The Smashing Book: Already Got Yours?


Have you gotten your copy of The Smashing Book yet? If not, it may still be worth spending $29.90 $22,90 for this printed book (+ free eBook). The book shares technical tips and best practices on typography, usability, UI design, marketing and color usage. It contains interviews with high profile designers and developers. And you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. You can buy the book now1, it is available and can be shipped right away!

Smashing Book Around The World

Many things have been happening with and around The Smashing Book in recent weeks. You must have read or heard that it would fall apart immediately upon being opened (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). In fact, the pages loosened quickly, and the reading experience was anything but ideal (the adhesive binding was the culprit). The verdict from many users was thus: brilliant content, very poor binding. And yes, let’s face facts: we indeed did a poor job in our first attempt at offline publishing, but we are willing to learn from our experience and do it better the next time. In fact, the next time has already come.

We have thoroughly monitored the feedback and heard your complaints, which is why we have produced a Corrected Edition of the book, with stable, high-quality stitched binding. Nothing will fall apart here… guaranteed. And the price remains the same.

The release of the Smashing Book has been very exciting. We’ve seen many photos2, videos3 and even unboxing galleries4. We have even seen the books being explored by cats, pancakes, cactuses and babies!

Photo by Remworks6

Photo by Eddie Ebeling8.

Photo by Julien Bob10 (the cat’s name is Monsieurbleu).

Photo by Danielle Wu12.

A Word On The Shipping

We are of course not a postal service, and because we are located in Germany, we had to rely on the German postal service (Deutsche Post) to deliver the books to you. This usually works fairly well, but the first weeks in December certainly weren’t our preferred shipping time. Logistics companies were already busy with the Christmas season, and so delivery of our books went very slowly. And because we have been shipping the books worldwide, delivery times have varied significantly. No wonder it took as long as a couple of weeks for the books to be delivered, slowed down as they were by the holidays.

It’s truly astonishing what can happen to books when you ship a large number of them. There are hundreds of stories: the labels got messed up, damaged, loosened or stuck together; the book was delivered but is sitting in the apartment of a neighbor who has gone on vacation; the mail carrier delivered the book to the wrong house or misread the label; the label has a printing error; my address has changed; the book was left sitting in a delivery container; the postal service sent the book to the wrong state and is in the process of rerouting it; the book is being held up in customs. The list goes on and on. Every day we learn of a number of such cases. If you purchased your book a long while ago but still haven’t received it, please send your order details to our support team at We’ll be in touch right away and will investigate.

Was It Worth The Wait?

Well, we can’t answer that question because we are obviously biased. But our readers and book reviewers can answer that question for us. Many book reviews are out there, sharing both positive and negative impressions.  What do other readers say? Here are a few snippets:

“The advice is pitched at what I would call intermediate-to-advanced level. It’s aimed at web designers, doesn’t include any coding details, and focuses on notions of good practice. Elegant solutions for common problems are offered on almost every page. The book has also been written by a group of professional designers – so they know what they’re talking about.” — Roy Johnson13

“The Smashing Book is a great, really great book for everybody who is interested in design and web-development. Especially the typography and learning from the experts chapters where inspirational resources to me. The content is great but I believe the layout of the pages should be as a book. Support the Smashing Magazine Book by ordering your copy and I hope SM will continue the concept of bringing the content by book.” — Sander Baumann, Designworkplan14

“The book is basically all of SM’s best articles condensed into a book. This is what you’d expect, as it would be hard to top what they have on the website already. The content is very detailed, perhaps even too much in some cases, but it is like a ‘bible of web design’ covering all the things you should know.” — Lee Munroe 15

“I think the Smashing Book is a perfect book for web designers and developers of all levels, and I am excited that it lives up to the hype. It provides very comprehensive information that is both useful and essential for designers and developers who want to make the quailty of their websites improve.” — admixweb16

“I think the book is a great buy for the price. For all you people still waiting for it to be delivered, it’s worth it!” — ThatDeadPixel17

“Overall, this is a great effort from the Smashing Team and all the authors. The book features good web design theory and many practical techniques backed up by real world examples in the form of colourful screenshots. This book will not become obsolete in the short term, and should be placed in everyone’s library. Overall score:  8.5/10 – A Smashing Book!” — Hixdesign18

Please note that all errors and inaccuracies are being collected in the Errata, which can be found through our Smashing List of Links19 (only a few errors have been found so far).

Buy The Book Now!

The Smashing Book is a printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares technical tips and best practices on coding, usability and optimization and explores how to create successful user interfaces and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of typography, color and branding so that you end up with intuitive and effective Web designs. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine.

It’s a paperback: 313 pages, full-color images on coated paper, available worldwide. Shipping is $5,-. 100-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can find more details about the book in our shop. Smashing Book: It’s Out Now!20

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  1. 1

    I would love the Smashing Book. I am obsessed with Smashing Magazine and would geek out if I got a book compiled with everything I love.

  2. 352

    Hello hello
    I also want a smashing book, might need it for my studies on E-concept design at Copenhagen Technical School.

  3. 703

    I would like to have one. But I would like to see the preface and first 20 pages of that book to get a taste of what is look like inside. I know it will be great for all Graphic and Web Designers. But still want to get a taste of looking around before buying that book. :)

  4. 1054

    I would like the book because I plan to study web design here at my country (Kosova, Europe), and here are not a lot of good resources to prepare for the college, so your book would be a really good start and I maybe would be the best at my college. I would buy it but I don’t have a credit card :s .
    However thank you

  5. 1405

    This is awesome! I love Smashing Magazine… I play around with design software and hope to study graphic design when I finish my Journalism degree, so this book would come in handy! :D

  6. 1756

    Ive been reading Smashing Magazine since i start working as a web designer 2 years ago as a newbie in this field. ive learned alot from here as i had no experience in design at all, i would check out this website every morning before i start work.. now ive just started to take my degree in multimedia design, so im a poooor student now. It would be great if i can have the book for free! =D

    as to what i would do with the book,
    i will absorb every inch of goodness from the book,
    share and recommend to all my friends,
    hug it to sleep every night…(er..kidding)
    anyway i just wanna say this book with surely benifit me as much as the website did. :)

  7. 2107

    Let’s be honest. I think I’m likely to wear out the spine of this book in its first year reading it in/around and between my home and the studio. An extra copy would give me the peace of mind – knowing I can always get my daily dose of smashing inspiration any where I go.

  8. 2458

    This is awesome.. smashie! thats how we friends refers you now. You’ve been the inspiration for all of us for years, let me have your posters in my wall :-)

  9. 2809

    I would use the book to hit my boss over the head and say “This is why you should give a damn about User Experience”.

    Seriously, after e-mailing Smashing Magazine articles to everyone from the designteam to my bosses, it would be great to have a hard copy to flash around the office (and help me in my day-to-day editor tasks!).

  10. 3160

    i took it! it’s perfect ! :)

  11. 3511

    Atleast one ad slot on each London Underground trains is always empty. Send me few, I will stick them there!

    After reading your book, I have realised so many things I was doing so far were wrong. It all makes sense now. One of the best one I have read so far.


  12. 3862

    I would love to have the posters because they’d be the only posters on my wall. I had pre-ordered the book and it came as a new year present to me. I loved it. Still not finished yet!


  13. 4213

    I already have a copy, it arrived in excellent condition last week (nice packaging by the way!). I haven’t read much yet due to lack of time but I’ll make sure to catch up as the content looks very promising. I’ve only read a few pages now and it was hard to put it away! And that’s coming from someone who’s anything but a bookworm ;) Keep up the good work, guys!

  14. 4564

    A poster would be great on the wall in my school, because we need some decoration in the public areas!

  15. 4915

    Smashing Magazine is awesome!!! I visit the site at least once a day for all the great articles and tutorials. I enjoy all the calendars each month and the great insight. My boyfriend and I are both graphic designers and are always looking at books and site for inspiration. Smashing Magazine is full of creativity and inspiration at your fingertips. My boyfriend is a poster collector, he appreciates art and design in poster form, so I believe the Smashing posters would be a great treat for him.

  16. 5266

    I ordered mine like a month ago and its still not here. I wish it was.

  17. 5617

    If I had the post I would frame it and hang the post on my wall at the office! If you haven’t gotten this book you should order. Not only to show your support, cause we all get great ideas and resources from smashing- but the book is a collection of content that will make you a better designer.

  18. 5968

    After a long wait (because of italian post service) I finally managed to get mine! :)

    I just had a quick look and I am impressed by the book’s quality and features.

    Thanks for your invaluable good work!

  19. 6319

    I would use it to learn more and teach others!

  20. 6670

    Any news on who won the limited edition posters?

  21. 7021

    I don’t know if I’m posting this to the right place… anyways, on page 112 it’s about how to avoid dumb quotes using language-specific quotation marks. The article says “Internet Explorer, even version 8, doesn’t support it…” Well, that’s not the case, at least with this CSS code:

    :lang(hu) {quotes: “201E” “201D”;}
    :lang(en) {quotes: “201C” “201D” “2018” “2019”;}
    q:before {content: open-quote;}
    q:after {content: close-quote;}

    This article containes English as well as Hungarian quotations, both displayed fine in recent versions of IE8, Firefox, and Opera: Interestingly enough, webkit-based browsers have problems with displaying language-specific quotation marks correctly.

  22. 7372

    got the book 3 days after I ordered it (air mail to Sweden).
    reading it right now, very valuable content so far.

  23. 7723

    I just got mine shipped over here to Serbia, brilliant.

    Kudos guys!!!


  24. 8074

    on page 275, “An (almost) perfect Chinese website for kids.”
    *An (almost) perfect Korean website for kids.”

  25. 8425

    Florian (Customer Support)

    January 28, 2010 6:22 am

    Sorry that it is taking so long. :( The book should have arrived in most parts of the world by now. Please check the estimated delivery times and if your book is well overdue, contact us with your order details via so we can investigate.


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