Did You Accept the Daily Design Challenge?


A little over a week ago, an article that I wrote was published on Smashing Magazine entitled, Design Something Every Day!1

This post was a challenge for all designers to design something daily for the entire 2010. The post actually generated a lot of great response from the design community and there are a lot of people who have decided to make it part of their New Year’s resolution.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

"Your walk talks and your talk walks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks."

In case you don’t understand what that means, it simply is a quote saying that what we practice speaks more to people than what we preach. I knew that when I started this challenge, there were people who were going to be a little skeptical and they were going to see if I participated in my own challenge. Well, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is so on December 31st, I decided to jump in and take on the challenge as well.

Design Informer’s Daily3652

I have already started and so far, I have three designs that I have posted. I also decided that it would be a lot easier to have a theme for the blog, so for January, this is my theme: I will design a typography based design based on a quote using one of my favorite fonts. By the way, please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe3 to the Design Informer Daily365 feed.

Here are the three designs that I have done so far:

Happy New Year4

Little Things5

What is a Leader?6

A Few More Pointers

I just wanted to give everyone a few words of advice regarding the daily designs.

  1. Use the #daily3657 hashtag so people can see your design.
  2. Please don’t spam the hashtag with you designs. Please only post your design once. I guess retweeting other people’s designs is okay.
  3. It would be good if you had some type of comment system where you post your work. That way, if someone wanted to compliment your work or leave some constructive feedback, they can do so.
  4. If you have some free time, check out the other people’s designs as well and leave feedback. No bashing please! I understand that a lot of beginners are taking the challenge so their design skills might not yet be up to par with yours. As a design community, we should all support each other.

Smashing Ideas and Designs

Just two days into the challenge and I have already seen some terrific designs. Here are a few that have already caught my eye and are worth checking out.

Oddmotion – a daily video8

Face Meets Wall – Getting Up After Hitting the Creative Wall9


Design It Daily11


Briansaar – Make Something Every Day13


Subject to Change15

Vexel Love16

365 Logo Project17

Logo Hangover18

Foomandoonian Daily36519


Did You Accept the Challenge?

The above designs are just some designs that I collected in a short time. I’m sure there are a lot more awesome designs out there that I haven’t seen, so if you weren’t included, please don’t get discouraged or offended.

Have you participated in the challenge? Please leave a comment below and leave a link to your blog or where you have your daily design. Try to leave a full comment. If you just attach the link, Akismet might automatically classify you as spam and we might not be able to see your designs.

Remember, we will do a giant round-up of the top designs over at Smashing Magazine21 so don’t forget to add your link below. This will be an easy way for us to keep track of the daily designs.

Thank you for reading this post and participating in the challenge. If you enjoyed this post, please retweet it and give it a bump below. You can also subscribe22 to Design Informer and follow us on Twitter23.


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  1. 1
  2. 102

    Ahhhhh…Tricia got to me and I’ve accepted this challenge

    .-= Rose´s latest Blog Entry – Daily Design #1 =-.

  3. 203

    Great idea, I sure did!
    I’ll post my daily designs here: http://365en365.com.ar

  4. 304


    Your post at Smashing Magazine inspired me, too! :-)

    I publish currently my daily design in this category of my blog:

    ( the direct RSS: http://www.optimiced.com/en/category/daily-design/feed/ )

    Btw, I was linking to my daily designs with Twitter hashtag #dailydesign, so I guess you didn’t see them… I’ll try to correct this:)

    A bit later, I also plan to create a single page that will contain thumbnails of all the designs I made + link to original size images… I am still in the planning stage, but once I create the page, I will surely post the link to it, too.

    Currently, I promised myself that I will try to design/publish something, every day — could be a vector illustration, or a photo (edited in an interesting way), or scanned sketch, or an image created in Illustrator or Fireworks… But as I see my progress, I am shifting towards the idea to create/edit/publish 365 illustrations created/edited in Adobe Fireworks only.

    Fireworks is my graphic design editor of preference! I use it for all kinds of graphic design for Web/screen/UI/logo design. It’s an amazing application with a perfect blend of vector+bitmap tools, with almost unlimited possibilities. So, because I use it and love it so much, I think that my Daily Design will be actually Daily Fireworks Design 365… ;)

    (Being my own boss, it’s a nice idea to think I am free to create any kinds of 365 designs, right?)

    I also like to imitate in Fireworks, so some of my designs are/will be also imitations (in such a case, I always link to the original), but when I imitate, I also learn, so I like the idea, too…

    Thanks again for inspiring me!

    Let’s see what’ll happen in a few days/weeks/months… :)

  5. 405

    I changed my address for the challenge. I’m really excited with this challenge. I confess that I got scared of the project. I never thought I would have people around the world visiting my site. I wanted to find more people in Brazil participating.

  6. 506

    After much procrastination, I decided this past Monday to also undertake the Challenge. There is no theme or set plan. It’s whatever my brain, heart and soul feel inspired to churn out. Brilliance or train wreck, you can check them out at http://rcarmstrong.tumblr.com . I also tweet the link out @rcarmstrong.


  7. 607
  8. 708

    I actually started this the day I saw the Smashing Magazine article you wrote, so I’m up to 16 designs already. Everyone, keep up your fantastic work and dedication to this challenge, it’s worth it!

    You can check out all my daily designs plus my other work at http://www.petebeckley.com and feedback is welcome!
    .-= Peter´s latest Blog Entry – Celtic Pride =-.

  9. 809

    Hey guys! Check out mine: http://365.iamjamesmartin.com
    .-= James Martin´s latest Blog Entry – quote by Paulo Coelho =-.

  10. 910

    Thanks for the motivation. I’ll be posting my work here: http://indexcards.rubyyot.com

  11. 1011

    Glad to see so many people are taking up the challenge, great work coming out of it!
    You can see all of my daily designs here: http://365daydesignchallenge.blogspot.com/

  12. 1112

    Check out my submission to the #daily365 http://www.sketchbooked.net … I started a week before, to have these daily illustrations/designs be my was my personal resolution, and saw that you had formalized it when I was a few days in! Great Idea!… Having a great time, and noticing a lot of personal growth in my style in only two weeks.

    .-= Miguel Cardona´s latest Blog Entry – Happy Birthday Roushey! My student at RIT for two freshman… =-.

  13. 1213

    Posting them over at my blog: http://darlingdeardesigns.blogspot.com/
    .-= Whitney´s latest Blog Entry – sodarlingdear: http://darlingdeardesigns.blogspot.com/2010/01/daily365-day-8-eat-drink-and-be-married.html Day 8!! "Eat, drink & be Married!" #daily365 =-.

  14. 1314

    I have been doing pretty well with keeping with this challenge…


    But we’ll see if I’m saying the same thing a month from now. :)
    .-= Erica´s latest Blog Entry – DAY 9Poster DesignMurbadHave a Common Enemy*A design exercise… =-.

  15. 1415

    This was a interesting idea and I really wanted to test myself to keeping this challenge for the rest of the year. My stuff are truly random and it’s whatever I come up with that day and my mood.


    currently, I’m shocked I’m still at it. :-)
    .-= Davez´s latest Blog Entry – 14// Dark =-.

  16. 1516

    I’m switching mine to a blog now, you can find it at:

  17. 1617

    I’m in… for now. The idea is that ever design connects to the previous design in some way, vague as it may be.


  18. 1718

    I read that blog post. While, I like the idea of doing designs 365 days a year. The problem is that I am learning to be a photographer. So everything I do is to photograph.

    What I though of was to create textures for 365 days. I won’t be posting one a day though. Probably, 3-6 a day. Could be a nice side project :) For now, the textures would be available at Free Textures.

  19. 1819

    so far its working – 12 Days – 12 Designs, but its hard to stop after 30 Minutes, dont want to waste too much time if a design going the wrong way.
    Here is the Link to my Tumblrblog;
    .-= Florenz´s latest Blog Entry – 0012: Another HeavenAm i the only one who was confused by the… =-.

  20. 1920

    After reading your blog post on SmashingMag, I started uploading one design everyday starting new years day. The night before I brainstorm as I try to fall asleep (sometimes writing down ideas before I doze off) and then get up an hour earlier than I did in 2009 to create something before I head to work. I agree with Florenz that it’s challenging to stop and not be late for work, but Im guessing this will not only help my idea generation and technique, but also speed. Thanks for the idea… best one Ive heard in a long time.

    Heres my daily designs: http://365daysofdesign.org

  21. 2021

    I read about the challenge on Dani McDaniel’s 365 blog and it’s been something I have always thought and practiced up to some point. A designer once said that you should force yourself to design something everyday, because it just like exercising. The more you do the stronger you get.
    I’ve started a blog yesterday at http://365.ilovecolors.com.ar/ I designed and coded it yesterday so you could say I started yesterday. The theme is built on Hybrid Theme and I will make it available for free download soon.
    Last but not least, thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Elio´s latest Blog Entry – Happy new year! =-.

  22. 2122

    Hi, we take the challenge and started 365 Singles at http://365singles.tumblr.com/

    The idea of this project is to choose a song and design the cover for a hypothetical single, basing the concept on the title, lyrics, story or whatever the song suggests.

    You can follow us in Twitter too: @365singles

    Congratulations for the initiative and for inspiring so many people to be creative and happy, every day of the year.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world!
    .-= 365 Singles´s latest Blog Entry – Plush, Stone Temple Pilots =-.

  23. 2223

    What started off as a month of daily sketches and designs has turned into a year thanks to your articles. I’ll be doing this for the entire year, so bring it on!

    I’ll be posting my designs and sketches at http://thejollity.blogspot.com
    .-= Jolls´s latest Blog Entry – Comic Project on the Horizon =-.

  24. 2324

    Great idea Jad !

    Count me in !!!
    Here is a link to my first entry: http://www.roxinnet.com/adri/post/My-daily-365-Day-1.aspx
    .-= adri_rory´s latest Blog Entry – Top 10 : 2010 wallpapers =-.

  25. 2425

    Hey Guys, I love this idea and have been mostly getting it done everyday. Check out what I’ve done so far…

    .-= Dwayne Mills´s latest Blog Entry – Day 16. Peace Maker =-.

  26. 2526

    I accidentally deleted my previous Facebook album of my daily designs, but here’s the new link. http://bit.ly/8qJjo0

  27. 2627

    I accepted the challenge. I’m currently 10 designs for 19 days… so I’m almost everyday. Here’s the link: http://shannahjsmith.blogspot.com/

  28. 2728

    I see several people have done a design to support Haiti. How could we put them all together?

  29. 2829

    Hello! I’m also participating in the Daily Design Challenge! It’s hard to find time sometimes, but it’s really fun to do!

    There’s some great work coming out of this challenge! Nice work, everyone!


  30. 2930

    oops… Already in for a month, and just noticed there’s a way to be noticed :)) Count me in then. Track me on http://lukedtl.blogspot.com/ or on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukesf/sets/72157623026725767/

  31. 3031

    I have moved my blog for the daily designs. From now on my designs will be posted here: http://almahoffmann.blogspot.com
    Please visit me! I would love to see you there! :-)

  32. 3233

    participating: AnthonyCalzadilla.com

  33. 3334

    Thanks for adding it Anthony. Your latest (CSS3) creation is awesome! :D

  34. 3435

    I’ve started it since 1st of January. I am a newbie so most designs that I’ve done are tutorials. Occasionally, I put in my own ideas. You can check it out here >> http://dailydesign.waipyo.com

    Thanks for the inspiration. If it wasn’t for your article, I wouldn’t have put in as much effort.
    .-= Wai´s latest Blog Entry – Ancient Bagan Wallpaper =-.

  35. 3536

    It’s been hard trying to keep up, but that’s all part of the challenge I suppose!
    I’m loving it so far, great motivation to get those designs floating around in my head down on paper/computer. Great looking at everyone’s designs as well, some excellent talent out there!

    Much love to Design Informer & Smashing Magazine for setting me in the right direction with this excellent idea!

    My design challenge blog for those who would like to check it out:

  36. 3637

    I accepted the challenge too!!! So far it has been a great adventure, it’s always exciting waking up and knowing that later today a new idea will come to life into a design!

    You can visit the site here: http://visualdosis.wordpress.com

    I would love to hear what you think. :)
    .-= Rodrigo Jimenez´s latest Blog Entry – We can change the world with ever bite | ONE DESIGN x DAY :: Day 97 =-.

  37. 3738

    2 and a half months in the challenge – http://www.lasekdaily.soup.io
    I’m thinking of switching platforms, because soup.io does not support any comments…(you can also find some of my work on http://www.behance.net/Lasek )
    but hey-that’s all I’ve got for now- hope you like it!
    Cheers from Poland!

  38. 3839

    I accepted the challenge but unfortunately, I missed more than a whole month but I started up again last Friday. I hope to keep up with the challenge now!
    .-= Corinne´s latest Blog Entry – daily365 FAIL =-.

  39. 3940

    Been doing the daily design challenge since April 1st. http://www.circadiancreative.seancoleman.com

  40. 4041

    Started on 1st of Jan, haven’t missed one so far, some of them had to be uploaded on later days though… an eternal saga with BT and holidaying made that…

    You can check them here:


  41. 4344


    For my Final Major Project I set myself this challenge, where I would create something new everyday for 2 months. In total it was 61 days of pure creativity. It was a very challenging and rewarding task. The outcome was a 200×260 perfect bound book which contained all of my illustrations. If you would like to see my Design a Day book with all the illustrations then you can see it on the following sites,


    I hope you enjoy :)

  42. 4445

    Still doing my daily design since January 1st 2010, I’m behing a couple months but looking forward to catch up!!

  43. 4546

    I will be trying to do designs everyday at seeriouuslyysam.tumblr.com :)

  44. 4647

    Well, I am almost done. I have stuck to it everyday sing last April 1st! I am about to post Daily Design #362! http://www.circadiancreative.seancoleman.com. What a great feeling!

  45. 4748

    thanks Amber & Jad,
    designing daily and finding the time to do it is very very hard.

    I just lost 9 days of design. but I’ll still try to catch up. very much thanks!


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