Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien From the Eyes of Designers


The past couple of weeks, the media has been in a frenzy. When news that Conan O’Brien was getting the boot from NBC, there suddenly was an uproar. Everyone was defending Conan, including designers. Last week, my Twitter stream was filled with "Save Coco" or "We Love Conan." Personally, I never really watched him and I don’t really feel sorry for him (he’s making millions from this), but because of all the hoopla surrounding this debacle, I decided to look around and see what designers have done. Usually, if there’s something big in the news, you can be sure that designers have already fired up Photoshop or have taken their pens and papers and have already started designing and creating something dealing with the issue.

Today, I’d like to showcase some Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno artwork. This just shows you that if designers get passionate about something, they can get really creative about that subject. Here’s a fun post for a boring Wednesday.

Note: Please click on the images to see them in their websites and to learn more about their artists.

Conan O'Brien1

Warhol Conan2

Obama Conan3



Conan Detective6

Conan O'Brien7

Conan O'Brien8

Riddler Conan9

Conan and Dog10

Cartoon Conan11

Conan Unicorn12

Conan Cutout13

Captain Conan14

Conan Barbarian15

Conan Wool16



Conan O'Brien19

Conan O'Brien20

Team Coco21


Jay and Conan23

Coco Leno24

Jay Leno Conan Movie25


Keep Coco27

Jay Leno Drawing28

Jay Leno29

Jay Leno30

Jay Leno31

So which one of these illustrations did you like and why? Leave your answers in the comments below. You must also follow Design Informer on Twitter32.

Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Great fun….
    love them…

  2. 2

    This guys Rock… btw the profile of some artist´s here are awesome! thanks for let us know. keep it up the good work Jad
    .-= Designi1´s latest Blog Entry – Design for the smile – what the feelings can tell more about your design? =-.

  3. 4

    Love it! Such a fun collection of great and entertaining art.
    .-= Miriam Schwab´s latest Blog Entry – Round-up non-profit expands micro-donation options to salaries =-.

  4. 6

    A wonderful collection of some very inspiring and rather amusing works of art.
    Conan O’Brien’s broad forehead seems to work well in caricatures. Pity we don’t see much of him on Australian television. Haha…
    .-= Josh´s latest Blog Entry – Redesigning Personal Projects – A Critical Analysis =-.

    • 7

      Yeah, his forehead is huge. :)

      I’m not sure what you missed out on, I personally have only seen him a couple of times. Maybe that’s why their canceling him?

  5. 8

    Nice post with a creative angle. I LOVE the illustrations. I don’t know if the title should say from the eyes of “designers” since these are more illustrations than designs. It doesn’t really matter though–nice idea. A humourous post.

  6. 10

    very cool stuff…always to nice to read fun post…
    .-= digibomb´s latest Blog Entry – Made of Myth : AMUSEMENT =-.

  7. 12

    Enormous chin jokes never get old.

  8. 14

    With Conan’s forehead and Leno’s chin, these guys are almost destined to be made into charactures. Some fun designs here. Thanks Jad!
    .-= Bluefaqs´s latest Blog Entry – 30 Free Fonts Perfect For Typographical Introductions =-.

  9. 16

    This is an entertaining light read! Enjoyed the artworks you compiled very much

    • 17

      Hahaha! Really funny, made my day. Thanks Jad for the compilation of Conan’s big forehead and Leno’s protruding chin, great artists and awesome caricatures.

    • 19

      Thanks Iwani. I didn’t want to feature a full article today as it would have gotten no exposure due to the iPad’s release. So I thought a showcase would be appropriate.

  10. 20

    A lot of really nice work. That plush Conan doll was creepy…but I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  11. 22

    This is so great! haha. Really made my morning brighter. thanks for sharing.

  12. 24

    don’t go COCO!

  13. 26

    I had no idea that the Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien saga had such a large following worldwide. The payout to Conan was a TON of money, and he will go on to make millions more at his new show. I always liked Jay but he seems out of touch with young people. The search/supply demand numbers we follow from around the world at http://www.theinternettimemachine.com , seem to point to a lot of opportunity for other late night figures to move into some of the mentioned time slots. We study supply/demand curves from around the world to find new niches and hot products before anyone else. We study what people are looking for and compare it to what is out there (think “results” in Google). I am usually at work at night to comment too much more as I don’t to watch much TV at that time, plus I need more sleep anyway.
    Here is a video on what I mean.. http://bit.ly/SupplyDemandCurves

    • 27

      Hey Curt, they definitely had a large following. By the way, Conan is definitely going to make a lot more money with his new show. I wonder where that will be? ;)

  14. 28

    Thats really interesting post Jad,
    keep it up!
    .-= Nikhil´s latest Blog Entry – Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Website =-.

  15. 30

    Conan better get a new show.

  16. 32

    These are really cool! I created a one too a few days ago! http://twitpic.com/zthpc

  17. 34

    Very nice collection, Jad. I don’t often care too much for roundups, but I like this one, very unique stuff here.

    Plus I’m a bit of a late night talk show fan — although the industry’s never been the same since Letterman moved to CBS. His old show on NBC was one of the best talk shows ever.
    .-= Louis´s latest Blog Entry – New Website Launch: Interviews by Design =-.

    • 35

      LOL! I think I’m too young to remember David Letterman on CBS. :)

      Anyway, glad you liked it and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on Interviews by Design. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

  18. 36

    As an artist myself, I have to say that some of these are great. I love the Coco Unicorn zip-lining to save LaBamba from the dragon.

    And the FELTED CONAN IS AWESOME. Who did that, and would she do some more??? I want one!

    • 37

      Hi John, thanks for dropping by. It’s a joy to hear that you enjoyed the round-up of Conan illustrations and designs.

      By the way, that felted Conan is definitely one of a kind. It would be cool to have one of those. :)

  19. 38
  20. 40

    You can see my new oil painting at my website. It depicts Conan and Andy on their next move…
    Ron Keas
    Also a YouTube introduction of the painting at

  21. 41

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