Smashing Newsletter Challenge… And Giveaway!


It’s time for something brand new and exciting on Smashing Magazine. Actually, we have quite a few things in the works, and today we are happy to reveal one of them. Over the years, we have published many lengthy articles, and now we want to write some shorter ones for a change. We want to launch the Smashing Email Newsletter and we prepared some nice prizes for our subscribers.

Every week our editorial team will work on short, entertaining and (of course) relevant articles for the upcoming issue. The newsletter will be sent out once a week, probably on Tuesdays, and will contain unique tips and tricks for designers and Web developers, written by us exclusively for our email subscribers.

The 10,001 Subscriber Challenge

And to make it a bit more interesting, we decided to create a challenge for us and our readers. Here’s the deal: the Smashing Newsletter will be published only if we get at least 10,001 subscribers. (The earliest we would send it out is next Tuesday.) So, it’s up to you to decide whether we should launch the newsletter. And you can help right away: just type in your (valid) email address, confirm the subscription (opt in) and you’re done!

Subscribe to our email newsletter now:


If the form doesn’t work in your RSS-feed reader, please view the article in your web browser1. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. The Smashing Newsletter will always be free of charge. We respect your privacy: we will never give your data to third parties, and we will never spam you. You have our word.

Join In To Win One Of Our Prizes!

Of course, we knew it wouldn’t be as much fun without an incentive, which is why we are giving away some beautiful gadgets and books to some lucky subscribers. The winners will be announced in the first edition of the newsletter (if we meet the challenge). And here are the prizes:

Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch (Medium)2
The Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch is a unique device to harness your creativity. It’s perfect if you want complete control with a pen or finger tap input. It has single- and double-finger functions, supports left- and right-handed use and has an integrated pen holder.


Microsoft SideWinder X8 Laser Gaming Mouse3
The ultimate wireless gaming mouse, with advanced tracking, 12 buttons (7 of which are programmable), scroll wheel with tilt and full-speed USB reporting.


Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Speaker System5
The Harman Kardon SoundSticks II combines performance and an attractive visual design, a combination that always makes our hearts beat a little faster. It’s nearly perfect, save for a few design flaws.

Speaker System6

Microsoft Arc Mouse Black7
The Arc Mouse has the comfort of a desktop mouse and the portability of a notebook mouse. It folds to 60% of its fully expanded size for when you’re on the go. Two color options are available to match your style.


Last But Not Least, The Books!

  • Confessions of a Public Speaker, by Scott Berkum


  • Decoding Design, by Maggie Macnab


  • The Laws of Simplicity, by John Maeda


  • Smashing WordPress, by Thord Daniel Hedengren


  • Universal Principles of Design, by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden and Jull Butler


Please participate only once, and spread the word about the challenge to your friends and colleagues. Thanks, and let’s get this rolling, folks!



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  1. 1

    good, i will subscribe.

  2. 3

    Fantastic idea, I’ve signed up! :)

  3. 4

    I’ll subscribe if you fix Thord’s name. :P I don’t think TDH would like being called Thor Haedengren.

  4. 5

    More awesome give-aways from SM! bring it on, and a newsletter to boot?!

  5. 6

    retweeting this now. i want a smashing magazine book!

  6. 7

    signed up *thumbsup* (:

  7. 8

    Looking forward to seeing the newsletter. I believe this is a great addition for Smashing Magazine :)

  8. 9

    #187 here!
    …when I saw the post it was 132!

  9. 10

    #261 !
    I can’t wait for more great articles from you guys !

  10. 11

    Signed in, too. I hope, the content of the Newsletter will be (at least a bit) different to the RSS-feed and its topics?

  11. 13

    I’m so gonna make this work in my home town of Perth Western Australia – you guys are the bomb and I’ve been digging your freshness for years now and you deserve everything that comes your way – Cheers for all the inspiration over the years!!

  12. 15

    Jacques van Heerden

    February 24, 2010 5:37 am

    Subscribed. Awesome to have something new finally launched.


  13. 16

    Excellent! I signed up (even if my iPhone autofill did give me fits).

  14. 17

    finally! i cant wait too read your newsletter. thanks and keep up the inspiring work

  15. 18

    Wacom is awesome!

  16. 19

    great idea! look forward to the first edition :)
    … and maybe reviewing it on !

  17. 20

    Bariski |

    February 24, 2010 5:39 am

    I probably won’t receive “good news” after this comment.. but hey, at least I will receive a great newsletter always. Well why do you think I want to win it? I have never won anything in my whole life! and it’s a pretty cool idea I guess.. I do hope I win though.

  18. 21

    Subscribed and retweeted….

  19. 22

    Wow, that’s really great! :)) Wonderful idea! :)
    I’ve signed up and looking forward to the first Smashing Magazine newsletter ;)

  20. 23

    I welcome the addition of the newsletter to my daily dose of SM =)

  21. 24


  22. 25

    Signed up! Are you going to build a pretty one using more modern code and css principles for those of us who run up to date email clients?

  23. 26

    You always inspire me so much! Love the site, the book, everything. Looking forward to the email newsletter.

  24. 27

    Yup! I signed in, too. I can’t wait any longer.

  25. 28

    Nice to hear that news… just cool tricks to become with email :) Thanks You Smash.mag. :)

  26. 29

    Finally we may rejoice!

  27. 30

    Seems something different. Subscribed and waiting for the smashing newsletter :)

  28. 31

    Signed up ! very good idea

  29. 32

    Julien (JaXX) Banchet

    February 24, 2010 5:56 am

    I’m in :-)

  30. 33

    I was wondering when you guys are going to start doing a newsletter! With so much excellent content – there is no way I’m going to miss the chance!

  31. 34

    “Smashing Magazine doesn’t have a newsletter. And we won’t have one in the future.” => wondering why you have that on ?

    Great initiative though. As always, your tips are mighty helpful. This can only get better.

  32. 35

    Subscribed and ecstatic about your new idea and look forward to interesting things ahead. Keep up the fantastic work SM!

  33. 36

    Subscribed! Great idea guys…

  34. 37

    This will be interesting to read. However, I hope SM doesn’t see this as another revenue stream and fill the newsletter with advertising?

  35. 38

    Subscribed. Thanks for this giveaway. Cheers

  36. 39

    I´m on board. Greetings from Germany :-)

  37. 40

    I subscribed! :) sounds great! look forward to the first issue!!

  38. 41

    I joined the newsletter emediately at the front page because of the hardcore awesomeness. Then I wacthed up the whole article and saw the prices – WOHOOO!

  39. 42

    subscribed… waiting for the free gift :).. Hope that will come on Tuesdays.. hehe :)

  40. 43

    Sweet, this will save me checking the rss feed regularly. Straight to my email :)

    Good work guys.

  41. 44

    Im in! Hello from Ukraine!

  42. 45

    Subscribed from Spain!

  43. 46

    Hope you meet the challenge. I’m sharing with my friends for sure.
    Also, Mailchimp is awesome – good choice!

  44. 47

    i signed so everybody should sin up.

    I dont think it will take long to fill 10,000+

    I have been reading for a long time and it rocks.

    Keep it rocking as you always do..

  45. 48

    I’m in !!
    Haricot from France having a truly smashing day ;)

  46. 49

    I am in to it too… :D

  47. 50

    All signed up! Cheers!

  48. 51

    Great stuff, can I ask why you chose Mailchimp?

  49. 52

    Ronald | Naldz Graphics

    February 24, 2010 6:56 am

    done :). wacom plz :D.haha

  50. 53

    subscribed! Looking forward to this. 10K subscribers is a big challenge, but seeing as though it is already @ 2K I’ll be watching my inbox!

  51. 54

    Like it and signed up! Why didn’t you do it before? Anyway, cannot wait until is in my inbox :-)

  52. 55

    Great idea! I appreciate yours attempts to make this magazine better! :)
    Oh… and, of course, I’ve subscribed! :D

  53. 56

    Subscribed :)

  54. 57

    love the books :)

  55. 58

    Signed up ;D

  56. 59

    very good! i’ve got it!

    another question: is it possible to receive email updates from de smashingmagazine website. so that when a new article is posted, i get it in my mail?

  57. 60

    Great idea. Also, it think you should specify that the subjects in the newsletter will be different than those received in the rss.

  58. 61

    I’ve Signed Up! Great Idea!

  59. 62

    thanks a lot, thumbs up !

  60. 63

    Cool, thumbs up!

  61. 64

    I am ready to sign up every day for such great gifts. Anyway, I hope the content of newsletter will be awesome (like usually)!

  62. 65

    This will be awesome for sure. Just subscribed. Thanx for your great work.

  63. 66

    Signed in.. Pretty nervous… ;-)

  64. 67

    How exciting! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to it.

  65. 68

    Great idea! I subscribed, of course!

  66. 69
  67. 70

    Wow! What a great idea. I too signed up. Eagerly waiting for the first newsletter. Good luck smashing magazine team. :)

  68. 71

    Giles Van Gruisen

    February 24, 2010 7:36 am

    As much as I love you, Smashing Magazine, I don’t particularly think newsletters are ever good ideas.

  69. 72

    Smashing giveaway!

    Hmm, no “Smashing” book? Shame..

  70. 73

    No Smashing book to win ;)?

    Ha, it seems i’m not the only one thinking it ;P

  71. 74
  72. 75

    I’ve subscribed! The Wacom or the Smashing WordPress book should be perfect, if I win!!

    Kind regards from the Netherlands

  73. 76


  74. 77

    Great idea guys! I’ve sined up!

  75. 78

    Hello Staff!
    I am interested to subscribe to your newsletter and I wonder you why this change if you use the RSS/feed?
    Thanks and good luck.

    • 79

      bodhi, the newsletter is a small but new publication with fresh content. it’s completely different from the news feed.

  76. 80

    Subscribed, waiting impatient

  77. 81

    Hi Smashing. I suggest you do some testing on your email sender. Both the “plesae confirm” and the “subscription confirmed” were marked as spam by SpamAssassin. You really want to do everything you can to make sure that spam filters don’t think your messages are spam. There are a lot of useful web checklists, SPF guidelines, etc. that you can google that should help.

  78. 82

    Here, i give thee my mind,
    I give thee my heart,
    and I give thee my soul,
    I give these to my love.

    LOVE YOU SMAAAASHING MAGAZINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 83


  80. 84


    too easy!
    you’ll reach it in a wink, blokes

    waiting for it impatiently

  81. 85

    Bryan McAnulty | Velora Studios

    February 24, 2010 8:11 am

    Surprised that there wasn’t a newsletter until now. Subscribed :]

  82. 86

    that’s great, and I am specially interested to know how you are going to deal with the newsletter issue, on a “marketing” point of view at least ;)

  83. 87

    Subscribed!! Now can I have my soundsticks :D

  84. 88

    what is mobile format?

    • 89

      redfoot, The Mobile version is a smaller HTML version that is run through specific mobile browsing software. This is what the mighty Mailchimp told us.

      • 90

        Hey Sven, I hope you get the chance to read this. Do you have to make a different design for the mobile version or is it the mighty Mailchimp’s job/code that makes it mobile-able? :D
        I’m just wondering as I love to ‘know’ :)
        + Subscribed

  85. 91

    Subscribed, will make sure all my friends see this post! Also, cool prizes!

  86. 92

    Count me in!

  87. 93

    Sweet! I love this site <3

  88. 94

    Newsletter = glorious! Thanks ya’ll – I’m a Smashing junkie. I’ll be crossing my fingers to be a winner – I could totally use that tablet ; )

  89. 95

    Excited for this. I have my eye on that Wacom. ;)

  90. 96

    I love Wacom & all smashing people (¡Me apunto!).

  91. 97

    Signed up!! Yeah!

  92. 98

    Oscar S. | Lumbre Creative

    February 24, 2010 8:42 am

    Smashing, great job. As someone previously mentioned, I don’t have to check my RSS feed as much, since it will be going straight to my inbox. Keep up the good work.


  93. 99

    Lets hope mail chimp use a template less than 610 pixels wide! I hate scrolling.

  94. 100

    Great idea, can’t wait for this!

  95. 101

    Done & done.

  96. 102

    Bit few give-aways for 10k people, dont u think?

  97. 103

    just signed in…excellent idea!!

  98. 104

    OK, done.

  99. 105

    Smashing idea. <– I thought of that all by myself.

  100. 106

    Im gunning for the Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch.

    I’m trying to get my mom, who was an illustartor in her early 20’s, into illustarting on the computer. She was just laid off from a crappy job at Carson Pirie Scott working in the home good department.

    Her fear of computers is great, hopefully something like that will bridge the gap!

    Also, can’t wait for the news letters! I still have to read the Smashing book, ive got a week off in June that’s got its name all over it


  101. 107

    Sure thing!

  102. 108

    Great idea, amazing prizes, I’m in!

  103. 109

    Did I win the new car yet?

  104. 110

    Yay, Subscription Confirmed! :D

  105. 111

    Hope to see something new, bring in the read! Subscribed!

  106. 112

    Signed up! HK SoundSticks plz :) come on 10k +1!!

  107. 113

    Signed up and looking forward to it!

  108. 114

    The first time I submitted I never received a confirmation E-mail. The second time it worked though (tried probably an hour later) – it wasn’t a typo because I used the browsers auto complete for the address. Just thought I’d let you know.

  109. 115

    Subscribed… good luck to all :)

  110. 116

    So, all I have to do is subscribe to the newsletter to have a chance to win one of the prizes?
    I dont need to register on the site and stuff too?

  111. 117

    subscribed. gluck

  112. 118
  113. 119

    i want a book yahhh

  114. 120

    Carla | Green and Chic

    February 24, 2010 10:40 am

    Cant wait to read the newsletter!

  115. 121

    Done, cool gifts, even better info!

  116. 122

    Here we go!! I’m feeling good about this one!

  117. 123

    I am in! :)

  118. 124


  119. 125

    5,400+ subscribers on the first day.. How dare ya to threaten that you won’t publish?? {:evil-laugh:}

  120. 126

    Awesome! I am looking forward to this I hope you make the minimum limit!!
    Thanks for continuing to be awesome! :)

  121. 127

    oh noooo, not a newsletter… you can’t do this. Newsletter is so retrominded.

    sorry i’m not in… except in case you promise to send full text mail. (a mail is not a f*ckin’ html page >.<)

  122. 128

    good luck getting 10,001. Can’t wait to read more from Smashing Mag.

  123. 129

    signed up! good luck! Love the prizes

  124. 130

    *like* – and great prizes too! I’m in!

  125. 131

    Awesome idea guys, I think it will be a success, live data, live RSS feeds are great but they are not comparing to a weekly (or monthly?) mini magazine with round-up last-week-happenings maybe or quiz, best part is you can archive it easily.

  126. 132

    Wonderful idea!
    I love to read your articles and often make reference to them to my students, so having a concise publication weekly will be fantastic. Oh and the prizes aren’t a bad incentive either!! Thanks :-)

  127. 133

    Guys at Smashing Magazine, your e-mail confirmation page for the subscription to your Newsletter looks like an error page, at least to me, that red background scared the LS out of me, and it made me feel like I just did something wrong, something that YOU actually made me do: click on the link in the e-mail to confirm my e-mail address.

    It actually reminded me of the red, scary, warning page Firefox displays when you visit a website that has been flagged as a phishing site (I think IE displays a red page too, right? lol).

    I nice green gradient image like the one used in the ‘Post Comment’ button here, would make us feel better :)

    Hope you get that fixed.

    I already subscribed too, looking forward to the Newsletter.

  128. 134

    I look forward to the RSS feeds so now I can doubly look forward to the newsletter :)

  129. 135

    Yeah i’m with Ricardo Zea, I have think that was the page alert of google chrome when he find a website infected by a malware, i was terrified ><

  130. 136

    Awww, I would give anything for that wacom. <333 Especially since I do a lot of retouches.

    Already subscribed! :)

  131. 137

    Great idea, a newsletter so that I do not need to look for the latest and greatest every week. The only thing I would change is in this slick: link the Wacom prize to their site instead of the Apple Store so that their is no confusion with a PC user thinking it is only a Mac device

  132. 138

    Great idea! I look forward to the newsletter!

  133. 139

    Wow! That’s all i got! From nearly 800 subscribers when I first saw it – to around 6500 when I just checked..
    I think we’re safe to say that it won’t be long before you guys reach your goal of 10001.
    So when can we expect the first issue?
    Thanks for all the work you do guys!

  134. 140

    Great idea! You’d reach 10, 001 subscribers even without extra incentive. I’m planning to run my own design blog, however, I’m smashing magazine shy from writing anything. Good luck with all your projects and thanks for being so valuable source of development.

  135. 141

    Fantastic! Subscribed!

  136. 142

    I’m in too.

  137. 143

    Looking forward to reading the first newsletter!

  138. 144

    I just subscribed

  139. 145

    Subscribed!! :)

  140. 146

    not seen this before

  141. 147

    February 24th

  142. 148


    subscriber +1

  143. 149

    Hernando Gisinger

    February 24, 2010 3:09 pm

    #hernando {
    subscribe: on;

  144. 150

    I’m in.


  145. 151

    Interested, I like many never win anything, wouldn’t mind a prize, if not, I’m sure it will be a good read nonetheless.


  146. 152

    Prize or not, still subscribing! =D

  147. 153

    This is my first ever post on this website (longtime reader). I just had to say I didn’t have any second thoughts about subscribing. Not because of the prizes, but because I’m excited to see the newsletter. Of course a prize isn’t a bad thing either :D


  148. 154

    I never comment (Till now) but I’ve always read all of the articles and taken various tid bits to heart. Love SM and can’t wait for the newsletter! Less than 2,000 subscribers to go for it to happen!

  149. 155

    I’m waiting for the newsletter..

  150. 156

    Happy to be a newsletter subscriber. I visit your site almost every day and the newsletter makes getting info a little more simpler. Kudos.

    Suggestion for this article… Do to SmashingMagazine’s usual article template I automatically thought the subscribe form was an image… even after I have read the article. It might be just me though… How about including a link or a modal window.

  151. 157

    Yes, have my copy of the book, also have subscribed – anything from smashing has got to be good – also already own an arc mouse (which I use with my macbook… it’s a good mouse).

    Look forward to reading more!

  152. 158

    I don’t see the Smashing Book on the prize list… sold out already, huh?

  153. 159

    Last few month i m waiting for this..
    finally got….Thanks… I didn’t want prize because this for me big prize.. :)

  154. 160

    subscribed!!, hello i’m from indonesia.
    & just can’t wait for the newsletter :)

  155. 161

    a great job,

  156. 162

    Good deal. I’m in but…..whats with the email form not showing anything when we click ‘Give It To Me’. I…think you have an article on that…so…read it.


  157. 163

    Looking forward to read the first newsletter!

  158. 164

    Bring It On! :)

  159. 165

    Great! I’m waiting!

  160. 166

    Cool, I’ve signed up for the RSS feed too.

  161. 167

    smashing ide@

  162. 168

    Great idea guys!! Approximately you need 300 subscriptions (in 30 minutes?) to launch your newsletter project!

  163. 169

    It’s a great news…
    I love SM :-)

  164. 170

    Great! First Website, then smashingbook and now smashingmail ! wieha, MORE!


  165. 171

    Almost there :)

  166. 172

    very very very goooood pricez! I want it all

  167. 173

    Yeeah passed! ^_^

  168. 174

    9954th! Too easy, you should have set a higher goal. Now you have to start working seriously.

  169. 176

    Loving the Smashing book and RSS-feeds, so the smashingmail will be welcome as well! Keep up the good work guys

  170. 177

    You guys are smashing as well as the prizes! Can’t wait for the Newsletter and the winner list ;)

  171. 178

    Done, and eagerly waiting…

    I also see a mobile option in the subscription box? Is that for mobile alerts by Smashing?

  172. 179

    Just awesome! best blog and cool prizes :)

  173. 180

    im in..


  174. 181

    Why u written CHALLENGE (Smashing Newsletter Challenge).

    Is it a competition or newsletter subscription….confusing.

    please help.

  175. 182

    great , i’m waiting :)

  176. 183

    There we go ;) Waiting for the first one!

  177. 184

    10001? Easy… :) We are now way over that number and eager for #1 SMNewsletter. Smashing job once again, congrats

  178. 185

    I’m in!! Good Job!

  179. 186

    Just passed the 10.001 mark!!!

  180. 187

    cool idea. I’ll subscribe.

  181. 188

    Nice! 11,000 already! cheers!

  182. 189

    Subscribed :D. See you in mail :D

  183. 190

    Excited is what I am.

  184. 191

    Hey ! Already 11,344 subscribers !

    Now 11,345 ! :))

    SM is always doing a great Job !
    Greating from France ! ;)

  185. 192

    Just added my email to the list. Looking forward to see the “Smashing Newsletter”!

  186. 193

    That was a great idea. Will take the relationship further…..
    Was just thinking why you doubted that idea and put on the readers to come in and decide ?

  187. 194

    cool, we got the goal

  188. 195

    OMG! Great,great,great prizes!! I actually stood about 10 minutes just looking at them =)).

  189. 196

    If the newsletter is as good as the website it should be a smash(ing) hit.

  190. 197

    interested, but to win the prize:)

  191. 198

    Bravo! Excellent! Great work SM!

  192. 199

    When I first visited SM, I looked for email subscription link but didn’t find it. So subscribed for RSS.
    But now they have it and its really gonna be awesome!
    my opinion: If SM have asked for 20,001 subscriber challenge instead of 10,001; they would have made it. Definitely!!!
    Great LUCK..

  193. 200

    already signed up, even tho i visit SM daily

  194. 201

    You should give away a Smashing Book too!

  195. 203

    12,102 subscribers in less than 24 hours. Congrats Smashing mag! Now start writing that newsletter ;)

  196. 204

    awesomeness in my inbox…

  197. 205

    Hope the newsletter is as helpful as the site =)

  198. 206

    Subscribed already!

  199. 207

    thumbs up!

  200. 208

    Subscribed !
    Please please, make me the winner :D !
    You’re aiming way too low, with more than 200,000 readers you’ll even passed 50,001 in just couple of days …me thinks

  201. 209

    As long as the news-letter isn’t just a summary of the submitted articles I would love to get more quality content.

    Also, I would really love to get one of those books!

  202. 210


    Cheers from Brazil!

  203. 211

    i (heart)!

  204. 212
  205. 213

    Subscribed… Yesterday lol

    wow that was real quick, what was the average signup rate must of been very high


  206. 214

    Waiting for the first newsletter haha!

  207. 215

    Didn’t somebody say there will never be a Smashing Mag newsletter?

  208. 216

    Yeah, Subscribed!
    So I’m waiting for the first newsletter too.

    Greetz from Germany, Tommy

  209. 217

    This is cool news, especialy after Smashing Magazine saying “Smashing Magazine doesn’t have a newsletter. And we won’t have one in the future.”

    Yep, check thier contact us page (if they haven’t removed it by now… :-) )

  210. 218

    Hope to win :)

  211. 219

    Hope to win :D

  212. 220

    Great Idea!
    I’ve signed up and i’m waiting for the first newsletter on my italian mail!


  213. 221

    Subscription is done! let’s celebrate my first comment on Smashingmagazine! C’mon dudes! :P

  214. 222

    Hi all from Turkey. I’m in! :)

  215. 223

    subscriber #14,621

  216. 224

    Hope I win. I like book.

  217. 225

    Can’t wait for the newsletter!

  218. 226

    hey guys
    i have been following smashing magazine since a long,
    but never bothered to leave a comment except the author of article drives me to do so:)
    your posts are all time awesome
    and talking about The 10,001 Subscriber Challenge you will get 10 times oversubscribed.

  219. 227

    Subscribed, but never got an email to confirm… !

  220. 228

    Good idea.
    The winner will be one lucky person!

  221. 229

    Yay! Subscribed!

  222. 230

    someones gonna get some good stuff, woot! hopefully im in that group of people! :]

  223. 231

    Am I 10,001th ?

  224. 232

    Signed up for it just now! Can’t wait for the first newsletter to come out. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat!

    ~ Deamonic Angel

  225. 233

    yup…subscribe already… can’t wait what will come up in my first newsletter….

  226. 234

    I’m a fan already – yes, bring on the newsletter!

  227. 235

    Nice! I can’t wait!

  228. 236

    Sometimes i get so caught up with work…. The newsletter will deliver the best of smashing right into my inbox…

    thanks smashing… best… nirmal

  229. 237


    Waiting from long time.

  230. 238

    Signed up… got the newsletter… no winners of the prizes were announced. =(
    I want those speakers… lol

  231. 239

    Subscribed yesterday. The confirmation email went into my Junk mailbox… I just find out today… Hope you guys don’t make the same mistakes.

  232. 240

    i m waiting for the annoucments :(

  233. 241

    awesome~~~!!!I’ll subscribe

  234. 242

    soo..? how are we doing?

  235. 243

    Subscribed. Hope you meet the challenge.

  236. 244

    Oh this looks like fun, will follow this for sure. But I think it may be too late to submit, will check though. Nice post, thanks..

    Jans J
    What’s the point of life said the guy up there? There is no point he said!

  237. 245

    Great!! I’m glad it’s not just a straight duplication of content. I like how the RSS and Twitter account have “some” content overlap but are different from each other

  238. 246

    Hope different from other newsletters too and will not have list of **21 awesome**, **43amazing** kinda list.

    Its my trust I am subscribing, Its my love I am demanding and Its my possessiveness that I am doubting. :)

    Good luck

  239. 247

    The Smashing Team are professionals. This so will rock!

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