I left the advertising agency. Working @ the car rental right now :(

  19. 2870

    Yes, the book is awesome. I got it 2 days before Xmas.

    Yes, I would love a new Smashing poster to hang in my office.


  20. 3021

    Oh how I want this book so badly. But I don’t know if I can spare nearly $30 right now. :(

    If I were to win the poster, though, I would hang it in my workspace where all my creativity happens. It would be a piece of inspiration!

  21. 3172

    william deerfield

    January 27, 2010 12:21 pm

    I would love a copy. I would use it everyday in my design work and it would make a great addition to my reference manuals.

  22. 3323

    I got the book for x-mas and already read it. It’s just great and I don’t regret reading it. If you are looking for a good compendium of modern web design you should get your copy!

  23. 3474

    I don’t like reading in English … translate the book for portuguese :D

  24. 3625

    I’m trying to scrape the money together for the book, damn student loans, anyways.. Me and a few friends making a web shrine, somewhere to go pray to the gods of webdesign when those hard times being confronted with non-standard implementations and tedious workarounds for browser compatibility. it is meant to be a place to seek hope in the darkness ;) and what better in the middle than a smashing poster which is somewhere we seek divine knowledge on a daily basis ^

  25. 3776

    I’d probably take it to my grave cos there’s sooooo much to learn and sooooo little time ! ;)

  26. 3927

    I want that poster. It would look smashing on my cubicle wall

  27. 4078

    I would use the Smashing Magazine book to do more offline research and studying. I visit Smashing Magazine’s website and other websites on the Smashing Network so often that my Internet Service Provider gets on my case about bandwidth usage.

  28. 4229

    TOTALLY excited. My mom just called me at work and told me my Smashing Book was at home. I guess it came recently and someone threw it into a pile of mail (!!!!!!) that got forgotten. So my long awaited pre-order finally came through! Hooray!!!!

    In any case, I’d love to get the poster to remind myself NOT to do ground shipping next time… being a cheapskate doesn’t cut it. Haha… well, I’d put it up in my room to use up the white space on the walls and remember how cool Smashing Magazine is. =)

  29. 4380

    Sadly, I don’t own the book, but I checked the samples and they look great! If I were to win the aforementioned poster, I would hang it on my bedroom wall, haha!

    Have you considered making a Smashing T-shirt? That would be great! A red T-shirt with a huge white “S” and the words “smashing magazine” along the bottom right or something like that.

  30. 4531

    I’m buying the book as soon as I can. It will be in my top ten books for reference. You guys have done an excellent job putting information together for the design community and for that I am very grateful. Your website inspires me to learn more everyday in these times of ever shifting knowledge, and changing techniques.

  31. 4682

    Please give me one copy, I can’t afford it, I will read it everyday, it will become my personal bible, please can I have one?

  32. 4833

    The book would be a good motivation to proceed with my graphic designer study. I’m going through a hard time at the moment.

  33. 4984

    What can I say? Even without this book, Smashing Magazine is a tremendous resource! I am computer science student and like many programmers, the extent of my artistic ability lies in programming elegant code, but what good is that without aesthetic appeal? Nothing, that’s what! If I win a free book or not, this will be a valuable addition to my…I would say bookshelf, but it’s not going to spend much time there.

    -Derek Leblanc
    Computer Science Student
    Memorial University

  34. 5135

    I love the book and already have my copy. Instead of giving out posters, people who buy the book should get a URL for a book-ad-free version of the RSS feed.

  35. 5286

    I never got my book, its been 2 months

  36. 5437

    I want it to fill up my bookshelf ;)

    Nah, i think it will be a great book to spend some houres on.

  37. 5588

    The smashing book is one of the best books I’ve bought recently. It was well worth the wait.

    If I had the poster, I’d wrap myself in it and wear it as a cape and act like a superhero called Smashing Man and run around saving people from bad UX.

  38. 5739

    For everyone who hasn’t yet got it, this question:
    Under what rock have you been living lately? This is a not-to-miss piece of reading material. you must buy it. NOW!

  39. 5890

    I teach web design in college and would love to put a smashing poster up in class! I’ll send a picture from it in class as well! can you resist that offer? ;)

  40. 6041

    the poster would go on the wall of my bedroom of course! to inspire and reinspire myself.

  41. 6192

    well, I’d LIKE to buy it, but living in Australia and being forced to choose a US state won’t really work guys… is there any way I can order it?

    • 6343

      Florian (Customer Support)

      January 28, 2010 6:49 am

      This should not be happending, obviously. :) We’ve already had successful orders from Australia, though, so I don’t think this problem affects everyone.

      I have informed our technical appartment about the problem. We’ll see if they’ll come up with something.

      Until then, you might try just using a different browser. If this is a freak-error, this might help.

  42. 6494

    The Smashing Magazine Book is a great and insightful read and I have learnt many new things. Thanks so much for everyone’s input in the book.

    I would love the poster to hang on my study wall for inspiration!

  43. 6645

    Well, i’ll be eat, runnin’ and sleep with this poster :)

    ps. i will make photo with this poster and a lot of snow and snowman in cold Poland:)

  44. 6796

    Maybe you could send posters out to all the people who STILL havent received their pre-orders!?

  45. 6947

    I’d lock it into a lead box to preserve for the next generations.

    choose me or i’ll post using comic sans next time!

  46. 7098

    hey, cool book… think I would read it on the toilet. Most of the time it’s really boring there ^^

  47. 7249

    My book arrived like two weeks ago. If i won the poster, I would hang it on my dorm room wall. Would definitely make it stand out since most people in my college have typical mass-produced posters

  48. 7400

    Finnally, my book arrived today!
    It is a nice tool for my projects… It’s allways important to be aware of the best practices in this industry. Smashing Magazine helps me a lot on thinking “out of the box” solutions.
    The poster would be nice… I’m curious… is it inspiring, innovative, creative? Or… simply Smashing???

  49. 7551

    Got mine!

  50. 7702

    Well, I sure deserve the poster to replace my flat 42 inches TV at the ceiling, so everyday when I wake up I’ll get inspired for the rest of the day. I think it’s better than some stupid french TV reality shows :-p


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