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Help Haiti: Designers Getting Involved


On January 13, 2010, the world was shocked to hear the news1 about the devastation that took place in Haiti. An earthquake with the magnitude of 7.0 hit the country hard. A few days later, we were informed of the hundreds of thousands of people that were killed due to this horrific event. When the people around the world heard of this tragedy, lots of them immediately took action. Millions of dollars have been raised thus far to help out the Haitians.

While I was reading Twitter on that day, it seemed like many designers got involved as well. Hundreds of tweets filled my stream saying that they have donated money to the cause of reviving and salvaging what’s left of Haiti. Today, I just want to showcase some of the designs that were created by designers who got involved and wanted to spread the word about helping the country of Haiti. Also, many designers have decided to blog about it and to donate proceeds from their work to help out those suffering in Haiti.

Help Haiti (Showcase of Designs) Link

Note: Please click on the images to see them in their websites and to learn more about their artists.

Haiti Help2

Haiti Shirt3

Ah! Iti4

SOS Haiti5

Florida Haiti6

Rescue Haiti7

Rescue Haiti8

For Haiti9

Help Heal Haiti10

Text Haiti11

Nightmare in Haiti12

Rise Up13

Many Hands14







Help Haiti21

Help Haiti22

Around the Design Community Link

Here are some other posts from the design community that also deals with this subject at hand.

Designing to Help Relief Work In Haiti23

As I’m sure you all know, the nation of Haiti was completely devastated by a powerful earthquake last week. It’s kind of put things in perspective. Here I am sitting on my nice, shinny Macbook, blogging about beautiful images, logos, websites and such. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of people have literally lost everything. For many, the loss was fatal.

Art to Support Haiti24

After the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti last Tuesday, everyone is trying to help however they can and the design community is also trying to do it’s part. Such artists like James White, Chuck Anderson, Nathalie Bertin, and more are donating 100% of the sales to help Haiti and giving you a chance to help as well.

How can designers help Haiti?25

The empathy that provides designers with their intuitive and creative advantage can also ignite a compelling need to help others, such as when we witness the kind of devastation and suffering that nature has unleashed on the people of Haiti. Members have been asking how they can contribute toward saving lives and providing hope for the future, and whether there is a means for AIGA to organize help.

26 Well Designed Websites that Help Haiti26

All of us know about the powerful earthquake that destroyed Haiti few days ago. Thousands of people died, lost their families, places to live, and work. In this article I’ve decided to find an examples of effective and well designed websites of non profit organizations that help Haiti.

Support the Cause Link

What have you done to spread the word or to help out this country in need? I suggest trying to find a charity and donating to help out those folks who are in desperate need. If you can also say a prayer for them, that would be wonderful as well. Let’s not forget this tragic day and let’s be more thankful for what we have, our families, our jobs and our homes.

I’d love to know about what else others have done to help out. Also, if you have any interesting designs that you have created about spreading Haiti, please feel free to leave your comment below. Thanks for viewing this post.

Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Too Many cool designs here but the one that attract me more is United-we-Heal-respect-Haiti

    Yesterday Tosanami Today Haiti Tomorrow is :-(
    .-= Ahmed´s latest Blog Entry – Delegate Premium WordPress Theme =-.

  2. 3

    They say that many little actions sum up to become a huge wave

  3. 5

    good work buddy, you are doing great

  4. 7

    Thanks for posting this Jad! Anything we can do is worth the effort!
    .-= Matt Ward´s latest Blog Entry – 10 Photoshop Filters You Should Definitely Know =-.

  5. 9

    Good work Jad. We should show that we should help one another regardless of race, country and boundaries. May Haiti endure through this dark period.
    .-= Aidan´s latest Blog Entry – Anatomy of Colors in Web Design: Blue and the Cool Look =-.

    • 10

      “We should show that we should help one another regardless of race, country and boundaries.”

      I completely agree with that. I’m with you as well. I hope Haiti recovers from this.

  6. 11

    cool post…well here’s mine if you want to add it to this nice selection

  7. 13

    There’s a lot of designers doing #daily365 that did a piece to draw attention to helping the people of Haiti. Here’s mine:

  8. 17

    Inspiration from difficult times, amazing.

    “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”
    -Ernest Hemingway

  9. 19

    It’s really great to see such a large community of people involved in helping Haiti. This is exactly what the world needs, a bit more TLC
    .-= Inside the Webb´s latest Blog Entry – Interview with Little Box of Ideas Design Blog =-.

    • 20

      Yes, it’s amazing to see the response from the design community, and not only that, but to see the rest of the world help out a country in need.

  10. 21

    I was able to donate my time and creativity to Clooney’s “Hope For Haiti” telethon. Several of my designs and animations will air in screens behind the celebrities. The owner and artists from the Los Angeles design firm “Stimulated” are behind the project.

  11. 23

    Very considerate of you, Jad. I admire each and every one of the designs and my heart goes out to the haiti people.

    As Matt said, “anything we do, is worth the effort”. They definitely need our help and what can be better than sending out messages through pictures.

    A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Thanks a lot for writing this article, Jad
    .-= Richie´s latest Blog Entry – 45 of the best High Quality PSD Files from Deviantart =-.

    • 24

      You’re welcome Richie. I definitely agree with “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Viewing a nice design or a photo can really make a big impact.

      Here’s a great and moving photograph from the rescue efforts in Haiti. I love the boy’s expression.

  12. 25

    It’s really great that everyone is doing their part to help out..I just wish there was a way to make sure the money is getting used properly..
    .-= Melody´s latest Blog Entry – Tutorial: Create A Sexy Digitally Painted Twitter Pinup =-.

  13. 29

    I was in the Dominican Republic a few years ago on a mission trip and was really struck by the large number of Haitians who had come there looking for a better life. Most of them were living in poverty, but it was still better than what they had in their native Haiti. If you’re interested in my experience there or want to see some pics, check out

    When the earthquake hit, I knew I wanted to do something to help, so we designed this shirt: We’ve stopped taking orders and shipped things off to print, but we’ll have a few extras if anybody else wants one.
    .-= Jon Norris´s latest Blog Entry – Tweet Worthy Links for the Week =-.

    • 30

      That’s great Jon. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It definitely is a moving and eye-opening experience to visit another country and to see just all of the conveniences and leisure that we have here that they don’t have.

      BTW, I’m a big fan of OnWired. Keep up the great work.

  14. 31

    Created one yesterday, if any organizations want to use it, or have it tailored to their organization let me know:

  15. 33

    Here’s what I did to help:

    And another great site:

    .-= Atom Groom´s latest Blog Entry – What If Your World Fell Apart? =-.

  16. 36

    I was inspired to help so I am using to sell a poster in support of Haiti. All profit from the sale of the posters with go to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief and development.

    To check out the poster visit:

  17. 38

    We are bloggers for AdmixWeb and we are actually from the Dominican Republic. and we are actually in the process of doing something similar.

  18. 40
  19. 42

    Thanks for putting my design up (Last on the page) and everyone remember the link on that post is to help support those in Haiti, you buy the shirt and 100% of the net profit goes to Haiti and you can let people know your support at the same time.

    Here it is for reference again:

  20. 44

    I think it is commendable that so many artists have donated their talents and time to this cause. And, not to be cynical, I hope that the efforts continue as long as they are needed, which will be for some time now.
    .-= Erik Ford´s latest Blog Entry – 3 Simple Image Enhancements in Photoshop =-.

    • 45

      “I hope that the efforts continue as long as they are needed”

      Very true, Erik. A lot of times, we are so quick to forget, and that is one of the main reasons for this blog post, to keep Haiti in the forefront of our minds as they are going through this dark time.

  21. 46

    Fellow Designers,

    I am sooooooo, SO, SO happy to see all of us taking the higher road. Using our talents for positive reinforcement messages.

    I am truly sickened by these people who are asking “What has Haiti done for us?”, “When is operation USA relief.”

    No, instead we use our talents and brains to create something better.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you and PLEASE continue to create these beautiful creations. People need to be reminded of this and we shall not leave them after the media does.

    Jamie Lynn

    • 47

      Yes Jamie, some people just have the wrong mentality about this.

      It’s not what others can do for us, it’s all about “what we can do for others.”

  22. 48

    tnx for the amazing creations!!another tool to express the emotions! &lets keep donating!!!! My fear was flying around me…waiting 4 me 2 surrender,but i kept WALKING!
    here mine:

  23. 49

    Hi Jad,

    I also would like to share with you our own way to help victims in Haiti. You may check it here :

    Thanks so much!

    Amirul Faisyal
    .-= Amirul Faisyal´s latest Blog Entry – New Theme, Bright Sky Released =-.

  24. 51

    I made one poster too, u can share it here if you want –
    .-= Potru´s latest Blog Entry – Психоделично искуство =-.

  25. 53

    Here’s my poster for Haiti, check it out

  26. 55

    wow, i actually made something yesterday while i was visiting my mom and then when i came hope last night i checked the site and saw this article.

    there is a lot of beautiful design!

    check out the help haiti design that i made at

    i feel a lot more inclined/ inspired to design something new. I am going to update the design i created and will post it a little later.

    amazing stuff people!

  27. 58

    You can find mine over at

    Hope you like it!
    .-= Miki Vicioso´s latest Blog Entry – BrandInc Temporary Page =-.

  28. 60

    Great list here, Jad. Thank you for posting it and helping to bring attention to a great cause. We have great people and creative minds getting involved from the design community and thats very refreshing to see.

  29. 62

    I designed these t-shirts for an organization called Haiti Foundation Against Poverty. I designed the shirts for them about a year ago. Here are the links!

    T-Shirt Number 1:

    T-Shirt Number 2:

    Website of organization:

    Hope you like them!
    .-= Johnny´s latest Blog Entry – Daily Design 023 =-.

  30. 64

    Great article! Here is a poster I made to spread awareness also.
    .-= Mica Knibbs´s latest Blog Entry – Help Them Heal – poster design by Mica Knibbs =-.

  31. 66

    Brilliant to see so many feeling and empathising with those in Haiti. Also, great testament to the power of design to communicate a message!
    .-= Mel Ndiweni´s latest Blog Entry – Aurora Borealis Typopgraphy Wallpaper Photoshop Tutorial =-.

  32. 68

    Hi! Beautiful works! While I couldn’t donate too much money, I was so happy to be able to donate my work and design flyers for the fundraising event through Doctors Without Borders last week.
    Then I designed this banner and wrote the post trying to put on one page all the info I could find on how to help…

    I’m hoping that spreading the word and making sure that everyone you know does something, anything, will make a difference…

    Oh and this is the image:

  33. 70

    Wow, what an expression of love to mankind. Designers, you are the bomb! :)

  34. 72

    Bit late been busy but here is my design contribution. If anyone wants to display this just let me know.
    .-= Simon Page´s latest Blog Entry – Brand New Retro – Featured articles in Digital Arts =-.

  35. 74

    Designers connect on emotional and spiritual levels that others do not. I think this is how they can produce such meaningful art. More than providing awareness (which is important) but illustrating experience.
    .-= bryan noel´s latest Blog Entry – Bryanjnoel: A great place for creativity – Blue in the Facade =-.

    • 75

      Exactly, Bryan! Most people don’t understand that visuals play a huge role in moving people to action. That’s why we have SuperBowl commercials that cost millions of dollars for a few seconds. Great point!

  36. 76

    That one by Simon Page is frigggggging awesome I love the simplicity. Well done too all the designers.

  37. 78

    You all did such wonderful work. This article is a really great idea to help with what we’re good at. These artworks inspire others to help.

    We did our best to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.

    Keep up the good work!

    .-= Eva´s latest Blog Entry – Redirects test =-.

    • 79

      Glad you spread the word Eva. Thanks for doing so. By the way, I’m still a very big fan of your unique website design. :)

      • 80

        Wow thanks a lot, Jad. Happy to hear that from you.
        I’m also browsing your website almost every day on the hunt for nice design bits :D

        Cheerio Eva

  38. 81

    This post inspired me to also design something for Haiti:

    So here’s the result

  39. 82

    Woops, something went wrong with the previous comment, so here’s my design:

  40. 84

    Hello Jad,
    Great work here! Awesome designs!!! Very insirational.
    Here is our way of trying to help, Feb 14 – Feb 17 Pixmac Pictures of Hope from the Heart for Haiti collection – Pixmac Photographers, Artists and Designers and Pixmac have donated images to this collection. All commissions (Pixmac and the contributors) for these images sold Feb 14 – Feb 17 will be donated directly to Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross. We still need help getting the word out, any help is appreciated. Here is our Blog link.

    Designers, if you need images please consider Pixmac Feb 14 – Feb 17 and the Pixmac Pictures of Hope from the Heart for Haiti collection.

    Designers, Photographers, Artists, Illustrators..there is still time to add your images to this Pixmac collection.

  41. 85
  42. 86

    francesca d'achille

    February 17, 2010 3:37 pm

    hi guys! I’m an Italian Red Cross volunteer and we are organizing a fundraiser for Haiti and we should make posters to advertise the event … ones I have seen here are very nice but I’m not very good I was wondering if you could help me to make a beautiful poster like this one?
    I hope in your reply
    thanks in advance

  43. 89

    Great post man. I’m trying to do what I can here also ;)
    .-= ZenemiG´s latest Blog Entry – El Francotirador ninja no te vuela los dedos, te quita la pistola. =-.

  44. 90
  45. 91
  46. 92

    Great design Radka. I appreciate you sharing it with the rest of us. :)


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