Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)


Over the last months we released a variety of icon sets, tools and templates, but now we would like to release something a bit different for a change. In this post we are glad to release Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts, a PDF-file with a handy overview of most useful keyboard shortcuts available in Adobe Photoshop. The cheat sheet was created by Kenneth Setzer1 and released especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts2

The cheat sheet is a mousepad-sized image featuring a typical PC keyboard. Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts are listed for each key, with the shortcut and its icon printed on the individual key. In red is the shortcut you will get by hitting the key in combination with the Ctrl key. For example, typing "t" in Photoshop will activate the Type tool, while typing Ctrl+t will allow you to use the Transformation tool. Additional shortcuts requiring more than two keys are listed as well.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts3

Download the cheat sheet for free!

Of course, you can use the PDF for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. The PDF may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts4

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  1. 1

    Awesome, this is going on my wall. It’s missing one of my faves, though.

    ‘Tab’ will toggle all of the tool panels. It clears your screen of all the extras, leaving just your design behind in all its glory.

  2. 2

    Hmm, thanks for this useful post quiet handy for photoshop users

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        The sad part is that she thinks us designers are millionaires. I can only say ‘I wish’. :)

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        Hey Cute, go advertise your business on a site for lonely gold diggers, this is a design site, you don’t belong here. Happy hunting! loser.

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        Hey Lala. You really should be more sympathetic. Poor “Cute” is a lonely woman, clearly in pain. Why else would she go to a nerdy page like this one for love. She’s obviously tried all other options. She’s tried the pool-boy, the cable-guy, her tennis instructor, her sons friends, her grandsons friends — tragically none of them can stand the smell of vaseline and olives for that long. It’s a shame there is no PC keyboard shortcut for the rich application of love.

        I will love you “Cute Anna Baly.” I will come and find you! … (command + z)

  3. 8

    Hi Everyone,
    Very useful resource for Photoshop designers.

    Rahul Chauhan

    • 9
    • 10

      pls tell me about how to create a beautiful images by using photoshop including all photoshop shortcuts and steps how to make designs and to make awesome pics…………….. pls sir

  4. 11

    Do you have MAC version? Thank you.

    • 12

      The mac version would be the same, just opt the ctrl for the command key.

    • 13

      duh…I thought MAC guys were on the ball with this stuff

      • 14

        who still designs on a PC? Wow your 2000 and late lol…

        • 15

          Sorry to inform you DirtyD but only about more than half of designers in America uses MAC and the rest of the world uses PC which is still more powerful & reliable.
          For Mac users info change the Ctrl with Cmd & Alt with Opt.

          To Kenneth, thanks a lot for this helpful manual.

  5. 16

    Thanks for the effort and time dude. Really appreciated
    Anyways, do you have a short cut for Illustrator or Flash hehe ^_^.
    More power to you.

  6. 17

    Nice! I wonder what the boss will say if I print this out at work (where I don’t have photoshop)

    • 18

      I am sure your boss has seen far worse things printed off at work.
      At least it is something educational.

  7. 19

    thank you for sharing this! Very handy little thing :)

  8. 20

    VERY TIDY!!! Shortcuts make it soooo much easier!!! Thanks

  9. 21

    Thanks a lot for this sheet, it’s just great. :-)

  10. 22

    Thanks for the article. Great overview :)

  11. 23

    very usefull…the blue gradient is horrible ;)

  12. 25

    For Mac users is probably better to go with – it’s active, you can click the shortcut directly in the list.

  13. 26

    why would you put a gradient background on a file tha’ts intended for printing on a printer ? :-/

    • 27

      Yeah, I thought the background was a little odd. Something I would never send to a printer.

      Another way to get the shortcuts to a printer or leave them onscreen if you gotta enough space:
      If you google “Adobe Shortcut App” ( you will find and Adobe Air App that has all the shortcuts for the entire suite (Win+Mac) from which you can print-out Cheat Sheets for the shortcuts.

  14. 28

    What, no Ctrl+Backspace/Delete? That’s one of the staples ;)
    And there are more Ctrl+Alt ones out there~
    And yes, a plain white background or at least a grayscale dither would be more appropriate…

  15. 29

    it seems to be a CS3 cheetsheet?!
    “R” does not activate “Blur” anymore. It’s used for the “Rotation-Tool” in CS4/CS5 beta. isn’t it?

  16. 31

    Nice Sheet.. I’ll post it to my wall…
    Thanks :)

  17. 32

    V. useful. Thanks :)

  18. 33

    Very useful. And interesting.

  19. 34

    Awesome, thanks!

  20. 35

    Shocked that this isn’t for Mac :P

  21. 36

    Love It!… Hate the background color though…

  22. 37

    Tomas Thorvardarson

    February 10, 2010 5:21 am

    Nice collection of shortcuts, but I think you’re missing the one I personally use a lot:
    Ctrl + Alt + 0, to zoom back to 100% (original size).

  23. 38

    For AZERTY’s keyboard users, I’ve adapated the pdf.

  24. 40

    very nice, but this is def. not for your CS4 users. There are a couple of major changes from CS3 to CS4.

  25. 41

    Here is a link to a much better resource of Adobe/Quark/Apple shortcuts, Mac and PC, for everyone to use:

    It’s not as visual, more of a list. I prefer Noble’s.

  26. 42

    photoshop shortcuts for the 1000th time… (Y) :S

  27. 43

    thank you !

  28. 44

    First of all: SM thanks for changing the layout with the tabs! I love it!

    2nd: They (logitech eg.) should create keyboards like this!

  29. 45

    This is EPIC.

    Keyboard shortcuts are vital to production in news, without them nothing would ever get done in time.

    Anyone that wants to ever call themselves adept at Photoshop MUST use shortcuts.


  30. 46

    it s more helpful for me thank you

  31. 47

    How do I browse through open windows in PC?
    In MAC I use Command (“Apple key”) + > <

  32. 49

    I know a couple of people mentioned the blue gradients aesthetics but more importantly, it uses up a lot of printer ink. Best to keep colors to a minimum for web. That said, I could probably open it in Illustrator and just remove it myself. =]

    Thanks for the chart.

  33. 50

    I love how that amazing design work at the top is Copyrighted….

    • 51

      Dude, it ain’t the prettiest I’ve ever done, but have you ever tried drawing all those little tool icons? Jeez.

  34. 52

    I learn Photoshop. The cheat sheet is very useful. Thank you.

  35. 53

    that is kool thx

  36. 54

    oooo… this is so awesome! Thank you!! =D

  37. 55

    Pretty cool and handy, but it’s god awful ugly. I’d expect Smashing to post something that’s pleasing on the eyes. This makes me just want to rip them out.

  38. 56

    You know, the gradient looks a lot lighter on my monitor and when I print it. Interesting. If I delete the gradient, it looks so plain! But I guess it really just needs to be functional!

    I did base this using CS4 with default shortcuts. I have noticed that some users online had different functions assigned to their keys in CS4 by default. That’s really weird.

  39. 58

    With much appreciation for Kenneth and SmashingMagazine.

  40. 59

    Mandeep Singh Bawa

    February 10, 2010 9:44 am

    Nice effort….pretty useful for amateurs as well as pros

  41. 60

    I love what Kenneth Setzer did, but here’s a version that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing… Enjoy!

  42. 61

    I work on a 4 monitor setup with my left most monitor being misc stuff, and the one next to it being Photoshop, so I just made this my wallpaper on my left most monitor!

    Thanks a bunch! This is gonna help so much.

  43. 62

    Whats the name of the site with cheap mouse pads for sale?

  44. 63

    Thanks for sharing this and bravo for the efforts putting in to make it.. Really helpful by all means.

  45. 64

    Some of them are super ochevidous (like ctrl-z), other are hard to remember (those involving ctrl-alt-shift combos).

  46. 65

    These would be great to print on a sticker sheet and stick to the actual keyboard, thanks!

  47. 66


  48. 67

    Good for someone who is new to photoshop.
    Why is the title ‘Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet’? these are common shortcuts and there’s nothing ‘cheat’ about them.

  49. 68

    This is awesome. Great Job

  50. 69

    thanks for sharing the info :)

  51. 70

    If anyone needs a “cheat sheet” they obviously haven’t been using the program long enough & ain’t a real designer! ha!

    – oh, and real designers don’t use PC.
    – oh, and this is not very well designed.


  52. 73

    Great overview thanx

  53. 74

    Thanks a lot. its relay useful

  54. 75

    Thanks for this. Here’s my version:

  55. 76

    I use both Macs and PC’s, so I’m not biased toward either. They each have their pros and cons. That said… Hey Mac users, please stop getting bent out of shape because this was posted in reference to a PC.

    If you read the entire article, including the “Behind the Design” section you will see a comment from the designer of the PDF that clearly states why it’s for a PC…

    “Originally, I intended to buy a keyboard overlay with Photoshop shortcuts, but couldn’t find any for a PC, just for Macs.”

    As a matter of fact, the last article I saw listing keyboard shortcuts was for a Mac and PC users were asked to do the conversion.

    As for the poster who asked about switching between open applications in Windows… It’s actually [Alt] + [Tab]. [Ctrl] + [Tab] switches between files open within the same application.

  56. 77

    Can someone please put up a version without the awful blue gradient? It would be so much better to read that way and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be thankful.

  57. 78

    wow, great resource! I printed it.

  58. 79

    Iphone Application Developer

    February 11, 2010 10:38 pm

    Well these Photoshop keyboard shortcut keys cheat sheet is awesome.

  59. 80

    Very useful resource for Photoshop designers.

  60. 81

    its a nice idea – but to print out? NO

    Simple mistake of putting a fancy background on a piece of artwork because the content doesnt really work. Plus its not really a cheat sheet, its a shortcut sheet.

    Better suited as a desktop wallpaper or something maybe if you are a beginner. Thanks!

  61. 82

    Hi there, nice thing – but i think there are a lot of shortcuts missing. like all combinations with “alt” and “shift” and combined … and combined with the command key.

    Think of that.

    Photoshop has got much more Shortcuts than displaied above.
    Photoshop is a mighty tool and MUCH FASTER if you learn and use as much shortcuts as you can.


  62. 83

    Hi everyone,

    The shortcuts are very useful, but for beginners :)


  63. 84

    Check out Adobe Photoshop Keyboard – and Adobe Illustrator Keyboard – #adobe #shortcuts

  64. 85

    Yes a handy tool should one have the same version ps. But honestly the actual design is severly lacking is it not. I don’t just mean the gradient but the while thing is fairly naff.

  65. 86

    Hi everyone,

    Does anybody know shortcut for Brightness/Contrast?

  66. 87

    Thanks for the post.


  67. 88

    They should include more cheatsheets on this site….

  68. 89

    this one is very cute!

  69. 90

    Thanx ….. awesome job Man

  70. 91

    Thanks so much for the cheat sheet!

  71. 92

    Very nice! Thank you! I would love one for Lightroom as well! :)

  72. 93

    Thank you soooo much!

  73. 94

    Very Nice, Thanks so much for the cheat sheet.

  74. 95

    Very useful, thanks for sharing it free!

  75. 96

    thanks for the nice info. i would like to share
    Best Photography Cheat Sheets to Make your Life Easier

  76. 97

    Меня все полностью устраивает, поэтому и молчу.

  77. 98

    Оболденно ты придумал, главное что все элементарно.

  78. 99

    Blog liked, but a lot of unnecessary comments.

  79. 100

    the pdf link was broken.
    thank for sharing ! I love you smashingmag :)

  80. 101

    thanks so much for sharing

  81. 102

    Thank you so much. This is sooo useful and convenient.

  82. 103

    The cheat sheet is a mousepad-sized image featuring a typical PC keyboard. Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts are listed for each key, with the shortcut and its icon printed on the individual key. In red is the shortcut you will get by hitting the key in combination with the Ctrl key.

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  83. 104

    A good resource. Thanks :D
    But for the “Enter” key on numberpad – on a laptop, you should hit Ctrl + Enter and not Shift + Enter. Please correct this :)

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  86. 107

    Thanks for cheat sheet !

  87. 108

    I am stupid about topics: “acura cl spark plug cover”, “acura maintance”, “adding remote starter to acura”, .

  88. 109

    Thanks for this. One keyboard short cut that I use a lot that seem to not be on this cheatsheet is the key, shows the mask in red. Very helpful while editing

  89. 110

    Needed to create you one tiny observation to be able to give many thanks as before for all the awesome tips you’ve provided above. It’s so seriously open-handed of people like you to supply without restraint precisely what most people would’ve offered for an e-book in order to make some bucks for themselves, especially since you could possibly have done it if you ever desired. Those creative ideas as well worked as a great way to recognize that the rest have a similar interest the same as my very own to know a great deal more with reference to this issue. I am sure there are some more enjoyable moments in the future for many who go through your forum post.

  90. 111

    Thank you a lot! Very useful :)

  91. 112

    Does anyone know how you toggle between first (the open state) and last step of the history pallet?
    I know the Cmd + Alt/Shift + Z stuff I was just wondering if there is such an option.

  92. 113

    wiktoria banasiak; ppp

    March 2, 2011 11:10 am

    weśie tu nic nie ma

  93. 114

    Cant thank you enough. Very helpful.

  94. 115

    dear devoloper
    please provide me how to use Photoshop 7 ‘s
    shortcut key and their use.

  95. 116

    Thank you a lot! Very useful

  96. 117

    your shortcut sheet is great. Above is a link for keyboard overlay.

  97. 118

    Hi everyone
    Does anyone know how you toggle between first (the open state) and last step of the history pallet?
    I know the Cmd + Alt/Shift + Z stuff I was just wondering if there is such an option.
    they are interesting for u and i like this

  98. 119

    this shortcut will make you work fast at short period of time

  99. 120

    This is a very fantastic trick of short keys to them who have started to work on Photoshop.
    But some short keys you have missed. So please completely prepare it for every users.

    Thanks a lot

  100. 121

    what is the shortcut to move the text in Photoshop….?

  101. 122

    Great….but would be a lot more useful without the blue gradient, it doesn’t come out well on a black and white printer.

  102. 123

    Great thank you !!! But I think they may have changed a bit in cs6

  103. 124

    Thank you very much, this is great!!

  104. 125

    Great contributions, thanks for those.

  105. 126

    Was about to print this out, but stumbled upon this. Very helpful :)

  106. 127

    reealllyy cool ..Great thank you !

  107. 128

    These are great keyboard tips for people just getting comfortable with PS. Great work!

  108. 129

    Andre Anbarchian

    April 26, 2013 8:32 pm

    Thank you for your efforts, I am a beginning coder, and learning to implement Photoshop with web design features to attach my CSS/html work and learning how to work these programs together. Much love to those who take the time to make life easier for those who are willing to take the time to find these optional tools and cheat sheets. If there are any other things someone whom can relate to what I am currently Expressing, please do feel free to contact me with those ideas.

  109. 130

    Its very useful ! thank you

  110. 131

    Great…but it’s a shame that it’s ugly as hell. Gotta make my own version :))

  111. 132

    very useful. thanks and appreciate the effort.

  112. 133

    Dr Siddharth S Das

    November 27, 2013 7:15 pm

    Great help. Thanks and appreciate the effort.

  113. 134

    Thank you!


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