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This is the tenth edition of Wallpaper of the Week. This design was actually created as part of my daily designs1. This wallpaper is entitled KISS, which is short for “Keep it simple stupid!” It’s been one of my favorite quotes, especially in design. Go ahead, start keeping it simple and download this wallpaper.

Kiss – Keep It Simple Stupid



Wallpaper Resolutions:

Note: The wallpaper only comes in one size. If you’d like to use it as your desktop wallpaper, please set it as your background and set your background color to either black or white depending on which wallpaper you want.

About the Quote and the Wallpaper

Earlier today, I tweeted a message asking all of my followers about which daily design4 did they like the best? Out of all the replies, this design got the most compliments. Also, one of my followers5 suggested that I offer it as a wallpaper which was an excellent idea.

If you are a designer, I’m sure you have heard of this quote. This is one of my favorite design quotes and I always try to apply in when I design. Sure, there are definitely times when my designs are complicated and busy, but really, the designs that I enjoy the most are the ones that are simple and straight to the point. To me, they are the most effective as well. That’s why I really like the work of Simon Page6.

Also, I definitely applied this quote when doing the redesign of this blog. I stripped away most of the design elements that were unecessary and I tried to make the blog as simple as possible without being bland and boring. You can read more about my redesign process here7. Anyway, my suggestion to you designers is this.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Quick Summary

  • Estimated time: 20 minutes
  • Tools: Photoshop
  • Total Layers Used: 4 (KISS)

Please share your thoughts about this wallpaper on the comments section below. If you liked this wallpaper, please tell your friends by re-tweeting it. You can also subscribe to the Design Informer RSS Feed8 so you won’t miss a thing.


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    Michael Paul da Rosa

    April 19, 2008 1:16 pm

    Excellent list!!!! Will be very useful, thankkss!!!

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  3. 103

    Great work!
    Афигенна чуваг, писши есчо!

  4. 154

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    How can i do it?Caould you please help me regarding this.

  5. 205

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  6. 256

    it’s awesome!! thanks alot

  7. 307

    It’s world of dynamic collection..

    It’s really really… great.. thanks a lot…

  8. 358


  9. 409

    Very nice , Thanks

  10. 460
  11. 511

    Thanks for the effort to put these great scripts together, really a fantastic toolbox!

  12. 562

    what a great stuff

  13. 613

    This is awaysome… great list by great people… keep it going guys!
    And thanks for the big effort you done on this page and on all scripts.

  14. 664

    is i can get FeedReader type of web application where i can added dynamic feeds link
    please send link for it

    Thanks in advance

  15. 715


    May 13, 2009 6:45 pm

    Well the collection is superb for professional use….
    thanks !

  16. 766

    Simple, yet effective – just at it should be. Well done!
    .-= Marco´s latest Blog Entry – Pure CSS3 bokeh effect with some jQuery help =-.

  17. 868

    Thanks for the wallpaper! Definitely one of my favorite of your daily designs.

  18. 1072

    Well done mate. Keep it simple :)
    .-= Nikola Lazarevic´s latest Blog Entry – 20 Clean And Modern Free Fonts =-.

  19. 1174

    Simplicity is simply irreplaceable…. :)
    .-= R´s latest Blog Entry – 30 most awesome Apple inspired concept designs =-.

  20. 1276

    How about us the wallpaper as a tattoo? Good, friendly reminder always at your side. :)
    .-= Tony´s latest Blog Entry – Q&A: A Career in Web Design =-.

  21. 1378

    Thanks, Jad, for this very pretty wallpaper!
    And thanks for the mention, too. :)

    Keep up the good work!

    • 1429

      No problem Axel. I’ll definitely try to keep it up. BTW, thanks again for the idea! :D

      Oh, and by the way, if you all enjoyed this wallpaper, then you need to check out Simple Desktops. It’s one of my favorite places for simple and minimalistic desktop wallpapers.

  22. 1480

    This bacronym has always been a little ironic to me. It makes me laugh. I love the wallpaper though!

    • 1531

      Hey Philip! Yeah, it definitely is a little ironic.

      Nice word though. I had to look it up for the definition.

      Backronym – a phrase constructed after the fact to make an existing word or words into an acronym. Backronyms may be invented with serious or humorous intent, or may be a type of false or folk etymology.

      Thanks for the compliment on the wallpaper.

    • 1582

      Nice. I think it would be even awesome if you wrote a step by step tutorial on how to create this beautiful wallpaper.
      .-= Aidan´s latest Blog Entry – 80 Extreme Advertisements That Will Challenge Your Mind =-.

  23. 1684

    I am so loving the wallpaper and the new site design!
    .-= Robert´s latest Blog Entry – Sites Of The Week =-.

  24. 1786

    I am adopting the ‘Keep it simple, stupid!’ in my blog redesign, and it’s already getting the result I wanted! I think to be able to keep things simple without making them appear boring is the mark of a great designer!
    .-= Codesquid´s latest Blog Entry – CSS3 rainbow =-.

    • 1837

      Hi, glad to read that you are taking the same approach as well.

      I think to be able to keep things simple without making them appear boring is the mark of a great designer!

      I definitely agree with that. Just because something is minimal and simple does not mean it is well designed. It’s a hard thing to design, but once you get it down, then it simply is a thing of beauty.

  25. 1888

    Great idea Jad. I always look forward to Abduzeedo’s wallpapers every week; and now I have two to look forward to. Keep up the great work!
    .-= Lee Gustin´s latest Blog Entry – Love Is All Around Us =-.

    • 1939

      Hey Lee, that’s great! Definitely look out for the “Wallpaper of the Week.” It’s actually an older series here are Design Informer, but have just paused it for a little bit but it’s finally back. :)

  26. 1990

    Nice wallpaper. I live by the “KISS” philosophy, as I am a minimalist.
    .-= Tom – Airopia´s latest Blog Entry – 14 Free Vector Musical Graphics =-.

  27. 2092

    Nice one, Jad. I prefer darker backgrounds so I like the black version :)
    .-= Janko´s latest Blog Entry – Ultimate guide to table UI patterns =-.

  28. 2194

    Nice Wallpaper.

  29. 2296

    This is a motto I try to live by, though I often times find myself making things complex/confusing anyways. Like you, I also applied the same principle to my blog design as well, though I may have taken it too far by restricting the colors so much.
    .-= Monji´s latest Blog Entry – 35 Great Logo Designs You Can Buy Right Now =-.

  30. 2449

    Well, thats neat !
    .-= Billy´s latest Blog Entry – Once again it’s all about common courtesy! =-.

  31. 2551

    Beautiful wallpaper! Much appreciated.
    .-= Ajay Talwar´s latest Blog Entry – 15 Free, New and Fresh Social Media Icon Sets =-.

  32. 2602
  33. 2653

    Simple idea, simple design, simple wallpaper but a deep impact to whoever who reads it (or needs the advice)


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